Dice Dreams™

4.9 (339K)
309.6 MB
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Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dice Dreams™

4.86 out of 5
339K Ratings
6 months ago, klpeter7
So many pop ups
Most games of this type have slowed down with the pop ups. This game has increased them. It doesn’t entice me to buy anything it entices me to never want to click into the game until I have the patience to click X exit on 20+ deal pop ups that also lag. They also go through the round of 20+ pop ups AGAIN every time you run out of dice. Keep it to once - twice a day and I am sure people would be happier. The X also switches sides so you can’t just easily exit out. When I want to buy something I go to the store and browse deals. Never once got something from a pop up. Other than that it is a wonderful game! After the start you slow down dramatically with receiving dice rewards which gets boring but that’s to be expected, they have to earn money somehow. I can’t deny it does make me stop going into the game for awhile usually. But it’s not due to quality the graphics and events are super cute and creative! Sorry for the long review 😂 TLDR - less pop ups more dice rewards. There is a balance that would keep people playing but also gain money for the company. It doesn’t have to be the negative extreme!
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7 months ago, kiana-lynn
It’s a great game, but the only issue I have are the popups. They always have a ton of events going on which in turn makes the game pop them up everytime you open the game and whenever you run out of rolls. As an example, I opened the game today and spent near 5 min waiting for the game to load properly cause it was trying to load all the events. This time also included me clicking out of all of them. If you’re like me, most of the time you’ll just auto roll until you’re out then go and build what you need to build with your racked up coins. When you finish a building in this game you get 5 more rolls. Go and do those 5 rolls more popups. Finish another building and the same thing. At first I didn’t mind, but now it’s just become excessive to the point where I don’t even want to play. I shouldn’t spend more time clearing out the event popups than actually playing the game. I feel like it’s better to just have everything come up when you first open the game and the roll popups when you run out of money. I also think the fight cards are the most useless thing in this game considering all the prizes (even if you have a high bet) are only good for lower level kingdoms. I’m on kingdom 18 and everything cost over $1 mil. That’s also just the first out of 5 stages in the buildings. Overall this game is decent and I would continue playing. Only real issue I have once again is the popups.
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4 months ago, babidove09
Cute game BUT…
I really enjoy the gameplay and it’s super cute and easy to play. Nothing challenging at all other than needing patience for your rolls to refill so slowly (10% every hour)!!! I Do however have a few issues that I need the developers to fix! I have several people that have tried to accept my friend request but they keep getting an error message that the link is not available and I get the same message when trying to accept their request! I have sent a message to customer support and they say they can’t verify my issue and I have sent screenshot of the error message. Thank you for the compensation gifts but I’d rather have my friends! I have a similar experience when trying to access the gift link on the Facebook messenger request! Again, thanks for the compensation gifts but I’d rather the links work as intended! Third…is it really necessary to run through ALL the special offers every time we run out of rolls or special items on side quests??? That is crazy annoying and time consuming when trying to sneak some quick game play in!!! We know where to look for the offers when we need them and if we want them!!! Showing us the offers when they start and change up, but it makes absolutely zero sense to force the offers upon us the way that you do!!! If you could fix these, I’d be more than happy to change to five stars because I really do enjoy the game!!!
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10 months ago, Damnation Angel
Love this game except for…..
This is a really cute game I came across on accident. It’s pretty fun! I would highly recommend it except for the following, which some may find to not be an annoyance to them but for me it is: The amount of pop-ups to buy is insane. It doesn’t happen too much when first joining but the further you go, the more you get. And it’s just not like a page of offers. Every time you close one another pops up. I know the developers are just trying to make money and give players more rolls or coins etc to keep playing. But, not everyone has a need to finish the level RIGHT NOW and drop $10 or more. I just wait til everything is reloaded. Another thought is if you’re spending money to buy coins then another user “steals” them - you just wasted that money cause now you have to repurchase to do whatever it was you’re doing. As a free game I love it and play it daily. I love they give you the option to buy stuff but not 10 pop ups in my face every single time I play. I think a better idea is maybe first log on of the day throw all the pop ups at you. But after that, have them saved somewhere for rest of that day and if I want to buy I can go to that spot. Again, it’s a super cute, fun game and I recommend it to anyone that loves casual games. Except all the pop ups. Fix that and it’s a 5 star game.
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2 years ago, Butterfly4Christ
Fun games, but needs some updates
I usually don’t write reviews, this might be the 3rd one I have ever wrote. But I am writing in hopes that I can be heard and that some changes will take place is this game. I have read the many reviews all the way from last year and it seems that I am having the same issues they spoke about. The main issues that I have are not being able to add or delete friends in the app or in game! Please change this!!! It’s a COMPLETE hassle to have to go through Facebook all the time. Also as you get to higher levels the prices skyrocket and the rolls and coins don’t increase in comparison. Please change this!! Also the side games are either to short or to difficult to complete without having to purchase coins or rolls. And the trading cards!!! I can never get the one gold card that I need and I have to wait until I can trade gold cards and then I have to go back and forth between Facebook to do it!!! I mean are you dizzy yet??? Please find a different solution!!! I really enjoy the game and I understand the “challenge” but I also know that when things are too “challenging” most people walk away… and also people steal millions from me while I’m in the game trying to earn enough coins to finish a building, but when I steal from others I am only allowed up to $750K. Why can’t I steal as much as they stole from me from other people???? Please fix that!!
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3 years ago, RYNO10131117
This game started out fun, was it from finishing card sets to get dice?! No, it was from the decent prices to build and the side missions were decent with coins and dice. The further you get in the game it’s harder to get dice and becomes near impossible to build. When you don’t pay for a game you would think the developers would make things possible for all to attain, not the case with this game. The further you get you can’t get gold cards you need to finish sets, the winter trail they’ve come out with is virtually impossible to finish unless you pay for the game, you can’t trade in duplicate cards for card packs or dice, and you can’t unfriend someone in game. Those people you can’t delete think it’s funny to attack you numerous times because they’ve got nothing better to do. I only keep the game downloaded in hopes that things will change. The developers of the game have made it clear via gameplay that this is a PAY to PLAY game if you want to advance further. Does it need to be so easy that you’re finishing quests, card sets, and the trail on a daily basis?? NO, it just needs to be a little better with the longevity of some things and after 6 weeks of getting the exact same gold card, give one every once in a while to finish a set. That’s why I think the trail is so long, y’all don’t want anyone that doesn’t pay to finish to get a guaranteed missing gold card. I wouldn’t download the game until it has better reviews and better in-game play.
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10 months ago, Kdmortensen
Less ads please and card trading in app only without friending someone on Facebook
I’m giving this 4 stars. It’s not perfect, but enjoyable for the most part. A few things would make it better. First and foremost, the ads for buying packs and things, take too long to close out. I am willing to spend a dollar or two every now and then, but it’s not because these ads pop up. I go looking when I want something, but I don’t like that I have to click on several things to find the one I’m looking for. Have one place for a marketplace to buy the packs or deals. Don’t make me spend my time closing out the ads before I can even play. Second, the card trading being on Facebook is very annoying. I would love to see it be moved to only in the game. It has to be possible to make it so that we can trade cards in the game without “friending” someone. With how well the design on this game is and the quality of the illustrations, the developers should be able to come up with a better solution than friending people on Facebook. It takes way too much time, and I don’t like adding people I don’t know to my Facebook. If these problems were fixed, I would rate this 5 stars. I already improved my rating from a 3 to 4 because bugs were fixed.
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2 years ago, malaylapaihe
Addictive but not worth it.
I’m solely about to delete the game off my phone just because of the stickers. Why does it take me so long to get a single gold card or any new cards for that matter. I’ve spent around 10 million coins in the past week purchasing sticker packs hoping to at least complete the 11 sticker sets that are open to me. I’ve completed one single set of stickers since starting this game over a month ago. I just feel like if I have to pay out of pocket to keep up with this (because you basically do or your a sitting duck and people will either steal all your coins or destroy everything you just worked on building) Then I should at least be able to get AT LEAST a new card, it doesn’t even have to be a gold card, just waiting for any new card at this point. It’s honestly just ridiculous how when you do get a gold card, they basically spit in your face and laugh and give you multiple gold ones of the ones you have and you can’t trade gold cards unless they’re having an event to trade them and today you can only trade 2 certain cards and guess what? I do not have a single one of them. It’s numerous players who go thru this, I have 4/5 other people I know play it as much as I do and they’re getting as frustrated as I am with the stickers. I just feel like if I’m willing to give so much money out of my pocket I should at least get something out of it that actually benefits me in the game.
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8 months ago, luckyjay20
Love the game/hate the support team
I actually happen to love this game it just seems like it always crashes on me when I win for a big tournament or something I recently messaged support because they had a tournament of champions tournament going on, and I was one win away from completing the tournament of champions and winning the grand prize but what happened was when I came in first for the last tournament I was never paid out my winnings, so of course what is the tournament of champions it looks like I never completed that tournament so instead of getting my 12 K in dice that I had earned the support decided to just give me 2K and dice as a sorry for the inconvenience but I don’t feel like that’s fair because they told me that they could see that I wasn’t paid out my winnings, so you see that and you still only pay me out 2000 dice compared to what I would’ve had ,hadyour game not glitched it’s just not fair to me and when I messaged them and said that they didn’t respond to me after that, so so basically, you don’t care or like you’re just trying to get away with giving me the bare minimum and said that I don’t think that’s fair and that’s what I’m rating this game 1 star because why have support if your not going to do the right thing I literally used all my dice trying to win that tournament for you not tho give me what I earned is colder than they do me on monopoly and I thought this games was better than that
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3 months ago, Kresstina
Too many pop ups
I absolutely love this game but, it crashes A LOT! I’m thinking the pop ups are the main issue. There’s so many and it’s a constant. I KNOW you’re selling rolls and other things and if I feel like purchasing them I will but, bombarding me with pop ups has me wanting to delete the game AGAIN! I do purchase things in the game but, I don’t need to be reminded repeatedly of sales as they are always sitting there for me to see!!! I would have given a 5 star rating had it not been for the crashing issues and the pop ups. Game itself is fun but, the pop ups and crashing has me contemplating deleting it for good this time. Also it’s rigged to make sure you don’t get free rolls. I don’t care what you say. If it were random then I’d at least get rolls some of the time while playing the other small games within the main game 🤷‍♀️ IN RESPONSE TO YOUR REPLY; In response to your generic reply, pay attention to your reviews. Most are complaining about the same issues. UPDATE; sadly I couldn’t handle the crashing issues as it was so bad I was restarting the game more than I was able to play and honestly I believe the pop ups don’t help that situation. Plus certain games within the games just weren’t functioning. I had to contact support twice just to get my rewards from the “Rush” game. Fix the bugs and lessen the pop ups and maybe I’ll come back. Until then though, I’ll just find something else to play.
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8 months ago, daddydizzl72
Nate D.
I enjoy to play this game, when I 1st started playing it I was like oh wow this game is really fun to play and it really helps pass the time. It was really addictive to say the least lol and I was even starting to spend a few dollars to buy more dice!! That’s when I realized that I was playing the game way to much, so I decided to play the game less. I would spend my money to buy more dice to be able to play more and when I FINALLY made it to a point in the game where I made it to 1st, 2nd or even 3rd place and when it was time for me to get my winnings…I NEVER DID! That was very frustrating and disappointing to me because, I spent a huge amount of time playing and I also spent a nice amount of money buying extra dice, just to be disappointed in the end!!! I felt extremely cheated , and when I reached out to you all about what happened I was NEVER reimbursed either time which was even more frustrating, because I felt as though you all didn’t care about what happened. I was so frustrated and upset about it I stop playing your game, because of it for at least 6-8 months!! I would like for you all to reimburse me for the dice I never received both times I reached out to you guys, but I’m more than certain that you guys WILL NOT suffice. Signed Very frustrated
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2 months ago, pandasatemice
Game gone awry
I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, and the more time that goes by the less impressed I am. I understand the people in charge want to make money, and I understand that games should become more challenging as the game progresses, however, it should be fair. The powers that be are forever changing up the game and not always for the good either. As you progress through the higher levels 150+ the game becomes less fun. It takes forever to build a village (they cost so much) it takes all day for dice to replenish, so unless you’re spending money there’s not a lot of play time. The challenges they present are worthless ( yellow corn road) how in the world do you participate in that challenge when it takes 2 weeks to build a village? Now the game no longer gives you dice for doing so! This is a fine example of not being fair! Just like the pet that’s impossible to get or the sticker albums that are impossible to complete…It really is a fun game in the lower levels but in the higher ones it’s not worth the aggravation because the game doesn’t really care about helping their long term player’s advance . Which in turn doesn’t make me want to open my wallet. What a shame.
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2 months ago, KAYLEEPLAYSSS
I’m having a ton of fun playing this game! I haven’t had this much fun playing a phone game in a while. There’s something about it that’s just different. This is also the first review I’ve left in a long time, i just felt I’d love to share my feedback to the wonderful creators. The only thing I would change is all of the pop up offers. Having 10 pop ups that I have to press “x” on everytime I open the game is a bit annoying. Maybe one of two pop ups that say “check out offers” with a brief overlook of them all would be better. When there’s so many, It’s frustrating and I honestly just spam click “x” without even looking at any of the offers because I’m that eager to just play the game. I know where the offers are, if I wanted them I would just click on them myself, you know? I can understand when I’m out of dice that you’d wanna show me an offer— that’s acceptable. But 6 of them? A bit of an overkill 😅 Anyways, even this issue wasn’t enough to drop it down to 4 stars. It may be a little annoying, but the game deserves 5 stars! Cant wait to see what else you come out with or may add to the game.
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3 years ago, rbryan2018
Improve game
I really love this game and I’ve been playing it for a while it’s fun to play I’ve had a few people that I invited join which I only got my rewards for my first one and not the other two. I agree with one of the other reviews that it’s hard to compete with some of them to win any prizes because they buy days they cheat there’s always a bunch of them on there that say they can get free days from somewhere so when they’re getting all those free days we don’t have a chance in the tournament I can hit a tournament when adjust starts get my first rolls and somebody’s already at the top with 1000 so not fair to some of us that don’t buy stuff. I’ve had a bunch of things that I haven’t gotten my rewards for and I’veSent emails and never got any of my rewards I got a couple of responses in my email but no rewards to make up for what I lost. There’s got to be someway to make it so that we can get more days quicker After spending 25 million coins today I got absolutely nothing nothing no new regular sticker no gold sticker no nothing it’s ridiculous that you have to spend that much and you get nothing you guys need to do something better to make this game a little better for some people
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7 months ago, krimzan order gaming YT
The unimaginable happened! What went wrong?
I’ve been playing dice dreams for over a year and invested heavily into my account. A few days ago something happened and I was logged out of my Facebook on the dice dreams app but not my actual Facebook application. The game after that will refuse to load in my Facebook progress via my dice dreams account. It loaded a different Facebook account that isn’t even connected on my fb app I tried uninstalling multiple times and reinstalling. I have over 30k rolls and losing out on whatever events are happening. I tried to contact support but I am getting nowhere and it’s extremely frustrating that no one has gotten back to me at all, day after day and nothing! This is ridiculous there needs to be an update with the ability to switch your Facebook account through the game by entering your email and password to avoid this happening in the future. I still like the game but what’s the point of putting your time and spending money in game just to lose it all to a bug or hack?
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2 years ago, ChelseaxLynnTM
Fun but work in progress
So this is a game I’ve been playing for a few months and become addicted to. Unfortunately there seems to be a pro advantage to adding friends/having friends that play and I don’t nor will I add anyone on FB for that. There’s the game & then a ton of side games so you’re constantly collecting and busy. They recently patched a dice “bug” that I and others I’m sure were exploiting but it actually made the game more fun. Now it feels slow and progress is taking way longer. I wish there would be far less pop ups in this in regards to things you can buy, specials, news, etc. You open the app, pop ups. You open one of the side games, pop ups. Your roll amount gets low, pop ups. Every time they pop up there’s at least 3 screens you have to X out of. The pop ups especially upon opening the app can make the game glitch & you lose things you won from it. Example: pop ups are too slow, so you roll the dice, but add the reward loads so do the pop ups and you don’t get the reward or the app completely freezes. Support has been helpful in this however this is the first and only app game I’ve ever had to contact for something like this.
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1 month ago, joekilla718$$
This game scammed my mom do not get this game if you want to get scammed
I had never played this game, but my mom played this game for a while, but not that long but today I woke up and went to see my mom. She told me this game scammed her. She was doing something and I do not know what but she was doing something to make her get in fourth place and she said when you get in the top 10 you can get a lot of money in the game, and also this is not real money. It’s money and this is how they scammed her. They didn’t even give her her money. She was crying because all of this game and also she spent money real money on this game and she was crying because she wanted her money back and today she said she will delete the game, is this game star I wanted to give us zero for scamming and taking all my mom‘s money even had to spend some of my dad‘s money to get some stuff in the game so if you see this one, do not download this game if you don’t wanna get all your money taken and get scammed and I’m also not going to be downloading the game for myself because how mean is for scamming someone this is a long time until my mom actually cried so so I’m ain’t gonna be downloading this and I’m warning you try to not get advice with other people, they might be scamming you or just saying this game is good for people to see it so I’d rather for you to not get this app for the game to get all your money
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1 year ago, Lcyaltee
Buggy and Helpless Team
When I first started this game, I REALLY enjoyed it. However the further i got, the more I found myself angry at how buggy the game is. Today really pushed it over the top for me. I had won 850 rolls from the special event and I was going to wait a bit before using since I was busy. After about 20-30mins I came back to the game and noticed that the 850 rolls I had JUST won were gone. Completely gone! And it’s not like it set back as if I never got it and went back into the progress bar above, allowing me to win it AGAIN(even though that would’ve been just as annoying), instead the bar/prizes itself continued on(the next prize being 20mil). I contacted support team IN game and only got one message back that described nothing that I was experiencing. When trying to explain that the issue they were giving me wasn’t even the problem at hand I got no message back. I went to the site itself and filed a request and still nothing. Now in a game like this, especially beginners like myself, 850 rolls is A LOT and it took a lot of time and rolls to get that prize so I was a little upset. I’ve even put money into this game because I was genuinely enjoying it, but now I’m furious that I’ve lost that many rolls as if they just vanished and the Dice Dream Team are doing nothing to help resolve this.
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7 months ago, JuJubeee26
It’s fun but…
Let me start by saying I really do enjoy this game most of the time. BUT, there are many problems with it. The challenges are extremely hard, almost impossible unless you buy dice. On multiple occasions rewards for side challenges have not been rewarded to me. They just disappear or don’t acknowledge the fact that you completed it at all. Due to this I have missed out on many more rewards. For example I completed a mission that was supposed to reward me a couple thousand dice, I was going to use those dice to complete the other side challenge to get more dice. Since I was not rewarded the large prize, I could not finish anything else either and therefore I lost all prizes when time ran out. I reached out to support and they don’t get back to you until 4-5 days later so of course all those side challenges are now over and you have to start over. Then they give you a couple dice no where near what you would have had if the game didn’t mess up and they close the chat. The game is already hard enough to progress without being robbed of prizes and dice. I hope they can fix the glitches and make side challenges a bit less difficult to complete. Seems like these people just want your money.
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4 weeks ago, kbritt33
This game cheats you!!!
I RARELY leave reviews, but I want others to know how this game cheats you!! I want to start by saying I am an honest player who plays by the rules. I have paid quite a bit of money towards this game and totally regret it because this game doesn’t play fair. For starters, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to progress at this game without spending money. I can come close to completing a trail or mission, but they don’t give enough rewards or credits to achieve the goal. It really makes the game frustrating. The thing that put me over the edge in anger on this game is that I had over 350 million in coins this morning and all of a sudden, the game shut down and when I got back on I only had 130 million in coins!! They literally disappeared and I don’t know how to get them back. I also lost all my progress in the game that I did this morning. I paid money to get this far and it’s NOT ok for them to just erase that hard work from me!! Another major issue I have with this game is all of the pop ups. I just want to play the game without 5 pop ups every single time I’m low on rolls and when entering the game. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone unless someone wants to be very frustrated and spend lots of money to not get very far. I am guessing that the only way people get far in them game is by cheating.
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1 year ago, tazergirl99
Fun but
Honestly this is just a money grab. The challenges are nearly impossible to win without you having to buy a bunch of rolls or just anything really. As you go on it gets harder to get money to upgrade buildings and almost every single place you “attack” always has a shield which is honestly annoying so you don’t get nearly as much money. Honestly this game is only fun if you have a ton of money to spend. Don’t recommend if you like the money in your wallet. Another thing I’ve noticed about this game is that they don’t like it when you try to save your rolls. If you save them they have more people attack your kingdoms meaning you have to use rolls just to get more shields to protect your kingdom. When I hardly has any rolls(which was zero) I hardly got attacked and now that I have over nine hundred rolls saved up people are attacking me left and right. I like this game but it’s really annoying having people constantly attack me or it’s hard to even get a shield too. Also the fact that I use all my money and then I leave the game and suddenly I have more money than when I exit the game. So then people steal from me when I used all my money and don’t have any left🤦‍♀️ it’s ridiculous that it doesn’t save that I spent my coins to upgrade buildings.
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1 year ago, mrs higgins#1
I love the game but it has started freezing up a lot here lately so I end up losing chances to get points due to having to exit out and start over again. Also why not make something that you can get coins or stars to use towards breaking your piggy bank, the price to break the bank is literally going to break my bank. In the beginning it was just a few $$ now it’s $20-$40 I’m not paying that much to break it. I don’t mind spending a lil here and there but I’m not spending what I could use in my gas tank to play! Y’all need another way like creating some collection of stars to break it. Another frustration I have is not having enough dice to complete enough rounds to accumulate points. The higher up you get the more you higher you have to go up for Dice throws which makes less rounds. 60 at 5x I’m done and achieved nothing in 12 rolls. The higher you get the more dice we should get. Come on now I know it’s gonna get tougher but you don’t have to make it not worth competing!! Make some changes but keep it challenging but not to the players expense and fix the bugs I’ll give it 5 stars and go back to playing every day!!
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2 months ago, Aryi B.
Awesome game!
The game all together is great! Will for sure give you a good experience, something you can play for a good 20 mins and come back to later, also when you have friends that play along with you, you can attack their kingdom or steal their coins, definitely competitive with the tournaments and fighting each others kingdoms, and the deals for dice a coins are fairly priced compared to other games that I’ve played, definitely affordable when you’d want to purchase a bundle. Game is also exited to jump on when you wake up becuase you dice are full, lots to do on one game that’s followed by a heart skipping path to win prizes. Only downside for most people, sometimes even me, is the amount of pop ups for deals and challenges, definitely gets kind of annoying when you just want to jump on the game real quick, also kind of a downside it only give you 5 dice a hour with a max of 50 unless you’ve earned more than that past the max, and the higher level you are it’s gets kind of difficult to build your kingdom. A little to difficult, but besides that, the game is great! Enjoyable, and exiting!
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3 months ago, LuvMrsFields
So I wrote a previous comment and it’s not showing, so I’ll try again. The game itself was actually fun once I got the hang of it. I wasn’t getting far at all in the game because of the cost to build. So I paid to open my piggy bank and use the 380 spins. I began to love the game, opened my piggy bank again, and activated the dream pass. I got to level 21, finished some tournaments, and got a lot of rewards. I still had over 500 dice when I went to sleep Saturday. Before closing the app I linked my account to my Facebook page(as their support page says in order to save my progress).When I woke up somehow I was on level 1, brand new board, no tournaments on my home anymore, no dream pass or anything. I reached out to customer support and left a message of what happened. They said “they cannot verify my claim but as a goodwill gesture they have sent me an appropriate gift”. Well I received no gift, and I don’t want the gift (if it’s not over 1000 dice that I have paid for in the game!). So they closed out my support claim. I messaged again and reiterated what I stated previously, and sent them screenshots of my apple purchase receipts showing that I paid to open my piggy bank and activate my dream pass, this time they didn’t even respond just closed my support claim. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! ITS A SCAM!
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2 months ago, DarkMetamorphosis
I really like this game but there’s one big problem
I like everything about the game it’s just the game is supposedly giving as a featured commodity (Lighting Boltz) that are supposed to grant you spins on some type of Puzzle Wheel. I am owed and should’ve have earned a couple 100’d or more of them? And I have zero inventory for them but I’ve completed many trails & hit many targets to earn them & I’ve also opened plenty of chest that reward them for the last few weeks. I’ve been earning a bunch of them. I don’t have the puzzle wheel or any trace of inventory of them & I can prove I earned them. I’ve tried to ask for help to Superplay Customer support but I’ve received no response. It took me thousands of dice to earn these targets and Superplay you even sell these (Lightning Boltz) right now in your store bundles promising spins with a van and lighting bolts over the Advertisement when you touch it. If there’s anyway please help I am with AT&T and am on the IPhone 14 Pro Max if that helps I also have the latest firmware update on apples 17 App Store.
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8 months ago, Scostello523
Hope you don’t need help!
While this game is pretty easy, and admittedly quite cutesy/fun, the user support is non-existent when there are issues. Sure you can report stuff after it happens, but no one EVER returns your queries, and technical issue tickets are very often closed out without a single person addressing what happens. I’ve had several instances now (even moreso since the introduction of fireflies) of completing a sticker pack but not receiving the listed rewards, and either trying to refresh the game (thereby erasing the last received and completing sticker) in hopes of the game saying ‘oops, here’s your reward you forgot to claim’ but instead getting nothing (and sometimes the sticker pack is complete and I lose out altogether). I’ve had issues with the mini game trails; it seems this game is never without bugs, but it’s honestly a waste of time to report them because no one cares. The three stars alone are for cuteness, the nice details in the graphics, and the odds and prizes overall aren’t too bad for a dice game. That said, it would be more cohesive if the peons on your home board were colorful too, like those in the stickers and mini game cards.
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2 months ago, hallow20
Cool Game
The game so far is pretty cool to play my big issues here is the time we have to wait to get at least the first 6 of 60 dices to go back and play again and the amounts of popups are insane and annoying. I like when I get coins however I play I never loose coins but when is time to build the prices are really high they go from a million+ to 2+ million, Im in level 22 right now and is super hard to finish because of that. To get the shields and free dices is even harder no matter how many times you try you are very lucky if during the game you get them once and doesn’t matter if you bet higher or not. The 60 dices they give you is not really much for everything you have to do in the game, other than this issues the rest are super cool I love the characters and each part of the game if those issues can be solve soon that would be awesome, I am pretty sure people would play and love the game even more. I personally got my sister joined me to play but she have the same issues like me.
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2 years ago, wgxjb
Very good app
this app is the best out that I’ve ever played it gives you a whole bunch of coins super easy app and you get to play it with anyone around you even if you don’t know them and it’s a good app to know people as well if you have social problems like me I love this app as well as my 14-year-old and my 12-year-old they love it too I love this app so much and I think this app would be a good thing for kids to do even if they’re looking for other friends as well as adults or daughter very social problems especially if they’ve never been in a relationship or doesn’t have a good family life I don’t have a very good social life so this app has helped me a lot of the pastEight years I hope this app helps many others and you as well I know this is a long paragraph but let me tell you something this app is amazing and I think you would like it as much as I do give it a little bit a time I know it’s so good at this hour and never get harder and you can push yourself like me have a nice day
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7 months ago, JesusCoffeeSmiles
Poor customer service, game issues and not worth your time for the frustration.
I’ve addressed multiple times to customer service about my game crashing issues. I played and made it to kingdom 30something and even got my pet to level 5of 10 then the app started crashing. Almost instantly, I can’t even get in the game to get my player ID for customer support. I’ve explained my issue and this dilemma and told them I’ve tried everything online suggestions have offered. Updating, redownloading, clearing cache, the list goes on and nothing works. It’s like they didn’t even read my situation all they did was ask for my player ID and then said keep rolling. Well news flash I can’t keep rolling or get my ID if the game crashes almost instantly. This has now started on my other phone when I reached the similar kingdom level and similar pet level. One account attached to FB the other I’m as a guess. Both now having the same issue. I think it’s the game itself with technical issues and if you start playing there will be a point you no longer can so I’d suggest just not playing. Why start and get hooked if you will get cut off and not able to continue. Just disappointing. Not worth your time.
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6 months ago, Sherasheba
When you open the game you are bombarded with probably 10-12 pop ups. I’m a F2P player and these are super annoying. When you think they’re done popping up more pop up! Then when you run out of dice there are more pop ups! When you complete a goal that they’re having more pop ups. I spend more time going through the pop ups than playing the game because I run out of dice real fast or the pop ups are a constant that I just loose my patience with them. I consider myself a very patient person and I’ll put up with a few at the start of a game but when I’m seeing pop ups for over half of my playing time I just close it. I get people want to make money but other game developers have found ways so it doesn’t annoy their players that aren’t interested in buying anything. Other than that the game can be fun but it also gets tiring when you’re spending days trying to accumulate money to restore your kingdoms since they become extremely costly and you don’t get an extra amount of coins as you level up either like other games that are similar to this.
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1 year ago, Aida527
This is a fun game to play. However, I stopped playing it and deleted my account because I would win tournaments and somehow when the results were in it says I finished 4th place sometimes even as far as 36th place when you have been first place for the last 10 minutes of the tournament. This happened to me several times. I did contact them and was told that it’s due to the time zone differences. I feel that this is not fair to anyone who’s not only playing the game but also purchasing roles in order to advance your standing in the tournaments and be able to win 1st place. If this is the case then you will not ever win because of the time zone differences. The last time I was in first place when the time ran out I was able to take a screenshot to show them that I did finished in 1st place again and sent it to them as prove they never replied. I personally rather spend money in games that if a person finishes in first place you get the rewards for it.
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4 months ago, Breeraquel
Games fun but….
This game is definitely fun to play. I log on twice a day. The only downside is I feel like you always lose. You lose your pixies too fast without even being close to get them all. It was giving me ten dice at a time to roll then it switched to 5 for some reason. The pop up ads for the game, are enough to make me want to delete the whole app. When you first log on, and get low on down dice. In my opinion it is too much of you trying to purchase more items for the game. They are on the side, if you wanted to buy more. They don’t need to be constantly popping up. You hardly ever get close to collecting items they advertise for the game. The trails are hard to get because you don’t roll the attacks, steals, raid, fights and free rolls enough. It gets frustrating. You have a time limit to feed your pet and once again you are constantly restarting because they don’t give you enough time or enough food to feed your pet. I know it’s just a game but I want to enjoy it more since it can be fun. This isn’t really a review for others, it’s more so the company can see this.
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2 years ago, Abel132
My review of Dice Dreams game
This is truly the best game app that I have played ever since I started playing online games. They have great bonus features and not like in other games where the bonus features are bogus cause something happens that you get kicked out of game in the middle of the bonus game and end up loosing the bonus rewards, that doesn’t happen here. Plus graphic wise really great graphics overall a great game and I am sure you will enjoy very much like I do and the rest of the players that play this game. I recommend this game to everyone and to finish up here It’s also great because they have a great team of people working to help us with any questions or help resolve any issues you are having in the game and they are always going the extra mile to get us that help and issue resolved. I personally appreciate that very much cause you don’t find many games where they really care about their people like the Dice Dreams team. Keep up the great work Dice Dreams.
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2 years ago, Super Jess
Eh, Frustration Grows
I’m not one to usually review but this game has gotten under my skin for a few reasons. First, the game itself is great! I love the constant updates and new challenges, but, you rarely have the rolls/opportunity to actually complete the challenges and get the rewards they tease you with. The further along you get it seems harder and harder to actually make progress. Buildings cost most, rolls disappear faster and the “add on package” pop ups are out of control. Buyer beware on these chances to buy rolls and open chests, they are generally not worth the money and sometimes don’t even give you want you’re offered. Plus they are usually $2+ I’ve requested a refund from Apple once on this app. On average I’ll have a solid run of 10-15 minutes in the morning after my rolls fully refill (you get a handful each hour depending on your level, I’m currently at 7) then it’s a few minutes throughout the day with the small rolls you’ve earned waiting. I really wish they would focus less on making it all about the money grab and give us an opportunity to actually play the flipping game and complete the side quests that appear every 2-3 days. Ugh
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2 months ago, Huskergirl26
First off, way too many pop-ups. Every time you log on, every time you run out of rolls, every time you run out of spins, it’s just too much and so very annoying. Now onto the part about spending money. DON’T GET SUCKED INTO SPENDING ANY MONEY! It starts off low, but just keeps getting more and more expensive as you buy things. Was told prices are based on activity and level, but that’s not true. I have a friend that plays, who is at a higher level and plays just as much as me and all their prices are just a fraction of what mine are. It’s just based on if you’re willing to throw money at this game or not. Such a rip off too. You spend money and get coins only to have other players steal billions at a time from you. I’ve used the higher multipliers and have never come close to getting that much from anyone. At one point it was so bad that I contacted support. They admitted to an error in the game and said that I could get a refund, but I had to get it from the App Store. Well, I submitted the refund request to the App Store and get denied. Thanks for stealing $150 from me when you admitted to the error and told me I could get a refund.
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2 months ago, PolaroidMp
Could be worse; could be better.
The main issue I have is the fact that you can never complete 100% of the sets unless you pay for it. Like, literally pay money for it. I get most apps nowadays have in-app purchasing. However, even after I gave in and spent a total of about $100 (give or take) I only made it to about 97%; when I felt like I should’ve been rewarded for spending that much. I refused to continue paying for a game that doesn’t make me money back. So I quit for awhile. I’m back playing here and there, but once I don’t have enough to advance, I just close the game and wait for free moves and opportunities to gain more for free. Also, I think it’s pretty unfair for the prizes for advancing on the map are the same every time. 250 moves when I’m on level 156 is lame. The higher you go up, the more the amounts should be. I’d give this game a solid 5 star if these issues were resolved and not so geared towards taking advantage of the consumer at the end of the day; because it truly is a great game.
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3 years ago, j.h35
I Hate Pay to Win Games
I thought it was a nice game at first, something casual to play and have fun with, but now I’m getting tired of it. There are way too many adds, I think you should be able to trade gold stickers, and the tournaments are not enjoyable (people have to be paying for more dice and then they just dominate the tournament even if you have done well with you regular rolls). I don’t want to delete this game because I do enjoy rolling the dice and the cute characters, but if I continue to get annoyed with these issues, I’m going to delete. (I know the developers have to make money somehow, but I’ve never payed into games like these, but I don’t mind getting dice for watching adds) Edit: I am also displeased with the trading situation on Facebook. I was looking through other complaints against this game, and I’m glad I did. Someone mentioned that after you become friends with another person in the game, you can’t delete them. I am very careful who I “Friend” on Facebook and am not comfortable having to “Friend” others just to have my stickers completed. Furthermore, I continue to agree with other comments that I am getting way too many of the same stickers over and over again.
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2 months ago, audioafterglow78
For the love of pop up promotional ads
This game is really fun. Obviously many people enjoy playing it as it’s highly rated. I never thought rolling dice could be so entertaining. That being said, the pop up promotional ads are relentless man. You get bombarded as soon as the app launches. Okay I get that and I can deal with that. If you have the roll multiplier set at a number not divisible by your number of rolls, say for instance you have 11 rolls left and the multiplier is set to 3 the ads pop up at 2 rolls left. Then you roll twice and guess what happens every ad you watch 2 rolls ago comes right back at you. You already line both sides of the screen with the promotions man give me a break on at least one of the barrages of ads. Honestly I think it probably has the opposite effect you’re looking for. People just get annoyed and hit the x as soon as possible without even looking at what you’re offering. That’s exactly what I do anyway. The game itself though is pretty awesome for real.
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3 years ago, nikkimiya
Terrible app would not let anyone play
I am very disappointed in this app and the scam it seems to be. I originally enjoyed playing this game a lot but from the App Store in app purchase pricing lies, to the app trying to get you to click in app purchases that poo up while click on the roll button, seems to me like a unethical tactic to get people to play a ton of money. I let the girl I nanny play on my phone and without me knowing she racked up over 80 purchases some single purchases nearing $80 that apple will not refund. I would recommend changing your “prices” in the App Store if you are going to mislead people into thinking your in app purchases will only cost them at max $7 rather than $97. Another issue is that fact that this game encourages you to bid higher to get bigger rewards, which causes you to use dice a lot faster aka spend a lot of money very fast, with little to no actual return like promised. It’s sad because this game was actually fun but I am very disappointed to see apple having such an untrustworthy app on the store without having the customers back when issues come about, like the one I have experienced. I would not recommend anyone getting this app.
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5 months ago, Userfu
At first, I play the game. Have a great time. Have fun. Beat levels get spins great game. But once you either spend money to get extra spins so it’s easier to play and less of a struggle or save up spends overtime. Then it’s stop giving you rewards from the tournaments. Making you waste thousands of spins trying to get in the top 10 to then nothing when you wake up at the next day and when you try to message them they ignore you sometimes for over 24 hours even after you just spent your money on the game is at night they don’t care they don’t even say they’re going to look into it they just completely ignored my messages and I waited patiently for 24 hours now I’m done this twice time they tried to screw me out of my time n money. If I have to pay to get extra spins or money or sticker packs then when they don’t give me my tournament rewards, they are they’re robbing me do not spend your time and money on this game until they care more about their customers and I’m not a first time purchaser. I’ve spent quite a bit of money over the years in this game and they do not care. I’m sad to say this game has gone down in the last three months.
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10 months ago, Forgetful Songwriter
If you have an addictive personality, do not play this game
This game is one of the cutest, most fun mobile games around. The graphics are nice, the characters are cute (especially if you tap them on the Home Screen), it’s colorful, and there are no ads. Rolling the dice is so satisfying, especially when you receive rewards. Since there are no ads, they offer bundles and packages for money so you can play longer and get more rewards. I don’t like how they push the offers on you multiple times in a day. I have spent way too much money on this game trying to get top rewards. If you’re fine being a casual player and you have the patience to play intermittently, this is the game for you. If you are competitive and “need” to get the top rewards, your poor wallet will suffer. Also, after the past couple updates, the prices of the offers have increased a good amount. They make this game addicting for a purpose. Buyer beware. But all in all, a very fun and exciting game to play.
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10 months ago, CallMeEdi
Long Story Short: Dont get this game if you want something to continuously play and dont want to make in-purchases. I am not much for games but downloaded this to play because I was sent an email that gave info to yields funds at certain levels completed within a certain amount of days. I completed the first portion and receive money my paypal account. It is a fun game but in order to advance continuously and play regularly you will have to make in-app purchases. The increase on cost of the purchases as the levels advance is like a $20 gap and then like a $40 gap. You will see these increases whether you make purchases or not because as the levels increase the costs do as well regardless of the fact that yield of purchase doesnt increase. Piggy bank accumulates dice which are a necessity in the game and they make you pay to get the dice that YOU ALREADY EARNED! They increase due to how well you doing during each turn. The game is cool but dont get it if you dont have impulse control because you will wrack up charges on the in-app purchases.
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1 year ago, angry ans betrayed
Literal theft
This game has a trading card group on Facebook where post explaining bugs and not receiving purchases items are not approved for posting and if an approved post has conversation about the game being a rip off and not paying out rewards and delivering on advertised purchases are censored and deleted. This game takes your money, doesn’t care how much you’ve spent regarding the issues your having and it’s straight up has no in app support that is efficient and helpful. Tournaments don’t always pay out and the game flow is intentionally designed to get you right below the threshold for rewards and then bleeding you dry if your rolls which are needed to play. This causing the player to have to spend real money to “win” Total rip off. They don’t care about the those that pay them, personally I’ve spent over $1000 dollars over 4 months because I did enjoy the game but not all the purchase are over $25 upwards of $100 that are offered to me. Why so much? Because they know me to spend on the game and are gouging the prices which I believe should be an illegal business model. In fact I believe that it is. We’ll see what the law and a lawyer has to say
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6 months ago, rrbrown3
Fun Game but pop ups are insane
This has to be the only app on the planet that is worse than Temu with pop-ups. When you first boot the game every day, you will be hit with at least two minutes of ads for in app purchases being pushed that you have to close out of before you can actually play other than that the game is very fun, but those ads can drive you insane. You will also get at least two notifications every time you run out of roles trying to get you to purchase more. I understand that they are trying to make money but this app is pushier than a used car salesman. Re: developer response. I am well aware it’s a free to play game. Your copy and paste response about in-app purchases being optional is well understood. I’m simply saying the way you push the in app purchases detracts from the experience of the game. For example, this morning, I opened the app and it was a full 72 seconds (I timed it) of closing pop ups before I could actually play. It’s overkill and will drive people away from the app. Lowering my rating due to the tonedeafness of the developer response.
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11 months ago, quisha91
Great… but
I love this game but… As you start completing more kingdoms, the price for other kingdoms increases… As they should but how can we complete these kingdoms when we don’t get a coin or dice increase… It takes to long to get more dice and too much money to buy more dice… Even when buying dice they go so quickly and puts you back at square one… No bueno… The little side games helps sometimes but it’s always impossible to finish… Out of 100 dice you may hit the side items maybe 1-2 times depending on how many dice you are using… The higher your dice are the lesser your chances are… It takes away the fun out of a great game… But my BIGGEST pet peeve with game is the sticker album… It’s so hard to get new stickers, it always gives the same stickers and unless you pay a ton of money you won’t be getting the stickers you need… one time I paid for a new sticker pack and still got an old sticker… Great game but I can’t afford to put more money into this game so I’m going to call it quits
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11 months ago, Doesn'tKnowWhyShe'sDoingThis
Impossible to succeed unless you spend hundreds of dollars.
The game was really fun the first few villages to build. Now when I’m on village 144 the buildings cost upwards of 100M-800M to build, the piggy bank costs $95 to break, the offers are $30-$80 to buy, the current tournament I’m in that just started has the top player at 1,500 (which is impossible unless that player has spent tons of money on offers to get ahead/no shaming just saying), and I only can have 120 rolls in my deck after hours of waiting for them to refill. I wish I could afford to spend all this money just to succeed but unfortunately I don’t. The game needs to be more “free user friendly”. I would spend money on the cheaper offers that would be like $2.99 or $4.99 but I can’t spend almost $100 to break the piggy bank. The daily rewards aren’t really that great, the cookies you need to feed your pet to get to the next level is over 800, and all the offers you have to click through after you’re out of dice is ridiculous. I counted 8 the other day. 8. I can’t play this game anymore because I just can’t afford it.
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1 year ago, Miya title
That one game
I love this game and I see a lot of people play it like my friends I love this game and we play together in the destroyer each other‘s kingdom but the thing that I don’t like about it is probably that there’s a lot of bugs and you have to wait to get more dice rolls and I think that’s kind of annoying and you have to pay to get more dinosaurs if you want to I want to Slee don’t think that you should spend all of your money on this game like real money but I do think it’s that one game where you would play but you don’t really play a lot it’s just a game that sits there but you don’t like it but you don’t but you love it but you don’t hate it and it’s a game that I really highly recommend but it’s one of those games that you just sit there and leave and you don’t delete it ever you notice it but you don’t wanna delete it honestly I think I would probably give us a four because it’s kind oh good but I think it needs a few twists and turns through it🙃
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3 months ago, Jacachni
So I’ve had this game for awhile now. I spend money sometimes so I can try to win a tournament if it’s worth my while. But this last time I did spend money to win and the winnings were pretty good and once the tournament was over I didn’t get my reward. When I contacted support it took three days for them to respond and when they did they only gave me half of my winnings and refused to give me the remaining part of my winnings despite multiple messages back and forth. I am so disappointed in the support team as they only way to get my reward was to screen shot what I won. Like who does that? No one because who thinks they won’t get the reward that they worked hard to get. I’ve enjoyed this game up until now and won’t be playing anymore. It’s not ok to dismiss your consumers as we are the ones making you rich. So thanks for dismissing me and taking my money. I will be deleting the app and making sure anyone else who wants to play it knows how the support team doesn’t care that you spent your own money to win a tournament that you weren’t going to get the full reward. Awful customer service.
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1 year ago, bsla oh vesocje
Okay, so this game is a fun little game to play. They have lots of little side missions that help make the game, but like other reviews here, IF YOU DONT PAY, you won’t ever finish the sticker sets, will hardly ever finish the winter trails, and you will wait longer just for the dice to reload in the game. They always give out the same stickers and unless you pay, it’s hard to near impossible to get the gold stickers you are missing. Then the stickers you do need, you have to add random people to your Facebook just to have them as friends so they can send stickers. Also the prices go up on the the kingdoms to rebuild but the dice and coins you make don’t. After this last update as well, my game is constantly freezing. I have to close out on the game and miss out on attacks and steals and fights just because the game is constantly freezing. It would be a great help if they could look into this. Otherwise this game is overall great. Very addicting.
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2 months ago, AlyxAugust
Fun but such a cash grab
I have all the same thoughts as previous reviews, and like many others, I don’t really write app reviews often if ever. The popups for in-app purchases are just insane. It’s so repetitive and you have to go through and click out of like 5 or 6 purchase offers just to play. Then you do it again if you run out of rolls. The “grand prizes” you can win in various challenges are a joke. You will never win those prizes unless you bet x100 or x200 and you don’t even get that option unless you have 2k+ rolls available. Most of the time you will NEVER have this amount unless you pay a bunch of money because the challenges reset so often that the average player will never reach the end or come close to the end. Forget about winning tournaments. I won a tournament once and that was just by chance and late at night when less people had the app open. Most of the time tournaments can only be won by people who buy rolls. The time it takes to refill rolls as well is just not it. It’s a fun and addicting game when you’re first starting out but by the time you get to kingdom 36 where I am you are frustrated and considering removing the app. There’s just some balancing that needs to happen and some quality of life changes that should be made to make the experience a little better. Seems petty to write a review like this and I’m questioning why I even care enough to write one. But yeah. Game is fun but I give it only 3 stars for now.
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