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10.15 or later
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User Reviews for DjVu To PDF Converter

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7 years ago, SteveHBTR
Great App at a great price
This is just what I was looking for to convert some Latin books for my course. I liked I could choose multiple files and it would do them each in order of my choosing. I tried 7 files and it had no problem converting them to PDFs. Keep up the great woork.
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9 years ago, F-T-0
huge help
This app, unlike other apps and some websites, can convert many files at once without having to select them indivdually and wait forever. Works extremely well, huge help
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5 months ago, Spinorial
Works well!
Very functional little app, that fulfils its task perfectly in the files I've tried so far.
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8 years ago, PolkRB
The app works!
I might have low expectations after trying other apps here on App Store. This one works the best and converts the files properly!
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6 years ago, mnblkjhpoiuy
Great app. It does one thing, and it does it simply and efficiently, with no bells, whistles, or complications. It turns DjVu files into .pdfs. If you need to change DjVus into .pdfs, then this app. is what you want.
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7 years ago, Ayseesra
Works great
It converted my file in minutes and without a problem. Thanks a lot!
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5 years ago, AVAVKA
It's was hard to find an excellent application for the good price, but i found this one! Thank you! Works great!
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6 years ago, Bhisjsjdxxjdj
Best choice on Mac
The original quality convertion is really impressing!
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5 years ago, wsxyz
Sort of works but...
The app successfully converted a djvu file to pdf that Preview can open and display. But Acrobat Reader says the file is corrupt and won't open it. So it sort of works.
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9 years ago, Futurism2222
Life Saver
Thank you so much
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10 years ago, joejdev
Works well
Converted a 800+ djvu file(11MB) to a pdf file in less than a minute and a quick scan through the file shows that it worked flawlessly. By not sacrificing the quality of the conversion, the file was approximately 4x larger than the djvu file(just noting)
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8 years ago, WWWaste
Disappointing… A Total Waste
I really need to convert several djvu files. I have a MacBook with Yosemite. This app doesn’t work at all. Waste of money. Very disappointing...
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8 years ago, Im'a Barbie Girl
did not work
just would not download my DjVu do not waste money
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11 years ago, HarveyTian
Simple and Efficient
This App received a negative review in preivous versions so I wanted to do it some justice by saying that it works just fine in it's current version. It's very straightforward and easy to use. My system specs are MacBook Pro 13" running 10.8.4.
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11 years ago, Janderson7
Worked fast, and well
The other reviewer may have had trouble for whatever reason, but I have had no trouble. The application succesfully converted my file into a pdf.
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10 years ago, Maxellence
Does a great job
This program works exactly as advertised. It converted a 35mb DJVU file into a 100mb PDF flawlessly. Original high image quality was retained despite the compression. I highly recommend it!
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10 years ago, joshismynickname
Works as advertised
Simple interface, works as advertised, appropriately priced. It’s hard to get any better than that.
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10 years ago, Flurr Ball
Works as advertised
No problems. Simple, straightforward, no nonsense. Converted 150+ page book in less than a minute on 5 yr old iMac. I'm happy.
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10 years ago, timewarp
Works exactly as expected
Very simple UI: Choose DjVu File - Selecting opens a file browser window permitting you to navigate to your fie. Select your file for conversion by double-clicking. Open Preferences - Selecting opens a window with five options, - 1. default output folder - 2. Color transform (None, Colored to Grayscale, All to Bitonal) Default = None - 3. Maximum DPI (None, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500) Default = None - 4. Quality (Enable Lossy Compression) Defaullt = Enable - 5. When Complete (Show Results in Finder, Play a Sound) Default = Play a Sound. Feedback and Support - Selecting opens an online webform (Name, Contact e-Mail, Message) My first time converting a .djvu file to .pdf, my source file was a 4.8 MB mixed text and color graphics document. Conversion end-to-end took less than 2 minutes. Perhaps there’s cheaper or faster, I dont have anything to campare this performance to, but if you need this kind of app and can handle the two bucks go for it. Five stars because it is very clear what the devs are trying to do with the app, and this goal is satisfied in my opinion.
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10 years ago, Bmorales1988
it works but quality of pdf is poor.
I converted an ebook from djvu format to pdf. It worked, and the convertion time was fast, but the quality of the book is bad. It would make your eyes tired after reading one sentence.
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11 years ago, 12121212121212112212
Hasn't worked yet.
If it worked, I wouldn't be writing this negative review. Just want to convert DjVu to PDF and although it claims to do this, it just converts my 2 dollars to their 2 dollars. Save your money.
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10 years ago, keyprav
crushed several times.
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