Documents: File Manager & Docs

4.8 (558.6K)
256.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Readdle Technologies Limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Documents: File Manager & Docs

4.8 out of 5
558.6K Ratings
3 weeks ago, p0015h4rk
💯Download It – You Will Not Be Disappointed
Hands-down, without a question this is the best folder, organization app on the App Store. Completely free, not including features that are not needed, with built-in, audio, video, PDF, and any other file preview that you need. Built-in cloud access, which enables you to literally login to all of your cloud accounts, across-the-board all at the same time and stays logged in so you have access to all of those files. You also have access to the native files and the native photos, making it the only app that you need to access every single file on your iPad/iPhone. Built-in Web-DAV server, giving you the ability to transfer any file or folder to and from your iPad/iPhone. Built-in browser so that you don’t have to go from one app to the other if you need to grab something off the Internet that you haven’t already downloaded. Readdle is an amazing developer who has my backing 100%. I have no intention of using any other app because literally there is no other app that can do as much as this app can do; at least not all in one place. If I could give it a 10 star rating I would because after three years of using it, I have not been disappointed once.
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1 year ago, djc0
Oh god the massive icons
2nd EDIT: I feel like I’ve been a bit harsh. Sorry devs, i know you work hard to make a great product. I just checked, and i first downloaded Documents (and also Scanner Pro) in 2010! That’s how long I’ve been on the Readdle train, and have been a happy customer the whole time. I still hope you give us the option to have small icons again though. :) EDIT: I appreciate the dev response, but it’s basically “You’ll get used to it”. I don’t use the grid view and I don’t want massive icons on my screen ok any view. I’m pretty sure this goes against Apple’s design guidelines (none of their apps use massive icons). Of course you can make your app how you want, but just in case you need an example that you are the anomaly. Please at least give us the option to resize. I don’t have a phablet-sized screen. ORIGINAL: Did you even do some UX testing, or just decide that you personally liked this better? My eyes are burning. Please follow Apple’s UI and UX guidelines. Or at least give us a “normal size” button so we can choose. Also, reading your reply to another review, I don’t want to see all this information the massive icons allow.
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3 years ago, MEGAPIE06
They fixed it (kind of)
So I reviewed this app half a year ago mentioning that the app works great for my use case, but every single time I want to download a file I find it almost impossible to select the file on the first try. The tiny button you have to push to open the share menu requires so much precision to press that it is always an annoyance. While the new redesign did not fix the button itself, it added a pop-up at the bottom of the app when you add a new file which allows you to access the share menu with a much bigger button. Not the fix I was expecting, but totally solved my problem. _______________________________________ Original review: The (...) button on each file is almost impossible to tap, at least on the iPhone 12 Mini. I have to try at least 6 times times every time I want to download a video, meanwhile the video will start up every time I miss the button by a few pixels. I don’t have thick fingers it’s just a really small area the button will accept a tap from. Please make it bigger.
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1 year ago, MisterOhma
For all the updates they do…
…it seems that both this program and PDF Expert share the same flaw: they will both crash in the background unexpectedly, especially when music or video is playing in the background. I cannot tell you how many times I am doing something in Documents or PDF, minimize the app to go to a different one, come back, and am greeted with the app restarting itself over and over again. It is especially annoying when I am listening to music or a video and the sound goes dead because guess what! The app crashed AGAIN. This app has all the potential in the world, especially for one that’s been around for so long, but what exactly are all these updates you’re pumping out doing if I am still experiencing crashes upon crashes upon crashes besides making the in-app icons needlessly huge with no option to make them as small as they were again? Do better. EDIT: Oh, and by the way? Putting what used to be a FREE FEATURE (MP3 extraction from videos) behind a subscription service paywall? Real classy, guys. It pays for all the super cool updates we get? What’s the point of those updates IF THEY DON’T EVEN WORK? This sounds more like a really sleazy way to force people to sign up since PDF editing tools and VPN weren’t cutting it and if it weren’t for the fact that I still have use for this app, I would kick it to the curb for practices like this.
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4 years ago, Roxiepup6
Liking & using more than expected!
Very nice app to help organize all the files as well as see them...and then do something with them as needed. It is an Efficient app and I use it a lot. But I do wish they would do a better job INTEGRATING their apps to work together much more efficiently, and auto magical...and not need to go searching through the next doc or pic managing app u need. Like the printer app they have should open automatically after u send a web doc or photo to it but you have to hunt for the app...THEN name and save the file or pic to manage the data! That’s very cumbersome. I also wish the printer app work with this app. I’d love for them to make an app that allows us to manage our photos and screen shots right away as we take the photo or screen capture. I have 1000s of screen shots in a mess even though I try to use photo folders. But they are too small of photos to see to do mass classification. I like this Doc app because u can tag things easily and also see them reasonably well (although I Wish there was a “space less” version that has the images as big as possible so we can see them and peg it with the correct tags when we are doing group classifications.
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5 years ago, JB102112
Was the best, not anymore with 7
I use this app everyday for PDF annotation with my apple pencil. Previously you could have 4 different pens saved with different colors, opacities, and thicknesses. Now you only get one and you have to manually change the settings every time you want to use a different color. The only way around this I can find is if you pay $50 a year to save different writing utensils in the favorites. I am extremely disappointed as I don't have the time to manually change the color and thickness every 30 seconds while I am switching back and forth for work. Also, before with the apple pencil, I could use the pencil once with one of the mark up tools and after that my finger would only scroll. Now each time I switch writing utensils, when I attempt to scroll with my finger, it writes instead of scrolling. Even when selecting the utensil with the pencil, it often requires me to select it several times before it will write. When switching between different lined pdf documents, the lines will often disappear and I will have to quit the app and restart it for the lines to come back. Used to be 5 stars, now down to 1 until they fix these issues. I am really disappointed, this was the most useful app and I loved everything about it, but this update has made me want to find a new app to replace this one.
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1 year ago, CapriciousLeo
Amazing for iPhone users
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now and it’s made life genuinely better as an iPhone user. I use it to catalogue all sorts of files; including PDF’s, music, videos, and photos. It’s a fantastic tool for organizing your media library. I originally downloaded it for use as a music library, to circumvent the constraints of iOS with downloaded music files. In that regard it’s been very useful, however I have run into a couple of issues with music playback. As I’ve seen in several other reviews, I ran into an issue where sometimes a song would skip to the next in the middle of playback; and then it got to the point where some songs would permanently “auto-skip” and therefore became unplayable. I found my own workaround to this issue by using the VOX app as a sidekick. I download and store all my music files in the Documents app, and then share them with my VOX app for playback purposes. That did solve the issue with the skipping, however this has lead to the discovery of another problem… I have gone through all my previously downloaded music files and edited the metadata to include artist, album, year, etc. I still have no trouble playing these files through VOX, but now they’re ALL unplayable through the Documents app. More importantly, I am unable to share or email them now. Developers, do you have any suggestions for me here? Why is it that modifying the metadata is making my music files unplayable and unshareable?
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6 years ago, Ellis Jaiye
Cannot Permanently Delete Data
I have used the Documents app for some time now, but just recently became aware of the fact that I cannot permanently delete data I have removed from the app via the in app deletion tools. I have done the initial deletion, and then the secondary “permanent” deletion, but the data itself still remains somewhere in the iPad. Here is an example of what I mean. Recently I needed more space on my iPad. I checked how much storage the Documents app was taking up, noting the total being used was 6.98 gigs. After deleting several hundred megs worth of files (using the two step deletion process), I checked the storage situation again. The total storage being used by the app had increased to 7.05 gigs. (I also previously removed the Documents folder from the iOS Files app.) In short, I am being robbed of storage by the app. I don’t appreciate being robbed. Of course I could try and fully delete the app and see if that would solve my woes, but why should I have to? Why does the two step delete function not actually delete the files I want to delete? Uninstalling and reinstalling would mean I would have to move all my information back over and reorganize it as well. Why should I have to do that instead of simply being able to delete my files permanently?
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4 years ago, A car kid
Multitool of document apps
I have downloaded this app about a month ago, and during this time I have had no issues with it whatsoever. Obviously with more time I may find a bug or two, but not yet. The app itself has many features, not all of which I have needed to use, but cool ones which I was pleasantly surprised to learn about. This app features a built in VPN, although limited in the free version, is still useful as is, it has a browser within the app, along with all of the expected document managing features like cloud access and whatever it may be. There are for sure some features I don’t even know about. I have dropbox and apple’s files, and neither have as many features as this, I mean, theres only so much improvement you can do to a document app so this app is the same as the other plus more. The only thing that wasn’t optimal for me was during the initial launch where you have example files loaded which simply caused confusion on my part. I’d recommend this app 5/5
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5 years ago, Honey peach tea
It’s a great app but lately...
I’ve been using this app for a little over a year now and there was never really any problems. I use Documents to download all of my music since I can’t use the common app for music on my phone. It’s been working fine until now. It would work fine but after a couple of songs, one song would come up and I would listen to it for around 1 minute, then suddenly it stops and skips over to the next song. It’s not just one specific song but it happens to other songs too. One time it skipped two songs right in the middle. I’ve tried replying the same song and refreshing the page but it still does the same thing. I even went and updated it to the recent version but the issue still appears. It’s really frustrating. Now I use the common app but I can only listen to one artist a time, so when I want to listen to another artist song, I have to stop what I’m doing and search for the artist. Documents is the only app I can use for my music that gives me everything I want without making it complicated. Overall, it’s a good app to use with no fuss.
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2 years ago, Jimbob1924
Works perfectly every time! Best app ever! 👍👍
Works perfectly and never fails. I can’t say that about any of the other apps that I have ever downloaded. Out of hundreds and hundreds of apps this one is my absolute favorite because it just does what it’s supposed to do and it was free. They don’t pester me to rate them or leave a review. There is not a constant barrage of annoying ads that forced me to waste 30 seconds of my life watching some annoying commercial for games that are going to make me a millionaire just for playing bingo. Nope, none of that and I greatly appreciate it and that’s why I’m leaving a review, because they didn’t ask me to. They earned a good review and rating. Spent their time making a quality product instead of begging for accolades or promising free stuff in return for a good review like so many other do. So thank you for making a app that I enjoy using just as much today as I did 5 years ago when I first downloaded it! 🙏
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1 year ago, IPTuser
Awesome all-in-one repository
I love Documents, heck, anything by Readdle is great. 1st off, I don’t usually give anything a 5 star review, because “Nothing’s ever perfect”, but I’m making an exception in this case mainly to show support for a Ukrainian company, but also because this app rocks. I have tons of stuff stored in this app; Photos, Videos, Audio, and more. For example, I don’t want my photos to be in the Photos app, so I store them in here. Also, I love the fact that it has a built-in browser, so I can download files straight in. I use this app almost every day, mostly multiple times. Also there’s the ‘send to documents’ feature that’s really handy. I also love having the ability to have two Documents windows open side by side. One request is to be able to sync with a Mega account., but that’s not that big of a deal. Overall, I’d have to say that Documents is one of the most used apps on my iPad Pro. Great work Devs.
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3 years ago, RickAndHisSprkle
8.0 Docs X Update
Been having issues with my phone ever since it updated this app. Since I exceeded the allotted VPN time it’s been trying to reconnect to it constantly and is seemingly interfering with my ability to connect to cell service and wifi. I couldn’t understand what was going on until finally I went into the app settings and manually disabled the VPN and now everything is working again. Also, I don’t know why you decided to hide a lot the features that previously were on the bottom bar into sub-menus in the app. It was fine before. I liked having the computer connect button accessible. I had to look for 5 minutes just to find it. Now all the video files I send over to edit on my phone have no preview images and the font for the file names all cut off. In making things look all flashy, you took away from the simplicity that made the app easy to use. I’d probably have more issues if I used for more than 5 minutes but I haven’t received an email or text message or been able to connect to websites or refresh my social media feeds in 12 hours since it updated.
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3 years ago, Danny Bastidas
Mediocre music player
The app is very nice, very clean design and easy to use, however I only ever used it for music and the music player was fine at first, it did its job. However as I used it more, it started to be more and more unreliable, I would play songs in my car and when it went to the next song, it’d play for one second and then just pause. I had to manually play the next song, every time. I eventually got used to it, but then it got even worse somehow. Songs would randomly skip to the next song in the middle of one and if I tried to play it back, it would proceed to skip to the next one at the exact same time. At this point, I had stopped using documents as a music player, and tried it again at the time of this review but not even using it in my car, instead just my phone and with headphones. Somehow, the same problem is occurring. Songs would actually seamlessly play after the other, but the songs still skip in the middle of one, which is purely unusable. All in all, very good file system management app, buggy unreliable music player.
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6 years ago, Haleyoxo
2 videos to camera roll & downloading issues
I’m not sure if maybe I haven’t figured it out yet but so far to my knowledge I can’t save only one video to my camera roll, I have to go through a process in which I have to copy the video to my iCloud, go allll the way over to my files app & click to save that one video because I have to save at least 2 videos to my camera roll if I only use this app. It’s frustrating because there’s videos I don’t want to save but end up saving just so I could download one. I also use this app to download twitter videos (mainly) & there are occasions I download a twitter video, it’s downloaded, shows a preview photo & everything but I come back a couple hours later & it says the file can not be played so that entire video is gone & I can’t find it again. It’s again very frustrating & confusing. But it’s a very useful app other than those problems I pointed out. If it’s a problem on my part I’d love to get feedback on how to fix it so I can change my review to 5 stars!
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1 year ago, AthabascaAB
*FIXED!* Why is everything suddenly HUGE?!
***Update: Sanity has been restored; thanks for listening!*** The name of the app is “DOCUMENTS,” its stated purpose is to manage DOCUMENTS, its main utility is interacting with DOCUMENTS. Clearly the key functionality is DOCUMENTS — DOCUMENTS with an -S, as in plural, as in many. …so why on earth would you REDUCE the number of documents you can see on a screen?! Why would you make it take MORE TIME and MORE WORK to manage the same number of documents as before?! Why would you fill the document manager with giant icons, instead of, oh I don’t know, DOCUMENTS?! There’s a reason no other app has this awful formatting. Take a lesson from the native Files app — when you’re surpassing even Apple in putting form over function, you know you’ve gone off the deep end! Please return the icons to a normal human size — or at least provide the option to resize them.
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3 years ago, Mxkerr2012
Just a couple hickups
I am a student of languages and use documents for all it's worth. I have hundreds of books. Some of which number in the thousands of pages including multivolume encyclopedias and dictionaries. It is absolutely excellent but there is room for improvement. I am using a 2020 iPad pro with 256GB of storage and 6gb memory, but it still fails to display covers of my books. This is seemingly random happening to some big books and other small documents. The covers still show up in apple files app. I use the apple pencil 2nd gen and sometimes the app does not reject my palm. It really struggles with notebooks imported from good notes in the PDF format. Sometimes my documents kick me out while Im reading them. Not sure if this is a readdle issue or an apple issue but it's really annoying when Im reading and it has to close, update, then I can reopen. For the time it saves me and the usefulness it is the best app out there, but there's still room for improvement. Hopefully my feedback doesn't fall on deaf ears.
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3 years ago, Gunslinger gk
I am irritated by one slight change
The app used to be absolutely fantastic for file managing and such. Recently, I updated the app to gain access to some new features; I've been putting off installing the updates, due to the fact my fears might be realized (which they were). I'll just get straight to the point, because I want this fixed as soon as possible: I cannot download any jpgs/pngs directly to the app online anymore. I can only download them to my camera roll. I thought this might be a change in some sites I've been using for some time now, but not a single one works! I can only convert them into PDFs. I want there to be an option for BOTH. This is the biggest drawback to me, as I use this app almost exclusively for this purpose. I hope this issue is addressed soon, as this was a feature that I relied on heavily. This should not be something locked behind a subscription service (this is a basic function and should not be something I am charged for, the rest of the premium features I understand). Sincerely, Anna Kakomanolis
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2 years ago, ihatemobilegameads
Only one problem
Now, I love this app to death, in a lot of ways it’s superior to the stock files app, however theres only little problem I have with it. I make music, and when I finish it I usually like to download the file to my phone to see how it would sound on my airpods and if the mixing needs some polishing (because as you know, music tends to sound different according to the audio device its played on, one song may sound good on one device but bad on another if the mixing isnt perfect). I export them in ogg format and this app has support for that (which is great) so I play it through this. However the problem is the audio seems to play in mono, not stereo, which is not good for a stereo song playing on stereo earphones. I have looked into it to make sure the file itself is not in mono and no, it isn’t. Other than this very small and nitpicky issue though, this app is really good, and I appreciate how many files it supports.
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1 year ago, Covertfreq
Always gettin better
Update: straight up proof imo that this has the best video player out there. I received a 4K hd clip recently and 3 of the top video players in AppStore I use do not match the resolution quality as the video player in Documents, plus that’s only a portion of the apps usefulness, too. The fact they can do it all so well while their country is under attack is amazing. Keep up the great work amidst the chaos over there. This app has been on my phone for a long time and it continues to get better. I use it everyday for multiple purposes, music player is really good too. A necessary app for every iPhone. I’d also like to add that the video player within this app is one of the best video media players out there. Trust me I’ve seen a lot over the years and most I deleted. The vertical full screen view capabilities this has is better than all the rest Imo.
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6 years ago, Bobcatukbb
Love it, but problem of late
I wrote a review and gave 3 stars that I will leave intact in case someone else has the same problem I had. I was able to fix the issue myself with a soft reboot of my iPad Pro. I saw a review on another app that had an issue that was fixed this way so thought I would try it. It worked! In love with this app! This has been a WONDERFUL app, but in the last few days some of my PDF files are EMPTY! Working on an iPad Pro with everything updated. Readdle’s PDF Converter working great, but when I choose to open in Documents it’s EMPTY! Will open as a good PDF file just fine in Google Drive.I know you guys can fix this quickly. This is the FIRST problem I’ve had after years of using your app on my iPads. Ready to give 5 stars again as soon as it’s fixed. You guys have ALWAYS had a great app here ... it’s ALWAYS been my “go to” PDF app even with downloading and testing many others.
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6 years ago, Holland Daly
Excellent file management system
As a new iPad user, I became rather frustrated over how locked down the iPad’s file system is, almost to the point where I wanted to take it back for a refund. It’s nearly impossible to move files around or open them up in other apps unless you hook up to iTunes via a desktop. I stumbled across this app by pure accident and it has completely changed the way I use my iPad for the better. I use it as my file system where I organize my files, and can easily open them between apps. I’ve connected my google drive and Dropbox for easy file access across my phone and pc without ever having to deal with iTunes. I’ve even been using it as my photo viewer and MP3 player. Overall this is an essential app that I would highly recommend using rather than subjecting yourself to Apple’s ridiculous file prison system they have in place.
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3 years ago, Square Emperor
Perfect File Management App
This is one of the rare app reviews I will actually take the time to write. Documents by Readdle is a file management app that iPhone lacked for as far as I can remember, with a convenient browser for downloads, a pdf reader, music and video player, and other file management capabilities. Files is child’s play in comparison. Documents is especially great for its convenient browser, which allows you to download content straight into the app, whereas with the Files app you have to make awkward downloads in Safari and switch to the comparatively crude Files app to access them. Documents has provided the integrated media access abilities that Apple itself failed to for so long that even now while Apple is catching up, Documents remains a clearly superior app. Looking to download & watch videos quickly and conveniently? Documents has got you covered Want to archive a webpage for safe keeping or viewing offline? Documents has your back Looking for a good way to organize your mp3 files and make playlists? Documents is here for you Want an app to both download & read pdfs with? What are you waiting for? Readdle could not be more generous in making this app free—I would pay good money for it if it weren’t Enjoy the integration, ease of use, and functionality that only Readdle’s Documents can provide.
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6 years ago, ThordenViking
Best App for Documents
I had tested a lot of apps and this one was by far the best! It opens really quickly and it’s very responsive and easy to edit. The printer also works really good on it. However it’s not 100% perfect right now. Hopefully my review may change that. When I want to create a new blank document. I have to first click on edit and then tap more and then tap create text icon. That is three steps which is very annoying when I’m creating several new documents a day. There should be a button that you just tap once or A double tap. That would literally saved me a lot of taps per month. But that is my only complaint and nothing is perfect in life. This app has save me so much time and has made it possible for me to get a lot of work done on my phone that I normally have to do on my desktop. Thanks again for creating a great reliable app
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5 years ago, Saeid Moridi
5 Stars Well Deserved
I don’t write reviews at all. In fact, I may have only written two or three in the past six years; but I love this app so much that it seemed unfair not to write one. It has made my life so much easier! I have had it for so many years, since I had a 5S. I was looking for an app to transfer data to my phone without having to sync it with iTunes, which was a nightmare. I googled and found Documents. Oh, how much I love this app! It was my download manager way before Safari added the option, and the fact that the downloads run in the background means that I can use other apps at the same time. (Some users don’t know what a huge help this is.) I use it to play music, movies (it freaking supports the MKV format, you guys are dope!), and so much more. I just wanted to thank the team for making such a great and smooth app! Well done. Greetings from Iran.
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2 years ago, ProtodroidYT
Great as an iCloud file manager
Serves as a great tool in general for viewing documents and managing your files in iCloud without having to go to the computer to do so, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who tends to listen to music on the go a lot (especially since this is the only iCloud music player that works and doesn't have popup ads) as I use it all the time to listen to covers. Although since I mainly use it for that I do have a few problems with it that make using it as an everyday application a little tricky and annoying, mainly being when you aren't inside the application and listen for longer than 1 minute it crashes, or the fact that it uses up quite a lot of battery, though that part is reasonable since it has to recognize and show all the files you have stored in the cloud. Overall, lovely app, great and accessible experience!
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7 years ago, Binky The Hand
So much better than the Files app
This app is a real Finder, letting you organize files any way you want to instead of only separated by app. You can set apps such as Pages to use Documents as their default storage area for new files. (Unfortunately there are permission errors trying to move or copy existing documents from app-specific storage so you have to share/open in Documents from the app the first time.) Documents uses the exact same interface for local documents, photos, and multiple cloud storage services. It has full text indexing and many other features Files lacks. With one glaring exception it uses screen real estate more intelligently - the exception being the big floating plus sign (and occasionally media player) that covers up part of the file list and individual file controls.
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1 year ago, CorrupteDylan
Can you access files on your device?
Hi. I got documents since I wanted a better file manager than the default iOS one that was kind of limited in features. So I went to Documents. Don’t get me wrong - this is an AMAZING app. The integrations, browser, free VPN, Siri Shortcuts, and so on make it a great choice for managing your files on iPad. But still am wondering something. Is there an option to browse through files already ON your device? For example, if I can see the content of my Google Drive in documents, can I view my iCloud Drive? There is an option in the sidebar for this, but yet, than only opens the Files app full screen to pick a file to preview in Documents. Can I browse through the files On my iPad and in iCloud Drive using the documents app and have the changes also apply in the Files app? This would allow me to work with the files already on my device using the amazing tools that Documents has. One feature I’m finding helpful is the ability to see how much storage space a folder takes up, since the Files app on iPadOS dosen’t have that by default. Is the Documents app supposed to be a separate file storage place than your device’s local storage, or can the two areas mix? So that’s what I’m wondering. But other than that, Documents is a great app!
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4 years ago, Kitten lover cat lover
I am a long time explorer of documents (this app) I do a lot of changing like mov to mp4 but over time I realized I wanted to use mod for Minecraft (I’m 12) so I used documents changed it to Mc pack and..... bingo it worked. But a update came along and I decided to update the app. I load in because I need to do pdf editing and boom. It hit me. 50 dollars a year just for a simple pdf and .file editor wow. This app has just baited and switched us they wanted to make us pay money to use a small editor. Kids have small Standards but this is unreasonable people have things to pay for I can just use google docs for free. And on top of that I clicked the x on the top left and it said starting subscription... done! Like why? It billed 50$ then I clicked cancel and it taxed another 50$ and said after the next payment it would cancel but oh guess what it never canceled! So I contacted apple and they said it was canceled. So they have been taxing us! So my mom cancel her credit card. And the app said unable to pay. And the costumer service hung up. So DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS A SCAM!!!
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3 years ago, gsteemso
Great app... but terrifying upsale pricing
I've been using this app for years, and can safely expect to enjoy every interaction with it. (NOT a thing I say lightly - I used to suffer a significant anxiety disorder.) However, it seems Documents contains a most dire surprise for the unwary. Today the PDF viewer offered me a free trial of a Reader Mode. As expected, it looked excellent; I fully expect it would be a significant improvement to my reading experience. Nevertheless, prudence requires checking the actual price of a feature before trialling its use, and there I discovered the booby-trap under the seat: The iOS app store describes ten possible in-app purchases, at three price points... about $12-13; $50; and _$90_!!! Even stranger, three of the offered purchases are duplicates referencing a single other app by the same developers; while the remaining seven are duplicates of a single upgrade to something called “Documents Plus”, at - SOMEHOW - two very different price points. Now, I don't really care how awesome Documents Plus is. If only one feature, and a luxury _convenience_ at that, has induced me to even LOOK at the upgrade in the whole time I've used Documents... that is _not_ going to be worth $50 or $90 to me. What are you people even thinking?!
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5 months ago, Code 356
Works perfectly for what I need
This app has worked perfectly for what I downloaded it for. I was spending hours looking for an app that could play videos and audio files from the IOS Files app. There are other apps I tried that can do this, but they either: - Do not play continuously like a playlist - Give you no ability to skip to the next video/audio and skip back likewise - Can do audio but not video, or vice versa - OR, they have a problem with bluetooth devices, where whenever you resume a video/audio after it being paused, there are a few seconds of silence before the audio picks up again. Same with when you skip to a different part of the video/audio, or, in the case of VLC, it does this when the audio/video first starts playing. This app does not have any of these problems. Definitely earned a five star rating, as far as what I am using it for. EDIT: Actually, there are two things about this app I would like to see changed: add a shuffle option for the video player, just as there is for the audio player. Secondly, when I lock my device, the video player continues playing for about one or two more videos, but then it stops. I would like for this to be changed to keep playing as long as the device is locked.
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6 years ago, SoloPocono
THE Most used app on my iPhone!
I use this app for everything from my class materials, keeping important correspondence and storing copies of important pictures and sound files, song lyrics, webpages, business documents-you name it! The ONLY other app I use close to D is Keep-which I use for quick notes and often store a copy in D. Being able to back everything up to Dropbox, Box or iCloud with just a tap or two has been a LIFE(Work)-SAVER! When I get a new iPad every year or so, this is the first app I install and organize. The utility of this app is unmatched and I can’t remember EVER having any glitches! As an older person, taking classes despite my age & severe ADD; I desperately need things to keep me organized, make sure I have doubles & triplets in some cases, and a self-explanatory GUI-Documents provides it ALL AND MORE! THANK YOU!
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6 months ago, xaffodi
It keeps crashing, and erases my tabs
The app is fine except for the fact that it crashes after I’m on it for like 20 minutes. And it frequently does this throughout the time I’m on it, whether or not I swipe it off my activity and go back in or delete and redownload. I swear it was never like this when I first downloaded it years ago. And to top it off, if it frequently crashes a lot in the span of 20 minutes (me frequently going back in every time it does), it deletes all my tabs on the private mode and regular mode which is frustrating because I never have time to save my tabs (I’ve had to resort to bookmarking to remember the tabs I’m on). Another thing, when I come back into the app sometimes, I would go back to the tab I was on but it will show a blank page with the search bar empty leaving me to have to scramble to get my progress back. You guys always update the other things on this app, please update the browser too.
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6 years ago, Yo boo roro
Amazing but things come to a end
I love this music it download my needs and so on well I don’t know why or what’s the reason but I recently play music that’s allready downloaded I never had a problem.. and now it plays but pauses for some odd reason and I need it play on my playlist in order... and like freezez and .. so I would allways open the app play music download any music that comes out without a problem so I play it and then close it when this issue am having is it plays but it starts playing 15-20 seconds in the song it it repeats over and over and then stops playing and have to press play and does the same thing over and over again.. I download over 200 songs and I don’t want to delete this amazing app..please fix this issue! And for anyone downloaded it it’s perfect very smooth but for some reason it stops playing and this is the past 2 days
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4 years ago, C.M. Cook
I’ve had enough!
I have used Documents for years. I also use Spark and PDF Expert… for years. But today I needed to access a file that I have saved as a favorite and needed now for a business meeting. The reason you save it as a favorite is so it immediately opens, without the need to download. However, after the last iOS update, the favorite area is devoid of files. So, a file I needed to access immediately, was not there–I navigated to where it is on the iCloud drive and attempted to access it, but was notified that it needs to be downloaded. Problem is, Documents was also trying to download every other file on the iCloud drive. I could not stop all the other files, nor reorder a queue, so I am stuck red-faced in my meeting, wholly unable to access the file. I have used numerous Readdle apps without a thought for many, many years. However, I was just royally screwed by Documents. The morale is that this app is unreliable in a business context: the moment you don’t even consider that it may be unreliable, it will screw you over.
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5 years ago, SkyNet.236391
Your app is the one of best for all document and file manger apps, however it is lacking a few important items needed for a true document manager and editing app. It is strongly suggested that you add these capabilities before Apple develops a full file manager app that includes them and steal your competitive edge: 1. Ruler and protractor to draw curves for hand drawing and drafting capabilities. 2. Custom pdf importing where a user can import any size template he or she wants. For example, an engineering student can easily write engineering calculations with ease with a pen and a rule. IOS does this but lacks all the features in Documents. It is steps ahead but will lose ground if it does not evolve and adapt. Give it full writing, drawing and drafting capability as if it was pencil, mechanical pen or pen and paper and notepad. Keep it simple and treat a pdf as if it was a sheet of paper any size with any texture. Continue to make your app adaptable to the users needs instead of forcing the user to adapt your tools. Again, the best approach is to treat a pdf as a sheet of paper and giving flexibility. This app has potential to be the best but still is lacking. Once the app is like using real paper then it will be truly a 5 star app. I hope you act on my suggestions. AW
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5 years ago, DarkDrag0n8262
Great for music
The app is great and allows you to download your music offline for free. It does take some of your space, however. But with hundreds of files easily stored in one app makes the app convenient. In my documents, I mainly use it for downloading music offline. However, the controls the app allows you when listening to music hasn’t been working very well for me. The music that I first play works. But when moving on to the next song, It usually freezes. The play/pause buttons on Bluetooth headphones and so on do not play the song when facing the issue. So it becomes a pain to open your phone in order for a single song to play, especially when working out. Despite the control issues with music, it’s a great app which allows you to do so much more!
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4 years ago, unhappy customer 73
Player list editing is broken
When songs are deleted from PLAYER tab list or rearranged there, they keep coming back and/or returning to their old positions. After several weeks of using app, I still cannot figure out a way to delete songs that would reliably delete them, which means that my player queue keeps growing, and all attempts to rearrange it in proper order are failing, too. This is extremely annoying - there are some songs that I had deleted dozens of times, and still they keep coming back as soon as something else is imported from browser download folder - even though these songs have been long deleted from that browser folder, too. And of course, it means that this player list keeps growing no matter what I do - I'm seriously thinking about using delete app and reinstall as the only way to clear it available to me, even though I'll have to recreate it from scratch after that.
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6 years ago, Cabalex4
Takes up over 15 GB??
I’ve been using this app for a year or two, and when I wanted to free up some space on my phone, I looked and saw that the app takes up 15 GB OF SPACE, depsite only having around 1-3 GB of files in the app. That’s more than my giant photos app of 10 GB! So either: A) It’s downloading all my photos again (I would have no idea why). I don’t think this is right, as deleting photos in the app deletes them also in the photos app. B) What the top review posted, which is the files aren’t deleting from the device. This makes sense, as I’ve had some fairly large files in the past. That’s a huge bummer because the rest of the app is pretty darn great and useful! Redownloading is just inconvenient and annoying, why is it cached or something?? Is it a data collection thing where they’re collecting user file data to “””improve the app””” (or sell to advertisers)? I have no idea, but the point is that this app unnecessarily hogs space on my phone (about 1/3 of the 64GB storage), and that’s not good. It might start out seeming small and harmless, but you’ll probably rack up a few GB over time, leading to a massive amount of randomly consumed storage, seemingly for no reason. Please fix this, it’s not helpful in any way. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Maybe I have a random 12 GB file somewhere (although I’ve thoroughly checked). I dunno. Anyone other than me and the top review have this issue?
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7 months ago, CorruptModule
Good stuff
I love this app. I remember using this app all the way back in 2015. This is currently my go to app for listening music since I like to download my songs, the support for different file types over the year and media has been incredible. I like making music and always use this app to try it out in the car and at work. It’s also nice to just upload photos to your computer as well. I know I could use google drive and other stuff for file transfer but out of all of them this is my favorite. You guys are doing some cool stuff here. I do t have any problems with the app it functions as it needs. I do think it would be cool if there was a playlist feature. That would be cool. Other Than that love the app! have a good one.❤️
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4 years ago, Iccekfan
Absolutely love it
I absolutely love this! It’s a amazing app to use (I use it on IOS). I mostly use it so I can listen to songs or podcasts while I work on school homework. Now this is my complaint that I want to being up currently on some videos and some that I have already downloaded before that worked keep on saying “Service not Available”. Now I do it the same way as always do. Copy link for song (from the share button), paste it in the bar, press the arrow, download, and done. Now it’s just doing the no service thing. And when I listen to the music or podcasts while it’s closed it doesn’t go to the next automatically (that’s just a nitpick on that problem). However even with that it’s still and amazing app and I live using it so it still gets a 5 stars from me.
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12 months ago, amRW99
Life changing for an ipad user
Wow this app is amazing and has honestly changed my life. I am a graduate student that is constantly downloading so many files and creating folders, etc. This app seems to do it all, I CANNOT recommend it enough! Coolest part is it even lets me scan paper handouts from professors so I can turn them directly into a PDF and write all over them virtually! The one thing I will note is that the app seems a little weird about text documents — any Word document saved to Documents just opens to a pdf instead of launching the Word app. Maybe if I updated to pro it would work more seamlessly (ie. I would just be able to edit the document through Documents). But this app is STILL a 5 out of 5. That is how awesome it is.
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3 years ago, Nyxphoenix
New update : Lost all downloads, files , videos
I opened the app this morning (on my phone ),after using it the previous night , it began to automatically update to I guess this new version...I went to play music files and video files I stored for months, now none of them play or open. Everything says unable to play file or open file ...I tried to see if I could share them to another file storer on my phone so I could open there but it said it couldn’t read the file to share it . What can be done to open the stored files , videos and music downloads to have them functioning again ? I was literally using this app every day/night . I would appreciate some assistance. Thanks .
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1 year ago, Iffeffo19
Everything except the audio player
I've been using Documents for a while and I must say it's a great and useful app to have for management of documents, The issue I have is with the audio player. When playing audio files from a cloud service (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc) that are organized into a Playlist, there will be occasions when the player will be skipping like songs 10 randomly continuously, with the names of the songs coming up and going on the display, (or if in a car on your touchscreen) within half a second until it stops or I try to pause and select another audio manually. It was as if the app was going wild starting each song for 0.5 seconds and going to another continously. 🏃🏃🏃💨💨 So I would advise the developers to look at the audio player and debug it for this . Everything else is great .
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4 years ago, T Jace
Great product!
I use this app for managing files & PDF’s across a lot of platforms. I actually use this to access DropBox, SharePoint & Google Drive docs w/o using the other apps. Everything in one location makes it easy. I work in new housing construction, and use the tools here do similar (light-weight comparatively of course) markups to what you can do in PlanGrid on house plans, but in a lot cheaper & more cohesive platform for small projects. I use my iPencil to take notes when reviewing building sites, and love that I can take pictures & drag them directly onto the plans. It is so easy to save docs/Pdf’s to SharePoint for the at-office team to see, or to iCloud to save space on my iPad. There are a lot of tools within Documents that make this my most used app on my iPad.
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6 years ago, misshell444
My most used app but still confined to limited view options
Considering all of the features that make this app truly stand out from every other file organization app I am disappointed and very frustrated that it lacks the very basic ability to customize how files are sorted. Name, date and size are generally useless when working with images. I need to be able to group copies/revisions of the same image together and still view them as part of the full set as opposed to isolating them in a separate folder. Other than that lack of functionality and major inconvenience, Documents is perfect for a naturally very disorganized person like myself who has pieces parts of important files everywhere- multiple cloud storage accounts, multiple devices, and multiple people editing the documents.
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7 years ago, RbB62
Best app
I've been using this app for quite some time and it is AMAZING. It is as close to the Finder in the Mac as you can get on iOS. Being able to manage documents, download files from websites and even zip and unzip documents. I thought the Files app in iOS 11 would destroy this Documents app in iOS 11, but find I'm using Documents still. It's just so far ahead of anything else out there right now, and if you use Scanner Pro and PDF Expert they work seamlessly together. I love this app and use it on a daily basis. Also they recently added support for playing different video types, which has basically eliminated the use for VLC player app as well. Very happy with the app and would highly recommend, plus it's free! Which is even more amazing. Good job Readdle.
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5 years ago, eChangX
Lagish Looks
It’s a great app, can’t complain there. Have enjoyed it since the day I started using it but the newest update are making it lag these days. If I open two tabs or switch between tabs or during when it rotates when using the browser is when the lags try to show up. And also, the last update, when I open more than two tab simultaneously, everything messes up. It gets stuck at tab switching and makes everything look funny. The main tab I was trying to view remains big but the other tabs show small at top and bottom like a single page with all the tabs previewed. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the app? This uninstall and reinstalling apps after a major update is becoming to show more openly and I find that disturbing with this iPhone business these days
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10 months ago, 4mm0c4t
Very helpful for years… but…
To anyone using an iPhone and a Windows computer that needs files to be transferred, this is the best I’ve seen. It’s easy to use and understand, genuinely. I’ve been using it since I got my mom’s iPhone 6s Plus, and was such a big help. I’m still using it now which holds my older music that I enjoy. As of writing this review (August 23, 2023) I just updated, but my main gripe, since it’s removal, is that I can’t extract mp3 files from my mp4 files anymore. I used this a lot but that feature seems to be now locked behind the subscription now. I was hoping if I waited then maybe it could be reimplemented. I’m willing to keep using Documents, but if more features get locked (which I do think and hope won’t happen again), I would stop recommending this to people. What you guys have here is really cool and very helpful. So please, don’t ruin this. Also, a suggestion from me. Could you guys update the desktop aspect, visually? Maybe add a dark mode toggle & have it match the mobile icons, for example. This could be added to the subscription if you want, because thinking on it now, I don’t stay on the desktop version for very long. It’s just sometimes hard to look at. Just a suggestion though.
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2 years ago, SadiPadReturner
Can’t search all files, unable to search by file extension
Edit: ALL the most recent reviews here have a developer response… except mine I downloaded this so I can search for files by extension STORED ON MY IPAD. —this app does not have that capability. Also I want to search for a folder by name, but it can’t do that either. I also want to see all the file extensions for all my files in one place while I am browsing and navigating the files stored on my device. Again, no function for this on this app. This app can’t navigate your files! All it does is forward you to the basic iPadOS Files app which doesn’t have any of these search functions. What is the point of this app if I can’t search and navigate my files from within it? I have a browser, a pdf app, a music player etc, I do not need any of that, this supposed to be a file manager but it can’t do basic functions for actual file management or searches.
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