Dicey Dungeons

4.7 (184)
842.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Distractionware Limited
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12 or later
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User Reviews for Dicey Dungeons

4.65 out of 5
184 Ratings
2 years ago, NoahTheDuke
The Best Roguelike Deckbuilder
There are a lot of roguelike deckbuilders on the market and many of them are quite good! Slay the Spire, Dream Quest, Dicey Elementalist, Dark Mist, loads of others on various platforms. And yet this is my favorite. I played it first on Switch when it first released in 2019 and have put hundreds of hours into it since. The combat is quick and decisive, the art is the best in the field, chipzel’s music continues to evolve and delight, the writing and characters and little plots are witty and clever; everything about this game displays attention to detail and a care and craft that is sadly forgotten or much further down on the list of priorities, especially in the realm of deckbuilding roguelikes. A+, 10/10, I stan every person involved in this game.
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2 years ago, XxN00BS1AY3RxX
One Small Bug, But Perfect Otherwise.
This game is incredibly addicting and replayable. Well worth the $5. There is one bug I noticed while playing where the screen completely whiffed on where I had tapped and sent the input to the opposite side of the screen multiple times until I closed the app. This will hopefully be patched out and once it does this game will be elite as it has no other glaring issues. It’s simply fun.
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2 years ago, Sir Lentil
Finally a Mobile Game
I love this game. I’ve loved the desktop version for a long time, and I have been waiting for it to be turned into a mobile game. It’s everything I hoped it would be! Absolutely addicting, and like other reviews have said, when you purchase it, you get the entire game. I still find something new every time I play it. I highly recommend that everyone give it a try!
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2 years ago, Saketoomi
Best game I’ve come across in years
Great strategy game. Each character and level brings with it a new set of rules which changes the dynamic enough to make it exciting. Not pay to play. It’s like when you actually bought a game and actually get the WHOLE game. I’ve been addicted for over a month. Love the game.
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2 years ago, Danmurphy123
Don’t think I’ve ever written a review
Have this game on switch and used to say it would make the perfect mobile game and when I searched it wasn’t there. Just stumbled upon it while browsing other games and was an instant buy. Simple game play, good strategy elements, replayability. Just get it
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2 years ago, Secret Gaygent 69
One of the best rogue likes!
Dicey dungeons is an excellent rogue like with a lot of replay ability due to the amount of content in it. Each character plays radically different from each other as well giving good variety. The sound track is also top tier! All around an amazing game!
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2 years ago, Chancely_S
Killer port
I play a ton of this on the PC but wished I could play it not at my desk. Once I saw this was coming to mobile I was stoked! I must say this runs and looks great on my 13 mini. Played for a few hours with 0 issues. This is a killer game and you should play it. Cheers!!
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2 years ago, Malithorn
LOVE this game!!!
You beautiful dastards you did it! I was obsessed with this game on the pc and just wished I had the ability to pull it out and play it when I had spare time while out and about. I’m super excited to have this on mobile now!
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2 years ago, Firecrackhead
Terrific Turn Based
I usually don’t play turn based games but I saw the reviews for dicey dungeon and I had to try it out. It turns out I love this game and it’s so great for mobile. Definitely within my top 10 games for mobile
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2 years ago, Lingrush24
Not enough choices
A cool idea with one big flaw IMO. The inventory size is extremely limiting. I can only choose a few abilities and there’s usually a clear choice of which is most powerful. There’s little room to experiment with new strategies. On the other hand, I appreciate the variety of character classes, and I got a few hours of enjoyment.
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8 months ago, hwufisjsbgkwmdn
I haven’t even played the game on mobile yet, but I beat it on console awhile back and thought “hmm what if it’s a mobile game?” Soon as it popped up it was purchased. Fastest $5 i’ve ever spent
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2 years ago, Modug
This game would be perfect if it was in portrait
I’m grateful this game came to iOS. It’s really amazing as a mobile game. However, what a missed opportunity to make it perfect by reorienting the gameplay to be in portrait. So much more work for sure, but it’d been such a great experience to play one handed.
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5 months ago, Incrediburch
Very Good, Could Be Better
I really like how the basic premise is “RNG upfront” but its got a few aspects that undermine that concept. The Curse status is my main complaint. I’d rather it just disable one of the skills, just prevents one less dice roll, rather than its current effect actually being blind RNG. Also, the game lacks most of its mechanical information in-game. The wiki has all the details. To be fair, the game has an option for lowering enemy health, and a built-in limited save editor that lets you skip stages.
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2 years ago, Hex Arcanist
Worth the Wait
My best friend had this on PC and said “Oh, it’s coming to iOS.” That feels like years ago, but I would still search for it every couple of months or so. SHUT UP AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. Brilliant.
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2 years ago, TonyN1234
Fake RNG
Once you beat the first level everything is controlled. The game changes the odds on dice to give you more odds if you need evens, or more 4-6 when you have moves that have 3 max. This is a consistent thing that happens so you’re just fighting an uphill battle. Just seems weird to have a game about luck and then completely manipulate it to not actually be luck. Wish I could get my wasted money back
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8 months ago, Saksey17
Such a fun and addicting game
I’ve absolutely loved this game, I’m just bummed I’ve played through the whole thing. I hope they continue releasing more bonus rounds.
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6 months ago, john__420
Worth the purchase!
I love this game. I actually started playing it on game pass but wanted the freedom to play wherever on my phone. It’s 100% worth buying!
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2 years ago, Lacclolith
Easiest $5 I’ve ever spent.
Loved this on the PC, literally the only qualm I had was that I couldn’t play it on the go. This fixes that. Looking forward to the new content!
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2 years ago, thenmrkid
Amazing Game… one request
This is an incredible game! However, It would be really great to have stats in the game. I’d love to be able to track my previous records.
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10 months ago, slimtrimkid
One request!
Love the game. It’s totally worth the hype. Would you please allow for touch tap, using the Magic Keyboard? Aside from that, the game is solid. Thanks!
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2 years ago, john.riney
Great game, FANTASTIC soundtrack
Wouldn’t mind the text size being a little bigger, but overall, you’re gonna spend a LOT of time dicing around in these dungeons.
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2 years ago, Hwj1Chim
PLEASE include cloud save & stats!
I LOVE this game so far! The art is awesome and the game play is super fun. My only complaint is there is no option for cloud saves or any form of statistic keeping. I think adding those to the game would be awesome.
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1 year ago, Thomas Prescott
A fun game that isn’t loaded down in micro transactions
Dicey Dungeons is a fun game, it won’t bog you down in micro transactions, which is a breath of fresh air in a world full of max filled garbage.
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2 years ago, Armillanymphs
Love Terry’s games and tbh so deserves a tremendous amount of love. ♥️ An insta-buy for the roguelike fan, and a perfect fit for mobile. This one has upended slay the spire as my go to timesink! Psyched for the new content.
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2 years ago, MaxPaolucci
Brilliant Game
Perfect for mobile. So much depth on replays. Would like a cloud sync on my save file to move between devices.
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3 weeks ago, Christopher R
No sound
The game is really fun, but the sound is not working. If they were to fix that then it would be perfect
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2 years ago, Branden.Connell
Worth the 5 bucks
It’s a no brained. As free gameplay and no micro transactions with weeks of gameplay included
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2 years ago, Heifnehsbdj
Best Rouge like on the phone
Looked for a good rouge like for a while and this is exactly what i’ve been looking for.
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1 year ago, 'O.o'
Incredibly Great
I got to try it for free on Xbox GamePass. It was so good I wanted to get it on my phone. $5 we’ll spent. Super awesome game.
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7 months ago, SolidViper19
The only thing missing — cloud saves!
This is such a good game. It’s a great rogue-like with a fun setting. Y’all nailed it. I was disappointed when I went to continue playing the game on my iPad, only to see that none of my progress was there :( Other than that, great job, Terry! Please include cloud saves soon! 🙏
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2 years ago, Ayven Gamer
Great game
This is one of the best games I’ve played!!!
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1 year ago, ChefRosander
Game isn’t balanced.
Early progression is difficult, enemy damage is wildly volatile and overtuned. Minor adjustments would make this game better, but it’s mostly frustrating.
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12 months ago, Theconflict...
Same as steam version
Great game for mobile. It’s the same version as the one on steam. 3 stars as it relies way to much on rng at later episodes.
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2 years ago, kateolenya
So carefully crafted, this game is a delight. Perfect for iPad. The art is amazing! Many thanks for baby squid <3
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2 years ago, Ad-roque
App crashes, won’t open
Trying to play on iPhone 12, iOS 15.6. The game won’t launch, it crashes every time. Glad I spent $5 on it.
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4 months ago, PsychoBimbo
Great game but needs controller support
Pretty please?
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6 months ago, Lol fun or nah
Please add controller support for mobile
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7 months ago, Zalaton
Fun but extremely luck-based.
I really wanted to love this game. I’m a big fan of other, similar deck-building strategy games like Slay the Spire, and I heard a lot of good things about Dicey Dungeons. From an aesthetic standpoint, the game is very well executed. The graphics are colorful with a nice art style. The dialogue definitely wasn’t to my taste, but it’s hardly too obnoxious or obtrusive, and fortunately it’s all short and skippable. I also much appreciated that when you buy the game, you get all of it (and there’s a lot of it!), with no horrible micro-transactions of any kind. The combat mechanics are excellent in principle and showcase a lot of clever ideas, but the combat balance is also ultimately where the game falls short for me. The problem is that winning a run relies far too much on pure luck, with skill having literally no effect on the outcome a large proportion of the time. I understand that this is a game about rolling dice, and I understand that the game world explicitly pits the player against “Lady Luck.” Of course I respect that all games like this have a component of randomness and that sometimes the player is simply going to hit a good or bad streak. All that is fine. But in Dicey Dungeons, even in the low-mid difficulties, it’s extremely common to lose a run due to enemies rolling so high that the player can do nothing whatsoever against them. This makes all the character-building, learning mechanics and carefully choosing equipment, etc., feel like nothing more than window dressing on a slot machine. I’ve died five times in a row to a first-floor enemy hitting me for max damage every round, while my own character has no options for either defense or healing. This actually gets even worse as the game progresses, because it’s depressingly common to have the same thing happen after several floors of doing well and making interesting strategic choices in building a character. It’s one thing to lose because I made a suboptimal choice; I can learn from that and improve next time. It’s another thing entirely to lose because the game randomly permits a basic enemy to hit for half my healthbar every single round; there’s nothing to learn and no way to improve and prepare to face that on the next playthrough. Simply put, when I lose a game of Slay the Spire, there’s at least a 90% chance that it’s because I made a wrong choice. When I lose a game of Dicey Dungeons, there’s at least a 50% chance it was literally impossible to win thanks to pure dumb luck. Similarly, even when I win, it feels like one part accomplishment resulting from making good strategic choices and two parts “well, it’s good the game didn’t randomly destroy me that time.” If that sounds OK to you, then I encourage you to check this game out; the art and polish is worth appreciating. Unfortunately, the game simply is not balanced to anywhere near the same level, and so I cannot recommend it to anyone who wants their strategy games to be primarily strategic in nature.
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1 year ago, Hshajaidhx
Not worth the money
A very visually bland game and get boring quickly. the concept is intuitive and simple but it looks like it was catered to 12 to 13 yr olds...
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6 months ago, NikkiJakey
Please add controller support!
It already has it on android, surely it can be done!
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2 years ago, BrianAtPinehurst
There’s no way to progress
It’s fun, but I’ve played the same levels over and over for two weeks and you never get past them. And there’s no checkpoints …so when you die at the boss, you’re back to the beginning. There’s no real strategy that can help you, it’s all just the luck of the roll. But the AI seems to roll an extraordinary amount of 5’s and 6’s.
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