Dink Smallwood HD

4.6 (47)
173.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dink Smallwood HD

4.6 out of 5
47 Ratings
12 years ago, - Jim D.
Lots of fun!
Dink Smallwood is easy to control. The graphics and sound are good. The character backgrounds and story are interesting. The humor is great. There are loads of add-ons (Dmods) available on the Dink Network. But, the best part in my opinion, is the ability to develop and publish your own episodes/chapters in the form of self-made Dmods. If you know something about C+ and vb or java scripting then developing for this game will come very easy. First I enjoyed playing the game. Then I tried out the included Dmods. Then I pulled down some more Dmods and enjoyed those. Finally I decided to have a look at doing some of my own customizations and discovered "DinkC", a C+-like language that is very easy to manipulate. I have now completely customized my Dink Smallwood games on my Mac, PC and iPad. Lot's of fun!
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7 years ago, Tom "slowbro"
A classic PC adventure, still fun today :)
This game is not perfect, a bit rudimentary and wonky in some ways, but boy is it fun if you can put up with it. I never finished the main quest in the past, so playing all the way through here was extra sweet. And it looks like rtsoft opened the floodgates, and now we have access to many dink mods (user-created worlds) right from the mobile app! If you really fall in love with this game you can even develop your own content and submit it, although I think that would require a PC.
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3 years ago, Zelphyri
Best game for iPhone!
Hi I’ve never written a review before; I dunno who made this game but it’s the best game in the iPhone. I dunno how I found it, it’s fun me funny and mystical somehow with that little gnome wizard guy. I don’t play any other game on iPhone ever or even text people, this game gives me a reason to use my phone. :)
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6 years ago, Hirokusaki
Almost perfect
Tried every which way I can think of but for whatever reason the gamevice app says it’s supported. However the Icade function in dink refuses to stay on and detect my remote when attached. Very disappointed as I love dink Smallwood and played it all the time on pc. Would have loved it on my phone. Please developers fix this issue would love to see the compatibility fixed for gamevice.
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9 years ago, PaulaDW
Love it!
I played Dink And all the mods I could find years ago on the computer. I still have them on a disk. I was really excited when I found it for my iPad! I've played the main game and Agatha's Will. I'll play the rest that are on here and I hope there will be more mods available!
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8 months ago, mrbrown2195
Cute game from childhood
Dink Smallwood (originally called "Nobody Burns My Dog") is a great game from my childhood growing up in the 90s, made by legendary BBS game producer Seth Robinson (creator of Legend of the Red Dragon). Dink is a short game thats relatively easy to play and beat. The port is a little difficult to play on the iPad, but it plays great on M1/M2-equipped Macs. Highly recommend!
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12 years ago, Stimes76
Thank you for adding iCade support! First review: Well worth the $3, I've played this game off and on since the 90's it's a great, no problems with the controls so far. The only thing I can think of that would make this game better is if you added support for the iCade.
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11 years ago, Bronson2011
Best iPad game, hands down.
I used to play this game as a kid. And now it has been resurrected as an iPad app. It's amazing. Controls are smooth, no glitches from what I've found. About 8 hours of gameplay if you don't rush. I got about 7 hours out of it.
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4 years ago, SonIMad
My favorite!
I have played this with my dad several times and downloaded it again while quarantining. Still great and love every second of it!
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4 years ago, needmorerice
Works well on mobile
*Note* The Pilgrims Quest D-mod cannot be completed towards the end of the game. The game does not detect the F key on iOS for some reason, and Dink cannot leave the Robot.
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11 years ago, Ironpinata
It could be better
The controls aren't that good. Your finger blocks active parts of the screen. It's slow & grindy to level up & get money. I'm currently stuck in a graphics glitch in Kersin and can't progress or move? A little polishing & balancing would make it a fun game. I'm suspect of some of the very positive reviews here.
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5 years ago, Monkeyfoahead
Great Port! Nintendo Switch Version?
I would love to see this appear on the Nintendo Switch. I mean… I’d buy it.
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1 year ago, mannyjack
Still good
This is still a great game!
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7 years ago, Sunfriend
Like this game very much. Thank you developers!
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6 years ago, Ravi Dsouza
Beautiful game!
Thank you so much Seth for the back port!
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12 years ago, floridamunro
Great fun RPG
RPG with icade... I will have to try it now.
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11 years ago, Tom Mayflower
Really want to play this
I guess it doesn't work with the current iOS or something. Crash on startup. $3 down the drain for me.
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1 year ago, stacy1234689
W game
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14 years ago, ojtitus
A great remake!
This game is a remake of an old PC RPG game and is a lot of fun to play. There are two different control options(d-pad and touch) to choose from, both work well. The graphics are very pretty and the music fits the game. This is a quality remake that should appeal to anyone who likes RPGs.
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14 years ago, SmiteMatter
Cool, classic. But really SLOW
I don't remember Dink being so slow? Leveling is nothing short of tedious. You begin almost powerless and die if a beetle sneezes in you general direction, and finding money to buy the one and only Long Sword is absurdly difficult. That is if you don't buy anything to heal you. There are very few quests, and I am currently running in circles grinding away killing bugs. The save portals are few and far between and the Quick Save function serves no purpose at all. It saves nothing. Normally a game this flawed would deserve no more than 2 stars, but I gave 4 because it's a classic. But somehow the developers failed to hit the target by a great margin. I hope they will update Dink soon with some fixes that will make this more than a nostalgic novelty, and an actually fun, playable game.
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14 years ago, aportier
Great port, a few minor issues
Dink Smallwood is the definition of a cult classic RPG. It has been out 13 years and people continue to play it and expand in it using the game's toolkit. The sarcastic humor is still refreshing after all this time. This is one of the better engine ports I have seen, and it translates well to Apple devices. That said, a few minor issues. The navigation is flawed, the directional keypad is just a little too small on the IPhone, and the swipe controls are so sensitive they are useless. Also, one of the great things about this game is the community content. The ability to load and play DMods would be very much appreciated.
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14 years ago, iollmann
Needs reform
I was deeply annoyed to discover that when you die you can't go back to the latest autosave but instead have to go back to the last manual save point, which for me was two days ago. I'm just not sure I want to go back and do that stuff again. I can't say I much enjoyed the humor either. If childish awkwardness and mildly graphic wife beating are your cup of tea, you might like this. For me I found the clumsy attempts at humor, especially with regards to women, off-putting. The rivalry with the other village oaf was amusing, though.
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13 years ago, Stquincy
Please fix the iPhone controls
Great rendition of the original game! I've had some very frustrating issues with the controls, however (iPhone 4, current iOS). It's hard to control Dink, sometimes going to another screen or between objects. Needs a few bug fixes that way. I know it's not easy to do, but hope you will. Thanks!
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14 years ago, Josezno
Funny and different
If you are into rpg's, this definitely adds something new and fresh to the formula. Combat is very engaging and controls are great. Go buy it!
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14 years ago, Joshmehler
Almost great
Navigation is awful. Graphics not bad but the screen moves is blocks of territory when you reach the edge and it's really annoying. Got bored and stuck after 20 minutes. Spend another week of dev. making this fow better and you'll have a good game.
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12 years ago, Tyson L.
Thanks Justin!!!
I can't get enough of this game, I played it constantly in the car and am playing it right now!
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14 years ago, Mystikal_grrl
Great memories
This app gives me great memories of college when I first played it. Snarky humor with a Diablo-esque feel. Would give it five stars but the Furball D-mod is extremely buggy. The main game is still exceptional!
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14 years ago, kammakurus
Forgotten gem
I loved this game on pc as a teen, the iPhone version captures the spirit of the old game but updates everything to feel slick and relevant. Easily recommended!
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14 years ago, Sx3
Great game
I played it on the pc and remember how fun it was and it has translated very well onto the iPhone. I can't wait for the d-mods to come available. Thanks for the great port!
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14 years ago, Vinnaalma
I was just thinking the the other day that if they ever ported this I would buy it without hesitation - and here it is, and here I am.
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14 years ago, VictorNightengale
So happy this got ported; fantastic!
I tried to write like ten reviews, then I remembered writing reviews is just terrible. This game is real, real good. Buy it dummy.
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14 years ago, Bertrob
This man is garbage. The only thing he has going for him is his faulted one star reviews. Do not buy this man.
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12 years ago, Void Lord
Good game.
I remember a long time ago playing the story and also tried to make a dmod. It's a good, fun rpg. I can't stand the controls for some reason though. Not like the old fashioned keystrokes.
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14 years ago, katwinx
Blast from the past
Just as funny and enjoyable as I remember. Great game.
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13 years ago, Itachihawk
Fix and help meh!!
Fix controls and it's hard for meh to read the words. What do I do after I hav explored the town of Terri's?! Where is the little girl?! Help!!! Stuck!!
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14 years ago, chubapitdroid
Ha! This was my favorite game ever on pc. It's going to be a pain in the rear to kill Seth without arrow keys I think.
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14 years ago, Undeadjohnny
Thank you!!!!
Yessssssssss!!!! We need more awesome old pc games. Give stonekeep! Someone! Please!!!!!!
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14 years ago, Sxoutet
Old School RPG
Dink is a classic rpg that's a lot of fun. The humor is great! Buy this now!
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14 years ago, photokeith
Fun old-school RPG
You get to punch ducks. What more need be said?
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14 years ago, EAyouaredeadtome
This game is incredible. By far the best value on the AppStore for any game!
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14 years ago, Fafner
Playing on iPad and I'm loving it! Great sense of humor in the game
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13 years ago, Omg J
Best game
this action pact game is amazing! Well worth the $$
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14 years ago, julio9
The only thing this game has is it's nostalgia factor. If you're not a fan of the original, do yourself a favor and skip this.
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12 years ago, rofthorax
Looks like an amiga port, like a pc rpg of yor..
It is quite humorous, and fun to play.
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14 years ago, Derek800
Fun game
Fun game with nice retro style.
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13 years ago, Tex42
F&£! yeah!
Dink Smallwood.
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13 years ago, Sanda Cogue
Great old rpg adventure game
This is a great throwback, well worth the money, and hours of play.
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13 years ago, Awesome outstanding app
Great app
This app is great there are two great things I see in it there is the awesome old style old action rpg. And then there are d-mods I suggest going to dink network and download the dinky dimension series
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13 years ago, Itprogrammer
Classic gaming goodness!
If you played it in the PC you will love it and forget the terrible implementation of the controls. But that is the major problem with all apps and just a touch screen. If you have never played it, look elsewhere for you "tap" type games.
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13 years ago, Nick Barnard
I'm having a great time playing this game. However, it's frustrating because occasionally Dink get stuck "in between screens"! I don't know how else to describe it. Sometimes he won't budge and other times I can walk him around but he encounters obstacles obviously from another screen. Weird. I tried turning the game off and returning to it but he always remains stuck. I have to reload a previously saved game which is annoying since the save machines are not so close and I haven't always recently saved. Please fix this!
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