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User Reviews for Discerning Hearts

4.95 out of 5
936 Ratings
6 years ago, Miss CMNN
Rich and enriching
This is one of the best prayer apps. There is such a variety of content that I’m certain everyone will find something suitable and relevant to their current prayer life, although all of the sessions really are suitable and relevant if one is serious about receiving spiritual formation, enriching their prayer life, and learning about the different spiritualities and religious traditions in our Catholic Church, amongst many others. It’s a perfect app, too, if you desire to learn about our faith but are always on-the-go and working on tasks—simply choose and play a session in the background and you will be attending a free retreat or workshop session! The sessions are certainly accessible and comprehensible so it would not be difficult to listen while multi-tasking. As for myself, I am currently without a spiritual director, so I have been especially finding so much grace and fruit in the spiritual formation series and in Fr. Timothy Gallagher’s prayer and discernment series. I have learned so much and am so grateful for this ministry. Very sound and grounded content from inspiring holy men and women, including from our saints of course. Very educational, formative, and truly enriching.
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4 years ago, ytwrubskcshbxwjvxgn gj c
I am so grateful for Discerning Hearts! I have been listening for over 5 years and it truly is inspiring. My prayer life and knowledge of our Catholic faith has grown to surmountable heights since discovering this app. Kris Mac Gregor is a beautiful woman and I look forward to the latest podcasts with her guests. Like another reviewer has said, I, too, don’t have a spiritual director (still searching) at this time but those men and women listed in the spiritual formation section serve me very well in that role. A couple of favorites include Dr. Anthony Lilles, Fr. Timothy Gallagher, and Fr. Mauritius. It’s not even very fair to name those three because there are so many others. The prayers, novenas, audio books on the saints.... My goodness, the Holy Spirit is at work here! I most strongly encourage anyone who wishes to deepen in their spiritual growth, learn the richness and truth of the Catholic faith, or simply need a prayer companion, download this app. It has been and will continue to be a blessing to me and will be for you. Thank you Discerning Hearts for sharing this work with the world! God bless you!
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5 years ago, ...Inspired...
Excellent Catholic Resource
I truly love this app and I use it multiple times a day. I have learned so much about God through the direction and experiences of the saints. The saints have told their stories of their quest to know Him and to do His Will. Listening to these podcasts I learn how to become closer to Him by using the tactics which the saints revealed to us through their writing. In our busy world today it is easy to put on some headphones while I go for a walk or connect to my Bluetooth speaker and listen to these as I’m doing chores. Or to connect to my car’s audio system while I’m driving. There is so much to learn from this app. There are prayers and novenas. There are interviews with priests who outline how to be a better person through prayer as guided by the saints...such as St Therese of Avila or St Ignatiaus of Layola. All of the speakers are professional and pleasant to listen to.
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4 years ago, Phyl2020
Spiritual Inspiration
I was seeking inspiration to better understand myself and how to have a meaningful relationship with God. Discerning Spirits setting the captives free with Fr Michael Gallagher has given me the foundation I needed to begin my spiritual journey. I feel as though I’m better able to understand the Holy Spirit and the tactics of the enemy. I recognize how the enemy played such a huge role in situations of my past and how I still feel the heavy burden. Now I feel as though I can seek forgiveness and grow closer to Jesus by being attentive to the Holy Spirit and stand strong against the enemy. I’ve recognized for some time now that we are living in a world filled with temptation. Now I feel better equipped to stand up and face the turbulence of this fast paced world. Thank you for producing this valuable app and most likely saving many souls and leading us to the Lord.
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5 years ago, Aina Santos Ilagan
Called for deeper relationship with the Trinity
Grateful for this App that has been a great resource towards this end. Because of my early life issues, I developed a very independent, self-reliant temperament. But life happens and more and more I have been learning the hard way to put my trust in God and experiencing deepening conviction of His providential intervention and eternal perspective. That despite the crosses I have had to bear, through Him and in Him I have somehow still been able to channel His love and blessings and be a fountain of joy to His other children as a result of going deeper in my relationship with the help of saints (departed and living- including Discerning Hearts staff and teachers) through their intercessions and writings and teachings.
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5 years ago, Cyprusdreamer
Spiritually rewarding!!!
This is one of the apps that I find so helpful and specially spiritually rewarding. It’s content has helped me to understand clearly how can I observe all daily challenges in life but with always with an open mind. Inspires me to try my best. Helps me to think how to be a better person and follow the Lord more closely. I learned to be thankful with whatever Is happening in my life (including life serious challenges) and find peace when I trust and I learn to be thankful to God for all. As how St Therese summarizes so profunda y but simple “Gratitude is the thing that brings us more grace”. With this app I have learned that God has a plan for me. I have learned to seek Peace in God....
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7 years ago, KateriT2
This is probably the best App on the Net for anyone who is Catholic or interested in Catholicism. I pray with it at least twice a day and sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. Between the Prayers, the Spiritual Direction, Classic writings from the Saints, like "The Interior Castle" by St. Theresa of Avila, timely Novenas and access to great Teachers and Mentors of 'our' modern times like Father Gallagher and Father Essef, it just can't be beat. There is always new content being added as well. So, whether you want to study Scripture, pray the Rosary and other prayers with someone on the App, or just get steeped in your beautiful Catholicism, you NEED this App! As Mother Angelica would say, "It's Awesome!"
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5 years ago, from the desert of Vermont
Solid Catholicism
The content of app feeds the soul a rich feast of prayer. It fills a soul with wisdom of the doctors of the Church and draws upon credible experts who “walk the walk”, making their teaching that much more relatable to both the beginner and the more advanced in the spiritual life. Kris McGregor has a wonderful interview style unlike so many others who host podcasts. She is knowledgeable, prayerful and insightful. Kris allows her guests to maximize the time on the subject matter or area of expertise, asking the type of questions we all would ask. A favorite is Dr Anthony Lilles who makes the Carmelite saints and spirituality come alive. I am so grateful for this oasis in the spiritual desert of Vermont.
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4 years ago, Bank Boondoogle
Comprehensive and Inspiring
The quality and variety of ways to grow in your faith makes this app one of my favorites. These podcasts are IDEAL to listen to when you want to wind down, when you can’t sleep, when you are busy doing something but are free to listen. These podcasts offer everything from practical prayers and readings from the classics (most famous saints) to current priests and theologians, such as a priest who was a personal spiritual director for St. Teresa of Calcutta. Your faith will grow, you will be comforted, supported, and challenged. You will learn how much God loves you.
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11 months ago, Phil Wagner
No downloads
I love this app. I use it everyday for prayer and to learn more about my faith and Church history. However, many of the prayers and podcasts state that they can be downloaded, but they can’t be. This was an issue when I went on a recent retreat at a retreat house which did not have wifi and at which cell coverage was spotty. I had hoped to download prior to the retreat the prayers and podcasts I use and listen to the most often, but I wasn’t able to, so I could not use the app on retreat. Please fix the app so that prayers and podcasts can be downloaded, or else do not mark them as downloadable. Thank you.
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5 years ago, kc monica
Discerning Hearts has saved me
Thank God for Discerning Hearts! This app has enriched my faith beyond words! It leads me through my prayers. I am gifted to hear the most faith filled, holy Priest and teachers of the faith!! All the very BEST are on Discerning Hearts!. When I was working 70 hours a week and became too tired to read my spiritual reading at night I begin to podcast on DH. This opened up a whole new world with a deeper love of devotion to my faith in so many ways. I wake up every day with Discerning Hearts and go to bed every day with Discerning Hearts. Please give prayers and $ if you can to keep this holy ministry going. Tell everyone!
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6 years ago, BernieJeanne
The Ultimate Spiritual Companion
This is an indispensable prayer aid for arid, dark moments as well as a daily companion throughout the day; whilst doing housework, driving, walking, etc.. An absolute spiritual guide and best travelling companion. I’ve downloaded Discerning Hearts App from to Apple TVs, iPads which I travel with and plug into any hotel’s tv by use of HDMI cables to volume up and hands free anywhere hear podcasts etc from anywhere in the room and of course the mobile phone. Thank you Team Discerning Hearts for my daily dose of Catholic goodness.
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3 years ago, Quiltingjaks
Love this App
I just love this app it helps you with all your prayer needs. I love there is so many audible options that I can listen to while going to sleep or driving or out taking a walk. It is very easy to listen to and get into a meditative state. Ever since you’ve updated it though, it won’t let me get from one area to the next. I keep having to delete it and reload it again. I’m very frustrated.
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4 years ago, Mother Cabrini
Highly recommended to share!
I found out about this app about five years ago and it is a constant companion of mine. I especially love to plug-in while I am working in the garden.! I relisten to the podcasts over and over again. I’m especially interested in the spiritual formation podcasts. I am an Ignatian Spiritual Director And I not only review podcast for my own knowledge and wisdom, but I pass them on regularly to the people I have company. I cannot be more grateful for Discerning Hearts!
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5 years ago, AJ from New York
Found this app by chance excellent catholic guide
So very glad to have found this app!!! I use it to understand more of the spiritual life especially interior castles and the way of perfection. The episodes are done well with Chris McGregor and Dr. Anthony. Such wisdom regarding St Teresa of Avila. For the first time in a long time I feel God is helping me to understand by way of the talks that are given more about prayer and the interior life. Thank you for all you do to make this relevant and spiritual.
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7 years ago, Toomuchtarget
Great app...a treasury of Catholic teaching
I stumbled upon this website and app in my search for more information about St. Teresa of Avila. I found a wonderful resource with audio files, novenas, and mini retreats. All available to me when I need additional direction and guidance from a knowledgeable resource. They have a variety of Saints, writers, and topics they look at and sometimes dialogue between the author and the moderator for a conversational learning style. I have enjoyed all of the various files I have listened to. May God continue to bless you work!
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5 years ago, Marybdub
I love this app!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I can’t tell you how many times God has spoken to me through using this app!! The talks and prayers are soo beautiful!!!! They speak right to the heart and you can fell that Christ is present and working through it! Im soo excited that there is an app with soo many amazing talks !!! Be excited to learn and be reminded of who we are in Christ!!!! And if you don’t know him yet listen with an open heart ! He will draw you into his love !!! Give this app a chance !!!! Woo hoo!!!!
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5 years ago, JDP___Jr
Podcast Heaven
Volumes of topics explained, discussed & pondered in what must be 100’s & 100’s of hours of discussion. All talks are clear to understand, consistent with the Magisterium & the Catechism, and relevant for today’s Catholic (even those dealing with Church History or the lives of Holy men and women of ages past-what great role models they can be for the Church Militant). The only ‘problem’ is there’s too much to explore and not enough time to do so. Ahh well, I’ll just offer up my ‘suffering’
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3 years ago, Hispanic Lay Dominican
Powerful religious study app
I had the privilege to enjoy numerous podcasts through this app, which helped me in my Lay Dominican discernment process. The app has very enlightened podcasts from prominent religious intellectuals and are helpful in illustrating answers to questions we have in our religious and prayer life. This app is a must for all who are looking for answers to questions in our daily lives!
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5 years ago, BrokenChord
Glad I found it!
This is such a treasure trove, full of sound and wonderful wisdom. I first came across one of the talks on someone’s post on the Facebook. It was providential as I have been looking for in-depth explorations of certain topics and spirituality, which I was unable to go far by reading on my own. I like the way the spiritual classics are being discussed and unpacked which makes them less daunting. Truly a great gift!
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6 years ago, Elena Sping
Discerning Hearts
This app has so much in it! I have been listening to Fr Timothy Gallagher’s talks on discernment mostly, and they are wonderful and very helpful and clear. It’s easy to find whatever you are looking for and listen again and again if you want. Fr Tim makes his teaching very relatable and current with practical suggestions and steps to take if you want to progress in your relationship with Christ.
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3 years ago, Learning Evry Day
A great app chock full of solid Catholic Christian direction and learning
This app is such a joy! There are so many different talks, prayers, retreats, studies to listen to. I have learned a lot about God’s message for me. I have learned so much about different aspects of the Catholic faith. This app has solid Catholic teaching for Catholics, other Christians and anyone who is interested in learning more.
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4 years ago, All taken ...
Spirit led Blessings
This app enables so much opportunity to experience our Triune God. With each prayer, teaching, novena, talk I am blown away by the working of the Holy Spirit guiding me to be the best version of myself. My prayer life has been so enriched and example after example of its impact for family, friends and the prodigal children of the body of Christ revealed. Thank you one and all for your dedication in bringing this amazing app to us. Amen.
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5 years ago, Ebudola
Discerning Hearts.
God has used and continues to use DH to lead me to Himself. The hosts of the various programs are authentic with deep fervor for Our Lord. All the programs and Podcasts inspire me to become the best version of myself. Words are inadequate to express my heartfelt gratitude to God for DH. It is a “One Stop Place” for my Spiritual Growth. May God protect all of the hosts and hide them under The Mantle of Our Blessed Mother. Thank you for your dedication and devotion to Our Lord and His Sheep.
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5 years ago, KMTW3
Amazing content
So impressed at the dedication of the speakers and team to offer such quality content! Happy to have the wisdom and insights available even to those who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford to access such material. find it heartening and refreshing that they offer this freely whereas other resources for spiritual growth can be extremely cost prohibitive. Thank you!
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5 years ago, MJFlann
Use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
I use to listen to most to the content on separate podcast. But when I heard the app was out I switched to it and now use it instead of the podcast. I really would miss it if it wasn’t there. I especially like the talks on spiritual subjects that I can’t find anywhere else.
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1 month ago, DR4169
Discerning Hearts App is an INVALUABLE RESOURCE
for all Catholics but also others of the Christian community. It asks all the questions you’ve wondered about and a few you’ll be surprised by the width and depth handling of St. Ignatius’ masterful Summa Theologica the rich narratives of the lives of the Saints, Church Fathers, the Holy Trinity, The Rosery, Catholic Church history, Holy Communion (transsubstantiation), Holy Mass, Mary’s Devinity and perfection, devotionals, prayers and more!
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5 years ago, Father Lucas
Fountain of living water
I am very grateful and blessed to have found this wonderful app! I have benefited very much from listening to the talks from a wide variety of spiritual experts. Our world is thirsting for prayer, for healing, and for mercy. Discerning hearts allows us to drink from the wellspring of the Church’s rich spiritual tradition. Thank you to all who have given their time and talent to this wonderful endeavor!
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5 years ago, KARsenior
Wonderful App -,with life changing content
Exceptional high quality content brought by well versed and educated speakers and authors. The content is the kind that can change one’s life for the better. The content is orthodox & reliable. The Practical workability of the app is easy and reliable. I hope to be using this is app often & for a long time.
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5 years ago, 弯弯扣肉
Benefited more from it each day
I was at first guided to this podcast because I was searching on Ignatius spirituality and it’s needless to say how much that series on discernment has been so helpful. This podcast covers so many different topics, sometimes in the format of dialogues but also just prayers. I’d recommend to all my friends to take a listen.
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5 years ago, hey3of5
Like this app
I haven’t had a chance to listen yet to many of the programs offered, but I very much enjoy the ones I have and am looking forward to quite a few of the other offerings. One thing I wish is that there were 15 sec ‘jump’ arrows in the programs — it’s hard to readjust where you are in the recording just by dragging on the progress bar. Overall, nice app!
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5 years ago, Neha SF
One of the best spiritual gems out there!
I have enjoyed listening and learning from Discerning Hearts for over 4 years now. Thank you so much for enriching my spiritual life with your podcasts. I have recommended it to my friends and one of them was baptized last year! Thank you Chris and the team of Discerning Hearts and please keep up the good work! God bless.
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5 years ago, go catholic
I have been using this app for over a year and I just love it! The music is beautiful and the narrators reading the prayers and scripture have warm and soothing voices. I use this app every day, in fact, I use it multiple times a day! This app has so many prayers, talks and Novenas that you can use to enhance your spiritual life, May God bless you on your path to holiness !
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2 years ago, MARD52652
Informative and soothing
Every night this becomes my way of reaching peace before going to sleep. Never get tired of listening again and again because one always learns something missed or achieve new heights in spirituality. Thank you for podcast.
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3 years ago, Cave of the Heart Hermitage
Amazing Gift to One’s Spiritual Life
Discerning Hearts App is the most “tsunamenal” app / website. There is such a great wealth of spiritual richness from well grounded theologians. Father Gallagher’s portion is amazing on all aspects of Ignatian spirituality and some beautiful Carmelite spirituality. Dr Anthony Lilles has wonderful Carmelite topics especially on Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity. Such a wonderful saint. There too many providers of information to mention. Kris McGregor has the perfect soothing voice for reading and praying 💖. And there are so many opportunities for prayer. All of this is FREE. NO CHARGE for any of it. Given out of the love of their hearts for God and His people. I am incredibly grateful and pray for all of you daily.
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6 years ago, German Jimenez
Tools of faith in the spiritual journey
I've been hooked on this. I share it with lots of my young adult friends. There is great spiritual practices that help point out amazing tools of faith to stay close to Christ and see in truth with God's love and purpose. Thankful I came across this app. I got the book by Fr. Gallagher and the spiritual exercises have help me so much in my discernment and journey.
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3 years ago, mbrw64
A blessing!!!
Having attended two in-person retreats with Fr Timothy Gallagher, I was absolutely wow-ed by his gift of unpacking Ignatius’ Rules of Discernment. Sincerely life-changing insights! To find his talks available at my fingertips on this app is a huge blessing!!! And it’s only one slice of the beautiful ‘Discerning Hearts’ pie. These speakers are giants and true gifts - thank you thank you thank you!!!
Show more
5 years ago, poemsnpaintings
Everything I need
I love this app. It always lets me know what the current novena is and I try to do them all. I also play the rosary to accompany me when I take a walk or just pray at home. And then there is a wonderful variety of podcasts on a range of topics relevant to my faith formation. Thank you.
Show more
5 years ago, Teak2323
A Lovely and Gentle deep dive into catholic prayer and spirituality!!!
I started using DiscerningHearts because I was interested in the writings and teaching of Fr. Timothy Gallagher (he is a fantastic and gentle teacher with a bit of focus on Ignation spiritual life and experience). Lately I have expanded to the teachings of Dr. Anthony Lillas and been exploring the prayers and novena sections. All of which are excellent!!! I highly recommend this app and ministry if you are looking to sustain or deepen your faith practice and/or knowledge of catholic beliefs. If you yearn for Christ there is much here that may help set your feet upon a path towards him. A truly wonderful spiritual resource!
Show more
1 year ago, MrsAngela
My downloads
I love the content so much, but I wish there was a way to easily see what I have downloaded. As the app works now, you have to remember which categories and which episodes you downloaded. Would be great if there were a “my stuff” category.
Show more
5 years ago, Edith1089
Discerning Heart App
I love this app especially the Spiritual Formation. Anyone who wants to understand the Catholic faith or wants to become one, the spiritual podcast gives a very good insight on the truth, the lives and works of the saints. The prayers especially the rosary I usually listen in my car or while walking.
Show more
4 years ago, NonnaBAC
What a Blessing!!
WoW! Discerning Hearts is an amazing App. Truly I have learned so much and discovered many new “Friends” (St. Elizabeth of the Trinity for one) to help me on my Spiritual Journey. I also like the Novenas and other devotions. A big plus is that I can trust Discerning Heart content to be true, authentic Catholic teaching. Recommend it highly.
Show more
5 years ago, Bridget Catherine Hildegard
Thank you.
I have learned so much from Discerning Hearts. This program encourages us to grow in our faith & deepen our love in the world. Such a gift in the midst of our culture today. Listening to the podcasts lift me into God’s space while I am here in the earth. Thank you, thank you.
Show more
4 years ago, neufann
Spiritually Rich
I love this App and have told many fellow Catholics how enriching and information is “ Discerning Hearts.” I pray the Divine Office daily, enjoy “ Formed,” read about the Saints. This App , especially all the talks and lessons given by Fr. Timothy Gallagher, has so much to offer us in our understanding of our Catholic Faith.
Show more
1 year ago, Bridie 3
Learning more about the Catholic faith
This app is full of information about the Catholic faith. It’s an app that keeps changing and developing. There’s always something new that I never knew on this platform.
Show more
2 years ago, Iwrotethiscausetheyasked
Great App for Spiritual Guidance
The podcasts provided by Discerning Hearts that I’ve listened to are wonderful! I can’t believe it’s all free and such high quality. The series of “The Discernment of Spirits” by Father Timothy Gallagher has been especially helpful for my own life.
Show more
4 years ago, Gail Yearick
What a BEAUTIFUL ministry this program is!!! I discovered this ministry, when I came upon Fr. Gallagher’s series on Discernment of Spirits, and I have listened to so many of the talks now. I am so pleased that I found this program before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Thanks to Kris McGregor for organizing and working with this Apostalate! ❤️❤️❤️
Show more
4 years ago, flutebiz
Text and audio don’t match on the Rosary
Excellent app!!! It was recommended to me by my Spiritual Director. Some of the written text for the closing prayers on the Rosary are different words than what the person on the audio is saying, this trips people up.
Show more
4 years ago, mzurovski
I appreciate the in-depth interviews. An hour or 30 minutes usually leaves me wanting more, so multiple episodes on the same topic really peak my interest and devote adequate time to the topic. It’s like being on retreat in my home or car!
Show more
4 years ago, MaryP41183
Always learning
I’m most of the way towards my Masters in Theology (Franciscan University) but I am always learning from this beautiful app. The guests are fascinating, but the messages are simple enough for anyone to grasp and appreciate. Beautifully done, DH! Thank you for your ministry!
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