Divinity: Original Sin 2

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2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Larian Studios
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.12 or later
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User Reviews for Divinity: Original Sin 2

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0 Ratings
2 years ago, dhdjbfbxjd bd
This is one of the best games i've ever played! It has a varity of options, including characters, party members. I have recently started it, but I loved it from the moment I got it. I needed some help on some puzzles. I got through it, and continued. I have played as a varitiy of diffirent characters and all of the diffrent abilities and stats are amazing. I love all of the extra people and reasources. And diffrent the diffrent paths that you can follow....It's just amazing...It would be helpful if it had hints or something near that! But it is still awesome!! Thank you so much for making it!!!
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5 years ago, Dima12098
Great Game
I personally enjoy RPG the most compared to anything else and this game got me hooked istantly. Most irretating thing i find in rpgs is that i usually stick to one playstyle which is being stealth oriantted character but with the vast amount of options of skills and combinations of them i found this game to be so addictive, two of my personal favorite combos so far have been a necromance warrior, and recent one being an elf archer with pyrokinetic abilities, and still the are. large amount of combos to explore.
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3 years ago, ICamefortheWater
Mechanically not playable on pre-2012
The requirements fail to mention that pre-2012 i-MACs do not have and cannot support Apple’s Metal API and this game will not even start without it. The Larian game software requires it. The pre-2012 i-Mac cannot take any graphic card that supports it. You’ll never know this until you’ve bought it, downloaded normally, opened the header and press ‘Start Game’. There is no work around.
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10 months ago, kyle131191
Game is Sick
This game is so much fun, and it offers a real gaming challenge, or at least it did for me. It has great lore, and it is not overwhelming in terms of gameplay and mechanics, but if you are new to this type of game I recommend classic (normal difficulty) or one of the easier. Tactician is difficult. Regardless, you will want to strategize and manage your party.
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4 years ago, Crøwley
This game would be teriffic if it worked
I played the first iteration of this game on steam, so after purchasing a new 2020 macbook with a stepped up CPU and 4K workstation I was very excited. Unfortunately, afer installing the game twice and following all the recommendations on the internet I could find I could not make saved games load. All progress is lost every single day. This is basic and completely unacceptable. Also, the game isn't set up for a basic DOOM FPS movement set on the keyboard. I know we use a mouse now, but wolfenstein pulled this off. Maybe I'm asking too much, saved progress and basic controls. I'm just looking for the heir to NWN and finding garbage.
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4 years ago, Old Warrior Woman
Gotta Love Old School RPG!
This doesn't have as much backstory as Oblivion or Skyrim, but it is fairly complex and layered. I like it! Since I killed the blacksmith (she wouldn't remove the collar and I couldn't find anything rumaging through her goods--which made her mad and she attacked me), I guess I will never get this blasted collar off. Was it something I said? Oh, and the camera seems wonky to me. But, other than that, I am having a good time with it.
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4 years ago, Mike-N-Tosh
Good game
I always wait b4 giving a review which I have here for several months. Overall, I really like the game. It works well on my iMac (Mid 2017). All the good things you see in other reviews are true, graphics, plot, game play, etc... I wasn't able to give it 5 stars because of bugs. They're all small things, yet even after updates they haven't been addressed. In the "Recipes" section of combining things, it often shows incorrectly that items are available to be crafted when they aren't. Often it doesn't update itself after making an item, still showing that you can make it when you can't. Sometimes in a battle and you choose an enemy it fails to show the enemies status (vitality, armor...)
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5 years ago, brandonhsu_
Great Game!
This game got me hooked on right from the start. The story is great and there are many different game mechanics that make the it unique. Additionally, if you have the touchbar on the macbook, there are buttons that make it more easy to navigate through the game. The game runs smoothly for the most part and there are no in app purchses, so more money saved :)
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5 years ago, Bri7252
Great Game, graphical issues on eGPU
I'm on the 2017 MBP with the 3.5i7 and using a Razer Core X with AMD Vega 56 (8gb). This game is fantastic, I really enjoy it; however, unless I turn shadows completely off, I get horrible obnoxious flickering lights in Fort Joy and beyond with various camera angles that kills the experience. It's definitely a MacOS related bug as I do not get the same experience on bootcamp (via steam).
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10 months ago, Arevo1994
Needs optimized for M series
I love this game and have played it for awhile. I won both the iPad and Mac versions of this game. I would like to see ot optimized for the M series processor on mac so it doesn't run so hot on my mac. I would also like to see the iPad and Mac versions merged into one app so it only needs to be purchased once for both platforms.
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3 years ago, Esturtle
Hours of Engaging Game Play
This has been hours and hours of enjoyment for me. I love playing with my husband and us comparing how we've tackled the story differently and how that leads to plot line changes. I wasn't a video game person before this...I am now.
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1 year ago, Y.G.L.
Great Game, Unplayable M-Series Performance
On M-series Macs, this must run under Rosetta 2 software emulation. And it does so. Badly. OK performance one minute, one frame per second (FPS) the next. Camera panning FPS hurts the mind, have to look away. Slow enough that it breaks player focus on simple tasks, like finding an item in a room. We've had M-Series (ARM) Macs since late 2020. Larian made a native ARM version for iPad in early 2021, which is essentially identical to this version (identical content, slightly tweaked GUI for touch and small screens. It's 2023. A four-star game if the perofmance/Rosetta issue wasn't present. Probably five if cRPGs are really your jam. * Note: requires Steam, which also runs under Rosetta, but App Store installs it for you. Also includes Larian's own launcher. That's three launchers for the price of one!
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4 years ago, Patmandu
One of best games I've ever played
I was hesitant to do a turn-based game, but glad I tried it out. Story has incredible depth and is as satisfying as the Witcher III. The amount of options you have in both configuring your party and in executing complex tactics is where this game really shines.
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4 years ago, justsomeguy613
Don't bother if you have multiple monitors
There is literally no way to set this game to run on a preferred monitor if you have more than one display. The game brings up a very helpful error message informing you of this fact, but doesn't actually offer any effective way to solve the issue. So, for those of us who have a small, 13" laptop display and a large, 27" external display, we're basically out of luck. Which is just stupid in this day and age. Very sorry I wasted money on this app.
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5 years ago, GoldBull14
Map freeze is frustrating but great game
Playing on MBP 13 and it works better than anticipated given all of the advisement against running it on this platform. My only issue (that i could tell) is that the map freezes when trying to free roam and only way i can get moving again is to port to a waypoint which is terribly frustrating. Love the game though.
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5 years ago, Jack__L
best mac game ever!
The best game I've ever played on a mac ever! The graphic and logic of the game is amazing! And it also runs super smoothly on my 2017 macbook pro. My only little concern is that it doesn't let you change the language. Developers please fix that.
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4 years ago, Marcus l bellamy
Best RPG on mac
this game is amazing i finally gave it some time to play more and i love how you learn more every hour you play one thing i have the m1 macbook pro it runs the game flawless but i have noticed after 30 mins of play time the screen gets really pixelated and unplayable more than likely its due to the m1 chip but hopefully it gets fixed
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1 year ago, Nicola918
Great game and perfect on MacBook Pro (M1 Pro)
This game runs flawlessly on my 14" MacBook Pro (M1 Pro). Graphics set on high with no FPS issues. I read a review that Steam is required, but it is not - never had a Steam account.
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4 years ago, Captain Merlin
"Works on this MacBook Pro. . ."
App Store: "Works on this MacBook Pro". I see no reason why it should not be playable on my updated mid 2012 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM. Thank you for taking the time to respond. (Edited)
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5 years ago, Chuck-me
Very impressed
Gotta say I am very impressed with how well this plays on my 2016 MacBook pro. Even on the 13 inch with no dedicated graphics card I'm able to play pretty smoothly. I hope more games like this are brought to the Mac
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7 months ago, YouKnowIt99066
No longer works, Not sure when it stopped
You are no longer able to acquire new skills when you level your character. Even new points in other skills will not even show as acquired in your skill book.. it is very frustrating.
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5 years ago, laSalted
Thanks for the excellent port
You guys gonna become a 3A studio someday in the future. Don't forget about Mac please. I learned you guys worked with Apple mental team to port this game. And the result is fabulous.
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3 years ago, GypsyKing75
Amazing Game
This is th first game i have played , turn based , that i actually enjoy ... Its more like chess than checkers
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2 years ago, tomMyco9
Should have been playing this game!!!
I didn't know what a great this is!!!
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4 years ago, Kid Kyote
Server SHutting down error all the time!
Love the game when it works. If you save a game, and try to open it up again... you are out of luck. Looked awesome, had some fun, but I am done with the buggs.. life is too short to restart a game fomr scene one each time you want to play. Bummer.
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1 year ago, scarethehoes
Best Native Mac RPG... period.
Amazing story, amazing gameplay, amazing graphics. Love playing this as a couch co-op. Runs like a dream on my M2 Pro Mac mini (highest settings). PS: Can't wait for Baldur's Gate 3!
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6 months ago, qwerty1324
runs great on m1 macbook air
2560x1600 with lowest graphics settings, get ~40 FPS I have the ultra budget model with only 7 GPU cores
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5 years ago, R77478487
I installed the game on my late 2013 Retina macbook pro. It runs with "snow" on the screen, making the game unplayable. In addition, the online forum seems to be broken as well, as I am unable to create a profile and log in. So I was unable to post troubleshooting questions there. I wrote to customer support and am still awaiting a reply
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3 years ago, Anitsisqua
Mac users
Instructions are written for Windows, so Mac users have to scremble to discover some prettty basic functions, but all in all, a good game.
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4 years ago, Sicworldwide
Very well done
Assuning you enjoy turn based strategic combat, this game is very, very well done. Worth every penny of its price.
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5 years ago, I8what?
Issue with App store or Image - but ALWAYS complains about not enough space.
Video freezes everytime I am fighting Tromdoy (second round). The game audio continues and it seems that various inputs are accepted (audio cues that they are). Generating console log errors (over 100/second). "Execution of the command buffer was aborted due to an error during execution. ". It doesn't matter what frame rate or how low I set the graphics - it still happens at that point in the game. I even shut down all other processes other than normal system activity.
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5 years ago, JonHigh
Best Mac Game Ever!
As a former PC gamer, this is by far the best Mac game I have ever played. I have encountered no problems with it, alhtough I have a 2018 MacBook Pro BlackMagic eGPU. Like a modern-day Baldur's Gate.
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5 years ago, luchhboy123
i started thr game and adjusted my HDR setting to what i thought would be good, but its actually terrible, but i could tell until i got to where k create my charter. so i go to change the settings back to what it was set at and no matter what i do i cant change the settings back. it wont apply. please help.
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2 weeks ago, W2wino
Interesting but controls are ridiculous
I like the game play but the keyboard controls are ridiculous. Tried a game controller but, then, learned that only the PS4 is compatible and limited with wireless.
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4 years ago, Connian1
Won't load
I just bought a brand new 16" mac book pro and I have tried 3 times to get it to load and it keeps failing. I go to app support and they want a log in to get throught to them, I don't have an account with the provider so no way to log in
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1 year ago, vladluversixty9
Macbook M1 Pro
Runs well but laptop gets exremely hot and drains battery in 45 min. All graphic settings were moved to the lowest and did not solve issue.
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5 years ago, Xado Yamen
Best RPG on Mac by a long shot listen to the other 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Rue 22
super glitchy on my M1 macbook pro
It will start up and play the game just fine. But when i go to move the Camera around i get squared glitches all over the place. Not sure if its a software or hardware problem.
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4 years ago, loweb3
Still won't play on Mac Pro
It's been a year since I bought this and, despite promised updates, it still won't play on my Mac Pro even if it says it will on the page where you can purchase it.
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5 years ago, slugoz
map wont scroll
The scrolling map will lockup after a few minutes of play. Makes it unplayable. If they could fix e
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3 years ago, Comrade Serf
Joyless Maze Running
In this game, you are like a rat in a maze created by freewill-hating sadists that have delusions of being gods. Quests are miserable or degrading. For example, like finding proof that the older brother of a pair young orphans is dead. Teammates and NPCs are rude, selfish, entitled, immoral, and unlikable. If you play this game, you will be in places you do not want to be, with NPCs you do not want to be with, doing tasks you do not want to do.
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3 years ago, ZigZagZeke
Bought this on the Apple app store for my Mac Pro. It would not download. I tried all the recommended fixes without success. Neither Apple nor Larian were of any help. Applied for a refund.
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4 years ago, Hooha
Still Does not Work on Mac Pro!
It's been over six months of promises from the devs that this application will work on the Mac Pro (as listed under the 'compatibility' section on the app store). Still NOTHING.
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5 years ago, Weigand1
Please do not buy this game! I love this game and have gotten it on stream and bought it when it orginally came out. But after about an hour of play it doesnt start up anymore!!! BEWARE DO NOT BUY THIS!!!
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5 years ago, IGotUTooed
Crashes on Start--Help
How do I get a refund? Says "Works on this Mac" on the front page in the app store. Maybe Steam version will work?
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3 years ago, Wandisimo el magnifico
nothing more 2 say
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3 years ago, CommunityS2E14
well done
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5 years ago, zhangwh1986
Cannot run this game
The app store says the game is compatible but it is not able to run
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5 years ago, ivgat
sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt
so i can create games and play with friends but if a friend creates the game it stops responding whenever i attempt to direct connect
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4 years ago, Betazero
Great but
Great game and a perfect way to mix real time exploring with tactical turn based battles. You just have to play this game. Now for why it gets 4 out of 5 stars... There are two very annoying things that need to be fixed... Number one is when HDR is turned on you cant see in the dark areas. Even with brightness maxed and contrast minimized. Had to turn it off and while it still looks good the HDR definetely looked nice when you were outside. I had to restart the game because I tried playing this way until I realize how many thing I was missing because I couldnt see them. Had to restart in non-blind mode. Number two is the cloud saves is a mess! I have tried all the settings and if I leave it enabled it crashes at the splash screen and I have to remove local copies which then makes it download them again...super annoying. Just let us pick a spot on icloud to save to. I have tried changing the path but it does not move the saves and I cant copy them there because it wont recognize them...Super a mess and it scares me 30 hours in. Had it stop playing on my laptop because I cant get it to sync saves. There are lots of time you get lost and have to google things but I kinda like that part. Oh the guarding missions are painful...There have been two so far and I had to surround the guy so he doesnt just run thru fire and die. Maybe let us give him a stay or retreat order so that we can control them a little. I was at the end of a battle and the guy I was gaurding had full health,armor and magic armor and in one turn ran thru necro fire and just died...ugh.
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