Dispo: Retro Disposable Camera

Photo & Video
4.2 (6.6K)
248.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
All Summer Long, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dispo: Retro Disposable Camera

4.24 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Ngracie04
Good app, Hate the Update
I got this app because I love the way it takes pictures and you can easily share them with friends but the main reason my friends and I all downloaded this app was because the photos don’t show up until the next day, that was the whole pint of getting the app and now with recent updates that was taken away. If you don’t like it either make it a setting where it can be true to its original form or for everyone complaining their are other apps that have the same function as dispo but they develop immediately, but the point of getting this app originally was the be in the moment and not care about the pictures until tomorrow, so you took away the whole reason for this app to be used in the first place.
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2 years ago, Sidney crush
App Deleted My Memories
I am so mad right now. I have been a faithful advocate of dispo to my friends and family for a while. I used the app all the time. Recently I went on a vacation with two friends to a tropical island. I took majority of the photos there on dispo. Throughout my trip the app was glitchy and crashing, but i thought nothing of it. When i got home, i uninstalled and reinstalled the app because it kept crashing. I lost majority of the photos from that vacation. The only proof of memories and what happened on the trip are gone. I went scuba diving for the first time and took pics with my friends. GONE! I got dressed up and went out for dinner on/ at the beach with the clearest water I have ever seen. GONE! These memories that i planned on savoring through photos and eventually showing my kids and family in the future were stripped away from me. An app that specializes in photos should be able to keep the photos from being so easily deleted. I am extremely mad and I hope there is something to be done about the tons of lost memories and pictured with new friends that were taken away from me. This is not okay whatsoever. I expect and deserve at least something above an fake apology written by a 22 year old at dispo headquarters. Do NOT download this app if you hope to be happy in life and live out your precious memories in photos. I’ve been crying for the past hour on the phone with my friends. We are DEVASTATED.
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5 months ago, Ralph Tidbow
Used to be so good
This app used to be so good. I thought the vintage pics that came from this app were the best looking out of every “disposable” camera app, and the UI was one of the easiest so I could hand my phone to anyone and they could use the app. For these reasons, Dispo became my go to. When they came out with Dispo Max, I could deal with it because they still let you develop photos at 9am instead of instantly, and I didn’t really care about the other lenses or prints. Now everything is locked behind a paywall and you have to watch an ad for every photo you want to develop or pay $60 for a yearly subscription. I’m so disappointed in this app and this company. I know you have to make your money, but making it so this app is borderline unusable to people who aren’t willing to pay $60 A YEAR is a scam of the highest order. At least make it so you have to watch one add to develop your photos from the previous day or something but if I go out with my friends and take a lot of pictures, I am not watching a ton of ads to develop every single picture. I hope this company realizes the error of their ways and makes the app more friendly to people who aren’t willing to pay, because I certainly am not and if nothing changes, I am not coming back.
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4 months ago, shneksmwobqbwbwjd
Completely Sold Out
The developers of this app should be happy with the product. I love the camera and filters, and I think the adaptation of a social media aspect/ sharing your pictures with friends has the potential for a bright future. My problem is with companies that think they need to implement subscription systems into situations where they do not belong. That’s what this app has done. And to make sure their users purchase the subscription, ads have taken over like a cancer. This never used to be a problem, but they are trying to create a fake market for their subscription because the product is not worth paying for. If you try to look at the pictures you have taken this apps free version, just know that you will receive a full screen ad for “Indian wedding picture” every 10 seconds, no exaggeration. It truly feels like a prank seeing so many ads so consistently. I need to emphasize that these ads all full screen and even some have a 5 second timers on them making the app ridiculously annoying to use. TLDR: Dispo pumps full screen adds into places they don’t make sense. This makes what used to be a good product now not worth your time.
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2 years ago, ari_lla17
Literally STILL crashing
I left a review earlier this week and put in a support ticket (which might I add no one responded to) because the app keeps crashing. It’s been almost a week now and I’ve seen other reviews complaining about the same issue, yet still no fix. It says my app updated today again, but to be honest the issue got worse because of it. Before, I could at the least take a peek at my dispos without fully clicking on them (because then it’d crash) but even that would only last about 10 seconds. Now, after it updated again, all my dispos show up completely blurred and I can’t even see what’s been processed. And before anyone says anything about space, I’ve cleared up more storage than one can clear lol, so I know that’s definitely not the issue of the crashing. I loved the app, but the issue of it crashing has become so frustrating. It’s also just sad when you take a bunch of pictures hoping you’ll be able to see them and now you can’t access them at all. Someone please fix this because I know I’m not the only one dealing with the issue.
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2 years ago, ihnhvhycvb
So Long Dispo
Dispo has been used as my primary photo taking resource for a little over a year. I will finally be giving it up. The app is the buggiest thing I have ever used. Similar to another user, I took my honeymoon photos on Dispo and they are now all gone due to the lack of stability within the app. Currently, I am unable to access my over 10k shots because of lord knows what. I’ve been in contact with Dispo support on several occasions, some good some bad. I adored Dispo and was religious in my advocacy for the app. I got everyone I knew to use it for events, and I wildly regret doing that as I know they are guaranteed to also lose their photos eventually. Developers say they are “working on it”, but in the meantime the app should not be available to the public. You’re messing with peoples documentation of important life events and that is not appropriate. Relaunch the app when it is READY to handle its users. Or add a feature where photos automatically go to the camera roll, because THIS?? This is not it. If you choose to proceed with Dispo, save all of your photos immediately or you might as well kiss them goodbye.
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1 week ago, Only doing this for All levels
if you update your app even ONCE, you will lose EVERYTHING!!!!!!! i’ve been using this app since 2021 practically when it released. all of my friends used it as well. i had important photos on there of my dog who passed back in january, my first time meeting my cousin, vacations with my friends, dates with my boyfriend, Gov Ball festival where i literally took 100+ photos FIVE DAYS AGO. five days ago my app was working fine, a bunch of my pictures were blurred out but i didn’t think anything of it because i was at the festival with horrible signal. today i decide to update my app because it wouldn’t let me save any photos to my camera roll and EVERY PHOTO IN MY APP IS GONE. apparently they’ve been planning to do this for two years (since 2022) but only JUST put a thing on the faq 17 days ago. i will NEVER use this app again and infact i will tell everybody i can possibly reach in person and on social media to warn them to NEVER download this horrible app and get all your photos out while you can. HORRIBLE APP. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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3 years ago, Hdjsnsmakajakajsjdjd
Good app, small bug
I have been using Dispo for years now as my primary camera app. I love the UI, the interface, the look and feel. I’m a huge fan of this app but I do want to bring to the developers attention one small bug I've noticed. The pictures I take don’t show up in my roll until the day after I take them, which is super annoying! If me and the homies take a picture and want to make sure that no ones eyes are closed, we’re not able to. If I want to copy something down I just took a picture of to write for my homework, I have to wait for the next morning. That’s the reason I’m failing history rn. So overall, the app works great and looks amazing but it’d be much better if I could actually see the pictures I took right away
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2 years ago, Petty Latina
I would love to use the app (Update: ITS FIXED)
I recently downloaded the app and tried to sign up several times. I enabled access and put in my phone number but no matter how many codes were sent I couldn't get past the sign up screen. It kept saying "Please Try Again, Could Not Find User", like duh! I am trying to be 😭 I was really excited to use it but disappointed by the weird glitch. Update: They Fixed it!! I am able to use the app and i used it for my friends birthday, we absolutely LOVED it. we weren't stressed about "looking perfect" and it really does give cute little filters and vintage looks to the photos. it's easy to use and everyone gets access to the photos the next day at 9am! perfect photo app for nights out 🥳
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2 years ago, 😍😛😛😍
great app- annoying bug
Me and my friends love using dispo when we go out on the weekends and checking our shared roll in the morning. The only annoying part is that when I go to look at the photos the following day, from the grid view I can see all of our photos but when I click on them the app zooms in on the photo and I cannot zoom out, this only happens for like 60% of the photos. This is really annoying especially when I just want to swipe through for good ones and I cannot because I cannot see the full pictures due to the zoom. Please fix this, I love dispo but the automatic zoom makes me not want to use it!!
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7 months ago, SwimmerMaddie
Literally most glitchy app ever
The pictures off of dispo are so fun and perfect and I have no qualms with them. Every single time I try to use this app and am not actively taking pictures it is a massive headache. Everytime I open the app, even if it is just for a second, every photo I have ever taken in dispo downloads into my camera roll. I cannot actually save the photos I want to save, they save in multiple duplicates AND out of order so I have no idea which ones to delete & where they are. It is horrible. Most recently, I downloaded the pictures & they saved in double duplicates. I decided to delete them all in my camera roll and start over. I went back to the dispo app, started saving the pictures again, the app glitched, blacked out, and shut me out. I opened the app again, and all the pictures were gone! Just decided to delete the app. Tired of dealing with it. Not worth it anymore.
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2 years ago, lilmskoifish
I’ve never been this upset with an app before
I’ve been using dispo for well over a year now. There’s been the issue, like all other reviews mention, about the app crashing. I just kept dealing with it because I love the concept of dispo - take a snapshot, wait a day, get developed photos back with a vintage feel to it. Really easy. And I did this to document my life so it was used regularly. Well recently I went on a trip to Vietnam, a really important trip as it was my first time back to the motherland. I took so many photos during the trip and they all held really precious memories for me. However, after coming back, I tried accessing my photos - only for the app to crash and only show me the bit of the photos from my trip. I was reading online that a lot of people were deleting the app and reinstalling it, only for their photos to be deleted. I wanted to avoid this at all cost and saw that there was the option to log out and log back on. Well, doing this still deleted my photos and I lost about 99% of my photos from my trip. I’m so mad and so angry. I lost so many precious photos because of this poorly developed app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IT IS A WASTE OF TIME. It’s been a full year the app crashing, there being updates, and app still crashing. You’re better off downloading a different app or getting an actual disposable.
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3 weeks ago, CharleyyyyyyyBjfian
3 years of photos are GONE!!
So this is very upsetting to say the least, I open the Dispo app and maybe 50 photos down they started blurring, I was not given the option to download or export the blurred photos out of the app. The rest of the app seemed to be running slow so I thought maybe I need to update it, and then when I go back to the app after I updated ALL MY PHOTOS ARE GONE! I didn’t delete the app or anything, I JUST UPDATED IT! My boyfriend and I have been using the app for 3 years to have a nice chronological album of photos about our relationship… and they’re GONE. I can’t login to my account or anything. The whole “your phone backs it up automatically” seems to only apply for recent versions of the app. I email the support team and waiting to hear back. I hope it’s just a bug because those were a lot of memories. Don’t use this app if you don’t want your photos to randomly delete one day.
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1 year ago, JonahSachs
Once great
I’ve been using Dispo before it was even Dispo. That’s to say, I’ve seen the rise and fall of a great app. Dispo was the best. At its peak it was my favorite app for capturing fun memories. You had access to all the cameras, the ability to instantly save photos, and a whole lot more. Once Dispo Max was released, the free tier of the app removed most useful functions. Nearly all cameras were removed and put behind a monthly or yearly subscription. You can no longer save photos after taking them, and they all have an annoying watermark + a time stamp. Last week I was so fed up that I was ready to subscribe to Max, just to realize that the price has literally doubled. A camera app doesn’t provide a $60/year value to me, nor should it to anyone. Hopefully the Dispo team learns from their mistake.
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2 years ago, qstaley
Speedshot … really?
Doesn’t this defeat the point? Don’t get me wrong, the graphic, interface, and premise are all quite beautiful but y’all have just put a petrol motor in an electric vehicle — you’ve defeated at least half the point of a disposable camera emulator. And for what? A few folks who are impatient? No matter our eagerness and impatience to have the photos developed now, Dispo requires us to wait, just as we must wait when shooting film. Or at least we did. Now Dispo is just a social media platform with camera filters, destined prey to the countless apps who already do both media and filters better. Your one unique feature is slowly unfurling, and I feel a kind of grief I hope isn’t too late to be undone 😢 Please. The filters are great but that’s not the point. The point was the wait. In this era of immediacy we need a pause, and not one we choose, but one dealt to us without exception.
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9 months ago, frootss
Used to love it, now it’s ruined
I started using the dispo app back in 2019 and would use it all the time. I loved putting different events or months into their own little rolls and looking back on them. Now I open this app maybe once every few months. It got better when they added the option to see your pictures immediately instead of waiting til 9am. But now you have to pay for that option, the app is constantly breaking, I try to delete pictures and they don’t delete til I restart the app, and I can’t even save pictures to my rolls or make any new rolls at all. Oh and of course it gets worse with not being able to do anything because an ad pops up like every 30 seconds. If I actually felt like moving all the pictures to my camera roll, I would definitely delete this app. It’s the only reason I haven’t yet.
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1 year ago, mejo610
No longer using or recommending
It’s really unfortunate how drastic the new updates are. I have had this app for a couple years and recommended it to all my friends- honestly it was one of the best concepts for a photo app I have ever seen. Now, I have lost all of the previously “free” features that I had access to when I got the app and am being asked to pay money for those same features. Not to mention the fact that there is now an ad every 3-7 seconds while I’m trying to look through the pictures I took (after 9 am bc I can no longer get them instantly). The app has become unusable to me, I guess I will be going back to HUJI, and I will no longer recommend it to my friends. This is actually sad bc dispo was such an amazing app but it had gone extremely downhill. Seems like I’m not the only one who feels this way either :/
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1 year ago, Rexkey13
Great app killed by monetization
I used to love Dispo, it’s got a great formula and was fun to use but now that it’s been monetized, the entire app is immobilized by pop-up ads every 15-20 seconds. I am not exaggerating about that. I fell in love with Dispo because it was easy and free, and the monetization makes me feel like I’m being forced to pick between the two. I’m not against the developer making a buck, but $10 a month is way too steep in my opinion. Since I have thousands of pictures in Dispo already; the torrent of ads I get will require several days of my time and frazzled patience to offload the memories I have stored without paying, and I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place by this very intentional scheme. I’m hopeful a friendlier monetization scheme can be worked out that doesn’t force out users who can’t pay but in the meantime, consider yourself warned.
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2 years ago, Tayshelb
love it but a little buggy
I love the concept of the app and not being able to see pics until the next morning. I usually take a lot more photos because i’m unsure how they will turn out but I like to have options. My friends always enjoy getting to see the outcome the next day and it just makes it 10x more fun to relive the memories. However, i’ve been having an issue with some of the pics not loading. A good half of the pics wouldn’t load all day, and now I am on the second day and still a few of them will not show. I feel like this is a new issue. Definitely would appreciate looking into this. Thanks 🫶🏻
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2 years ago, Some random but hot kid
Love this app but photos will not load
I love to use this app for all of my vacation photos! I love how they come out and the way they can mimic real disposable photos. Not to mention the aspect that the pictures do not show up until the next morning, it give something so fun to look forward too. I ALWAYS recommend this app to all of my friends. Lately I have not been able to view any of my new or old pictures in the app:-(! I will get the notification that my photos are ready and then nothing will show up just a white screen when I click my album. Please fix this bug :-)
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9 months ago, belly2839
Great app overall
there is j a couple things i would change if i could first the app isnt as user friendly as some other apps its a but difficult to see who ur friends are and also it glitches out some times i look on the app at 9 am and it says the pictures are not ready and the i have to wait till the next day also the different rolls are a little confusing like when i first got the app i didnt know what they ment and it would be great if when you first got the app there could be a demo i also dont really get how the friends thing work but i do love that all the pics are dated and out of all the disposable camera apps i use this one is my favorite i love the way the photos turn out
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2 years ago, 🥳party cat🥳
Was great-now i’m mad
I downloaded this right before a big trip. I took TONS of photos and LOVED the way they turned out!!!! But soon i would try to scroll through the app to access the photos and the app would automatically shut down before i could save to my camera roll. very annoying. i tried various ways but it shut down every time. So i didn’t get to save most the photos from my trip. So when an update was available, i gladly did it. Now, my photos from the last week are on the app, but everything else is gone. All the photos i took in the last month are gone. Idk where they went but i’m sad because i used this app as my main way to take pictures on my trip and now my pictures are gone. very disappointed. Very glitchy and keeps shutting down even after update
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7 months ago, Cass18936
I’ve had this app since it came out and loved it until this past year. I dont mind that there is a premium feature its the fact that there are all these changes being made and not one of them is good. I had a cute profile with awesome collections of pictures from the past fews years of my life. My pictures are still in my library but now i dont have a profile anymore. I dont have those albums i made with my pictures anymore. Like where did it go??? Also getting very frustrated that every time i open the app it just crashes. Also also my pictures from 2021 got cropped to squares for no reason and now look stupid so thanks. Dumbest update/change ever. Ive been the biggest dispo defender to my friends and honestly switching to lapse doesnt sound so bad now.
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3 years ago, sarah11111122222233333
Disappointed in changes
I used Dispo back when it was a simple app where you take disposable pictures. Now all these new updates make it so much more complicated than it needs to be and completely defeat the purpose of a disposable camera simulating app. My pictures never load. I seriously have not been able to look at any of my pictures in so long. The rolls feature is unnecessary, as well as most of the other new features. The only new feature that I think is good is the profile/friend one. It would be fun to just go look at people’s profiles/follow people, but honestly I don’t even need that. Gonna be using a different disposable app that is actually reminiscent of the purpose of using a disposable camera.
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7 months ago, Ughhhhhhshsjjssj
App keeps crashing
I love this app and have been using it for years. Love the way the pictures look and love the simplicity of using this app. However, for the past 2 weeks every time I try to look in my camera roll, the app freezes for about 3 seconds and then crashes and kicks me out of the app. When I try to take photos, the whole process is super delayed and barely works. I would like to see my new photos and have access to all of my older photos as well. I don’t want to delete the app and redownload since I don’t want to risk losing my new or old photos. Too bad that this is happening and I’m thinking I’ll need to resort to another app or camera.
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3 months ago, ☠︎︎☠︎︎ᘜOTᕼY ᘜIᖇᒪ☠︎︎☠︎︎
Amazing, again
I wrote another review just like this one before I found out another lovely thing about this app. My camera has been broken for over 8 months which has caused a major disruption to the 1x lens and that prohibits me from zooming in on things, it also makes a crackling noise, and adds a glitching line whenever I take a picture. I clicked the 0.5 option on the camera and I was still able to zoom in on that setting as much as I want without it going to my 1x lens but still having the same zoom. This app is amazing!
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1 year ago, hcicanator
Bugs Galore
I use this app so much (as I travel a lot) I have an iPhone 13 Pro I’m updated to the most recent iOS and most recent Dispo update. But dang there are so many bugs. I don’t know if it’s an update or what but. First, pictures load slow in the app. Second, if you have the flash enabled and try to take a front facing video the flash on the back will turn on and the video will glitch and save as 0.00. Third, almost always the export features will not work and say try again and sometimes nothing will happen literally at all. 4th when you add photos to a disposables album the dates are all out of order. I don’t know what it is but please try and fix these issues in the next update!
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1 year ago, help with download
dear dispo, please don’t do this to me
hey guy. i love this app SO much i’ve put so many people on and (i mean this in the most respectful way) the new subscription plan is insane. $20 for a year?????? i’ve literally used this app for such a long time i love it but making everyone pay for the best parts of the app is so sad. i still love this app so much and will continue to use it but best believe it will be begrudgingly. (i will pay the plan bc i love this app and my best memories are on it but this makes me sad.) plus u guys commented on one of my insta posts i thought we friends
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1 year ago, abovesatisfieddavidcustomer
This app actually used to be one of my favorite apps to use but I think they spend a lot of time on upgrading the app and adding a lot of new features rather than fixing the features they have and the MANY bugs that run through the app. There is a lot of the times that this app doesn’t work for me or load the pictures I have on it. It’s a shame because it’s not even fun to use anymore all it does is bug out and exit the app :(
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1 year ago, ryanneod
Love hate relationship with this app
I love the premise of this app, I love that you get a retro look to your pics and you can’t see them until the next day. However, it’s the glitchiest most unreliable app I’ve ever used. I took hundreds of photos at a wedding this weekend and only two of them showed up or “developed” then I downloaded the two, the app crashed but suddenly 2,900 photos showed up in my photo library, basically every photo 12 times. After spending literally hours going through them i was able to share with friends, but I spent and entire day doing this. If you buy this app I hope you have a lot of patience and time on your hands. This app needs a ton of work.
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3 years ago, evan_harrell
The best camera app
DISPO IS SO SICKKK! I swear this app takes better quality pictures than my actual phone camera and the filter it puts on it is really nice! I like the app because when you take the picture, you can’t see what it looked like. Some people say that that’s dumb, but it’s actually nice because you don’t spend 20 mins trying to take a good picture, you just take a few and not even think about what they look like. Then the next day you wake up to a little surprise to see your dope pics from yesterday.
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2 years ago, em7674!
ALWAYS crashing
i love dispo, i have been using it ever since it launched and have gotten a countless amount of friends to download the app and use it regularly. i have my whole life documented on this app, i use it daily. however dispo has really been disappointing me lately. it glitches out so frequently and completely crashes. i love taking a bunch of pictures on dispo, but it is so frustrating when it is always crashing! i am too far in at this point, so i can’t stop using it. although it really frustrates me when this app is constantly going through periods of a week or so when it has no issues and then and immediate change. PLEASE fix this.
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5 months ago, Sakieakky
Used to love this app
When this app was originally launched I really enjoyed it and used it often. I liked being able to immediately see it or choose to wait. It was easy to use and I liked that a lot. In the last year or so it’s become quite frustrating to use and I barely use it anymore. Ads pop up every few seconds. You can’t see the pictures immediately now, and when it gives the option to “watch an add and skip the wait” it doesn’t work. I think it’s only frustrating because I’ve seen this app be great before, so watching it become harder to use and more annoying to use, makes me not as interested. I’d love to see some updates on the app in the future
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1 year ago, sareena59
App gone to trash
I’ve been using dispo for a couple of years and I love the concept of it. Each update was great - being able to change the ‘development’ time of the photo, use different cameras. But now, you can’t go 3 photos without seeing a pop up add, you can’t change the time of the photo or use different cameras without paying $60 a year or $10 a month which is incredibly steep for a single novelty app. These new updates are seriously upsetting and an obvious greedy money grab at an unreasonable price point. I will be looking for alternatives because the new nickel and dime-ing is just insane and makes me sad to see an app I loved become unusable.
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1 year ago, Sh3r0n
Honestly Devastated
I’ve been using this app for the past year and I loved using dispo for all my concert photos for social media posts. However, yesterday, almost all of my photos from the past month have been deleted and I am quite upset as I had many photos that I intended to use. I usually backup my photos to google drive because occasionally a photo or two will disappear the day after I had taken a photo on dispo, however I probably had over 200 photos deleted on me. I am likely going to stop using the app and just start editing my photos myself. I am very sentimental with my photos so I am mostly just sad about my lost photos.
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2 years ago, galbertjargas
It’s fun when it works
which is, like, never. I used to /just/ have issues getting into the roles I was invited to (getting added is always a several-step troubleshooting process for no reason) but now I can’t even rely on my friends’ photos to load. Or my own! Like, bro, I /took/ the photo how is it not there? Silllly The concept is cool, the lenses are cute (some of em lol), and the new features like prompts and such are fun but gosh. Golly. I feel like the main functionality of the app ought to have been taken care of before other features were added. This app is so unreliable that I don’t want to even use it lest one of my fond memories just disappears into the ether. I gotta be an oldie and use Google photos at this point 😪😪
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1 year ago, iamtiffanyle
Huge Bug
I love the way photos look on this app, but I can’t get over the annoying bug that allows this app to download every single picture multiple times to my camera roll. I took 100 photos on one celebratory day and the next morning had to delete 1500 photos from my phone. Yesterday I took 9 and today I had to delete 200 because it downloaded multiple times into my camera roll. I’ve tried to contact them about this issue but haven’t heard back. Countless updates and this still hasn’t been fixed. Then, if you want to turn off the auto-save to camera roll function, you have to pay them and subscribe. Absolutely ridiculous.
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1 year ago, Jazinguven
My photos deleted.
I was such an avid Dispo user but never again. I got the notification that my Joji pictures were ready so of course I opened the app. When I opened the app, my photos were taking a bit to load but that’s usually the case for a mass amount of photos. And then, they loaded! Beauitful photos! I didn’t save any to my camera roll hoping that I’d be able to view it later on but when I opened the app a few hours later, my Joji photos.. GONE. I’ve never been so devastated, these photos were gorgeous. My other photos from previous months were still there but these photos, no where to be found. Especially at an event like Joji’s, I wanted to cry. I am so so sad.
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1 month ago, mrich.54
All photos gone
I have had this and used it for many years. Over time the only problems it’s had is a few glitches and overall being pretty slow. However it has still been very fun to use and has had photos from many vacations and fun times. However I just went on the app to look for a specific vacation (that’s the times I used the app the most) and the pictures weren’t loading, which wasn’t really unusual. I decided to update the app and when I returned absolutely all my photos from the past 3 years are gone. Photos with people i haven’t seen in years and even with people that have passed. I can’t express how upset I am about this.
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7 months ago, Emmmmm100
Went on the dispo app today and I can say it was one of the most disappointing moments of my life to see I no longer could find the rolls I have been apart of for years that contained so many memories. Me and my college teammates created rolls every year to highlight all the moments from the season and events and so many memories were shared there. I am so sad to not have access to them or at least no way as far as myself and friends can tell to access them! The only reason I used dispo was for the easy access to share memories with other people…disappointed to have lost that and all those memories. All I can say is this app is no longer worth getting or using.
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3 years ago, username9742
Good app , but could be fixed
pretty good app I like using it to take pictures because they have really good quality and a cool filter on them. The only thing I don’t really like is how I can’t delete photos. It says try again and never works. Overall tho, I like it and being able to separate my pictures into rolls or categories. Another things that’s kinda annoying is sometimes the photos just won’t load.
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3 years ago, i know what i mean
Great app
I love this app. I love that it takes awhile to see you pictures and that you don’t have to take a certain number to see them all the next day. It takes great pictures and they look better than my phone I think. If you are like me and want to buy disposable cameras it don’t want to pay for them this is the app. I just print mine from my phone at the end of each month and it saves me alot of money
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2 years ago, marge 4727
Going Downhill
I will say I used to love dispo and I would take so many pictures on it and they would turn out authentically however recently with updates there have been just more and more glitches like some of the photos won’t let me download them and when I try to download them in groups only a quarter of them download and I thought it was just a my phone problem but some of my other friends are having similar problems. So with that being said Dispo has gone downhill I even think it has become more disconnected and difficult to find other people and their rolls to share photos as well with recent updates.
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2 years ago, Raechellroe
App has become a mess
I absolutely adored this app when it originally came out, very straight forward take pictures and received the “film” the next morning, but oh man has it become a nightmare. I took some photos for my birthday a few days ago and have yet to see the photos because they won’t load, better yet I don’t even know where they’ve gone, the “rolls” feature is unnecessary and frustrating, the attempt of turning it into the next big social media has ruined the integrity of the app. Sometimes less is more, and in this particular situation that is the route I wish the app would have taken. Very disappointing.
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4 months ago, Jcwhite41
Deleted all of my pictures.
I have had this app for over 2 years and love taking dispo’s with my friends. I used it last night to take a picture of my friend and I but the picture I had just taken and all my other pictures would not load. I didn’t know what to do so I checked the App Store to see if there was an update so sure enough there was and I updated the app. I check back to see if my pictures loaded and they were ALL gone. 2 years of pictures were completely gone from JUST updated the app. There isn’t even a way to report an issue I can only write a review. I would give zero stars if I could
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1 year ago, ahubba00
I LOVED this app. The pictures were so fun and I liked being able to “develop” my pictures right away. But now, I have to pay to have my pictures instantly, or wait until the next day. Additionally, the ads are getting out of control. I took four pictures of my beach trip and 1) I had to wait until the next day to see the photos — like 15 hours 2) Had to watch ads in order to view my pictures! The appeal to this app was that it was different and convenient from all of the other dispo apps, but now it’s just like every other one.
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2 years ago, Upset with program:(
photos not loading
I really like the app, but I’m starting to not like it because half of my pictures are stuck in the uploading phase and I can’t access them. And I tried logging out and logging back in and they’re still not uploading properly and I still can’t see them. What’s the point of using the app if I can’t even see my pictures? Hopefully this is just a bug and they can fix it with an update or something. I reached out to customer service and I’m waiting for a response.
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3 years ago, Jessie_0505
She has a certain “je ne sais quoi”
I really enjoy using this app! I love the idea that your picture takes 24 hours to develop, so you can take your picture, and be done. My one hope for the future of the app is a feature that makes it easier to connect with your friends/contacts who are already on the app. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone you know, and your left following strangers. Which is cool......but they’re strangers lol.
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1 year ago, hpatell
mixed feelings
I love this app so much. I absolutely love it and it’s amazing, i love the way the photos turn out. I’ve been using for while now and i guess there is a new update now. There is an ad that’s oops if every 20 seconds which is getting really annoying. It’s not worth it to buy a subscription. I wished the ads were less often rather than and ad popping up every 20 seconds or so.
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2 years ago, mememilylime
Unhelpful Support Team & Crashing
I LOVEEEE this app, but it has been crashing like crazy lately (has not opened for DAYS) and since this is where I have most of my recent pictures, that makes me super nervous. I’m glad to know that the creators of the app are aware. Also, I reached out to the support team to try to retrieve a picture that had mistakenly been deleted while the app was glitching, and like one review has said, the team was completely unhelpful and unapologetic. I would really like for that to be resolved, because even after the crashing is fixed, that’s a huge issue to me that would still dock my review.
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