DICE: Live Shows

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4 weeks ago
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15.5 or later
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User Reviews for DICE: Live Shows

4.88 out of 5
51K Ratings
4 months ago, 🐺😈🫵🏻
Dice review
I recently had the pleasure of using this fantastic app that completely transformed my concert-going experience. This app not only simplifies the ticket-buying process but also enhances the overall journey of attending live events. The user-friendly interface made navigating through various concerts and artists a breeze, providing a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. What truly sets this app apart is its robust recommendation system, which not only considers my favorite artists but also suggests similar ones that I might enjoy. The ticket purchasing process is incredibly smooth, offering a variety of seating options and price ranges to cater to different preferences and budgets. Additionally, the app provides real-time updates on upcoming concerts, ensuring that I never miss out on a show by my favorite performers. The in-app integration of interactive seat maps and virtual views further assists in making informed decisions. I appreciate the attention to detail in the app’s design and functionality, making it an indispensable tool for any concert enthusiast. Overall, this app has become my go-to platform for securing tickets to my favorite concerts, elevating my live music experiences to new heights. Highly recommended for any music lover seeking a convenient and delightful way to access live events!
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1 year ago, Xavi2javi
Great app!!
This app works flawlessly! Just read carefully and be aware that different promoters handle policies differently. If the event in non-refundable you can try to reach out to the group hosting the event and they will do their best to accommodate. Just be responsible and read carefully before you make a purchase. This app will work the way it’s being designed to. Never had issues on this app, in fact I love how they let you see all you past tickets so you can keep track of events. To finish it off the purchasing, invite a friend, send friend tickets, and return tickets (when available) is so easy to use!! Lastly the fact the tickets have a manual activation portion makes it much better and secure so you know your ticket is within your control. Thanks Dice keep up the updates and good work!! Just and idea: you should add venue photos/details to allow people to prep before going. In example the Brooklyn navy yard is a long cold walk before entering during winter season. A lot of first timers would appreciate it, and may keep them going to event more often. I don’t see any other apps doing that which would make this app even more of the GoTo app!!!!
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2 years ago, Anthony Mastroianni
Poor customer service, and fraud
I had purchased concert tickets for a show this past Friday, but later realized that I would not be able to attend.I looked up the refund policies for DICE and saw that I could submit a refund request. I submitted my request and a representative named Stephanie told me that if I purchased tickets for another show within 24 hours they would refund me the purchase price of my initial tickets. I did just that, and advised Stephanie what I did, but several days later a different representative, Jon, contacted me and said they would not process any refund. I reasonably relied on what their representative Stephanie told me and purchased another ticket under false pretenses. That's not fair. If anyone else has had this happen to them, start posting on Reddit and any platform, and if there are enough of us we'll get the attention of an attorney to look into bringing a class action against DICE for these deceptive and fraudulent activities. They know that no one can chase them in court over one ticket, but if this happened to me it's definitely happened to thousands of other people. Companies that engage in deceptive or misleading acts like this should be held accountable. This is not a cool scene friendly company, they just want your money, and they are willing to lie to you to get it. If you can remove at least one company or group from your life that is willing to lie to you to make money, then that's worth it.
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2 years ago, i luv gymnastics
Customer service is insanely terrible
This app is great at blocking ticket inflation but the “return to waitlist” feature is so messed up sometimes. I asked about the feature for a sold out show and without consent the guy in customer service sold my ticket. I literally asked why it wasn’t available and now my ticket is GONE. I am not only furious but now don’t get to attend my show because I cannot afford the new ticket prices! This is not even the first issue I’ve had. I had tickets to a jai wolf show and a few hours before I had an an emergency and couldn’t make it. I went to send my friend the ticket but the send to a friend feature was disabled and I couldn’t return to the waitlist either. I emailed dice and never heard back. Given you can’t list tickets on StubHub or anything using this and the only wait to get a valid ticket it to use send to a friend, the ticket was lost and so was my money. Again, no one ever responded from dice. I was not happy. I urge major venues such as avant to stop using this app. It’s a scam. Thanks so much! *edit: I heard back from the people at dice about a week after the event (I couldn’t seem to get a response prior to the event so no resolution was had allowing me to still attend the event) and they credited my account. While I appreciate this I was very sad I couldn’t seem to get anyone to handle this prior to the event. Still really sad and disappointed about this.
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1 year ago, Supremegamer
great customer service !!
I stupidly purchased tickets to a concert before realizing as I went to put it into my calendar that I already had an event scheduled that day. I read through DICE’s terms prior to purchase and I knew that getting a refund probably wasn’t on the cards, but I was able to submit my request very easily and decided to give it a shot. Their representative Dan was incredibly kind and managed to get me a refund for my ticket. I found DICE to be very forgiving and easy to communicate with, and my experience (albeit short) with customer service was incredibly positive. I should note that this is my first time using DICE and the concert isn’t for another month and a half or so, but after this experience I’ll definitely be looking to use this app again!
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1 year ago, Mondizznizzy
Poor customer service, Lack of Communication
I purchased tickets for an event on the day of, to which there was not any information about policy. I had cancelled the tickets and requested a refund because it was not the correct event and there was a technological error within the app to which I had no control. I showed up to the event because my tickets were never cancelled and I was already in the area that night. The line was still out in the cold 45 minutes plus after the event was advertised. The whole experience was very frustrating to say the least. The day after was when I finally received communications from customer service to which was unsatisfying. I was told that “ In no circumstances will a refund be issued within 24 hours of an event, in line with our Purchase Terms. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!” If this was the case I should have been informed of the policy upon purchase of the tickets. Furthermore my case was not taken seriously. A combination of human error and tech difficulties made this possible. From how I see it, customers are not taken seriously and are brushed aside frequently which gives me no reason to continue business again after switching my event app to this one Im very unhappy and will be switching back to my previous vender.
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3 years ago, Michelle W is awesome!
Scam App
I bought tickets to an event that I realized the morning of I could not attend. No problem, I thought, because the event had been sold out for months and had a waitlist going. I returned the tickets to resell at face value at 10 a.m. The app gave me a notification that they were listed and that I'd be notified when they sold. They supposedly never sold. The tickets were then returned to me before the event - but the app did not give me a notification telling me that they were returned. By the time I realized this, if was an hour before showtime and I tried to transfer them to a friend so they didn't go to waste, but the "cut off time" for ticket transfer had past. Why can't you transfer tickets anytime??? I went to a show last night and got there late - my friend was already in our seats but was able to transfer my ticket to me at the gate through the AXS app - and the band was already on stage! It seems like just another way for them to make money!! For GA shows, they can game how many people will attend based on returns and transfer cut offs, then release more tickets in the same way airlines game seat sales. I will avoid shows that use this app for sales in the future.
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1 year ago, Polywogg
I waited until the Newport Folk Festival went on sale at 1 pm Feb, 1. I clicked maybe 10 seconds after the sale opened, and the app sat and spun for 45 seconds before it put me into the waiting list. I received a confirmation email @ 1:04 that I was on the waiting list. Gone that fast, the tickets were already on Stubhub @ 5xs the price. This app is no better than the others. The scalpers and bots rule. Update after response: I’d believe the response if it wasn’t for the fact that I know three other people who had the same experience. We all attempted to get the tickets at the moment they became available, only to be locked out until everything was sold out and then put into the waiting list. What’s infuriating is that tickets immediately became available on Stubhub at $700 apiece. My supposition, without evidence, is that the majority went to scalpers which begs the question of complicity with the company. I just hope the hearings over the Taylor swift ticket debacle, include all companies. I think that an honest attempt to resolve this issue would be a survey of NFF attendees who actually got tickets at cost vs secondary market.
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1 year ago, Luis Herrera R
Secret location error
I wanted to express how much of a bad night I had because of the “secret” location. The dice app showed two addresses and none of them were the ones of the event. It showed the last address of rash in bedstuy and the second address, the one the map showed, sent us to williamsburg between Bleecker and N4th. So we actually went to both places to find none of them were the venue. We spent 12 am in the cab. We couldn't find the place and our tickets weren't used. The response I got is that I should have checked on social media. Update: the response I received is that the location was sent to the email, and that is misleading because the email showed a first location that wasn’t the one for the event. And if you go to the dice app there where two addresses, and none of them were the ones for the event either. This event was a charity event for what happened in Rash last year, we were trying to help the place to get back to it’s feet. I even said that if a refund is not possible I’d be fine with credit for next events.
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6 months ago, anachabacano
Wasted Money. Terrible Customer Service :(
I completely understand DICE’s refund policy, but there is a certain line that should be drawn when it comes to organizers that DICE chooses to work with. If you’re working with a venue, you need to realize that poor experiences from understaffing and irresponsible management is going to affect DICE’s reputation. After waiting 2 hours in the freezing cold (from 10:50PM until 12:15) on New Year’s Eve… for a NEW YEARS event, we weren’t allowed in until 15 minutes after the ball dropped. It was even longer for my friends and the line stretched around the block. There was ONE person on security and ONE bartender for an event of 200+ people. The venue was packed to the brim and I couldn’t even move. Mandatory coat check that we had to pay for on top of the ticket costs. We payed $70 each— $140 for our tickets. No refund or accountability from DICE support. This was a complete waste of money. I hope nobody ever has to deal with this again. I will never ever buy tickets through DICE in the future, so hopefully no bands I like ever use their services.
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2 years ago, xandeinerseitex
Frustrating, will not use again
I downloaded Dice to check out what’s going on in another city while I’m away on vacation. As I finished browsing, I locked my phone and figured that was that. Last night, I got a reminder about the show I bought tickets to, which was interesting to me because I had not bought tickets. Checked it out, realized I accidentally authorized Apple Pay when I tried to lock my phone after browsing. I sent a refund request and explained the situation, since I don’t even know the artist I had a ticket to see, and was told that it’s “my responsibility to ensure my purchase is correct before completion.” Which made me laugh, because I had zero intention of purchasing anything or completing any order. Now that I’m out money I don’t have for a ticket I didn’t mean to buy to see an artist I don’t even know, I’m deleting my Dice account. It seemed like a promising way to find shows as I travel most of the time around the US for work, but they already have money I didn’t intend at all to give them, so I hope it’s worth it.
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3 years ago, XenoMixEDM
Would be good but…
This app is setup to be good besides the fact that the waiting list feature is the biggest headache on the planet. trying to buy tickets for a concert right when they released i didn’t even see an option to buy them, only to join the waitlist, so i did. no clue what position im in, when is ever get them or anyrhing. months later i finally get a text saying they’re holding my ticket, but it just so happened to happen early in the morning, while i was asleep. so all i had to let me know that i had an HOUR to buy the tickets was ONE text. after missing the hour window to buy the ticket i had to RE ENTER into the waiting list. i am beyond upset, i’d be willing to pay up to 100 dollars for that ticket but instead i have to wait till some one wants to sell their 20 dollar ticket and though i was one of the first to get the option IM AT THE BACK OF THE LINE. this system is trash please give me my tickets.
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2 years ago, firstreviewCici
Charged $150 for ticket to an event that was free for entry
A performance by an artist at the club Money Baby was marketed on this app for New Years Eve. The tickets sold for $150. My friend and I paid well in advance for this performance. Upon arrival, no one scanned the tickets, rather our IDs were checked and we were let in, no mention of tickets. So we asked multiple security guards and staff personnel when were the tickets going to be scanned, as we had already paid $150 for them yet my friend and I-as well as other guests were being let in for free. Multiple staff members said they had no clue about tickets while others claimed that it was because we were early and the club would be “reset” around 8pm (it was 7:30pm at the time), insinuating that everyone already inside would need to leave and reenter with a ticket. This, however, never happened as they continued letting guests in for free. This means we paid $150 for a “performance” which really turned out to be more of an appearance, yet the club itself never charged for entry.
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3 years ago, Noirvelours
No refunds
I recently made an accidental purchase (not knowing someone else had bought tickets for me) and I tried to explain this to customer service. They mention they are able to refund before the event begins, even if it’s the same day. I tried contacting customer service prior to the event and not only did they take forever responding but they stated they would notify me prior to the event starting. I waited and emailed a few more times with no response. The event passed and I had to email again (even requesting for the event manager or supervisor), only to be notified that I would not be able to get my money back. I requested a credit to compensate for the loss, considering I didn’t even activate my tickets, but they also negated that. Overall, the app is good to search for your favorite artists playing at local venues but the refund policy is a lie and customer service is lacking. Make sure you are purchasing correctly because they do not do refunds. This review is meant for those two things.
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1 year ago, rasta love
Helped me out of a Dicey situation
The customer service people at Dice ( Daisy) is amazing. I was having an issue with tickets. She replied to my SOS asap. She helped me through my whole dilemma. I was able to get my tickets to get the matter resolved. I will most definitely be using the app again. The app is easy to transition it even shows me past shows. The waitlist is a great feature. In the age of bots and price gouging resellers. It’s very good to know you can rely on an app that isn’t going to cheat you. The waitlist allows you to be able to purchase sold out tickets for the same price it originally went on sale for. I just love a concert goer like myself I was amazed. 5 stars
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3 years ago, caseypenk
Absolute scam
The option to “refund” your tickets in the app is an absolute and complete scam designed to cheat you out of both your tickets and your money. Once you put your tickets up for “refund,” they may or may not sell to anyone else. What Dice doesn’t disclose is that they will make profit from the “refund,” and more importantly that the refund may not go through, and it if doesn’t, you have absolutely zero ability to transfer or sell your tickets. There is no option whatsoever to cancel the “refund.” There is also no option to transfer the tickets to someone else if the “refund” fails. That option is specifically grayed out in the app once the refund period is over Thus I was left with $260 of unsold tickets that I could neither use nor transfer. This Dice has wasted me an enormous sum of money with a scam feature designed to enrich their profits. Awful, awful scalping company designed around greed just like all the others.
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3 months ago, Bobber6
Got 6 tickets for MMW. Right after purchasing 2 of them I realized it was the wrong venue. I called and inquired thought the website for help. Lost $150 because no one got back to me till this day. Space closing party on Monday was a total CAOS We waited 5 hours. Upon getting to the front the women manager/ boss said I can only go in alone. I said I’m with him. My friend. We both had tickets and waited for all this hours. She asked two of the other bouncers ( have you seen him for all this hours too? They respond no) then she said you can go in alone. (I’m a women, I do not go out to clubs alone), try to explained and told the truth . My friend kept moving just not to be in the same position for hours! With tickets!!! To what she responded, he needs to wait. Eventually he will get in. When???? After 10 hours?? Is that an amount of time reasonable to this lady for a client with tickets to wait and get in??? Everyone at the door at SPACE IS RUDE. Apparently I doesn’t matter that you have a tickets if you over sell the venue DICE. It’s no need for bouncers and managers to be rude at SPACE. IF A CLIENT DOES NOT WANT TO WAIT MORE THAN ONE HOUR TO GET IN WITH PURCHASED TICKET IN ANTICIPATION , THE CLIENT SHOULD BE ABLE TO REQUEST A REFUND. DICE IF YOU SAY YOU HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE, HAVE THEM RESPOND TO THE CLIENTS IN NEED. I LIKE TO HAVE MY REFUND PLEASE. Thanks.
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5 months ago, MohaTav
Terrible NYE Experience and Extremely Poor Customer Service
I purchased two tickets for a New Year's Eve party in London through Dice, with the event slated to begin at 9:30 pm as per their platform. However, upon arriving at the venue, there was no music or crowd. After waiting for over 10 minutes, my wife and I left, frustrated and disappointed. We even confirmed the correct address with the building neighbor, an international student center. In real-time, I reached out to Dice through their app's "Help Center," but received no reply until two days later. I requested a refund, as the service promised was not delivered. However, Dice insisted that their policy prohibited refunds and directed me to contact the event promoter. I emphasized that I, as the purchasing party, expected them to take responsibility, but their responses remained inflexible. Their suggestion to contact the event promoter is akin to Uber directing you to the driver for an issue, or TripAdvisor passing the buck to the tour guide – a practice these platforms avoid. Dice's lack of accountability and customer care led me to contact my bank for assistance, providing them with evidence and our communications. In summary, Dice's "Help Center" proved unhelpful, and their refusal to address the issue leaves much to be desired. Don't waste your money, especially for significant events like NYE. Explore alternative platforms with better support.
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3 years ago, windanwaves
Recently purchased 2 tickets to a local event. Apparently the venue updated the requirements for entry to needing a vaccine card. I didn’t have mine so the venue would not let me in. No where in the DICE app did it mention these requirements. They did however send me an email not even 5 hours before the event with these details in the fine print at the very bottom. I was not able to attend the show due to this and when I requested a refund, they denied me. They said since it was in the description in the email, there’s nothing they can do. I feel that is highly unprofessional as they should have sent me this info as soon as the venue changed their requirements as well as updated the description in the app. Not just send an email with it in the fine print not even 5 hours before the event. I won’t be using DICE for future events or ticket purchases and will recommend others not to use it as well.
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2 years ago, Nomadd84
Wish every ticket app was like Dice
This app makes it so easy to buy tickets at an upfront price, which although is high sometimes, at least there aren’t hidden fees at checkout and you know what you’re paying. The fact that you can return your ticket to the wait list for someone else to buy is an amazing feature and makes it so seamless by just refunding your credit card as opposed to requiring you to submit your banking info like other apps. On top of all that their customer service is fantastic and they respond quickly and efficiently to any technical problems I’ve had in the past.
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1 year ago, Ted Barnett
Send to Friend Broken
Found a solution to the broken “send tickets to friend” problem. I assume Dice has no QA or product management team, since the app makes it nearly impossible to send tickets to a friend. If you have many contacts, your friend may not appear in the “has Dice” list (even if they do). And they won’t be able to see you either. And the “has Dice” list is often truncated about halfway through the alphabet. Solution: Go to your Account page in the Dice app (click the silhouette at bottom-right), then click the “share” icon at the top-right and send a text to your friend. Once they have accepted and “followed” you, you’ll get a notice in the app that lets you now follow them. They should then show up in the share list. Good luck.
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2 years ago, Opus F
Support team is great!!!!
This app is great. When they dive live showed tailored to you, they mean it! I contacted the team to see if I could propose to my better half at a show ( lala land green velvet) in Miami. They got back to asap but I asked these things just a day before the show. So I was late! But the staff stayed in contact with me and I also spoke with dj moonboots. Who’s couldn’t play both songs for my lady but he did play one! All in all she said yes and the staff at dice actually seems to care! It feel great to know that the people on the other end of these emails are actually people! I highly recommend this app!!!!
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1 year ago, Ciao77
Great app but overpriced tickets
Dice is a great app for finding out about shows and events and getting suggestions, however I recently went to an event and found out that the ticket I purchased for anytime admission was sold at $20 more than a different company, for the exact same event and ticket type. Unfortunately the tickets I purchased were non-refundable, otherwise I would have bought through the othe company and end up saving some money. The other company was actually advertised and connected to the event itself, and so it was legitimate. I would use Dice to purchase tickets again, but first I’d make sure the price point would be comparable to other venders.
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2 years ago, pbradley3024
Lose Control of Your Ticket
This app works well technically, but eventually you realize it all adds up to make it more difficult for you do what you want with your ticket. 2 reasons. 1) They stop allowing to transfer your ticket a couple hours before the event starts, so if you have to give it to someone last minute you’re screwed. 2) if you try to sell your ticket back to them, your ticket is locked up until the event starts, and you have no way to know if you have a chance of getting it sold or how many people are on the waiting list. Theres no easy way to take yourself off the waiting list for sellers. Their support is very good, thats the only reason I am giving them 3 stars.
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2 years ago, rothkodust
Best gig app!!
Probably one of the easiest apps for live show goers. I love the feature of sending a ticket to someone else incase you can’t make it to a planned show. Their customer service is so quick. They managed to help me sync my old account with an old phone number to my new one within a couple of hours for a future pending refund to a canceled show. Everyone who works for dice really wants to improve the quality of making it easier for ppl who use the app, it’s really refreshing to see that honestly. If you ever need help with the app just email them they’ll respond ASAP!!!
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2 years ago, Gerb__13
Love it
I don’t usually take the time to review apps but I have so many positive things to say about this one. As an avid concert attendee this app makes it so easy to buy tickets at my local venue as well as sell tickets to other people if I don’t need them anymore. I love that once a show is sold out there is a waiting list so you can always return them to the waiting list for someone else to snag. I have worked with customer service twice and each time I have emailed them they have responded within minutes and resolve my issue on the first email.
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1 year ago, Chrish102389
Great in Theory, but Poorly Designed
When I first heard about Dice, I thought it was an awesome concept. However, the app isnt nearly as functional as it should be if it wants to be a viable alternative to StubHub. I’ve tried to use Dice in two scenarios, both times it has failed me. The first time was 2 months ago when I tried to purchase tickets to a show. The app crashed so I was unable to buy. I ended up on the waitlist, which I can live with. The second time was 5 minutes ago; after two months, I was removed from the waitlist! However, I only had 20 MINUTES to buy my ticket or I lose it. Since I had been logged out recently, I didn’t get a notification so I missed my shot. What genius decided that someone should get twenty minutes to react when they’ve been on a waitlist for 60 days?! Terrible
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1 year ago, Eephuss
Great customer service experience!
I was waitlisted for tickets, and because I was several time zones away, when I was notified more tickets were available, I missed the window to make a purchase by probably an hour. I emailed customer service using the contact page on the app and within 30 minutes, I received a message back and they escalated my wait status back to the top of the line. I honestly didn’t expect to hear back from them for days, if at all. Super impressed! And we ended up getting the tickets we wanted!!
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5 months ago, GGCOTOURE
Great customer service and great communication.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s very rare these days to find a company with splendor customer service. Dice has above and beyond great customer service. I emailed them with my concerns and explained my situation and circumstances and I received a quick reply in less than 24 hours. The reply came from an actual human not AI or general reply. To be specific the team members name is Angelo but I am sure the entire team is great! My issue was resolved and handles beyond my expectations. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! Dice is a cut above the rest!
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11 months ago, seanmilligan31
Great App for Upcoming Events
DICE makes it so easy to order tickets for events they are featuring. Was able to get a pair of tix no problem right when presale started. No hang ups or challenges. Their texting reminders 15 min before the event then when the sale started was super helpful so I could focus and get the tix I need right in the app. And when I needed to update my phone number to get these text reminders the day before, their support (Lily) was super helpful, efficient and friendly. I hope more of the shows I want to attend are through DICE.
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2 years ago, Jdosed
Great service and easy to use!
This app makes buying tickets for your favorite artist a serious breeze. And it makes returning them so easy as well! I had a small technical issue with a return and so I messaged customer service and they replied within 24 hours and were able to completely assist me with my issue and even helped me understand what was happening, which was just a small glitch. Really enjoy the ease of this app and the layout is fun too. Great and personal customer service. Recommended!!
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6 years ago, happyamerican
Very helpful customer service
While I was disappointed that the concert I bought tickets for had a date change making it so that I could no longer attend, I really appreciated the quick response and refund I got from Dice. As someone who lives in an entirely different country than where the concert was being held, I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to get a refund. But Dice made it super simple just by using email. I also appreciated that I received text that the date had changed or else I wouldn’t have even known.
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1 year ago, antareez
awesome app
i was a little skittish when i first downloaded this app to get tickets for the Brooklyn Mirage CityFox Transcend show. at first i was a little confused but as soon as i integrated my email and phone number with it, i was surprised at how seamlessly integrated it all was. i get messages in text, email and in the app so i never miss a presale or confirmation of tickets purchased. i also was able to transfer tickets to a friend and easily and quickly get a refund for another pair. it’s a great app. i trust it and love it.
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3 years ago, 5555MoMo5555
Great but wish you could age restrict search
I do love the events on dice, however its a huge pain as someone who’s under 21. I cant restrict what i see to my age range, so instead i have to endlessly go through every single listing for the age restriction. I cant go to at least 50 percent of the events that are recommended to me. In my recommended feed, last time there was not a singular event that i was able to go to. This isnt a huge issue, especially since im obviously not the demographic here, but it is enough of an inconvenience as a user that i should at least let you know.
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2 years ago, Aste54
Customer Service is 💯
The ease of access is simple to use. I really enjoy having my tickets secured on this app and it makes it easy for you to sell your ticket back by putting your tickets on a waitlist for last minute deals since our original ticket was priced lower than on the day of the event. Customer service is fast and resolved my issues easily, in less than an hour after I sent them an email. On a sunday, no less! Needless to say, I’m happy with the app.
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1 year ago, youre all jokers
Super buggy.
If your tickets are going to sell out quick just don’t plan on getting any. App is terribly buggy for every purchase I’ve TRIED to make on it. Edit: I appreciate the response.. my problem (for feedback purposes) was that the buy tickets button never showed up and I was watching the countdown for a while until 0:00. Your app completely glitched out, went blank for 10 seconds and then just shoved me to the waitlist after those ten seconds. This has happened the past four times I’ve tried to purchase tickets in your app. It’s software related or server side I’m sure, but it doesn’t have a lot to do with the amount of tickets, or supply and demand. High speed connection on my end as well.
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3 years ago, Aluxekin
Dice = Dicey and scammy 👎👎
I was purchasing 2 tickets for the Brooklyn Mirage and I got the option to purchase my ticket through Dice and I made the mistake to go along with it because it claimed it was easy to transfer tickets securely. Well the day of the event came and I wanted to send the other ticket to a friend but the option to send ticket to friend was disabled. I had to lose the second ticket because I could not transfer it to my friend. Also I realised that the same tickets were being sold by Resident Advisor for significantly cheaper. So if you want to be scammed with higher prices and then potentially get locked out of transfer if your ticket then use Dice. For me never again and I am deleting the app after writing this review.
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1 year ago, sumojohn
User Friendly
I’m a first time user and downloaded the app to buy concert tickets. Unfortunately the event headliner pulled out the day of the even because of illness. I not only received an email from DICE but also a text offering me a partial or full refund (partial if I used the tickets to see the other two bands on the bill). I opted for the full refund. The entire process took less than an hour, the agent was friendly and helpful. No hoops to jump through, no stress, no drama.
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11 months ago, Concert enthusiast FR
Their support dont care
Their support just don’t care… It Took them more than a MONTH to get back to me with an unfavorable answer regarding a refund for a concert. I tried to see if it was possible to get a refund 10 days before the actual concert as there is a button to get a refund REGARDLESS if the read the entire policy on the subject. However, no answers on time to decide if I should still go or not… Money and time wasted. I would have made it if I knew no refund was possible. Why even give the possibility to ask for a refund. Dice do not refund. They don’t take any responsibility regarding this matter and their reactivity is unacceptable… and they don’t care either… last time I use their service
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1 year ago, guberttty
Easy and fun to use - the BEST customer service
I have used DICE to purchase tickets for over a dozen shows in the last year or two and have had a positive experience every time. The app is so easy to use, they have a convenient way to give tickets back and get your money back if conflicts come up, and they suggest new shows in my area that are right up my alley (I have ended up going and finding new artists this way). My favorite thing about this app and team is the customer service. If you have a question or issue, they get back to you quickly, are accommodating of one-off situations that are within their control, and are always nice and professional. It makes dealing with other customer service departments that much more infuriating. Could not recommend this app more!
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2 years ago, emmanbm
Not worth the hassle of "the wait list feature"
If you need to sell your ticket because you can't go anymore, you can't because of the wait list, if you buy two to transfer one to your friend, you can't because of the wait list. If you want to get a refund because you can't transfer or sell due to the wait list, you can't get that either. If you have Covid and don't want to attend an event, they don't refund you. Also, I spent hours trying to reach costumer service the day of an event and didn't hear anything back until it was too late (after the event). I will never be buying from DICE again. It isn't worth the hassle, other ticketing services are much more simple and convenient.
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2 years ago, sammy haweileh
The worst customer service and help line I’ve ever experienced.
Had 4 tickets to Peggy gou @ sound nightclub in LA and purchased them through advanced presale, fast forward a month me and my friends are preparing to go to the show and my tickets are gone. I emailed the helpline and contacted dice numerous times as we were coming closer to the concert date. finally they email me once the event happened and not only did they lie and say that the even was canceled but that there was no way my tickets were recoverable, really over this Dice trynna pull fast ones on normal people. Peggy gou is having a second show tonight and all my friends are going but I wasn’t allowed to buy tickets because my money hadn’t refunded from the tickets.
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3 years ago, Samschupz
the worst
I purchased tickets through dice to an afterparty, the venue either oversold or was not prepared and we waited over 2 hours to get in. The dj we paid for left and by the time we got close to getting in it was 4:30 am and the event was ending. We left and I requested a refund. Dice left me waiting for weeks and then when they finally responded they refused to refund me. I opened a case with my credit card which is still open. In the meantime they blocked me so any event I want to go to that uses dice I can’t buy tickets to. They’re scammers and should be ashamed. There should be other options to buy tickets and they should be shut down. Absolutely horrible customer service and horrible people.
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2 years ago, DaniGuru
False advertising
I purchased 4 tickets on Monday, October 24 to see the BAND Foreigner on October 30. However, I called the venue on Wednesday, October 26 to confirm what time the show will begin and was told it is not the band but a DJ named Foreigner. It was advertised it was the band with the logo and a picture of the band and listed some of their top songs. However, when we discovered it is a DJ performing Sunday October 30, we had no intention of attending and I made several requests for a refund starting on 10/26 until 10/30. I never received a reply so I submitted a dispute charge to my credit card company. A week later, on Nov 2, after the scheduled event I received an email reply stating sorry no refunds per our purchase terms. This is just a scam.
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4 months ago, evanseesred
Anyone other venue owners have an impossible time getting their shows on here?
Love attending shows, and the app is fun for finding events. But if you’re trying to use the app as a venue, it seems they are at full capacity. I throw concerts at a popular art space and we are considering changing our ticketing platform. But so far, it seems they don’t want any new venues because we’ve been waiting for over a month and cannot get anyone to reply. We’ve found a great alternative in ticket tailor, if anyone’s interested who can’t afford to wait ages for dice to get back to them (it also doesn’t bode well for their customer service I assume)
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2 years ago, sportsandmusicfan
Terrible update
Before a recent update I loved this app but now I cant use it because my phone isn’t modern enough. So I have to spend a lot of money on a new phone if I want to continue using the app. Most comparable apps such as Ticketmaster and two professional sports teams I watch have apps that work fine on my old phone. Responding to the reply. The existing tickets are NOT visible on the old version on the app. When I click for my tickets I simply get a message asking me to update the app, which I have tried several times to do but I can’t. I’ve contacted Dice twice but received the same lengthy answer that was exactly the same each time word for word but doesn’t help with the app.
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3 years ago, nyc2wood
Can’t register. No SMS sent
I am required to download the app to access tickets for which I had already paid. The venue required authentication via text without problem so this is a Dice defect. No contact info for Dice. FAQs not helpful. Will contact the venue for the assistance Dice should provide. FOLLOW UP Contacted Leah in customer service. Did not realize that clicking on the flag would access a drop down of country codes. That should be made an explicit instruction. Works fine now. Got my ticket.
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4 years ago, BrooklynWarrior
Horrible and unresponsive
I had paid money for a Laura Marling Concert for a livestream and I reached out in advance to DICEFM to ask about details as to how the livestream would work, how to get it on my computer and other issues since we had a kid. Literally no one responded and it was suggested on their website to use their social media which I did day of. They patronizingly told someone else to email them for a faster response and didn’t even respond to my message. They won’t honor the livestream in post for the show and won’t refund my money. This is a monopoly app and is terrible. Do NOT recommend. Such a shame that such talented musicians are forced to use them and their fans get screwed and can’t even see them. Dice you should be ashamed of yourself.
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1 year ago, hdjdhrvrj
Terrible customer service and refund policy
I can’t believe Dice would take advantage of people like this. Dice partnered with Bandsintown to advertise this Masego concert. I click on the link in the app and it takes me to this page on Dice, I don’t double check and bought the tickets and an hour later realize it’s a mistake . They linked me to buy tickets for the Masego AFTERPARTY not the concert. I tell DICE within the hour and you guys hit me with “sorry no refunds”? Even airlines have a better return policy. This is the last time I’m doing any business with Dice. You lose nothing returning tickets to the queue in one hour. Are you kidding me? This is so greedy and unscrupulous. It’s trash that you guys make your money like this
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3 months ago, sonivore
Waiting list is strange…
I love that there’s a waiting list for sold-out events that makes sure tickets don’t go to waste, but it seems to have a fatal flaw… For shows with premium seat, basic seat, and standing room, where the first two are sold out, there’s no way to purchase a ticket (so you’re guaranteed to get in) AND be on the waiting list. You have to choose to either be guaranteed a bad view with no seat, or gamble on the waiting list, counting down days until you find out whether you’ll be missing the show entirely or getting the best seats.
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