4.8 (55.8K)
55.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zink Media LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Discogs

4.82 out of 5
55.8K Ratings
11 months ago, Ladysensei1
I’m sorry my father is not here to see this. He was a real old-time, DJ, whose spun live records next to Alan Freed in Cleveland Ohio in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll back in the early 50s. There was no way to know back then that today these vinyl records would be collectibles. Fortunately, I kept most of my records from the late 60s and early 70s and now I have a wonderful way to do an inventory. It’s been a lot of fun and I look forward to adding more to my collection now because it makes it a lot easier to search for those records that are hard to find. Back in 1980 I lost 150 vinyl albums to a flash flood that came through the townhouse. I have a little over 200 that survived. I lived in a townhouse at that time we managed to run them upstairs to the second floor, but some of them didn’t make it there in time. I’m slowly remembering what records were lost. I am trying to gradually replace them. Kudos to everyone here !!! Rock on!!
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2 years ago, itsdok
Good Concept-Terrible App Functions
The overall concept of Discogs is really cool. Love the fact that it has so many records in its database. However, the functionalities in this app make it not enjoyable to use. I find myself more frustrated than it’s worth when attempting to add new records to my collection. Many instances where records will show up when you type in the info but the app gives you an error every time you try to click on it. So you try a new one as there is a couple options; this time you get stuck in a never ending loading screen. You decide to type it in the search bar again, you find it, you click it, it presents an error, you have to retype the entire serial number as the app does not save your searches unless you actually press the “search” button after typing in the information. Only problem is that if you do complete the search by pressing the “search” button, Discogs will not be able to find the record. However it shows up in the suggested records when you type the record serial in before you hit the “search” button. App is just really clunky and hard to use.
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2 years ago, Mediardo
Great Vinyl Organization
I started using this app when I realized that I was purchasing double of the same albums more than a few times because I would be excited at the moment in a vinyl store (like a kid in a toy store) and couldn’t remember if I had already purchased what I was looking at. Yes, I have a problem. Well, I had two: being addicted to vinyl, & not always being able to remember what I had already purchased when over stimulated when surrounded by LP’s. It has become my go to app for everything Vinyl. There are more functions like buying and selling and digital music which I am just starting to explore but even without that I absolutely love the way I am able to keep track of not only my catalog but the condition of the media, the jackets, and even make notes on certain selections. I highly recommend if you enjoy the warm crackling natural sound of Vinyl.
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4 years ago, UpdateBrokeIt!
Latest update broke search function
The app has been fantastic for managing my collection in Discogs, but the latest update broke the search function and makes using the app nearly worthless. As described in another review, you can search once successfully, but nothing happens with any additional searches; no auto-suggestion as I type, and nothing happens when I click the “search” button, even if I start a fresh search. I have to exit the app and start again for each search. I’m in the process of entering my collection of a few thousand records, so obviously way less than ideal. Also has problem where item added to collection doesn’t always show up right away (“My copies”) so appears that item wasn’t actually added. I’ve re-added some only to have multiple copies displayed in my collection after a few minutes. Another problem since the update: the app has hung a few times when I I edit an item in my collection and hit “Save”. I have to exit the app and then when I open it again, the item has been deleted from my collection. Had I reviewed before this update I would have given five stars; now one star is about right.
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2 years ago, DayOffJody
Great…when it’s actually working
Ooops! Something Went Wrong…is the message you receive CONSTANTLY while using this app. It is good for tracking the records, CDs, etc., that are in your collection. Very handy when your’re digging in the wild and need to check to see if you already own something. However, it seems more often than not the app, or various features, just do not work. Often as I’m adding new acquisitions to my collection, I’ll get the message “sorry something went wrong” and I have to start all over with adding that record. Quite frustrating especially when you’ve “typed” using your thumb lots of notes about a record (I track how much I paid, where I bought it, etc.” AND it’s not unusual for the app (and even the Discogs website) to be completely unresponsive. Like just now…app isn’t working at all and the website gives this message: “Put on a record, we’ll be right back. We hope to restore services as soon as possible.” Wish this lack of service wasn’t a frequent occurrence, but sadly it is. Great app…when it’s actually working.
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3 years ago, bob nguyb
Great app with a few flaws
This is an amazing source for me to find my favorite records, and it’s very relevant to today unlike the online website. But one of the major things this app doesn’t have that the website does is the way the website sorts an artists discography. The website sorts it with studio albums, singles and ep’s etc. this app just sorts them with everything in one category, so it’s more difficult to be familiar with an artists discography. Another thing I wish this app had is push notifications. I don’t think they have them, if they do, it doesn’t work. It just send through email or app notifications mail. Overall a pretty good app missing some useful features.
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4 months ago, CowbellGuy93
Can we get correct alphabetization?
I love this app but I think I have a legitimate gripe about how it sorts albums by artist names. This app is made for people who care about their record collections, and know the right way to alphabetize - band name or solo artist last name. But the Discogs app only organizes by the lazy digital rules that most self respecting collectors would never consider using - band name or artist first name. I don’t think this is a nitpick because of where is causes problems. For example, if I want to go through my records to make sure I have entered them all, the best way to do that is have my records and database sorted the same way, then fill in any holes where necessary. Instead, I can only look at my albums sorted correctly in my bins against them sorted incorrectly in the app. I see the bands in the right place, but have to manually search for any album by a person-named artist if your app can’t show it where it’s supposed to be.
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2 years ago, SdKuAb
Lots of Unexplained “Format” Errors
I try to tap on a disc version to attempt to verify if it’s the correct one I have in my collection, I get an error saying that the page in question isn’t in the correct format… whatever that means. Sometimes it will work if I try a second time… sometimes it will work on the 30th attempt. Not sure why it all of a sudden got into the correct format, it took a bunch of wasted time, but at least I can look at the page now. I’ve verified the I’d information and it’s time to add the disc to my library. I get the same error again. I’ll keep trying again and again and again and (you get the idea)… finally, it adds the disc to my library. The app ran nicely when I first started using it; after one of the more recent updates, it didn’t work at all. Now it works about 1/3 of the time, but without any rhyme or reason. Here’s hoping that they can restore full functionality soon.
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6 years ago, Pandaturtlefish
Two big problems
I love discogs the app is pretty well designed beside having to go to the brower for certain things every now and then but my biggest issue is the notifications I mostly use the discogs app I rarely use a laptop so I miss messages from sellers cause of time zone difference and etc I'm not always checking in other words I'd live status updates on orders like shipping rates confirmed by seller, you've been given a refund and etc you get my point this app needs it trust me also I don't seem to find anyway of easily messaging sellers without typing their name call me lazy but I'd much rather click the sellers name and hit a button "message seller" messaging is already in the app why no button? And a side thing I think not only the app but discogs as a whole needs a way of sending pictures of the vinyls to people so I know the real condition correct these and you got 5 stars from me 😃👌🏻
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1 year ago, cmeerdo
Fire your Dev Team Pls
Such a lazy, broken app honestly. Simple things like sending messages provide errors (FeatureNetworking Error 0) and obvious UI QOL is not taken into consideration. Given the massive fee hikes lately, you think this company would have some budget to hire ChatGPT to make a fully functional app. Some joys include: -can’t go back to search results - start typing again! -can’t fine tune inventory search in sellers store (no Filter By variables) want a vinyl or a cd? have fun sifting through thousands of inventory! -can’t simply add a title to your wish list - you have to add all 500 of the different represses to keep an eye on something you want. -if you don’t spell something exactly correct, you won’t get any suggest results. The Beetles, never heard of em. -there is no site-wide universal description of condition definitions - what exactly constitutes Near Mint vs Very Good + ??? -can’t add favorite artists to your favorites to see if sellers have anything by that artist. You literally have to add hundred of titles to your wish list to see if a seller happens to have something you’re interested in. -saddling multiple titles to your cart from the same seller will duplicate the shipping rather than combining shipping. I had one order that quoted me $210 for shipping because if this. Please take your new seller fees and make this a better experience.
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4 years ago, 2112brainiac
Great app, but can not view reviews
Great for cataloging records and viewing your collection/wish list. However the one issue I have is that you can not view people’s reviews on the app (you can however view it from a web browser). I like to see reviews to make sure the pressing is good. However, this app does not allow you to view them. I hope this is fixed in the future, but doesn’t seem likely given that there have been updates and still no viewable reviews. Edit: actually the reviews can be viewed when you tap in the upper right hand corner (...) and select “reviews.” However the reviews should just be placed at the bottom as seen in the web browser. Still a great app.
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8 months ago, DJ Mahogany
Latest update needs an update!
I love using Discogs and it has been a big help to me with regards to cataloging my collection and helping me when I’m shopping for records to make sure I don’t buy duplicates. The latest app update has taken away one tool that has restricted my use of the app. After a certain amount of time, the app will log you out of Discogs where before you always remained logged in. So, whenever I’m shopping for records…I have to log in. I have logged in over 15,000 pieces of media…so it takes forever for my collection to load into the app. It is no longer the tool that was so helpful before. I wish there was an update that allowed users to remain logged in for convenience. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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5 years ago, Toddjw73
Perfect for the Collector and for the Seller
I started using the app to make it easier to add from my phone when I lost my other format of posting photos of my collection on Flickr when they got bought out and stupid. I had my CD collection cover art on there to know what I had, but had to find something else due to having to remove everything to not be charged to use it. Then Discogs came in mind as I would use it to find pricing as a reseller. Well now it’s a perfect use of both. Whenever I’m out shopping to add to my collection, or to find Media to sell to support my collecting, I just have to pull out my phone and do my research. It’s a great app.
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2 months ago, NicknameNamenick123
Weak search function within seller inventory
The Discogs app leaves much to be desired compared to the browser interface, especially in terms of its search options. This applies particularly to searches within a single seller’s inventory: there are only two filtering options, namely “All” or “In My Wantlist,” and there’s no filtering by price, format, genre, style, etc., all of which are options within a seller’s inventory search in the browser interface. Especially with sellers who have massive inventories, it is convenient to be able to do filtered searches not just by keywords, for example when looking for deals to add to an existing order before checkout. Adding more sophisticated search options within a seller’s inventory would improve the app.
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1 year ago, Z13S
…hidden like money in Ozark.
I want to add a new folder to my collection. If this is possible to do within the app it’s hidden like money in Ozark. I searched the forums for a solution. The answers are either, “click the gear in the top right of your collection” There is not a gear in the top right. There is one on the My Discogs tab but none of those options are for folders. The other answer I find is, “click the folders tab at top of collection and select folder you want to move it to”. That’s a dumb answer to the question, “how do I create a NEW folder?” Missing such a basic function in an app like this is beyond frustrating. 3 stars only bc the rest of the app is great. Add a plus symbol or a button labeled “new” in the folders area so people can create a new folder. I can’t believe that needs to be suggested.
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4 years ago, chrissythebear
Great app. Love it. Does have a couple bugs.
I use this app for cataloguing and selling every day. Love it. I have noticed though there’s been some problems occurring. Some days I don’t get notified about new listings of items in my wantlist that become available. I’ve also been having a lot of issues when trying to search. I’ll type out the name of an artist and hit search and nothing happens. I’ll have to close out the app completely and retry, but that doesn’t always work and when it does work often times not all of the releases by whatever artist will show up. Just some.
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2 years ago, Jacob "here every week" Rushka
Can’t see prices in collection
Love this app but two flaws 1. I accidentally added a entire vinyl’s discography to my wantlist instead of just one version (i dont know why that’s even an option) and then had to go through all of the different pressings and delete them, except after a few times I just get an oh no something went wrong message and have to completely restart my app, imagine doing this 7-8 times just to clear up your wantlist 2. In order to find the price on my vinyls in my collection I have to individually go through each and every single one, i dont know if it does work on apple, I know it’s displayed under all your vinyls on Samsung and others, but apple doesn’t, just an idea
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4 years ago, V'rah Chobahmuh
One of the best app companions!
This is easily one for the best app companions to a service or website. It adds so much functionality that the website is missing. Scan barcodes easily and easily sift through versions of albums and add to your library. To remove something from your collection or want list, simply swipe on the name. On the website, that takes 3+ clicks and a loading screen or two to accomplish and return to where you were. A rare example of an app allowing you to do work faster and more efficiently (and more enjoyably, considering how rare bugs have been) than the main website interface.
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6 years ago, Dunham19
Infinitely recommended.
If you collect vinyl records and want to catalog, sort, or even buy/sell them, this is the ultimate app for that. The website is also phenomenal for the PC, but this app does a marvelous job at keeping you informed with all things vinyl on the go. You can search by key words, band names, and even scan the barcodes on the back of most albums. It's not just vinyl either, this app has all the formats you can ever want. CD, cassette, and multiple individual digital format entries. The app is also truly phenomenal when it comes to info on the all the different releases and even has videos for most albums. Infinitely recommended.
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5 years ago, Studyfe
Why the update with less information?
App was great..”was”. It gave you all the information you needed...”gave”. You can’t type in the version number of the record & have it pull up...now you have to type in the title. Also, you have to click on every single release to see what the version is...I don’t know why it can’t show it under the “Released in US” like it used to (this adds an incredible amount of time if you’re trying to catalog a big stack). Plus, why did we take away the labeling of what tracks were on what side/record (it still shows it on “My Collection” albums, but why do I have to add it to my collection to see it)? I created “My Collection” a couple months ago, but if this update had happened before I did...I wouldn’t use it. Bring back what was taken away.
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4 months ago, DjSkittlez4Life
Better than the website!!
I purchased a record off Discogs a few years back and didn’t use the site again for some time. I recently returned to it and have found myself having fun cataloging my collection. When I discovered there was an app, I downloaded it to try. I am in love with the effort the team is putting in to build the app! It strikes me as a work in progress, but not because it NEEDS more development. Rather, I think Discogs is passionate about their service and wants to continue to improve it. Very happy I downloaded!
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3 years ago, 72doobie
Great App For All Your Vinyl Needs!
I'd like to start by saying thank you to the creator of this app! It makes cataloging your music collection a breeze and you can buy, sell and trade if you find someone who is looking for the same!? What I find to be a huge time saver is the barcode scanner in the search bar! That's like the best thing since sliced bread. Lol Thanks Discogs and I highly recommend this app for keeping track of your catalog and also giving you a ballpark value of your collection with a low, mid and high range for the value of your record collection!
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5 years ago, Stevestl6
Record collectors dream app
To start out the only things I wish this app had was a way to scroll through your collection via genre separation. And an way to add friends accounts and easily access their want list and collection for gift sending and giving purposes. Other than that there are all kinds of things that can entertain and bring you back to the app on a daily basis. It functions great, easy to buy stuff, and great tool for keeping up with your own collection. P.S. I love that when I’m looking at my collection I can shake my phone and it picks a record at random!
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1 year ago, Allyn9
Works great
Update: scams and fraudulent listings have gotten worse and are running rampant on the marketplace. Something has got to be done, there are so many obvious and active titles for sale from scammers! But I do love the concept of this app! I use it to browse records for sale in my wantlist but it is also easy to reference on a whim when shopping in person at a record store to avoid adding doubles to my collection. My one ask would just be allowing users to sort their collections by the last name of the artist over the first name because that’s how many stores and a collector such as myself physically sorts them. Add that function and I’ll up this to five stars!
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5 years ago, Pete McConnell
Discogs has been great, but...
This app has helped me get back into record collecting. It’s almost too easy now. Still, I think there is some room for improvement. I get a message from discogs every few days that lists ‘99 newly listed items’ or something to that effect. I have seen the same records from the same sellers for quite a while, so something seems wrong there. In addition, it would be nice to be able to filter that list by location; it is simply not practical to buy LPs from Europe because of shipping costs. It would also be nice to have favorite sellers! If i were able to search a handful of sellers that I have been very happy with, I would probably buy more albums.
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3 years ago, MN_Bass
Works, Great UI, Easy to find the music you want on various mediums.
I’ve enjoyed my experience using the app. I learned quite a bit about the vinyl collectors dream app. Same goes for other medias. Easy to use. You can narrow it down very easy for whatever title your looking for. Lots of good deals to be found. Prepared to have your mind blown on some rare cuts :) You can find your favorite record store on there or discover a new one. Very useful tool to spread your collector budget 😎
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1 year ago, Spacecadet77
Great App. But a few bugs
I love this app. Just added my entire collection. There are a few bugs. Having scanned over 800 cds i noticed that when you scan the barcode and save the disc it sometimes doesn’t actually save it in the system. After cross referencing Discogs collection with my duplicate copies on my hard drive. I noticed they were missing. The other bug is that when you get an message in the app and click a link it takes you to a login page that fails to log you in every time. Two small bugs for a great app.
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4 years ago, Rique1972
Not As Intuitive As Previous Versions
The latest update is a real disappointment. Basic features have been removed. For example, you can no longer tap on a pictures to easily zoom in, basic information is not viewable on the app like genre and there is no longer easily link to the website and list a item for sale from the app. I’m not sure what the product management team was thinking, but the with removal of these simple features has taken away from the good user experience previous versions had. At least for me listing items for sale isn’t as intuitive and using the app when shopping isn’t as helpful when you need to zoom in on pictures.
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3 years ago, Goztheking
Good! but lets work for perfect!!
I am by no means a heavily picky collector of vinyl, but I do feel that a better sense of community, while not foremost, should be high priority. Like there could be features through location (if enabled) to scout out local record shops and collector meets to help budding collectors, or those who aren't sure where good spots are. As well as this, a friends list would be cool to have integrated like the desktop version, which could be a cool way to dm, set events, negotiate, or just meet more friends in the hobby! thanks for reading if you did, And thanks for being a good way to work through the analog audio hobbies!
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5 years ago, Daft_Panda5
Just use browser version instead...
I love Discogs. I use it every single day. But don’t use the mobile app version anymore. It used to make finding the exact release you want so easy and fast because they literally showed everything to you and the filters were great. Used to be able to filter by individual labels, years, and filter out different media’s that I don’t need to see because I only collect vinyl. Now you just click a filter button and it jumbles everything differently and I can even tell what is what because it only says what it is if I click on it. Will continue to use browser version until these things that made the app very convenient are back again.
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5 years ago, j_a_m_c
Disappointing update - version 2.2.2
The new UI is OK - I’m still adjusting to the layout changes. It seems prettier, but no more useable than the previous UI. The big problem though is as other reviewers have mentioned: the search functionality has been greatly reduced. The barcode reader (the absolute BEST feature of the old version of the app) is gone and replaced with ??? A camera button? Is it a reverse image search? If only there were some indication in the app of how the search change is supposed to work. Also, I can no longer save notes when adding a release to my collection. C’mon guys... did you beta test this? Did your beta testers get instructions that didn’t make it to the general public?
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6 years ago, Christopher Merritt
Ok... but needs several bug fixes.
Love Discogs - use it all the time. The app is “alright” but has many bugs that keep me from using it as much as I’d like. 1. Unlike other apps that remember your login, this one makes me log in every single time. 2. When I log in, it apparently thinks it is for the first time ever, because it gives me tips on how to use my wanted, and collection tabs with pop ups. I don’t need this information - and certainly not every time I log in. To make things worse, the pop ups “hang” - not disappearing for at least a minute or two, and nothing you do will make them disappear. You just have to be patient and wait. Eventually they go away... 3. Searches for artist releases don’t seem to go chronologically - it just seems random. So, looking for an earlier pressing of a release is a challenge. 4. Purchases make you go to a web browser. Where you have to log in AGAIN. 😡 Normally these issues make me go to the website instead. I’d like to use this more, but it’s just frustrating a lot of the time....
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2 months ago, Mtm1964
Could it be any worse?
From a buyer perspective i guess its ok. Its pretty easy to find stuff and purchase. Hermally staight forward However from a seller perspective, its a freaking nightmare. Who is the git who came up with the shipping policy fiasco? Why cant you do any of this from the app? Why does alway go to the desktop? After 2.5 years of uploading items from time to time i finally sold something and I barely broke even on the sale after all the “fees” for themselves and paypal which is another nightmare. This isnt some new upstart e-commerce company. Discogs has been around for quite awhile and they are still the most user unfriendly place for sellers
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2 years ago, hillersbike
Always Broken!!!!
I have had this app for over two years and I’d have to say I get some sort of error 99% of the time I ever try to open the app. It constantly signs me out and won’t let me log back in even when I know for a fact I have the right username/password, and any time I manage to get into the app, there is some sort of popup when I try to do anything. Looking at my collection, adding to my collection, searching for artists, accessing marketplaces, anything. It is always broken. The website works fine, but this app is absolutely useless for me. I desperately wish it could work, I’d love to be able to easily pull up my collection catalog or shop around for new media.
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6 months ago, 33129
The app won’t even allow me to login
First attempt logging in after confirming my email address was met with a message stating that my (saved) password was incorrect. Tried it a few more times including manually typing, to no avail. So I reset the password. My first attempt upon attempting to login with the new password was met with a red error message which said: “ Access to this account has been temporarily restricted due to excessive failed login attempts. You may try again soon.” Several additional attempts including resetting the password and starting over again with my backup email address have yielded the same results. This is terrible! So disappointing.
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2 years ago, msusicman
Great overall
So far it’s been easy to use and to find all of the albums I have (mostly older classical music). The one feature I would love to see is the ability to search my entire collection for a particular track. A lot of my classical albums have pieces by different composers, so it would be great to be able to scan the whole collection for a certain song instead of trying to manually sift through the track list of every album with the composer on it.
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4 years ago, jaies1
Greatest Music Collection App Ever
This app has everything you could ever want and more. Perfect companion for the desktop / browser version. Notifications on when rare vinyl you want is being sold, ability to buy and sell, and they’ve almost gamified the collection aspect which I love. I love organizing all my vinyl and seeing what I own. I love this app, no complaints at all, except maybe not being able to view sales history on items. Thanks !
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9 months ago, BrianUnkHunter
Wish it worked!
When I found this I thought. YAY! I was excited about the existence of a discogs app. Downloaded it and signed in and it worked good enough but when you reopen it it directs you to update to the newest version and when you click to do that it just takes you back to the App Store where there isn’t one word about an update. This happens every time you reopen the app. I found that if you deleted and reinstalled the app that it would be okay again until you closed and tried to reopen again. Groundhog Day. No thanks. I’ll just use my browser to use the discogs website. This app is dumb.
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2 years ago, TheSquip
The App itself is fine…
As an app, Discogs is fine. It does what it needs to do, and is pretty visually appealing! However, I honestly would not recommend buying through this app! Unlike eBay, there isn’t any direct customer support that you can get through Discogs. If you have an issue, you have to talk directly with the seller, and it’s a whole hassle, especially when dealing with refunds. I wish there was some more buyer protection! So, Discogs is good to track your record collection with, but please be careful with buying! It’s a big hassle if you have any issues.
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2 years ago, Drbones1067js
My collection always at my fingertips
I love having this app for several reasons. Most of all it is nice to always have my collection available when I find a great Record Store, and want to do some shopping. I can avoid getting any duplicates for a record I may have forgotten is on my shelf. it also makes it much easier to add Records to my collection on the website because it has a barcode scanning feature.
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4 years ago, AbeNMS92
Very good (website is better)
It’s a very good app and a good system for those into record collecting and vintage music. You can add the records and vintage items you have easily (it has a whole database) and you can sort them in your inventory by years, date added, title, name,etc. The only thing I wish it was better at is I wish you could see other people’s profiles better like to see a friends records but it is very easy to see this on the website. All in all a good solid app definitely download
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2 years ago, matttpotter
The IMDB of music….
…but ALSO you can buy and sell? It don’t get better? Plus? I’m constantly finding out via sifting the database here? About stuff I did not know even existed? Some rare 12” single that was only released in Japan? That has 2 extra tracks I’ve never heard before? From an era back when that certain band, was still good? Music Deleted Scenes to my ears! Here yee will find, what you seek? And much much more! Thank you DISCOGS! If I could? I’d give you many DISHUGS!
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5 years ago, streetzandbeatz
New Update is TERRIBLE!
I have been a big fan of this app for a couple of years now, and I have catalogued over 1,200 records...but now this app is nearly impossible to use. Barcode scanner causes the app to crash, search by title is useless (it makes suggestions that have absolutely nothing to do with my search), and I get constant error messages now. Please go back to your old format or I guess I’ll just have to spend the time cataloguing my collection somewhere else.
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6 years ago, JakeGoodwin
Love the app but think there could be a few changes
The app works great, I haven’t had any issues, but it’d be cool if the collection/wishlist pages had a list view of the artists then you could click into that to see which releases you own/want from that artist. The pages just currently seem a bit bulky since they’re displaying an image for every release you own. Just a thought from one developer to another :) still love the app though great work guys.
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2 years ago, Major7th
Needs Improvement
While I like having the app available to me as a convenience, there are some things that are very frustrating. Searching. Some of your searches will show up in recent searches, but others will not. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why. Why is this such an issue?….. Let’s say I pull up a listing of all the various versions of an album, I click on one, I then use the back button expecting to return to the list. NOPE. I am thrown all the way back to a blank search. Ok, not a huge flaw. I’ll just click on my recent searches…. Oh, wait. Additionally, the add to collection button works fine, but if you forget to enter something, you cannot access your collection from the album entry. You have to leave the entry, go to my collections, find the entry and edit from there.
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4 years ago, The_Experienced
Bugs from time to time.
Don’t get me wrong, I like Discogs as a service and community. But the app seems to have bugs from time to time. For example, sometimes when scanning bar codes from my collection, it doubles up on my media and sleeve grading entries. There have been times where I scan a record and it’s found but after I take steps to add to my collection, the update seems to complete but when I view my collection it isn’t there. And then I’m forced to retry or add it via a browser rather than through the app.
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2 years ago, OnceUponALorelai
THE App for Vinyl!
Not only does Discogs help you document your vinyl collection, but it includes all the various editions and variations of a record to make sure your precise copy is counted for. There is a map to show you where the nearest vinyl record stores are and what they’re selling, as well as a way to buy vinyl from all around the world on the app. This app has been a huge help in curating my collection! If you are a vinyl fan in any way, you need this app. :)
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4 years ago, matebuddude
Great app BUT
I love Discogs and the app is pretty easy to work with but my only complaint is that it doesn’t send me notifications on my phone, I have to open the app and view the inbox which is fine but with my busy lifestyle it’s hard to remember to go back on and give my payment. I love collecting records but I forget that when you add it to your cart and checkout that’s not paying for it, so I forget to go back on the app the next day & submit my payment. Push notifications would make this app 100% best music collecting app
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7 years ago, Doof101
Great start, looking forward to more features.
The Discogs app was long overdue, and I think they got a lot right about it on the first try. Logging records is easy, design is clean and navigation is simple. In the future I would love to be able to add multiple accounts and switch back and forth easily within the app (similar to how Instagram functions). This would be great for people who have a business and personal account or want to have a significant other’s account on hand to make gift shopping easier. Would also be great to be able to add new releases within the app.
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2 years ago, ArtePovera
Great at what it’s good at, disappointing everywhere else
I dream of this app being awesome. It is super good for scanning a new record or checking prices quickly. But if you take a step deeper, it just gets annoying. Most features take you to a web client, thus out of the app to a place where you are not signed in. Oftentimes, I click a standard discogs feature and I am greeted with COOKIES ACCEPT ALL COOKIES and I just close the app. This is more of a site-wide thing, but I wish the social features were better too. I’d like all my friends’ phones to ding when I buy a new record please. Let them know I am awesome.
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