Dino Water World-Dinosaur game

4.7 (25.1K)
222.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Free Pixel Games Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dino Water World-Dinosaur game

4.66 out of 5
25.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Some Broad
Best dino collecting game ever
I love this game! I’m a huge dinosaur person and this is a very well made game! I love how I can put my favorite dinosaurs in battle and evolve them to be very strong! I love collecting all kinds of dinosaurs and breeding them to get new ones. The only issue I have about this game is how much you have to WAIT! You breed a dinosaur; you have to wait up to three hours to get your egg. Hatching and have no gems? Wait an hour and a half. Clearing rocks and trees? Wait four hours. It’s a good game despite how much patience you have to put into it. But if you wanna catch me playing on it more, gems might need to be easier to get. However, on the bright side, I still enjoy playing it! I would recommend if you have a lot of things to do and a little spare time!
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4 years ago, JacobTorresNMN712
Great game but these prices of packs are embarrassing
Ok unlike most people complaining about needing gems to evolve creatures is dumb and I can agree with that, but I don’t find it such a big deal since I earn most of my gems from tournaments and the enemies don’t get stronger on tournaments and you can get 3 and 4 star dinos, and if your lucky 5 star dinos. I mean I got the killer whale on my second day playing and that killer whale is level 50 right now like all other of my 5 stars. But the packs price are just, disappointing some packs are 5 or 15 dollars, but then the 100 dollar packs, 100 dollars for a killer whale? Remember me mentioning getting a killer whale in my second day from tournaments? Yeah well the killer whale pack comes with lots of food and coins to max out the killer whale my killer whale is almost already max it’s at tier 4 and 100 dollars if people who spend on this pack figure it out they’re probably going to be bursting out of anger I just don’t get why they’re so expensive. But the game isn’t bad so I’ll give it a 4 star, just make the prices equal don’t make too low either
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6 years ago, fidget M
Fun but not really
I got this game for my nephews because they love dinosaurs, however I don't like how they can't evolve their dinosaurs on here without having to pay real money! I'm not a fan of using real money on a game, I realize yall need to make money but not everyone wants to spend money on things in games, when they can have the option to get them for free... Why not like most games allow them to get free stuff by watching a video or something? I know not everyone likes adds but not everyone wants or likes to spend money on a digital game,when they can spend their money on something else that's worth spending money on... My nephews like the game yes and I do too, but I also think it's not fair that when they do battles that most of them are unevenly matched I mean they're dinosaurs are still small ones being matched to fight with big ones! That's not fair I think we should have the choice to choose the group we want to fight instead of the game picking a random group....also I think that we should be able to evolve our dinosaurs as we level them up and be able to do so for free
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6 years ago, leeroy jinkins
So this game is fun to play. But I am on the third day and at the level I am I have reached my max on being able to win fights with out paying. Now I am fine with that except that there is literally nothing much else to do now so paying money for higher level Dino’s seems pointless because that is all you can do is battle. So I think this game needs more side missions and other incentives. All the goals go away every time you level up which is annoying because you are trying to complete the goals and you harvest your crops or hatch a egg and all the goals change.. that was the main thing keeping me playing... also the event appeared and then just disappeared. Still no event. Also the time to collect the gift from the island is way off I’m on Day 3 and it’s still on two everyday.. so seems like a few glitches. I had a habitat build but all it showed was three lil shells on the map and you couldn’t put a Dino on it had to sell it lost all that time and money.
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5 years ago, Da Champsta
Overall? Fun! Little details? Not so much!!!
I really think that it’s super dumb that when you battle you don’t get to choose what group you want to battle against🥺 because my dinosaurs are really big ones 🤣and I always battle little ones and I always win 🥳but that still isn’t fair 😞and the fact that you don’t actually get to battle all and that the game is just battling for you, that is really a big, stupid, thing and lots of people will notice that and they will not play the game, making you lose money 💰, you should also have a variety of attacks for each different species of dino. If you want you can even get some pointers from Dragon 🐉 City 🌃. So I hope that this was really useful and I hope you fix those mistakes because if you don’t I will be forced to delete the game and I really don’t want to do that because I’m being really successful so please fix the mistakes🤫😥😬😵🤮👩🏼‍💻🤢😲😮😧😦😯😿🙀👩🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️🤳🏻🍪🍩🥛🎹🎮🎤🚘🚖🗂📂📁📋🗄🗳🗃📇🗞📰📓📔📒📕📗📘📙📚📖🔖!
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2 years ago, gytfftgrhfthf
Love the improvements
Ok so about two months ago, I left a three star rating because it’s was fun, but there was a lot of room for improvement. But a couple days ago I played the game and I was shocked by how much stuff they added, war mode? Great idea, I mean you get gems from war mode, that’ll make life so much easier. and also I like the fact they added more mini games instead of boring old Dino jump, granted there’s only like five levels in every game, but it’s the variety of games that makes it much better. It’s also less laggy and has better graphics. The prices for Dino packs still need to be lowered, but after this update, I feel like this game deserves a five star, keep up the good Work I’d like to see this game grow even more in teh future.
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4 years ago, Bri's Reaction
It is a good game but..
The thing about me is that, about the battles, and the emeralds..after each battle you do you always have to get this dinosaur, this keeps so much pressure on me because I still remember to evolve them, you need 50 then to 80 and so and on. I find it not entertaining to make stuff expensive when it isn’t much..the ads barely give you what you want..it’s so frustrating and agitating, so I’ve been trying to level and evolve each one...just how much gems it is really ticks me off, not everybody wants to spend money on something that will soon not buy them anymore interest, I understand this game has to make some money to keep it all up. It surely is a great game, also..the automatic aquatic dinosaurs in the battles, why can’t we choose our own if we are beginners, or either pro’s at this game or in between? This is just my opinion because I’d like this game to change about what I mentioned in these paragraphs genuinely..
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6 years ago, 22 cookie
I need help
I remember playing this a few years back and I deleted it. I downloaded again and everything looked to new. I did the tutorial and it said, Feed your Dino until it grows to level four. I fed it till level four and then the person said, Wow that grew up fast! But my Dino was still a baby. I tried feeding it to a higher level to see if it grew. I fed it to about level nine and it was still a baby. Then I bought another Dino to see if it was just the alligator Dino that stayed as a baby. Then I fed my new Dino to level four and it was still a baby! This also happened to me with your Dino world game. I deleted them because I didn't want to have a bunch of baby Dino's that wouldn't grow. Please fix this. I will download your games again another time to see if the issue is fixed. Your other games did let my baby animals grow. I only gave this game 3 stars because of the dino growing issue.
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6 years ago, I rate 5 star
When i downloaded this game, i thought i could get all my favorite prehistoric aqua creatures. I thought i would recommend it to all my friends. Sadly, i was disappointed as always. Why are some certain dinos, and even the epic forms locked behind a paywall? Why are the events and other tasks so buggy and hard to navigate? Why do i always have to have 1 gem on me at all time and I CANT FRIKIN EVOLVE A 10 GEM DINO WHEN I HAVE EXACTLY 10 GEMS?!?! The dinos were cool (besides those extra pixels and the shastasaurus and megalodon) and the battles, oh god the battles. You dont attack in the battles its all manual, and you cant even escape from one. Some of the dinos dont even HAVE attacking animations and they move nonstop. Please, let us switch to manual attack. The game is riddled with self promotion as thats how they get their money and not ACTUAL ADS. I have deleted this game and havent looked back, and until you fix this abomination of a game, ill go find something else
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4 years ago, read for an honest review
Great game, couple suggestions
I downloaded this game when it was in the older version and you could choose what move you wanted your dinos to use. I redownloaded this game in the hopes that it would’ve gotten better with less lag. Instead, I found a good game but different in not so good ways. I’ll start with the positive thing I have to say about this game. I like the dinosaurs and how you can evolve them and they look much cooler. I love how most of the cool dinos are still on the cheaper side and you don’t have to buy anything in order to fully play the game. I don’t like the dinos auto-fight and all you can do is watch them fight. Overall, it’s a great game, but it has changed too much in the bad ways and it’s not as enjoyable as it once was. 8/10
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5 months ago, Xavier Ulloa
Want the old battling style back
Okay so, overall, this is an extremely fun game. Collecting all the creatures, evolving them, and then using them in battle. But thats the issue, you don't really control the battling. You just wait for the battle to end without doing anything. I wish there was just a way the player can be included in the battling, which brings me my next point. The old battling included the player to pick the moves the creature uses, but the current one just makes you wait. Bringing this old feature back would be amazing for me and most likely for others too, them not exactly really enjoying the current battling. Hope you see this, have a great day!
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5 years ago, ScopediLLusion
Cool concept but prepare you’re wallet
Its a cool game with cool dinos to collect dont get me wrong but you need gems for pretty much everything like Buying dinos, evolving dinos etc. normally that wouldnt be an issue but how do you get gems you ask by opening up you’re wallet for this game which in my opinion is definitely not worth it. Another way you can get gems is if you sit there and watch alot of ads but if you are anything like me i know you really dont wanna do that. There are quests this game wants you to complete that the only way you can complete them is purchasing packs with real money. This game could have been alot better there was no reason to make every dino and evolving them cost gems instead of coins. Its a easy fix in my opinion but as of right now this game only gets a 1-2 star review.
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4 years ago, jeff12 shark review
This app has ads 👎👎👎. You have to buy something to get rid of them. And the battles after so long they are boring because of maximum levels. They make you not able to level up dinos which means you can’t beat battles. Even if you buy something there are still ads for rewards. They are gems 💎 11 per ad. But it is still hard to get gems 💎 like 650,2500. I also hate fusion, it takes hours and the only way to speed up is watching ads. But same thing in breeding. Can’t get it instantly unless I watch a lot of ads. So, fusion is using 2 dinos and getting a new powerful Dino. But you don’t lose any of the two dinos you have. But also a buggy game. I press ads for gems 💎 and crashes. Sometimes when I press for ads it also says (video not available). So never download.
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4 years ago, dhsjfjfjrjehfh
Can you add these?
Hello I just wanted to say if you can update the game and add a friends list? And we can help each other out in battles or battle each other or make a trading hub I understand if not I just wanted to know if you can actually do these I really hope I get noticed so you can add these I think it would make the game better and funner I just wanted to see if you can actually add those thing it would be totally legit!
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11 months ago, mr. tooshieman
It’s awesome
So everything about it is good I love The theme I love Animation of the manta ray. there’s one thing Makes this a four star Review. there’s a lot of Dinos but I suggest two more creatures a stingray, and a Tiger shark but that’s not all also the prices on the creatures are too expensive I mean like the gems you can’t really Buy a lot of creatures I don’t have enough gems for The dunkleosteus and to buy it with real money it’s over $20 I mean The prices are a little bit overboard by the way prehistoric aquatic creatures are not dinosaurs least I read that in a Encyclopedia but the theme and the vibe counts as a lot so I rate it four stars
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3 years ago, jlloyo
Lost all progress including past purchases
I loved playing this game. I had really powerful dinos and even purchased a few dino packs (real $). At some point all of my progress was erased. It’s like I have to start at the very beginning and have lost everything I purchased. There is no “restore purchase” option anywhere in the app. This needs to be fixed. The developer’s website is a joke. Only an icon with no way to contact them about an issue. Zero stars would be a more accurate rating for not only this app but the supposed developer. I’ve since read other reviews where other people are having the same exact issue as me. Very upsetting that they can get away with this.
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7 years ago, WolvesRock♥️♥️💖
What Happened??????
I used to love this game. I am at level 100 and I had over 80 fully evolved Dino's. But WHY THE TERRIBLE GAME CHANGING UPDATE???!!! You completely changed how the game works. I am so confused!!!! Please please turn it back to the way it was before. Oh yea, and I want to mention, that all my leveled up.\ dinosaurs GONE BACK TO BABY LEVEL. Like what the heck????? I am sooo distressed that this acculturation happened to my favorite game. I have been playing it for a year now. I am so sad that this happened! Why did you do this???? Ok, sorry for the dramatic words, but I am just being honest about how I feel about the update. I just wish if the game could go back to normal. ❤️
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6 years ago, purple block of creativity
It needs to be fixed
Look, this game is fun, but, it has TONS of problems. For example: When you first start the tutorial girl says, "Feed your Dino to level 4!" And I did, and it was a baby still. Another example, you always have to have at least 1 gem, so if you have a dino that needs to be evolved, and you have exactly 10 gems, you can't evolve it! More examples, when you reach level 100 the game glitches out and then puts you back to level 1!!! And all the Dino's go back to baby's! After that I left the game and tried to reopen the game, and it doesn't load. I haven't deleted the game, but please fix this amazing game.
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2 years ago, chicken the god
This game is fun but sometimes when I try to press the x on the add it glitches then I lose my gems and the upgrade cost so much gems and some monsters are over priced and the passes are so much money some are just different type of creature but it is the same just a bit different if they make a part two I would play it and the game is so glitchy it kicks me out the game some times but in all it is a pretty fun game but please make a part two
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6 years ago, AlexRainefall
I genuinely find the game fun! It’s interesting to learn and look at prehistoric aquatic animals and it’s a good way to pass time. However, it’s obscene to make the price of evolving a dinosaur the first time “10 gems” but the next evolve price is “100 gems”? It’s made difficult in the game to earn gems and you can’t watch ads for a few gems, either. You have to fight to win most of your gems, but there’s a point you can’t beat the high-level Dinos and you can’t evolve anymore because you don’t have several hundred gems. What’s the point, game developers?
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5 years ago, Sericksn
I love this game one problem 🙁
I danloded this game two days ago and a have five adults and are working on a epic I mean a epic! The only problem is that every time I run out of food a advertisement that includes real money pops up and my mom and dad say I can’t use real money I did it on the Xbox in roblox and my mom and dad got upset with me so I am okay hitting the X but please lower how many advertisements thar are.
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2 years ago, EJH 123
Why is this much gems
I love this game so much but the only thing I don’t like is the amount of germs it takes to level up your creatures, for example let’s just say I am at level 50 and I need 400 gems just to level up my T-shark why can’t it be a lower amounts of gems like for level 15 whyCouldn’t it just be 50 you only get 12 gems for battlesI’m not gonna delete this game but can you please just send make the amount of gems lower
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4 years ago, Lelduck
Glitch with the coins
I like this game and have had it for years, before all the updates(back when the missions icon was a man with a snorkel) but my money has glitched into the negatives (about -1,800,000,000) I have been able to get the number down to -175,000,000,000 but I can’t progress in the game anymore. Other then that very enjoyable, I like the dinos and the mini game to earn gems, the game is a bit generic but it’s overall good. If there is any way I can get my money up/down to zero that would be appreciated.
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5 years ago, CAKExEATERx69
I liked the way it was befour
When I was in like 2nd grade I used LOVE this game and I was also really good and now hey changed the ENTIRE game let me tell you a list I hate this game now •every time you upgrade one of your characters you have to pay ALOT of gems!...like why! •one you do like 10 levels the opponent increases there level like 5 levels. Like if I’m level 12 and I have to be against level 17! That not even fair!! •when you play battles...(you guys might like this but I don’t) they attack for you. I don’t like they attack in their own. I want control every character.
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3 years ago, lizzard lover man222
Great game needs few fixes
So it’s a pretty great game in total but I got two suggestions one can you please lower the cost of gems to evolve to maybe like remove 20 of the gems needed also can we earn jems when we finish fights like 2 gems just a suggestion tho but in all it’s a really good game my favorite was the elmosasaurus😁
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4 years ago, epicethan103
Seriously so disappointed 👿
Okay the only reason why I made this four star is because of a annoying glitch. This glitch is so annoying because of this. Once I went to the tournament and I found a giant killer whale tournament I was so happy but I had to collect coins when I came back the tournament was a volcano mosasaurus! I was super disappointed at this glitch and I hope you fix it then I will rate it five star
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4 years ago, AndieTheAttorney
good game BUT.....
sometimes this add pops up that is Bye Bye Monster that is basically a blank page. there is an exit button in the corner but when I press it nothing happens. I have to wait 10 out of the game before I can continue. that doesn’t sound so bad, except it literally comes up every time. very good game, but I hate that one thing.
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5 years ago, The best Jaylin
I love this game so much this game is like so fun I know I read it five stars but the only problem, is that when you first download the games the tectorial makes you spend all your gems and all your coins😦😦😦😦😦😦😕😕😕😕😕😕😕💵💵💵💵💵💵💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 but otherwise I love this game I recommend you to download it because if you want to be an archaeologist you can study these animals
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5 years ago, 647583
If your getting this app
I absolutely love this game and have all other related games, so I DO recommend it! But if you are getting it you should be patient. Because it could take days for you to save up for a dinosaur that you can’t win a battle without so that’s just a side note. Anyway i DO recommend it highly! 🌊🦈🦕🦖😄🦖🦕🦈🌊
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1 year ago, tijjnmddf
It’s a fun game but why do things cost gems now?
I mean I love this game but you have to evolve creatures for 50 gems!? It’s annoying and you get all of the creatures they cost gems not coins anymore. Let’s talk about nice things about this game, I like how battles are auto and how it looks. The creatures look good they look really good so yea that’s the good game stuff? Do you agree they need to fix this?
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6 years ago, Alanah'B'
I love this game!!!!
People this is so fun you get to fight you get to be patient but hey it’s still fun you get to get weird exotic sea Dinos it’s so fun there so many different ones and I love them when they’re all babies they are so cute this game is so fun I know I’ve said that 1000 times but ITS SO FUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I definitely recommend that you should play this if you like dinosaurs!
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12 months ago, dbfncnc
Please help this game
All the new systems are terrible and have too many ads, I used to play this game years ago and it was actually good, but now evolving uses Jems!!!!! And it's expensive too. I would be ok with this as the old daily bonus was still here that is the best way to get jems also NO MORE GAMBLING!!!! This was the pinnacle of my childhood and now this game is ruined. But the only thing holding this rating up is that the new Tournament was all I could ask for great feature
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5 years ago, hudhfhfifjjf
I think this game is one of the best games ever all I ask of you is that you keep up with the game you need to update it always and make new creatures every once in a while and interest your players they want a game they can keep playing you should be able to have clans and battle with your friends or many other amazing ideas all I’m doing is asking
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3 years ago, read dev
Lost Dino glitch
When you win a Dino from the tournament you already have so when you press sell it moves ur dinosaur to an island that doesn’t represent their accurate element and it duplicates them and you cannot level them up because the blue swirls are gone when you try to level them up for example a random Dino is lvl 25 when you evolve them it only goes up one level.
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5 years ago, Samvideoman
I think that this game is one of the best park games ever I would really like it if you updated the game a lot more often and make some more creatures I love your game so much but I would like your game the best ever if you would keep up with it interest your players with new awesome ideas this is the best park builder game you have ever made please do lots of exiting things and this may become my favorite game ever!!!!!!
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6 months ago, Fraction Boy!
The best simulation game ever!
I love this game so much! It’s just like Jurassic World the Game, but better! There is fair tournaments! A lot of game modes!(especially the little games) it is a lot of fun! And I, a 12 year old thinks this game is the goat! I recommend you downloading this game! If I would have to pick a sponsor, I would pick this game!
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3 weeks ago, Cocopuff815
Pretty good
So I was like 4 when I downloaded this it’s actually pretty cool and fun but there is a bug where when your loading the game it stops and I think there should be a feature where if you watch enough adds you should get a lot of gems and creatures so that’s it 8/10 experience by my opinion.👍😀
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5 years ago, YellowCheetah15
Pointless To Certain Points
Like previous comments, there is a point in the game that you will have to pay money to keep playing, but what if you spent all you gems, hatched a ton of eggs, and couldn’t beat the next level because the dinosaurs you needed and hatched are too low of level? I am asking for things to be less pricy especially the second time you evolve. And seriously, 250 K coins for a common elemental, who pays that.
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3 years ago, Zubrozon
The time I knew how to play and 10 minutes into playing I said THIS IS THE BEST GAME OF DINASOURS i could make DINASOURS have stronger baby’s and do much more! I love this I could not have time to play this game a lot but I got in trouble for playing too long THATS why I love this game so much I recommend that you play whenever you can!
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6 years ago, Alex2011 again
I loved this game until I abandoned iT then fortunately I came back and the update was here and horrible most of Dino’s/plesiosaurs were below level 11 before the update and level eleven is the evolution line for VR and up Dino’s (rarity of most of my Dino’s) and so all of my Dino’s except two of them were 👶s again PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12 months ago, mnoraddin
This is my favorite game
The graphics are amazing the sharks design’s are amazing I just love this game I highly recommend this game! I’ve had this game for years! I got this game when I was 4 and now I’m 6! And I’m a huge shark and Dino fan! But I’m annoyed that you use gems to evolve your sharks😡 And gems are sooo hard to get!
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7 years ago, lct7
Good and nice
I like how it is educational but with a little bit of fun in it so it is a good game to play or just to learn dinosaur names so i gave it 5 star rating so i hope the people that made it keep up the good work but I deleted it because the game was when i did'nt like dinosaurs anymore but i might reconsider that
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2 years ago, Ron😃
Why just why
I liked playing the game but I can’t even level up my animals to adult animals and it’s frustratingly annoying that it’s gems I have to use to evolve my new animals and also it’s like your shark world underwater battle game this game has NOT been updating in SO long I feel like y’all quitted updating any of your games.
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3 years ago, Liz and my sis ash
Love it so my baby brother got it first then me and then I saw him play it I said can I play? He said ofc I said ty he said np then I was playing a long time he’s like can I have it back? I said sure but then I went back on his phone and then I say what it was calling and I saw and I got it! AMAZING game:)
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6 years ago, furby crash
It’s great and all but some problems in the game
I know that some people like this game but well, me, kinda. Cuz my third one looked derpy which was funny but in battle, it didn’t do much damage to my enimies. So that made me VERY mad. So plz update the game Zia U who’s the developer. Plz update the game. If you do I’ll lllllooooovvvvveeeee you. So plz update it.
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1 year ago, jdnjdhdhdujcjfj
Great Dino app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩
The reason this game is so good is because we love dinos and we love collecting games and that just adds in both of them at the same time and it’s just incredible. The quality on this game is just outstanding. I don’t know how people make this games, but they did way too good for me to explain.
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7 years ago, Amjackson18
Paleontologist in the making!!
this app is one i can count on to keep my son busy while he's learning all about Dino's!!! he often switches between this game and a similar game called Dino Zoo (land dino's) and has decided that he will be a paleontologist when he grows up!! Thank you for being fun and educational!!
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4 years ago, MommyGirls66
My joy and disappointment
I have played this game twice before and I liked it, but the thing is I hate how you can’t change your Dinosaurs’s names anymore it was always fun to come up with new names. In the next update Please let us be able to see our Dino’s names and please bring back the Dino inventory so we can see which ones we have and which ones we don’t.
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2 years ago, golden foxy the first
It’s good but it constantly messages me about random stuff until I stop looking at it I wake up in the middle of the night to 3,000 messages about updates but after that we also get to breed animals and see what we get but you need to buy habitat sometimes that’s all now |:/ bye I give it a 3 you give it whatever
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4 years ago, niuvsdnvnrjinvx
I used to love this game and I had like, 6 islands with all evolved dinosaurs on them then I come back after the update and all my stuff was gone!😡😡😥And now it cost 50 gems! to evolve my dinos and it takes so many to buy other dinos! I mean like, what the heck man! And now I’m out of gems! and how come nothing cost coins! you like get 6 million coins every day! Like WHY THE CRAP DID THIS HAPPEN!!!!!! You need to RE-DO this and start back at the begging. I mean like, REALLY??!!??!!
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