Dirt Bike Unchained

4.6 (30.6K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Red Bull
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dirt Bike Unchained

4.61 out of 5
30.6K Ratings
2 years ago, ~Texas Pete~
Great team play game spend real $$ or not
I’ve been playing for 8 months now and have not spent any real $. Yes, the more you play the better you do. Spend some real $ and you will be better in the game. I’m on a team that has riders from around the world. We chat game strategy weekly and it’s as much as you want to get out of the game. I’m very satisfied with the game. It has a new racing “season” every 6 weeks where your team compete against all other teams on the game on who can collect the most points. The prizes for the top 20 are pretty good. It’s an enjoyable game as it’s ready when I want to play and I'm connected to a small online community of players who talk about the game but understand real life still exists. Put in as much as you want to get out of the game. Still fun even without spending real $. Some riders spend $ until they are established and then stop spending. Great game all around.
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3 years ago, armslikewings
Fun but ultimately pay to win
No doubt, Dirt Bike Unlimited is fun game but it’s replay-ability is limited in the long run unless you’re willing to shell out cash for in game materials to upgrade bikes and unlock skills. After a couple of weeks of play, most races – even when played perfectly – are rewarded with a loss because you are outclassed by other players with higher tier, better equipped bikes, and additional boosts. Moreover, progression is slowed not only by the severely diminished rewards from a second, third or fourth place finish, but from the exponential increase in the cost of new bikes and upgrades, which generally provide low value or utility due to their brief usefulness before difficulty scaling begins pitting you, once again, against higher tier, better equipped players. Make no mistake though, this is a design feature, not a bug, designed to encourage players to spend real world cash in an effort to remain competitive… and it’s a shame too because the whale or nothing duality is likely to dramatically reduce the game’s shelf-life for most F2P players – even those would otherwise be willing to put in the effort to progress further if only the developer valued player time as much as they do cash.
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4 years ago, jotacalvo
Fun, but...
If you’ve read all the other reviews, mine will come as no surprise. It’s very fun at first, but becomes a ridiculous quest for nothing. The better you get, the more difficult the challengers. That part I’m fine with. But they obviously match you with people who have much more upgrades, as you’re doing everything right and the other bikes just start leaving you. Again, I have no problem with things getting harder as you progress. But you grind and grind for money to get an upgrade on a higher paying bike, and you’re automatically put in races with even better bikes. So it does absolutely no good to spend the time and money, just to consistently come in 2nd and 3rd places. With the tier 1 bikes, I consistently win. Tier 2, similar, but not quite as much. Tier 3? Forget it. 3 stars thru a turn, dead even with another player, and he just walks on you. Obviously he’s got a higher ranked bike. I’ve played this game nearly every day for 3 weeks or so, because it is a fun game. But due to this obviously rigged junk to get me to spend money, I’m pretty much done and going to free up the space on my tablet.
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4 years ago, BeantownWilly
Good Fun Game, Not Perfect
Overall this is a GOOD game that I play everyday, however, it's not GREAT. The graphics are great, the gameplay is easy, and there is a solid fun factor to it. Where it goes off the rails a bit is in the match-making process. The developers say it's base don your past runs and the runs of other players, but won't explain the algorithm. I often wonder when a company is not transparent, are they being shady? It’s not like these are trade secrets. Anyway, you will notice how jerky and non-fluid other racers will appear while playing the game. This seems like they are adjusting to your actions in a emulation of balance of power. The whole jump landing system also makes no sense. I have been racing bikes for years and it is just not realistic. Finally, the Bulldozer is pure hot garbage and needs a major rework. I’m starting to think the developers created that bike with the intention of hating it. It is a pure dumpster fire. There is no fun value with it, and it appears in every team board. I hate playing with it and we are forced to use. Overall it is a good game. A couple minor tweaks and it could be a home run.
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3 months ago, Brad502
Best game only lacking one thing.
I’ve been playing this game for two years nonstop. I have an amazing team. My one and only suggestion would be this. You can chat with your team. But the only way of seeing if someone left a chat message is by going into chat. Please please please update the app so if someone leaves a message in chat we can see a notification. Other than that this is my favorite mobile game of all time. I know many others will agree with me on this issue. Oh and also I can’t remember but I think it may be Out Of Bounds track now has a crazy glitch half way through the race. It was fine all the way up until a couple months ago. Correction. It’s not Out of Bounds but Pitstop that has the glitch half way through.
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6 months ago, Wesley Wiley
I’m consistently racing against players ranked significantly higher (for ex: 8000 rep vs 300,000 rep). Makes it difficult/impossible to win. Upgrading a bike can cost anywhere from 200k to over 1,000,000 depending on tier, which takes forever (think years of playing daily) especially when you’re not winning much because they race you against much better players. I paid for about two months of pro (not cheap) and still advanced very slow because I’m having to race ten times just to win 2-3 races (you have to get 1st or 2nd to get any decent cash to get upgrades). It was fun at first because you win more at the lower levels. But once you progress they match you against better players. I’m fine with a challenge but winning should always be possible. It would be like playing a UFC game where you start as a rookie featherweight and they match you up against Brock Lesnor. Losing all the time is no fun. The graphics are awesome and the game can be fun. But in an effort to make it challenging, the developers forgot that people play phone games to waste time and have fun, not to feel like a loser lol.
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2 years ago, iaoue.crea
Think about it, you’re not racing live against anyone. I’m not sure if you’re racing bots or if you’re racing the ghost of real players previous runs. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Because the game knows the times of the other 3 racers already. So with that foreknowledge, how does it select the opponents times that you are going to race against? And why does it select race times that are impossible for you to beat even if you play perfect? So, the entire game is set up for you to lose or win whenever they decide you should. It’s all predetermined. If it wants you to win, it will select slower race times where you can’t lose even if you race horribly. And when it wants you to lose, it will select race times that you can’t possibly beat. And it does this back and forth so you think it’s random, but it’s not. And it makes the game extremely boring and waste of time when you think about it. It takes all the fun out of it. You’re not doing anything but holding you’re finger on the screen and wasting your time accomplishing nothing in the end.
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4 years ago, Shenghao He
Fun at first, becomes boring later
I loved it at first. It’s not pay to win. It’s all about perfect timing of landing/sliding and learning/memorizing the tracks. If you learn the tracks well you’d know where to long jump and where short. It gives you some edges to compete. But then here come the problems. It doesn’t seem like a real time game. You can wait at the starting line for a long time and you can still race with the opponents together. If you start fast, your opponents never finish late either. So I think the game uses recorded datas of previous players to assign you “opponents”. (Or maybe bots). And then if you don’t upgrade your bike, at some point you can never progress in trophies anymore, which means the matching algorithm is based on the trophies and the stats of your bike. It makes you feel that your race has been pre-destined. And when a bike reaches 500 trophies it becomes almost impossible to win anymore, which means the algorithm is assigning you super fast opponents (or maybe bots) to stop you at 500 trophies of each bike. The official webpage of the game also confirms that if a bike reaches 500 trophies it’s considered done. So basically the race is rigged to some extent. So after you’ve mastered all the tracks and memorized all the moves, the rest is just pure repetition, earn cash, upgrade bikes, buy new bikes, until you reach 500 trophies for all the bikes. There is no real competition.
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2 years ago, SirSallie_52
Good but flawed
This game is great, enjoyable gameplay, little bit of fun casual story and is a blast to grind through, for the most part. It unfortunately suffers from a few, fairy large flaws. One, The fuel pips/race energy don’t stack enough only allowing 7 without some kind of minuscule purchase, and they take 20 minutes to recharge, INDIVIDUALLY. This gets very annoying because you can only race 7 times and if you want to race again once you have to wait 20 minutes. If you want to race all seven times in a row again, you’ll have to wait little over 2 hours. The second issue, challenges. You could use a higher tier bike with 50 more power and the AI will still be faster than you no matter how fast you ride or how proficiently. However the flaws are possible to ignore despite how hard it will be to do so. So have fun and do your best to pay no mind to these flaws. Thank you for reading!
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2 years ago, iPhone 4s doesn't worl
Decent thumb game hampered by cash grabs
The game is controlled with one finger, most likely the thumb. The controls are simple but ultimately boring. It’s pretty much holding a finger down and knowing when to lift it up and put it back down. The difficulty is also just a very specific time. For the most part you’re racing against a ‘ghost’, a non interfering time marker that looks like a player. But those ghosts have a set time, and if you don’t do everything perfect when you’re at the standard level for that point, you’ll lose. That means either trying again and again, or spending in-game currency on bikes and upgrades. The cheapest bikes cost 1000. The first upgrades cost around 1000 for the first round or two. Now if you want to buy in game cash, you need to buy coins. Now, the real currency to in game currency ratio is $2 for 3000. That means for $2 you can buy a starter bike and upgrade two pieces.
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2 weeks ago, Hollywoood27
New Update isn’t it
I love this game but the new update just isn’t cool or fun. I just don’t like how I can’t race certain bikes that I’ve put time, work and also money into until I get to a certain level. If you’re trying to make it so people with a certain level of reputation or points/skill race each other, then set the algorithm for that, don’t just restrict us with these racing categories. Also I don’t understand why leveling up on the parts of my bike are locked even though I have the money for it. Like I said overall, I like this game a lot, but this new update is not it.. I’m not a fan at all. Honestly, I’ve been playing the game a lot less since the new update.. as of right now I want to give it two stars but I’m giving it four just because before the update I really liked the game overall.
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4 years ago, _Disaster_
An amazing free to play game
I love this game and the progression of adding tricks than scrubs was spot on. I do highly recommend maxing out the first bike before moving on in the tiers. And you really have to try to find new menus to open to make sure you get all the good rewards But my one complaint is I am stuck on a team or clan mission for red bull wins as well as red bull cash winning. And I have no idea how to race a red bull. I have tried both categories of bikes as well as completed all challenges. Than played in the Red Bull tournament and nothing will give me this Red Bull team wins or cash achievement which is needed to move the team tab to the next level
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4 years ago, Gorgon5228
Great game
The game itself is extremely fun and rewarding. The matchmaking is a pain sometimes because you can have a 100% perfect race (3 stars on every trick) and still get last place solely because you got matched against 3 people’s who bikes are way better than your own. But even when you lose, you don’t really lose anything. You get basically 0 money but only lose 4 trophies, so losing a race isn’t a big deal at all (especially when you have thousands of trophies). The game isn’t that grindy other than getting tier 4 and 5 bikes because their prices are insane, but not that hard to get. The “grind” is literally just playing the game, it’s not some boring task you just do on repeat like some other games. Overall the races themselves are 10/10 but the matchmaking is a 7/10 so this game is definitely worth getting.
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2 years ago, mzjaak
Impossible to win races now
This game was fun when I first downloaded it. I managed to get a few bikes unlocked/upgraded within a few days. At some point, the game stopped allowing me to win races. I can be in 1st place the whole race, ahead by a mile, and at the last second, all 3 of the “opponents” go flying past me across the finish line, leaving me to finish in 4th place by .0019 of a second. Assuming my bikes just weren’t upgraded enough to keep up and win races, I spent real money on the in game currency and gold to upgrade my bikes and my riders. Despite this, I’m still “losing” races at the last second, regardless of what bike I use, even when I’m getting 3 star landings, tricks, power slides, scrubs etc, throughout the whole race. I don’t know if I need to uninstall it and start from the beginning again, but something is wrong with the AI or algorithm. Also the missions for my “clan”, are the same over and over and over again and the missions are only for tier 1 bikes, which makes it pointless because tier 1 bikes only earn like $100 for wins and the game won’t even let me win so I get the $25 last place earning. The tier 4 bikes earn 1250 per win, BUT since the game won’t allow me a win, I end up getting the $250 last place earnings or whatever they give you for finishing in last place. Something is wrong with this game, and it’s incredibly frustrating.
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2 years ago, nobooboograde
Love it, but has bad features
I love playing this game. Especially after i broke my wrist on a off road vehicle and can’t ride for a while. But they shouldn’t scam you on the in app purchases. I thought i was buying the “rank tokens” and would be able to apply them to my specific bike but no i bought and then it went to a random bike i don’t even own. there is nothing more frustrating when you finally decide to spend a few bucks or so in a game to end up not getting what you actually want. Be a bit descriptive or actually change this so that we can upgrade the bike we actually want to compete with vs buying things we think will benefit to find out it doesn’t benefit us and then we waste our money with no way of refunding it… otherwise it’s good besides a few lagging issues
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2 years ago, Need_4_spd
Dirt Bike: Heavily Chained
There’s enough simplistic depth to the gameplay to keep someone engaged as a simple time waster but it’s clearly built as a P2W cash factory. It’s been mentioned in other reviews but I had to bring it up as well since I’ve rarely seen a cash grab as poorly disguised as this one. I can outrank an opponent by 50 points and an entire tier of dirt bike and play 100% perfect (literally not a single mistake) and still get easily beaten because the devs want your money so badly but they don’t want to put effort into making a game I’d actually want to spend money on. I’m not even opposed to IAPs when they’re done intelligently but this is so blatant it’s not even funny. I’ll continue to play for a while because it’s a fun enough time just doing the standard races but they’ll never see a dime from me unless they heavily rework the balance so that it can at least make some level of sense.
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4 years ago, Crownbrass07
Good game, bad economy
The game itself is very well done and fun to play, which unfortunately is negated by the awful in-game economy. It can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy bikes and even more to fully upgrade, but the most you can win per race is 500. There are rewards for trophies that happen periodically but the cash rewards are so infrequent that the main source of income is from races, which makes the game EXTREMELY “grindy”. Additionally, the biggest source of cash in the game comes from the challenges, of which there is only one challenge area. Maybe the developers have plans for more challenges, but as of now that good source of cash rewards is depleted pretty quickly depending on how often you play the game. Overall, as the title says: fun game, bad economy.
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2 years ago, It's Earl
Unrecoverable game crash
Fun game. Exciting to play. I’ve been play for 3 days now. Paid for a few upgrades. I finally decided to join a team to win bigger prizes. HUGE MISTAKE. After joining the team, the game takes me to the ‘shop’ for a free gift. There are no options to avoid this. There is only one option to click and once you get there the gift is not available and you can do nothing else except quit the game. No options to contact anyone for help to resolve this issue. I’ve restarted my device. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it. I’ve checked for updates for my OS and for the app; everything is current. If you decide to play, DO NOT JOIN A TEAM else this app will stop running on your device. You’ve been warned.
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4 years ago, Dixon L
Very fun
The game is a very fun game with super good graphics and cool dirt bike skins and gear. Although when it comes to the challenges for the other bikes that are not the regular dirt bikes I don’t think you should have to pay gold to do the next level because it is hard enough to get gold and the other option is pay for it. I love the game and the skins but the gear is hard to get with the helmets and suit. I don’t won’t to give the s a five star review and complain the hole time and this game deserves a five star review and that is why I am giving it one. All I ask is give a little bit more fuel and make it easier to get gold and skins and this game would be perfect.
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4 years ago, torquedriftisamazinc
It’s not pay to win.
I don’t know how you guys are going on and on about how this game is pay to win, if you’re loosing constantly, you’re not doing something right, it’s not the game or the bikes, when you race other people, they have the same bike level as you, it’s just about how you get perfect landings, a good start, good power slides, you are probably impatient and want everything so quickly, you have to grind your way for things, join a good clan that completes their boards, that gives you a lot of money to upgrade your bike, and you get loot boxes too, just play the game and you’ll find out it isn’t pay to win Question: How do I unlock new gear??
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4 years ago, CarsonReviewsBadGames
Fun game
I’ve had so much fun playing this the first week, grinding hard. I realized after the first week of the red bull challenge race that all the rewards don’t reset. I was confused when I saw that there was a different track and still all the same rewards that I’ve already collected for the last week. So now, I’m realizing that I will be collecting no rewards for the next 7 weeks that this goes on. So without any incentive to race in these next weeks of races it has really taken away half of the game from me. The game is very fun and I enjoy it a lot, but my one recommendation is to reset weekly rewards to keep the older players here longer and having fun refreshing content to strive for! Thank you for the fun game!
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2 years ago, BugRiv
Slow connection
So this game is absolutely amazing I actually bought the premium pass and I don’t ever do that with ANY phone games but it seems the connection time is taking longer than usual. I thought it was my wifi so I used my mobile data and it’s still doing it and I’ve also tried playing it in different parts of town and it still does it. Also I’m a supporter and contributor to Redbull favorite energy drink. I’m not gonna stop playing but I can’t play if it doesn’t load so I hope it gets fixed soon. Or else my money is gonna be wasted.
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4 years ago, Outalineracing
So frustrating after 1000 reputation
This game is really fun and I don’t mind that it gets harder to win once you reach the challenger series, however i feel like it’s unfair that once you do reach that point 2nd place finishes go from 1 reputation to 0 reputation. It’s really frustrating because I love this game however I find myself constantly rage quitting because it is more challenging to win so I’m not constantly getting first which is now the ONLY way to progress so more often than not I end up right back where I started. To put it into context I’ve done around 40 to 50 races since I reached 1,000 reputation and I currently have 1,015 reputation which is so irritating. To be honest if im unable to start progressing in the game again soon I’m going to delete it.
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2 years ago, Raven★Star
Every time you upgrade your bike, The computer AI gets faster so there’s not a need to upgrade anything really cause you can never get ahead. After beating heartbreakers I didn’t even get a leather vest to be part of the club, just a outfit that doesn’t match. Can’t change the paint of the bikes unless you spend which makes it not customizable. The AI racers cheat and disappear in and out and only appear after they get in front of you. It’s just weird. There’s like 5 different currencies in the game which is another strange and weird concept. After 5 games it starts laggin due to a unusual amount of heat the game puts off. I’m running iPhone 13 pro max so there’s no excuses it should have a heat lag. This game really just gives your thumb something to do for 5 minutes because there is no steering. It’s odd and weird game and setup
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4 years ago, coopersnoddy
If you are looking for an amazing game that doesn’t cost a penny I would definitely recommend this also I don’t think this is pay to win because I just got this game and already have 64 trophies and I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty bad at powerslides but that doesn’t matter if you upgrade your bike because I thought you could just upgrade your engine but actually you can upgrade a lot more and they help you a lot to i love this game and I thought I would never see a game this good it’s the best game in the world and the best dirt bike game in the world just want to say dev if you see this I just want to say best game ever.
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4 years ago, Sapparu
The AI cheats
After a few hundred to maybe a thousand races, the AI opponents have been extremely rigged to pull off 3 star tricks every single ramp, jump and slide while maintaining very little to no errors. The AI starts off being fair and make plenty of errors until you’ve been playing for a few days and that’s when they start getting too good. If you want to keep up against the AI, you have to practically get a perfect race and then hope the AI doesn’t somehow magically get ahead of you even after performing every trick perfectly. I do like the game but it has the flaw of every mobile racing game I’ve played, every win makes the AI stronger until they’re unbeatable, forcing you to lose a few times until the AI stops being a cheat.
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4 years ago, ryanpardavid
It’s not pay to win
First off I would like to say it’s not pay to win in the least if your loosing your money is going in the wrong things secondly I enjoy this game a lot but it feels like it’s slow paced I’ve been playing a while and accumulated 600 trophies but it feels like the prizes you get are a little small for that lastly I hope there’s more to come right now it gets very repetitive I would like to see more challenges new maps longer races and definitely ones with laps but with all being said definitely one of the best motocross games on the market 5 stars all day long
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4 years ago, Hooter_j
Please make a group chat
Please make a group chat this world be almost a perfect game…. It’s not a pay to play type of game like most games are. If you play it you will get everything you need to win and get the best parts and bikes.. the only reason I gave it 4 stars & not 5 stars is that we should be able to talk "group chat”to one another in the group we’re in so each of us would be able to tell the rest of the people in the group what goal we are going to try to reach so we’re not all trying to go after the same one....
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4 years ago, Rita!!
Extremely impressed!
It’s even more fun than I thought. I love the simple one finger controls and didn’t take too long to get to where I can perform tricks. I love the fact that it is easy enough to keep you smiling and coming back yet challenging to not make it boring (yes, it is challenging, no it is not hard). I love how you can get some extra money by creating or joining a team and doesn’t cost money to make. Thank you for an amazing way to cure boredom with Motorsports. Anything I don’t like?....I’ve spent five minutes of playing and thinking and can’t come up with anything. Thank you.
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3 weeks ago, B976
Just when you thought they couldn’t make this game any worse..
This latest update is straight up trash. 1 on 1 racing is fine, but not having the option to race against 3 others like before is just dumb. Not separating the bikes by brand (DBU/KTM) is another mistake. Now all the bikes appear at once and it makes it hard to find the bike you want to use. Also, once you make it high enough to get your Red Bull helmet, it take a long time to earn enough money to purchase mentor bonuses and upgrade bikes since there are no high dollar rewards left. I can go on and on about everything else that’s wrong with this game. It’s pretty clear the developers are so far out of touch and this latest update will drive users away. You guys missed the mark by a whole lot.
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3 years ago, Wolfed Up
Eventually a waste of many hours of my life
Starts out a lot of fun. Really does. Great graphics, good gameplay. You work hard to improve and progress through the ranks. You save your points and improve your bikes. Buy all the bikes. All the bikes are maxed out now. And when you finally get near the top…… it’s nothing but pure frustration. The game is Pre-rigged to make sure you can never reach that pentacle. Totally stacked against you. I’ve tried to reason with support with no response or improvement. What a waste of my time and frustration that has probably reduced my life by years. Rid of it now. And much calmer and happier as a result. Finding games now that actually allow you to achieve. Actually a shame to see Red Bull associated with this one. It could have been so great.
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4 years ago, tobiasbob
Where is my team?!?!
Update: changed my rating to 5. Teams came back later in the day. Thank you. I just spent the last few weeks putting together a team of 25 people who are active all the time and grinding through the season. Today it’s all gone and the game is asking me to join or create a team? Earlier today the game said you were having issues with teams that you were trying to resolve. If deleting everything is your resolution then I’ll be deleting this app and I strongly recommend that nobody spend a single penny on this game.
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3 years ago, WhaleCat772
i just started this game, and i got to where it says to upgrade my bike after i defeat "the dog" and everytime i try to, it says "Bad request: Only one FTUE upgrade allowed". ive turned my wifi on and off, closed the app, restarted my phone, it still says the same thing. please fix this!! (put five stars so it is seen) Update: I deleted the game yesterday and redownloded it, and it still says the same thing. i've read reviews about what a good game this is but i can't seem to get passed this bug. please please fix this🙏
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4 years ago, Hamtowns Finest
Is anyone playing?
The game is fun. It’s a grinder for sure but I haven’t gotten bored with it. The only question I have is anyone playing? My team is full but I’m the only one earning any points. Up until about 2 weeks ago we were gaining tons of points. I tried joining a different team but was only given the choice between 4 other teams which only had like 4-5 players each. Without getting point from teammates you really can’t advance in the game cause you are not getting the bonus boxes and money.
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4 years ago, PaStRaNa991
Fun to play just needs some work done with the app
Definitely a fun game i play it every day. Its very aggravating when you get matched to opponents that simply have faster bikes than you and that only seems to happen once you get around 250 trophies for a single bike. The app constantly needs to be restarted because of lost signal but i can have perfect wifi. That should be fixed and so should the match making. Other than those two things its a great game to play. Also it should be made so if players are inactive for more than 4 weeks other team members can kick them out of the team so only a couple of people aren’t putting in all the effort.
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4 years ago, Jmillllllllllllllll
Good game but have one major suggestion
I’m about two weeks in and I am loving the game. I started my own team but I do have a suggestion for my team. There needs to be a little bit more functions in the team window. ONE MAJOR update needs to be a kick player button. Maybe after they go inactive for a week? There are a lot of people who joined and did 1 or 2 races and are just taking up room. Another addition to the team tab could be a chat window. Also, I started my own team and I’m 2nd on the roster? Lol how does that work? Someone joined before I made it? He literally did 2 races and went inactive.
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4 years ago, Ccorl13
Game is constantly crashing
Great game. Loving it so far except that it is constantly crashing on me. I have only been able to complete on MX race out of 4 or 5 because the game crashes and has to reboot. It will crash on me about 2 to 4 times in a span of 20 min. I don’t know if this is an issue with my phone or if others are having this same issue, but any kind of help would be appreciated. Besides that one issue I am having a great time with this game and if the crashing issue is resolved would have no problem spending money on this game for the effort that was put into it. Thank you,
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2 years ago, <3 Annonomyous <3
Really fun game
The game itself is really fun and the gameplay is nice. My one complaint is that the game will only let you win when it wants to. I’ve raced the same opponent on the same track with the same bike. First race I do everything perfect and they are 0.040 seconds in front of me. Second race I do awful and they finish 1 second ahead of me. Third race I had a rough start but was still ahead of them and was hitting everything perfect 3 star and they fly past me like im standing still right before the finish line and beat me by .005 seconds. Still a fun game with all that said. A lot of challenges to complete.
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4 years ago, D'omingo
This game is awesome!
I really like the game so far and I’ve only been playing it for two days and I love it already. There is one problem I keep getting where when I load up the game it shows the coding instead for the usual stuff but other than that the game is just overall great. I like how easy it is to go up to the ranks I’m already a challenger 5 and I like that you added the trucks and scrubs and I expect more good games like this in the future.
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4 years ago, C Dog @ USA
More tracks
At around 4000 reputation and Gold level team, the tracks become mind numbing. Needs some change, more tracks. The Team rounds in a season are confusing. Our team was on Gold Board 2 at end of round 5 this season, and it reset us to Gold board 1 when round 6 started. Why? In an earlier round, we got through a Silver board, and it held us up with no board/missions at all until the round ended. Why? It makes no sense and doesn’t explain team rankings. The repetition is getting old - new tracks that get unlocked at higher team levels would go a long way.
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2 years ago, Pharmscott
Upgrading Makes it Harder to Win?!
Edit: the developer replied which is nice. But the reputation system doesn’t make sense. First, there are only so many bikes so telling us to buy more bikes only goes so far. Secondly, once you have to beat “most players” to progress, how do you improve your bike when you cannot win? IAP is the only answer. It’s a fun game to start but the more you collect cash and upgrades, the more you lose races. It doesn’t matter how well you play, you seem to always be outclassed. I should win more after grinding for upgrades, not less. Frustrating.
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1 year ago, WookieMuncher
A while back I got this game and it's really fun, it's simple, easy to learn, and pretty fun to play. And that's the thing, I played it for ~3 months and you hit a point where you have 2 choices: painfully grind for bits of cash because your severely out ranked, or spend money. It's so bad that I would have PERFECT runs not messing up a single jump or slide crushing my PR's and get a close 3rd. There really needs to be a balencing change to this game and not soft lock players into these situations. please PLEASE I really want to like this game just make the ranking systems better and not squeeze people for money.
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2 years ago, 122054667
Beautiful Game
This game is AMAZING. I play on the go and after middle school, and it limits your play with nine gas tanks once you are out you are out of gas and can't play. This game is also easy to download and has amazing designs for a free mobile game. The game is also complex u can design your character, race, do daily challenges, and jus have fun if u lose just try again and you for sure can become the next dirt biking champ. From Sid
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4 years ago, Aegoei
Fun until specific point
One of my favorite games so far. And I would mind spending money on it too... however there is one big issue that will prevent me from spending. Once you reach a certain level of trophies with your bike (say 400-ish), it becomes much harder to win a race. Even if your bike is fully upgraded. So you could spend money or time to focus on upgrading one bike with the assumption that you will inevitably get 1st place with that bike... which you will, but only for a short while. As you gain trophies, you will win less. Therefore, the game literally won’t let you win more money too fast, forcing you to try and upgrade all your bikes at a slower pace, making you increasingly frustrated lol. I learned all this quickly as I played for a bit and loved it so much I was ready to start making purchases until I realized the purchases wouldn’t really mean anything. I would happily spend $30-40 on this game if it would actually mean something. Womp womp
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1 year ago, BeX4456
Great game but needs updates!
I’ve been an active player since 2021. It’s the only game that I haven’t dumped after a couple months. My only really big complaint is - CHANGE THE FREAKING MISSION BOARDS! Rad Races and 2 new bikes is really…ok but nothing to get excited about! You’ve put on a lot of DHU bikes but still…the gold boards are all about Mecha and Cosmonaut! It get sooooo old! There’s a ceiling to reach with rewards also. You get your Red Bull Helmet and…BOOM, done. If you could - update and change the mission boards at a better interval!
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11 months ago, nonickname4545
If you don’t spend real $$$ you cannot win!
I have been playing this every day for months. Even with your bike maxed out you can’t win in the upper leagues. When you upgrade there is no significant benefit in performance, meaning you still lose. In the beginning of the race you can get the hole shot, land every jump, and make a perfect slide in the corners, but at the last second the other bikes jump over you for the win. Then there are races where it seems that the game slows you down so the other riders can pass for the win. At this point I think it’s just time to delete!!!!
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3 years ago, LSiWill
Fun game, but really
This is a well done and fun game to play. But as many others have commented it gets much harder to win the further you go. Like any game that will happen, they become harder the deeper you get. But this is something else entirely. It also seems to become a chase of something with no end insight, there’s always another bike and they seem to be infinitely upgradable. Also, many games offer in-app purchases, but really Red Bull? $100 for some tokens to upgrade a bike, has anyone actually purchased that? If so you should give them their money back and apologize for preying on their gullibility.
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3 weeks ago, Wtfthisappishorrendous
Ruined by tone deaf devs
The game was ruined after a recent update just like other decent games I’ve spent money on in the past. A simple addition of a global chat and even a private chat would have been nice. And adding more tracks would have been great, considering it gets repetitive quickly. Instead it got a total rework of the race matchmaking with live races, which may be more fun for your average free-to-play player but not for your upper level players trying to advance their club. And as with all games of this nature there’s at least one club that’s probably auto-running the software somehow and hilariously dominates all other clubs.
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4 years ago, motocross prodigy
This is the best game ever😍
This game is the best dirt bike game ever there is in app purchases but your don’t need to buy anything I didn’t use any money and I finished the entire game except the online the story is finished and if you want a quick something like bike you can buy stuff the only tiny thing which is still play the game all the time is the story is kinda short and if they added more it would be great I would really recommend getting this game
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4 years ago, FPSAMERICKA
Good game needs more rewards
I’ve been playing the game for awhile and it’s very fun but it needs more challenges and it needs to get new rewards each week when the Mx race course changes. I got all the rewards for the Mx race a while ago and it is one of the only ways to make enough money to get new bikes and upgrades however without a progression of rewards it is almost impossible to keep the game interesting enough to try and keep playing. If I was the game developers I would add new rewards for Mx race ASAP and create new challenges besides what has already been given.
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