Disney Frozen Free Fall Game

4.7 (76.4K)
585.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Disney Frozen Free Fall Game

4.69 out of 5
76.4K Ratings
4 years ago, SavvyChicSac
Boss babe on this game
I have been playing this game since what, 2013(?) and I have unlocked 4 worlds YES 4, WITHOUT PAYING. I have also gained multiple theme main prizes, again, WITHOUT PAYING. Not all though, which I’m fine with. I am already at the Endless and Journey levels. Disney still earns $$ from me by me clicking on the videos to get extra lives and get 3 extra moves, AND also through my 3 month subscription to Disney yearly (my bday month, my daughters bday month and December. ) yeah I’m that cheap. I’m so thankful to this game because it has helped my anxiety from job hunting, pregnancy, post partum, and thru all the political turmoil (instead of engaging trolls on the net). I loved that this game also helps me to focus on more important things in life like adulting so I can look forward to playing this game for a quick break. It’s a great diversion. It has also helped me practice and achieve self control. Imagine wanting to pay a sale to get ahead in the game but nnnnope. I know that once I pay, I’ll never stop. Ironically this game has taught me balance because when I overdo or get addicted to it (or any game) my shoulders start to hurt and I get migraines. So yeah the key to this game is patience and lastly, GO READ THE BIBLE. God bless ❤️
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2 years ago, CatFanX4
Game keeps moving to beginning levels
(18 April 2022) Thx to the developers for another quick fix. Now let’s hope it doesn’t glitch again with a future update. (13 April 2022) The glitch is back again (see my note from March 14th) — I’ve completed the last level that’s currently available (2995) and am working on the trophy levels they give us to tide us over but this morning the game started opening on the beginning levels so that I have to scroll back up to the top. I didn’t count this time but it is well above 100 swipes each time I want to scroll up to play those levels. (17 March 2022) Thanks to the developers for pushing out a quick update. The issue is fixed so I’ve updated my rating. :-) (14 March 2022) Normally, I would give this a five-star rating but the latest update seems to have a glitch. I’m on levels in the 2870s but when I finish a level, instead of opening the next level the game moves all the way to the beginning levels that I completed a l-o-n-g time ago. I can scroll back up to the level I need — it’s a lot of scrolling (I counted 104 swipes LOL) — but it’s frustrating.
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3 years ago, missusshank
I love it!!!!
I played this game for hours without pause you should really update this game it is so cool that make it even more good I’ll play it like every day after school my cousin loves it too she’s a fan of the movie frozenI love the mini games there so cool and I spend lots of my Arendell I can’t really spell it right but I spent a lot of my tokens and I also can’t pass a level but that’s OK I just do my best but again you should really update this game because that make it really cool people and stop playing it I just love your Game when my cousin is visiting I’ll play this game for hours with her probably even like 100,000,000 milliseconds I just love the game I like the way you made the art sort of thing and oh the Olaf parts he’s so funny in the movie I like that hot chocolate mug something in Spring oh and I had to keep playing I will so I can go to the new thing but I just love this game👍🎆🎇💎🔮📿❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 PS that wene Olaf spins it around and then the looks backwards I giggle OK so I like this game update it I’m begging you to update it it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Omi Ma
Frozen gets repeatedly “frozen”
While I appreciate some aspects of this app, I am tired of it actually getting “frozen” REPEATEDLY when I use it which requires me to delete it and re-download it. In the process, I lose lives, and have to constantly reset the city because all of the “purchases” through points I made end up being “stored”. While the stored items are generally the same ones I won though points, it gets a aggravating having to do it time and time again. In addition, while I enjoy playing it, it’s extremely frustrating to attempt to conquer certain levels and there are no additional directions, hints, or assistance in getting out of the levels. Perhaps there could be assistance on a site somewhere for these issues. Again, the graphics and colors are great, but I expect better from Disney especially on a relatively new iPad which is of the appropriate system that should have no problem. I do not experience this on any kind of similar app that has the same type of set up and gaming action. Update… TOO MANY ADS…AFTER EVERY GAME, AN AD POPS UP THAT YOU HAVE TO WAIT ON TO FINISH….YOU CANNOT SKIP THEM OR EXIT FROM THEM DESPITE HITTING THE X MULTIPLE TIMES. I play this game very rarely now because of this. The ads take just as long as the average game so I spent half my time playing a game and the other half waiting for ads to finish. I’m done.
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5 years ago, frozengirl10129
Hey frozen lovers you found you’re fave game!
If you love frozen and frozen two I recomend you to download This game first when you reach level 20 you unlock adventure Mode when you unlock it you get grown up elsa with travel outfit and you get to play levels in the inchanted forest from frozen two you can also decorate you're own plaza buying stuff with tickets and coins witch you get by playing levels and you get different characters from frozen like Anna Elsa and Christof and each character has different power ups and the game also see things and characters from the frozen films like the crown and the bottle from frozen the mini snowmans from frozen fever and special events like alafs frozen adventure and othere special events like change of weathere in arendelle as you play levels in the game youre character grows up and the best thing is that you dont need internet to play the game you only need it to download the game and thats why I rate this game a 5 star review !THIS GAME IS AMAZINGLY AWESOME!
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3 years ago, QueenoftheBigBlue
Review update: Still a Lovely game in 2021, but STILL doesn't play fair
2021 update. Played this for the first time in years. Some things have changed. Learned that it has a new dev (Jam City, with whom one must create an account to save their progress, particularly if you delete and reinstall the game for whatever reason- no thank you), and you can unlock lots of news outfits and or powers for the characters (Snow Queen/Nature Spirit Elsa, yay!), but some things- like the levels being stacked against you if you don’t want to use real money for power ups, and lots of useless moves that don’t help you achieve the goal of a level at all, forcing you to waste precious moves, and the game not reshuffling the board until ALL available moves have been made, whether they help or not- haven’t changed at all. Like before it’s easy and fair in the beginning- I started from scratch- but it doesn’t stay that way. Don’t go into this with high expectations, don’t go in thinking you’ll get very far for free. TL;DR- Some things are different in this version, but a lot that needed changing hasn’t been and likely never will be. Game still doesn’t play fair and pushes IAPs. Disappointing.
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4 years ago, seachasm
No longer as good
I have played this game for several years. Now, this game is becoming like so many other match-3 games: we don’t get to choose when to use boosts, and we can’t earn ice picks through daily log in. I was recently stuck on a level for a week, during which it suddenly earned a “super hard” (or some such) label. I think it also got harder. A few ice picks would have solved it, but I don’t dare use them now that I cannot earn them in a reasonable way. Instead, I thought I’d use a snowball to get past it. THREE snowballs later (that’s 15 additional moves, for those keeping track), and I still hadn’t managed to clear two frozen cells. I finally succumbed and used the ice picks, but when a level is that difficult, it’s no longer fun. I have quit playing other match-3 games that require a boost (or multiple boosts) just to finally clear a level. This one is facing a similar outcome. But I doubt this review will make a difference. After all, who can argue with a near-perfect 5-star rating? Nevermind all the players who have been playing for years. All that seems to matter is making it so hard we have to buy boosts to progress. Can’t argue with money.
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6 years ago, Jacyjeanfincher
Frozen Free Fall
This is definitely one of the better match games; a lot of updates so you rarely run out of levels to play, fairly easy ways to win or gain free power ups so you’re not forced to use your own money (sometimes you need to have a little patience) and there’s an extra side game/event to build a town and in doing so you gain points you can use to “buy” or earn more power ups. If I HAD to point out a negative it would be that some levels are repeats as far as what you have to do to clear the level... It may look different depending on what season you’re playing in (the color scheme, characters, etc.) but essentially you’re doing the same actions with the same format as previous levels... I would recommend to obviously change things up a bit even if you have to do the same actions, at least make the setup of the level different. Regardless, there’s a lot of levels so this can easily be overlooked!
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2 years ago, Kljhdiav
Game crashing and support unhelpful
I love this game, but recently bugs and glitches are making it hard, if not impossible to play, and I am again losing daily rewards because of it. I have not been able to open the game since Friday morning (June 17). My iOS is completely updated, I use WiFi to play, and I have restarted my iPad several times, but the game doesn’t even get to the ‘play’ screen before it crashes, which means I’m losing out on the daily reward again. Support takes days to respond and then gives me the same advice that is on their troubleshooting page (which has never worked). Disappointing and really frustrating. Update: still not fixed. JamCity support has been trying to help, but even they have been unable to fix. I tried everything you suggest on your troubleshooting page before I wrote this review. Constantly having to tell your support team that I have a very stable Internet connection, that my iOS software is up to date, and that I have plenty of storage space just increases the frustration. Every time this has happened the only thing that has fixed it is JamCity releasing an update to the game.
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6 years ago, MistySunshine83
Poor Design
UPDATE: I appreciate the developers getting back to me through the review and their advice worked. You have to press and hold for awhile and then it works. Why aren’t there instructions in the app? Or at least a quick link to a website with detailed instructions? I’ve been struggling with this for months and found no way other than a bad review to get help. There is a very basic overview of how to play the match three part and an extensive list of credits for all the people involved in the game but no where to get detailed help for issues like mine. Again, great game but lack of support. Love that you have kept this game fresh and continue to add new functionality but you need to consider what players may have done previously before adding. There is now a task board at the plaza where you receive bonuses if you complete the tasks. However once you have built something there is no way to change it. So since I already built something where they want me to put something else I don’t get to use this new function and lose out on all the bonuses from the task board because I’d already placed a bench where they want me to put a tree. Ridiculous!
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6 years ago, M.K.N.S.
Collect the Specials Issue
The first level of the new “Collect the Specials” challenge has a major issue, more or less making it unplayable. Two of the carrot bunches are partially layered on top of each other, which means that the game will not accept that you have collected the second bunch. So you can’t win the level. I have done through and done what the level asks several times without it accepting my win because of this glitch, clearing the whole board just to be sure, clearing on top of the second set of carrots multiple time. They won’t clear. I can’t move on past the level, so I can’t complete the challenge. This is super frustrating. Please fix this glitch so that players are able to complete the challenge. All of that being said, I actually really like this game. I also wanted to report this in game and not have to report on here, but couldn’t find a way.
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4 years ago, anfuvjemdmckdie
Love the game but stuck at a issue
So I love this game. It’s fun, it’s cute, I love it! But there is a issue in this game. I’m on level 19, so close to 20! But the level has a issue. So when the item drops on the screen the item is as usually, is dropping. But when I get so close to the bottom, there’s no matches to get the item to the bottom of the screen. So sense then I didn’t want to play it because I’m gonna lose and it’s been months till now. It’s still like this. I’m very upset of the game and I wish it gets fixed. So the update came, I played it, and nothing. It’s still the same as before. They really need to fix this. Edit: you guys don’t listen to me. I was being nasty boi when I write this. Other than that the game is fine quite descent game! But I did see some people did complain that there were other bugs than this, but like I said do not listen to me. What I complain about in the game perfectly normal! Nothing wrong. Sorry I was being nasty about this game. Anyways you guys have a good day and enjoy your night.
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5 years ago, Fifthdaughter
Arendelle Marketplace
August 30, 2019 - Update to my review. Apparently there is a cap of 40,000 coins. There are a bunch of ways to collect coins but no reason to spend them so I have just let my coins sit at their stores. I don’t want to waste them if the game HAPPENS to give an opportunity to spend them which is rare. That is very frustrating. Old review: I have been playing this game for years on a daily bases. The games are both hard and easy but a lot of fun. I like the new addition of the Arendelle Market Square but I’m disappointed that you get more coins and not rewards from the people in the Square. You can only purchase so many items then the place is full. There is always 25 or more people shopping or walking around but usually I can only collect from 2-5 at the most. That is a big disappointment. I have almost 20,000 coins and don’t have a use for them. Let me turn them in for some bonus items to help me win levels.
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4 years ago, Muneca1013
Love this game!
Great for any age & it ranges in complexity over the levels! Just an overall wonderful design & the attn to detail is superb! It includes many different things on a match 3 game that I’m not used too seeing which is awesome! I especially love the ‘Build a City’—(Arandelle), bonus feature where you can place ur own trees, benches & lights where you’d like them to be, as well as rotate them, remove & move them agn, store them, etc! All this allows you to make your own version of the city in the movie! That this also is not a money charged bonus but is totally free as you level up, makes it THAT much Sweeter!!! Very cute & very fun!!! I was surprised by how much I liked doing that part of the game! I just ADORE all of these different details & the many facets of the game! So all in all, It’s a Totally Fun & Engaging Game & My #1 Absolute Favorite of all the Top Match 3 Games!!!
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5 years ago, Budmas
Great game, bad tech support
The game is really fun to play and it’ll keep you coming back. I had an issue once I obtained a certain level and the app would close out on me when I chose it. I looked at their support page and followed their instructions. It didn’t work for me, so I sent in a ticket for my issue, telling them everything I had done before I sent the message (everything on their support page). Not long after, they reply with an email telling me to do exactly what I had just done. Do they not read what is sent to them?? I’m pretty good at understanding devices and programs and understand most of the standard ways of making sure something is giving me issues. Ultimately, I just uninstalled the game due to not getting a solution that wouldn’t involve me uninstalling it anyway. If the game works you, it’s great! But if you need some tech support, don’t bother doing anything they say first, just send in a ticket as they’ll copy paste everything in their support page. Frustrating!
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11 months ago, HopeBrandy
New lands?
Love this game and have played for years. Ads don’t really bother me because they are short. My question is- how do you get to other areas? I have the main area and the terrace (I believe) but they don’t join together. You can see walkways and bridges but nothing joins. Is there a map (not game level map) that shows the lands? How many are there and how do you get to them? I had filled all my spaces by earning and buying items. I figured when it was full, a new land would open but it hasn’t. I just get the message that I have to remove an item in order to make a spot for a new item. It was kind of getting boring now that I can’t create or build a new area. I banked all the items in one land just to give me something to do. I want new lands!
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4 years ago, 37598
Why doesn’t Jam City want people to play these games?
Frozen Free Fall and Frozen Adventure, great graphics, fun games, but obviously it is all pay to play now. If you don’t pay and pay and pay, you are allowed maybe 30 minutes a day to play, if you happen to log in when you have 30 minutes of time to play, because your chance to play is at Jam City’s convenience not yours. The best games on the web, the ones we play for hours and hours and days and days, have none of this stupid, outdated, “five lives” or a whole 15 minutes (wow sooooo generous) to play. The best games are ALWAYS unlimited lives. They also offer some daily, valuable boosters/currency, for a very small charge, (less than $4, per MONTH ) along with bigger purchases for those who think its worth that. It’s Jam City’s loss. Oh and by the way, ads that try to coerce interaction by adding more seconds to the already obnoxious 30 seconds ad time, will NOT be watched.
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6 years ago, ColibriCar21
New format is weird, game is great
So far I have really enjoyed this game and have enjoyed the updates that bring new content however the newest update has changed the "look" of everything from quaint Frozen-themed buttons and such to a garish set of bright green buttons that makes the game feel more like just another Candy Crush instead of an immersive experience. I don't know why the developers thought that part of the formatting needed to be updated but it kind of ruins the experience for me. As far as the actual game goes though, it's great! So much fun while still being challenging. Overall, a good experience although after the last couple updates I've started having glitches where the game just shuts down which is REALLY irritating when you're in the middle of a level during one of the challenges and you have to start back at the beginning.
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5 years ago, ChelleC01
No Moves???
I can legitimately say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this game for YEARS! However as of late I have been experiencing glitches that are becoming costly to me and I’m not understanding why? Prime example...I am currently playing the latest chapters of the Northern Lights pop up games and every level began with zero moves. I am one of many who purchases the bundles or in house purchases to continue to advance. With these particular levels they have to be won consecutively in order to win the overall prize. But if I’m already starting with no moves that means I have to add some in order to complete the stage and here is where the cost is incorporated. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or marketing ploy but I’m not a fan! I’m currently on level 4 of 5 with 3 days to complete before it disappears and I don’t even want to finish with fear of losing and having to start over because I do not want to pay for anymore power ups all due to beginning with no moves in the first place??? Make it make sense!
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4 months ago, Twerplified
Love this game, but one issue
Update Recently the game has been freezing mid level and crashes! Lots more glitches recently and I keep losing lives and resources I started the level with. It makes it disheartening to keep playing the game if I can’t even finish levels because of the game! Please fix, doesn’t make me want to stay with this game, or was great, still can be fun, but bugs don’t belong in this!! I have played this game since it’s launch, it’s awesome. However with the new update, whoever my phone rings, I get a text, or even an alarm goes off, the game instead of pausing, freezes and I have to force quit the game. This means I lose all progress I had during a level, not only am I losing hearts, but when I am in weekly events, it counts as a loss, this is really frustrating when I’m using resources to get through a series of levels only for an app glitch to lose it all, please fix, otherwise one of my favorite games!!!
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7 years ago, medic838
Played for years
I have played this game for years. I wish there was a help section. If I miss an explanation of something, I can never go back and find anything to explain it again. As long as I have played the game, I have never been able to complete a 10level side game. I have used my bonus magic to complete levels and get to a check point then realize the prize at the end is not even as much as what I have already used. Also, I have seen the same advertisement 700 times to get my 3 extra moves. This is getting old. I do however, love this game and I have been a dedicated player for many years. This is the only game I play. The daily bonuses were a nice addition. Arendale is nice. I would like for it to move a little faster.
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6 years ago, DLT Kitten
Unsure if this change was a fix or a flaw
I have been playing this game pretty much since it has come out and I have had nothing negative to say till now. I really enjoy playing and the new additions to the game are nice, but I have come to notice that since the last update the plaza challenges are now consuming lives which it was not previously doing. And on top of that there is no notification that you just lost a life like see after you fail a stage on the regular map. I just so happened to catch the decrease in my lives as I took a break from the challenge to just play the regular stages. 81 to 57 is a larger jump to catch anyones attention. This needs to be addressed because if I would have known about the changes made for starting to consume lives I would have been more tactful. Also if you are going to make this change, you could at least have your lives appear at the top in the plaza as well so that one does not have to exit the plaza just to see how many lives they have remaining.
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4 years ago, stajrt
Longtime player over here
Literally been playing this game for 7 years (since the first Frozen movie came out!). I am a loyal game player so when I find a game I like, I stick with it. The games use to be challenging but doable. I love a good challenge so I was hooked. The games now? Insanely difficult with out any power ups. The game creators will throw in a couple of levels that will feel relatively easy In order to keep you playing but overall, the joy in mastering each level is gone because YOU KNOW the developers created the level to force the user to purchase power ups in order to pass. The daily rewards are also subpar now so they’re virtually useless in helping with gameplay. Overall, this longtime player is disappointed with the obvious money grab design of this game. Understand that Jam City needs to make money but find a better balance between game experience and purchases.
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6 years ago, NoLongerPlayingThisCrap
Most aggravating game ever
I download this and played it when it first came out and really enjoyed it. 4 years later I thought I’d give it another try. BAD DECISION! They have changed the game and the algorithms to make most of the higher levels nearly impossible or flat out impossible to win unless you BUY lives and other tools to help you win. I NEVER spent a dime on this game before. This time I did spend a little bit because I thought I was rusty. No. I’m not. The endless “Shuffling No More Moves” happens wayyyyyy too often. Forces you to make moves even though they do you no good. You go through life after life and aid after aid (snowballs, ice picks, etc etc) all to end up losing the level and all of those tools. I’ve now deleted it and will NEVERRRRR play this pissss poor game that is NOT FUN to play anymore. Disney, haven’t you already earned enough money off of Frozen? Now you need to bilk people who want to have fun, only to become frustrated with your obvious money push to buy, buy, buy. No thanks. What a waste of time.
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7 years ago, Donduck2001
Like It
I spend hours on this game. I'm not fond of the timed games, and I would rate this higher if there was a section to review what some of the help tools do and how to use them. Maybe there is and I just haven't found it, but there again, if there is, it needs to be more easily accessible. One can contact Disney for help, and I will say that is nice. A response came in a reasonable amount of time, though I would have liked an instant response, but that is impatience on my part. Today, I played the special weekend game, using some of my magic to win the games so I could collect the prizes. When I touched the icon to collect, the screen went back to home, I lost the magic I spent, and won absolutely nothing. This is still frustrating, but I probably won’t play the weekend games for a while. I absolutely LOVE the Arendelle section.
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3 years ago, Luna_Birdsong_KOTLC
The only good I can say about the game is that it’s stimulating and entertaining. They’re costumer support is also outstanding. But it’s also a dreadful confusing box of misery! I have about sixteen thousand Arendelle coins and I don’t wanna spend them on Plaza Junk. Don’t take this the wrong way, but what do I care if my plaza is packed with fountains and flowers??? I’d like to spend them on new avatars, instead of having to play the events for new avatars like the Nokk or Bruni. If you could make this happen, AND make the price of the coin earned avatar reasonable, you’ll have earned five stars from me, even though the puzzles cheat like crazy. Also; how do we unlock Holiday Elsa/Anna for free? UPDATE: beware Golden Ticket purchases sometimes don’t take…contacted costumer support but at this rate it’ll be over before they can help and I’ll never earn the avatar …must be run by Democrats. It cheats.
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4 years ago, Rainbowxlights
Good game but it’s too hard
I love this game and I’ve been playing since 2016. With that being said I should be way farther than what I am. I’m on level 66. While this game is so pretty and well made, it’s honestly one of my favorites but some of the levels are just a little over the top. I couldn’t imagine a child playing this at all. I barely get through most levels by the skin of my teeth and this game can get extremely frustrating and this is coming from an adult perspective. I like a challenge but not something that feels impossible. I can see why you can unlock the other levels for a small fee because that’s probably the only way I’ll ever get to play something besides the winter map. It’s just impossible!!
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5 years ago, KB from BK
Can't move past level two of Decorate Anna's birthday cake despite meeting all the requirements. Annoying You know what's Frozen? This app. It's always frozen since the updates. I have to constantly restart my phone whenever playing it. This is a great game. I'll start with that. The levels are challenging, it's aesthetically pleasing, all those good things. So why the 2 stars you ask. Everything about this game takes long. It can take up to 10 minutes to open. Then it take several minutes between levels to reload, and sometimes it goes back to the main screen. It kills the momentum. It makes it easy for me to avoid in app purchases. I never need to buy lives because it stalls so long between levels they regenerate really quickly. They need to fix that.
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2 years ago, SandyLSchoen
Needs updates
I agree with a previous reviewer. You give me rewards but big deal. I get them in the morning when I can’t play so I loose them or waste them to play for a few minutes. You could add a hold feature. I also agree that if you can’t win a level in an hour there is a programming issue. I don’t want it to be too easy but really???? I’m stuck in a loop that wants me to buy something from and ad. Won’t let me out without closing completely. I have been here twice In the last 15 minutes. I wrote this awhile ago and I guess it didn’t send because I opened write a review and here it was. It really does need some fixing. I recently earned a daily prize of a ballon to continue with another five moves and it didn’t even get put in my total. Game has developed flaws. It has froze down after I won a level and when there are no matches it doesn’t reset. Very disappointing. These are beginner level fails!
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6 years ago, Charley54
Problem with the game
I have been having a problem with part of the game. On the Task Board, it doesn’t always work. I wrote tech support and they didn’t know why it was doing it. I update every time I am supposed to. It started working a few weeks ago but now it is doing the same thing again. When you open the Task Board, Plaza Quests opens but where you are supposed to build things, has a small box with “Name” below. You can click anyway and nothing happens. It does it on my IPad and IPhone. My daughter doesn’t seem to have this problem. I don’t know why it does this. When this part was first added, I never had any problems. I have updated since and this time, it did fix the problem.
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1 year ago, rosegold65
I too have been playing since about 2016. I do like to indulge in a purchase just once in a while. but I love the challenge of not buying any help. I do have this game on a couple of different platforms. The only issue is some of the stores can only go in a couple places. And there’s not enough trees. Also, there are a few things that I can’t understand that would be out in a plaza such as a counselor sofa. It also looks like you can keep buying something such as the chestnut seller I can’t see of having more than one out there. But I love the game. Is there a way to sell back an item that I didn’t want or I have too many of.
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3 years ago, Ivye
Increase in Ads
I have been playing this game for at least 2 years and always felt the way they inserted ads was reasonable. Recently, ads have begun playing unbidden and with no reward for watching. Even when I elect to watch an ad for a reward, the same ad will repeat immediately after. The ads have also become more difficult to dismiss when completed and often automatically go to the App Store. On top of that, the game examples that are shown in the ads don’t represent the actual game that you get if you choose to actually download. This change has made me feel that the game is spammy and low-quality, where I didn’t feel that before. The game designers have gone too far with the ads and have lost me as a player—and I used to willingly watch quite a few ads before I felt they were being shoved down my throat.
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3 years ago, musiclovermcm
App no longer works
My game stops working and closes any time I try to go to Arenedelle. It’s done this for over a year now so I just stopped going to that area of the game. Now, there is some new Holiday challenge set in Arenedelle that wants to take you there right when you start the game. I can’t exit this; I have to click let’s play, where the app then closes/crashes. I’ve tried the suggested fix but it hasn’t fixed anything. So for the next twenty something days, I will be unable to play this game. So very frustrating; I might not return then. I’ve played this game since if first started and had been my go to game for several years. These past few years, the game has become increasingly difficult with none of the tools the player used to receive on their once a day login. It’s such a shame what once had been a stress outlet has become another stressor.
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2 years ago, DebbyFence
Grandma’s game
I have been playing this game with my grandchildren. They loved it. We have noted that several things have changed over the last few years. You could click on some characters and you could hear them. The sound of the tuba player or the lady roasting nuts. The sound of the waves have drowned them all out. A few months ago the game frozen up. Be for I could delete it and reinstall it. Nothing lost. This time I lost everything back to the place. The square and the upper Plateau. I know my grandchildren will not be happy. Today, it froze on a vip page and will not open. We may have to delete this and find a new game.
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4 years ago, BeckyIB
Disney Frozen Free Fall Game
Crushing disappointment. My favorite online game ever has been stripped of both fun and enjoyment. Have spent hundreds of dollars to buy aids on difficult levels since beginning. But usually needed one and done. Now, one aid isn’t enough. I’ve completed two full maps and almost 3000 levels on endless map but I’m giving up. Loved this game for the exquisite animations and challenging puzzles. Now all the animations are flat and sad, not Disney-worthy. For example, the current special ticketed event to celebrate Anna’s birthday — win levels and events to get tickets to redeem for Arendalle decorations isn’t like previous events. Anna & Elsa are animated with “forced to do royal appearance” faces that are solemn, sad and joyless. Who needs that? Plus, the algorithm has changed. Multiple purchases are needed to win a level, not just extra moves or a snowflake but all aids, for most levels. The game has lost it’s fun and sizzle. Sorry Disney sold the game to JamCity.
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4 years ago, Wolfgurl1991
This is a fun match 3 game. I enjoy the two story maps that go through the movies as well as the seasons map and never-ending map as well. I enjoy building my own Arendelle plaza as well. The only issue I currently have is that they seem to be focusing on creating events for the Arendelleplaza events to get stuff to place there and have not been creating new things to buy to place there. I have maxed out the amount of coins that I can have in the game (4,000) so I can no longer earn any more from the chests, achievements, or businesses I have placed in the plaza. They either need to give me things to buy and place in the plaza or give me another option to use these coins for - buy hearts to play levels or buy power-ups to use in the levels
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5 years ago, MyAppReview84
Only one issue...
I have played this game since it first came out and have played over 600 levels. I just installed the new update and am upset to see that my option to watch a short video in order to get my wait time for new lives to speed up is now totally gone! Another issue with it is the star rating system after you’ve completed a level. For example, I just finished a level and completed it on the first try with 15 extra moves to spare, and it only gave me one star. That should have easily earned me three stars. It doesn’t seem to go by how well you played, so it doesn’t really serve any purpose except to slow you down on obtaining rewards.
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7 years ago, Wudan619
Great Game
This is a great game! I've done a bunch of other match games but this is my favorite. I do have one recommendation for game improvement. First, give players the option after completing a level requirement to either keep playing that level until out of moves or to keep the auto-finish as currently in the game. Similarly, even when a level is successfully finished, give the player the option to use the extra-moves power ups so we can keep playing. I would love to be able to get to three stars on every level, and it would be worth the extra cost to do so. More money for you, more satisfaction for us. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, ishouldquit
Like the game but,,,,,,
Enjoy the game and have been playing for years. However, recently some of the special games are near impossible to play, I’ve rarely won. However my main confusion is with the “Arendelle” part of the game. What’s the point with this? Trying to complete the city is ridiculous. Would be fun if the game was expanded and when you “placed” buildings or trees or whatever you need to place it stays there. Can’t count the items I’ve had to get and place to complete the quest only to find the next quest or the one after wants you to place different items in the exact same place you just put some. You now have to move them, put the new ones there. WTH?? Either you’re building the city of just wasting time placing, buying, moving, placing again, buying and moving.
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3 years ago, amfam
Terrible you lose all your levels and they don’t care
I have been playing this game for YEARS. I had completed all the maps except the journey one and I was at the ice sculptures on that map. I have paid for level ups and various bundles over the years so I have money invested in this game. Last Saturday my levels were all wiped out and started back at the beginning!!!!!! I have written to the customer support everyday and they say they will restore my levels but they do NOTHING! So, if you want to spend years and money on this game only to have it wiped out, then by all means play this game!!! TERRIBLE!!!!
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6 years ago, Sonokid7
They just want money
At first the game was fun with some hard levels. Now they keep pushing special games that last 3 days where you cannot lose a life or start back to level 1. Of course making it, if you are lucky enough, to level 4 the odds are you will lose and need to use a snowball for 5 extra moves. Sometimes that’s not even enough and you end up using multiple power ups to complete to and level 5 itself. The regular games are also getting ridiculously difficult where if you don’t use a power up the odds of completing the level are very small. A player shouldn’t need to go through 62 attempts to complete a level. Of course if I paid $10-$100 for power packs completing the level would be easy. Elsa, Anna, Olaf and all it’s been fun but my time and money are better spent elsewhere.
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6 years ago, futureMRSforinash
Task Board issues
I love this game, have played it since I found it in 2013. It’s relaxing and fun, I think the sound effects in this game are what keeps me hooked on it- as silly as that sounds. I’ve loved the Arendelle Plaza updates and when I saw the Task Board update I was very excited! However, why do the “tasks” require you to place objects in spots where previous tasks have already had you use? It’s like the game makers have favorite spots. As a player, I would like these tasks to help me fill up my Plaza. Not constantly replace items in the same spots. Kinda pointless in my opinion. Edit: Thanks for your reply but I think you’re missing my point. I’m aware of how to move & replace items around the plaza. My issue is the Tasks have you place things in spots where a previous Task has already made you use. As in, yesterday’s Tasks & today’s Tasks are both having us place items in the exact same spaces, rather than using new ones each time. Just makes more sense (to me) to have the Tasks eventually fill up every single spot in your Plaza. This way, over time you will end up with a fully decorated Plaza (so long as you complete each task.) I hope this helps. Perhaps I wasn’t clear before. Thank you!! 🙏🏻
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6 years ago, ricin2
Great but glitches
I would have loved to give this 5 stars because I play it everyday. But several times over the past couple years there have been updates with glitches where progress is lost or rewards are gone. The last time I completed all cake pieces, but I have yet to receive my reward of 5 power ups. It’s irritating because I painstakingly over the period of a month or so finished all tasks. So the cake is complete but the power ups never credited to me. To be able to advance in certain stages one has to rely on power-ups. And I do appreciate that they have daily rewards and even the building options in the courtyard. Just that I didn’t get what I worked hard on.
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5 years ago, PookyG84
Still like but...
I got pretty far but they couldn’t transfer my progress from galaxy to iPad. So I had to start all over again. It’s still fun. But since changing there’s so much more added that I’m not fond of. All these extra games and growing and building the town is just plain stupid. It’s like free fall on crack. It takes all these extra pressing things away. I just want to start or leave a level without double pressing. I still love frozen free fall more than any other game like this. Just wish all this extra crap wasn’t added. And it keeps reshuffling the board when there’s still moves, it’s doing non stop!!! It’s cheating!!
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6 years ago, Renee_lynn
Suddenly glitchy
I recently recommended this game to my friend for her daughter, but I have had to go back on that because of the way that Arendelle Plaza glitches. I have three new items to buy and place, but I can't because when I touch the icon to go to AP, it freezes on a loading screen, and never loads. I have to restart the app, and just skip AP activities. This has been happening for weeks! I haven't been able to get daily coins etc., which in the grand nature of the world is not a big deal. I'm an adult, nbd. But kids are going to get frustrated and if you want parents to not uninstall, you may want to fix that.
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6 years ago, thyreme
Mind blower (player)
I think they’re intentionally playing with users minds and I’ve come across so many times during different levels. I think it has been programmed in a way that you’d do everything to pass a level which by players ability you can do, but it’s programmed to make it so hard that you’d give up and go buy stuff. For example in Plaza Challenge when dropping trolls, I’ve tried so many times with no luck to drop the trolls and turn the lights on all four edges, but on one try when I was killing it and had so many moves available, one troll did not appear at all and I was out of moves. Therefore it’s not how smart you be, rather it’s how it’s coded you pass it.
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6 years ago, Mz Thang 2015
Not fun anymore
I have been playing this game for a while now and it has become the most frustrating game. I play to relax and wind down. When I first began to play, along with my daughter it was super fun. Now it feels like it set up where you have to make purchases and the extra games that only run for 24 hours, you can barely get past the first level. So trying to earn and boosters is not worth the time anymore. My daughter used to love playing this game and she too says “its to hard to win mom”. This is supposed to be a fun kids game and it has changed so much, you don’t even want to play it.
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7 years ago, Mrs. Iceberg
Need to buy items to continue impossible levels
Game is fun but is set up in a way that you must buy things to continue. If you are okay with this then the game can be fun but frustrating if you don't want to buy the extras! Also have had problem with the game blacking out in extra challenges after the 4th or 5th level when I am about to win the prize after I've already bought and used snowballs to get there. It is set up to go back to first level. This time I was at level 19 about to finish when it blacked out! No other game I have does this nor does it do it when I am just playing a regular level in the game. It is frustrating as I love to play the game but I feel like it might be written in the program to get you to spend more money! Be aware to advance to higher levels is very difficult without in app purchases!
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3 years ago, Sleeping 99
Fun, easy game App has issues
This is a fun easy game that you can play in short periods of time. It’s easy to learn and that isn’t my issue. As you progress through the levels, you try to clear the board with different challenges. Some are challenging however when you set of multiple items in the challenge the game only counts this as one action. For example, there’s one level where you need to set off multiple geysers. If you get three to “blow” at one time the score keeper only gives you one point instead of the correct number that was just set off. So some of the levels that are harder you get stuck for long periods of time. I don’t purchase in-app things like more lives or more tools. That’s dumb it’s a game. I would just like my points to be calculated correctly
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5 years ago, SAM087654321
Fix the app, problems continue for last month!
I have really enjoyed this game in the past, however recently the game is malfunctioning. For over a month and on several (at least 4) different special events games, the most recent one being the Troll Ceremony, the special items (20+8+8) do not ever get released in the game, which are required to be collected to continue. I even tried rebooting my phone, made sure my updates are current & reloaded the app, only to lose my items that I had already earned & collected. Why can you not fix this? I am very disappointed in the recent lack of quality in this game & if this continues, we will not be playing anymore. Also, why is there not a way to contact the app developer to address these problems? Hopefully this review gets read by someone who can actually fix the problem.
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