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User Reviews for DJI Mimo

3.01 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Johnjo Riguera
Great product, not so great software.
I really love the DJI OM 4, it does its job really well for what a gimbal should do. However, if you want to use any of the "cool" gimbal features, you need to use this app. Don't get me wrong, most of these features work well, but I found the app to be a bit limiting. For starters, EIS is disabled when recording 4k 60 FPS with the MIMO app, so the video ends up not as smooth as using the native camera app+the gimbal. However, you do lose features only possible through the mimo app, like active track. This brings me to my next issue, the active track. It works really well, but doesn't allow you to tweak any characteristics of the auto track. I would like to use this feature to record my workouts/skatebord videos from a tripod, but the active track is just a bit too sensitive and I wish we could lock the tilt while using active track. I noticed even if I set the gimbal to tilt locked mode, active track overrides that setting. I will still use the product for other things, but I'd use it so much more if we could have some more expansive customization. The software and hardware are more than capable.
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3 years ago, caliise b
They advertise that the DJI OM4 can track pets with active track 3.0. That’s a lie. All the active track will do is actively loose your subject. The dog can walk around, towards you or past you. The camera with twitch around quickly instead of get a steady follow and often just loose the subject pretty much every time. Doesn’t matter if the gimbal is being held or on a tripod and stationary. If your dog is sitting still and looking around the room the gimbal will twitch the camera back and forth so you won’t get a steady shot. I’ve set the gimbal on a table with the tripod and it still bounces around. Worse yet, if you try to go to the forum and ask for help you can’t even post until you “earn points”! This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. Eventually I was able to contact customer support to ask for help after digging around their website for ever because they don’t make it easy to contact anyone or ask any questions in a timely manner. I had already made sure the firmware was up to date and did a configuration. The advice of the support team was to return the product and get a new one because it was faulty. So I did. This one has the SAME ISSUE! I don’t know if it’s a bug, or a mechanical failure on the device. Either way, I’ll be returning it today and never buying any product from this company ever again.
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4 years ago, youdlyn
MIMO needs lots of work
During the quarantine I really wanted to better my video skills and what better way to do that than with the OSMO Mobile 3? Well as other reviews have said the Story mode option is very limiting and it’s doesn’t allow users to change the text which is counterproductive. I also don’t like that after every story it HAS to say DJI or have a watermark. It’s not a trial version. We should have the option to choose how long each clip runs for. Not only that, because all of my files in my phone upload to iCloud, after a day I’m not able to edit anything because “iCloud files are not supported” and it keeps telling me to “download the files first”. I have over 17gb of files in the cloud and I’m not putting that back on my phone for Apple to tell me I don’t have enough storage. Smh if any developers are reading this, please fix this on the next update so that users can download videos that are still in their camera roll and in iCloud to edit.
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5 months ago, Romeosback03
DJI OSMO vs Insta360 Flow
I got the DJI OSMO SE for Christmas. It was great especially since I have no experience with such a product. However, I wanted to create content so needed the extension. That led me to dive into reviews and information with comparisons of mainly two gimbals. Some reviews as recent as within the last 6 months (mid 2023) had a lot of valid information that led to me sending the DJI Osmo SE back and opting for the Insta360 Flow. None of the reviews would prepare me for what I ran into this morning. I have spent all of 5 hours with the Flow this morning. The software for the app is unclear, confusing, & lacks clear directions to get started. I went back to the DJI app and compared just the apps and was amazed with how simple it was in comparison. That’s just the software; the hardware and simplicity, even though confusing at first, is so much better on the DJI. The device folds and closes and opens and erects as smooth as it gets. And the Insta360 Flow collapses and glitches out like it’s got a virus or confused. (Yes, I updated the software.) I am disappointed that I didn’t just go with the DJI Osmo Mobil 6. If I decide to change instead of giving up on the venture all together, I will do an appropriate review of the unboxing & software setup of both so that everyone can see the comparison and appreciate the clear and concise instructions in DJI software and hardware and the other guys.
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4 years ago, set fire to everything
Meh, sorta good.
Had to download to use with the Dji Osmo 3 Gimbal. The app can only be used when connected to the phone and gimbal. The “Story Mode” is extremely limited with poor music selections that sound canned & outdated. Zero aftermarket support is offered so you are forced to use this app if you plan on using the internal features. The double trigger tap that redirects the gimbal moves at one speed only. So if you have pan/tilt/etc. set to slow and you want to recenter the end of your shot will be out of sync. Please fix this. All in all, using the gimbal with the iPhone 11 Pro Max the experience is very “meh”. Despite having balanced my phone often times the app will tell me that my phone is off balance with a pop up screen that blocks my shot view. Time lapse is limited to a condensed 40 seconds, why? The gimbal is decent but definitely built for a Vlogger and not someone hoping to capture cinematic shots. I hope to see improvements and integration from other apps in the near future. Will update review as the Dji Osmo 3 experience grows. Also, please remove the words from the canned story options.
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4 years ago, kkkkkkkkait
Limitations in Story Mode
Despite the DJI Mimo main page advertising several “Story” mode videos created with an Osmo 3 Mobile, which are over a minute long, I am only able to create stories with 4 short videos - about 11-19s for most of them. This seems silly. Can’t I make a longer story?! It’s arguably one of the most fun features with so much potential but it’s so limiting right now. I would also like to be able to customize the text on the templates. I don’t need Chinese print and would like to add my own words... can’t do it in the Custom mode either. I want to be excited about Story mode but have a feeling I’m gonna get real bored with making 11s videos over and over. Also, I’d love to be able to make stories with EXISTING photos/videos. Right now it requires that I launch into story mode and film from there. Why can’t I use videos from my album (in the app even) and make a story from them?!
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4 years ago, Marco!!!!
Osmo 4 & Mimo
I just started using my Osmo 4 and I love it. The one thing I don’t like is the app I have to use to get all its features to work. 1 out of every 10 or 15 videos will not save when recorded on this app. I have been extremely disappointed at times because of this. It’s has lead to me losing a 20 minute priceless family video. I sat there completely helpless, frustrated and sad that I’ll never be able to replay that again. The home screen of the app is cluttered. When I open the app I want to get straight to shooting so I don’t miss a beat. I don’t want to open the app and have to navigate to record a video each time. If I want to see other creator’s videos I would much rather have it on an explorer tab or some thing. I don’t want it on the homepage. I also don’t care for the fact that it looks like they’re advertising their other products at the top of the homepage either. If my experience with the platform was entirely positive that would incentivize me to purchase another one of their products more than an advertisement taking up the top half of an app ever would. I get it, they’re trying to make this into a more social/sharing app than the Nikon SnapBridge’s of the world. But it just ruins the experience to me. I want more more streamlined app. I love the product which is why the review isn’t a one star. If I had the option to use another app I would never use this one.
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4 years ago, Back to life!
UPDATE ADDED to Buggy, keeps crashing, causes a click with mounted microphone
The DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 came highly recommended, and isn’t cheap. It’s great in theory. But the app keeps closing on me! Constantly! I’ve tried all the workarounds, still happens. Worse yet, I bought a pricey microphone that mounts in the lightning port. There is a click at the beginning of any video, very distracting when stringing them together. This does not happen when using the camera app on the iPhone, but then you can’t use all of the features of the Mobile 3. I’m not happy! UPDATE-after hours of experimenting, it turns out that the Shure MV88 microphone does not play well with the DJI app. When the microphone was attached, app crashed constantly, and had a popping sound at the beginning of each video. Remove the microphone and VOILA! Works like a charm. I’m happy with DJI OSMO MOBILE 3, returning the $150 microphone and using Apple earbuds instead.
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3 years ago, Rebecca De Foreest
Spent $500 on this device and it hasn’t worked since day 1. At first it was just getting really hot when I would turn it on, customer service said it was because it was new. It was so complicated to set up that I kept walking away… by the time I figured out you need to update it before you even start my 15 day return limit was up. Customer support just sends you screenshots of the troubleshooting they’re given and links to updates to weird third party sites (who end up saying access is denied anyway). I’ve been advised I can put in a work order (for a product that never worked). I would definitely go with a different company, what’s there point on buying an expensive product that doesn’t work. Summary: it was expensive and I haven’t even been able to use to because of so many steps and updates that won’t go through and no one actually able to help…I just finished filing the work order and it says I may be responsible to pay $65/hr to repair it
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4 years ago, ABAT1023
Mostly good but a few important issues to work out
App is ok, but i have a couple of issues that wish would get resolved. 1) story mode sounds great. But still lacks functionality because you can’t customize the music or the words that appear on the screen. Also, i’ve followed the steps to remove the watermark at it does not work. This alone is a no go for me with using story mode. This is not a “trial version”, I paid money for the DJI device. 2) desperately needs an iPad version. It would be much more useful if we can choose to either use the iPhone for some quick edits, but also use the iPad to take advantage of the larger screen. 3) is it possible to add story mode (once those issues in #1 are fixed) to the osmo action as well? Once those other issues get fixed, i’d love to use the feature with my osmo mobile 3 and my osmo action
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5 years ago, Wrxified
Needs some refinement
Several things I think that could make this better. 1. Allow user to set defaults. It seems like every time I go start shooting I need to reset the settings. Like the one press active track. Don’t know why but every time I start shooting, I need to reset this setting. And stuff like being able to set it to automatically start in landscape mode vs portrait. The last thing this world needs is more video shot in portrait mode. Why should I have to have it start in portrait mode by default? All of the main settings the user should be allowed to set defaults for. Right now it seems like it starts up with random settings. Ones I wasn’t even using during my last session. 2. Make the camera app the main part of the app vs starting in advertisement mode. The videos and informational stuff should be in the background or something people can go to for reference and the camera app should be at the forefront of the app itself. 3. Last but not least, DJI needs to be quicker to offer updates to support the latest phone models. Shooting with an iPhone Pro Max currently. Phone was released September 20th. It’s December. The update to support the wide angle lens should’ve been release months ago. Right now if I want to use the wide angle lens I need to switch to the iPhone camera app. This should’ve been addressed by now.
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3 years ago, blues5150
Disappointed and confused, such is 2020
I bought an OSMO Mobile 3 to use with my then iPhone XS Max. MIMO is the software that comes with the gimbal. Fast forward to December 25th 2020. I set up my OSMO to use as a tripod and fire up the MIMO to record my daughters opening their presents. I’m now using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The recording starts and runs for 5-10 minutes. The girls finish opening their gifts and I stop the recording. THEN comes the disappointment. The recording is gone. It’s missing. Not in the app or the camera roll. I could cry because I had one job, record Christmas morning and the app failed me. The confusion is that when I contacted DJI support in the app they forwarded a list of phones support and it stopped at XS Max. This is confusing to me because MIMO is updated to use the latest iOS 14. The OSMO is just a gimbal. I wasn’t trying to use an of the features of MIMO outside of recording. So what exactly isn’t supported? Are all iPhones after XS Max using OSMO and the MIMO software unsupported? Before chatting with support I attempted to record summary videos. Those attempts were produced varying results. Some of the videos were lost. I ended up using the OSMO and the iPhone’s native video app because I knew that worked. Just a real disappointment.
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3 years ago, RickrollU
Mimo App is not very Useful
I love the Gimbal, but the Mimo app is lacking features that makes it better than the native camera app. FaceTracking is awesome! But it can only be used in the Mimo app. I can’t use facetracking when I use my iPhone 12 Pro Max as a webcam during Zoom meetings at work. This makes the gimbal no more useful than a block of wood when it comes to utilizing it for Zoom meetings. My suggestion is to allow FaceTracking to run in Mimo app when it is a background process. This way, I can set FaceTracking, and run it in the background while my webcam app is running during zoom meeting. This gimbal can have multiple uses other than photo/videography, but the Mimo app currently retards it’s capabilities.
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3 years ago, LITTLE A BOII
Dope concept
I love the Gimbal itself provides amazing content WHEN using the native iPhone camera. Using the dji mimo app to record provides shaky clips at first I thought it was just me until I did some research and seen it was just the DJI app. Also the motionlapse I set it up for a 5 min time lapse with given points and it gives me a 0.1 sec motion lapse then I thought maybe 5 min isn’t long enough so I bumped the time up to 10 min and still same thing 0.1 sec time lapse.. So I tried a time lapse in the native iPhone app and only left it for like 3 min or so definitely not as long as I left it while I was shooting on the DJI app and the 3 min gave me a beautiful 20 sec clip. The Gimbal itself is amazing doe. Just some of the features in the app need to be fixed.
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3 years ago, MiamiC70
DJI should be ashamed of this app being representative of the quality of their products.
App needs work DJI should be ashamed of this app being representative of the quality of their products. iPhones can do more than 8x slow motion why can’t I do it in this app? Why are 100% of attached and supported phones photo and video capabilities available on this app? Every hardware feature that a device can handle and is available in default app should be available to customers of DJI and included in the Mimo app. OM5 gets a slow, medium, fast follow mode OM4 gets only slow and fast. Really? Active Track and StoryModes are 100% software and should be available to OM4 and not just artificially limited to the OM5. This is really unfortunate and shortsighted way to try and sell hardware. Why, why, why during a global pandemic where people have been forced to work and study from home can’t DJI either add or or offer DJI api so support for both live-streaming and by 3rd part apps can be added. This is a killer feature for your product. Let it live-streaming, work with Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, FB, etc… Seriously, listen to your customers!!! Some of these requests go back years.
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4 years ago, Jtr8151
Fails in many ways
No live stream. I have used DJI software for many years, and have been able to live stream on my Mavic Pro for just as long. For some reason, DJI fails to acknowledge customers request for this feature. A quick google search shows many requests on the DJI forums for several years. The typical response given is “we hear you, and have passed it along”. I saw that several times over the past three years. Yet DJI fails to provide. Maybe one day they will begin to listen to feature requests of their customers. This feature is already available within their other apps for other DJI products. There is zero reason given as to why this isn’t available. Should DJI respond to this review I fully expect their response to be “Thank you for your feedback, we’ve past along your feature request.” Then do absolutely nothing about it.
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3 years ago, Nelson…T
OM 5 is ok, this app is only good to set it up.
You absolutely need this app to setup your gimbal which works pretty well 90% of the time. However shooting video through this app will cause your video to be shaky, as it disables the image stabilization that my iPhone 13 comes with. You also loose the HDR (Dolby vision). If you have the Osmo gimbal for filming, use this app only to link the gimbal’s Bluetooth connection to your phone so you can use the record button on the gimbal, but record your footage through the iPhones built-in native camera app only. ( filmic pro is also good but also disables some features of the native camera app ). Unfortunately you will loose some functions of the gimbal itself, but you footage will be steady and with the highest quality the iPhone can deliver.
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3 years ago, Mr. Ekted
Don’t waste your money on Osmo..
I bought the OM3 mobile for us for Christmas hoping to make some great videos of the kids opening Christmas gifts. It has been a very bad experience. We have an iPhone 11 Pro and 12 pro in our house and it seems that neither phone is supported by this device, despite Apple selling it on their website and DJI support saying in their forums that it should work on these phones. The tracking feature is garbage and it will lose focus 99% of the time in even the most perfect conditions. This app and the osmo in general need lots of work. I’m disappointed with my purchase and just cannot recommend this app or the device it is supposed to work with. I gave it two stars. One extra star for the extreme slow motion feature but it is not a good reason to buy this thing.
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9 months ago, The truth is here now
Produces glitchy and shaky video with IOS17 on iPhone 14 pro max
I've been using the DJI Mimo app for a while now with my OSMOS 6 gimbal, and I have to say that it used to be great. It was easy to use, and the footage it produced was smooth and stable. However, since I updated my iPhone to iOS 17, things have taken a turn for the worse. Now, when I use the app, the video it produces is glitchy and shaky.I've tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, and even updating my Osmos 6 firmware, but nothing seems to fix the issue. It's really frustrating, because I rely on this app to capture high-quality footage for my videos.I hope the developers at DJI can figure out what's going on and release an update that fixes these issues. Until then, I'd advise others to steer clear of this app if they want to avoid disappointment.
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2 years ago, loser drinker
Drains battery fast
Travelers beware! I bought this for my upcoming trip to NYC. I was really excited to use all of the features and they work really well. Although it might use a little modification for iphone12promax, it does the job, most specifically for 1.0 lens. However, sometimes the gimbal can be seen when panning with a 0.5 lens. It also drains iPhone’s battery so hard that I have to charge my phone in between destinations. One time I was not able to prepare for it so I did not bring my charger. Later on that day, phone is dead, no memories, no way to book an Uber because my phone was dead. The gimbal itself can last the whole day, but the app is a letdown.
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2 years ago, Vincepp
Usable, but some rough edges.
My main complaint is the constant reconnecting to the device. Every time you close the app, it needs to reconnect to the device. Sometimes you can see it tries to automatically connect, but that attempt always fails for me. This means you have to wait for the auto attempt to fail, then connect manually anyway. The other complaint is that the gimbal controls can have a mind of their own. Sometimes it feels like the camera doesn’t want to move in a specific direction. If this is because of the follow settings, that should be indicated by the gimbal control itself (maybe not showing the arrows for locked axis)
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7 months ago, chiehoff
Missing one critical timelapse feature!
I just got this and think it is quite fantastic in a relatively inexpensive device, but I do have one minor suggestion that appears to have been requested by others for years on the DJI forum and hasn’t been addressed. In timelapse mode, the slowest shutter available is 1/25. In photo mode, it is 1 second. Why the difference? Many experienced timelapse shooters like to shoot in shutter speeds slower than 1/25 to capture star trails, smeared water effects, light streaks, etc., none of which is now possible. This seems like a very minor fix that would make a lot of timelapse shooters happy. It would certainly bump my rating up to a 5 star review!
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3 weeks ago, SweetPear345
Add text/font to Album Folder Editing Features, not Editor
It would be nice to be able to add text to a video where I’m editing it under the “Album” Editing Features where color and crop in it already, instead of having to go to the “Editor” folder! For long videos it takes a good 20 minutes to safe a video in 4k, so it would be nice to have the add the text feature as part of the edit in the “Album”, instead of having to do the editing twice in two different folders because only one has the text and having to save the same video for 40plus minutes! Very inconvenient and timely!
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1 year ago, ADDled
Beginner Issues
I really like the availability of the Academy in the app, but the English subtitles when starting the camera section are too small to read, even on the iPad instead of the phone. They also flash by too quickly in my struggle to read them, which also causes me to miss the visual part of the lesson. Also, it is not easy to pause and backtrack a little at a time to review or study the content. I thought to try the website, but it is formatted the same size as for the phone, and only the first basic tutorials on gimbal features are available. There is also no feedback link, at least not that I could see. I'd really like some improvements made for beginners such as myself.
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3 years ago, gallison83
Outstanding App for making quick shoots happen
Color me impressed, I like this app. Obviously I got this app because I own an Osmo Mobile 3. I put it through a pretty hefty workload today and it was perfect. The weight was right (matched to my SE 2020) and the controls were smooth. But the footage? Yeah. It’s good. I’m proficient with Filmic Pro, and I know I can rely on it to make some great footage. The DJI app blew my expectations away. Other than minor frame rate/shutter mismatches, everything was smooth. Files were decently sized and easy to work with on my post workflow. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, afektmedia
Since Pocket camera relies on this app to control most of it’s features it actually takes the value away from great hardware. Someone needs to also explain why their is a story feature editor in this app but one is stuck with default text that can not be removed or changed. Many having Japanese fonts and subtitles that are completely odd to be forced to used on your own footage and no way of removing. This entire story template feature is useless without being able to remove the default text and foreign language watermarked all over your footage. Seriously, who approves these apps that actually breaks the great Pocket Cam hardware ? Perhaps developer can answer how to remove default text and DJi watermarks on your footage using this app.
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2 years ago, Lakayembahphoto
Not great, but it will have to do.
The gadget itself is fine. Not crazy about having to memorize so many different button uses. But specifically about the app, it freezes a LOT! And I thought I was still recording, but it wasn’t. Which means I needed to re-record a ton of footage and waste a lot of time. If there’s a limit to how many seconds you can record at a time, there should be an indication on the app. Something that says “please wait” or three dots or something to indicate there’s a problem with the actual recording. I got the device to save time while recording real estate videos. But, I’m not impressed so far.
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8 months ago, Diceke
iPhone 15 Pro Max is unsupported (no 5x tele & 24mp (10/9))
For those who own a 15 Pro Max, please note that on my OM5, the 5x telephoto lens (for both video and photo) and 24mp (photo at 1x) are unsupported. Only a 2x view and the 12mp photo resolution (as in pre 15 Pro Max iPhones) is currently available. There needs to be a setting that recognizes the newer pro iPhones. DJI, please bring back the option to choose photo resolutions in the photo section. If this is a Apple imposed restriction, please note it in the settings area. A nice-to-have would be the ability to choose ProRes and ProRaw modes for video and photo functions respectively.
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5 months ago, Papakep
Terrible App Experience
I’ve been using various DJI products for many years. I love their Ronin Gimbals for professional video shooting so I decided I’d love to try the Osmo Mobile 6 with my iPhone 15 pro to see how comparable the experience is. The truth is it’s hard to determine that since the app fights me every step of the way. It freezes when I try to do anything other than just open the app and press record. I don’t think the app is using the telephoto lens when I zoom in past x5 which of course is a shame as that was a selling point for me to get this phone. I really can’t say more than that because the app is just always freezing and I have to force close it to be able to use it again. No other DJI product app is this bad.
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4 years ago, dewroc6
Sweet app
Sweet app , for the fella that can’t add photos and videos to his story , very easy just open the app hit the button with film and plus this will take you to your album , can’t believe you rated it 3 stars because you don’t understand the icons and what they do ? Then write a entire review based on something that it in fact does do , you just can’t figure it out , so you penalize the developer with a 3 star , you have no clue ! Go pro rarely updates DJI has released 4-5 updates compared to go pros and DJI only has 1 action cam but release way more updates!
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5 years ago, Dream331
Seriously dropping the ball
DJI why with such a promising product are you seriously dropping the ball??? Like someone else mentioned, after the update I can no longer download videos to the app. Updates are supposed to be improvements. Not make things worse. Also, what’s up with not making all accessories available upon launch of the product? Customer service is lacking and there’s no real response to issues so it kind of makes the company look amateurish or very unprepared for a product release. The Osmo Pocket is a brilliant idea with a lot of potential but so poorly executed. I can’t say I’m ready to give up yet because I think this could be a great device but it’s definitely a thought to consider. Wake up DJI!!!!
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5 years ago, Mikenopolis
Does not allow the OSMO Pocket to connect to iPhone Oct 2019
I experience and read that many are unable to connect the Osmo Pocket to their iPhones via the lightning port. Some say to put the phone into airplane mode. That didn’t work for me so I’m unable to transfer media or update the device for whatever improvements have been made since I bought it a year or so ago. The issue right now if that when connecting to multiple iPhones all that happens is my phone would buzz and indicate it’s being charged then buzz to say it’s off and on, off, on, off forever. I chatted with their support and all they said was he would note it to the software team and have them check it out. Pretty sure that was just a way to brush me off seeing that this app hasn’t update in a while
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5 years ago, ranstein
Very pleased with Osmo Pocket and Mimo app so far
I purchased my Osmo Pocket at the Apple Store in San Luis Obispo, CA, a couple of weeks ago, and I think it a great device. I haven’t mastered the app yet, but It’s working quite well for me so far. The one thing I would like is for it to capture all EXIF/meta-data about a photo and video when using the OP connected to the phone. If it already does, that’s great. However, I haven’t discovered this capability yet if the app does this. For anyone who are concerned about the OP not connecting with the iPhone when the phone’s in a protective case, I solved this by buying a IPHONE 8 PLUS SI CASE. It’s cutout at the bottom is large enough that OP connect with the phone perfectly. Also, to secure the OP when tethered with my iPhone 7+, I bought the RCGEEK Phone Mount that’s compatible with OSMO Pocket. It has an accessory mount with aluminum quick release and magnet to keep it tightly fixed to the bracket. It has cold shoe accessory adapter for an external microphone and a 1/4” screw hole for tripod mounting.
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2 years ago, Gdub695
The software has always been bad, but not it’s unusable
-you have to turn off cellular data to actually see videos when viewing them on the your phone through the app -if somebody else already connected and downloaded the videos, they show up on YOUR phone in the app as downloaded and will outright not be downloaded to your phone. Every time you try and save, it makes you download it again. It doesn’t show up in the app without a camera connection (even though it says the video was saved to your mobile device) and it just makes you download it over and over without telling you it failed.
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1 year ago, ..terriblecustomerservice..
First DJI product review
Just got the DJI Osmo 6. Overall great product and a lot of the issues people have can be solved with tuning features in app. The app is easy to use and I understand you need it to access all the features, but that is where the product and app lack overall. I’d like to use the product to track my face while FaceTiming with friends and family and from what I can tell, you can’t do that. Even if I can’t use all the features with the Apple’s own apps I understand. Other than that it’s good. a strict A- for now.
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1 week ago, TheBlackDragon17
Dji osmo mobile 6
I just got the gimbal, I wasn’t considering it needed an app to work. The app is awful and I see 3-4 years of bad reviews expressing almost the same stuff over and over. I don’t even see answers from the developers anymore. Why is there such a big push for us to buy dji if it’s not gonna work properly? I was expecting to be able to run ahead of my dogs and take video of them running. I don’t expect to be able to do that after using the app once, and reading all these reviews of how much worse it is. The people giving it 5 stars obviously haven’t tried to actually use it more than exploring the app and doing the tutorial. And being impressed with a new gadget.
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5 years ago, kfloyd824
No 4K Download?
I think the Osmo Pocket is awesome. With that being said, the app is not. The more you use this device, the more you need this application to capture the shot you want the way you want it to be seen. I have had the Osmo Pocket since its release. I use it in the go all the time to capture footage, and I love it. Sometimes I will make a quick short to place on my social media pages from my iPhone, and the fact that I can’t download the 4K footage bothers me. I can’t shoot 4K on my phone, why is this something that can’t be done? Please update and fix this. I can even download footage from my GH5 in cinema 4K to an iPad or iPhone. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be able to do the same thing.
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8 months ago, nyc.. Jack
Scam! Do Not Buy DJI Products
The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 sounded very promising. At $149 + $16 for a warranty, I’m out $165. This issue is that you MUST download this garbage app. The app DOES NOT WORK! The app holds your videos and sometimes deletes them. Or won’t let you transfer the videos to your phone or computer. So your videos get hijacked. And never seen again. Or they’re grainy. I would say that if you record 5 videos, you’ll be lucky to attain 2 of them. Oh.. and one other thing. This app is ONLY ok for short videos. Don’t even think about recording anything over a few minutes. You’ll never see that video. Also, DJI only allows a 14 day return window. Probably because they are well aware that this app is UTTER GARBAGE!!
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4 months ago, Dom2605
Updated review
I had a bunch of issues with my app after upgrading to iOS 17.1. Gimbal stopped working correctly. Ended up having to delete the app and reinstall it. After doing so I had the active track function start working again. It had been locking up every time I tried to use it. That seems to be fixed now. I hope I will not get the memory error that said phone storage full. Only time will tell. Seems to be better after delete and reinstall.
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3 years ago, ReidZone
App needs to be fixed
Dji products are creative and fun but the Mimo app needs to be fixed. It seems to get updated quite often which is good I suppose but the updates never seem to address the lagginess of the app. I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro max and the app is always laggy and slow to load stuff. For example clicking on the “getting started om 4” never loads. It just sits there. So annoying. As for the products, like I said they are fun and creative the one downfall is the way they market their products you almost always have to upgrade to get the good attachments and whatnot. Kind of greedy, but maybe that’s just me.
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4 months ago, Paul Lee Lopes
So far so good!
I’m loving the app and gimbal set up so far. I haven’t been using it for very long yet but I’m impressed with the features and capabilities. One issue I do have is when trying to learn the different modes, the captions on the quick tutorial videos go by way too fast! I can only read the first few words before it jumps to the next shot, and I’m not a slow reader. If that could be slowed down a bit to let us read it. That’d be great. Thx a lot!
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11 months ago, mcbaer
App is complete garbage!
Refuses to connect to Osmo Action 3 constantly. Was able to connect once for activation, but have been unable to connect since. When connected after activation, it wouldn’t download any of the test clips recorded. Kept failing at 0% downloaded. Though my maybe connection the camera directly to phone via USB-C to Lightning Cable would work… it doesn’t. This should be an option so that we don’t have to connect to the camera via WiFi, which interrupts phones data capability because the Actions 3 WiFi hotspot mode doesn’t have Data Connection. When connected via cable, the camera just charges my phone. Lol. Using an iPhone 14 Pro Max.
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2 years ago, xcalknight
Social Shorts Maker used to work
Just two weeks ago, I used to be able to make shorts using their AI Editor using clips straight from the DJI Osmo Pocket. The app updated and now, that feature has been taken away, forcing me to download videos on my phone if I want to use the AI Editor… my phone doesn’t have a lot of space for a bunch of videos; that’s one of the points of the SD card. DJI, put this feature back. It’s bad enough I can’t use this to go live but now it’s become inconvenient to make social videos too… fix this, please. Put a customer service ticket in yourselves. Please don’t require me to do it. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Aerial Vision Productions
DJI Go app much better in comparison
This app works well for what it does, but there's so much it DOESN'T do that I wish it would. For instance, if controlling the original osmo with the DJI Go app, you can get buttery smooth super slow joystick camera movements. The Mimo app joystick is terrible and very difficult to get slow movements or diagonal movements. Also, there is no option for filming in 2k, which is my preferred filming resolution. Lastly, when in photo mode, there is no option for 3 or 5 shot AEB. I use auto exposure bracketing on all my DJI products, but can't on this one. Really wish they'd make this available. All of these requests should be simple software upgrades. I know the hardware is capable.
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5 years ago, Chris00000000001111111111
I did not have trouble getting activated, that’s a plus. Everything else about this app is 1 star, embarrassing that DJI can make great equipment and seems like they put this app together as an afterthought in 1 day. Nothing about it is user friendly, and I will never open it again unless I find myself needing to reactivate, the frustration is t worth it. Why am I stuck on a DJI twitter feed when I use the app? Why is my entire phone’s camera roll loaded into the app? Why are none of my osmo pocket pics and videos showing in the app? why are my drone videos/pics from years ago the only DJI media in the app? Why doesn’t slo-mo or pano work or even show up in the app?
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2 years ago, Booby1972
Great Idea - Bad Execution
The DJI Mimo Gimba would be great piece of hardware. BUT: THE ACCOMPANYING APP IS A TOTAL FAILURE. For one reason: You don‘t get your videos out of the app!! There is no way to auto-save directly to camera roll. Videos have to be „saved“ out one by one. If shooting 4K -forget it! DJI Mimo app auto-condenses to 1080p when saving video out. It is beyond frustrating. 100% missed what mobile filmmakers need. PLUS: It stores automatically on your phone, making it full in no time. Otherwise, the app would be loaded with a ton of useful features, like locked tracking, etc. But everything useless because of the App‘s severe export mess. Stay away! Use the gimbal but shoot outside the Mimo app
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2 years ago, Roman Menyhart
Incredibly bad
Truly the winner of the worst app in the entire App Store. Completely flawed and unusable, infested with self serving ads, built in editor not working, asset management impossible. Please DJI, at least do not have the audacity to respond with the usual customer service blabber. Thank you. Giving 5 stars as all the problems have been fixed. Please, please make an iPad app as well. It’s a shame not to with the excellent video editing tool.
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2 years ago, MatthewCollins
Great great great!!
Thanks for all y’all do in creating amazing products and software. I do have a request. I use an iPhone 11 Pro for most of my mobile filming. Occasionally a 12 Pro max. The iPhone 13 has the cinematic mode and I was wondering if y’all could bring this feature to the application so that other users with older iPhones can have effective video recording capabilities similar to the newer software. Thanks. 💯🔥🔥💯
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5 years ago, Trollingemu
Conceptually good. But needs more polish.
Base functionality there, but execution leaves much to be desired. First. There's a weird bug where I try to do a motion timelapse. But when I go to record it says my Osmo needs to be still, even though it's attached to a solid mount. And after that, auto focus stops working for all modes until I restart the gimbal. Second, we need an adjustment for sensitivity of pan and tilt. Also, the pan tilt controls should be relative to where your finger moves after pressing the screen. If you try to tap the controls and your finger isn't dead center, the gimbal will immediately start moving in the direction you're off by.
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5 months ago, awilly6
Does few things great! Some big flaws though
One big thing that I noticed my very FIRST day with my osmo pocket 3 was the annoyance of having to take the micro SD card out because the app said “download failed” when trying to save videos from my osmo to my phone. Seriously? Honestly considering returning it because of this. The osmo is great don’t get me wrong, but the convenience and time saving factor of not having to remove an SD card everyday is a huge value to me. If I can’t get that download to work, I might as well use a regular camera — atleast that SD card is easy to insert and take out!
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