Differences - Find & Spot Them

4.6 (580.3K)
178.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Differences - Find & Spot Them

4.64 out of 5
580.3K Ratings
2 years ago, un-nicknamless
Really awesome and relaxing game…
I really love this game, it’s hard, but so fun, and I’ve only had this app for a few days, but yeah, this is definitely one of my favorite games so far. Also, and relaxing music they play in the game is pretty nice too. This game definitely gets your brain thinking hard, but that’s what it’s meant to do! And in each round, I’m pretty sure there’s 12 things you need to find in each round theres also events for holidays, which time you when you play them, though, in the normal level ones, they don’t time, which I love, because I think with a timer, it kind of gets you nervous, or it just pushes you a bit more, though, i love this app just the way it is, because with the option to go and play the daily round, (which has a timer…) or the event holiday one, (which also has a timer…) and if you do enough daily challenges, you get a trophy 🏆 which I think gives you a good motive. And, if you get stuck, or your running against the timer, you can take a hint, which tells you where one of the items is or isn’t. And yeah, theres a few adds, but there not to bad, or to much, also, to the makers of the game, “thank you so much for making this extra relaxing game!” And if you like relaxing games, and all the rest of what I said, I think this game is perfect for you. Thanks for reading!
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5 months ago, S_E_G
This game was great, until about a week ago. AMENDED
It was a bit heavy in the ads, but the gameplay was worth it. Now, you can’t even play, without unlocking keys, that it appears you get by playing some other games you’d have to download. Wish I’d never updated. EDIT: I gave the new unlock game a try. I was mistaken, it isn’t a separate download of another app, it’s a puzzle within this app. It has nothing to do with finding differences, but it’s not a bad diversion. Seems to unlock about 1 1/2 images at a time. I wouldn’t mind it, I’d it was less frequent, since I play this game to “find the differences”, not “place the objects”. Stars go up to 3 (used to be 5, IMO). ANOTHER EDIT: the new unlock puzzles have grown on me. They add variation to the gameplay, and they’re very pretty. I actually find myself looking forward to having to unlock difference puzzles, now. Ads seem quicker, if not more frequent, but the game is still worth sitting through them. ADDED 2 more stars!
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2 years ago, CristaMcD
Mostly good
Edit: I had to remove two stars because of the way ads have been lately. Not only am I sometimes having to sit through a full minute ad AFTER completing all 3 stages of a level, but they’ve now included some really inappropriate ads. The game isn’t remotely “adult” in nature, but some of the ads are….such as the one for literotica. It’s absurd that I can no longer just let my young son play because I now have to worry that he’ll be exposed to pornographic ads. And they’re illustrated as though intended for younger demographics. That’s sick and unnecessary. Let those ads stay on “adult” apps. I enjoy the game for the most part. Some levels are crazy easy, but some levels are really challenging. The one thing that leaves something to be desired is the game can be hyper-sensitive to exactly where you touch to indicate you’ve spotted a difference. For example, if you see a cloud is different and don’t touch the cloud EXACTLY where the designer thinks you should, you lose 30 seconds. That’s an awful lot of time to lose (25%) for really not doing anything wrong. I get not wanting people to randomly tap around the screen to willy nilly find the differences, but maybe the entire cloud should count. I imagine most people are playing on their phones, so it’s not like there’s a massive area to work with. Other than this one design flaw, though, it’s a fun game.
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4 years ago, iicupcake_foxii / Peyton
My review
I really like the game and it just so challenging and that’s why I love it because I love challenging stuff 8͟8͟%͟ of my apps are challenging games but, when I don’t know if you guys feel this too but whenever I play this I just can’t find some stuff that I need to find to complete the challenge and I love the game and all like I love everything about it But the one thing I love the game but I don’t play it much because of how difficult it gets for me and my eyesight is kind of bad so hm I was thinking you can probably make like different levels like easy hard and medium? And like pick which type of challenge you want to do? But you please do what you wanna do cause I don’t want to control you guys go for just a game and I love the game but I just saying just for people who have bad eyesight like me can probably make a easy level for them just to help but just saying you don’t have to like I said earlier I don’t want to control you guys just over a really fun game and I want to make sure you guys think it’s fun because I already think it’s fun but my eyesight is actually good just a little bit bad it’s not fully bad but yeah well thank you for making this game🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊😊
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5 years ago, Boby_Wan
Very nice game
The game is very good and funny. But the same add of 30 seconds after every level of 1 minute and a half is too much. I wouldn’t mind seeing the same add every 3 levels or different shorter adds after every game. As for the game: this developer is a good developer. Great game and graphics. 👍👍👍 Edit: although it is true that most of the adds can be skipped by clicking on a cross that appears after some time, as the developer kindly suggested in their reply to me, there is one add (that coincidentally was the only one that appeared to me at the beginning) which hides this cross. The add is for a Solitaire game in the Vungle add network. I know now that the developers are not to blame here, but they should try to get this add removed (it was my first approach to your game and almost made me delete it). Now I am at level 108 and I still love this game: beautiful drawings!! And the game is simple and to the point. You truly did an awesome game!! Congratulations and thank you for your efforts! 😊
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4 years ago, gcafl02
I love this game!
There are so many levels!! Some are easy, some hard. There are a lot of ads but the game is so fun to me that I can get past that. The only thing is the ad content. Some ads are tailored to what I was just searching for on another app.(wish/AliExpress) That definitely creeps me out. And because of this I was looking to replace this app with another. But none of them have as many levels. Can you purchase this game and get rid of the ads? I’ve only paid for an app a few times,ever!, but I would pay for this one. And! I love the orientation! This makes it easy to play with one hand. On some others, you can only play with your phone sideways. I will keep looking for a different app tho. (because of ad content) **So, I’m not very techy. But the developer reached out and explained the what and why and, now that I understand, I’m completely satisfied 😊
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1 year ago, Just a loaf of bread
This game is nice
Ok so I started playing abt a year or so ago, and I enjoy this game. I support the developers and I rly do enjoy finding the differences. Sometimes it gets a bit boring, and it’s a bit hyper sensitive. Other then those small flaws it’s an really enjoyable game. But why only four stars? Well, back to they hyper sensitive flaw, and Sometimes it’s just the stupidest difference. Like a sleeve that’s a slight darker red. Uh how am I supposed to notice something if the sort? But then again, I'm playing this game and should expect that. Anyway, I do enjoy this game. I mean, not every Difference is perfect but for this game, it’s really meeting my standards! I have seen some things about inappropriate ads but I’ve yet to have one come across my path. And, there’s not many ads! There are like one in a million games that have barely any ads!!! I mean!!! Great job doing this game, really great job 👏! I love the game! Enjoy the rest of your night/day (Heheh nightday 😎) Love from, Your loaf of bread 🍞🍞
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3 years ago, Perfectly Simple
Calming, beautiful and varied!
I love this game. I can’t even begin to express how much this game calms my anxiety, and somehow manages to continue to be fresh and new after >200 levels so far. The seasonal events are fun, and the season matching daily games are so great. I play this throughout the day, but especially right before bed. The beautiful music and lovely scenes are soothing, and it’s become something I look forward to at the end of the night to unwind, destress and relax. I don’t typically pay to remove ads on apps, (the ads are not at all intrusive on this game) but I really wanted to support the creators who clearly are still hard at work to provide new and original content constantly. There’s a simple passion that comes through here from the creators, and not a quick money grab from consumers. I’d give more than five stars if I could! Thank you so much for this beautiful and fun game!
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7 months ago, Bellasings
Stinkin ads
It’s a very enjoyable game but I tell you I’m going to get rid of it because of the ads. I cannot enjoy it without the ad hitting me every five seconds it’s so ludicrous and to mention why can’t you change the ads up if you have to play them all the time, you have played the Sam’s club delivery ad so freaking many times I just want to shoot you people. Your game cheats which means you cheat because you created the game and so when you try so hard to play the game at its best and then you need a hint it doesn’t give you a hint it robs you of your game , it robs you of your former answers. I don’t like this and I’m gonna tell everyone that plays this game on our phones about it. Why don’t which why don’t you get with the program and develop a game like this that doesn’t have all your little stupid stipulations we hate it out here we just hate it You people cheat I found every single mistake in the picture and right when I tap the last one your timer came on just a split second different from mine and cheated me out of my whole game you think you’re so smart
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5 years ago, ProudPittieMom
Different from other apps I use
This is a fun app although it seems that once you get used to the types of differences you should look for it's not as challenging as it might be. I like to throw in a few minutes playing Differences to break up other things I’m doing. I think I’ve had it downloaded for about a week & im still enjoying it & looking forward to more puzzles to solve! Edit: really glad to see some new puzzles here! This is a fun game & the developers seem responsive to our requests & even complaints. Might be because I’m an old fart, but I really don’t mind the ads. It provides a bit of a breather between challenges & gives a few seconds to balance your focus in preparation for a new challenge. Anyway, there shouldn’t be any more gripes now that you can pay to get rid of them. I always like to see that option available even if I don’t always avail myself of the opportunity. Thanks for an excellent game!
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4 months ago, little Story book
Awesome game, ad suggestion
I don’t need to tell you how much I love this game. I love spot the difference, its always very challenging in a good way, and I appreciate the “watching an ad” for clues if we get stuck. I don’t know if maybe my device is just not happy but the amount of regular ads drain my battery and also lags the game. Maybe there is a way to have ads at the very bottom of the screen that can constantly play without interrupting gameplay. Also ad breaks are totally fine between games but for me, my device and the game itself crashes or blacks out and becomes increasingly slow. As I said before, it could just be my device or not. There is quite a few ad breaks which cause problems for me, other than that I love this game. I appreciate your reading in adavance
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11 months ago, uuvskw
Pretty good but images are way too small.
I really like “spot the difference” picture games because they are very relaxing so I thought that I’d give this one a try. Almost too many ads but they are pretty short. Pet peeve is many of them come on with full sound and no way to turn it off which is pretty obnoxious if you are in a public area playing. Main Warning: if you wear reading glasses, you might go blind trying to spot the differences because the illustrations are so tiny and you can’t zoom in. I’m pretty good at these games, but with the tiny ones I end up using hint for the last one or two more often than usual. Which means watching a full length ad. Okay…but then when they point it out, I still can’t see a difference. I really enjoy the other puzzle they have to get keys to open more levels. Beautiful, whimsical illustrations by someone who clearly loves cats. Very relaxing. I sometimes just keep getting keys because I enjoy it so much. The only nit is the row at the bottom with the available puzzle pieces is black and therefore you often can’t see the darker pieces because there is no contrast. I’ll keep it for a bit, but I’ll probably check out some other “spot the difference” games to see if I can’t find one that doesn’t make me blinder and doesn’t play ads at full volume even when I have my settings to sound off.
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3 years ago, llhgrl
Like the game, but the ads are SO annoying
I really like this game a lot, and have been playing almost daily for months, but I’m getting ready to delete it off my phone, as I realized I’m getting more annoyed playing it, then I am enjoying it, because of the stupid three-part ads. They’re supposed to be 10 seconds each, but they act like they’re loading for about three seconds every time, so you’re really watching ads for about 40 seconds, plus you have to stay engaged to hit next, every ten seconds, which is very annoying!! This is stupid. You should be able to watch a straight 30 second ad and then get back to the game, without having to tap through it and without having extra seconds added under the guise of “loading” (it’s already loaded, it’s just a gimmick to add more seconds). Get rid of these three part ads or I’m not playing or recommending this game anymore.
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4 months ago, Psalm 16:11
Good game but…
I enjoy the game when I can actually play the game. There are too many ads that take too long to “x” out of. Also, I stopped playing the regular game because the only way that I can get the next puzzle is to get more keys. That requires me to play a totally different game that I have no interest in playing. That different game is where I need to move shapes on to the larger picture. As a result, I only play the daily challenge and event puzzle. I like the event puzzle because I can get an additional three helps for completing the first postcard of sixteen squares. How many helps do you get for completing the second and third event postcard? How can I get more helps without having to get more keys to play the other shape shifting game that has nothing to do with spotting/finding the difference puzzles?!? Why would you make me play this other game in the first place…just give me more difference puzzles?
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2 years ago, Skillsgill
Love game, but not ads that can’t be closed
I have been playing this game for a few months and really enjoy the daily and special challenges. But lately the number of ads that I can’t close because the X doesn’t exist or just don’t work has become aggravating. The tiki volcano game ads often don’t have a way to exit and the tennis game x never works. So then I have to do a hard shut down and it is resulting in me losing bonuses. Please fix that. ETA: I did report the Tiki Solitaire through the game as I saw that request in another review. I received a prompt response that the ad will be removed. I have since purchased the game and have not seen the tennis game yet. If I do, will report the same way. Due to the immediate response and solution, I am updating my review from 4 to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, jsrhvksjfhkrejhfl
I like what your going for in the game. It is a very Challenging yet fun app. I do recommend getting. It’s hard to explain how this app truly is. I was thinking about saying something about the ads but… I know that this is a free game, ads are the foundation of most free games. And I only mentioned this because multiple people have been getting mad at y’all because of the ads. Really they don’t bother me and there aren’t that many of them to begin with! I think over the years this game will become more popular and fun. And back to the ad thing. People should be great full this game is free. I would rather have a free app with a lot of ads than an expensive app with none! Thank you for your hard work, goodness people really do get me stirred up. I mean it’s not your fault the app has so many ads! 🙄🙄🙄 😀😀😀
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3 years ago, rtmmsalas
Worth the purchase, and great quality!
I've downloaded and purchased similar games at comparable prices, and I usually regretted it as soon as I realized the more I advanced, the less challenging the game was. I enjoy playing this game with its multiple levels, as if no image is used twice or if images are duplicated, the challenges are definitely varied from level to level. The "events" keep players engaged with the game, and the "daily challenge" games are too! Awesome job to the creators for giving players something new and not allowing us to get bored with it. Oh, and the artwork is pretty cool! I'm always excited to see what the next image looks like. The ads are obnoxious, but the purchased option is a good choice for a quality app/game! Three thumbs up.
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3 months ago, Turbo444
This is a Fun One
There are two puzzle games in this app. Finding the Differences puzzles are mostly easy, but in every puzzle there are 1-3 diffs that are hard to find. Makes it more fun. The other game has puzzles that you solve to get keys to unlock the Differences puzzles. It’s unique in that you have to match items to partial outlines in a picture. I enjoy these a lot. About the ads… I don’t know what the other reviewers are complaining about, because the ads are SHORT compared to other games. And you honestly don’t have to spend any money to enjoy this game. I’ve been playing for free and I’m on Level 114. Today I did pay to remove ads only to support the developer. The ads aren’t bothersome, as they’re so short.
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2 years ago, Message101
No compensation for errors outside of your concern!
Let me start by saying the game is a perfect way to calm your mind. The major issue I have is when the game blacks out, freezes and doesn’t generate a “X” when ads are done. I found myself having to exit the game numerous times. When you have to do this you end up losing the rewards/ coins. I have advised the technical team of this many of times and it will take them over a month to fix the issue. I would follow every troubleshooting instruction they would send and still have the issue. I requested the rewards to be provided to me since this was an issue that was fully the games doing.. and each and every time they refuse to give the rewards. Why have the rewards as apart of the game and when it glitches not give them to your players.. upon fixing the issue?? The customer service is terrible and needs major development! Disappointing
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5 years ago, eve/ bob
I like it but........?!
I love this app and I was playing when I went to bed and I wasn’t so post to play anything. But then I realized you need WiFi so I could only play it at home or sisters house. I don’t like how many adds there are without when you get a hint. I think you should make it you don’t need WiFi if and if you need a hint you could have a storage of adds or just don’t have any hints and the adds I don’t like it cuz this is addicting so I just want to play and not have any adds because adds distract me like this, I was playing this games really focused and then a adds came to screw it up so if you could make so there are like 1 add every 3 or 4 levels. Just saying I could live with all the stuff I just said something about
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3 years ago, LBNYREMOM
Fun Game, But….
This game is very enjoyable to play. However, some of the differences are so faint that you can barely see them and even when you use the “Hint” button and the difference is highlighted for you, you STILL don’t see any difference. But the worst part, or so I thought, were the 30 second ads you have to watch for the Hints. 10 seconds should be the maximum. And now they’ve made it even MORE annoying with the set of 3 ten second ads you must watch and click “Next” to get through the sequence of the 3 ads in order to get the Hint. I loved playing this game but may delete the app if these long ads continue. And now all of a sudden there are TEN differences instead of five??? I’m not enjoying this at all! It’s supposed to be a leisurely time passing game…this just makes it seem more stressful and more like a chore to play!
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4 years ago, NJDiMaggio
So disappointed!
I was so excited to see this game. There’s a free local paper here that’s available at all the restaurants. They have one of these “find at least six differences” in the paper, and dad and I always challenged each other on it while we waited for a food. THIS game however disappoints. First, it’s timed. What?! At least we should have a choice to have a timer. Second, it’s not nearly enough time. Third when you hit something wrong, it takes away like 30 seconds.I’ve accidentally tapped in a wrong place and lost time or it ended the game. How about adding time when we get it correctly? Fourth, you best not be color blind, because even with my good vision (with my glasses) and good lighting, the “difference“ is just a barely a shade off from one another. It’s ridiculous! Fifth, the music is OK, but not when it gets to that clock ticking sound. It’s irritating and reminds me that I’m running out of time. Sixth, way too many ads!!
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4 years ago, 🦄🐹🐴🐱
It is ok but I still like it
I really like this game but I don’t think it is 5 star worthy. 1 it is really hard I am only on level 2. 2 of all there are a TOUN if previous .other than that it is fun! If it is my opinion I say if you fix that it is 5 star worthy! But mostly it is way to hard. The previous are ok I don’t love them but I can deal with them. This game is fun tho! I played this till leave 2 and then it asked if I want to write a review and so I sat there I and I thought I have to write a review on this. So if you are thinking this game is bad I am not going to buy it well you are wrong. I am saying there are a few things that need to be fixed but other it is...GREAT!!! I really like it so I am not saying it is bad I am just saying there is a FEW things that really need to be fixed. PLEASE PLEASE GET BACK TO ME THANK YOU FOR READING THIS 😁😁😁😁 By:???
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2 years ago, mynicknamewasstolen!!!
I can’t transfer my data
I have an iPhone 6s+ that I have all kinds of awards and paid ad free. I have a 2022 SE I’m trying to transfer the data to. My phone said it was backed up, the game is selected on both devices in iCloud, but I’m still being forced to watch ads and no evidence of earned awards. Frankly, I don’t care about the awards. If anything, they are evidence of how much time was spent screwing around instead of doing something worthwhile with my life. But I don’t want to watch the ads. Yes, I even hit the “restore purchases” button in settings. That did nothing. I uninstalled, reinstalled, restored purchases (again) did the hard shutdown, everything. This is my favorite differences game, but it’s not worth it with all the waiting on the iPhone 6s+ and the game on the SE failing to properly restore purchases and transfer data.
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5 years ago, random person who has a tablet
Not like other sO HarD tO BeAt tHiS leVeL games
When I first saw this game in an add I thought nothing of it but I did think about after I tapped the X and realized I wanted the app and still thought I would end up deleting it after a few rounds so I would just download it from the next add. But I kept waiting and waiting looking for adds to watch to find this game but nothing and then after a few days of searching I found it and was relieved that I found it. When I played it though I instantly got addicted and it was so fun and challenging! It’s a classic game too and that’s the biggest reason that I haven’t surprisingly deleted this game out of pure boredom 10/10 highly recommend
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2 years ago, Stageon
Great game
I’ve always liked these kinds of games but this developer takes them to a whole new level. You can zoom in and pan around, and the artwork is a different experience if you’re used to photos. Photoshop manipulations can be easy to spot (or not if done well), but these stylized, colorful drawings can just literally be made with variations in colors, lines, shapes — it makes more sense to produce puzzles this way. And I love that there is no timer in the main game! I play for fun and relaxation, not more stress. P.S. The people who are complaining about the ads being frequent, here’s an idea: Pay a few bucks to get rid of them. That’s the only money the devs get for the game, so if you like it, pay for it and the ads will be gone. Jeesh.
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2 years ago, CherrySofttail
This is a good brain game, especially after you’ve passed the first 200 levels. The differences can be extremely minute, which can be tricky. There is an option to get a clue which involves watching 30+ seconds of video and occasionally even when the difference is pointed out I still can’t see it. You can enlarge the picture to see the details up close but more often than not, the screen will miss-read a touch to zoom in and you’ll lose time off the clock. You start out with 2 minutes that go by quickly. That’s the only thing that irritates me when I’m playing. Then you have to sit through 30+ seconds of video before your clock resets to 60 seconds. Overall I recommend this game.
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9 months ago, Superluvgurl
Keys ruined this game
I loved this game, I played it daily. I have anxiety and it was so calming for me and I could get to it quickly. I hate playing this game now since keys were added. I have to do something stupid and even more anxiety inducing just to get to the game I want to play that I used to be able to get to quickly to calm me down. Now it takes forever and I absolutely hate the puzzles. I am begging the developers to take out the keys. I’m glad I came here to see I’m not alone and I’m not the only one who hates it. So many people have spoken out. PLEASE listen to your long time, loyal players. If you actually cared about our feedback you would do something about this. While I understand right now the excuse is “we can’t go back to the previous version”… then make a NEW version and REMOVE it or at least add an option where it’s not necessary to need keys. Please do something. I miss my safe game.
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4 years ago, Dmaff06
So many ads it’s unplayable, tricked to watch the ads to advance
This game is by far one of the worst ad filled games out there. Which is a shame because the game itself would be amazing without the ads. The developers and designer have made a beautiful and simple game that is very addictive. But it’s filled with ads and ad traps through the game. You get down to one thing left that is different, but you can’t find it. Then you have to hit the “HINT” button watch the ad and then it reveals the difference that was there all along staring you in the face. But I screen shot the game before and after the “ad hint” they engineered this so the difference only appears after you watch the ad. It’s very sad that they would structure their game so you can’t succeed until after you play the ads. I miss the days of ethical game designers when you downloaded a full game and got to play without waiting through ads of the same stupid garden puzzle app.
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2 years ago, Davis clan audio supply
Needs work but could be perfect
I’m a huge fan of nonograms and sudoku and finding differences games. Finding one that I like is really hard, and this one is the closest so far. Two dots has my absolute favorite but it’s only offered within the game about once a quarter. Junes journey is also good but again, only offered as part of a weekly or so competition. Suggestions that I would need in order to keep the game and use it: Offer timed and untimed setting. I like to do this casually and the timer is stressful and not set up well. Oversensitive taps cause extreme time loss. Get rid of the item once found instead of circling it and letting it sit on the screen. It’s really distracting. Better items to find. Finding an extra raindrop is no fun. That means counting the raindrops (or snowballs or snowflakes or lightbulbs in a string). That’s not finding a difference-that’s laziness on the developer’s part. Make zooming more user friendly. (And again, back to the over sensitive taps). My two biggest reasons right now for probably uninstalling the game are the timer and the lazy differences that are meant to be found. Overall, good, but really needs work. Could be the best, but requires changes.
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3 years ago, bigapplebob
Update degraded the game
Yesterday’s”update” removed the ability to zoom in on the image and find the differences. The support recommendation was to use ‘hint’ feature but that is actually a solution feature - removing the challenge and solving the puzzle. On an iPhone some images are nearly impossible to resolve due to low contrast/resolution. They’ve taken a quite good game and made it an aggravating exercise. Plus an opportunity to watch more ads that are often the same one - time and time again. I’ve just about had my fill. Update: The latest update returned the zoom feature, making it possible (But not guaranteed) to solve the tiniest differences. Fair enough! I really do like this game – I’ve played over 7000 different ones - so I hated to part with it. I’ll definitely give it another try. Thanks to the developers.
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2 months ago, BB53030
Love but ..
2023 … I absolutely LOVE this game! My only problem is that yesterday I noticed an update to the app? This update took all my "hint stars". I had built up over 2000 so my grandchildren could play and now my "hint stars" have been reduced to 200 and what is with the crowns? Something is just not right…. I liked the game because I could relax. Now I have to complete some art puzzle to be able to move to the next game. I liked the old way. Sometimes "updated" is not better. 4/5/24 update … ok. I am about done with you taking my hints, stars, points or whatever you call them and NOW making me watch ads instead. I love this game but unless something changes, I am out. It already takes me longer to watch ads BETWEEN games than it does to play the game so now I have to watch ads in the middle of the game??? UPDATED IS NOT BETTER
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3 years ago, Brotox
Fun and peaceful until...
I agree with many other reviewer‘s that this is fun and peaceful, in the very beginning. Unfortunately it is timed, which is NOT some thing I’m looking for as I’m playing in bed waiting to fall asleep. I thought for sure there must be an untimed version (a Zen version maybe?) for those times when you don’t want a countdown timer...but there isn’t. The first levels are easy enough that it doesn’t matter, you can solve them quickly. I paid to remove the ads after doing the first few easy ones, I didn’t even notice that there was a timer counting down. Anyway, the next night I got a more difficult set of pictures and I was looking for my last difference when time ran out and it prompted me to start over. So, my peace ended, I just quit playing and switched to a different game.
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3 years ago, The West Coast Rock
Too Many Ads - Very small images
At first I liked this app. I pay attention to detail so it was fun to find differences between 2 pics (top vs bottom). But then as the levels got higher the pics got smaller and smaller, so small one has to zoom in to see the differences. And instead of 2 pics it could be 4 miniature pics. Almost need a magnifying glass to play the game and if you have an older iPhone like a 6 then the game is more of an eye test. Then the ads. This app has the most ads I have ever seen! After solving any puzzle there is an ad afterwards, most of them being 30 seconds in length. Plus there is an ad banner constantly running at the bottom of the puzzle page! $5 to remove the ads is steep. At the point where I no longer enjoy playing it as differences can be as subtle as a thin line, dot or a shadow.
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2 years ago, the angry shmeckel
Developers pls fix ths🙏
Didn’t get 5 stars from me because although the developers are pretty fair with not shoving as much adds in my face as other games, they do this thing where sometimes the last difference cant possibly be spotted and I have to give in to the hint button that most of the time requires watching an add rather then one coin. (if you're like me and you like to figure things out on your own this is pretty annoying) it’s especially annoying not knowing at what point you should give up looking for the last difference and hit the hint button. Id honestly rather have a pop up add after a round or sum in place of robbing me from my victory. Other then that really entertaining game first day I downloaded it I played it til i fell asleep.
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2 years ago, wynndee628
I play the game all the time. I love it. Yesterday, December 27th I started the New Year event. As I reached the last box on the last level the time changed to 7 hrs 23min and has been stuck there for over 12 hours. When I click on the game numerous times it won’t come on. On the slim chance that it does come on, it’s still stuck on 7 hrs 23 min which is incorrect. I can’t get to my daily challenge, which throws off the monthly completion and award. I’m on the 28,000 level and love the 10 differences. I have all the latest updates, I turned the phone completely off and nothing has helped. Is there anything else I can do?
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3 years ago, RaptorzI
Not Sure. . . .
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years and have really enjoyed it. For the most part I do the Daily Challenges and the Events as they occur. Sometimes having only 5 differences makes the game seem a little less challenging, but I’m not so sure about having 10 differences to look for now. Especially for the Events. It takes long enough as it is to play through three stages for each level as I work through the postcards. The pictures aren’t very large to begin with and there’s only so many differences you can put in each picture. Perhaps having 10 differences would be fine if I were just playing the game from level to level. For Events and Daily Challenges though, 5 is plenty, especially since there are three stages to each “level”.
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7 months ago, Aaron Richard
The company is wonderful game is too.
Not often I write a review. Every so often there is reason. My wife and is love the game but not one of the mechanics in it. You need keys to unlock levels which you get by playing another part of the game. We do not enjoy the matching part of that so it was not our thing. I had purchased the Ad Removal for $5, hoping it removed the keys as well and realized that the mechanic was still there. They not only apologized but explained why it was put in (To break the monotony of only finding differences) and also offered me to refund my money. It is not often that you find a company that will respond, let alone 3 times in 2 days making sure I was taken care of. They have gained my respect and I will check out their future games. On a side note, the keys thing has slowly gotten more enjoyable for me as I am learning how the gameplay works so honestly, I would give the entire game a 4/5 just on the game merits alone
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1 year ago, Laurark42
Obsessed.. and a little constructive criticism
I have really been enjoying this game. Got it a couple of days ago and i and already on my 376th puzzle! Only criticisms…. There are a few times when the only different is an UNIMAGINABLY small difference in color or tone that could easily be a perceived as a difference made by the tilt of the phone in the light etc. These drive me nuts and I find them to be a bit unfair… Additionally, after getting through so many puzzles, I am now searching for a new app so I that can enjoy some new artwork… Not a huge deal, but the more, the merrier. Thank you for making such an enjoyable and addictive game that is not too easy!
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2 years ago, Smeow 🌸
Great Game But…
This is a really good “find the the difference” game that is good for both passing time and stimulating your mind. But I think it would be much better with the following improvements: 1. The style is too flat and minimalistic for most levels. This makes the game a bit repetitive and the levels too similar, which plays on the verge of boring. I think there should be more levels like the style we see for the beach and “Aladdin” city in Chapter 2 to add variety and depth to the level design. 2. The Daily Challenges should not be timed! Like many other players I enjoy this game because it helps me relax, but I’m avoiding the Daily Challenges section because they make me nervous and put unneeded pressure on me. 3. I think 12 differences in such a tiny space is a bit too many. This makes the game less challenging and more predictable because there are only so many differences you can find in such a small space. I suggest reducing the differences to at least 10 to make the levels more challenging and interesting. Thank you
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4 years ago, LeinLv
5 Differences after 30 days of play
I’ve been playing this game for a month. I’m at level 1500ish. It has become extremely difficult. I can no longer enlarge the photos which makes it way too difficult to play at higher levels. Sometime when I use the hint button I still cannot actually see the difference. The game occasionally freezes up and I’ll lose the round. To get the 500 points at the 30 day mark takes four plus hours of play time. No game should be nearly impossible to play. Its become much less fun and more time consuming and annoying. Oh and it costs a fortune to stay competitive. It would be easier and more fun to play by just deleting the app and starting over from the beginning or choosing another “differences” app. Developers fix it! please.
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5 years ago, Danno210
Do you love watching ads more than anything else?!
Then this is the game for you! Finish a level in 10-15 seconds, and then enjoy an ad for the next 30 seconds! Sometimes if you’re especially lucky, after that 30-second ad is over, you might get treated to another 30-second ad before the game starts again! Oh boy! 30-second ads not long enough for ya? Good news! They have 33- and 35-second ads as well! And who doesn’t love spending 90 seconds watching the same 3 ads on constant repeat, but then being forced to play a pesky game for 15 seconds that only gets in the way of your ad watching?! Fun for the whole family! Bring on the ads! Aside from the never-ending avalanche of ads, this game is mildly enjoyable. But only getting to play ~15 seconds or so for every minute of ads you have to watch, well, you’re a smart person. You do the math. I’ll do my math too: wearing me down with ads from the very moment I first started the game will NOT cause me to spend $5 on an ok/so-so game. It’ll do the exact opposite actually. Reel in the ads so the game-playing time is GREATER than the amount of ads you’re blasting endlessly into my eyeballs and I’d consider buying it, but this is still a $2 game, tops, not $5. Hard pass from me. Deleted.
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8 months ago, BELLA SLAYY
This game is super good it dose not need Wi-Fi and great for traveling. I like this game and it is super good for your mind and you can figure out every thing your mind grows every time you play this game and you can get smarter to you will like it you do puzzles to get more keys and it will help you learn more and more things when you play games like when Your bored you can play with your friends and you will have so much fun with your friends you can tack turns and see who can win get this game and it dose not cost any thing and you will have so much fun get the game different
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1 month ago, Mom jam
Doesnt make any sense
Its beyond hard. This game is not playable. Dont waste your time. You have to keep finding these KEYS. They are simply impossible to find. Absolutly none of them fit. I have played this game for years until my tablet was run over, so i started all over on this game. Alot has changed, not for the better. I do like the way i can play off line. But havent been able to because of these KEYS. So if the problem is not fixed i guess i will not be playing this game any more. Maybe just to listen to the back ground music.
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2 years ago, ridik012244
major glitch
It’s a long story how I discovered this, but not all of the differences show up. For example if one of the differences is supposed to be that a chair is red in one picture and blue in the other, they might both be blue or both be red. If I reload it, that difference might be correct but another difference may be missing. I loaded the updated version but it still did the same thing. I then deleted the app and reloaded it. This meant that I had to redo the puzzles I’d previously solved. This initially seemed to fix the situation, but it started up again in puzzle 6. Since I know all 10 differences, it’s very easy for me to see if one is not there. I’ve reloaded it dozens of times, and there’s always one or more missing although it frequently changes. I give up at this point.
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3 years ago, Maria Frances
Really an awesome game!
This game is perfect for me! It has a two minute time limit, but most of the time, that is enough. I was hesitant to pay for the app thinking “how many levels could there be before we run out” when I was on level 200. But, by level 350, I decided to buy the app. I’m now on level 500 and still love the game!! It also has bonus levels in the form of daily challenges which are great! I definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like fast paced games but loves puzzles. I’ll keep going!
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5 months ago, phew you too
It went from fun to ehh…
When I first downloaded the app it was as simple as guess the difference, which was exactly what I wanted and I really enjoyed it. You just found the differences in the pictures and it automatically unlocked the next level. With the most recent update you have to earn “keys” to unlock the next level and if you don’t have enough you have to play a puzzle game which has plenty of ads throughout it. This is frustrating because I didn’t download a puzzle game, if I wanted to put a puzzle together I would have simply downloaded a puzzle app. I gave it 2 stars since I will still play every now and again, but am currently on the search for a replacement app.
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2 years ago, millersdad
The ad closing X’s are WAY small
Five stars for the game, zero stars for the interface with the advertisement interface. When the ads pop up there are X’s to close the ad and continue with the game. There are a plethora of ads where to close them the X is so small it has to be by design. I have to hit some of them 10+ times before I finally close it so I can continue play. This seems so pervasive it must be by design. By whom I’m not sure if it’s the developers of this game or those of the advertisers. Either way my patience is running thin and if it doesn’t improve in the near future I’ll delete it even though I enjoy the actual game a great deal.
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3 years ago, fmdnxncjdnd
I love how this game gives you the game of looking at the difference. It’s my grandpa’s and I favorite spot it out game with many others! Though, I’d prefer to get rid of the timer, and cartoon look. Maybe you could do real life pictures or make it like your add. I do not think you should make the add look better than the game really is. But, I love the idea and this game is very fun! Also, you could make it have holiday scenes for backgrounds when it’s around a big holiday like 4th of July or Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving. Even Easter and Valentines day! Thank you for making this fun game!
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4 years ago, milliemoo_319
Fun but too much ads
I mean you should get this game but I think there shouldn’t be that much ads every time I get on the app it makes me watch an add and every time I move up a level it makes me watch an add. but I know that there’s an option to take the ads away by paying but I don’t want to pay money for for because I’m just a kid and probably going to delete it soon since it has so much ads but also when I get older I’ll probably get rid of it because I’m older and probably won’t like this game and I made a review before this with a five star review was Milliemoo_319 and talked about how good this game is but I regret that because it’s not as good as I said it was
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