Disney Frozen Adventures

4.7 (37.1K)
269.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Disney Frozen Adventures

4.69 out of 5
37.1K Ratings
1 year ago, QueenoftheBigBlue
Fun and lovely game, but eats your battery for breakfast
(Update: it COULD be the game that’s draining the battery, but I doubt it- not as badly as I think. I recently upgraded to iPadOS 16.3.1 and its battery drain issues are kinda notorious lol. That could be the real reason, not Frozen Adventures) I wish this lovely game wasn’t such a battery vampire…😭 You can play for just say, fifteen minutes, and already your battery could be down by 15%! Anyway, this game is SO much better than the old Frozen Free Fall! 🥰 I recently played this, Jam City’s other Frozen game, for the first time recently and absolutely fell in love with it- I had played renovation games before but the Frozen theme of this one, plus the beautiful graphics, makes it my favorite. Elsa and Anna take you on as an advisor to help them prepare the castle for an important event, which is a success thanks to you, the player. And is it silly that I found it touching that Anna and Elsa ask you to stay on at the castle, as a regular, permanent advisor, with your own room to decorate and everything, as thanks for your help? Probably, but I was. Progress-wise, I am now partway through decorating the Sweet Shop.
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5 years ago, momcat2355
Was good, but now too many goals to pass level.
If I had done a review earlier, I would have rated this app really high. All was going good, I could pass levels, decorating was fun and it was perfect. Now comes level 221, too many goals to accomplish with a small number of turns. Been trying to pass it for days, and I can’t even get close. Today I used two of my items, AND 5 extra turns, but was one turn short of passing. I couldn’t use another 5 turns as the second one goes from 820 to 1,200 points! Really, isn’t that a bit overkill? Especially as you only get between 25 to 50 points for each level played, and when you can’t pass levels, you get nothing. The hardness of each level has been increasing, forcing you to use extra items to pass the level. But I have probably hit the wall on this game, and it’s time to say good bye. Too bad they think they have to keep making them harder to pass, where it becomes impossible and you use up all your resources. I’ve also played Frozen Freefall for years, and since this company has taken it over, whether name change or new company, it too has gotten where you HAVE to buy extra turns to pass levels and before I never had to buy extra items to pass levels. Yes, some were harder, but keep trying and you will make it. Not anymore. I may be done with that one soon too. The goal now is to get you to buy things and support them, not for you to just enjoy the game.
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1 month ago, FrozenDr
Love the game but needs improvement
Love this game, BUT starting to get very frustrated. I’m past Level 4000 and and over 1200 snowflakes and still no new rooms to decorate. The last room seemed like it was thrown together and was not like the others. It took 3 snowflakes to even get 1% vs the 1:1 for other rooms. And the smallest decor/addition took 4-6 snowflakes. I can’t imagine developing a new room is that difficult. Other things… I agree with others that 830 for 5 lives (occasionally 10) is too high, especially with the follow-up being 1200. I also think you should be able to use your boosts during the game, not always beforehand. I also note like others that as soon as you spend money to buy lives that the games gets easier. So I stopped buying lives. I just wait the time for lives now because that’s a major ripoff. There is also no rationale for Hard or Super Hard games. Sometimes the others are just as hard. I can’t imagine children ever being able to play this game, although it’s clearly marketed for kids. BUT, with those issues, the game itself is fun.
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9 months ago, Peterandharriet
Fun, but. . . .
I really did like this game. I completed all the levels. I’m still playing games and racking up points. I hope I don’t lose them. there are glitches here and there, which I feel should be fixed by now since I’ve noticed a lot of other people have written about them Regarding your points system, I think if you have at least 10 moves left when you finish your game you should get more than one point for finishing. same thing goes for five moves left . one point is pretty stingy. You also charge way too much 830 to get five extra moves that’s ridiculous. I also feel like if we have boosters available we should be able to use them at any time during our play. Not just pick them at the beginning of the play if there’s more than one screen to a game, we have to use those boosters on the first screen, which is usually the easier one. Plus am I missing something? Is there someway to tell there’s more than one screen to a game until you actually finish the first screen? Are kids seriously playing this game. Some of these levels are really hard. I don’t understand how a child can play some of the screens.
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1 year ago, SunStormC
Still Broken in 2023
//Jan 23, 2023: very convenient that 4 hours away from the list challenge event ending, it breaks so you can’t finish it because it won’t register you completed the win 2 levels on 1st try task. Restarting phone and game can’t fix it. // Nov 9, 2021: game just won’t open. It sits at the black Walt Disney screen and that’s it. No change after 5 minutes, resetting my phone and internet. I love when an update breaks a game right at the weekend, so I can’t play in my free time. This seems to be the new trend for Jam City games. //2020:WARNING!!! Do not buy lives and power ups. The game freezes or crashes and you lose them. This game truly lives up to its name of ‘frozen.’ It takes me 3-7 times to get the game to load because it freezes during loading. And yes, this is after restarting my phone. Then it freezes when loading a level, and when you’re in the middle, and right after you won a level that you now have to replay without the life and power up you lost from it. This of course, is made worse when you have a win on first try streak because when the game freezes and you reload, it counts as failing the level. It seems to me that it’s the animations that are the problem as it always freezes in the middle of them. This makes me incredibly sad because it’s otherwise a good game. But unplayable.
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5 years ago, Lerrrly
Don’t usually write reviews
I don’t usually write reviews but I like this game so much I felt the need to do so. My youngest daughter is a huge frozen fan and we’ll I love Disney in general! Lol I’ve had this game pretty much since day one and am on level 182.....I’m almost done with what chapters are available right now. I’ve only encountered 2 issues and it didn’t bother me enough to lower my rating or stop me from playing....#1 occasionally the game will glitch and there will be one colored piece on top of another, most of the time the game corrects this itself within a couple moves....and #2 a few times I have completed a round and had it freeze right as I’m going to press skip (which makes me repeat the round) this can be frustrating when you have attempted a level multiple times. As with any new games I expect there to be a few issues and if these are the only two in the very beginning I think there is nothing to worry about. It is worth the download ! Great job with this game!!
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4 years ago, hffhirdcsyv
Addictive game, a few bugs
The game is fun- similar to other matching games but I think the colors are clearer in this. Great game when working smoothly. It does glitch at times when it looks like 2 different colors are on top of each other, but you can typically play through. A couple of times mine has frozen- I had to turn off the phone completely and restart, and that fixed the issue. I did once have to buy a power up to complete a very tough level, but the power ups have otherwise been enough. I do wish you could choose to use the rainbow star or the other power up during a game, not just before the level starts, and I’d like to be able to chooses where to place those (like in Frozen Free Fall). My issue now is waiting for new levels- I am 40% through the drawing room and there are no new levels. I had waited a week or so for the drawing room to open after completing all the other levels, so I was a little bummed to have to stop again because you can’t go back and repeat levels. I can play to open chests, but after completing 15 levels you either wait 24 hours or need to pay 900 coins to repeat the chest-opening activity.
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4 years ago, killerusa
Game bugs
I love the game but it either shuts down in middle of play or it uses more moves then you are playing . Just when you are about to beat a level the game shuts off or uses up all your lives for you . Plus when you go to swipe left it’s sends your swipe right instead ..... what it needs is bugs fixed and bigger board so swipes go as planned . Unless game developers are playing instead of you ... had to shut down game after getting to level 137 ... what crap please address the issue so game is worth playing . I love the game so read up on the ways to try and rid the issues .. ie. clear memory, delete app and reinstall, then I even tried updating tablet and deleting game again and resetting it .. NOTHING WORKS :(. Game still crashes or freezes and kills me because it’s such a great game . I have started taking pictures to show the issues . Wish I could send them . I stared game all over from start and made it just today to the garden level I think it was level 316 or higher , I was 80 percent done with it and my game shut off and started from the beginning all over again on its own 😳😡😡😡😡😡 Of course at that point I have to write a review and take back my thoughts on loving the game 🤷‍♀️... please FIX IT , I love that it is beautifully made and challenging at same time .. hate to leave game .. PLEASE FIX ISSUES ,,,,,,,Thank you
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2 years ago, tokki gurl
Don’t spend money
This game was fun at first but then they get so hard and impossible to beat! I ,ean you end up spending so much of your hard working money just for a little help and then before you know it you still are unable to beat levels! The prizes and rewards are not worth what they give you for the levels you beat! I’ve complained so many times and they still won’t give me any rewards or money back that I deserve after a few years of playing in my leisure time! I’m in the two thousands and given quite a bit of money for help that doesn’t compare to what they should be giving you! And you can’t control the free lives they give you for winning levels if you don’t use it it’s gone and what you should be able to do is save the time you have for the free lives for next time you play! Keep playing people you will eventually see what I mean! I’m about to quit for good! What a rip off so they get their money from us hard working people who are just looking for some relaxation and excitement!
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4 years ago, JWeskit
Very Disappointing!!
This is my first review ever and I have played many many games from the App Store. Personally, I’ve never come across a game with so many glitches. I am not even able to buy extras because when I do attempt (connected to strong WiFi or not) it just circles and I do not get the credits. But I lose my money. This has happen numerous times before I figured out I could send a message to developers. I was advised I needed to “prove” I paid and didn’t receive the credit with photos and screenshots of my Apple account. The number of times I had to do this just isn’t worth it anymore. As many times as I had to do this one would think the might give a little extra credit for ALL the issues I’ve had. Now to the glitches. OMG Please please fix all the glitches! It too bad because I really like this game but I think it’s time to delete it. **This is my message to support. I have complained many times and have never gotten a solution. I’ve rebooted, shut my phone down and reinstalled the app. Still happens. One would think maybe I’d be compensated. It’s too bad I like this game but with this continuing problem and not being able to receive any purchased credits. I’m going to delete this app and give a negative review.
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4 years ago, tired teenager 🤩
highly addictive - lowkey lots of glitches
this is the MOST addictive game I have EVER played in my life. sometimes there are lots of glitches doe and it’s kind of upsetting but like if you play the level over and over again, sometimes it clears up and you can beat it. it is frustrating and annoying but whatever. also it’s upsetting when there’s no more levels available, you can’t go back and replay levels you’ve already beaten. the special keys event is a smart idea but ive gone through those 15 levels maybe 10 times now. pls pls pls add more levels frequently because its not fun playing the same 15 again and again or even better: let us play the levels we’ve already beaten!! kk love this game sm thanks for making it
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3 months ago, Sam201303ab
Still buggy after years
I have been playing this game for a few years and hoped that they would make improvements over time. Even when on the lates OS and iPhone, this game is full of bugs. Trolls mess up the falling crystals so they can’t be moved. Sometimes you’ll get infinite falls in a column that lock up a game. Other times crystals don’t fall at all and leave nearly empty board with no moves. It makes it hard to pass a level. Finally, one of the most frustrating things is special limited time collections. They will have you collect a special image for a season that takes up crystals that are needed to play. In the hard and very hard levels they become impossible to pass due to not enough crystals left on the screen to make three in a row. There is no option to not play that ‘feature’ and so you have to wait for days for the time to expire in order to play normally with a chance at the hard levels. It can be fun at times but probably better finding something else that hopefully frustrates less and allows you to play the raw game.
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4 years ago, Honest Michelle
Glitchy to the point of not being playable
As a new game, I get that there are glitches. This one? It shouldn’t be released. The app simply closes every third game or so, sometimes right after you make a brilliant move, sometimes just after you beat a level but before it recognizes your progress, sometimes just when you open a level to start playing. You can usually tell when it’s going to happen, as it freezes for a brief moment. Despite that, I managed to defeat all 351 levels of the game. Now I play for “keys” though they don’t appear to do much. I don’t know what they do, however, because every single time I’ve hit the mark of opening a treasure chest, the chest image doesn’t appear, just the “tap to collect” message. When I tap it, the app glitches and shuts down, so I’ve never seen my “reward.” What takes the cake? After the most recent app shutdown after earning a key, the app lost all my data and insists I’m a new player. At level 1. No thank you. I should have been done with this half baked game long ago. This is beyond unacceptable for a game with the Disney name. With so many bugs, it should never have been released. Save yourself the frustration.
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4 years ago, Mayouch
Addictive fun, yet very disappointing
First time I write a review on this game. I have plaid the other Frozen Freefall for years and I love it. As for this one, it started out as a lot of fun and so my expectations were getting higher hoping this would be the next freefall adventure addiction. It turns out this is the most expensive game to play ever ! When you advance levels, you never have enough moves to complete the level, it is impossible to finish a level with out buying coins of which you need a lot for barely a few moves. The coins you collect after each level are nothing compared to what you need, the powers you get when you buy bundles or you win every once in a while can’t be used when you want and where you want them, and of course cost a lot . Let’s not forget the glitches when one block gets stuck and you use all the extra moves you’ve get just to realize that you can’t do anything but exit the level and have coins and powers wasted cause it won’t correct till you restart. It’s so disappointing to see that this game is just about spending money, money and more money !
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4 years ago, HonusMom
Used to be great but now needs some serious work
I have been playing this game since it came out and my frustration level has now reached its breaking point. Last week they introduced a new feature, but you had to restart the game after each play as a result. After every win, you would get back to the main menu, but you were stuck there. The only way to do anything was to completely shut down and restart. Previously, I guess I got ahead of where the levels were, because I was trying to collect something (levels of a cake or rings — can’t remember exactly), but I was one away from getting the top prize and it wouldn’t let me go to the next level. Not sure if the level existed yet or not, but you click to play and NOTHING. Then today, there is some sort of promo and the only way to play anything is to pay $5.99 to buy crap. It wouldn’t let me bypass it because they hid the “x” under one of the game features so you couldn’t click on it to exit. I used to really look forward to playing this game, but this is ridiculous. I play this game to relieve stress, not to cause it.
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4 years ago, Dixiemaydot
Enjoying the game
I have enjoyed playing this game however there’s a few issues that sometimes makes me want to put it down. First thing is it makes have to repeat levels. Working hard to finish a level or purchase additional lives to do so just to have a glitch is super frustrating. My second issue probably the biggest issue is the amount of time your lives last. I purchased $6.99 for 30 minutes unlimited lives but if I just played for 15 minutes I’m out of lives after that no matter what. I don’t have a brand new set of five lives. So it seems your cheated. The games become much harder and your forced to use all your help options purchased. Then the cycle just starts over. You should have something for lives to last longer just so you can sit down and enjoy the game for more than 5 minutes. I do enjoy playing it but I’m becoming frustrated with it.
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3 years ago, wont allow review
Frozen glitches
On level 1304 there is no way to finish challenge as NO green crystals ever appear. Need to clear 4 color ice crystals in each lower corner of board. Even with multiple power ups and other challenges completed and moves remaining there is no way to complete challenge unless green crystals are on board or switch out the green to pink. Please fix this issue ASAP. Good game but it often stacks a gem on top of another gem causing game to not register valid moves beyond that point and losing even if that move would of won the level. Also a few times game completely shut down again using a life. Did advance thru levels and was only allowed to open chests for keys to advance to next chest. Then had to spend coins to use the lives to continue to play. This is not a respectable way to play unless the developers are intentionally trying to be greedy and are wanting you to spend real money. Fix these issues then review would improve.
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4 years ago, DVBSG
Good game but too little turns
I really like this game and I request ppl to install it but there are too little turns in the levels. First of all when you go into the first level it’s an intro of Anna and Elsa telling you they need help decorating the castle entrance, each item or decoration is at least one or two snowflakes, which means you have to play a level to earn a snowflake. Some of the levels are easy but once you start passing level 100 it gives too little turns for the hard levels it’s so frustrating. You have to complete the level in a couple turns but I’m usually one or two turns short and I’m only able to buy more turns once because they increase the amount of coins once you buy it. Please add more turns that is must for ppl who like to play the game a lot, other than that the game is very fun personally this is my fave game on my phone right now 😂
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5 years ago, Star!light
Great game with a couple bugs
So I looked online to see if I could find anything to help me, but I couldn’t find anything. So I’ll write a review to see if I can get it fixed. First off though, this game is a lot of fun. The levels are ridiculously difficult like some match threes and it’s fun to decorate the castle and go on adventures. Now, they’re doing a special event right now where you earn tickets after every 3 levels to win a trip to Norway. My game crashed and now it’s not counting tickets anymore. It says I only have 8 but I should have 10. Really bummed that it’s not counting anymore as a trip would be seriously fun. Hopefully the devs see my review so I can get some help. Other than that, I find that the game glitches occasionally and freezes/crashes. It might be because I’m on an iPhone 6. Otherwise, fun game, happily addicted, and I can’t wait to beat all the levels!
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4 years ago, ee2739569
I wish I could give this game more stars, but with Jam City running it, it’s obvious they just want your money. They don’t even let you use the magical items that you’ve earned in a level for the entire level. Some levels have different sections, but the magical items don’t transition with each section, so you end up losing the magical items that you earned or that came from the character and can’t use them at all. I look forward to opening the game but then end up frustrated especially with some of the levels. Many of them have 3 or more goals, and when a magical item is placed on the board from a character, it doesn’t place it where you can gain any advantage by using it. This is especially frustrating when you have only a few moves left. Some gems get stuck behind each other, and when you write to inform them of the bug they just respond by saying there must be a problem with your phone. Then when you respond saying it did not work, they don’t respond back.
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4 years ago, VickieNJ27
Paywall, money grabs
I started out really liking this game. The story and animations were really well done and really cute and even though gameplay was a little slow it was still fun. The gameplay wasn’t the most responsive, sometimes when I would drag a piece it would go a different way or something like that it just didn’t pick up the moves perfectly but overall was a good game but after a few levels you really start hitting pay walls and it’s frustrating. They make the tasks for each level incredibly high and then give you a low number of moves to accomplish the task effectively forcing you to purchase additional upgrades to get through the levels. There is no skill involved, you will be forced to pay to get through the levels. I’m in adult and I take my time and really look at things on the board and even I can’t get through them, I can see a child getting extremely frustrated with this game because it’s just too hard too early on. Really disappointed, expected better from Disney.
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4 years ago, whitpoo
Frozen game
I am giving only one star because the app freezes too much and then goes away. I have lost so many lives and free time won due to this. I have two or three in-app purchases that I still haven’t been able to receive. I have tried working with the “help” group and problem is still not solved. I truly enjoy this game and it’s a shame that the bugs have not been fixed. This game owes me tons of free play and money spent on coins that I’ve purchased and haven’t received. Until bugs are fixed and purchases fixed, this game isn’t worth the time and anger you face when you win a level and game crashes, you lose a life and have to start again. Very disappointing! I’ve tried to load the game 4 times again and I can’t even get to level 2 without it crashing every time. I also feel that I should be able to get lights and rugs when I want, but it won’t go through unless I get them when it says. Don’t waste your time and money by you won’t get it back. Kim V.
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4 years ago, MusicLover04851832
Okay game but still fun
I really liked this game when I got it a few days ago. It’s fun doing the quests and redecorating rooms. But as many have said, the levels get way too hard too quick as you progress and basically require you to watch ads to get extra moves and use your boosts to win the level. Also, you only get 1 snowflake per level if you win it, but some tasks require more than one snowflake to complete the task. Maybe you should be able to get more snowflakes on the harder levels (1 for regular levels, 2 for hard ones, and 4 for super hard) so it’s worth playing the hard levels and using boosts and coins. You do get more coins on the harder levels, sort of depending on if you have extra moves left. The game is fun with decorating and solving quests but there definitely should be some improvements to make the game more “fair” and not too hard too fast.
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3 years ago, girl who was mad
My favorite game EVER
I usually think that games like this where you need to solve puzzles like that ,I don’t really usually think that it’s for me but I think that it’s frozen themed I love it I love frozen it is so much fun how whenever you finish a puzzle you get to decorate whatever room you are in I love this game so much that as soon as saw the ad for it I love it. It looks so much fun and it is very fun whoever rote bad reviews must be thinking about another game because this one is the best I always pick Olaf have to do it! I always think that which game should I play but as soon as I got this game is the only thing that I have played it is the best my favorite game ever and I don’t think my favorite game is ever going to change after this one
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4 years ago, TeenaBott
Fantastic game still pretty glitchy
I would love to give full stars because the art, music, effects, and story are so pretty and fun! However, there are still quite a few glitches. Gems will layer overtop of one another, the game will freeze or not populate a button to progress at the end. If it crashes or you have to force quit the application not only do you loose the match but you loose any time boosters or gifts that were applied. At least once I lost not just that round but the previous one as well. They are adding in new tools to help you succeed on levels if they see that you e gotten stuck, and the daily boosters are pretty nice. I think we’re these glitches to be resolved this could easily be my favorite gem match game to date because of its story line and structure - I hold high hopes!
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3 years ago, NikonNovice
Another One For The Delete Bucket
Just another blatantly formulaic programmed game = play for short time then delete. Gives far less than required moves to create needed amount of boosters to come near winning a round to force the player to use their collected boosters or to watch long ads for additional plays. Beware, once the player watches an ad the system will block player wins to force the player to watch more ads. Just becomes a game of ad watching. Not to mention how utterly slow the app is to launch, seriously too much press this button, that button, this button, that button, to get to a game, as well as unnecessarily long process after a game to get to main page again. Why, oh why, do game developers have zero imagination in creating games without all these now antiquated formulaic processes that only serve to take all the fun out of having fun playing a game. Back to the drawing board guys!
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5 years ago, i love unicorns 🦄🦄🦄
10 STAR! I love it so much!
I love this game, it’s fun and exciting! I just started playing on Friday, November 15, and Its already Sunday November 17, and I’m already on like level 27! (I actually don’t know which level I am on :p) The thing is, it is frustrating.. And I was on level 26 a few minutes ago and I tried 2 times! and on the 3rd try, I FINALLY made it because there was rainbow snowflake and one of those rocket- snowflake thingys (if you know what I mean lol) and there was another of those, I swiped up on the 2nd rocket- snowflake thing and it made the other rocket- snowflake and the rainbow snowflake go together and....BAM! I swiped them together and I BEAT the level! I’m like “finally! I did it!!!!!!” Thank you for making this!
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4 years ago, Ligth93
I like this game. I have played a lot of levels and have almost completed all the rooms available. (I’m currently working on the last room). The only problem is that I have encountered bugs that make the game annoying. At times there appears to be two gems on top of each. Which really doesn’t affect the game that much while playing the level but it seems that if it happens at the end of the level then it just hangs and doesn’t complete the level. This is really annoying when i have used a power up or when I have been trying to complete the level for a while and finally succeed. Because then I have to close the app and restart it but that level was never marked as complete so then I have to redo and it will take a few more tries or the power up I used was completely wasted.
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5 years ago, Just Me in AK
Very buggy
The game is cute, typical match 3 style, characters and storyline are fun. But the bugs are just unforgivable. I’ve had the game for 3 days now I believe, and it’s crashed at least half a dozen times. I wouldn’t mind too much if it simply shut down and restarted the level, but instead it freezes completely and the only way out is to force shut down the game and relaunch, which costs you a life and any power ups you have used. As of an about 20 minutes ago, the sweepstakes is now also glitched - the countdown still says there are 21 days remaining, the official rules state the sweepstakes period runs from 11/14 through 12/8, but when you check on your ticket entries, it is now stating that the entry period has ended. For the record, today is 11/16, although I’m guessing the game is on Pacific time so it’s probably registering as 11/17. Either way, we’re a far cry from 12/8. I personally don’t care too much about the sweepstakes, but the fact that this is broken already is not a good sign for the game itself. Over all, it was a good attempt but terrible execution. Don’t waste your time with this one unless you are a true Disney fan that just wants to play through the story line and can deal with the frustration of the bugs and glitches for a few days until you complete it.
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4 years ago, name taken just trust me
Love / hate game
This game has great graphics and a nice story line. However I find that it really wants you to purchase boosts and lives if you don’t when you get to the higher levels it seriously can take days to get past one screen game. It does cheat sometimes the tiles do not drop so there is no possible way for you to win that round so you have to start again after wasting a life. Do not expect the game to give you help from the caricatures and their added powers except what they throw in the wrong place when you fill their star. I have been playing this for over a month I’m up there in levels but I refuse to buy items I just play for fun but warning with no boosts it takes a very long time to get past some levels they don’t give you what you need to succeed so get ready to run out of lives and repeat levels until your sick of looking at it. Good luck maybe they will fix some of the problems soon.
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5 years ago, TabTale Kid Friendly Lover
Fun Frozen Game!
Hi, I just wanted to say that Frozen Adventures is a fun game! I love the music, sound effects, and graphics on it. I also like how you can customize each room with different colored and styled decorations. I just have a couple suggestions. The first one is to fix the small bug where sometimes it lags when you finish a level, but gets stuck in the game board even after you completed all the goals. The second one is to add some touch interactivity and interactive animations into the different locations and characters. For example, you could tap on different objects in each room and they would do something and the characters could talk aloud when you click on them. Just some food for thought. Have a magical day!❄️
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4 years ago, Ramstur
I like it
I’m at the tailor shop level. This game is easy to play. I like that there are 5 turns and then you have to stop. It prevents endless playing. Once I use up all 5, I just play another day. I have paid for points, like 5 bucks, which isn’t so bad. But you certainly don’t have to in order to win the game. I’ve been stuck at a level for a few days but eventually you will pass it. I wish when the ads happen it would not turn on the volume. I can’t stand the noises of the game so I keep it muted. Update: I’ve finished the game. There are no more levels in the kitchen. I found this game fun and relaxing and pretty. I’ll wait for more updates. Wishing all the best.
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5 years ago, Kbelled
My game stopped working
I’ve really enjoyed playing this game and I love how I can decorate everything. I had a couple of the glitches that everyone mentions, but it was only two or three times and not a big deal. However, my game has stopped progressing. I’m in the castle garden. The characters said they were taking me to get materials for a swing, but then the game glitched. I’m at 23% on the level and can’t go any further because it won’t take me to get the swing. Elsa and Olaf are still there, smiling at me and moving. I can still play and get credit for the match 3 games. I just can’t keep working on the garden. I’ve contacted support but have not received an answer yet. I will update my review if/when they are able to resolve this issue.
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5 years ago, frozenfanolaf
Mostly Great
This game is entertaining and falls into the same category as playing candy crush or toy blast, but you also get the added bonus of designing the castle based on your options, which is fun! My issue is this, there are times where I will use power ups, or even without power ups, I beat the level and then it freezes, which in turn I have to close the game and reload it, which it then brings me back to redo the same level I already beat. When using the power ups before the freeze, they aren’t given back when it does freeze, I just lose out on those power ups, which is pretty bogus and angers me a bit. I shouldn’t have to lose out on my power ups because of a game glitch.
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4 years ago, Tfockler
Frozen Adventures
This is a very enjoyable game. I play a lot of these match 3 type gams and most of them are so similar I get bored quickly. This one has a fun adventure story line and some unique challenges once you get into the upper levels. I like that it is not as “money” motivated as most of these type games. Usually by level 200 you have had to buy things to continue. Not so here. Yes some levels are a real challenge but most also offer the option of allowing you to pick who you want to play as. Just because they recommend one in particular doesn’t mean it’s actually the best. This is one I would tell you to just give it a try.
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5 years ago, Kflats00
Freezes all the time.
I have played the original Frozen game for years; close to six. When I got my new phone six weeks ago, I was unable to transfer all my levels. This was disappoint considering the amount of money I have spent in snowballs and broomsticks. I was well over 2100 in levels. So I downloaded this new game with the same idea. I am disappointed. It freezes or shuts down more than a game should. Just today as I was playing, I had to restart it because it froze and wouldn’t let me continue. This happens every time I play it. I have been a faithful and loyal costumer since the inception of this game idea. I’ve spent well over $400 and these factors have made me consider looking for a new game. It’s sad to me, I love playing Frozen. I am not someone who is considered a “gamer” but I have been an extremely loyal costumer for over five years.
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4 years ago, Pirates Girl love
Amazing but there’s one problem
This is an amazing game and it’s one of my favorites out in the App Store right now. The only complaint I have is that half way through a level or at the end of one I get kicked out and the game crashes and sometimes I have to start over again. It’s buggy lately and it happens often. Other then that an amazing and fun game. The game is constantly kicking me out before I even start a level. I’m so bummed cause I love this game. Maybe it’s because I’m at a high level now? Not sure. It won’t stop crashing and kicking me out. It’s frustrating
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5 years ago, Belle🌹🌹
Love, except.....
So I love this game, but when I got to the third level it stopped giving me prompts on what the next task was. I clicked everything. I kept playing hoping that with an update it would correct itself and I got all the way to puzzle 150, and had over 75 snowflakes stored up before I gave up and deleted and reinstalled the game. Mind you this was also after 2 or 3 updates that did not correct the problem. When I roped the app I was back at square one, so now I am having to go through and rewin all these puzzles that I previously had completed. I didnt put any money into the game but I would be furious if I had and then lost all my progress. Right now it's just an annoyance. Though this hasn't stopped me from still playing the game.
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4 years ago, Lgb907
You will like it a lot if you don’t mind spending money!
The chests you earn by decorating mostly give you minutes to play. They dont give out or have ways to earn boosters. When you have to spread the ice to win level the rules change. Don’t use boosters to spread ice cause you never know for sure if it will work. Sometimes you just have to match next to the squares and sometimes you have to have at least one of that color already in the ice to spread it. There is no consistency in tin the play. They are very cheap, cheap, cheap with the boosters. Like I said you will like playing the game and decorating if you don’t mind spending your money. I am so done! All they give you is time. Like people have an hour or to just to sit and play this game. I have contacted them about this several times and nothing changes. I will not download any games by jam city!!
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12 months ago, Update took everything
Update ruined it
Once again, after the update the game no longer loads. This is getting old. After the last update, my game will no longer load. It just sits on the Disney screen and doesn’t load. I have made multiple purchases and had over 29,000 coins and was on level 1200+. This is very unsettling after spending the money I have. And after this most recent update, I can’t get it to run at all. Contacted support, but when I couldn’t reply and sent a general message both cases were closed and now no one is willing to help fix the issue. I am done with this game. Don’t waste money on it because I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and I have nothing to show for it as I can’t even open the game now. And yes, I’ve done everything they tell you to to get it back up and running and it just doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Daisypond
Too Many Glitches
I really enjoy playing this game....when I can get it to open up, that is. This app has so many issues! Literally, more then half the times I go into the app to play, it freezes at some point before I can get in far enough to start playing. The places it will freeze vary. I deleted it once and then started from the beginning again, hoping that would somehow make a difference but of course it did not. I hesitate to stop playing completely because I really do like the game, when I can actually play it. But for the past few days, I’ve only gotten into it twice, and the other almost dozen times it’s been frozen at some stage, so I’m probably just going to delete permanently.
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5 years ago, Chelserly
Good game. Hard to see.
I understand this is only going to pertain to a small group of people. But because the overall tone of the game is Frozen (light blues, light greys, white, light green, etc) the game at times is difficult to see. I’m colorblind so a lot of the colors look the same. Specifically I wish it was easier to see when the power meter (to the bottom left of the character) is filling up. I had to have a friend tell me how close I was because multiple times I thought I had already made it to full when I wasn’t there yet. Like I said, small complaint. For what the game is, it’s done very well. The characters look great, and on a 6s iPhone it still plays great.
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4 years ago, DPTStudent24
Great game but...
I loved this game at first. However, I am finding as the levels get increasingly difficult the game is very glitchy. One difficult level I had completed & the game froze. I had to start over. Another level said I had to clear more cherries when there was none left on my screen. Also, you get power-ups every so often and they are always “randomly” placed in the worst spots possible either too far away from what you have left, or it takes the place of a 4 in the row you were going to clear next. This makes certain levels near impossible to complete. Sometimes, the power-ups are added & none of the tiles around it move so it is also unhelpful in that circumstance. I refuse to purchase coins to buy power-ups so I may be done playing this game.
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4 years ago, Moonbeam1012
Great Game
This is a great game! I play it non stop. But it’s had its downsides. I’ve been playing this game for a while and lately the game hasn’t been giving me the snowflakes you earn after you complete a level which means I can’t move on in a game. I’ve cleared 5 levels and it keeps saying I have 0 snowflakes even though I should have 5. It’s also been lately not even opened the app. I really like this game but the glitches and all are making me annoyed. And it lately hasn’t put all the things I’ve put in there. Like it only shows what it looks like in the little picture of what it looks like. But other than that it’s a good game.
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3 years ago, Goldiegirl4eva
Beautiful graphics
The game is pretty standard, and like all the similar games, you get to a point where you can’t beat a level unless you use extras. Once it gets there I will delete. It takes the fun out of these games when you can’t win unless you spend money. The graphics are really very beautiful. My kids get tired of playing when they’ve played the same level over and over again and can’t win. So 3 stars for the game play, I’d give 5 stars for the graphics. Edit: this game has more bugs that really detract from playing it. The game freezes, you lose a life. You win the game it freezes, you loose a life and don’t get the win. The snowflake booster has become useless. Graphics are beautiful as always, but game play is frustrating when so buggy and the boosters don’t work the way they once did.
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5 years ago, vcj353
Great game, terrible bugs
I love this game. It’s such a great game. I give it 1 star though because there a TON of bugs in this that the developers need to fix. The levels freeze frequently so that even if you beat a level it won’t register it. You have to restart the app AND you lose the life you just played. Similarly sometimes the game doesn’t freeze but it doesn’t register that you’ve completed the objectives causing you to lose that life and others over and over. I had to delete the app. And since I wasn’t able to find how to connect the game to my facebook(couldn’t find it ANYWHERE on the app despite support saying that there was a way) I lost all of my progress (I was at the final unlocked chapter of the game) when I deleted and reinstalled. Not worth playing to me which is a huge shame as it was such a cool game.
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4 years ago, Rjrieck81
Too many bugs
In the beginning I thought this app was really fun. If I had rated this earlier I probably would have given it five stars. But as the progressive difficulties and complexities of the game increased so has the likelihood of the game freezing, of board pieces to match not filling in or not disappearing once they’ve been cleared. Recently I passed a level that I’d made dozens and dozens of attempts and failed and once I passed the level the whole app closed. I never got credit for the pass. I’m also finding that every time I finish a round the app essentially freezes. I have no more moves but it doesn’t allow me to to do anything whether I’ve passed or failed. I have to close the app completely to get out of the screen. Don’t bother with this one unless you want to stop after the simple levels. It’s too much of a pain!!!
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4 years ago, tiggrrrh79
I like this game! My 5yo and I play it together. BUT... there are a few bugs to sort out b4 we can even play it again. It kicks us out of the app completely in the middle of a game, just as we play the winning move, or just before it gives the rewards. It is so frustrating. Currently we got got kicked off so much I tried redownloading. At which time it made us start over from the beginning.... And then, as you get to make a choice at the entrance gates for planter boxes, as soon as you press the snowflake to pay for it, it switches to your 3 choices and promptly freezes. So, we can’t continue past there. If it helps we use an iPad mini. Hopefully, they can work out the bugs. I’ll wait until the next update to decide if we still like the game or not.
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4 years ago, AnonymousRED93
Please fix the glitches!!
The keeps glitching. I can’t complain or get help through the app due to one of the glitches. One glitch is that I have to keep it disconnected from cellular data or WiFi connection because it just says it’s updating and downloading content, but there’s no download bar of completion and it never ends. It also keeps glitching during levels. Some jewels get stuck on top of other jewels, never falling and covering up whichever jewel is behind it. I was just playing level 221, where I’ve been stuck for a little while, and this time I should’ve won with about half of my moves left! But I couldn’t win because the last chocolate piece was stuck at the at the top of the screen with empty space beneath it. Super annoying!!
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5 years ago, Girlgirll
I really did love this game at first... I couldn’t put it down for 3 days and have already reached level 126. However, there is a glitch (it’s happened to me TWICE now) where I finally beat a level that I’ve spent a lot of time on because it’s a difficult one, and instead of going to the screen where it collects my coins, it just freezes. And the only way to continue playing the game is to completely exit the app (close it out) and when you come back to it, it’s as if you never finished the level and you have to start over. This is especially frustrating if someone had purchased one of the little tools that cost coins or bought extra lives with coins because you’ve lost them now.
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