Diner DASH Adventures

4.4 (70.4K)
277.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Glu Games LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Diner DASH Adventures

4.37 out of 5
70.4K Ratings
4 years ago, itunes 2008
Great game; requires patience
For fans of the classic Diner Dash, and for new fans, this is a great game. It has a nice story, albeit with some cheesy dialogue. It is a “freemium” game. It DOES NOT require you to pay to play. Every day, there are “daily deals” which allow you to collect gems, coins, power ups, or character hearts. There is always one free deal, usually a handful of gems. The other deals are paid for using the in-game currency. To play a level, you need “supplies.” Your supply meter is full at 50, and each level requires 10 supplies to play. It can be tedious to earn enough gems and coins for upgrades, but if you are patient, you don’t need to spend any actual money. This game simply does what every other freemium game does: prey on impatience. The gems can be earned through “ad offers.” They are sometimes buggy, but you will earn the gems 95% of the time. Be on the lookout for 2x gem promos on these ad offers. They pay dividends! For coins, find a level that earns a lot of coins, and just replay it. I’ve been playing this game for months, and I haven’t spent any money on it. I’ve also earned max stars on all levels. All the bad reviews appear to be written by impatient whiners. My hope is that people will see past those, give the game a chance, and be patient. If you’re short on time, it will take you a while to advance, but that doesn’t make the game any less fun.
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3 years ago, Wizen1
Only Worth It You’re Willing to Pay Money
I’ve given this game a year. I actually love the concept of the game, but unless you willing to shell out a bit of money, you’ll never win a competition, you won’t get hardly any of the special characters, and what finally did it for me is that every time you play a new House of Thorns or boat event they start you over with new items that start at zero so all the coins and gems you pay out leveling up aren’t useful at any future event. I have spent cash on this game; probably more than my son pays on one video game that he gets to keep everything as he progresses. I even broke down for the current event and spent the money for the “Special Menu” and started with 100 gems (saved them for two weeks) and I’m still not going to get close to the top spots in the events. The other major issue I have is that in the Food Truck events you earn all this “cash” that you can’t do anything with other than upgrade stuff in the trucks. After awhile you have to pay so many gems for the updates that you are stuck so you don’t get to keep your earned money because you are “maxed out” (can you imagine if they did that in real life). The game has just become stagnant because it’s just starting over again and again. It’s fun for about six months so if that’s what you’re looking for you might enjoy this game. If you’re looking for a long-term enjoyable game that you can build on, this is not it.
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3 years ago, Ollytoad
Fun game, but buggy
As one reviewer put it, you don't need to drop any money in to play the game, you'll just be playing levels repeatedly until you get enough free gems to get the upgrades you need. Which I did for a few months, because the levels are well-designed, characters are unique, and the music is easy to listen to. But the bugs in the game test my patience on this. glu mobile as partnered with Tapjoy to bring free gems through completing actions such as opening ads, completing surveys, or making outside purchases. This helps with f2p, but getting in and out of the Tapjoy menu is a hassle because it is slow and freezes often. Luckily, the gems you earned get mailed if you have to close the game. If you try to watch an ad within the game to earn free gems, coins, or 30 more seconds, the ads sometimes "load" infinitely and you're forced to close the game and lose all the progress on the level you played and the play-energy used. Other quality of life issues include the clippy loading screen on launch and the slow or laggy camera movement when trying to scroll across the map (which only gets bigger and laggier as you advance in the game). It's a good game that's easy to get into, but also one that gets repetitive and is easy to move on from.
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3 years ago, ImNotHangry
Monetization Designer needs to be fired. Greedy game.
I’ve always been a fan of Diner Dash. I’ve been playing this version for awhile now and while it’s a somewhat enjoyable game, it’s very obviously about monetizing as much as possible and comes across as a really sleazy used car salesmen or the goons in this game. They need to hire the monetization designers from games like Fire Emblem Heroes or Final Fantasy Brave EXVIUS where I actually don’t mind paying for things in the games because they weren’t sleazily trying to squeeze the money out of me. I paid for the games because I wanted to support it. Positive things. Not negative. I don’t want to bitterly give you money because that’s what I need to win...because I’ll be less willing to. I want to give you money because it’s a good game that I have fun with and enjoy and deserves support. The positive aspects of this game is that the art is cute, the music is fun, and the actual game design isn’t bad but I feel is hampered by the predatory monetization aspect. Instead of some levels being about skill in resource management, it’s more about upgrades... Update: With the addition of Skillet Mode, it’s much easier to earn gems. I’ve added an additional star to my review as it seems like they’re less greedy. I’ve also put more money into the game too.
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4 years ago, Brianna A. Duncan
A Good Start
This was turning into what could potentially be my favorite game. I’ve already spent over and hour playing it and I just started! And that’s big because I’m not a big game person. But the moment you shortened my time to play? You basically lost me. I get that you have to rig the system to try to get people to buy from your shop like with more supplies, keys, or diamonds. But randomly putting a time limit? Here I am just serving the customers and having a grand old time, when my fun is cut short because “closing time”. First of all, in the real world, If I had already seated the customer and their food had already been ordered, they can stay past closing. They don’t get thrown out because it’s time to close. I’m sure a lot of workers wish that’s how it really works, but it doesn’t. And secondly, you rigged the system to where there is no possible way to finish that round without having to buy more time. There are ways to get around not buying the diamonds, but earning them. There are way to choose the fix you want without using keys. And there is even a time limit for the supplies so you don’t have to buy more. The “store hours”, if you will, is the final straw. So much potential. But you just lost a player. I know corporate doesn’t mind one player when they have 1,000’s-1,000,000’s of players. It’s just sad because I truly liked this game. And that’s rare.
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2 years ago, sartek7
Never enough gems
You earn gems to upgrade for more hearts and coins. BUT you are always short of gems. When you DO earn gems when finishing a level, they put them in a piggy bank and save them for you to buy for actual cash - currently $2.99 for the 40 you earned. You can earn one when the ad watch is triggered, or for a daily quest completion when 1 gem is the reward, when a random boost appears that will drop extra gems (usually 1-2), and a few free in the store each refresh of the store. But this game only improves when you spend gems for upgrades. You cannot progress very far without those upgrades. Example - you need to earn 100 coins to advance. Without upgrading you will always be 34 coins short, even with boosts activated, trying different strategies (which can sometimes get you closer to the 100 and maybe 1 or two coins over, but not usually), because you haven’t upgraded at least one item or character (and you typically need to upgrade at least 2) to generate those extra coins. And what do you need to upgrade items? Gems and sometimes coins as well. So you will always be gem-poor and coin-rich and stuck at a level unable to progress until you either buy gems in the store, buy back your hard-earned gems locked in a piggy bank, or accumulate the free gems over several days. So play on after spending actual money or great lengths of time to accumulate gems to spend no money.
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5 years ago, DCFoxracing101
Give this game a chance
So in light of all the bad reviews, I have to give a good one. I never review games either because I’m a lazy person when it comes to that. I gave this game a 5 star review. All the people complaining seem to be the impatient people playing this game. It’s pay to win ONLY if you’re impatient. I’ve only spent $10 max on this game and that’s because I was impatient the day I spent it. This is the game I’ve spent the most time on out of all my games and just beat all the story 2 days ago. You absolutely do not need to spend money to beat the game or the story. Every time a notification pops up about there being new deals in the store, I log on and grab the gems from there. They even made the first deal free for you people complaining after the first few months of it being out. The second deal to buy is IN GAME COINS, not real money to buy the gems. So if you’re a patient person and you’re interested in this game, ignore the bad reviews and play it. Everyone wants a trophy today but no one wants to put in the work to get there. Developers, I’m really looking forward to the VIP you’re putting in the game. I already buy the VIP every week for Kingdom Hearts mobile game. Also thanks for making this game and keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, cubeinthesky
Great game, but yea, you’ll spend money.
I’ve played every Diner Dash game and most of the iterations (Wedding Dash etc) since they debuted so I got this game the minute I got a new phone. It has the same fun and gameplay of the other Dash games (although what the heck happened to Flo and why is she now a sharp-faced witchy looking redhead?) and I’ve given it 4 stars for that. But yes, it’s pay to play. It’s not if you are the type of person who wants to play for about 20 minutes and stop. On other games like this you only lose a life if you lose the round, but on this game you lose lives even for winning. Your lives run out in about 20 minutes and then you can spend gems or money to fill them. Free gems are offered but not enough to cover say a 2 hour playing session. If you don’t upgrade products you can’t progress in the game and the products become outrageously expensive. Even farming rounds over and over you don’t have enough and need to buy gems to upgrade. They need to either A) make you only lose lives if you don’t pass the round and lower the cost of upgrades or B) offer a ‘buy full version’ like they always did. A little suspicious that that isn’t an option at all on this game. I’ve spent quite a bit to keep playing this as much as I do.
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3 years ago, Jkjkkqndkwak
Listen, I’m never the type to leave a bad review or even review a game at all. So if I go out of my way to review a game it’s because it’s really good or really bad. In this case it’s really bad. The whole dynamic of the game is messed up. Firstly, I’m going to start with the star system. So you play rounds to earn stars to complete upgrades in the town / restaurant. Cool. Also comes with an upgrade shop where you can spend your coins on upgrades to make more money. Cool. Here’s what’s not cool. After you upgrade all your kitchen / restaurant properties the first time it then requires diamonds on the second level upgrade or higher. Diamonds ARE REALLY HARD TO EARN. You’ll get like 5 a day tops. Each upgrade is like coins and 3-5 diamonds getting higher and higher as you upgrade. But you’ll KEEP playing cause what else are you supposed to do. But then you get to higher levels that you won’t be able to earn all your stars because your upgrades aren’t good enough to keep up with the standards of the customers AND the level requirements that get your stars. So they make it REALLY hard to advance unless your sitting there for hours OR you pay. Ofc. These games always want money money money... it’s pathetic. Just make the game playable at least. A waste of time in my opinion. ON TOP OF THIS... the other diner dash games that were actually FUN are now removed from the App Store. Classic empire move. Play cooking dash at least.. but this game... don’t bother
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4 years ago, MookieTheOreoCat
Game might have a bug or 2
I like this one better because I personally like having to do the cooking levels instead of the puzzles Iike many others. This game is pretty good, I like that while fixing up the city you can pick from different options. What I have been noticing lately that I’m not a fan of is when you finish a level, the bar in the top corner shows how many stars you earned like it usually shows for me that I got 1 star. But then once your supposed to get them it almost never gives me one, it only gives me coins. It even showed that I got 2 stars on the bar once then it showed I only got one, but as soon as the stars went in, it went from 1 to 3. It’s annoying that it shows me I get stars but then give me none. This hasn’t started since yesterday and I’ve only had the game for a few days so far. There are also diamonds, but they can be hard to get and to upgrade anything or anyone it can cost up to 6, but this number could go up. It takes awhile just to get one but then you can lose lots of them just upgrading one thing. Then unfortunately, this effects your level, and you have a higher chance of not getting anything.
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5 years ago, Wiccanwoman01
Ok first I just wanna say I don’t usually leave bad reviews. Usually if I don’t like an app I just delete it and move on, but since there was such poor customer service I thought I would warn others. First I want to say that I really wanted to like this app. I was a huge Diner Dash fan, which is why I downloaded the app in the first place. I can confirm what the other reviews say about not being able to advance without spending actual money is true. It is expected with a play to win game, but early on in the game you reach the level of having to pay just to advance in the game. I had won 45 min. of free game play. I was 10 min. into the free gameplay, and set it down to grab a drink which took about 5 min. (Honestly took less than that) Anyways, when I sat back down I had lost all my free play. I tried to reach out to customer support to fix this error. They replied pretty fast, but basically called me a liar, and refused to fix the error. This fix wouldn’t have costed them anything, and honestly I would probably still be playing. I don’t have a problem with pay to plays, and usually spend money every month on my favorite apps buying things, but I won’t take being called a liar. I’m not the kind of person that would lie just to get things as I’m a gown adult that spends money each month on digital purchases. If you’re a Diner Dash fan like me, don’t waste your time on this app!
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3 years ago, KayKay0127
Game not working right,Game want load & it will take your lives,Stealing Gems
You guys be stealing gems that we get when we do offers and than we write about it you still don’t give us our gems and than you start ignoring people when they contact you guys and write about how we can’t open up the game and we can’t play any games, I have wrote about lives I paid fir with my real money and I lost them either by your game stopping and restarting on its on. Some items in the game don’t work they be locked, It’s just not right to take hard earn money from us why we going through a pandemic. Than I wrote you guys a week and 1 day ago and still having heard anything back from you guys. It’s cool you got free money off me and said forget me, because you all not worried about us paying our money for Gems that get took from us are bags that is lives that we pay for that get took from us. I just don’t understand why nobody having said I’M SORRY and tried to Fixs my issue I been playing your game since 2018 and this how I get treated. Guys if you looking for a game like this and people that care about your feelings and what’s going on within they game “PLAY COOKING DIARY” You will think me later. I really can’t believe you all done me like this. I guess I got to try to see if my bank would give me my money back now that I spent with you all and let my bank come after you all for they money.
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2 years ago, HunterMD-H2O
Usually good game
Latest update added “Father Time” scenario. Each time I try to play this imbedded series, I get an error that I lost connection……reload. I cannot play this scenario, and it only plays for 21 days. I haven’t been able to play it for two days now. I will not be able to accomplish what I want out of that scenario if you don’t fix the problem. I can play other areas of the game without “lost connection”. Edited 2/2/22: Really upset right now! For the last few days, this has happened 2-4 times each day…. While playing, everything seems fine until suddenly in the middle of dashing around, everything stalls mid stride. Sometimes the characters will move a step or two again in a Jersey motion, then the app closes. Meanwhile, I have lost all of the stuff I was using for that scene. I have lost several of my allowed tries at the Game of Thorns scene, and I have lost several of each of my bonus items (fast flow, quick customer, color match) not to mention when I had achieved my goals or I should have received diamonds. None of that gets recorded before it closes, and when you reboot, it is as if you didn’t earn anything and you lost all your bonus/tools. Really starting to irritate me enough to stop playing (and I have been playing this for years)
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5 years ago, Kcharles2010
It’s kinda fun
It’s a fun game, however, the daily goals are ridiculous and impossible to finish. I don’t have 50 gems every day to spend on upgrades, people, or anything and everything else that cost gems. You know, some games make you use just coins for upgrades.. Please fix the daily goals, they are impossible to complete without spending real money everyday, too much real money for very little gems. I’m not paying $5 for 1 upgrade worth of gems. I might spend $2 for 50 gems, but not $5 for 20 gems. Might as well say “for every dollar you spend, you relieve 1 gem!” Everything in this game requires gems. This game isn’t hard at all, it’s just gem hungry and stops you from having fun because there is almost no way to earn gems, except the daily goals, which I nor anybody with no money can complete. This is the first game I’ve played that makes you spend your gems on what they want, not what you think will make the game fun. Everybody wants money, stop being selfish, make this game playable and fun, not restricted and demanding. This world is hard enough as it is, games help to distract us and make us feel accomplished, stop taking away the heart of gaming and replacing it with gems and greed, and make a great game actually worth time and money.
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4 years ago, Zldnosnsk
So much fun & easy to progress without breaking your wallet
Games like this are a rarity in the mobile app world. It’s fun and you can successfully progress without having to spend money. And the game doesn’t become less fun if you progress without spending money like most mobile games would do. I enjoyed Cooking Dash and a lot of the fun elements for that game definitely transferred here. Not to mention that they offer free gems every day several times throughout the day so you can easily save up for upgrades. And challenges allow you to earn gems easily as well. If I had to make one complaint though, it would be nice if each level didn’t automatically set boosts if you happen to have them. There have been multiple times where I accidentally started a level with a boost I didn’t want to use because I forgot to unselect it. I personally think that the boosts should be manually set if you want to use them. Or at least the option be presented in the settings for you to decide if boosts will be applied automatically based on whether or not you have them or manually activated prior to starting a level.
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4 years ago, Game shuts downs
Fun game could use some improvements
This is overall a fun game that is easy to advance with some patience. I think there are adequate ways to play without spending money. Gems are available for free throughout the day and by watching videos. I enjoy the game and I’ve finished all of the star levels so at this point I’m just working on the VIP levels and saving to upgrade. This is good because it gives me a reason to play while waiting on the next update. Overall it’s a nice game to play quickly to pass a bit of time or take a break during the day. I do wish that when a timed bonus is achieved you could choose when to start it. It is frustrating to win the bonus only to have it be wasted because you are out of groceries. I’ve tried not to claim the bonus until Im ready but it’s easy to do by accident. The other thing I don’t like is that the boosts are automatically checked so they have to be removed each time before starting a level. I would rather choose when to use them and I will never buy one because it’s too easy to use them inadvertently.
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5 years ago, Magsc1987
More frustrating than fun
I love all the Diner Dash games, so I hate to give 2 star review but after reading some of the other reviews on here all I can say is SAME. I was so excited to play this game but after weeks of grinding to get diamonds I have reached my limit. I complete every daily challenge possible, log in throughout the day while I’m at work to get offers from the store and I still cannot catch up on upgrades. Today for instance I completed my daily bonus challenges and am awarded 15 minutes diamond rush. Awesome, this is where customers have a chance to drop diamonds when playing levels. Too bad for me because I have 0 groceries to play anymore levels now since I had already played my 50 groceries previously which took a whopping 5-7 minutes!!! In 20 minutes I’ll have enough groceries to play 1 level which takes 2 minutes to compete but guess what no diamond bonus because that perk will be over by then! So to summarize levels are entirely too short, diamonds are a pain to get, upgrades eventually get ridiculously expensive (10-12 diamonds to upgrade something then realize you won’t even serve that in the next chapter) please balance the game out and I will gladly spend $2.99 on 20 diamonds if I knew it would get me more than 1 or 2 upgrades
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5 years ago, CJlove1981
Very unfair
The game was really fun at first. But after a few level your upgrades cost most of your gold and basically all of your gems. You have to upgrade everything. Stuff in the restaurant, relationships with customers and so on. If you don’t upgrade the equipment, things don’t move fast enough for you to complete the level. If you don’t upgrade your relationships with customers, you don’t earn enough hearts to complete the level. If you don’t have enough time to earn the right amount of hearts you can’t move on. And upgrading just the equipment or just the relationships isn’t enough. You need to upgrade both to complete the levels. When you only receive one or two gems once in a while and have to upgrade two or three things that take 2 or 3 gems each it’s impossible. Unless you buy gems. You can buy 20 gems for $2 and after about 3 or 4 upgrades your gems are gone. Then one or two levels later it’s time to upgrade again or you won’t win. You can also complete tasks on bogus websites designed to spam you but they don’t work. I did one and never received my gems. I won’t be playing anymore unless changes are made that it’s either easier to get gems, you get more gems for your buck or less upgrades. This game was not designed to just make a small profit. It was designed for greed and nothing else.
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3 years ago, V. Marie
Ruined by the updates and subsequent massive downloads
The actual game is enjoyable but every time the app has an update, there’s always a massively frustrating, timely and ridiculous downloads that follow. The app already has problems due to their servers not being able to handle the game as is, and the load that they put onto the user is just unacceptable. I put off downloading the most recent update because I knew that the the update would have a subsequent download that takes forever and I was right. I kept the app open for 30 minutes and only 2 parts had downloaded, but the rest of the sections were still halfway finished and remained that way. The app will not allow you to play until you download whatever update has been put out, and the packages have been increasingly cumbersome and timely. I play other games and I update them regularly but I never experience this kind of issue, even if there’s an additional download that has to download after the update, only this one. It’s very ridiculous and ruins everything to the point that I’m about to delete it from my phone, because more and more these updates are just unacceptably and massively frustrating. Why would a gameplay developer pass that kind of data requirement onto their users?
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3 years ago, seench
Longtime fan… but not with this one
Let me start by saying I’ve always been a fan of diner dash, cooking dash, miss management and the other dash games. I gave it a shot, really. You need to get enough stars to move on? That’s fine. You need tons of gems to upgrade to get stars to progress the story? Still fine. What really got me is chapter 4 when you start helping out the hotel owner. This decrepit hotel needed help, and one of the many tasks is to fix the lawn mower, which requires a star. After the lawn mower is fixed, Flo needs to mow the lawn, which requires another star. First of all. Why is Flo the one mowing the lawn? And this hotel owner has the audacity to joke that she missed a spot? Excuse me? The beginning tasks felt like nice favors for neighbors, but this particular chapter just feels like she’s getting hustled. And so are we. Because the game is set up where it’s extremely difficult to earn gems. You can probably get an average of 5 gems per day, and most upgrades cost anywhere from 2-15 gems. Most of the tougher levels definitely need several upgrades to complete. So if you’re okay going at a snail’s pace (or paying for gems), while feeling unappreciated by the game characters… well then I suppose this game is for you.
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5 years ago, Monster jammm
Love the game, hate my bank account
I’ve always loved Diner Dash & always will but I think the creators need to start listening to the reviewers. For every solo complaint about the cost & time spent advancing, there are plenty more dashers not speaking up because not everyone likes to take the time to write a review, or considers leaving a review to be a hassle. (Let’s be honest, clicking stars or “Not now,” is way easier.) I’m not denying that I haven’t purchased gems, but I’ve reached a point of shame realizing how much time & money I’ve spent with a lesser return from the game & its creators. & come to find out other dashers have complained about this for a while now? I feel a little foolish, for sure. But hey, if I don’t pay someone will, right Diner Dash? I’m just about done adding to this cash cow. & having to wait for my energy to be refilled only makes me search for new games to play in the meantime. There will come a day when other games will fulfill my interest for more rapid gameplay & the Diner Adventures app will be quivering with the other games of my past as I make more room on my phone. Guess it’s a good thing this app company dabbles in more than just the Diner Dash fandom, otherwise they’d do something about this. Bummer.
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4 years ago, Dml1995
Needs to be a little better
It’s fun but after awhile it gets frustrating. Everything cost gems but gems come slowly. The first upgrade of everything should be strictly coins and after that it shouldn’t be 8 gems just to upgrade something. It should be way more attainable. I even do the daily goals, daily deals, AND daily deliveries as well as watching ads with offers to maximize my gem count and it can still be unrealistic. Sometimes you’re offered one gem from each of those so that’s only 4 and then you have to wait at least 8 hours for another gem. It can take three days just to get 8 gems at times. Second- I’m at the fish shack on the ocean and I have upgraded everything at least once and still can’t pass certain levels. I upgraded two items at once and STILL couldn’t pass levels getting anymore stars or anything. I even have three days of free play (almost over) and can’t get anywhere. Third- the specials levels shouldn’t cost gems to upgrade stuff. You already don’t get enough. I’ve played beatrix’s day off multiple times and I’ve passed three levels all together because you can’t get anywhere without upgrading, same with game of thorns. It’s ridiculous.
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4 years ago, So. So bel
New Status
My first review, which should have been sent two month ago, but just got sent. My new review is that as the game grows, obviously, glitches are happening more frequently and there will be more complaints to sift through, so customer service response gets slower, fine. My issue is, customer support is getting Way worse. It’s not the timing that is the issue, it’s that the support team has gone from apologetic and helpful, to accusatory. Doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, it’s always, “there’s nothing in our record that indicate...” or “sorry, try this...” even when you Literally Just told them that’s what you did”, or even “that’s how the game is...” when you play everyday and know that isn’t true. What happened to “sorry, here are a couple gems for your patience and helping notify us of the issues you’re encountering”? I’m not asking for a lot, just good quality customer service. I work in customer service, your’s Isn’t good, and it’s getting worse. I’m one more bad experience with your customer service team away from deleting this And your other dash game from my phone and all devices I own. Stop outsourcing, or better train your employees. It’s not hard to say sorry instead of just telling is we’re playing the game wrong.
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5 years ago, DanielleLemons
Can’t advance without buying upgrades
I loved the old diner dash, even had the computer game years ago. This however is to trick you into thinking it’s Diner Dash to only give you tiny little levels where to get to more levels you have to play the same levels over and over after you beat them to get more stars and can only beat them if you upgrade items. It’s not based off skill at all, which is frustrating. The game itself would be less frustrating if you didn’t have to play the same 1 minute levels over and over to advance and had the option to skip the stupid story line all together. I don’t understand why game developers would incorporate these other game factors in a time management game?! Makes no sense? People playing this game aren’t captivated by what’s happening with the stars and improving the town, they’re playing the game for the actual diner dash game. From the sounds of all these reviews it’d be more beneficial to come out with a paid classic version of the game, as myself, and others it appears, would shell out the money for that. I will however not shell out money to play the same 1 minute levels over and over and then when you get to a new chapter it goes back to super easy even if it’s the 3rd chapter.
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2 years ago, de5ertflwr
Getting too expensive to play!!!
First….I LOVE this game!! I’ve been playing for years. However, new items added every chapter and every venue is impossible to do with the money and gems you’ve collected/earned while playing the game!! I have spent $30+ this month!?!? The sad thing is that it still wasn’t enough to level the new items and equipment to the top level!!!! It won’t happen again!! As I’m playing a different venue I started resenting the game and contemplating wether to play next month’s new restaurant venue!! Btw… how about something other than a restaurant?? Things to do/accomplish??? To play the game without buying gems is impossible!! The prices on the timed 4 assorted game cash items to buy are finally lowered so thank you for that!! The game is so clever!! But you have to do something about adding 4 new items every chapter and 4 new pieces of equipment on every venue!!!! I used to be able to play without purchasing anything and have 3 stars on every level!! Those days are gone!! I hope something changes!!
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4 years ago, S.A. Luna
Nice game, but...
The servers keep having issues, and because of this, a handful of my boosts and keys I accumulated by playing the game and by purchasing have disappeared. It’s quite annoying. Especially when I have to be the one burdened to prove that the game has issues. Thankfully, I recorded when it happened. I just need to know who to address. The only game I have yet to encounter any issues with is the Sims FreePlay. Why can’t all apps follow their lead when it comes to avoiding bugs and other issues that end up cheating us out of our money and time? I’ve played that game since 2016. Not once have any of my items/currency disappeared, nor have they had any server problems. I’ve only been playing DDA for less than a month. On a more positive note, I will commend the musical composers of this game. Diner Dash has always had catchy tunes since I played the game on PC way back when. Anyway, I don’t know who to reach out to or what can be done about these issues, but I refuse to purchase anymore gem/coin currency packs and I would recommend others not to do so either until they can maybe reassure that the game will stop crashing and stealing our purchased/earned items. It’s theft.
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4 years ago, britneyb¡tch
Really great game just a few things I don’t like.
I have been playing this game for over a year now. I love Flo and diner dash games, I’ve been playing them for years. I love the storylines, the new characters and challenges. Game of thrones is fun but I’ve bought so many upgrades including money that I still can’t ever place in the top 10 even. The breakfast truck with Shakes I thought was a super cool idea. But it’s so hard to level up things and stay on top of making food for your truck to run, half the time I don’t even play that even when it happens. Another thing is I always end up waiting weeks for the next levels. I understand I may play the game faster than developers can make which is why I’m super happy there are other levels to the game I can play while waiting. Normally when this happens I’ll just log on for my daily bonuses and wait patiently for a new chapter to begin after awhile. I’ll continue to play because I love watching the story line and seeing all the new things we can build in dinertown. I’ll be willing to change my rating if things improve because I really want to give it 5 plus stars! 💜💜💜
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5 years ago, Sile5
The worst customer support experience I’ve ever had
I’m not going to say that the game isn’t fun cause it is, I really enjoy playing it. However, the customer support for this app is horrendous. I’ve spent multiple days just trying to get a glitch that happened to be fixed to no avail. I had to repeat the same things multiple times because the support person continually gave me answers for things I wasn’t inquiring about and/or weren’t even related to my issue. On top of being just frustrating in the handling of the issue they didn’t end up fixing my issue and essentially told me that they wouldn’t fix it and it was my fault for a glitch that occurred with their game. As long as you never have an issue where customer support is needed the game is totally worth playing but if you do need them you better not get your hopes up that they will actually listen to you or fix anything. TLDR: support ignores your issue, frustrating experience, won’t fix issue. Fun game otherwise Edit: after reading other reviews it looks like a lot of people have experienced the same issues as me. I’d also like to note that it took the customer rep hours to respond which is why this issue took days to “resolve” which really just means my customer rep implying I was lying multiple times
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3 years ago, Taytarhonda
Slow to add more adventures
Very disappointed!!! I’ve been playing this game for a few years every day, or night, and loved it. I’ve actually pay for the gems with my actual money in order to buy boosters, mainly for the food truck tournaments, so I have a better chance of placing 1st-3rd place. I also buy packages so I can get more coins to decorate or advance further in my Town. With the Food Truck Tournaments my screen tend to freeze up at least a couple times during the 1 and a half days the tournament lasts. When it freezes up I end up losing out on the Chef Hat, Quick Customer Booster and the order up boosters which I PAID FOR with my own money. Customer service was good about reimbursements a few times, now the last message they sent me after I requested reimbursement for the lost boosters, they refused to reimburse me. They actually basically accused me of lying because they said they seen my history or requests…! NOT MY FAULT their game freezes up, and how cheap of them not to reimburse someone who spends a lot of money on their game!! I am not going continue to contribute and Support their game, especially after making accusations that I’m not being truthful. Really?!? All over a few boosters that costs them NOTHING.
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5 years ago, AlexandriaGWB
Cheated out of diamonds
So it’s obvious that this game (which I love) uses too many diamonds. What uses the most is to continue a level. 9 diamonds for just a few more seconds. It’s ridiculous. That’s why I would never use my hard earned diamonds to do that. I was playing a game and my time ran out like it has many times before and the screen popped up to use more diamonds or end the game. (Which the use 9 diamonds is a large button while the end game now is a smaller one. Like obviously they want you too accidentally hit the larger button.) Well I accidentally hit the use more diamonds which didn’t worry me at first because I thought well it’ll verify that I want to do that but then my game immediately started were I left off. I submitted an email explaining what happened and the customer service person albeit in a nice way called me a liar. They said it always ask. Well, it didn’t. They also told me if that didn’t take care of the problem, submit a new ticket. So I tried that, not to be rude but to explain more, and there’s no way to submit another one. I love this game and this is my only problem I’ve ever had but I can’t afford to let those diamonds go for a level I’m going to lose no matter what.
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3 years ago, cece121500
Probably will delete
I’m giving it two stars for a couple different reasons. At first I would have given it 4-5 stars because I liked how it wasn’t just the diner you could slowly open a whole map and design things but then once I got farther in the game I’d win 2-3 stars and it would give me 1 or none at all it’s done that at least 5 times now and then on the grandma vine game or whatever it is I played a game 3 times in a row each time getting a score over 600 and winning all 3 flowers but every time at the end it would tell me connection error when I never disconnected from WiFi and everything was fine and I’d have to restart and do the same level over even though it took my dash things and didn’t award me with the flowers so I essentially wasted my dashes and diamonds do get those dashes. I’ve put a lot of money into this game and I don’t EVER purchase things in a game but for some reason I wanted to on this and I enjoyed it up until it started doing this to me. I’m probably going to end up deleting it if it doesn’t get resolved and my stuff isn’t rewarded or my things are returned especially the things I paid literal money for and they were taken.
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4 years ago, freeBeliever
Still New?
Unfinished may be the right word, or maybe I’m just hopeful. All the bad reviews are about the money grabbing system of requiring hard to come by diamonds for everything, which is why I came here too. The showcased great reviews are defending this system by implying patience is the remedy. I was told never to point out a problem without offering a solution so here it is. I am patient, and I played for three days patiently taking every given opportunity for free diamonds as suggested. This may work, if you want days worth of progression needlessly stretched into months. On principle, though, I shouldn’t have to use diamonds for upgrades that the game cannot progress without. On principle, I shouldn’t be losing upwards of 30+ diamonds I earn with every star to an already full piggy bank. On principle, this game should give an alternative to using diamond. Expensive coin cost OR diamond, expensive coin trade FOR diamonds, diamonds for exclusive appeal items ONLY (like the idea behind keys’ use in town upgrades). Coming from a very patient person, this app is the start of a good game with an unfortunate paywall barring the enjoyment of the casual player. A flop, by mobile game standards.
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5 years ago, Roarkshop
Cool concept poorly executed.
I loved all the old diner dash games, and this is more of a tribute to that. It takes lots of ideas from better games and shoved them all together into a game that has short levels, is mostly about the extra faffing around, and has not real meat to the challenges. The times levels are so short they’re clearly just designed to get you to spend boosts and tokens to play them. It was a good idea, but so obviously exploitative and eager to get you to pay real money that I only played a to the second chapter before I got sick of all the stuff. We play diner dash because of the levels, not because we want to spend a bunch of time picking flowers and stuff. And the levels are so laughably short and easy this game was obviously made for kids with itchy micropayment fingers rather than for anyone else. Not worth the time. Play the old diner dash to relive the glory days because this will not scratch that itch. I would rather have payed 5$ to just hug the game and get to play the whole thing but this pretending this game is free to play is a joke. Either make a game or a micropayment factory. I don’t mind paying for a game but be upfront about it don’t act like it’s free and then make it impossible to continue without purchasing stuff. Not worth the time or the money.
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5 years ago, KAPPAWE
It’s a great game I give it 4/5 stars the reason I gave it 4 and not 5 is because it gets kinda repetitive on the upgrading part after awhile. It’s not really how good your reflects/ or how quick you are it has to do more on how good your upgrades are if that makes sense. And I also wish they would work on the gems part because without them you can’t really do anything like rn I have to wait until it gives me a chance to get gems. At this moment I have over 6K coins and 0 gems and I’m just here stuck just waiting I hope it gives you more chances on getting gems. Ik you can go to a place where it gives you more options on getting gems but most of them have to do by buying something by your credit card or for example a few of them tell you to give them your opinion on something and I was like okay sounds simple enough after I gave my opinion it ask me to put my name my address how old I was my credit card of which I don’t have and I was like why would you need a credit card and other personal stuff of which I didn’t feel comfortable giving please fix the gem problem I really like this kind of game.
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3 years ago, Jjjjjjjjcastro
Fun Game!
I really love this game and have been playing for over a year now. The only problem I have and why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there have been glitches for the last 2 months or so. I have been playing the food truck and then when my time is up it says to watch an ad for 3 more seconds. I do so but after the ad it freezes. So, then I have to exit completely and when I get back on it doesn’t save my progress but it uses one of my 5 game tokens to play. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it at least saved my progress before it froze. Also, the new Father’s Day game started yesterday and every time I try to play it I’m told that my internet connection was lost. I have yet to have a chance to play it because it keeps spazzing out and I know for a fact that it is not my internet because it has happened every time no matter where I’m at. I love this game and hope that those glitches can get worked out because it is very frustrating when that happens and I just close the game.
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4 years ago, Bulldog232004
Must use real money to advance
I don’t write reviews for anything. It’s rare. I used to play diner dash and games like wedding dash and all those old versions, which were always really good and kept me hooked on them. I downloaded this because I just had to try it. It was fun at first but now I have to spend real money just to advance? It’s really ridiculous. I have already spent money twice in hopes of being able to progress further and just get one more star.. I can’t find any way of earning gems to get further. The levels are impossible to pass without gems.. you have to have gems to upgrade anything to help you get stars.. don’t waste your money like I did.. it doesn’t last and you get maybe one star further and then you have to spend more money. If you can get free gems.. you can maybe earn one unless you want subscribe to some stupid ads to get more, so in turn, setting yourself up for spam. Makes me mad that they took such a good game and made it impossible to get far without spending money. Money hungry much? If that was going to be the case, you should have just had it a app you had to pay for to begin with. 😡
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5 years ago, Jenniler123
First I love time management games and especially the Diner Dash series. They are addictive and it’s how I unwind. So Diner Dash has a new game - I am on board to play. I go in and start playing. It gets to the point I want to purchase gold and coins so I can advance my goals. Now I regularly will spend money playing games. The PROBLEM with this game is that the game would accept my payment but I never got the gold bundle. I re-tried the transaction - it charged me a second time and again I did not get the gold bundle. I contacted CUSTOMER CARE and they requested screen shots of my receipt and bank record. My bank shot had it showing as pending (but money is out of my actual bank account balance TWICE now). It’s clearly Diner Dash Gold Bundle - clearly two transactions right on top of each other. Screenshot of my game clearly shows no gold - no gold spent. They respond since it’s pending they can’t help and that they do not actually handle the purchases and they really can’t help me. Well as you start playing - and really want to get into it you need extra gold and coins to advance to the next level. Now I’m nervous to play and use the in-app purchase for gold and I and ANGRY that they took the money twice and I got robbed twice of nice gold bundle packages!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!!!
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10 months ago, DAve98chevy
Extreme Lagging
I love this game, let me say that first. But in the last month, it has gotten ridiculous how much it is lagging and costing me turns. Just now I had the game freeze and need to restart five times in ten minutes. During the last monthly restaurant, I would use turns and not even be able to play. The level would start and the customers just stand right in the middle of the restaurant. You couldn’t see orders, distribute food, and when done, the screen would freeze. But you never got the turns back. I’ve lost many “power ups” like Fast Flo, because I select them for a level that turns out to be unplayable. I don’t get my turn or the power up back. I’ve had days where the game is literally unplayable. Not to mention the new daily changing restaurant for the game. Now instead of being able to advance by purchasing upgrades to one restaurant to advance, you have different ones daily. So you either purchase more diamonds to upgrade each one or skip the day and hope the next level is one you have done before. I have spent so much on this game and love it, but it’s so frustrating now, and it’s feeling like a money grab.
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4 years ago, Socks2525
Don’t bother
I play a lot of cooking games and I spend money. I do not mind spending money on games. I figure it’s a business like any other. But this game has gotten excessive. It does not matter how many gems you buy, you will never have enough. At least with other games, you win a gem or something for completing a level. On this one - sometimes you “win” a gem that goes in a piggy bank that you can BUY, so you didn’t really “win” anything. It’s a decent price, but ridiculous if you think about it. You rarely win gems and you may get them by watching videos. I say may because often you win more coins or the gem is not actually rewarded. Also, the idea of a game is to have fun. It’s no longer fun when levels are only attainable by busting out the credit card. A healthy balance is good. Sure, can the gems add up? Yes, but then an upgrade will cost a hell of a lot more. I usually do not even bother writing a bad review. I simply delete the app and move on. But I just thought I would try to warn maybe a couple of people before you spent your money. Again, it’s pretty sad when you are losing people who actually don’t mind spending money on games when you have gotten too greedy and are nickel and dining (intentional) them to death.
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5 years ago, Stargazer363
Ok, but could be improved.
The game starts out fun, but you can only play for a limited time before it forces you to either buy time with money or buy gems to upgrade your diner and food or you absolutely will not be able to beat the level. You reach this point very quickly and it’s frustrating. I’ve played a lot of diner dash games and this one has the most “pay to play” feel. You hit a point where you have to just grind away at the daily events to get enough gems to maybe possibly finally beat a level, only to hit the exact same wall with the next level. If I’m having fun with a game, I often will shell out a couple bucks for extra gems, etc, but not when the game is so obviously designed to force you to spend money to keep playing. It also automatically uses your boosts that you’ve earned so that when you really need them, you’re out and have to pay to buy more. I’m honestly pretty disappointed with the way it’s structured. It could be a really really fun game. It’s a shame they’ve decided to structure it like this. I’d rather pay a couple bucks for the game at the start than have all the micro transactions.
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5 years ago, Piplula
Die Hard Flo Fan...but
I have been playing Diner Dash forever. I love the graphics, the story, etc. However, earning gems/coins/etc. is darn near impossible without paying for them. I’d watch a video to earn boosts/gems/coins like other apps. You do have the opportunity to earn free coins, but it’s for things I’m not going to sign up for-making a purchase from a vendor, take a poll that never ends and you still don’t get your gems, etc. I understand the company needs to make money, but when I buy the largest pack of gems and coins, I expect them to last longer than 1 week because I am using them just to upgrade my equipment so Cookie can product faster. Folks, I hate to say it, but there are apps out there that are just as enjoyable, allow you to earn more “freebies” in a shorter amount of time, and will allow you to progress without having to purchase anything if you are willing to wait a day or 2 or watch a video instead of having to complete actions on 3rd party websites and even when you complete the action-you don’t give the advertised bonus. I hate to do this to you my beloved Diner Dash—but this is a pass for me until you can match the opportunities of other competitors’ apps.
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5 years ago, ⭐️🌮🔔⭐️
Too Many Problems, Needs Improvement.
As of right now, this is my favorite game. I play it everyday, but every time I play it gets on my nerves. First of all, the timed challenges are unreasonable. If they give you 1:20 seconds to play, you only get 1:15. The timer starts before you walk in and the people arrive, so it takes five seconds to start. And even if you got the five seconds, it’s still impossible. Also, there aren’t enough chances to earn gems. It’s nearly impossible to have over ten gems at once, and you need that many to upgrade your materials enough to complete a level, and it makes it less fun. Next on the list, the power ups. There are too few of them, and when you actually get them, it automatically equips them, so half the time I end up using them by accident. Now, this really bothers me. On levels where I can get to stars and I only earn one, it doesn’t give me the star! It makes the game SO much harder and really frustrating. Overall, the game is really fun, but the timed challenges are impossible. There are too few gems, the power ups are frustrating, and the stars are a scam. I really hope for improvement in this game because it’s so fun.
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3 years ago, Taco eater person1234567890!?;
Really great game
So I have been playing this game for a while now, and overall I love but there are a few suggestions I have. First off the star issue. You have have to earn stars by playing levels so you can upgrade and continue the game. I am fine with this but I am currently at the point where I have to earn one more star to start a new chapter and continue on. I am at the hotel level. I cannot continue on and earn one more star because the game requires you to replay levels until you earn all the stars. There are only fifteen levels and when you complete all of those you must replay them to earn more stars and I only need one more star but I can’t earn it. I use all the power ups plus a bunch of upgrades and I can’t win. I have never liked to spend real money on video game so I am just asking the Devs maybe to make a setting where you can earn a star occasionally by watching three ads in a row, or paying with gems. Sorry about the really long review for that one suggestion.
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4 years ago, a.marie1185
I was torn on my rating. I LOVE playing this game but find it infuriating I either have to spend money or wait 600 years to earn gems. If you have to buy all upgrades in order to beat the levels the gems should be easier to earn. I love that you give free ones everyday, but it’s not enough. I also dislike that it “costs supplies” to play levels. I’m not interested in playing 5 levels and then waiting for my supplies to regenerate unless I want to spend money on gems to refill right away, and I’m not interested in waiting for free gems to regenerate in order to buy more upgrades. I’m not saying gems should be unlimited but there should be more opportunities to earn them daily and a “supply limit” is just frustrating. I am a binge player and I miss the unlimited play of old diner dash. I started playing this because I’m a huge fan of the original diner dash, flow on the go, hotel dash and wedding dash and this is now the only version available. Like I said, the game play itself I LOVE. I just wish I was allowed to play as much as I wanted but the current supply and gem limits don’t allow for it. It’s a great game, LET ME PLAY!!!!
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5 years ago, Mancusra
Great idea...just expensive
I have always loved the Diner Dash series. Even when Flo went to Hotel Dash and so on, the series was always enjoyable. I have beaten every game there was, a master of combos. This game was very fun at first. 2 days of free play without using energy, a good amount to upgrade, amazing graphics, storyline continues from previous games, etc. But now when you get to level 3, you can’t even get a star to pass a level without any boosts, everything costs diamonds, but yet there are no diamonds to find. Only if you are willing to pay for boosts every level or do free ad work which gets annoying very fast. I don’t mind paying some for a game here or there, usually after hours of frustration but this one takes the cake for now. I wonder if it’s because it is no longer by Big Fish Games like it originally was? Did Glu buy them out or did they change the name?? It kind of feels like a sell out on a popular series to make money. However, I’ll keep the game on my phone to see if anything happens for easier diamond retrieval, etc.
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5 years ago, Stephhhhhhhhhhhhxjfykddhjx
Why Two Stars?
I have always loved Diner Dash. I find myself downloading every version of it. The graphics are great and I love the transformations you get to do. However, I feel like this game is solely after your money. You only get one star per level that you clear, and it takes you two stars just do do simple tasks that don’t really have to do with the restaurant. For example, it took me about 4 stars to make birds return to the plaza. I’m currently in the game where I have over 7000 coins, but only one gem and you pretty much can’t do anything without the gems. Every level has been timed, you only get about 1:30 to beat each goal, but they take 5 seconds off your time because you have to wait for Flo to get into position, then you have to wait for the customer to show up. The characters that are out of your control (the cook) is VERY slow, but you can’t upgrade the cook without gems, you can’t get gems without beating levels (unless you pay for them), and you can’t beat the levels because the cook is slow. It’s all very frustrating. It’s a shame because this has potential to be a VERY enjoyable game. It’s just always about the almighty dollar. Upsetting!:(
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4 months ago, User Sarahh669
Videos never work
Great game absolutely love it. But whenever you’re playing a level and come to the end and it pops up something like “watch video for a 30 second continue”.. it NEVER lets you continue. Specifically when you’re playing the food trucks. You watch the video and as soon as it’s over it just has a loading symbol over the game and then doesn’t let you continue it just freezes. End up losing out on that whole turn, all the money collected whatever it may be.. same with the “free continue” they give you through the rewards you click and click and click to use the free continue but it won’t let it be clicked but you sure can click ‘stop for now’ and it works just fine. With that being said, it is a great game just don’t click on those things and you won’t get let down and disappointed and gipt out of the rewards you initially collected before having to restart the game.
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2 years ago, funlover200
More coins
This is a great game, and I love it! I’ve been playing it for years and even when I had to restart my phone and lost all of my games I re download this game because I love it! You can get a lot of gems by ad offers, and other things and I have so many gems but I never have enough coins, you can play levels and get coins but often you don’t get enough to really do anything, so I just wish that there was a way to get more coins, like a separate ad offer just for coins, or like you can buy coins with your gems. So I really love this game and I was just hoping if you had time you could add like more coins to make it better? Not like infinity coins just like if your stuck on a level you could like buy coins with your gems, so just an idea! Anyways love the game, probably one of my favorites out of all the ones I have, and if you can add more coins, awesome! If not it’s good, still a fun game! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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5 years ago, BashiraS
Good game but...
This is a great game. I’m literally addicted and I have spent well over $40 so far which I don’t normally do, but I don’t regret it. However, I just had an issue tonight where I had 15 gems left...( I had just got 3 for free in a delay deal and earned 1 in the daily reward) and all of a sudden, I look back at the app and I had 0 gems. I know that I didn’t spend them on anything because I didn’t need to to pass the next level and I was saving them for a specific upgrade. I closed the app and opened it back, hoping that the issue would be resolved, but it isn’t. Now I’m ready to just delete the app if these are the kind of glitches that happen. I already had an issue where I completed an offer and was supposed to receive like 12 gems that I never got. And I put a lot of my personal information on that offer. I’m starting to get upset with this game. Someone needs to take care of these issues or this game will fail as many others do. Other than that... great game.
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2 years ago, Lissy1112225
LOVE this game but have suggestions
There should be rewards for earning every possible star in a chapter and there should especially be rewards for winning all possible stars at a venue. I went back and earned every single star for the first diner and it felt like a waste of my time and diamonds because nothing happened when I finished. Please give me a piggy bank at least 😩 Second, the power-ups should not be automatically selected at the beginning of a level. Its annoying having to unselect them constantly and sometimes wasting them by accident. Also It could be easier to earn diamonds or make upgrades cost less diamonds, maybe some of the cheaper upgrades don’t require any diamonds and only require coins. Its pretty much impossible to upgrade enough stuff to win levels without spending real money. Overall though this game definitely earned 5/5 stars!! Nothing is perfect but this is pretty close 😅
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