Dice Roller ►

4.4 (21.9K)
70 MB
Age rating
Current version
Uniqo Lab.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dice Roller ►

4.4 out of 5
21.9K Ratings
5 years ago, suspiciousstudent
I was using this app for a probability project and 1s were rolled a lot less often than any other number. Maybe they just did this so that people would like their app more or maybe it was just my experience- but i feel that the dice rolling should be fair. other than that the app worked well and was effective.
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5 years ago, Swampymeerkat78
Dose what it should
Even though the adds and asking for reviews are really annoying it is a free app and how else can it get money. The quality is great and feels that they put a lot of effort into a game where you just roll dice. They added 1 through six for how many and the number on the dice which is good because that is the average dice amount. It is great for subbing for games like monopoly and yatzy It is also convenient if you can’t decide who has to do something like folding the laundry if there is an argument because you can just see who gets the higher number. Same thing with a board game. All in all I think this is a great app and I would recommend it just Incase you lose your dice in the board game box or whatever it comes in.
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5 years ago, Whatevs67
This is an application for your smartphone. I can confirm that this app does indeed work, although it leaves something to be desired in the hot anime girls category. As if the writing of this review, there are NO hot anime girls in this app. While off putting, this is not a dealbreaker. There are plenty of apps with no hot anime girls. However, it would be nice if there were hot anime girls in this app. Factoring in the lack of anime girls, this app is tolerable at best. I would not consider murdering the developer of this app, even though he lacks my affinity for hot anime girls, sad though that may be.
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5 years ago, Glen Chidester
Great graphics, but unusable
The app has great graphics and sound effects for the dice roll. Sometimes a die will get stuck on the edge and leave the number on the last roll’s number. It’s confusing if you’re not paying attention. I’d give it four stars for all that. But, the app asks for you to rate it repeatedly when you’re trying to roll, making it difficult to use. There are ad banners at the bottom, which is fine for a free app, but then it also will pop up full screen ads, including video ads, right when you roll, making it almost totally unusable. Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, Stikboy
Please rate my review
I dislike that the sound plays even when the volume is muted. Please rate that sentence. I like the graphics, but occasionally the dice get stuck off screen. Please rate this sentence. But it is a nice app. Please rate that sentence. There’s a Yahtzee link, but it points to a non-existing app. Please rate that sentence. It does ask you to rate it incessantly. Please rate that sentence. For a free app, it’s worth the time. Please rate that sentence. Worthwhile if you like to be asked to rate the app constantly. Please rate that sentence. ALSO: Please rate my review, Please rate my review, Please rate my review, Please rate my review, Please rate my review.. Annoying isn’t it?
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5 years ago, LemmyFojut
Dice Roller Review
Needed dice to play a game with my son. He couldn’t find any and was definitely disappointed. This allowed us to continue on virtually and seamlessly compared to an online purchase or trip to the store 20 minutes down the road. Outstanding job and thank you. Who would have thought I’d need to resort to such an act as rolling dice on my cellphone to bond with my son. Win win win everybody. Well played.
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3 years ago, Fyhre tygre
Dice Dice baby!
I downloaded this game when I was down on my luck. Little did I know that this app would change my life… for the BETTER! I started winning non-stop, to the point my wife took me back and finally let me see my kids again. 5/5 stars, would recommend. Thanks buddy I’ll let you know when I get back from my place lol lol thanks
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5 years ago, help candor
Amazing app
This app is really life changing. Before i downloaded this app I was getting really stressed because I was in need of a pair of dice. I can’t afford to buy and at the store so this app was a blessing. IT is also awesome that it does not need/ require internet connection. I have been kicked out of my house for almost a week and am barely surviving.
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5 years ago, ellebirgit
Trivial Pursuit
We’re playing trivial pursuit in Maine and this app cMe In Handy bc we weren’t invited on Matt’s wedding rehearsal dinner boat ride and somebody lost the die and it wasn’t in the game box. Besides that things are pretty good. We have a sixer of Black cherry white claw. steve, who we also went to high school with, has turned in for the evening. Anyway, thanks for reading, we have to get back to the game. See ya!!
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7 years ago, 524723567832381014
Stop constant request for feedback please
This app was fine until it incessantly asked me to rate it! This is a forced rating simply so it can continue working with my speech delayed kids on a day I forgot the dice. The kids were all over my App Store accidentally hitting the rate button when the pop up came up. Annoying
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4 years ago, Toitchynuts
Two really bad problems
First, half of the dice will occasionally land outside of the screen. So for example, you can’t tell if you rolled a four or a five. Or a two or a three. Second, with many dice, one will sometimes land on top of another. Making it impossible to read the dice on the bottom. And if you try to re-roll the one on the bottom, while keeping the one on the top, let’s just say it doesn’t work too well.
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6 years ago, Teach1854
It's simple and easy to use. Good replacement when you've forgotten dice. Full screen ad comes up every 3-5 rolls and sometimes they don't have an 'X' to close out from. I have to exit the app and reopen to remove it. I'd pay a dollar or two to get it without ads or pop ups.
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6 years ago, Abolotnov
Full of advertisement and asks you to rate every few turns
It’s very annoying that it asks you to rate like the first 30 seconds you start using the app and there are full screen ad banners every few casts in addition to ad banner in the footer. Besides, no functionality for different dice kinds etc - you can only configure how many you use.
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5 years ago, Torn angler
A worthy app
This app is great for tabletop war games. Physically owning and rolling mass amounts of dice can slow the game down tremendously. With this app this process can be done quickly and easily. While the opponent watches to confirm the dice rolls. A good app and would recommend to anyone who plays war games and has a high model/attack counts
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3 years ago, Sinthiaecka
I’m so excited to have this app. Thank you for letting me chose how many dice at a time I wish to roll. 🎲 My family plays a dice game AND we use up to 5 dice to play it! This app is the BOMB. (I actually downloaded it for teaching!)
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5 years ago, Elyse read pleae
I think it is amazing I like the sound when it hits the table and I like how you have to get a certain number it is amazing would recommend for little kids and adults for any age pretty much so yeah go download the game now ❤️❤️💕💕💗😍🤗😊😎😂☺️😆
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5 years ago, ipodlovergirl
Very Nice App with Sound Effects
You can choose to roll one or two dice and have the sound the dice make when they land on the table. I just got this app about 10 minutes ago and so far it’s great!
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4 years ago, EAmick
Generally good
It does what it’s supposed to, but the rolled dice sometimes aren’t completely visible. I think the app needs to take the screen size into account when displaying the dice.
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7 years ago, kibbles_504
Great for playing games, but too many ads!
This app is a great substitute for real dice when playing board games. The only problem is that every couple of rolls, your screen is interrupted with an ad popping up.
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4 years ago, KatieCoul
War time crisis
Helped me long ago in the Korean War when we had to decide witch team would go into the jungle first the other team witch my good friend was in went in first ... I never saw him again after that.😥
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3 years ago, CAM123466
This game is weird it really has no point to it so I don’t get it I download it for some thing and then I forgot what it was and now it’s just taking up space in my iPad so this is kind of like a one time game you should really just find some days and pull them by yourself it’s good when you have no dice though
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6 years ago, Devragh
Stop constant request for feedback and ads pop up
Avoid this app. App constantly ask for feedback after every 3 dice rolls, so here is the feedback: don’t download this app. It request for feedback every 5 second and pop up ads after every 3 rolls. When you are showing ads in bottom bar all the time, why interrupting game with constant pop up of Ads after every few dice rolls.
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3 years ago, Do it for the figure
We played Opuis with this game. How u play is role a die until the beat drops. Pass when u roll a 6. If you have the die when the beat drops u finish your drink. Thankyou and goodnight.
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5 years ago, bigearbabstoo
Great! Except for the ads...
I love the idea of being able to digitally throw dice. However, I absolutely abhor the constant pop-ups asking me rate the app, and then the ads that have no X in the corner so I have to click on the link and go back every few throws. I wish there was an ad-free version that I could get.
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6 years ago, Mothgirlmusic
Weird dice issues and advert pop ups
Well I can see most people mentioning the rate it pop ups and the advert ones. But something I don't see other people saying is the weird physics of the dice roll. They hit eachother and barely roll. So I get one or two dice that were the same as last roll. It's not that random and so I can't really use this app.
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1 year ago, carrybery
This is soo good why well because rolling dice is really good for your brain so yes also u can play fun math games h can also play games that doesn’t include math I hope u like the game!
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2 years ago, cnlucke
Scam. Avoid. They still show ads after you pay.
I bought this app today on impulse and was hoping to use it for our game. Unfortunately the app misleads you into thinking they remove ads after you do the in-app purchase. This is not true. I still see ads. Extremely disappointed and feel misled and ripped off.
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6 years ago, techymiller
Great for classroom
No more dice flying across the room and all over the floor! Also a lot quieter! No more having to worry about having enough dice for everyone. Hopefully the ads stop after this...that's the only downside so far.
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5 years ago, Henderback
🧙‍♂️ 🎲
Nothing has ever made me so happy as person. It has gotten rid of my anxiety and my depression. Just seeing the dice up in the air by just pressing my finger on the screen. Makes me feel magical⚡️💫
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5 years ago, yosilvar
It’s okay
The game is okay if u want to play with friends but if ur not playing with friends than their is not point of the game all ur doing is rolling a dice again the game is good if u want to play with other friends and u need to use a dice so yeah...I mean if u want to play it by ur self but i don’t see how that’s going to work
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5 years ago, joboeco
Great app and graphics
We like the app and the fact that the dice can’t get “wild” like when a young child gets too excited about his turn and dice go flying off the table
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1 year ago, ras2902
Update the Game
Restart and long press will play high number. And this game should have history because when plenty people are playing sometimes we end up forgetting someone’s number.
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5 years ago, No, No, No, Yes this is it
Keeps asking for a review which really isn’t a big deal if you just write one. Other than that it works, just keeps landing on the same few numbers (8&11) most of the time.
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4 years ago, Sophia and katie
Really good app
This app really helped us out when we were playing monopoly cause we did not have any dies. You can pick how many dies you have from 1-6.
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5 years ago, ask meh bruh
It’s fine...
It’s a good game but the only problems are that it constantly asks you to rate it and when you lower the volume it is still bursting you can barely see the noise off icon.
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5 years ago, RandomWreckage
The boys had a great time playing catan. Our friends were trying to sleep and we were able to remain quiet yet still enjoy a fantastic evening. Ad came up mid roll ☹️ really killed the vibe
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6 years ago, Cilantrojoy
Annoying ads/rating request
I just want to use the dice app when I couldn't find dice. I'm glad to have this option but how would I know how I like the app when I've just started using it?!
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5 years ago, JJbKrazy
Bad game
ya know I just have weird things about that it is just like the way you do it and I just have a lot of people in the same class I don’t know if it’s going on but I just got it out and I’ll try that it tomorrow I just have a few hours I have a couple more things and then maybe just get back with the boys tomorrow I can do that tomorrow and then I will go to pick upon
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5 years ago, BCruzSt
Good to have fun while waiting at a restaurant!
We used it often with my kids playing farkle, I think that’s what is called. It forces them to do math while having fun !
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7 years ago, Keniwawa
Works like it should
Wish it had a shake to roll feature. But its pretty good. Lets you select up to 6 dice to roll. Hate the ads though. Too many pop up. Maybe every 3 rolls of the dice.
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4 years ago, Zydaan Khan
This app is very good
The sound of the dice doesn’t even match the video, but it’s so satisfying. We keep getting t the number 4, but it’s fine
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7 years ago, Donkeyass
It’s a good dice, but every other roll it either asks you to rate it, or shows an ad. When you can actually role the dice, it’s the best dice game out. However, I stopped playing it because of the constant interruptions. So, I finally rated it; I’m betting it’s not the review they were hoping for. I’d pay outright for the game if it allowed me to skip the ads, but they don’t give that option.
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4 years ago, sambosambo
Improbable results.
Wanted to play Yahtzee with the family so tried out this app, but right away i could tel that the rolls were not coming out evenly. So I counted them out. I rolled 5 dice 24 times, for a total of 120 results. 1's came up only 9 times, whereas 6's came up 25 times. In addition to the long ads, this makes me think there are better dice apps out there.
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5 years ago, arkansasbabe1997
Too many ads
There are too many ads for an app that doesn’t have any in app purchases
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5 years ago, Speechyone
Lots of pop ups
This app asked me to rate it after every few rolls. I wasn’t going to do that in the middle of a game with my daughter, so it got quite frustrating. There are also several pop up ads for other apps. I realize it’s a free app, but these issues are causing me to delete it.
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5 years ago, bobeller92
Catan Battle Night
I was playing Catan and didn’t roll any good numbers. Seriously!?!? I normally win every round but no one traded with me this time. But whatever I know I’m better. We had a good playlist though. It wasn’t quite long enough for the whole time we were playing though. Oh well.
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7 years ago, TomCry
I'm going on a long flight and plan to play my adventure gamebook. This app is perfect so I don't need to roll physical die on a plane. Does everything exactly how I want. Top app.
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4 years ago, baker squad
From Ahlon Baker❤️❤️❤️
What are we supposed to do on this game it’s pretty boring and I don’t know what to do and btw whoever created this app make a game called spin the wheel and do the dare
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5 years ago, jeffz816
Limited usage and annoying rate pop up
Having a maximum number of dice set at 6 is pretty weak. Miniature games require many more, would be nice if that option was available. Also the rating pop up after one roll is super annoying.
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7 years ago, scrappyofdojo
Does the job
Needed a sub for the real thing so I could let chance determine length of conditioning workouts. It works as advertised.
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