Documents Pro - Files Editor

4.6 (4.1K)
34.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Savy Soda Pty Ltd
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Documents Pro - Files Editor

4.58 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Excellent714
Horrible app!
This is a mess of an app. They work on confusion at this company. I have Documents and Documents Pro which I thought I paid for. When they bug me to rate it, I get to see these people have two apps with the same name “Documents Pro” and both have the identical icon in App Store and in desktop. Regardless which it is, it just does nothing. It takes me to other storage apps and then sits there with no button or anything to upload to anyplace. I see no difference with the other Documents app they make and wonder why I have two of this worthless app? Even worse it does not take you or allow you to go back to the app I tried to use this mess from. I am forced to close this out and then hope to find the page I was on. DO NOT USE THIS APP PAID OR FREE!!
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2 years ago, cyberbiker
Bugs re Font selection and color in RTF fdoc
Documents Pro v15.2, updated 19 January 2022, only seems to work in dark mode. It cannot be changed to light mode regardless of what setting is on the iPhone. When you try to change the font type or size in an rtf file, the font list and sizes are in black so you cannot read them. If you randomly tap one, it automatically switches back to the document, but the font is in black. You have to guess at the location of the wording in the doc to highlight it so you can change it to white since the app is stuck in dark mode. __________ Handiest app for text notes and simple spreadsheets. Positives: - it is super quick to open, save, etc., without cumbersome formatting. - best app for quick notes in a variety of files. Negatives: - it closes automatically when not in the foreground after a few minutes on my iPhone 6 and data not saved is lost. - there is not a search function for words or phrases in large text or rtf files; - text and csv files are Read Only (not Read Write) when uploaded to Dropbox or MS Onedrive; - rtf files cannot be opened by MS Word when uploaded to Dropbox or MS OneDrive.
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6 years ago, Jftman1953
Free is extensively limited More than Represented
From what I see only docs on icloud will be readable or viewed. All other locations require you to download, which then gets defaulted to icloud. I wanted this for use if possible to transfer from OneDrive to GoogleDrive stuff. It appears that for 5.00 one can buy from this Developer an ap called Something exactly as this with the exception of the letter 's' on the end. Even then it will you to pay a subscription fee on a schedule to go into the "extra features". So it appears for free you can see the filenames in multiple storage places but not even use this as a go to apt to even see clearly anything. Everything is either inactive or blurred. I thought perhaps the ap will need some prolonged time period to sync my files across the different apps I have given permission. Should that be the case I will change my review somewhat. But initially I'm at the point of paying the $5.00 just to hope for a multi use platform and hope I can sync or transfer between them. Not so transparent as I can tell. There is Marketing for You!
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1 week ago, truth1110
Documents pro is extremely handy and works like a charm! It’s intuitive and user friendly. It being free is extremely important. I used it nightly to record certain market numbers and formulas can be programmed in the spreadsheet.
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3 years ago, Cayman Cook
I have had this app for years and it has always worked well for me until just recently. I found it easy to use and it had iCloud backup. I use it to store all my recipes. Recently, I had an issue. The app would not open. I ended up downloading the app again and did a restore. I have the app set up to save everything in iCloud. I double checked that this was the case. I lost over half of my recipes. This is over 10 years worth of work gone down the tubes. In settings, iCloud is set to backup. When I go into iCloud Documents Pro is not there to restore. What’s up with that? I am so very disappointed and upset.
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1 year ago, Blondigrl :)
Ads on Paid Version?
I didn't pay for the Pro so that I could get ads. This is new and upsetting. I also see like others you made another Documents Pro for a new fee, thus ripping off customers who already paid for your original Documents Pro. So you stopped providing ad free service to old customers who bought your app, and created a new one they would have to purchase in order to not get ads? THAT'S A SCAM AND CALLED RIPPING OFF YOUR CUSTOMER BASE!!!!! It was perfect for years until today an ad popped up. People pay for premium not to have ads. I have the free and the paid, so why pay if you are going to show me ads? I will update my rating to 5 stars once the developer removes ads from paid version and has extensive features like before . Thank you.
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3 years ago, Fuzzy Logician
Frustrating mess
I rarely need to create a major document, but I wanted to make one that was a little too much for Notes. I had used this a year or so ago and didn’t have bad memories of it. Possibly if I spent enough time with it, If my bad experience was due to ignorance? But I have no desire to do so. And I don’t want to waste any more time on it, so a quick list: After switching to another program, I have to start from the top when I go back to it. It shows a lot of destinations (like DropBox) but I couldnt find a way to use them. After I took the Rich Text out, the file still had the .rtf extension in the listing. While editing the file itself, it showed .txt Other stuff, mostly minor, but which depleted my vocabulary of cuss words. And soon after beginning, it wanted to know if I liked the program. I could only continue by answering “yes” or “no”. Being generally polite, I answered “yes”. It thanked me for my five star review. I did not feel so polite after that. Won’t be using it again.
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5 years ago, Emgirlan
Used to work great, but not now
This app was my go-to for scanning in documents on the go. Sure, the scans didn’t look quite as nice as when you scanned them in on an actual scanner, but the app did a good job of capturing the document and making it look like a legitimate scan. But they must have updated the app and changed the camera capture settings somehow, because now it just looks like a crappy photo, and in fact I can take much nicer photos on my phone with the regular camera, but of course don’t have the advantage of converting them to PDFs. The scan feature was the only reason I used this app, and now that that feature is broken, I will be deleting it. Disappointing!
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2 years ago, Lwrrtghjjk
Latest update is a disaster!
I’ve been using this app happily for quite a while. It has had its bugs, but with this latest update, the formatting completely fell apart. The colors used in formatting are a disgusting hue - very ugly and since you can’t see the font through them, useless! It’s obviously a bug. I very much depend on the formatting options. After the update, my files were all changed to white font on a black background. This is really the only combination of colors that is useful now, and I don’t like it at all. Looking for another app, but hoping your developers will fix this disaster before I am forced to change.
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1 week ago, Luvpengs
Very user friendly
This app is very user friendly and has so many options to implement when working with it. You won't be disappointed.
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1 week ago, 7 Iron
I send pages, notes and texts to my doc app but most of all I store recipes and can quickly send them to someone or print them out to use.
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3 years ago, KeithMarine
Keith Johnson
In the past, I would have rated this five stars, but after the upgrade, now whenever I save, up pops an AD, to delay my work, and then n option to pay for no ads. Just may delete the program if they don’t remove the upgrade that changed the great program I have enjoyed.
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7 years ago, Jsw123654
I love the document App, it allows me to keep track and modify my monthly budget. In addition, if I need to write a quick note or, personal letter this App is great. I highly recommend it for an office suite that is easy to use.
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7 years ago, MVLDR
Good app
I love it overall. However, I wish the documents can close by automatically updating what was out in without asking to save every time I open it.
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2 years ago, Jamaebruton
I have been using Documents Pro for several years on my iPhone and iPad. After updating today, all of my documents are white text on a black background. If I copy the text and paste it in Microsoft Word it is still white. Printing a document is still white text. I am using IOS 15.1.2. I have many important documents that are suddenly rendered useless. Please help.
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2 years ago, Down 4fun
Very cool!
I use this app to keep all my song lyrics in one place. It's easy to use and has never let me down. I recommend it to everyone
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6 years ago, BaoTru
This is a great Editor that I enjoy so much. It's amazing that you can transfer files from PC to iPhone and vise versa though Wifi. The support is excellent too and it's free!
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4 days ago, The Browns 684
I love Documents Pro
The app works great for my needs. I can easily sort into folders and send documents from the app.
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1 week ago, Ms. Renee C
I’ve been using this app for years . Stored all my notes and documents . Highly recommend !
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6 years ago, Pug2Luv
Excellent app!
I love using your program to be able to store and send docs through my email...thank you!
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6 years ago, Willeto1106
All what you need
It allows you to do almost everything what the regular office does... and opens on all kind of docs...
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6 years ago, BusterBigDog
Great App to reviewing multiple documents
This is a great app for meetings. I download as many as twenty separate documents for committee meetings, these include multilayered spreadsheets and reports composed of several pages.
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4 years ago, open the door richard
Document Pro easy to use
I really like my Document Pro. I have used Doc Pro for years and have it on my iPad and iPhone love it.
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6 years ago, Judy&Mark
Best way to find a file!
If you use several online storage places, BUY this!
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6 years ago, japbmt
Very impressed!
I needed to copy and email a quote to a customer and didn't have access to a copy machine and this app allowed me to do that. Love it!
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5 years ago, Onehunsp
I've been using this App almost a decade and I would recommend it to any and all, novice or pro.
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7 years ago, Anonymously there
Great Application
I use it to keep scripts and schedules on my phone in case I ever forget the physical copies. It’s saved me more than once.
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7 years ago,
Organizing my files!!
I use Documents Pro almost daily to manage my files. Very vey impressed!
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1 week ago, V1CT0R_809
Like It
I have been using it for years. I like it. I write and save my work.
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7 years ago, Sharon Ca
Documents Pro is Awesome!
Documents Pro enables me to save and view documents with ease. Very user friendly and a necessity for the iPad.
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6 years ago, Dave Chevalier
I'm new to using the iPad but this really is very helpful. 5 years later still using still helpful!
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6 years ago, Easily bored .
5 years
Occasional glitch but I've been using this app for a long time and am pretty reliant on it for organizing files on my iPhone.
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2 years ago, Durvelle
What did you do?
I loved this app until you changed something to cause the font color to stop working . Erasing all my saved highlights and font colors on all my saved documents was not cool ! Please fix this! Then I will go back to five stars.
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7 years ago, Thisisaname
Google Docs
Works great with Google Docs, easy to install and access.
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7 years ago, Laurie Spencer
Awesome App!!
Who needs a bricks and mortar copy store? This app along with a good document scanner app makes working on the go a snap!
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7 years ago, Revillot1
Needs updating
Will only give me 50 lines to use. Sent an email asking what I need to do to get more lines, was told it has to do with an Apple upgrade and they have no idea on time frame to get patch fixed
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1 week ago, Wesqui
Very Good app
Its very useful for quick notes
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3 years ago, heinminn
Document pro
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6 years ago, Songbird07
Great App but...........
The app is not italicizing!! No matter how many times I try to. I will bold but it won't italicizes!! Can this please be fixed? Once it is, I'll give it a 5 star again!! Thanks
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7 years ago, نزيه ابونايف
I wanna know haw to use it so u told me to help you give me 5 stars
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9 months ago, Lotus Pink
Lost all my files
Been using for years. Today I opened the app and discovered that all my files are gone. Tried to reach out to developers but says site can’t be reached.
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6 years ago, Sad=app
Documents Pro
I really like this app, BUT right now, it appears to be locked by displaying four screens which appear to be the past four display screens before becoming locked. Any help would be appreciated and make this review a 5 star, Thanks!!
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6 years ago, Juggernot71
Good so far...except, after renaming, I have to restart the application to get a final result.
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7 years ago, Tracydelfeljohnson
Love it!!
Easy to use and easy to share docs.
Show more
2 years ago, Trishfrogs
It helped me out so much appreciate it thanks
It’s Trisha
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7 years ago, Mykemeister
Good app
This app been very helpful. Highly recommend it.
Show more
3 years ago, apostolic2019
Apostolic preacher
Its amazing i use it to write down for preaching
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7 years ago, ItsJustMe2011
Works Very Well
App does what is expected.
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2 years ago, 😂🙃🤭😘😥🙂😙🤬😇😨🤣😰😨😰
Don’t download this!
This does not allow you to edit you’re ios files.
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7 years ago, Wesmo1
It disappeared.
I would have given the app five stars, I used it weekly. But all the data I stored on it, passwords, etc., is GONE !! And like a fool, it’s been many months since I backed it up. Shame on me. Don’t trust this app!
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