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User Reviews for Discover Mobile

4.86 out of 5
4.2M Ratings
7 months ago, gypsy37
Best credit card ever
In total I have 15 credit cards, half of them have a limit of over $5k…. But I have never been treated so well like I have been with Discover, in my experience when you apply they’re very generous with their starting amount, minimum they give you an accurate amount according to your credit worthiness. When I first applied I was in the 680s to 690s with MyFico score system, No late payments but 1 electronic bill collection that was paid but not removed from my CR, anyway Discover started me out with $10k, and after a year’s worth of fully paid payments each month & a few payments that was $100 to $200 on top of minimum due payment they’ve increased my credit to $15k! don’t forget to take advantage of the first year no interest fees, but if possible still try to pay off your full amount each month regardless of no interest rate. But as long as you keep your account in good standing, discover will treat you good. Also it’s a excellent credit score booster. Now I’m in the mid 700s and credit cards are looking for me with pre approvals many with no hard inquiries And now I turn down credit offers!
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7 months ago, TaraLovesBrian
My favorite credit card ever!!!
I love Discover so much that I need this credit card. After one year of having one Discover credit card, I got me another one. So now I have two of them, and I love both of them. I’ve had my first Discover card for almost two years, and I couldn’t be happier. I spend the heck out of my credit cards, but I always make my payments on time each month. If you do what you’re supposed to do, and use your credit card, and pay at least the minimum balances on your credit card, then you will be just fine. Of course it’s always better to pay more than your minimum balance if you can. You will save money, and it will look good on you. I’m always making extra payments to my credit cards when I can. When it’s time, and you deserve it, they will give you a credit line increase, and they are very fair. Out of all the credit cards I’ve had, Discover card is my favorite. They are the most fairest, and have the best perks of any credit card in my opinion. I’m going to use Discover credit cards for the rest of my life. I hope they never go away.
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2 years ago, Alicexlovesxyou
Horrible customer service and computing errors
Last two times I went to make a payment, I specifically changed it from the default bank to my work provided bank account. Despite this, it’s taking the money from my default account that is hardly used and doesn’t have the funds to cover. While I’m not sure if this is the company or apps fault, they refuse to fix or change anything, and when trying to use the live chat, it keeps exited me out of the app and even deleted my chat history. Good thing I got screenshots. Then it started me back at the beginning of talking to the virtual assistant, and I lost what little progress I had made talking to the first agent I had before the app closed out on me. I have been charged $70 in overdraft fees from them taking money from the wrong account that I explicitly told them not to do again the first time this happened. Since you’re downloading this app, it’s too late to warn you about the horrible customer service and not choose this credit card, but be prepared to have no solution to your problem after over an hour of trying to deal with representatives through this app. I will be paying off my card by transferring money through my work account to my default account, which I shouldn’t have to do since I paid them just fine in the past, and then closing my account with this horrid company.
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6 years ago, Kenish'
Loving my Discover App
I'm just so in love with this app. I logged in this morning to review my credit portfolio and I'm so thrilled at the updated breakdown feature! Detailing my total revolving debt, my number of inquiries, any late payments, (in the last year verses the last 7 years!!!- WOW) among others! You know what I'm most excited about though? The fact that I know Discover is likely already working on ways to improve on this feature and I already LOVE it so much! So I'm sure I'll be blown away when another update hits. Understanding my credit portfolio is super duper important to me. I'm an AMEX employee and card holder (18 years strong and love my company 100%) but I recall when I chose to get this Discover card it was because you were the first plastic I knew of that would actually give a cardholder access to their Fico score for free! Since then every one has jumped on, but you keep reinventing the game! You're ahead by far, and while others are still showing a bare Fico score, you're giving details that are so relevant and necessary for a customer like myself. You guys are doing great and I'm a fan! ✊🏿 #DiscoverIt
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5 months ago, Nitreese
Enjoyed and Disappointed
Today is May 15th 2023 and as of today Discover has closed my account I really loved and enjoyed my card I had the student card with a limit of $500 dollars for close to 2 years now. I just paid the $500 dollars and now I can’t get my money back this is heartbreaking this all started in March when I was told I had to go through a verification process to verify my account I had to send copies of my bank statement 3 months and get a notary signed at my bank I did this twice and submitted my information about 4 times. I was told if I didn’t receive any follow up emails my account would be okay I call today because I submitted paperwork again on May 8th and they tell me nothing was ever received and there is nothing they can do I am so upset I needed this money, I’m trying not to cry I am currently working on my credit I have other credit cards but I loved this one and of course I was told I could reapply but I got denied I’ll keep working hard to establish my positive financial history!!!
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12 months ago, KStout2013
Could be better
I’ve set up FaceID, but for some reason when I click the app, I have to manually click the FaceID button for login. Then, it scans, I get a green check and…nothing happens. It might do it once, then login, or like this morning might keep doing it until I get frustrated and give up. I also wasn’t getting push notifications when I used my card, I checked my settings and the only notification turned off is badges. Turned them back on and I’m getting pushes for my transactions. This is not reasonable. Now I have to log into the app (which doesn’t work correctly) to manually clear out every notification so I don’t have a badge count if I want to continue getting push notifications of transactions. This is just silly. I’m on a fully updated 14 pro, so the issue is certainly the app. I would also like to have an option to view more than one card or account in the app, I have my own Discover and am an authorized user on my husband’s card. There’s no easy way to switch between accounts, so I have to go to the website in order to view or pay my husband’s card. Other credit card apps allow for account switching.
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2 months ago, Yvonne Wuuuuuu
A terrible bank that won’t never ever protect customers from scammed
Last August, when I found 2 fraud transactions on my Discover account, I called Discover to stop all the transactions and cease my credit card. Few days later, I still saw additional 2 fraud transactions on my account. When I called again, they said their system was down so they were not able to do anything to my account. I waited then called again. By then there were 7 fraud transactions in total. The ridiculous mistake was happened because when I first called them, the Discover agent just ceased the transactions made via physical credit card but didn’t stop the online pay, which was the main way that scammer was using. The more ridiculous thing is, Discover won’t admit their fault and ask me to pay for the balance for the 7 fraud transactions. After calling the customer service and negotiated with Discover for 10 months, I gave up, but I will never ever use Discover again. I am so happy to see my current company (one of the top 500 companies in the world) is stopping accepting Discover as the acceptable credit card! Discover, you don’t worthy having the market share of credit markets unless you learn how to do the right to protect your customers!
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5 years ago, mayrondiaz
Worst Experience Ever
I apply to one of Discover Cards and I was approved with $1000 credit line. Then I was called by one agent to verify my information . I sent them my social security, driver license, proof of address among other documents. So far I was approved and my card was on the way. Then a few days later another person called me asking for the same information to be sent again and telling me that they need that again to approved my request. I thought that it was someone trying to still my identity, so I told that person that I would not send any info again and that they could close my application . Then I call discover to report that issue . They then told me that my account was close because of that call and that they ask for the same document twice and that they could not open my application again . I received my card today because they sent it and when I try to activate the card they told me that the account was close as I requested in that call and they cloud not do anything to reopen that account .
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6 months ago, Sweetbeats33
Customer service reps are basically idiots
After dealing with their customer service reps the last few times I hold they all lose their jobs to AI. A number of these idiots have yelled and screamed at me or even hung up the phone. Get a grip! If the job stresses you out that much you need to find a different one. Preferably a job where you don’t deal with people. The bratty ride behavior is unbelievable. Oh and if you try to put a claim against a purchase it takes forever. And every time a new update or correspondence goes through on the claim it goes to another rep. They do not have reps working any one claim. It’s all random. Which means the next person may not understand the whole picture and rule in favor of the wrong party. It’s like playing Russian roulette with your money. I e had this credit card since I was 19 and I’m not 45. Never missed a payment or ran it up too high. I usually have around an 800 credit score. Can you believe I’ve had the same measly credit of $2500. They won’t raise it. That’s fine. I’ll use a different credit card. You screwed yourselves out of money by being the stupid company that you are. A bunch of frauds and idiots work for Discover.
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7 months ago, Relocated to WA
Beware depositing checks
My husband gets paid monthly on the second via physical check. We had no problem using the mobile app to deposit the check in the past. However, this month his employer made a mistake and entered the wrong date on the check. We didn’t notice the error and did the mobile deposit. The check was rejected due to being post dated. So, I redid the process the next day and I was told the check was already deposited. I called Discover and was told I would need to mail the check in. I’m sorry Discover…if you are going to reject a check and not have a physical bank to rectify the issue, come up with a better way then mailing the check in. Fortunately we are not in the position where this check would make or break us by waiting…but some others may be living paycheck to paycheck and this delay could be detrimental by not having their funds to pay bills. I was told a wrong spelling of your name could reject your check. Please be careful. We moved across country and that is why we signed up for Discover. We will be getting a local bank now because of this inconvenience.
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6 years ago, Aliyah A
I have several credit cards with different companies. Of those credit cards accounts I hold, Capital One, US Bank and AMEX, Discover not only has the easiest app to navigate and use. I also discovered they also have the most wonderful customer service, especially when one of their account holders has a sudden, unforeseen situation. I am going through a nasty divorce and have been a homemaker dependent on my husband's (considerable) income for the last decade. After filing, I was suddenly being denied any temporary support until my first hearing, four months later. I panicked, and immediately contacted all my credit companies. With the only exception being Discover, every company made me feel as though I were just a lazy consumer attempting to get out of my responsibility, rather than what I actually am, a year-long account holder, with excellent credit, who has never missed a single payment. Four months later, as promised, I paid off my account. I will be a Discover card holder forever. Thank you Discover.
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4 years ago, Mrstsan
Why force me to review their new app preview?
I open the app, see the summary of my balance, click on anything.... make a payment, see activity details... Can I get to what I want to see? NO! I am FORCED to see their “hey look at the new way we’re going to force you to use out system” screen. I can’t close it, I can’t go back, I can’t skip it to review later. It locks up the app unless I comply. First, why force me to review this tour of whatever fantastic way they’ve developed to navigate? Ya think it will be different than anything else I’ve seen navigating through dozens of other apps? I’ll be too stupid to figure it out without seeing their grand guide? Second, why can’t I just skip this tour I apparently cannot live without, and allow me to quickly do what I want to do.... then I can view their crap later? It may seem like a small thing but it’s not. I am sick of app developers forcing people to do things their way or else you cannot use their dictator app. The tech industry has capitalized abuse of customer data, years ago asserting they’d never do what they currently do in chasing the almighty dollar. All the security violations we constantly endure are not coincidences. It loose security so they can share/sell our data to make money. If they weren’t doing that, then it would be a lot easier to secure the data. No, I’m putting my foot down this time and not letting Discover force me to go through their crap before I can see MY DATA ON MY ACCOUNT!!!!
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5 years ago, I.R.A.
Great but badges don’t show right away
I’ve always loved the Discover app, especially comparing to many other banking apps. However, a few months ago a couple of annoying bugs appeared. I’m on iPhone X iOS 12.1.4 (up to date as of right now). I also always keep my apps updated - I check for updates every night, so they download while I fall asleep. Discover doesn’t seem to have dedicated mobile app support, so I don’t know if reported bugs get submitted anywhere. 1) The badges don’t appear right away anymore. They only appear after I go in and out of the app. Tried Discover support but their solution of turning notifications off and back on doesn’t help. 2) I have three accounts: credit, checking, and savings. Now and again, when I go into the checking account, I get the “enable Face ID” screen. I have that enabled in all apps that support it. Moreover, I just logged into the app five seconds ago with the Face ID, didn’t I? Granted, it’s not as often as the phone itself telling me it needs my passcode to enable the Face ID (known issue), but it’s still annoying.
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5 years ago, Dedicated Member?
Forgetting the Discover Dedication Members
I have always liked using Discover, my family uses our Discover Card on anything we possibly can. I like to pay weekly on the card at a set amount and adjust accordingly every month if needed so it is paid off and I don’t have to pay any interest. I understand this may not make Discover the most money but it works very well for us. The App is so simple to use and is very nice to have. My only issue with Discover and I understand all card companies are like this. But I never see any incentive to stay with Discover. They and most other card companies always have incentives for new members but never for the dedicated members that have been with them many years. There is nothing keeping me with Discover except not wanting to deal with the aggravation of changing cards. If Discover was to offer additional cash back bonus or incentives for dedicated members, then this would be a five star rating and I would never think about changing cards again. A Discover Dedication Program simply does not exist.
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1 year ago, D@G@KC
My discover experience
My wife of 68 years and I have been with Discover for nearly 30 years for the best of reasons: “ The Complete Nature of the Services we need” and standing behind what you offer us with competent REAL PEOPLE who solve all the occasional problems that arise with those we do business with. We have used to some extent, a number of the major credit card services offered nationally through the years, without satisfaction. Discover Card remains the sole service we can trust to solve all our issues promptly without shuttling us through all levels of “ Digital Assistants”, only to leave us frustrated and our problems unresolved. Our detailed monthly billing allows us to track all our expenses far better than having our own personal book keeper. We know exactly “where and for what”, we are spending our limited income, so we can make informed adjustments if needed to our expenditures. We are in our late eighties and fighting to avoid leaving our home until the end of our lives due in part to Our Discover card “keeping us straight”. Thank you folks at Discover Card for providing us with live human reps and outstanding book keeping to make our lives so much better. We wish we could write this message to all those we do business with. Please DON’T CHANGE to better match the competition cost wise, by trading human beings for robots. Doyle and Gerri Williams.
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1 year ago, nyerish_
Great app for an amazing bank
Honestly, the only thing I can think of to make the app any better would be to have more fun/personalized transaction notifications like Chime Bank. That's really it, and that would just be icing on the cake. I've used Chime, Ally, and Schwab, but Discover Bank surprised me when it turned out to be the bank that served my banking needs the best, and with a reliable and wonderfully easy-to-navigate app. I'd heard they were a great bank that offered highly rewarding accounts, and that's why I decided to open my checking and savings here. But I still hadn't anticipated just how good the overall service would be. I love the app, the customer service, and the interest rates. I've also been pleasantly surprised with how much I've actually earned with my cash back debit card even though I use my credit card for most purchases. Overall, my experience has been amazing, and I'm in it for the long run.
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1 month ago, evilnova76
Don’t get this card
Apparently they “check your credit report” every so often. AT&T and I have a payment dispute so they like to post a delinquent balance on my credit report every few months, I dispute it and it goes away. This has been an ongoing issue since 2019. These @$$clowns lowered my credit limit of $3800 to $2500 because of the negative impact on my credit report. I had a balance of $2300 on it at the time. The lowering of my credit limit itself also gave me another negative impact on my credit report. I contacted customer service and they gave me the run around. They told me I had to call Gwen in accounting , Gwen was like I can put a request in to raise your limit again but you have wait 3-6 months, try talking to customer service to see if they can speed up the process. Customer service npc was like how about 0% interest on any new transactions for the next 6 months. I cancelled the card. I had been a card holder since 2015 and only had one late payment due to me being out of work for a job related injury. My account was in relatively good standing and they pull some shenanigans like this. Don’t waste your time with these guys.
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3 years ago, Fhfjdjqidjfjnnaskccj
Great app for a great card
I use this app a lot. It works well,etc. But I love Discover as a card in general. They stay on top of possible fraud charges lightening fast and catch bad charges freakishly accurately. Better than my bank which is a huge national big bank. Traveling Discover flows with us and makes it so easy to say where we’re going or they check if it’s an odd charge. I have LITERALLY spent over an hour letting my bank know I’m going one state over -have to do it because they’ll just decline me at register with no excuse. Traveling- Europeans don’t accept American Express checks like old days, they pretend they don’t understand you, etc. So again. I love this card and this app. Discover is leagues ahead, quicker to alert of possible problems and deal with issues when they arise. Everyone I have ever talked to at customer service (so far as of July 2020) I can actually understand and has been knowledgeable and patient. Again, so far!
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1 year ago, SamiyahKTA12
Discover bank is a complete scam. New customer here. I deposited a check from Geico into my account. They accepted the check and closed my account. I do not have access to my funds. They say that I have to wait 60 days to get those funds back. I asked for explanation. They refused, I asked to speak with a manager, they refused. I had to talk with 4 different agents and wait 24 hours to even speak with a supervisor and they did nothing to help. That check was from Geico to get my car fixed. Now I will have to be without a car for 2 months. I called Geico for them to cancel the check but they let me know it was already seen as cashed in their system so it was nothing they could do. Everyone claims there is nothing more they can do. I am currently being ignored but I will continue to post on every social page Discover has because I will not let you all get away with this. I have also reported and filed a complaint with the BBB. This company is horrible. They do not care about their customers and I am pretty sure they are stealing money. I should have listened to the bad reviews. Please do not be like me and get scammed by this shady company.
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5 years ago, Scottytackle
Challenges and Solutions
I’ve been waiting two days for my replacement card. Finally got it this morning, upon activation after spending 45 min on phone setting up new passwords, and security pin for cash withdrawals before I even use the card. I was flagged despite all the redundant measures you employ to prevent Identity fraud! 3 phone calls with your security department the best you could do was ask me to wait for your system to reset. There has to be a way to overcome these protocols over the phone immediately when my identification is confirmed. Depending on computers to do your job is dangerous! Not being able to fix this with a human on the phone is unacceptable. I’m really disappointed. I own a business that depends on me and my mind, experience, and customer service. Remember when that was America! What happened? When did the ability for humans to solve challenges become not enough? Start today one customer at a time . You guys can do this.. You don’t have to solve all your challenges in one day, just break it down one at time. We are capable of so much more than any computer program . We put a man on the moon. Remember that. Scott Sinclair CEO Green Harbor Bait and Tackle Loyal customer of 4 years
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5 years ago, lesainRwc
Love Your customer service representative’s
I am old school I do not do my banking online I didn’t want him anything besides call my payments in on the 10th of every month and I always ask to speak to allies live customer service person because I suffered a brain injury along time ago and I cannot understand your computer and it doesn’t understand me so I always speak with a live advisor they are wonderful they’re helpful and that’s when service I hope that you will never consider getting rid of because talking to a computerized voice that says I can help you with your problem they can’t because my mind bounces from subject to subject and I have to talk to a real person to get the information I want to get in that I need so I would love to give you 10 out of 10 stars for your wonderful representatives I always enjoy speaking with them and feel wonderful after getting off the phone knowing my account has been cared for Lisa O’Mara
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5 years ago, WeagleRED/NHL
Credit Line Increases
At first Discover was amazing. I had to get a secured card with my fair credit, but I understood that. After a year they refunded my deposit, gave me a credit line increase and made my card a regular unsecured credit card. I definitely deserved it without missing a single payment...not even a single late payment is documented. True, I made mostly only the minimum payment due most of the time, but that’s what a credit company searches for, people like me, that makes on time monthly payments where little if nothing goes to the principal. Full company profit. I spoke to customer service about getting a small credit increase but all I got was a hard inquiry on my credit report (and your commercials lie, I did not speak to a help version of myself on the other end of the phone). I think this companies deserves to give me a major credit line increase, and not so I can buy $1000’s of material objects, but with a higher credit limit my credit utilization will be lowered and get me closer to 30%, thus vastly, and with high impacts help my credit score. I say again, you advertise customer service, but I haven’t seen any positivity from this company since that first phone call telling me I’ve been approved for a insecure card because of my payment history. Once again look at my payment history, not my high credit percent utilization and 1 star will go straight to 5. Thanks
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2 years ago, Apporator
More Functionality Than Most
I’ve been with Discover Card since the beginning, and as it evolved, it became my preferred method of payment. Discover offers the best incentives and to my knowledge, their customer service has never been outsourced to foreign countries, so I’ve never dealt with language barriers like the I’ve experienced with other card companies. They continually update their app, which is probably why it offers more functionality than most and I’ve never experienced any of the technical issues some reviewers have complained about. The only downside to Discover Card is the fact it is not as widely accepted as American Express, MasterCard or Visa. Fortunately that type of minor setback can be easily circumvented by using an online payment service provider that accepts Discover. And no, I don’t work for; I’m not related to or know anyone affiliated with; Discover Card.
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3 years ago, Jpderouin
Slow and littered with bugs
While this app lets you view and pay your bill all in one place, the app itself is terribly slow and buggy. Signing in with Face ID takes forever to initiate and then complete the sign in process after authentication. Face ID doesn’t always come up right away as I am tempted to push the buttons on the screen until it loads. The app isn’t terrible but I believe an app that is designed to provide users with important information relating to their credit card bill should authenticate smoothly and quickly. The time it takes to log into the app deters me from checking my bill frequently which may look to some as a shady practice to encourage overspending. I have also encountered numerous errors and issues using the app such as due dates displaying as confusing text such as “no date” rather than explaining why there is no date. Once I have a credit score, I plan to switch to Apple Card for its superior sign in speed, beautiful user interface, and stable experience. As a software developer myself, I encourage you to make the app’s experience smoother.
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5 years ago, Valcasso
Was lead to believe that I will be graduating after 7 months. It’s been 2 years and no one can tell me why I can’t graduate from secured to unsecured. Spoke to supervisor who said that no one has the answer and no one can talk to the department that makes the decision. I have 2 unsecured card with over $20,000 in combined credit yet they are holding my $2,500 secured deposit hostage. Was told the account is being reviewed automatically every month yet when ask for proof that it is being done NO ONE can do so. I asked for just one proof that my account was at least reviewed once in the past two years and they said they couldn’t do so and that there was no way of seeing that it was reviewed. They just know that it is “supposed” to be done every month starting the 7th month after the account was opened. I asked if there was any criteria that I was not meeting for my card to graduate and they said they couldn’t see why. My payment history is perfect! My balance has never been more than 12% of my credit limit not even once in the past 2 years since I opened the account. My score is 748 and they refuse to graduate my account so that I can get my money back. If you don’t mind having your secured deposit money held hostage then it’s a great card and the app is awesome and the customer service is phenomenal, never had a problem. Otherwise, Stay away.
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5 months ago, Princess Tah
Love this bank account
I use discover banking and I have to say it’s treated me well for the past three years. No fees, easy to open account even if you have had bad history with banks, no overdrafts, my husband and I have a joint account. Customer service is really great. Never have to wait long, they are always quick to solve problems. My only problem is that my discover debit card stopped being able to function with cash app, but that’s not really discovers fault. Also unlike most online banks customer service is actually based in the USA, banks like chime are clearly outsourcing to other countries where they can pay people Pennies and they can just barely speak English, don’t solve your problems/ just read off a screen, makes the whole experience very unpleasant (I’m not very patient), but with Discover you don’t have to deal with all that.
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6 years ago, Octocroco
My Savings Account is frozen, basically once a week. The only way to get money out of it is to request a check or wire. So I opt for the Wire. Discover thinks all wires are fraud. Even though they initially vet the account, they do not just make sure it’s you on the phone with personally identifiable information. They run it as if you are a new customer and I get flagged and frozen every time. I spent all of July on the phone with Discover fixing the issue, which was only the one they created. Now it is November and I tried to do another wire and again it’s frozen. The fraud department has no issue with telling tall tales about the status of the account and banking laws in general. In July, I was told I tried to send money out of the account before the incoming wire placed the money in the account. Really, my bank statement showed the funds and my Fed Ref # proved the funds were there but Customer Service insisted I tried to pull a fast one and the funds were not there. That is not how wires work. Whoever is running Compliance at Discover needs to be replaced. Dumb procedure on top of dumb procedure to ensure job security and accomplish nothing except annoying the customer.
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6 years ago, RJ Streeter
I’ve been with DISCOVER for several years (not sure how many - that goes back to some of my older notebooks), and I have never had a problem of any kind with them. I have what I consider to be an excellent APR - considering some of the credit card offers I receive in the mail! (For that matter, one of my other cards, which I no longer use for purchases, has a rate 7 points higher than my DISCOVER card.) For quite some time now, I have been using my DISCOVER card for all my purchases - that way I can keep track of all my spending, and I am assured of purchase protection on virtually everything I buy. And all my phone contacts with DISCOVER personnel have been trouble-free; everyone with whom I spoke was knowledgeable and helpful. If you are looking for a new credit card that will make it worth your while, I recommend the DISCOVER card. (Tell them I sent you!) A Very Satisfied Customer
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4 years ago, vince 4 Trump
Unfair credit report
Dear Discover Card. Last month in November 2019 your company dropped my credit card report score 24 points, from 804 to 780, for no apparent reason. I did not do anything different except pay all my bills on time as I have done for the last 30 years. After personally checking my credit report myself with TransUnion, they still had my score in the low 800’s. So why the sudden change in my Fico score? Perhaps discover card can explain this sudden large drop on my Fico score. This is really upsetting me to the point that I feel I need to make a change of credit card companies. Thanks, is this the reward I get for being a loyal customer for 30 years? I understand that Capital One pays a much higher rate in reward points then any other credit card company now a days! Perhaps the discover card company feels because I pay my credit card bills in it’s entirely each month that they cannot make any money off me?, I don’t know. What I do know is that Discover Card my loose a great customer because somebody made a big error on my credit score. Sincerely, Vincent Vales
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2 months ago, EvHahay&Mia'sNana
Love Discover
I’ve had my Discover card for over 19 years. Throughout those years I’ve faced so many’s hardships, I’ve wanted to give up, being a single mother in the military working long hard hours barely surviving. I’ve had to depend on my Discover card to buy groceries, gas, pay electric bills, however we survived. Times I’ve had to pay just the minimum payment other times I’ve been allowed to pay way above. So many times throughout the years I’ve relied on my Discover card and it’s gotten me through my hardships. I’m so forever grateful. I’ll always have it. I have a 17 year old granddaughter that will graduate from High School as a Junior then she’ll go off to college. I got her a Discover credit card. For her academics credentials being so wonderful I also got her a 2023 Chevy Camaro. Thank you Discover for supporting me throughout the years.
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1 year ago, Alex333.
The worst credit card and customer service
I have been a Discover customer for many years and never ever had and issue or claim until I had a credit/refund issue with Airbnb and Discover sided with Airbnb and denied me 15 hundred dollars refund with many many poor allegations and putting me in the middle like I had the one to resolved it, which at the end YES! I RESOLVED IT. All the documentation presented to Discover was not enough until I hired an Atty and Airbnb issue the credit, something Discover could have been done and not keep me bouncing and dealing with ppl that even don’t grasp their job functions for an efficient customer service and quick resolution, rather taking more than 4 month to finally resolved the refund from Airbnb thru my atty. All this issue is due to a very poor service where in my own experience with Discover I see those employees are not trained properly or Discover hire those type of ppl with no even common sense, each individual has their own answer. Unbelievable! Very frustrated and sorry my self that I have been a customer of a thrifty credit car issuer Discover.
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3 years ago, DerekMWilliams
Lots of Functionality, Face ID Broken
This app has been very solid for a long time, and became even more functional when Discover allowed customers to merge their bank and credit card accounts so they could both be managed with one login. But all of that functionality still requires a log-in, and Face ID/Touch ID are essential for making that login process quick and easy. Over the last several months, logging in with Face ID has become impossible. The feature turns itself off. When I try to turn it on, the app tells me the feature is unavailable at this time and that they’re sorry. I once deleted and res installed the app, which allowed me to successfully turn the functionality on for a little while, but before long it turned off and wouldn’t turn on again. Once you’re logged in, the functionality is superb. But a broken log-in process really kills the ease and convenience of an app that requires signing in every time you use it. Once they finally get this crucial feature fixed, my review will go back up to 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Free yelp poet
Doesn’t include everything
I recently opened a card and I’ll say discover loves to throw a bunch of menus at you to try to confuse you. I noticed they do have some questionable things of concern such as they don’t even give me my closing date on my account on the app. I had to go online and dig through the menus to find out my closing date was literally a week and a half from getting my card.(what kind of bs is this?) It seems like they almost want me to not know my closing date and by extension my payment date. In comparison my other cards clearly list closing date, payment due, and payment date clearly under the account both online and on the app. I didn’t have to dig through menus to find my important dates. I’m aware of the intro apr but I still find that discover is either highly incompetent in their mobile app interface or trying to hide important information.
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4 years ago, help this app work
Great app, but could be better
Great app, easy to use. However I have had this app for a week and have only successfully logged in about 3 times. Extremely annoying when I cannot see the app, go to log in on the browser and I am usually met with another page stating they are working to resolve the issue. I have also not been able to set up a PIN number, when I try, a blank screen pops up with a red exclamation mark. Today alone, I have tried to log in about 5x, and it kept telling me my password was wrong. Go to log in on the browser, it lets me, and then tells me there’s an issue they are working to resolve. I have an Apple 6. Hoping I’m not told to upgrade my phone in order to use an app that should be able to be used no matter what phone you have. Whatever the issues are, please fix. I’d really like to actually be able to fully use this app. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Linda coy
Highly recommend
I was just starting to rebuild my credit and I applied for this card I put a $500 deposit after I receive my card I made a $120 purchase after everything hit the credit bureau my score jumped 78 points in one shot it let’s you make payments before your statement comes in and the app is very easy to navigate through it even has a section where it will tell you what your credit score is again I would highly recommend I’m getting ready to work on my husband‘s credit and we’re going to get him one of these also a sidenote after I got this card and made on time regular payments eight months later I got approved for a truck through GM financial you just really have to stay on top of your payments don’t use all of your available credit keep it at 20% - 30% I hope this helps
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2 years ago, DarCcity
The best cc company ever
I I never write reviews but I had to This time. So I had a Discover card before. Am unsecured card. But I messed up due to hard times and lost the card. It was 2000 line off credit. So several month’s later after my credits is shot from my responsibility I apply for another discover card but This time I could only quality for a secure card . I was approved for a 300 credit line with a 300 deposit requirement. I was very glad that discover gave me another opportunity after my mess up. Well months later I get an e-mail saying they are returning my deposit and increasing my credit line. Just amazingl and absolutely incredible. My new credit line jumped from 300 to 1800 in 6 months. I am very grateful to this wonderful cc company and I will never mess up again. Thanks for giving me another opportunity.
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5 months ago, Gig Wanker
best customer service ever!!'n
not really sure if this is supposed to be a review of the app or Discover bank itself. My review is mostly related to customer service. I have had to call customer service on more than one occasion , due to problems I created. just tonight, I lost my debit card and was dreading making this call, because if I find it, after I order a new card, the lost/found one will already be canceled. I still got off the phone smiling because person I spoke with was just so nice and helpful and made an unpleasant situation so much better. It's always like that and I, for one, greatly appreciate it!!!!! Everyone. I plan on being a customer forever! As far as the app goes it's pretty good most of the time. for some reason it doesn't want to keep my face ID enabled, other than that I have no complaints
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5 years ago, DiscoverFree
Sneaky practice to charge late fee
I use a bill pay service. When a bill comes, schedule the payment. Great and convenient I thought. BUT, Discover is the only card that does not allow electronic fund transfer from my bank. Twice in the last few months they claim that the payment didn’t arrive in time and charge $35! Since they don’t accept ETF, I can’t prove whether the delay was my bank, USPS, or a problem inside Discover. So, I know I can probably avoid the problem by authorizing the payment 3 days earlier than the due date. But since they don’t allow ETF, it means the bank withdraws funds 6 or 7 days early instead of the 1 day lead time for ETF. Discover ignores my complaint. They are happy to that they have robbed me of $70. A much better return than the small fee they charge the merchant. Now I understand why many merchants refuse to accept Discover Card.
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12 months ago, RoshelStPierre
What gives?
Discover was my very first CC 9 years ago. I now have several and I maintain them all perfectly, in fact I have zero balances on all of them. Discover is still my smallest credit limit card and they refused to increase my credit limit. They say the refusal is from my credit report… after they refused me I applied for and received a Target Red card (which became my newest high limit card) and today I was approved for a muuuch higher limit Gold Delta Amex card than every other card have. The approvals were based on my credit report! I called Discover right after I received the denial letter to discuss it and I was just told sorry we make decisions only on what the system said. Well Discover, guess which card I won’t use very often?! Just $10 here and there to keep it open. You should dig a little deeper when your own customer calls to say “hey I’ve had this account almost ten years, it’s been fully paid off several times, and I’ve never had a late payment”.
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6 years ago, Suave from Chicago (South side
Discover IT...Getting the card
I received my Discover IT today, it was well packaged and I was able to enable my card under 2 minutes🤝 I have a fair credit rating (around 630ish), and Discover gave me a fair chance-THANK YOU! There’s a lot of perks having this cashback card, the rewards NEVER expire people! Pay the bill by the due date, do not make any purchases till about 6 days after paying your bill! Your credit score will go up! For utilization purposes! I had no problem paying a bill minutes ago, and the phone app is greeeat! Easy, simple to follow, and simply pay your bill, Discover wants to help improve your score! How many credit card companies besides Discover do this?? Zero😃 Forget the other cards that don’t give people with fair credit a chance! Discover is 💯 % US customer service and they really are nice people!! The best simply
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1 year ago, Superflymiah
Best Ever!!!
As a person who had late beginnings in life, Discover gave me a card back in January 2019 with a credit limit of $1800. I have a card with Wells Fargo from 2015 and still only have $1000 credit limit. Granted I missed two payments with WF in the first year. I worked myself hard to put that behind me and prove I am responsible. Discover rewarded me for being a good customer. My current limit is $4900! The best part, I don’t ask. They give. I have cards from Amex, Chase and Capital One, but my favorite is my Discover! I use them the most because they appreciate people who are responsible with credit use. And pay off the balance each month. Oh, and their customer service is incredible! They treat their customers with respect, which seems to be missing from others. Take note creditors; Discover it!
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1 year ago, cloud_fairness
Worst experience
First they can’t even handle transfer cancel from stores, every time I wanted to buy something I had to get approval, then they blocked my transaction until “solved” never happened cuz they are trash, they keep asking me info, which I provided also instead of asking the info from the beginning they wait until after you use it, I never had a credit card block my transactions to check for more than a day or so, they have been nothing but a pain in the rear, I used the card for about 3 days before being blocked for over 2 months, I’ve been patient and my reward was that they perma blocked the card for use age, meanwhile I am paying for what I used and away s on time, this service is worse than trash PERIOD! The moment something goes wrong (not even my fault) they start screwing up, feels like they hire a bunch of new guys with the brain of a peanut and tell them to solve things 😒 once I pay off I never even wanna hear about the existence of this card, I just hope this idiots didn’t screw up my credit score!
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3 years ago, ROCKY MTN GRL
The way this card stands out from other credit cards is top notch in every way. The arrival of the card is higher in standard. The detailed and genuine presentation of the card delivery package shows intent to retain you. The setting up process of the app is more caring of your needs and your security than other cards. The first year 2% on fuel and restaurants rewards earned match is generous and the 1% all around is appreciated as a newbie to Discover. I can go on and on but I know you will be just as impressed as you slip into the lap of luxury difference you deserve after sipping the same old taste of cards that only looked to take everything they could glitch from you. It only gets better from here. I recommend to stay awhile. I plan to as well and to trade up in the chain of Discover y. I found my cheese.
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2 years ago, AKPAINTCO
Still waiting on activation!
Two weeks after the card was sent! So this is going into my first year year of cash back! I don’t know where these other reviews are coming from but my experience with them has been horrible so far! I called and asked why it’s not activated yet and they told me “some people” have to wait for identity verification. Who are some people?! No actual answer was given. My credit score was over 700 so what’s the problem? I said I could get another card and just forget it. They said they would hit my credit score again if I canceled now. I don’t even have an active card so why hit my credit score twice! So now I’m stuck waiting. I don’t know where these other reviews are coming from but my experience so far with them has been Horrible!
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1 month ago, Sillyvalley
Impossibly poor design, can’t do balance right
Have you heard of a financial app that cannot do basic math? Yep, this is it. Whenever you make a payment to your credit card, the balance shown in the account’s summary page will differ from that in Recent Activities page for at least one day. Then, whenever a pending transaction completes, that transaction disappears from Recent Activities view for at least one day, leaving the two balances different. Did I mention how impossibly slow the app has become recently? If you check payment activities, for example, it will take forever to switch back to any other screen. On the subject of credit card payment, you can only make one payment per day. This makes maintaining zero balance nearly impossible unless you only make aggregated payments; even if you only make aggregated payments, you can still accumulate balance because how slow some transactions clears. Unlike some credit cards, Discover also does not let you pay pending charges.
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9 months ago, cyc10nus
Terrible app / dev support
My app has been crashing immediately on launch on my iPhone since late June. I’ve provided debug logs and numerous calls to Discover and there have been zero followups to help to get to the bottom of the issue. I’ve done all the usual app removal, restarting phone, reinstall etc. nothing works. The underlying problem appears to be in their use of a third party framework for device notifications within the discover app. No follow ups equals horrible customer service. Update: 6 months later and the problem still continues. For those continuing to have the same problem, it will not get fixed unless you get a different device or Discover fixes the bug that is tied to your device id. Certain set of device ids broke back in May/June and their developers don’t seem to know or care on trying to work around it or fix it. Pretty sad considering… also they have a monthly cadence of releases which makes it extremely hard to have to wait each month to see if they have fixed the issue.
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3 years ago, MDTannen
Beware— Discover Sides with Vendors in Disputes!
Unlike American Express, Citibank Visa or Apple MasterCard, Discover makes it impossible to get one single representative to manage an ongoing dispute. Every time one calls Discover, they route customers to random representatives, never the same one. Representatives are cordial, but one must recount a concern again and again with each new representative. One can ask for a supervisor but cannot ask for one high-level manager, and Discover never assigns a manager to whom you can always go for answers. Recently, in ongoing multi-year disputes with New York Sports Club, cited in 2020 by NY State Attorney General for fraud and zealous fraudulent over-billing, Discover coldly sided with New York Sports Club. We finally paid the health club $695 for physical training that my husband never actually received because he was hospitalized for placement of his cardiac stents. After we paid, we decided to quit Discover. We use our Citi Costco Visa, Apple Card and our American Express card— all of which protect us and offer vastly superior rewards and infinitely better customer service than Discover. Beware!
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5 years ago, Blackcorvette68
Discovery never stuck to their agreement with us, discovery never had no intentions of sticking to their agreement with us. I had medical issues had surgeries. I got behind on all of my credit cards. All of my credit card companies worked with me honored their agreements and I am 100% current with all. Discovery is the only credit card company that never honor their agreement never had any intentions of honoring there agreement. Since my surgeries I have agreed to pay a certain amount of a payment to them. I have never once been late with them. I have gone through two reviews to re-activate the card and they have denied me every time. I would not recommend this company to anyone because they are a bunch of liars. I mean come on, a small time person like me can stick to my agreement but a multi million dollar company can’t. I think it’s a disgrace. I would pick American Express or capital one over discovery any day of my life. I will tell every person in my family and my friends what a bunch of scammers they are. My grandchildren will never have a discovery card because of this.
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11 months ago, Dewberry69
Poor customer service
I am very concern d about the Fico Scoring system you use. I have a zero balance with Discover- in fact I have a zero balance with the 4 credit cards I have and never paid late or missed a payment. And yet my score dooms to drop from 835 down to 797 for no reason. You tell me it’s because I don’t have any recent loan history so much do that I finally went out and bought a car. My credit went up a little but owing that money weighed heavily on me. I started making 3 or 4 car payments a months. Instead of paying my car off in 6 years it was paid in full in 1 year 9 months. I do not like owing money…… the last time I called customer service with Discover they told me they showed a different higher score than the 797?they were reporting- they told me they sometimes used a different scoring Agency. This did not sit well with me!!! I worked hard to pay my bills on time and get the score ai have….this is not fair to your customers and unfair as well… Discover needs to fix this issue
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6 years ago, Gramulous♥️
Over the last 30 years of marriage we are finally turning our financial goals in the right direction. I’m 48 and he’s 53 and we have had bad credit for some time. My husband held down a profession in the timber industry for 23yrs with frequent lay offs. I was a stay at home mom of 2 boys because it made the most sense as we would have to pay for child care. He would come home some evenings and say next month we are getting payed off for two months. His unemployment helped but not close to equivalent. We would barrow from peter to pay Paul. We would pay high interest rates because we were forced to. We have been working hard on repairing our credit for our future and by Discover card qualifying us it feels go to “adult” and watch our hard work, work for us. Thank You and I LUV your app and notifications. Discover’ed It ROCKS!!! ~Christine
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