Dil Mil: South Asian Dating

3.8 (14.1K)
457.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dil Mil, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dil Mil: South Asian Dating

3.8 out of 5
14.1K Ratings
2 years ago, krish_747
Not sure why so many people use this
Some of the rules for the pics you upload go overboard .. also the upload process is a pain .. not sure if it’s a bug or not but I tried replacing a pic for something better and it just refused to do it and kept the old pic .. it wouldn’t even let me rearrange the order of the pics .. also I don’t like how it enlarges the pic automatically, the user has very little control over what they can showcase on their own profile Also the distance options are ludicrous.. the chances of you actually matching with someone you can meet in person is pretty slim , you’d have to pay a solid dime on just a plane ticket to go on the first date
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4 years ago, tinder user 90
So so
pros: they are adding more features. I really like that they added users astrology signs. The other day the asked for my license to verify my identity. I’m hoping they do that with others too. It would crack down on fake profiles and people lying about their age etc. because there are a lot of male profiles that state one age, but in the description they write 38 not 32. So I would just advise girls to be careful. Seems like since Dil Mil is for a younger group, older men are lying about their age to match with you ( something is kinda messed up with that, but just wanted to get that out there to help people in their early 20s, so that they don’t get exploited). I know it happens in all apps Cons: it costs 35/month to be a member. Which is kinda better bc it gives more options and allows you to pick through people. But it’s very expensive compared to other apps like coffee meets bagel ( try that one and filter to south Asian ☺️ to meet more ppl in your area ) and it does not allow a radius selection. The smallest radius you can put is 500 miles. That makes me think that the creators are more about caste than about safety. It’s unrealistic to apply caste system in the west because someone raised on the west coast will be very different that someone from east coast of the US. So it’s more important to be closer and get to know someone than it is to pick someone who is your exact same background after meeting only a few times due to long distance.
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5 years ago, A3333333j
Really surprised! Worked out great for me
I am in LOVE with this app. Ive never tried a dating app before but this one has just changed my perspective on them. I lived in Texas for most of my life and have had traditional parents who have always wanted me to marry someone who had similar cultural backgrounds. The pressure of finding someone with specific needs in mind is incredibly difficult and I think a lot of brown people could agree with that. But this app literally helps you do exactly that. The filters on the app allow you to be upfront about what you are looking for and I think that is important with finding looking for a significant other. So being someone who has lived in an area with a small population of brown people this app was a gold mine for me. I noticed that some people are kind of far away which bothered me at first until I actually matched with someone who I decided to meet up in person with. After talking back and forth her for 2 months we decided to meet up and when we did it felt like we knew each other our whole lives. That person is now my fiancé and we are going to be getting married next year. I can’t stress enough how much this app changed my life. This app is a brilliant idea and salute to who ever thought of making it.
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4 days ago, s43shah
DilMil is the best for South Asian Dating
I cannot recommend the DilMil app highly enough! After using it for a while, I met my fiancé through this incredible platform. The app's user-friendly interface and customizable options made the whole process enjoyable and effortless. One of the standout features of DilMil is its ease of use. Navigating through profiles and settings is intuitive, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience. The app allows for various customizations, helping you to tailor your search to find the perfect match. Whether you're adjusting filters or personalizing your profile, DilMil offers a range of options to meet your preferences. The premium features are absolutely worth the investment. They provide additional benefits that enhance the overall experience, such as unlimited swipes, advanced search options, and the ability to see who has liked your profile. These features significantly increase your chances of getting preferential matches. For anyone serious about finding love, DilMil is the perfect choice. I found my forever person here, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you, DilMil, for changing my life!
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4 years ago, dilmil critic
Not even a decent app, this one.
Okay! Opinions may differ here, but for me this app is a genuine waste of energy (and also money). Remember those times when you could spend $35 a month and use whatever features it gave. Those days are of ancient past, just like the days when the world was normal. I’m not sure if it’s because of the pandemic they decided to make more money off of people or simple greed (I guess both point to the same thing). Because for some reason, now you don’t have the one month option. And you have to pay for at least three months. Such great confidence the developers have in the users getting a match! They’re basically saying- you need at least three months before you can find a match! Secondly, do these guys even hire decent coders!? Without a premium plan, you can have a limited number of swipes in a 24 hour period. That’s fair! Except it’s not- even after 40 hours, the number of swipes don’t reset. So you’re saying no one can use this app unless they cough up money for those 3 months. C’mmon dude! It’s a simple flag you need to reset here!! No wonder bumble is doing much better and the daily usage for dil mil is dropping. I expect better from an Asian app. We’re not even trying to deliver upto standards here! Boooooo
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5 years ago, k7na
From great, to ok, to pay for play.
When this app first came out it was a little buggy but it was still a great niche app to find a partner and a good communication platform for matches that were far away. Over the years I’ve seen this app fall into the money making trap and has basically become a pay for matches platform. I’m honestly looking at this app from a professional stand point and am a little disappointed and more over disgusted. As a UX/UI Designer I’m a pretty critical of apps in general but usually just mind my own projects. This app though, had me fuming enough to the point of actually analyzing it like I would an app I’m helping improve. So to whom ever that is in-charge of the User Experience I just want to say as a professional in the same industry my advice is you go to the finance sector. This app has become impersonal as well as a money grab. Have 8 matches that already liked you? We’re not gonna show them in your swipes till you pay our monthly fee. Pay the monthly fee and get those matches but then 3 weeks later we’ll stop showing the ones that have. Subscription ran out? Oh here’s the other ten you can’t access but already had in your likes you section. This app should be called PaiseDo MatchesLo not DilMil. Because yep app meh Dil hai he nahi.
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2 months ago, Sasquatch_22
The worst app I have ever used
Are you mining crypto on my phone? Because every-time I use this app for more than 5 minutes my iphone 13 starts to heat up and stops responding to clicks or button presses - the only way out is to restart my phone. This is absolutely unacceptable for an app that just shows you profile cards and you swipe left or right. But that’s not all. Have you tried uploading pictures on this app? You never know if the picture was uploaded successfully. It takes minutes for the changes to be visible on my profile after uploading the picture successfully. Even after that sometimes the orders of those pictures gets messed up. Sometimes the 24hr timer doesn’t reset after 24hrs. Sometimes I match with people I didn’t even swipe right on. I was frustrated due to this terrible experience an year ago and somehow things still haven’t changed. I wouldn’t even consider paying a dime for this app until these issues are fixed, let alone paying as much as 35/mo to face the same frustration. The only reason this app is still getting downloads is that there are no other apps in the market that targets south asian audience. Gross abuse of monopoly.
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5 years ago, verum_pro
A failed attempt
It’s a good idea but needs lot of tweaks. The developers are focusing on the wrong things in my opinion. First of all, the resolution of the images and the image requirements are completely stupid. They are too focused on not letting you upload pictures with sunglasses but not able to recognize the 100’s of fake accounts of horny teenagers. I matched with 5 accounts and they all were from 16-18 years of age even though their profile said 22-26 I had like 30+ matches that were hidden. I never got a chance to swipe on them and this is just a trick to make you pay more money. IMO just bring in some ads and help the small communities to meet each other without paying. Even with my 30+ matches my female friends who started some new account told me that my profile only showed up to them after months of swiping. I feel like they my profile was ranked low because I swiped left a lot. Anyway I got out. Hope the developers make the necessary changes and optimize this app.
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4 years ago, GhuMakkar
It wasn’t just covid in the air but our love too ❤️
I always thought these dating apps are a mimic until it changed my life upside down and I met my soul partner through this app. I believe there has to be a certain place that you are meant to meet the right one and in this modern age it’s all about the RIGHT SWIPE AT THE RIGHT TIME WITH A RIGHT PERSON. So continue to hunt for your love and I am going to recommend DilMil because of my personal experience of targeted men where you are able to see pictures, know more than basic details and a fun interactive chat. I met Manish (now my fiancé) here on DilMil in February and oh my god who knew that 2020 will be THE YEAR for us and it all came true when it was least expected. In this year specially for me Manish happened through Dil Mil then covid came and then Manish happened to be mine for life ❤️. We got engaged just in 6 months. It was meant to be and I am thankful for this platform. Stay safe and spread happiness. Much love.
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4 years ago, sri4karthik
Lot of Issues and don’t think they will keep this comment alive
I paid for a premium account on dilmil once and was really happy with the services provided. They cost model was sick and expensive $39 a month. The people are not being verified properly. They have a single letter names like “M” “Ash” not to point out names but should be clear at least to the person who would like to know about them. They comes the settings the filter for premium are okish, but to select the age it is hard because they have a slider instead of numbers so we could be either specific or between 2 3 years gap. As of date the filter has 5 year gap at a min. The community filter is really really small. Boost costs $6 as of date which we don’t know what is doing no stats are available except a circle turning round on the left side of the screen. This is what I feel about DilMil after the update. Nothing has changed except now the cost changed to $70 for 3 months. I bought that as well to check how things go now. And now I cancelled that as well. And if want to close our account permanently there is clause or settings to permanently delete. We don’t even know if the users present are still active users.
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6 years ago, Brookybrooks
Why do we have to have a spyware software application to use dil mil. Facebook
If you are worried about fake accounts, facebook verification is the dumbest way to ensure users are real. Facebook has millions of fake users, they sell data, and they are negligent in their security protocols. Does dil mil sell user data to facebook and receive back door benefits?! I have a feeling that facebook analytics has access to our matches and messages on dil mil. If not than why not create a simple phone or email verification instead of making facebook the only way to create account. It is poor business practice, and you are unknowingly promoting their spyware. Is dil mil not worried about the 150 million users affected by the data breach which would include information such as this app. It’s sad people have to download spyware to meet people. Terrible actually...Make it accessible for people who don’t use facebook please. Bring back the phone and text verification.
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2 years ago, travelinglover
Not bad, could be better.
There is a good amount of members on this app but the limit this app gives when swiping is terrible. I only get to swipe left or right only 5 or 6 times a day, then I have to wait another day to start swiping again. If you want to have unlimited swiping and likes, you gotta pay a lot of money which is like $35. It’s terrible that I have to pay to swipe more. It should be free. Additionally, I think this app should have the option to choose long term, not sure yet or casual relationship option when swiping left or right on the dating app. Lots of people are swiping right on my profile for no reason when I simply stated that I want completely different from what they want, which is a waste of time… also DilMil should give the option to have a filter to just find guys who want long-term, not sure yet, or dating. It seems like I’m wasting my time accidentally swiping those who don’t even want a relationship yet. As stated, I don’t know why people who are not ready for a relationship is on this app in the first place.
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6 years ago, Hari718
Not thrilled
This app is solid in theory and clearly someone put the thought into the unique needs of dating in the South Asian community. I wanted to try since a close friend met his now fiancé on the app. This is where the trouble starts. Let me start by saying the picture upload process is a joke. Why the hell would pictures be in that resolution, size and shape. This make no sense and makes finding suitable pictures a nightmare, if at all possible. Then there is the geographic drill down. The options are 500 miles, my country (the US) or Any. There is a checked box to show “more” results in my home city. Once you start swiping you quickly realize, every single match is at least a couple 100 miles away. I live in NYC. I can’t imagine there is a shortage of Indians. Which only leads me to assume there is a deep shortage in user base. Totally useless. Finally, the entire app is fully designed to get you to pay for their multiple tiers of paid service. The cost is particular high when compared to the other apps out there and other reviews on here seem to imply that is a bit of a scam too. Ona free level the app never seems to show results. I’m not sure if it is the forced unflattering pictures I’ve had to upload, the fact that seemingly the only people using it are in Guam and on the moon if I have to pay to play. Either way, a pretty poor experience. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for a quality South Asian dating app.
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3 years ago, Aanchal+Sahil
It genuinely works!
I have all the good things to say about the app as I met my fiancé here. Within a week of joining I got matched with some really genuine guys. The interface is pretty easy to use and they have a quick sign up process as well. Some basic filters are available to narrow down your results. If you have very specific requirements that you are looking for in a partner advanced filters should do the trick. The proximity radius is something people debate on. Location can be added as part of profile details. Personally I like the option of talking to people all over the US but others prefer talking to someone they can meet locally. Their algorithm works and I can vouch for that. The VIP elite prices could be a little cheaper to attract more people to sign up for that option. Overall had a good experience. Keep spreading the love!
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2 years ago, Aditya nagaraj
Bad experience with the app
App keeps crashing after 20-30 profiles are liked. When the app is restarted, the profiles are reset. Contacted customer support and they asked me to reinstall the app but that didn’t fix the issue. Coming to improving visibility using super likes, I super liked a profile and 20 minutes later, the profile and the super like disappeared. Similarly, I super liked another profile and closed the app. The super like has reset itself. With the paid subscription, the app provides a set of best matches everyday. I get the notification that a new set is available but when I look in the app, nothing. It says that the list isn’t ready. This whole experience is really frustrating and a rip off for charging $120 for 6 months. You don’t know if your likes are registered or if you’re just wasting your time. It’s like taking 1 step forward and 10 steps back. There’s no other dating service with such a large user base among South Asians and seems like the app developers are just using the position of monopoly to rip off the customers.
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2 years ago, chidesi23
Had to write a review
I know I gave it a 1 star but it’s not all doom and gloom. I do like certain features like the “mil and chill” game and all the different stats that come along with the users profile(ethnicity, love language, popularity, last active) is helpful but the app itself is terrible. Slow, clunky, often times will crash and undo all your likes (I have and iPhone 13) Ontop of that the big issue I think everyone has noticed is the locations. For starters your only 3 options are within 500 miles, in your country or anywhere in the world. Now let’s say you choose “anywhere in the world”, the people it shows you should also have that options selected but instead it’ll show you people who have their filter to “only in my country” so then it’ll only show them your profile if they change their filter. Long story short, just wasting likes. I know they’re a smaller company but the user interface is just filled with glitches and I often times find myself frustrated with the app and just log off
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6 years ago, ShourjoDasgupta
Frustrated / proceed with caution
I’ve used Dil Mil off and on for a few years. There’s legitimate thought behind the way it works and it’s user experience, but it’s also really buggy. This is particularly frustrating because I personally do know friends and acquaintances who have met meaningful people on here. So it can work, and the optimist in me wants to believe in it. My recent experience has been that I get notifications via email that I am getting “Notes” from users, but when I go to the Matches/Notes tab in the app, I see nothing. In the space where I presumably should see these notes/messages, I see a promotional space for VIP and VIP Elite. THIS despite the fact that I am subscribed as VIP Elite already. So, that makes no sense and also doesn’t seem to work as intended. And, I can’t see my supposed Notes either. I did use the app’s help/support feature in hopes of resolving the issue, and received in timely fashion (3-4 days, as promised) the suggestion to delete the app, restart my device, reinstall the most recent version, and hopefully that will fix it. But it hasn’t. I’ve tried it a number of times, and the issue clearly isn’t that I have an old buggier version of the same app. Further inquiries to help/support have led to responsive messages back, but no further meaningful suggestions. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’d love to have more faith in the product, but I feel like I’m locked out of a better and meaningful experience.
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2 years ago, Yashibaba
Paid version is a scam
I bought the 6month paid membership of dil mil and the app couldnt see any profiles all pics went blank and i kept revisiting the app for months to see if the glitch had been fixed but it would only show 2-3 profiles after launching the app and then would go blank,i made a screen recording of this and sent it to support that i cant see any profiles and they said they have been having issues like this and can offer me a free month,i refused and said to check my profile i couldnt use the app for 6months due to their glitch and how is a month fair but they refused and gave me a month free and it still didn work and as soon as my paid plan got over all profiles became visible again and after few swipes i started getting pop up to upgrade to pro to see profiles,so 7months of membership and couldnt use the app. This company should be reported to better business bureau i have all the screen recordings of the app not working for 6months untill the paid plan got over. Its a scam,stay away.
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5 days ago, SatisfiedDil
It happened for me!
Obvious automatic 5 stars because I happened to meet the love of my life on this thing. As with many things in life, you will get what you put into it. After some encouragement from my friends, I worked on my bio, added some pictures, and voila! I’m now getting married 364 days after matching. There is, however, room for improvement. My fiance will tell you that they need to require people to put more into their bios, have geographic locations, and work on some of the glitches. She also claims something is off with the messaging notifications because she didn’t see my initial response for THREE days but hey at least she did respond. If you’ve been languishing in the dating game for a while, take a breather and jump right in. Who knows who’s out there?
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2 years ago, Haki81
Customer support doesn’t fix issue
I was a member this app couple of months ago and it was working well. Then i was delete my account and i did open just 2 weeks ago again. I don’t know what happen this app but there is glutches, bugs and app doesn’t work at all. When i sweep , it does kick me out from app and its says doing sync and doesn’t let me like anyone. I said my issue on app , customer service did respond after 5 days and said delete and download, i did and my issue still was going on and i told customer service again and they didn’t respond me for 6 days and said give us screen shot and record. I gave it to them. And i didn’t get respond. I was trying to reaching them from email, instagram and app. I paid 6 months premium and i had high expectation but this app lost quality of service, whoever manage this app , he doesn’t care customer service and support at all. They just do advertasing and charge money, no improvement or help there. I just wanna aware people before download this app
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4 years ago, Daveed!
Don’t waste your money.
Great model, terrible execution. I changed my profile image once and the app had me under review for over a week, which means that’s a week worth of my subscription gone down the drain. The free version is essentially useless so paying is what makes sense. Only to find out that it’s useless even once you pay nearly $100 for a 3 month subscription. if you don’t pay for more features, you get paired with people who seem to be completely incompatible with you and even from other countries. Their excuse is that their algorithm pairs you with who it thinks suits you best. Which seems to be a flaw in their app because it does a terrible job at it. The only way for you to really be matched and get likes is to pay for additional boosting and higher level packages. Even after paying $100 you get very little interaction for how much they promise. Their support team offers no help and had very basic and useless answers. Lastly, you receive tons of notifications and when you open the app, there’s zero activity. This app seems to have a business model that focuses only on those who spend the most. If you’re not willing to pay hundreds of dollars on additional features, you’re likely to have a terrible experience as you are not on their priority of clients. Try Aisle or other better rated apps instead. Let’s see what useless basic response Dil Mil comes up with in 3... 2...
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3 years ago, Sachin D
Unhappy paid member - VERY slow to fix bugs
For over a year, I’ve been trying to get the support team to fix a bug that causes some “Personality Traits” to show up on my profile in a way where they can’t be unselected. Even though my profile now says things like “extrovert” and “debater,” when I try to edit them, those terms don’t show up in the list of options, so I cannot unselect them. I’ve submitted screenshots and videos, tried the troubleshooting steps they’ve recommended, and all to be told they don’t have an answer and will try to get their developers to fix it. Lately, I don’t even get notifications when I have new matches or messages - the only notifications it manages to send are for an “elite matches” feature and their “concierge” feature, along with customer support messages. I’m pretty unhappy that I paid for this app. It does some things pretty well and others really poorly. As soon as Mirchi or another app becomes more popular, I’m switching unless Dil Mil hires better developers to fix bugs. Their customer support is really responsive, which is nice, but you can tell that even their customer support is frustrated at this point with all the problems that the developers are causing. Also - it would be great if you all added a “dietary preference” filter. This is a huge factor for so many South Asians.
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3 years ago, gany.b
Saddening at best, disgraceful at worse
Pros: the app is nicely set up, user friendly. I am in the US and so you get more choices compared to European countries for instance Cons: where to start.. 1-marketing issues: after using their 1 week free subscription, I received another similar mail 2 months later, only mentioning that it will still be free. Nowhere else was mentioned that it’s a 1x feature. So ended up paying for something the mail suggested as free. Pretty disgraceful will say 2-misleading: I apologize for being harsh in advance... so before paying you are being suggested matches who will scale at least 8 from a scale from 1 to 10 (physically only). Once you pay you are now suggested a completely different pool, more in line with what you can call (in my case) « girls next door ». Not to say it’s worse, but cunning and misleading. I checked with some of my friends if they have the same feeling and all whom I asked experienced the same issue with Dilmil. 3- something which is common in many apps: fake profiles .. a profile of a girl was there thrice (some same photos) with completely different ages, job description etc. Not shocking as much but the admins are not doing their job filtering and checking if multiple profiles are used. Outcome: I will advise not to invest a dime on this app. You have better options (for instance CMB) which are at least not misleading (check my 2nd point) at the cost of being slightly more expensive per match.
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9 months ago, Lux0009
Frustrating experience
I had the most frustrating experience using this app, and they won’t refund me my money. I downloaded the app about five days ago, and created a profile, it immediately takes you to a screen where you choose and pay for your plan. I chose the one month plan and it charged my card, but then immediately kicked me out to the homepage. It does not give me the option to log back in using the information I just provided, and when I go back thru the prompts, it just tries to charge me again. When I reached out to customer service, they did not provide me any sort of resolution and now haven’t responded in days. I don’t mean to sound angry, but for someone who was genuinely excited to try a new dating app and meet someone, the fact that it charged me money and then booted me out left me incredibly disappointed, and then to receive silence from customer service made the whole experience even more frustrating 😩.
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5 years ago, TakeResponsibilityDilMil
Unsafe for Women Users
Multiple times I have reported the same user, along with multiple other women, that have matched with this man that has been verbally and physically abusive, threatened blackmail with revenge porn if the women stop seeing him, and conned women out of tens of thousands of dollars. On several occasions I have reported this user to Dil Mil with little to no response. When I finally did get a response by contacting through their Twitter account, I was promised the user had been banned, only to find him to have another account shortly thereafter. After reporting the second account, I was assured the user was removed from the app. AGAIN, his profile is up on the app and I have received no response to my reporting him again - despite offering the contact information of everyone that has been affected by this person. Dil Mil is continuing to risk the wellbeing of its female users although it has already been notified multiple times of the same user that has been targeting women specifically on its app.
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5 years ago, kurryf
Does DIl Mil even read these reviews?
Does DIl Mil even read these reviews? Either they do and just don’t care or they don’t and do not care enough what their users thinks. They are obviously pushing out updates for the app, but I doesn’t seem the be answering any of the questions or issues users have with this app. It’s very unfortunate that the person doing the decision making for this app is attempting to look for the most financial gain in the wrong areas. This could have had have possibility to be a scalable app, but the way the business model is set up/ux, it’s destined to fail. Why not generate income based on add revenue inseam of trying to nickel and dime your users every possible way you can? There are some very shady business practices going on here that leads the user to perceive that this app has more user activity than it actually is, and what is the justification for giving free users only 10 swipes a day?? That’s the stupidest business model I’ve seen on a dating app. Whoever came up with that should be fired.
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4 years ago, seeya101
BOTTOM LINE ON TOP: PPL DO NOT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME AND BE DUPED INTO PAYING A LOT FOR TRASH. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE. CAN’T EVEN GIVE IT A ZERO. I downloaded the app in hopes to find someone like many people. Needless to say after seeing that being a free member was useless, I went ahead to try the 7 day trial. Now about the app as a premium elite member for the one week trial. You get one boost of popularity (per month) which I see as useless. Didn’t do anything for me. The app glitches so many time and most of the profiles continued to be fake. Has one like per day. Got matched with people I didn’t even swipe right at. I wanted to be off of it as soon as possible and wanted to cancel before the trial ended. Now when it Came to cancel. People be warned that basically THIS IS A 6 DAY TRIAL because they literally charge you if you don’t cancel within 24 hour of when the membership ends. NOT ONLY THAT. They also charge you the highest plan of an annual subscription. Most free trials send off an email to you a day before warning that your free trial is ending but nothing like that happened here. I reached out to the support team for dil mil to explain that I didn’t want to use their subscription and wanted to be off the app entirely . They did not try to see my situation whatsoever and I tried to tell them I didn’t want to be charged the 200 and wanted to get off as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, asdfghjkloii
Developers think end-users are stupid.
Imagine not allowing users whom you charge a minimum of $60 (for 3 months) to set the search radius to what they like, but instead only having 2 options- search within your country or within 500 miles of you. Imagine not adding a simple filter that allows users to search for people who have been active in the last 3 (or any number of) days so that they don’t have to waste time scrolling through all the profiles just to realize that 80% of them were last active more than 30 days ago. Imagine not understanding the most fundamental aspect of texting- replying to a message; and the nonexistent reply feature introducing awkwardness in a conversation between two strangers as they are unable to reply to each other’s messages and are forced to think of an alternative solution, but they’re not yet ready or sure if they want to exchange phone numbers or social media handles with someone they’ve only known for a few days. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because Dil Mil is packed with everything listed above, and a LOT more! Well, just these three flaws are enough to confidently say that this app is good, but only if you don’t care about your money. P.S. I’m not some ulgy looking dude who’s angry coz he’s not getting any matches. This app undoubtedly has too much scope to be better.
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4 years ago, rnb2021
Positive experience & Positive results
I had a great experience with using Dil Mil! I NEVER thought I would meet a significant other, my now fiancé, on a dating app since I met all my previous partners in person. I loved that the settings allow you and others to know exactly what you’re looking for, so as to not waste time . I honestly felt like my fiancé and I met because we were at the right place at the right time. We both relocated to different cities within the same state around the same time. So I was lucky enough to have only had the app for a week when I matched with my now fiancé. Thank you Dil Mil for bringing us together! We both had great experiences with using the app and can’t recommend it enough to others as well!
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4 years ago, Dil Kill
This app is a total scam
I did not realize I signed up for an elite member free trial that only lasted for 2 days. I was charged $175 for an entire year once my “free trial” was over. I reached out to Apple for a refund and they said that it didn’t meet the requirements for a refund. There are many issues with what happened. First, I have never heard of a free trial only lasting for two days. How does that give you enough time to understand if you like the app/membership? Second, the added benefits of being an elite member are non-existent. I honestly no idea what I am paying for. Third, there are no options to downgrade your subscription from 1 year to anything else. And finally, it seems like Dil Mil has to rely on predatory practices to scam people into paying for a membership. This is unbelievable. You should offer a great product and UX so that people want to pay for your product. I would highly recommend you stay away from this app if you don’t want to get scammed for money.
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4 years ago, 💟Chucs Reviews💟
I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase this. 1 month is all they are getting from me!! Here are the Issues I’ve faced: 1. $50 / month with limited times that you can send a note (5 per day). Boost only 1 time in that month. (Did you know that some sites and apps charge Men MORE than women)? Not saying that this app does bit at $50 per month, it’s no discount. 2. Please be aware of the difference between “delete account” and “delete profile”. This app keeps profiles active even if you are not. I can tell by seeing if someone viewed my note (1 check no 2 checks yes). I’ve sent over 40 notes and of that 3 were viewed. 3. Made for South Asian Indians but includes ALL Indians even non Indians. 4. Limited actual/active users makes it VERY difficult to find people that you set your filters for. 5. You cannot adjust your images and this app zooms in to make your images enormous. ***Purchase at your own risk. Do not be fooled by the profiles bc you’ll see that they are NOT active.*** If you are really curious, Use the 7 day free trial to figure this out. Advice, delete all pictures and profile content and send an email to the company to delete your entire profile AND your account or hold them accountable and liable for manipulating their service and for unauthorized use of your images.
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4 months ago, JPatel6124
Pyaar = Dosti
I can’t thank Dil Mil enough for helping me find my soulmate and annoying buddy. I used this app in 2015 and so exceeds my expectations it was so much fun getting to know everyone and made some great friends. The interface back then was use friendly I'm sure it’s even better now!! I’d say dil mil is different in the sense and diverse cuz of its user base to meet so many guys with different backgrounds, culture, and states! The database was off but I couldn’t be more happier find my match across the country! I match with my soon to be 3xs so we knew it was a sign from GOD! I highly recommend this app to anyone looking or not looking for love cuz you just never know the meaningful connections you will make!
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5 years ago, IronMan037
Waste of Time and Doesn’t Work
A friend recommended this app to me because she got a match. I was excited because I might actually find someone here. But it went downhill from there. There is genuine thought behind this app but if you decide to use it for free and not get VIP, it will not work for you. I’ve been using this app for free for the past month and have swiped right on countless people but haven’t heard back from anyone! I thought that I would have to wait but now I know that it just doesn’t like free users. It also frustrates me that I got matched with someone who’s profile I have never seen and swiped. And adding on to that, I had unmatched that user that I got randomly matched with but I keep getting matched with them the day after. This has happened more than 5 times. At first I thought it was a bug, but even after updating, it keeps happening. So in all honesty, this app is a complete waste of time if you don’t pay for it.
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4 years ago, Riddz417
Take the leap of faith!
There is a lot of pressure from family in the South Asian community when you get certain age and haven't found that special someone. To take away that stress we have Dil Mil to the rescue! Dil Mil has created the perfect platform to meet South Asians near you. There are many filters options, to ensure you meet your Perfect Match. I was very skeptical when I first signed up for Dil Mil but little did I know this is where I would meet my now Fiancé and soon to be Husband. Like any relationship it does require work we did long distance for 3+ plus years till today we don't how we did but with the right person it doesn't matter even if it's long distance or not. Take the leap of faith and try Dil Mil you won't regret!
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4 years ago, AndySingh58
Almost all desi women are social climbers
The app feels very similar to Tinder. I wouldn’t mind that, had the concept worked. The thing that trips up the app from becoming really effective is the social-climbing mentality of desi women. Desi women look to marry someone who earns more, and overwhelmingly prefer the East Coast and West Coast (California in particular). I’m speaking from my 5 years experience on Shaadi, BharatMatrimony and now DilMil. The whole tendency of Indian families to seek not just compatibility between bride and groom, but also families, has spilled over into the groom-searching habits of Dil Mil. Caste is often listed, which is very racist in the 21st century. Elite Picks is a feature very similar to Tinder which again trips up because of the social climbing tendencies of Desi Women (even those born in the US, not just Fresh Off the Boat people). These Elite Picks are the most upwardly aspirational of the social climbers, and therefore are a waste of time for most men (who are largely decent people in good paying jobs and shouldn’t have to compete for an “Elite Pick”). I refuse to play the game of competing for “Elite Picks”. One profile even said that the lady intended to marry to triple her bank balance. The app needs to add features which make the playing field more level and take away some of the power from these social-climber Desi women.
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6 years ago, avi990
Disabled, Deleted people show up. Don’t fall in trap.
If you’re thinking to install or upgrade your account, please go through this. I installed the app and I was told that I got 10 matches and I have to upgrade to see who liked me. I never got them to swipe organically. DILMIL WONT LET YOU GET MATCHES WITH FREE SUBSCRIPTION. I upgraded my account only to realize that 7 out of those 10 matches have disabled their accounts and the active ones are either living on the other coast of USA or in India. I have my friend who used dilmil long back and later uninstalled after finding it not working for her. HER ACCOUNT STILL SHOWS UP THOUGH SHE DEACTIVATED. And most of the matches or people you are swiping have deactivated. Crazy. And here is the topping on the cake, I get the same people to swipe every day as dilmil is completely out of new users. 😂 Basically, they are out of people. I recommend other dating apps than this as they constantly bombard with disabled and deactivated accounts.
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4 years ago, fixitdilmil
Filters don’t work !!
After having some issues with my account I created a new account even though two months of subscription money went down the drain. This was premium membership. I normally use a filter for my community and i was shocked when after couple of swipes it showed there are no more people of that community (due to my previous account I knew this was not true). After couple of days I tried the filter and now it showed me some of the profiles that I had seen before, so clearly they were not created new. This went on happening every two days. The algorithm is designed to hook you to this app for as long as possible by not showing you all the profiles but showing few at a time. They clearly are not interested in you finding a partner but making as much money as possible from you. Really disappointed by such shady business tactics!!
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4 years ago, desivader
Met the One
Used Dil Mil for a little bit at first and then deleted/reinstalled it a few times because I thought it wasn’t for me. Then I decided, why not? I used it for a while and just kept it as a confidence booster knowing that people match with me and like my pictures but then I stumbled across the most amazing profile I’ve seen and sent her a message. 2 months of messaging, snap chatting, and zoom dates later we went on our first date and since then I cannot imagine life without her. Don’t knock it until you try it! You don’t have to message every person if you don’t want to, believe me, I rarely messaged anyone but when I took that leap of faith - I found my forever girl.
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4 years ago, Everyday I'm shuffling
I thought he was a catfish
Wow wow wow is all I have to say! This app is honestly the nest dating app thus far! Very genuine and the guys are all sweet, funny, and kind! First tome downloading the app and less than 2 days met an amazing guy who I honestly thought was a catfish! He messaged me first and I was hesitant to replay back! Started a conversation then he soon gave me his number shortly after! He sent more photos but I still was unsure until he said the magic work “FaceTime date later?”...... it’s still unbelievable so someone so fine could exist! I thought it was only in Bollywood movies. We’re planning to see each other “via reality” in the next two weeks so I will keep you all posted on how that goes! Good luck!! And happy DilMil!
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3 years ago, Bloopbear
I like the idea of this app and after using it for a few years, I think it’s improved quite a bit. That having been said, there are quite a few things that I wish they’d change. I wish you could narrow location more (currently the options are in the same country or within 500 miles…). Also, the photo approval is bogus. Men have profiles with fuzzy, highly pixelated, and/or sunglasses/hair in their faces in so many profiles but women are often told their photos are not ‘clear enough’ when they are high quality and clearly meet the guidelines. Is there even an approval process for male profiles?? Many men even lie about their age in the profile and state their real age in the descriptions. Seems like there is much more regulation of women’s profiles.
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7 months ago, jobin-abraham
Very Glitchy App
This app has lots of problems and it’s most likely built by inexperienced developers. I should know because I’m a mobile app dev myself. There are way too many issues to list here in the comments but I’ll mention a few here. - Glitchy Software: This app has fundamental issues. Super frustrating to use. Have to constantly restart the app for things to sync. Pictures don’t load sometimes and have to restart the app. Also in dark mode the keyboard hides what you are tying to type and then you can’t send the message. - Ambiguous Location: There is no way to know the current city someone is located based on their profile. Just has countries listed which is way too board to be helpful. - BOTS!! I am also getting the vibe they use lots of bots to keep you interested in the app and spending money. People that you match with don’t usually respond and if they do then it’s very generic comments then they stop responding after Hello. - The app charges you more after you get a premium membership. The membership is just to use the app without any features. You have to pay for read receipts and to send messages. They offer something called boost which I’ve seen on other dating apps but I think it’s snake oil. No proof that it actually works.
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6 years ago, Arjunfan
Decent app!
I knew about this app before but now downloaded the app. I have been using it on and off for a while. This is one of the best desi dating app. It’s amazing to see amount of people to choose from and you can also narrow it down via filters. I enjoy the way it lets you match with people. Well made app - hats off to the whole team for creating dil mil. Love the name of app too! It’s nice! So far loving the app! Thank you for creating desi dating app! Thank you! Love the customer service support also. I had questions about the app. I emailed my questions and very quickly got the feedback and responses back. Thank you! Keep up the great work that you all do. Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, Sau5a9e
They are trying to scam their users
A lot of people have been receiving numerous super likes from inactive accounts. The app said I got 6 super likes within a span of 2 hours, and one of those girls graduated in 2018 and the app said she was 21 years old. I looked her up and dm’d her on instagram and she says she’s currently 24 years old, has a boyfriend, and hasn’t used the app in over 2 years. They are using old inactive accounts as bots to try and trick people into thinking they’re getting lots of likes so that they would buy their premium subscriptions. This is extremely unethical!!! Also, they are planting fake reviews too. If you look at the names of some of the people who have them 5 star reviews, they’re names are French or American. This is an Indian dating all LMAOO, since when we’re there French people using it? This is so pathetic, I really liked this app up until I figured these couple things out.
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1 year ago, Vavabavabababb
Crashes unbearable
Stop adding new functions and features when the entire app crashes after like 5-10 swipes for the basic left right function . Its 4x the price of other similar apps and yet is beyond buggy. entire screen goes black. And it is deceptive because it shows you people who you swiped left on months ago(that liked you) as new likes and just refreshes back to the same number. Highly misleading and wastes your time. The entire deck resets and acts like you never swiped on them at all and shows you the same profiles a dozen times. “Likes you” page is showing me people from a year ago still and I've already complained to support about this twice and their team is just collecting the checks without doing the work. Core product should be satisfactory. I’ve updated and no changes are made to the biggest bug
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5 years ago, deep sandhawalia
Single? South Asian? Take a look!
This app is a great concept and the UI is very clean and easy to use. I had some issues with my age being incorrect because I signed up through facebook but the support team was able to help me solve this issue within a day which was super convenient!!! since there are hardly any south asians where I live, I’m grateful an app like this exists so that I can meet and connect with other south asians. One thing I wish would be improved was how long it takes for your picture to be approved. I had to wait at least 2 days before I was able to use the app properly. Besides that the app is great.
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5 years ago, mpatel201905
It went downhill...
I never write reviews, but this app needed serious feedback. 1) So MANY glitches....you keep seeing the same profiles over and over and over again. You see your Notes one day and then you don’t see them for the next couple months. 2) For many people the most important filter is community...but now we have to pay for it...seriously...basically all we can control is age, height, and religion, and religion is essentially useless without community. 3) The distance algorithm is terrible...so many people are so annoyed when they find out your aren’t even close to them...fix it!! What I realized after using this is they want/need money...and no offense many people aren’t going to pay those prices for VIP/elite membership. You guys should have left it how it was a year ago (all free filters)...it worked fine. But now you completely ruined it!!!
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3 years ago, Arifff321
App creates fake users to convince people to buy premium membership
This app should be sued. I haven’t paid for membership yet but it looks like the development team made a lot of fake users and using those fake users to give likes to guys. Of course, those likes are hidden and they want you to buy the premium membership so you can view them. In the past month, I received maybe 30 super likes. Every day I get notifications that someone super liked me. Of course, when I eventually swipe on that profile, it’s a fake profile. A lot of those profiles don’t have locations and you can’t see how far they are. And not one of those profiles has messaged me first or replied to my messages. You’d think if someone super likes you, they’d at least respond. Of course these are fake profiles. I’m going to make a dating app for desi people that doesn’t rip people off.
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3 years ago, khushi&tej
Finally found the one
I was shown many guys by my parents but none of them were “the one.” My sisters convinced me to make a profile on this app to find my Mr. Right and I reluctantly agreed. Little did I know I would find my forever best friend and the love of my life on this app. I am beyond grateful to have had my sisters force me into making a profile for this app because I found someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with. He is my everything and I am so incredibly happy. And to think all of this happened during Covid! I am excited to say we are happy engaged and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life and my forever best friend!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DIL MIL!
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5 years ago, poshqwerty
Fueled by Money -Terrible App
UPDATE: Now you have to pay to set filters. Absolutely ridiculous. It’s obvious that DM’s whole purpose is to now make money. Clearly, they don’t care about how the users feel because no positive changes have been made based on user reviews. The generic response to reviews is also evidence. This app exists to make money and has no other purpose. Y’all I feel like the more upgrades the app makes the more it goes downhill. First off, it is now giving me Tinder vibes with the whole swipe left/right business. Then swipe up/down to see this or that. OH and not allowing pictures cause the resolution is low. Are you serious?! You’re asking people to use more filtered/edited pictures. Also. I ‘x’ somebody, why do they keep showing up. But in turn, when I like someone my number of likes stay the same... Did it not go through... They never reappear, like the ones I ‘x’-ed... What’s the story there? And upgrade to VIP to see the reveal the people that liked you? The rocket ship for some kind of boost? Why must we complicate this. The free version is no bueno so why upgrade? Please just take it back to the simple version -bring back the glimpse tab! The only reason I’m still here is because there customer service is super responsive.
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5 years ago, Bleedredunited
Too many problems
The app has its positives but has too many problems, I got a lot matches the first few days after that barely anything, and if I did it would be with people I know I didn’t swipe right on so it’s a bit random, it’s like you are shown when you first make the app but then after maybe a week you don’t show up at all. Logged into my account one day and everything was deleted and lost all my matches and the people I was wanting to talk to. Emailed support twice and no response. Also wanting to match with people close to me so I chanced setting to the only local setting ( within 500miles) and there was nobody, when I would change back to all of USA it would show me people within a few 100 miles, so there is something definitely glitchy about the app.
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