Dilly for Fortnite Mobile App

4.7 (112.1K)
112.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adam Feragne
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dilly for Fortnite Mobile App

4.72 out of 5
112.1K Ratings
3 years ago, fab killer
Really great but...
I really like the app cause it keeps me updated on fortnite when I’m not playing and you can look at all the items and the item shop and make your own combos, but with the vbucks and skin giveaways it is almost impossible for some people to win, because fortnite can be for younger groups of kids that don’t have social media so the only way for them to really win is to have item shop streaks, and to see the future shop is to watch a video and for me it is really glitchy and never works😡, and the wheel challenge randomizer needs to be updated, but over all if you could fix some of those things it would be perfect 👌, but even now I would recommend getting this app if you want to keep up with what is happening in fortnite, and a couple days ago I didn’t know that winter fest 2021 was starting an the 16th but when I figured out form the drop in app I was so thankful I got the app. 👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂😉😃😃.
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3 years ago, Extatic Blob
Great app!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is a great app! It really helps me to stay informed about all the new updates and leaks in Fortnite. I like to be able to see the item shop before I can actually get to the game. I’ve tried other apps that are similar to Drop In, and over all I definitely recommend this app. It’s menus are very simple and easy to understand, and I know which button will take me to the item shop and which button will take me to combo creator. The idea of making combos and looking at each skin in detail is really awesome. However, one thing that I would like to change about the app is that the only way to win a daily combo contest is to post it on Instagram, and not everyone has access to it. Some combos are really great but they’re not noticed unless they’re posted and that makes it hard. Overall it’s a really helpful app and I enjoy the features of it. Thank you!
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4 years ago, thenxjguenchsivjsncbuwnf
Love The App
I really love the app because it goes great with Fortnite. Whenever I am playing I can hop on the app within seconds and spin the wheel to see where to drop. Also I love getting on within seconds of the item shop changing and it being up to date, whereas in other apps it takes 5-10 minutes. The only downside is that you can’t download Fortnite on the App Store, #FreeFortnite, which makes it so you can’t play on the same device. Other than that I think the app is amazing with its suggested creative courses, item shop, skins and skin combos made by real players. Also the leaks are unreal. Almost every thing they have had on the leaks area has come out. It is easily worth the singular short add to watch to see the leaks. I would suggest this game to anyone who is looking for a great Fortnite compatibility app. Thanks!
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6 years ago, I will Review stuff
Fortnite App
I really enjoy the app. If you are a streamer or Youtuber that likes showing different challenges in Fortnite, then this is a good app. You can spin a wheel to see where to drop and it always stays updated with new places in the game, even ones that don’t have real names, and there is a challenge section, which has different challenges like in the actually game, but are not the same ones. It also has an item shop section and upcoming item shop section. The upcoming section is always right. There are some other cool sections as well. Unfortunately, the thing that makes this a 4 star instead of 5 is that you have to pay $1.99 for everything except for the wheel and current item shop. When you buy the app it is free, but there is an extension to the app. I bought the extension and I really enjoy having it. I check it pretty often to see what is new in Fortnite. I recommend getting this app and the extension.
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4 years ago, hdjsjssjdj
Great App, Love it
I downloaded this app in about season 5 and I’m using it to this day. They are always up to date with the map, updates, and new places to drop. I always use his app when me and my friends can’t find a spot to land. I highly recommend this app to people who still play fortnite. Also it only take about 30 seconds to 1 minute for the item shop to update when it changes( but that just might be me ). I love the new creative maps they put out. I always try out the zone wars. I can always rely on this app to find the new leaks. Also the new skin and locker system is amazing because I can show other people what skins I have. Bottom line this app is amazing and if you are reading this and deciding to download this app...do it you won’t regret it. :)
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2 years ago, Reviews From The PB Jar
Almost perfect but missing one minor detail
Now don’t get me wrong this app is amazing. It has up to date item shop and all the new items in the game are instantly added to the apps locker, but the one thing missing is a option to have no backbling in the combo creating section. Me personally I make a lot of combos with my skins in fortnite and I love the fact that I can share them, but I hardly ever use backblings. Having to look through the entire catalog of backblings just to find one that I think will match is a hassle. The one thing that would make this a 5/5 for me is adding a simple no backbling option for the create combos. Excluding that everything is spot on amazing and I am surprised that is isn’t made by fortnite themselves! Great work on the app and please consider my suggestion
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3 years ago, ClxtchCantShoot.
Download it.
It becomes really useful, for so many reasons. For example, I’m out of the house and I wanna see the shop, I use drop-in. If I wanna listen to music I could use their new lobby tracks feature where you could play a lobby track that’s in fortnite. When you are wanting a challenge, use the wheel that decides where you land, and what’s your challenge. You could see the fortnite news. If you love fortnite creative and have nothing else to play, use their feature that shows you fun creative maps! And something I LOVE is their fortnite skin quiz, it shows you the shadow of the skin, and you have to guess the name! So many more reasons why you should download this app, only one way to find out!
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2 years ago, DatRllyCoolGamer
Pretty Cool
First of all, I like how you can enter little competitions of making your own bundle/locker. It gives every single option that you can choose from and gives you all the creativity. It also has all the soundtracks from the game as well as daily updates of the item shop. Talking about the item shop, love how you can see future and upcoming items. This is great if you like to see things in advance. They also do really cool giveaways; they give away skins repeatedly which I think is cool if you might have lost the last one. It also reveals some cool locations of items like Mythics, Vaults, Reboot Vans, ect. I think this app is amazing and I would recommend any Fortnite fan to use this!
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5 months ago, Sammi3XO
Only slight meh features but overall fun and cool.
I had this app downloaded for a few days now and I love how you can import your locker and make a wish list. Have notifications on!!! It’s super helpful and if an item comes into the shop that’s in your wishlist it’ll notify you which I love. The quizzes are ehh and the giveaways are just there to be there, I haven’t won any but don’t expect to win so just enter and see if you’ll get a chance. This app is mainly for the locker, wishlist, and shop reminders, those are the most important to me. (NOT saying the giveaways are a scam and useless just don’t rely on them to earn stuff you want, just for the community and sharing the love)
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1 year ago, Clandy Cane
Awesome App!
I love making combos and looking at other peoples combos in game I love the simplicity and how fun it is my phone blows up when I post one combo I absolutely recommend the app and I love how you instantly get spoilers and news on Fortnite! Really it’s fun and a way to get better and learn about new things instead of the dumb Fortnite tips! I recommend also going in for skin giveaways and just to have a Fortnite fun app. One last thing is that you can have awesome news and that every new and old/og skins for combos same applies to pixakes back bling and all the above! One thing I really wish you could do is do a combo contest with friends where you see who wins! I don’t need it but I’d love that
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1 year ago, FrostedMisha
Best Companion For Fortnite!
Amazing features! Love to create combos in this app as well as find new combos from other users! To add on, I really enjoy the quiz! Definitely tests my knowledge on the cosmetics in game! Also, the News feature is just perfect! Always has me updated on changes, updates, and more all from my phone and in one place! And if all of that wasn’t enough, well then I just enjoy using this app to listen to all my favorite music packs from the game! This app has an amazing Fortnite Music section which allows you to find any song in game and even make your own playlists! Definitely recommend downloading this app! 5/5 Stars! 🤩
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1 year ago, Mikeystormc53
Great app but not perfect
I love this app but a few critique’s First of all let’s start with the awesome, this app is very convenient and fun and honestly if you want to download it and have Fortnite PLEASE turn on notifications it will remind about updates giveaway’s item shops and more as well as reminding you if a wish listed item is in shop (you can press and search skins and add to your wishlist) and it works super well. Alright now the suggestions. First of all it’s kind of annoying that every time you try to make a combo the boost is automatically on that should be something you turn on in settings for it to be auto on as it makes you watch an ad. Also there are not many ways to gain levels and it’s kind of annoying that you have to spam combos if you want to level. Finally I think you should add some sort of feature to look for good creative maps as some people don’t really like br as much like I have this one friend that only plays box fight but I’m always using dilly so I use the landing spot mechanic but in his games I haven’t practiced so I can’t play with him as much. THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING TILL THE END!!!!!
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2 years ago, Peanut8766
Great Game
This game is great! It tells you the item shop so you don’t have to log onto fortnite. The spinner is great! I love the app! One little problem though. My shop streak keeps resetting because I always check the item shop when I get the notification at usually 7:17. The exclamation point isn’t there though but it’s still a new item shop. Then the next day I usually don’t look at it again, so later that night I’ll get the notification and it will say shop streak reset. Why is this happening? It’s because when I check it at night it doesn’t count it makes me have to check it the next day, which I don’t do. Please fix this issue It’s a great game overall! Love it!
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2 years ago, hfhfhfhfbfbdhd
Drop In app
Hello. Before I state my opinion of this app just know that if you are a casual, semi-good, or even a mega sweat fortnite player, this app is for you. The app features a spin wheel featuring a drop location and certain challenge to complete that game. It also features daily item shop updates, and you can create, name, post, and rates combos of your and other peoples. As an added bonus the app features daily skin combo contests, weekly gifted skin giveaways, and updates about what might, will, or is happening currently in fortnite. All things considered this app is amazing. I highly recommend you download this app
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3 years ago, Top War Review
Overall great game but…
Drop in is a great app and has come very far since it was first released. In the most recent update, they added the item showcase videos. This is a great idea, though I liked being able to download transparent images of skins and they kinda took that away. I think maybe when downloading an image of a skin, you should be able to choose whether or not you want to have the image downloaded or the video. Also, I noticed that the Star Power Remix Music was different than the in game Music. I definitely think this app is great and is soooo convenient when it comes to item shop. It is also very cool how you can see cosmetic leaks. Overall, this app has great potential. I definitely recommend👍. Bye!
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3 years ago, Fortnite player88
Great App!
I really enjoy the app as a Fortnite player as well as many people that use this app and I’m glad that they have a system implemented that allows you to see the shop before it comes out in the public on Fortnite making it helpful when on vacation or not get on Fortnite. Another thing I love is how you can create combos and like other peoples combos and just a great system. I have been thinking it would be cool if the creators of this app implemented a way to friend people so you can see all the combos they create with ease and I believe that would make this app even better.
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11 months ago, No haters up in here
This game
Oh, this game just has everything like on the skins. Perfect but there’s just one like a little thing that I don’t like about this game at that I won’t give you the skin but please take this offering like I really want like some one skin to come in my locker but if it’s just like not working for me and just please if it’s not and it’s like this one app, then please make it like to actually happen on my preferring but if you don’t wanna do that and you don’t have the time then that’s perfectly fine it’s just you can’t I mean just don’t say put it in your locker because it’s not gonna go in your locker in Fortnite for the Fortnite gamers but if you get me dressed yeah this is my thing that I would just suggest that y’all do and stop faking that you were like well actually put it in the locker so please take my suggestion
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1 year ago, Maddie2419
I really enjoy playing Fortnite and sometimes I’m unable to check out the item shop when I’m on trips or at a friends house, but this app has changed that! Not only can I view the item shop on my phone the second it’s released, I can see new leaks and create combos I enjoy and get inspiration from other creators. I also love how you’re able to enter giveaways and join combo competitions and win real prizes! I will 100% recommend this to all my friends who play Fortnite as well! Thank you so much for the creation of this app!! Total life changer!
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3 months ago, user 51386
It’s a great app but…
I really like the dilly app but I have some problems. First off there’s a glitch were when you check the item shop after it updates it shows the stuff from the last shop I don’t know if it’s a bug or something but it’s weird. Second (I’m not mad or anything but) every time I click on something BAM an ad pops up and I’m kind of paranoid about it like I know the creator needs to make money off this app and stuff like that but can’t he like reduce the number of ads that pop up. Thanks for reading this review and I hope this helps the creator develop the app to it’s best of it’s ability.
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5 months ago, leitay78
Amazing but it glitches sometimes
This game is really great and I love making combos and it really keeps me updated and the location wheel is good for when I don’t know where to go. However, sometimes it doesn’t let me do anything and I have to wait for a suuuper long time which is annoying. But it could be the game or it could be my internet. But if it is a game and u guys fix that it would be really good 👍. I recommend this game to people who wanna show off their combos and can’t play as often. Have a great day everyone!!😁😁😁
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3 years ago, Tega-33
App u need! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is a great app that everyone needs. There are so many things to do in this app from showing people your favorite skin combos to seeing the new challenges or evens seeing map codes! The things to do on this things are endless. The app show u leaks that are always real and shows u the daily item shop. U can even play a quiz that as a outline of a charter or emoter or whatever and u have to feuds what it is and my best record is 86 and is super fun. There is no way that I can list every thing so go check out the app. I’ll defiantly love it! 😽👍🏽😉
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6 years ago, Juan Sandman
Awesome App
While the drop in randomizer this app provides is a great tool in itself, this app has so much more to offer. It’s taken my game to the next level through the use of the location analytics it has and I’m able to keep up to date with all Fortnite news, challenges and items available in the shop. I can even check my own stats and see how my wins and kills stack up with some of the best players in the world. Definitely recommend, haven’t found another Fortnite companion anywhere close to as helpful while keeping the game fresh every drop.
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4 years ago, Ally Pendergast
Listen up
With this new update it broke the leak section and STILL with no “pro feature” to buy like it would have you assume calling it a pro feature kinda making the section null and void according to the store there isn’t even in app purchases so a lil confused why it ain’t free it’s great app I left a raving review last time but this update slaughtered anything good about it. Update You fixed the problem but now you made it so as soon as we open the app an ad plays making most the app unusable till they’re over. there was never ads here unless you wanted leaks until recently and now you’re forcing us to watch with STILL no alternative option to remove them like your “PRO” (I’d buy it honestly) your app mentions. I love this app but due this intentional self sabotage to a once amazing app I can’t continue using it.
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5 months ago, LOLZZZBALLZ
This is the most life changing game. I was bed ridden near to death when my beloved dear husband told me about this masterpiece. I could not check the Fortnite shop and it was mentally draining. I was distraught and close to contacting my therapist. Until, I downloaded this app and I can check the shop now. My life has changed for the better. No matter where I am at I can check the shop to see what money grabbing items are yet to be revealed. I can see the skins, items, and prices. This is a revolution for the future. Thank you. 🩷
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3 years ago, Dogs2016
Drop in
A very good app to be notified when the item shop changes and you can also see the current leaked items coming into the game. I love that you can keep your locker organized of all the cosmetics that you’ve bought and you can keep track of everything. So many cool features when you download the drop in app! Like making your own skin combos, the challenge wheel randomizer if your wanting to do random challenges. I would recommend this app to anyone who enjoys playing fortnite!!
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5 days ago, Bryan24
Dilly App
I discovered this app when I wanted to check the Fortnite item shop on vacation. I searched for “Fortnite Item Shop App” and I believe this was the first result. It is a very good way to stay informed with the item shop, leaks, and more! You can also enter for giveaways on the app! More features are also available such as a drop spot randomizer, a skin combo maker, and news about Fortnite. If you check this app very regularly, you probably will not miss any live events or updates. Thank you for making this app!
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4 days ago, DR_x_GETRIX
Awesome app
This app is an awesome companion. From keeping tabs on the shop to outfit ideas this app has everything you need without logging into Fortnite to check. Curious if it’ll ever be partnered with Epic Games so then we can just link our account. This’ll make it easier to see what’s in our locker. Also I know GTA has an app where you can customize your vehicles without even being logged in. Then when you do log in it’s all customized and ready to go. It’d be nice to see something like that :P
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12 months ago, Tucker milo
Great app Amazing⭐️🤩
Dilly i love ur app it has very cool stuff into it In my opinion i would need a app like this to get money but anyways i give this app a five star rating but if u need help to make the app better i would consider maybe giving out a theme which i would say is have other people an players choose what they want new to come to Dilly like in my opinion u guys should not only have emote quizzes but have item quizzes and name that skin quizzes and so on in the future u guys will make the app amazing have a great ur amazing.
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6 months ago, 20meterpacertest
Really loving the app so far
Something I’d really like to see is a way to add battle pass items to the locker in bulk. For example, if I indicate that I got a level 70 item in a battle pass, there would be an option for all lower items to be added to the locker automatically. I’m just too lazy to go through and add all the little emojis and sprays I don’t use haha. Anyways thanks for making a great app and not bloating it with ads or in app purchases. Also, the UI is really impressive and clean, 10/10
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4 years ago, psy irew
GOOD APP Devs please look
I really enjoy using this app it’s really fun for me and my friends as soon as I found out about the app I told all my friends and they love the app too one thing I think you shouldn’t add is a weapons tab with every weapon that was ever in the game and all the stats about that weapon such as like it’s DPS, fire rate and rarity and not just guns stuff like the infinity blade, the avenger weapons, DC weapons and Star Wars weapons like I said this app is amazing but I thing this would be awesome in a future update thank you for the amazing app
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2 weeks ago, tayniyah
Amazing experience
This app is really good besides with a few ads but the ads can be quite enjoyable sometimes… If i had to give this an honest rating I would give it an solid 9/10. They do news updates on the game right on time, shows the new item shop and they also host competitions and giveaways for their community to win some things and it’s either daily or weekly you never have to wait to long! If you have enough patience that is…
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3 years ago, THEMINIC00k
Hi everyone!If you are looking into getting this app then I strongly urge you to get it!Ive been looking for app that would let me see fortnites daily shop and let me look at things out of shop to and out of all the other apps this is the best!I find it very fun and well organized and combos is my favorite but I think that it would be even better if you could delete combos that you have made in the past and if you could unlike combos other then that the game is great!Thank you!
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2 years ago, Creeperblade765
Best app ever!!!!!!!!
I love this app!! I do have one recommendation though. If the app can get the shop notifications more early than usual cause most of the time I get it like 5 or 10 minutes after the shop refreshes. If the app can’t I am totally fine with that. Here is why you should get the app. 1: They do vbucks giveaways but you have to do some things to get raffle tickets. The more you have the higher chance you have at winning. 2: The keep the fortnite shop updated all the time. 3: The have unreleased skin that have a 90% chance of coming to the item shop. (future item shop tab is where the unreleased skins are) 4: They have skin combos that you can create for fun. 5: They have a wheel that picks a landing spot and a challenge for you and your friends. I hope you had fun reading this post. Thanks and have a great day.
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4 years ago, Rten-rookie
Great App
If you play fortnite this app is a must! No matter what platform you are using this app is useful. The main thing I use it for is looking at the item shop. Instead of having to let the game load just check the item shop on here. It’s always 100% accurate too and keeps up to date with the current shop. You can also view how to complete in game challenges on it. That comes in handy too. Overall, this is a great app and a must have for Fortnite players.
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1 year ago, doomsoul909
Probably the only honest Fortnite app
It’s really simple. This is an app that does exactly what it says. So many other Fortnite apps are either missing features or are just lying, this one is legit. You can see skins, item shop, leaks or upcoming content, make skin setups for people to see, wishlist skins to get notified when they return, and of course take skin quizzes and randomize your drop spot. I might be missing a few things but If you enjoy Fortnite it’s worth the download
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3 years ago, justyn garza
Best fortnite app
When ever I’m away from my console this app helps me by sending me a shop change notification. Also, they have creative maps that still need an update, but they still have good maps. Let’s not forget about the locker feature you can vote on what lockers you like that people have made and you can make your own! Now, that has to be the best feature. Download now to get updates, maps, and locker votes now!
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2 years ago, hyghfn
Best app for fortnite
So. Let me get this straight this is the best app for fortnite seriously. Once I was in Hilton head and I saw something in the item shop that I wanted so I asked my dad to get it for me. It helps so much I would definitely recommend getting this. It even has a spinning thingy it can choose where you land in all these other challenges it is really cool yes I would definitely recommend getting this game it is perfect for Fortnite. Love it. ❤️❤️😎😎
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1 year ago, Lexie0102838383383848
Great App!
It tells u everything about what’s Going on with fornite. It tells you about the item shop a few hours before the item shop changes which is good. It’s a useful app for when you want to know what’s going on with fornite. U can post ur own combos, and u can cool prizes from them. This company has a sense of generosity. It’s not like all the other apps, some of the other fornite apps are a scam. This app is trustworthy. It’s a useful app, I recommend it.
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1 year ago, i ❤️ law enforcement
I love ❤️ Fortnite
This App is Incredible I love it I’ve never used an app like this before but this one is perfect 👍🏻 and making Skin Combos for everyone around the world to see that’s just awesome the devs did a really Great Job on this app and also being able to add items that you do or do not have to your Lockers in the app is extremely Helpful plus doing contests the way you guys do is also perfect. You Guys and keep up the Great work in the future.
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3 years ago, AydenDavis1
This is one of the best apps
I highly recommend this game if you’re going to play with your brother with him or sister or any relative because it’s a very fun combination game where you can make your own locker skins and also click on somebody else’s and actually give it a thumbs up and I actually definitely recommend recommend this to anybody who plays fortnite and likes to be creative with your own skins for fortnite also it’s free to make and can give you challenges like only SMG’s
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4 years ago, ColeBlooded281
Great App!
I love this app so much! I wanna check the item shop but don’t wanna wait for Fortnite to load up just to get off again. The only problem with the app is that the leaks are outdated. Some items in there have already came out but are still in there. I also feel like there are some items that could be in there like the Shadow Midas that should come out this Halloween. Other than that one problem it is a pretty good app.
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3 years ago, DermoTaming
The best!!!
I downloaded this because it looked fun I played for a bit and when I first used it I was so happy I could make combos with anything from the game! This app is really fun so you should download it it’s so much fun! An update to you the creators could make is a new scrambled skin where you take a head body legs and feet from different skins and put them in one I really think that would be a nice update but overall this game is so much fun!
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10 months ago, app critic 12345678910
Huge help
I work the night shift so when the shop updates I’m not at home. I don’t normally get home till around six every morning and since I’ve gotten this app I’ve stopped staying up after I get off to check the shop when I can see if there’s something I want ahead of time. I’ve also added certain items to my wish list and it notified me that they put them in the shop so I knew to get on there before it’s gone!!! Definitely worth it
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3 years ago, patricks126
Good and reliable app
I really love the new update. So glad you put skin combos and that you can make your own. Reliable item shop and I don’t really get the point of the quiz but still cool addition. Only problem and this is a really minor thing and it’s just to be able to delete all the skin combos I liked. I have a lot that likes and it would take forever to delete them all. And there is still Ch2 S5 locations on the wheel. But other than that, really great app.
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3 years ago, fresh dfdhdjdjd d
Can you
This is a great app you get to customize your own skin you get to check the item shop even when you can’t play Fortnite so like if you’re grounded or go out whatever you play on taken away you can just go on your phone and check whether you are away so you can get updated and your friend to give it to you but that’s why I think you should download this app and no I am not a bot
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6 months ago, Blaineb09
Really good app
I really recommend this app because its something to look at when your bored. It lets you see the daily item shop for when your not on when it changes. There is also a section where you can make combos for people to look at and you can see other peoples combo creations too. So to be honest its a really good app in general P.S. : They do giveaways for skins and other stuff. P.S : P.S. : Get the App
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2 years ago, I❤️BabyYoda
I love this app for a ton of reasons. First: it will always tell you the shop if you are away or can’t play and so you’ll always know what’s in the shop. Second: it tells you the news for Battle Royale, Creative, and STW. Third: You can create combos for things you have or don’t have. I love this feature especially because I love seeing the combos I could possibly use in game. Thanks for reading this.
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1 year ago, Bumbleish
Best Fortnite tracking
Love this app. Very convenient way to keep track of what you have & what you want, plus latest news. One suggestion would be able to add multiple things to your other at once. So if you have game pass being able to click once to put everything in it in your locker, instead of going through each individual piece
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2 years ago, imcool1222
Best ever fortnite app!
Love what you do with making combos, shop updating, everything in general! This is by far one of my favorite apps on the whole store. It just shows how easy it is to manage looking at items, making wishlists for upcoming cosmetics you want! Especially when going out and can’t check the item shop. It’s a big relief and you’ll know what to do once you get back on fortnite.
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3 years ago, buggybeanz
My Review On Drop In
Drop In is a very reliable app for many different things. It shows you different leaked cosmetics and items coming to the game. It shows you the current item shop, you also get a streak of how many times you went to Drop In to check the shop. You can create combos for any skin, back bling, pickaxe and glider you desire. I’ve had drop in Since August I’m pretty sure. It’s a great app for sure!!!
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