4.1 (119)
61 MB
Age rating
Current version
Discovery Limited
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Discovery-Insure

4.08 out of 5
119 Ratings
3 years ago, ROUXLENE
Drives not recording
Sometimes a drive is not recorded in spite of the phone present and all functions turned on and still the reason no phone present
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2 years ago, GuyWitney
Soul l-sucking, joy-killing app
If you want an app that takes all the joy out of driving this is it. Defensive driving? Forget about it - if a child’s ball rolls out into the road ahead don’t brake, or swerve - the app doesn’t like defensive driving. No posted speed limits as in half the Eastern Cape? Well you’d better assume that the speed limit is 40 kmh the whole trip otherwise you’ll end up with zero points and feeling like an idiot. Leave your car idle for a few days? Don’t do it, the nerds who developed this app made the app assume you’ve disabled the sensor. Try to complain through the contact feature on the app? Nope, it will give you a constant “Internal Sever Error” message. DON’T DO IT!
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3 years ago, VLWwild
App doesn’t always work
App hasn’t worked since Xmas day and doesn’t send info to Vitality.. I get a notification of the results after my drive, but all point still stay at zero - even my no drive days. A call Centre person said I had to switch phone to airplane mode, then switch phone off, then switch phone on, then switch airplane mode off, then open the app again - and then it should work.. I’m not holding my breath... it seems there are problems with this app and iPhone users..
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6 years ago, Garfield3239
This app makes up speed limits and then scores you for speeding. I travel on the R59 daily speed limit is 120. I get a speeding demerit for travelling at 80 in a 60 zone? On three different occasions. Swartkoppies road has speed limit of 80 and again speeding 70 in a 60 zone. Additionally get penalised for harsh acceleration when travelling at 23km p/h Is this an attempt to ensure you dont get top score as it appears to become more of a problem the further you drive
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5 years ago, Dohnwyn
App work great on iPhone, i get 600 back for over 3 years! Fantastic. Love it
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6 years ago, my last try at a nickname
5 steps backwards
Latest update still does not address the issue of battery drain with location services being always on! Also, in your drive list, there is no more option to filter only your vehicle. I have to go and search for mine? This app is now more of a nuisance than helpfull.
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5 years ago, CBGSV BABY
Are you supposed to drive like a robot?
Completely unrealistic parameters to abide by. Tried this out and drove extremely well, only to be scored badly for a bunch of things that didn’t even happen? If you want people to trust and use this app, there’s ALOT more work to be done. DELETE
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7 years ago, Graymanza
Battery drainer
Great to have the app and the concept behind it - BUT - the fact that the app is always using location drains the battery. Why need location when I am not even in my car??
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3 years ago, BT6LW
Great app!
Great app and great concept!
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5 years ago, 06011987
Eats battery
By far the biggest consumer of my phone’s battery. I don’t even use my phone and I’m losing major percentages of battery. Even when I’m not driving
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6 years ago, Mmaas
Latest update doesn't even open
The most recent update killed the app. Won't even open anymore. Before this update it was great
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2 years ago, Niftyshorts
Drains battery
The latest version (6) drains iOS battery life. Getting background activity of 30% in iOS.
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5 years ago, ThecobrafromSA
Discovery should do better
This app kills your battery life. Discovery needs to change this app so we can benefit on discovery drive. Massive let down.
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10 years ago, Rhino74.7
Great idea
I love the idea of challenging people to better themselves it's a great way to go about change. There are one or two issues with the app the chief one is battery drain in my view is excessive the second is the accuracy my phone can be on the side board and it thinks it's been on an 8km trip sort those out and I think you have a winner
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6 years ago, Isthisnickalsousedapple71616
Get harsh breaking and corning one star when I know it is untrue. Cellphone usage when I use my GPS
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6 years ago, realdandyhandyman
Battery drainer
Expect at least 25% additional battery drain a day. Otherwise a nice app.
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4 years ago, jmanza
Not good at all
App doesn’t work properly!!
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10 years ago, JacoFJV
Outstanding !
I really think that you have an outstanding idea. and i really love the innovation you provide as a company. Dowlaoded and installed the app yeasterday. Works great but, after starting journey, it doen not immediately pick up the movement for about 3-5 minutes. After ending journey it does not stop for about 3-5 minutes. Also it constantly uses your location even if the app is closed in the background. my phone was fully charged when i installed the app within 2 hour 35% of my battery was gone. Deleted the app and the GPS indicator that was showing next to battery percentage went away and battery made it through the night. Great idea to get people aware of how they drive, you guys just need to finetune the app a bit.
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10 years ago, KaiserRaath
Buggy and inconsistent
There is something seriously wrong with the algorithm used to detect when you're driving. It is inconsistent, and sometimes doesn't even record at all. Sometimes it will start recording when the phone is stationary (like on a desk in the middle of a meeting). The algorithm is buggy at best. You sometimes have to restart your phone completely for it to record again (had it stop recording completely), and even had to reinstall the app once to get it to work again. It also loses trips randomly and when it doesn't have a network connection to upload them. Pretty pointless running a competition and the app for it is dodgy. Very disappointed, Discovery. Surely you can afford qualified developers?
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9 years ago, calboy2
Telematics to the next level
It's amazingly accurate and I've used many of these kinds of apps. I'm competing with coworkers and we are all driving much more safely and aware of what we are doing
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9 years ago, Marius.Greeff.1234
Battery killer
This App will kill your phone's battery waiting for a trip by keeping the GPS active. Force kill the app helps. Kill the App to soon will also delete the current trip. Long trips or short makes no difference, problem is you will hate it when one 'mistake' gives the long trip a bad rating. Difficult not impossible scoring well driving a sports car, dead easy driving a big SUV. Just saying. No, gotto go charge my phone again. Silly App not stoping
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10 years ago, TheMarxFamily
Nice concept, but...
A very good concept, and it actually makes you think more consciously about your driving. The biggest flaw is however that it seldom works! It is more likely to register a jog or a walk as a drive as an actual trip - should have the option to register a drive manually instead of relying only on the phone's meters. Would also be good if it could actually link up with an existing DQ-tracker. Let's see whether updates will clean the bugs out...
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8 years ago, Triviator
Excellent way to improve driving!
Love this product. Very accurate and provides feedback and incentives to drive safely. Low battery drained. Impact alerts are a good idea and works well
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10 years ago, acoopen
Alan Coopen
Another awesome product by a ground breaking, market leading company... Well Done Discovery...
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10 years ago, Zeus1811
GPS constantly on
Good app but with the gps being constantly on, my battery life has been greatly reduced. The gps should only come on when you can detect I'm in a car. Perhaps when my speed is faster than a certain amount?
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10 years ago, Zeus1811
GPS constantly on
Good app but with the gps being constantly on, my battery life has been greatly reduced. The gps should only come on when you can detect I'm in a car. Perhaps when my speed is faster than a certain amount?
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10 years ago, Tonydasjhb
Useless waste of time app
This app doesn't work. It constantly says "waiting to record drive". When I eventually get home after driving 40 minutes it starts recording trip. I thought the last update resolved this issue but it's worse. If the app is anything to go by I'm sure discovery I insurance is just as pathetic
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10 years ago, @shaun
Data thief
Cool concept and cool app, but it doesn't respect the option to only upload driving data when on a WiFi network. It's been eating through my mobile data bundle instead.
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10 years ago, Josh L20
Good idea
Good idea, but it needs some work. Location is constantly on, draining battery life drastically. Look and feel isn't the best either. Inviting friends just doesn't work. UI needs enhancements
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10 years ago, HONDA TYPE R
Slow uploads
Incorrect speed limits Doesn't record the drive correctly from actual start. Witkoppen rd and Cedar Rd are 80km limits, anything above 60 and the app recognizes this as speeding. Absolute rubbish. If the discovery CEO thinks he can go on carte Blanche and share info on driving behavior he is misleading the nation. It even records driving on roads I didn't enter.
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10 years ago, prgeldenhuys
Great idea - buggy app
Very keen to take part in the challenge, but it doesn't record all my drives. And then all of a sudden it starts recording when I'm not driving. And I still don't have a score yet and all my friends do! Please fix!!!
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10 years ago, In accurate
No Support
There is no support for this app. If you click on the App Support button, it takes you to Discovery web site. There you are not able to find any information to assist with this application.
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10 years ago, TheFrankPlank
Intrusive Notifications
I am quite aware that my background app refresh has been disabled, I disabled it. You don't need to tell me to check my settings every day, 3 strikes and you're out!
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10 years ago, Rhodent_mr
Cool idea, Bad execution
Cool app. Was interesting seeing how it rated my driving. But say goodbye to your battery life! Had to delete the app or my phone wouldn't last until lunch time.
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7 years ago, FatBoyDrunk
Kills Battery
This app is killing my battery. It has used 60% of the battery over the last 12 hours and that's when I'm asleep! Please fix.
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10 years ago, nic_morris
Great App
Fantastic app.
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7 years ago, riccosmith
Battery Killer
Since the last update I have had to revoke location access, as the app was killing my battery.
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10 years ago, stingrei
Poor functionality
Doesnt record from start Doesnt stop once stopped Tried to restart as it was continuing to record on foot; it lost the drive
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10 years ago, JVD_55
Absolute rubbish
Can't add friends, user interface is poor, trips are allocated random data re: braking or accelerating - great idea but very very poor execution. I just completed a 25km trip, 2km was recorded.
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9 years ago, Neila2424
Pointless app
This has to be the most pointless and useless app ever! Dose not work! Even with the devise installed in your car! Total ripoff.
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10 years ago, Meelz5s
Needs improvement
Driving 100 in a 100 zone on the M1 North near Sandton cannot be classified as speeding. What a poorly developed app. Needs major improvement.
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10 years ago, Shaunsmith100
Great app BUT
Great app really! Surely it can skip the 160km/h I do on the Gautrain?
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4 years ago, cwjsykes
Vitality Drive Failure
Since Vitality Drive was launched I have driven with more care and achieved Platinum level. BUT for the last two months the system has been broken and Discovery either can’t or won’t fix it. I achieve the maximum daily points for my Driver Profile but the points are not pulled in to the total and for some inexplicable reason, the total sits on 20/750 fir the entire month. Result - less than half the fuel reimbursement that I am entitled to, and a declining Driver Profile and points every month. However, there is another result- I am now looking for another insurer after 6 years with Discovery Insure. Goodbye to my approx R3900 per month premium Discovery...
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7 years ago, Ivanoost
Permanent background location
This is a good app and does what it is suppose to very well. BUT IT DESTROYS YOU'RE BATTERY LIFE. So please can you code the next update to only start tracking when the phone Bluetooth connects to the vitalitydrive is utterly pointless for the app to keep on tracking after you stopped driving. PLEASE FIX THIS
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