Do! - Simple To Do List

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1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Do! - Simple To Do List

4.75 out of 5
22.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Maddie1234555
Still getting ads- Because I never paid to have them removed!
* I just realized I did not pay for ads as I thought I had. (Per below posting). Went back to check after posting the below unsatisfactory review and realized I had not paid to have apps removed. As soon as I did they disappeared!! Now I am happy with this app except for the fact that I moved the blue button with the + from the right to the left and now I can’t get it back. LOL In any event, for certain I will keep this app! It is exactly what I need now that the ads are gone. So check to be sure you have actually paid to have ads removed! My original posting from yesterday said, which was wrong, “Paid for full version but ads are still appearing at the bottom cutting off to-dos. I’m trying to decide if I should switch to a different app as I’m finding this so annoying. If you pay for something the ad should be removed. It’s a shame because otherwise it’s perfect.”
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2 years ago, SchittsCreekFan
Nearly Perfect To Do List App!
I love so many things about this To Do List App! Let me tell you what those things are: there is a search feature so you can find tasks and also re-use completed tasks, there is also a DONE folder you can search for previously completed tasks to use again; you can organize your tasks by groups and give those groups colors (or you don’t have to use the colors); it is easy to assign dates to tasks (but you don’t HAVE to assign dates!); when you double tap a task to mark it completed, the task goes to the end of the list (and also into the DONE folder) but it does not entirely disappear so if you accidentally double tapped on the task, you can find it easily, double tap it again & it is back in your to do list as a task to complete! ; it is easy to add tasks; I love that there is a TODAY group AND it is easy to edit tasks as well as reassign them to different folders and days! The only improvement I would make to this app (and I really hope the developers do this!!!) is to make it so if you do not complete a task marked with today’s date, the app would move that task to the next day for you. Currently, I have to move anything I did not complete today to tomorrow (or another day) so those tasks stay up front and easy to view. Great app, highly recommend, with only that one suggestion to take this app over the top!
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5 years ago, Cake43231
You might want to read this if your going to get this app
I got this app a while ago and I thought it would be great, but it was even the slightest bit helpful. The reason I gave it 3 stars is because when I wrote in about a problem I was emailed back right away with an easy solution. But other than that I don’t really like the app, for me it would have been very useful because I have a messy life you could say. I had hoped this would organize it all. Every time I set a time for the reminder to go off the next day it goes off the moment I leave the app. I’m not sure if this is just me but I is annoying to see a red 1 over the app as thought I’m supposed to do the chore right then and there. Also the app it’s self it confusing and hard to work with. I can never seem to figure of was all the icons are supposed to represent and every time I pin a to do item it dose NOTHING!! When ever I click on the pin it’s says it should move to the top on the list but it never dose for me. Sorry this is really long but I’ve been having a very hard time with this app and I’m not even an old person (ok that sounded weird but you get what I mean). Thank you for reading my review! -and unsatisfied customer :(
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5 years ago, Britnei C.
Great Concept, Needs Work
This app is great so far! It’s helping me stay motivated and remain on track. However, it still needs work. I dislike that you can’t see the time that you’ve scheduled a reminder for, and if you do try to see the time you set it at, the time setting will erase itself and put the current time instead of the time you set (redundant, bear with me). For example, let’s say I had set a reminder for 10:00 a.m. and it is currently 9:46 a.m. and I forgot what time I set the reminder for. I go back to the app to check, but instead of showing the time I originally set it for, it will clear itself and act like I am trying to reschedule, so it will show “9:46 a.m.” on the time picker. I understand now that the point of the time picker is supposed to be primarily for a reminder, but I was hoping that if I set things for certain times, it would help me with time management. Therefore, fixing that issue and showing the scheduled time somewhere next to the specific reminder would be greatly appreciated. I sure hope that makes sense, it’s kind of a difficult concept to understand without be repetitious. Other than that issue, the concept of the app is wonderful.
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4 years ago, J_a_e_
Speedy and simple to use.
I don’t normally write reviews, ever, but this app deserves appreciation. It’s easy and straightforward, grouping your information and letting you also see it all in one place. I can divide my lists so one is for work and one is for groceries without messing with color labels, but when I want to tag my list of gifts or personal tasks with that kind of detailed coordination, I easily can. If I just want to see some things first, like what’s due soonest, I can automate that, and if I don’t want it automated, I can pin whatever I want to the top so the urgent item isn’t lost in the stream of longer term thoughts. Long and short of it, it’s for the no BS to do list seeker — Sleek design, no fuss, gets me from point A to point B while keeping up with a lot of deadlines and life changes. *For the app developers: The only thing I don’t like is I wish I could change the “double tap deletes the task” setting. It’s handy in a grocery store list, but not for a project list. Could the settings be altered per list? If not, overall, I’d rather swipe and select delete, and double tap to edit. I have that habit from many other apps. I keep deleting tasks I haven’t finished, and then I need to find them again. Still 5 stars but I hope that option can be added. Then this app would be 6 stars out of 5, truly unstoppable. It could function for all needs, big and small.
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4 years ago, Just.A.Girl.
Wonderful App (A Few Bugs)
I wanted to start organizing my life and to do that I wanted an easy to use and simple to-do app. I tried a few apps all at once and this one was the best for me. So I have reoccurring tasks such as brushing my teeth and washing my face; along with day-to-day tasks such as looking at job listings, going grocery shopping, and working on my play. I really like the way that the app is set up, it is very clean and to the point, and I liked that I could add it to my widgets for easy access. There are a few bugs that I have found. Some of the reoccurring tasks end up duplicating themselves the next day. For example, I’ll have three tasks that all say “Brush Teeth AM”, obviously I don’t need the extra two. Secondly, I wish you could have it so that certain tasks that are reoccurring every day stay in the specific groups that they are assigned to. In the morning I have to move all of my reoccurring everyday tasks into my “Everyday” group. I wish that it would just continue to automatically go into that group every day.
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3 years ago, c.jo11
Developers, please allow your reoccurring tasks to populate the automatically generated today list! I use Apple notes a lot, but I got this so I could make a daily routine for my Home Screen, and it works great for simple to do lists. I like it better than “reminders” both functionally and aesthetically. I created daily recurring tasks, assigned them to a group, and set my widget to display that group. Excellent. This is the electronic version of a sticky note stuck to your desktop or mirror. The most frustrating thing is that I started using Do! to manage all my to do’s, and my routine does not show up in the “today” list that is automatically generated based on assigned date. Basically, reoccurring tasks do not populate the today list even though they should be assigned to every day. And you cannot add items manually, so there is no way to see my routine + the tasks that are for that day. You can select all, but that is a super long list in my case, which is a) overwhelming and b) defeats the purpose of a widget that shows a an edited down list. This means I have to open the app, select a different view, and manually check my today list to make sure I don’t forget something. Spoiler: I don’t do that. The whole point of this app was to outsource all those little things that I need to remember to free up brain space and energy. So I literally had to make a reoccurring task called “check today’s tasks” which is...annoying.
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5 years ago, melalder
From a person who NEVER reviews...
Also, a minimalist that isn’t easily impressed with apps as they rarely KEEP IT CLEAN AND SIMPLE! Yes, I’m a career woman that uses OTHER apps within my team for those tasks. But for my “other life”? Warrior moms (aka working moms) You know how you lay in bed Friday evening trying to organize everything you need to accomplish over the short weekend - and - in order to GET it all done, you really need to do them in a specific order. So you lay there visualizing this list, rearranging the order of tasks, KNOWING you are losing some in the literal shuffle? Well, don’t. Open this app (there’s a dark setting for your partner who’s already been fast asleep next to you for 3 hours). So, open it up and type task, enter, type task, enter - as quickly as you can think of everything - fire them off. The rearranging to the order you need is so simple. Also, there are very muted but seriously pleasing and useful sounds while writing the task, erasing, rearranging, completing, etc. Additional bomb points: SO aesthetically pleasing that I’d die to copy the font, colors - generally clean layout - to my entire iPhone. It’s super easy on the eyes I both ways (pretty & non-straining). This app will definitely help me to remember to buy fabric softener so I don’t wear my panties on the back of my blouse to a meeting...again. 😳 It’s bro-friendly too. Plenty of layout choices for our alpha-dogs. 🍻 💪
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5 years ago, Heidi907
Love it!!!
it is really useful andvreally helped me get my life organized. You can have different sections fir different kindsbof tasks. I have a school section and i have a party coming up whuth a lot of preparation so i made a party section as well. You can also have it alarm you then the task is due, or give no due date. You can also make a reccuring task that reminds me every day. I use this for tasks like 'piano' or 'feed the...' brcayse it reminds yo to do it every day. You can also change it so it reminds you weekly, or every other day, or monthly, or customizeabke. Also There are some very sayisfieing soundveffects wick i think you can probably turn off if you done like them but i haven't tried. I like them. Overall do! Is a really great app and i love it so much and you should really get also i mean tge app icon is very pretty but its a really great app and you should get it. Do! Has helped me so much so i really recomend it.
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4 years ago, liltemmi
Unsaved Changes
The app itself works perfectly fine for me and my needs. As a matter of fact, it’s the only app I’ve found that has the majority of features necessary for me to use the app on a daily basis. Aside from some bugs and errors that are too small to put into name, the most noticeable downside with the app is that it often times has trouble saving changes. For instance, I’ve noticed that some of the tasks i’ve changed the titles to a day ago turns back into the previous title it had. I also moved the tasks around into another category, but after a while, it goes back into its formal category. It gets frustrating at times having to rearrange it again every time it doesn’t save the changes. I hope this isn’t a difficult issue to fix. Thanks for taking my review into consideration.
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5 years ago, Tiwalkie
Great app, but...
I think that app is an awesome app and has the potential to help me a lot, but one thing that really bugs me is the reoccurring tasks wont post themselves unless you open the app everyday. I like to put all of my reoccurring homework on here so that I never forget to do something and mostly use the widget to see what needs to be done, if at all. So on those days where I don’t have any homework due its very likely that I won’t even open the app, but whenever I have homework due I normally will have a reoccurring assignment that day as well that posts itself for the coming week. However it won’t do so unless I open the app. That is really my main concern. Something that would also be nice would be for reoccurring events have the ability to automatically put due dates on them. For example, you have an assignment due on Monday and it posts itself every Wednesday then make it so I have an option to put Monday as its regular due date so I dont have to manually change it every time I get a new one.
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8 months ago, Alicia92
Overall good app, 1 problem
I’ve been struggling to find a to-do list app that fits the way my brain works. This one is as close as I’ve found to what I want, especially with being able to sort tasks in a way that makes sense to me and the ability to have recurring tasks. I also really like having a widget that can just show a small window of today’s tasks for me to focus on. I only wish that the recurring tasks would show up in the “Today” group on the days they’re recurring. I made a list of daily tasks, and they showed up under “Today” on the first day, but then the next day, they didn’t. On Monday, I also set a weekly task for Wednesday. Today is Wednesday, and it’s also not showing up under the “Today” tab. This is really frustrating since I have the widget set to that group. If I’m just overlooking a setting, please let me know how to fix this.
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7 years ago, Amyaco
Beautiful, with lots of features
I am totally a to-do lost person, and this app meets ALL of my needs. I bought the option that lets you add custom groups, which was definitely worth it. The fonts are awesome, and I love that it has fonts in Japanese and Korean as well!! It has a ton of features, and every time I find myself thinking, "I wish this app could do ____," I look through the settings and find out that they've already included that option! (Seriously, they even let you choose to automatically delay the removal of your "done" tasks for a couple of days! I love that because you still get the satisfaction of seeing your completed tasks, but they also don't clog up your list for too long. Tasks that repeat on certain dates or days of the week, color-coded tasks, different ways to sort your list, etc.) Couldn't ask for more!
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6 years ago, KPrat090
Easy & Versatile
I love this app and use it in my day to day life so often; I even paid to have the ads removed. This app is useful for those who overthink or wants to stay prepared. I make lists for groceries, gift ideas, list of shows I need to watch, work tasks, chores, and everything in between. The sound for writing notes and flipping pages is satisfying. The interface speaks for itself, no tutorial needed which is the key difference between this app and others for Apple users. I have used every single other “To Do” / list apps on and off the apple store and this one is the best so far. The only thing I would tweak is once you add a note to a list, it adds the note to the top of the list instead of the bottom. You can move the note to the bottom, but that’s being picky and my personal preference. This app is greatly recommended. And free!
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4 years ago, keeganparson
One big complaint
First, I want to say how much I love this app. It’s simple, easy to read, and customizable. Thank you for adding the option to use different fonts!! I don’t usually do reviews, but I’m hoping the developers see this because it would make the quality of life of the app so much better. I’m a student, so I use this app mostly to keep track of my school work and assignments. My only big complaint about this app is that it shows all reminders for all the days. I really want them to add an option that that lets me just show today’s reminders. And then have another option that lets me see all of my reminders. This way I don’t get overwhelmed by everything I have to do this week. I only see what I have to do today. Basically your average paper planner that is organized by Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. I would also love it if the developers added more fonts/color schemes.
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2 years ago, Holdem Harley
So far so great….
Just started using it, but so far this seems like a dream come true. I kept complaining that I just wanted a simple app of my todo stuff. Everything I found was too much. Too fancy, too expensive, too difficult, too detailed. This is great! It’s a simple list of my errands. I can organize them by color. Or drag and drop them in the order I like. There’s setting for everything I could think of needing. Font size, where and what should complete tasks go and look like. I can change the background color, tell it to put finished tasks at the end or even in a different file. I love the adjustability. And again it’s just simple. No added calendar or fancy features to make I overly detailed or complicated. I hope I feel this way after a week or a month!
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1 year ago, KurosakiXTeru
Love this app
I have a few apps for reminders and to do lists and planning ideas etc and use each for different purposes. I needed a to-do list for writing down things i plan to do that day and ASAP rather than things that I can take a few days to accomplish. This app is perfect for daily to do’s! I especially love the feature that it makes a line through the tasks that have been completed. I wasn’t really looking for this feature but once I came across I was like, this is great! The widget is great too, I have right on top of my Notification Center so I can always see what I need to get done ASAP. I’m now also using this app to jot down money I owe others (obviously in its own separate list) and it’s so convenient. Don’t know how I lived without this app all these time!
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4 years ago, (GoHalos)
Simple perfection therapeutic too!
I absolutely love this app! i have it synced between my phone and iPad and use it daily instead of a complicated “daily goals” app that I paid for but don’t like. It’s everything I need and nothing extra that I don’t want! I find it so therapeutic to unload every little thing on my mind that I want to do and then cross it off as it’s done. The sense of completion at the end on the day is enormous. Looking back at what you’ve done is so affirming! The organization of thoughts and plans is wonderfully helpful and calming. The simple details in the design, like sound of crossing off and erasing and the options for editing, color and font make it so fun. This little tool has honestly become one of my best friends.
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2 years ago, chasityblevins
I never leave reviews but im leaving this one
I’m one of those people that has a billion things happening so if i dont write it down i will forget it but i am also very techy so i was trying to find an app to help me out. I love it so far it gives you a lot of customization options to make it exactly what you want you just have to play around with the settings. I love that it lets you do reoccurring tasks and put them into groups. Only reason it isnt 5 stars is because i wish that when you created a task there was a button to click to make it reoccurring. Right now i love that if i put a task into a group it automatically makes it that groups color but once i make it reoccurring it makes me reselect which is a little redundant. Other than that this is exactly what i was looking for!
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5 years ago, impress me12345
10/10 Would Recommend
I love this app. I really appreciate everything about it. And the developers are fantastic! Almost every single one of the complaints in all the reviews have been fixed even things as simple as having an option to dim the color of the task after it has been completed. At first I was concerned with the whole in app purchase because I automatically thought “ugh so it not free.” But the only purchases you can make are for no ads, and to have more groups. I also love how if you need to quickly access your lists you can just add the app to your list of widgets on your far left slide thing on your phone. The only thing I don’t like is the settings. Only because they are a little bit confusing.
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1 year ago, XCircus_FreakX
Simply Amazing
I really like the simplistic design of this, I usually struggle using any list apps that are overly designed and complicated and gate locked behind a price wall. This lets you create tasks, groups, and even make task reoccurring. The suggestions I have for it would be: being able to choose monthly recurring days (like every 3rd Thursday/etc), being able to swipe in the blank area to switch between groups vs having to click each name, and maybe being able to chose a bullet style in addition to the strikeout completion (like seeing the circles open for need to do and colored in when done). Again, love this app. I can’t wait to use this more!
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3 years ago, SEDubDub
This could be so much better
I thought I had finally found the schedule app that works for me. I don’t need time blocks, I just need to keep track of tasks in a specific order. This seemed to do just that: create tasks, put them in the order you want them, set them to refresh at specific intervals. Until the next day when everything reset in an entirely different order! I thought maybe this was a bug in the reset coding based on the creation time of the items and if I transferred them to a new list they would all stay in the correct order in the new list. Wrong! They didn’t reshuffle in the new list, they were automatically deleted after the next day reset. This app has so much potential but too many quirks and bugs to be useful for anything more than digital post-its. Shame.
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5 months ago, Peaceful&Productive
Almost perfect, one suggestion
I am LOVING this app SO much!!! I highly recommend it if you are list-oriented and enjoy organizing- especially for use on an iPad. One suggestion I have that really bothers me though, is that you can create recurring tasks, but I wish it would automatically go to “today” when things are assigned for specific days. (For example, if I have “visit Mimi” set to reoccur every Monday, I wish on Mondays, it would pop up in my “today” list.) Because as it seems now, all my recurring tasks have the little icon next to it all in a row, regardless of the day it’s meant to be set for, so either I need to remember which ones are meant for which days, or go through each day and tag them as “today” which is frustrating.
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5 years ago, Nintendo XO/1
Way better than expected and no pressure to buy in app purchases!
So happy with this app. I needed an app to help me stay on track and get the most out of my days because I tend to forget things (I mean, who doesn’t). This app is awesome. There are many themes, fonts, and other customizable options available for free which are cute and fun and make it easy to create your ideal list. Works better than expected with options to set dates for each goal. Notifications when turned on work very well and pop up on the lock screen to remind you of the things you need to do. Awesome app! So happy it’s not one of those apps that lock literally everything up until you pay. Great app!
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1 year ago, F.S.T.
Great and simple to do app!
If you want a great to do app that is relatively simple and not overwhelming with too many options, but lets you customize things just enough, this is the one!!! Add a to do item. No date, today or tomorrow. Simple color coding. Manually re-order the things in your list. Pin an important task to the top of your list. Keep it all in one list or make multiples. Add a widget on your Home Screen to keep the relevant items in view. This app is great! Super simple. No long time spent figuring out how to use the app. Just a few personalized settings and you’re off. And you don’t have to sign up for an account either.
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2 months ago, whenlifegiveayoulemons
Everyday favorite app
I have started using this app for over six months now I am a high school student who is doing the vigourous international bachelorette course and this has been a life-saving app that has always helped me stay on track with my work. The function to be able to know when the task is due and being able to cross out the different tasks makes me feel really rewarded and excited to get tasks done. I like that you can make a widget so that I can always have the task up there for convenience and easy access, I would definitely recommend it and I Don’t know what I would do without it!
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6 years ago, aamberkk
A Perfectionist’s Dream Come True
I have OCD and am very picky about how I organize things. I have been trying to figure out ways to keep all of my to-do’s together in one place. I tried jotting down lists on pieces of paper. I would then shove them into my pockets or purse only to never see them again. I tried using the standard Notes app on the iPhone. Again, no luck with that. This amazing app allows me to swiftly and easily organize all of my to-do’s. I can create a specific group and add away. Don’t like the order you put the list in? No problem! Super simple and easy to move around. It’s customizable just enough to not be overwhelming. The search for me is over!
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11 months ago, IamreviewingSJ
Answered some of my iphone list dreams 💭
Love this app! Always was trying to add widgets to make my home screens more pleasant and functional… and I wanted a TINY and CLEAN font widget/list app …. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 My feedback for developer: A) I wish added widget lists took you direct to that list instead of last used (I add 1 or more to each Home Screen and categorize the home “pages” - so each list is different and I want to jump right into the list of choice) B) slightly complicated learning phase to get things setup - I could see some users not making use of the options when they aren’t as simple to find. Fewer steps would be nice.
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1 year ago, Jassy748
This App is Why I’m good at School
I’ve never liked planners so I thought having a to-do list on my phone would be a great idea, but I wanted it to be low maintenance and efficient. This app is everything I needed it to be. I don’t have to pay a stupid subscription and I can actually use the app as it’s shown to be. The ads are hardly noticeable, and the functionality of this app is just “mwah” chefs kiss. I really needed to fraction out my school work over my days and keep track of it, since my workload is pretty heavy, and this app has made it easy to do so and saved me from forgetting my specific homework assignments and so much more.
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3 years ago, LauraThe3xplora
Perfect for bills widget
I recently bought a house and suddenly had a lot of new bills, in addition to a couple old ones, all due on different days. I’m good about paying them, but sometimes halfway through the month I panic thinking I forgot to pay this month’s. I don’t like autopay. I made a list with this app and have a 4x4 widget on my home page so I can cross off the bills I already paid each month. I layered it with the Photobox app so I mostly see photos of my dog, but with just a quick swipe I can see what’s crossed off! I’m definitely not taking full advantage of all the features, but it works great for my purpose and has made my life less stressful :)
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3 years ago, exasperatedgorilla
Fantastic App! I love the widget!
Having my to-do list right on my Home Screen is such a good reminder to get things done when I’d normally be scrolling aimlessly through my phone. I use it for both work and chores at home… it would be so awesome if the widget could have a schedule setting so it would show my home group during certain hours while I’m home, and automatically switch to showing work tasks during the work hours I set in the app. Right now I switch it manually by editing the widget, but an automatic feature would be so convenient. Thanks for improving my life with this app!!
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4 years ago, maxn71
Perfect to-do app!!
UPDATE: still loving it but I noticed that if you have recurring tasks and fail to open the app on the day setup to run it doesn't "recur". I was using a simple to-do list and started to become a mess. Needed a way to organize my tasks better. I gave Do! a try and loved it. I love the foldering (so I can save ideas for later without making the main list unwieldy) and the color labels (to use visual cues for task urgency). The only suggestion I have is to change the labels' order: pink doesn't feel more urgent than red and green shouldn't come before yellow (think traffic lights). Red-pink?-yellow-green-lime-cian-teal-purple-gray would make more sense to me. Otherwise GREAT JOB!!
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2 years ago, Andimaeb
My savior! My to do list gets DONE!
I am a person who navigates my day by writing everything down. I toggle between my phone’s alarm, reminders, calendar, the list goes on. This application consolidates all of those options and puts it right in front of me. Easy to use for the simplest (yours truly), OR so many settings and options to customize your day for the more fine tuned. The one thing I had trouble in the past was with setting specific notifications for future days. Do✔️ does it! I’ve finally found the one app I can personally use to get done what needs to get done. 📎🔧💕
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3 months ago, Ronzy1
Simple and efficient
I’ve been looking for an app that has the right balance of technicality and simplicity. I’ve been using this widget for a week or so now and am very pleased with its offerings. Being able to separate my work life from personal to do’s with minimal customization is exactly what I need. With a complicated life and complicated business, a simple to do list is all I wanted. It definitely has enough customization to be efficient but not so much that I have to study for it an hour before setting it up like so many others. Highly recommend.
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6 years ago, Rubber Duckie🦆
4 stars because...
I give this app four stars because I use it all the time! It is a great app for to-do lists. I love the sound effects. The only thing that could make this app better is that when you double tap to check something off, the color tag stays, so maybe there could be an option to at least dim the color tag (so we can tell at a quick glance if it's checked off) or even just have the color tag vanish when we check that item off. This should also be a setting you can turn on or off so people could have it either way. Thank you for taking the time to read this long review! Have a good rest of your day people
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4 years ago, 👻Ghost👻 👋🏻😊
Absolutely wonderful so far
I’ve been looking for a simple, free organizer that’s quick to add to and easy to manage. If you are too then good luck because this app is the one. Aside from the small ad banner at the bottom (hardly even notice it) everything has been running smoothly. I am able to quickly set up lists, and manage my schedule more efficiently. I love the ability to add a color tag to the addition, it helps me visually understand what the event is. I recommend this app for people looking to manage short term day to day to dos. It is entirely free has a pleasantly simple design.
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4 years ago, Poyinnnn
great but has some lacking features
i’ve been in search for the past few days now for the “perfect” app that matches my standards and taste and luckily i found this. simple, effective and overall satisfied with it but of course (like every other apps) it has some lacking features and still some few things that needs to work. the tasks needs a description/note/url option to paste or to put something. i need this mainly because i have stuff that i often forget and i just need to jot it down somewhere, specifically in my to do list. for the next few weeks, my life will be hectic with all the online classes and just literally everything that will happen so im hoping that this will be available and please take this into consideration! thank you for reading. my very best of luck goes to the team behind this. edit: the reminder button doesn’t seem to work, lowered the rating. please fix as soon as possible. i experimented with it and it’s not reminding me anything. *my notifications for the app is turned on. please fix and thank you for reading.
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7 years ago, HomeyGBob
Wonderful software, perfect for ADHD
They don’t bombard you with too many ads, just banner adds, which can be removed for $1.99. The only other in-app purchase on here is unlimited groups (they already provide 2 groups) to place your stuff in, for example, having a grocery list and a list of your homework assignments. This app has helped me to keep track of all of my homework, know when it’s due, what class it’s for and if I’ve done it already. It is able to notify me of the due date of my work in case I forget. I have severe ADHD, and this app has helped improve my grades.
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2 years ago, BrieTiana
Hello I am Briella and I’m nine and I’m here to say why this app is great
So I decided to start doing house chores after school because I used to never do you have a choice and I like being a good studious girl, so I listed five chores on this thing, and this app is great, it’s a great to do list if you want to start doing house chores if you’ve never done them before, and also my parents said, well not my parents, my parents didn’t say anything, I suggested to my mom that if I did all my five chores, then I would earn my fidget, and keep in mind I love fidget, great app, great to do list☺️.
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3 years ago, Brenbren636
So helpful
This app was exactly what I was looking for to help me stay organized. It is user friendly and easy to use. It helps my stay on top of things and I love that it’s simple not overly complicated with extras features that is not necessary. I like how you are able to color coordinate the task, the ease of moving them around, and best part is when you have completed that task the ability to double click to get a line to scratch through your task and set a it a date stamp when it’s completed or when it will be.
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7 years ago, Caddisbug1994
It’s so simple yet so practical
I have tried every task and to do list... spending likely hundreds of dollars across dozens of apps and across three devices(mac, ipad, iphone)... and this one surprised me. I nearly didn’t download it... but it’s so nice. Simple yet super practical and good. Note to developer... you should that you can have different “skins” here... not everyone will like the craft paper look..and I didn’t know you could choose not to have it until I downloaded your app. That said I’ve actually grown to love the craft paper look.. it’s my preferred paper now. Great app. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Jamill88
This App Honestly Changed My Life
My grades improved drastically after downloading this app. Having the badges constant on display on my I pad and I phone created a sense of urgency every time I looked at my phone which made me procrastinate less. Also crossing things off the to do list is super satisfying which felt like a reward when I finished a task or assignment. highly recommend! One thing is I which they added an option where the to do list would be available won the lock screen constantly so I could just glance at my phone to see what I have to do.
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3 years ago, Katieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee37738362
Great App!!
I enjoy crossing things off lists and this makes me so much more productive. The sound the pencil “crossing off” my task off the list is lovely and makes me want to cross more things off. Such a satisfying sound. Something to add in the future... the ability to choose a color tab for each group? So if I’m adding something to my “Chores” group it would be great if i can just assign the color at the beginning and not have to choose it every time. Other than that after using it for a couple days I am loving it so far. May even buy the ad free version if I find myself using it for longer than a month. Thank y’all!
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2 years ago, Ebooyay
You should get this app
Before I had this app , I didn’t have a place to right my reminders when I needed to ,and when I finally got the chance, I forgot what I needed to remind myself for later. But now that I have this app, I’ve never forgot because I always have my phone on me. What I like most about this app is it’s very simple to understand ,and if you don’t like how they have something set you go to settings and unlike most other apps, the settings are simple, well labeled ,and straight to the point.
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4 years ago, Junsohyun
Loving it! Get it now! 개발자님 감사합니당
I have been using different todo checklist apps for a while and this is by far the BEST! As a student, I mostly write down boring and long lists of hws, but these cute font styles that this app offers really refresh my todo list :) Also, different hand gesture features are game changer! I can do everything simply by swiping left and right or double clicking. It’s easy use, user friendly, and visually pleasing without too much distracting visuals. 학생이라서 과제및시험 여러가지 할일들을 체크리스트 종이에 쓰다가 갈아탔는데 여러모로 너무 예쁘고 유용한 어플을 찾은것 같아서 너무 좋네요:) 여러종류 폰트도 맘에 들고 전체적으로 쓰기 쉽고 깔끔하고 편해요 ㅎㅎ 이런 어플을 무료로 쓸수있다니 개발자님 감사합니다! 곧 유료버전으로 업그레이드도 하고 주변에 홍보도 열심히할게요 :) 감사합니다!
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2 years ago, MSTbeauty
Best note taking app!
This is the best note taking app because it’s so simple, organized, and good looking. I’m able to assign dates for each task and on the today section they will show up each day. There is a “all” list so that you can see all your tasks and assign dates of when to get them done. I can create new lists for anything I’d like! I have lists for weekly routines, groceries, events, and my workout schedule. The lists are at the top so you can see them all and it looks like a notebook. Give it a try!
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2 years ago, Pastazia
I’ve been searching for a simple to do list that also has a widget. I didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just a simple list I could create on the fly. Something that would help me feel accomplished by quickly checking tasks off as I complete them. Do is exactly what I was looking for. To make things even better, there is no subscription plan-just a small fee to remove ads. I plan to share this app with everyone I know who could benefit from such a great to-do list!
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5 years ago, lmkam82
Best to do list app
This app deserves way more credit than it has. It's so simple to use and I have been using it for well over a year. I use it almost daily. Way better than the Microsoft to-do list. It was one of the first things I downloaded to my iPhone 6s. I'm a widget user and this is THE best widget out there for a to do list. It's so customizable. Makes grocery and to-do lists easier to check off. I hope it gains steam. There's not much I'd change except maybe adding the ability to have sub items under a main task. But it's not mandatory.
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7 years ago, VenturaBreeze
Lots of Flexibility
Needed a way to separate out some of my out of control reminders in the actually reminders app and was disappointed to see that nearly every app in the App Store has some type of subscription model for full functionality of a to do list. I stumbled along this little gem and really enjoyed it. One of the best features is the amount of customization you can do in the settings to make this app perfect for you. I don’t write reviews too often but with how perfect this app is for me, I felt compelled to write one.
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3 years ago, AspenTree6
Simple and Customizable, great customer service!
I love this app! It’s very simple but very customizable. I’ve been able to set up the app to fit my needs perfectly and it’s been so helpful getting my life organized. I ran into an issue after upgrading the app to use with no ads, but when I reached out to get assistance my problem was solved right away. Excellent customer service! I can’t live without checklists and this app is the best one I have found that fits my needs. I highly recommend this app for helping you get organized!
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