Dino Rush

4.3 (408)
178.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nemoid Studio
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dino Rush

4.34 out of 5
408 Ratings
8 years ago, sarasarasarAAA
Runner with a slight twist
It is an endless running game, but I like how it's slightly diffident. You have to eat fruit to get energy to keep going. I also like the fact that you don't die in one hit, thank you devs. You have a life bar that gets lower when you don't eat or run into a bad animal. It is funner than I thought it would be with silly cartoon graphics.
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8 years ago, TheHorrorCritic
Memories 😊
I remember playing this in the 2nd grade and thinking this was the coolest thing ever. Then I downloaded it during class one day with the classroom iPads and I was the top of the game. It started a big thing where all of the 2nd grade could challenge me and beat me. One glorious day, I was challenged by a guy named Matthew or Marcus or something like that and he got to the desert area while I got to the ice area and he was awarded champ. Then the teacher found out.
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5 years ago, Jushie25
This game was my childhood
I remember coming home from school from 1st or 2nd grade and playing this on my iPad all I could play, I miss those days, when you were little and you didn’t care about things no depression anxiety or anything, this game helps me remember those happy moments in life, thank you for giving my childhood, I love revisiting this game, it makes have a sense of joy, thank you!
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9 years ago, Gabyyyy!!!! 99
I really love this game, all the time it gets my boredom away, and when I'm sleepy during the day, I turn on the game, and the sleepiness fades away, it's awesome, I really like it, it would be sad if it end it up, because this game is really fun and it even helps your brain, (yes, really) it helps you to locate fruits and objects as fast as you can, that's your brain working, In a few words this game is really, really awesome!!
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6 years ago, Deidra Marie
I love this game, however, I have the iPhone X and maybe it’s just me but when I played this on my old iPhone 6s Plus the The screen for the game was not so big. Now on the X I die a lot because it feels so zoomed in and don’t have enough reaction time
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9 years ago, Lounsbury81
Best Game EVER!!
This is the most addicting game I have ever played! I just can't stop! The characters are fantastic. The graphics are great. Whether you have five minutes of spare time to play or an hour, this game will keep you highly entertained! I recommend this game to the WORLD!
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9 years ago, DarkHive118
I love it!!!!🐢🐢😎
Dino Rush is super fun!!! There are different game modes you can play and I love competing against other people who play the game. It's super fun, and kind of addicting! If you are competitive, and love endless runner games, this is a game I highly recommend getting. Plus, it's free! So why not get it?
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9 years ago, Big bear 1992
Fun way to pass the time.
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7 years ago, Egg momma 1234
Lol why the pot leaf though?
This is such a great game and good for kids and adults alike and then you notice in the first world every so often there's a pot leaf in the background lol a little Easter egg I guess?
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4 years ago, rusty3434
Watch out for inadvertent clickbait.
I have a son who was playing this on my iPad and somehow clicked to purchase a massive amount of coins. Apple won’t refund it, claiming it is ineligible for a refund. This game is not worth having on my devices that I occasionally allow my kids to borrow and use if it has bait like that. No response from the developer or Apple.
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9 years ago, Jk1417
This game is awesome, addicting and very fun to play and I recommend it to anyone looking for an addicting game to play for a while I myself am addicted and really love this app
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8 years ago, Nick12344321
The app opens and crashes...
I have this app on my iPad and it just opens, black screens and crashes. I used to have it on my iPod and I loved this game... I was very disappointed when I just redownloaded it and this is happening. If this problems gets fixed I would definitely give it a 5 star.
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9 years ago, Dhakj6372625jdjeu55
Fun game.. But
Fun game but I wish you could see all the, "missions," in one place and the ones you've accomplished ect. Also has anyone noticed the random pot leaves in the backround??
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6 years ago, Saleh ali rashed
Needs a new update
Can you update it please? It’s not working 🙂💔
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9 years ago, Epicdude566643110
Great game
Great game but we need more characters to get have nothing to do with my 10s of thousands of coins but great game
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6 years ago, Aaaaaaaaaffffffffggggch
Great game
I always used to play this game and beat everyone I challenged it was really fun
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9 years ago, Mateo Nikolav
This game is a classic! My little brother gets the controls and it is really fun! Love apps like this
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3 years ago, GIZMOMO3
I want my money back
I want my money back I didn’t buy this game for it to be a time trial I brought it to see how long I can last give me the original game I pay for or give me my money back NOW!!!!
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8 years ago, Warningr
Great game
Very addicting. My favorite game. This will be the reason why my phone is dead haha.
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9 years ago, n.j minecrafter
Awesome new update!
I love this new update,Iv'e had this game for five years almost!
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5 years ago, mors mutual
The Memories
I loved this game and played it all the time.
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9 years ago, Ummmmmmmmmm24
Ok, I'll admit, I sold my soul to this game. But, I have PHYSICAL PROOF where Dundy touched a raspberry AND HE STILL DIED. FOR REAL. I think this issue need to be addressed by the company. Is it an issue with the raspberry? Or the entire Dundy population?
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9 years ago, Tibats
I used to love playing this as a kid!! Then I couldn't get it on my iPad. So I typed the name and bam,there it is!! YAY!
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9 years ago, I rate 5 star
I love it
Dundy is the cutest doña sour ever and once I traveled over 4000 meters sorry I meant cutest dinosaur
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4 years ago, bui_thinh_
Game not working
I have tried restarting my iPad. I have even deleted the app and then re-downloading it. The game still won’t load. :(
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8 years ago, Cain1981
I've always loved this game!
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8 years ago, nergaahl6
I remember
when this game was free
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9 years ago, AML1617
Great Game
Kids love it and I do too!!!
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8 years ago, Hleusari
Best game ever
This game need to be #1 in App Store Love It!! Dino Rush 2 please!!😁
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9 years ago, agnewrt1
Do not download 2.0
I have no idea why they ruined this awesome game! Whatever you do, do not update your game to 2.0.
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9 years ago, ❤️💕❤️💕❤️
Dino rush
I love this game , so addictive
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13 years ago, Jhoops105
Needs levels and an ending
This game is soo fun and addicting but it always is the same and since I'm not that good at playing games I can only get to a certain point in the game and it needs to have an ending and separate the places into levels I hate restarting the thing over and over again it gets kinda annoying!!! Hope u fix!!??? P.S. It freezes sometimes so fix that TOO!!! Please!!
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9 years ago, ZombieCarebear
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9 years ago, yomammaspanties
Very fun game!
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9 years ago, Djdjchxhehuxicjdjv
Awesome game
Love this game
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9 years ago, Dino rush player 43
Great game
Great game
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13 years ago, JanetteMarieF
The BEST game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man, this game is one of the best games I've ever played its not that hard you dont even have to be a pro gamer,there are reviews saying that he dies to fast, well, he dosent you just need to eat the fruit!!!!!!!!! Its simple! I already unlocked all the extra characters hahahaha! AND I got it for FREE!!! Free App Finder, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! But I STILL would have payed for it if it were 5 bucks! Get it you wont regret it. I'm 19 and this is one of my favorites. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE 5 YEARS OLD. I think the reason people are having lag trouple is because they have an old model OR they need an update. It's funny, the further you get the further in the worlds history you get. you start of in prehistoric, then you are in the valcanoe theory, then the ice age, and then dessert. I get it, great game GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, ArmchairPhilosopher
Nice, but still needs quite a lot of work to be great
This little game is quite nice, especially the gameplay and idea behind it are fife-star-material. But the actual game is not, it still needs a whole lot of work to become great. - And that's the good news: If the developers put this little more work into this, they have a winner at their hands. First and worst of all is the performance. Playing this game on an 1st generation iPhone is not at all fun. It runs at something that feels like 5 frames per second on this older hardware, which makes it quite hard to control the dino. It feels like the whole game is made of Cocoa instead of using OpenGL ES. And if so, that's a really bad decision. Plus, it takes ages to load, almost two minutes on my 1G iPhone. The second thing that needs work is textures. All in all they look really nice and you can see that a huge amount of work and creativity went into designing this game and its world. But why in all that's holy did the developers stop there? Many textures, especially in the menu, have no antialiased edges and look totally cheep. But the sounds are nice, the gameplay is great, the graphics are beautiful, considering aforementioned negative points. Developers, please take this game, make those improvements, and you'll have a winner!
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13 years ago, David Fronczak
My fav game
This game is awesome, I love it!!! It's my fav game on my iPad! The only thing bad I have to say about is it will freeze up for a short time in the middle of the game. Also the bonus shop isn't always there. When it isn't there I'll click on the spot where it usually is and it will pop up, I'll buy my bonus and start my game. But.... It doesn't show up on the screen and I can't use it when I try to click on the spot where it usually is and nothing happens. I dont know if this is just happing to me or anyone else. But if u could try to fix it that would be great. Other than that I love this game!! And even tho these glitches are happing I still gave it a five star cus it really is a very fun game! :)
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10 years ago, tsvetock
Weird glitch
Loved the game before, but then it began crashing on me. A lot. Now, just now, this weird bug- or maybe its a glitch- appeared. I paused, then hit resume. Dundy (the dino) began floating up. No matter what I did, nothing happened. I could only hit pause. Next, he began flipping while floating up slowly. Meaning, he'd get all squished, then un-squish up-side down. I stopped and exited, and on the menu screen he appeared backwards. I hit play to see what happens. The gameplay was normal, except Dundy was backwards. Also, the power-ups didn't appear (the ones that tells you how much faster you're going, like 25 fruits! Now 2x speed!) I'm very disappointed now. I can hardly finish a game without it crashing. Maybe its only because I don't have ios 6, or seven I think. Still, I'd rather you fix this.
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12 years ago, Shadow-chan
Excellent game!
I adore this game. Dundy and the other playable characters are incredible, and it has great graphics. The shapes the fruits make are creative and make it difficult yet easy to stay alive. The powerups are helpful and funny. This is a truly addictive game. I can't seem to put this down. So far, I've encountered next to no problems and I am very pleased with the entire game. Each world presents new challenges. You can never master this app! Very enjoyable. I got this while it wad free, but it is definitely worth the 99 cents I would have paid for otherwise. I recommend this game to everyone!
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13 years ago, rotstik
Update success.
Now playing without a hitch, Dino Rush is rightfully able to take it's place amongst the finest runners on the AppStore. My only other request is for a current fruit combo counter. It would give players more drive when trying for huge fruit runs. Dino Rush brings the fantastically addictive mechanic of needing to obtain fruit and avoid damage in order to keep running. Presentation is top-notch, and Game Center handles achievements and high scores. Even if you think the infinite-run genre has been overdone to death, Dino Rush will prove you wrong.
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13 years ago, davetouch
Great, cute running game!!!
This is not an other endless running game where you jump and shoot are so! The little fruit consuming character can actually fly some meters if you tap and hold - but beware, if you dont eat, you die. Its a really polished highscore gameplay with, great sounds and even three worlds to run through. There are 12 achievements to snatch, different fruits, bonuses, combos, an upcoming new game mode, unlockable character and much more. For 1 Buck you need definitely check this one out!
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13 years ago, Marie lenny
This game is totally amazing!! I  it sooo much! It is simple but addicting, and all of y'all that say that the game crashes or has bugs, ur iPod Is jacked up cuz the game works amazing on mine and everybody else's iPod I know. I WOULD give this ligit game , but the app says there is a new gameplay version "coming soon" but that has been there for like EVER and it is really frustrating me at this point. I mean, if you say you have an update coming you don't just not give an update. I'm not happy  about that, but other than that I totally  this game [especially dundy the Dino] 
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12 years ago, Thetaptap owner
Finally an update after a year of waiting! Now I'm hopping you Guys don't leave us without an update for another year. This app has great potential and I hope that you continually improve and update the app. It's really fun but pointless if you leave your users without an update for years. Hopefully more updates follow this one. 5 stars for now but if it gets abandoned again then itll go back to 1 star
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12 years ago, Bob josephson
Good...but update is not major
In my opinion the new game mode is worthless...not enough fruit, cant pick the character and the controls are too sensitive (why is it not like the original mode). The original game is fun, but i haven't played in months because it got too boring. I was hoping the new mode would fix that but i guess not. I got the game for free but at .99 i would have to think about it...there needs to be more to do...i have like 15 million points that cant be spent because there isn't really a store.
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12 years ago, mph5million
The idea is good and it is addicting but the fact that it is a little choppy is annoying. It's N ok game overall. There should be powerup upgrades instead of just unlocking characters and you should be able to buy coins. An upgrade with these things would definitely make this game worthwhile it definitely has potential
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13 years ago, CrazeeCole
Not too shabby
This game is really fun and very addicting. When I first got this app, it was flawless, and never froze or crashed. Now, it freezes almost every time I play it!!! I love this game a lot and really hate it when it freezes! Please fix!!! Also, I have been waiting for "free run" mode since I first purchased this app almost a year ago. Please create this mode soon!!! If these issues are fixed I will change to 5 stars. Thank you.
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13 years ago, emmycakes
So addicting!!
I love it I can't stop playing it. I wish it had a pause and save option so you can pick up where you left off .. And an update with more characters!!! I have all of them already and I want some more options. Other than that, this app is amazing and I recommend it to everyone <3
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13 years ago, Cinnamon_Craze
Super addicting!
I just got this app a day ago and have already played it for hours! My only complaint is that it drains the battery pretty quickly, but all apps tend to do that. It's the perfect blend of challenge and entertainment, plus it's free, so if you don't like it, it's not that big of a deal. I definitely recommend it, though!
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