Dog ID - Dog Breed Identifier

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Allen Tom
Last update
3 years ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dog ID - Dog Breed Identifier

4.08 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Godogamer
Good and Bad
I love this app,I truly do.I used it to find out what breed my male dog was, it said he was a highland white terrier mixed with poodle. I looked it up and it looked exactly like him! The bad thing is that even though it has your dog’s face it doesn’t work. I tried just doing my dog’s face but it didn’t work....Also you need the whole body (mostly) to get some info, that’s hard for me cause my dog is a one year old and he’s moves a lot. Either way, this app it pretty good!
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4 years ago, SillyJilly21
Run! Don’t waste your time!
This app is terrible compared to others. I had to try five pictures before the app could “detect” my dog. After all the hassle, it simply said there was a 50% chance she’s some sort of Terrier. She is obviously a Terrier, but I wanted to know a specific breed! This was useless and I will be deleting immediately. Go for the “dog scanner” app instead. I love how you can upload 5 pics at once to get a more accurate identification! Every pic worked and it gave specific breed percentages with tons of information to help you confirm the breed, such as weight, size, personality, colors, patterns, eye shape, and even specific ear dimensions! By reading the “dog scanner” app’s breed description, I was able to confirm many traits and feel fairly certain she is a Rat Terrier mix with a little Jack Russell Terrier. I was able to eliminate Toy Fox Terrier with the detailed size, weight, and coat information the “dog scanner” app provided. Who knows how accurate it really is, but I had fun and learned a lot! 80% dog breed match is good enough for me and beats paying $150 for a DNA test.
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3 years ago, dobrelife19
Not accurate
I tried this app on many of the dogs in my camera roll and one of them it said cocker spaniel, Labrador retriever and Newfoundland and it looks nothing like when I went to look it up. Also with my two dogs. One of them said 69.6 hound and 55.6 Dalmatian. Ik that not true. He is a mutt but he is a terrier of some sort. He has rat terrier characteristics and instincts but I was trying to figure out what other breeds could be in him and this app was so far off it made me angry. With my other one, it said she was 98.5% golden retriever with no other mixes however while the golden retriever is in her she is a mutt as well. She was rescued from Tennessee. There was another one that was clearly a blue Merle husky mix and it came back with 86.7% puppy, 67.3% hound, 58.6% golden retriever, 55.2% cocker spaniel, and 55.2 spaniel. As u can see it’s really not accurate
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1 year ago, SinglesSource.US
So much fun even if it’s not super accurate
I have a lot of fun with this app I volunteer at a animal shelter, and I like to scan the dog and get an idea of what type of breeds they may have in them and it helps because people that are looking to adopt a mixed breed dog have an idea of what type of temperament, personality, shedding, non-shedding, growth limits, etc. They want to know that information or at least to get a good idea of that information rather than adopting without knowing anything so this helps ! it’s not super accurate but it you got a 50-50 chance of probably finding out what type of dog you’re adopting, it’s a WIN!
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3 years ago, NesisBörella
I must have taken 20 to 30 pictures of my puppy. That’s not a very easy thing to do but somehow I got him to sit still in these pictures. One time I got told he was a corgi not possible. The next he was a Boston terrier again not possible. I got a few more small breed dogs before it started to tell me that I needed to hold the camera steady I don’t know how much steady you can get just sitting still not blinking not breathing. I for sure know that he is a medium to large breed dog simply because I know both his parents are a medium to large breed dog. I’ve seen them physically. His grandfather which was my mothers pitbull is a medium to large breed dog. I’m not sure where I got corgi Boston terrier and a few other small breed dogs from. This app is trash
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2 years ago, my user name spot219
Doesn’t work well (Read before downloading)
I first downloaded this app so that me and my friend could try to find out what breed of dog it was (we had no idea). I downloaded it the day before I went over, and decided to try it on my Samoyed because I was going to test it out. It told me the he was 97% ‘white dog’. I got quit confused, and googled if this was a real dog breed. As I had thought, no, ‘white dog’ is not a dog breed. Soon I forgot about it, and left to my friends. I took a photo of her dog, (just to clarify, her dog was about 11 years old, not very young). We got a 76% Mach for.. ‘Puppy’. This app almost never gives you real dog breeds. Would not recommend.
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6 years ago, RideWithTheWind
Not Accurate At All
I work at an animal shelter and have to identify dog breeds multiple times a day. We used another app to aid with dogs that were difficult to guess breed based on looks. Unfortunately said app was deleted. We tried this app on dogs that were very clearly one breed and it would give us something hilariously stupid. Such as one of our purebred Pit bulls was marked as a corgi. Kinda a big difference. Not to mention very VERY clear photos of the dog were apparently not clear enough for this app. Honestly this app is not at all reliable for dog breed identification. I do think the developers did a wonderful job on making the process quick and smooth when you select a photo. Didn’t take 5 minuets for it to guess wrong.
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7 years ago, #Quinn05
I finally found the breed of my dog!!
A couple of years ago my family took in a stray pup that wondered up to our house. We never could tell what breed he was, and we never cared to much, but I always wondered. Well I downloaded this app today, thinking it wouldn’t really work, and a took a picture of our dog. It popped Belgian malinois Dog. So I looked it up on the internet and the picture that showed up looked exactly like my dog. I read about its characteristics and it matched exactly!!!! So happy!!
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6 years ago, LeopardLover🐆
Don’t waste your time
This app is completely inaccurate! I have a mutt and a Australian cattle/blue heeler mix and I tested it on the Australian cattle/blue heeler mix (Jo or Josephine) and it said she was 80% hound dog and 20% German Shepherd! WHAT?! That’s not real it’s fake so don’t waste precious time and data. THEN, I kept trying and got different results every 2 times. So I decided, OK, well this is crap. But I want to see what they say Strider (my mutt) is. They said he was some Borsoie and white terrier thing. First of all, he’s a pretty large dog. HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A TERRIER! So I deleted the app. It’s a okay game to mess with but I was hoping it would actually be somewhat realistic. Lol, I thought wrong. I hope this information was helpful for those who read comments. 😂
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4 years ago, vksjhv
Thx so much!
I always loved my dog but I never knew which dog breed was he so one day I decided to google what breed is my dog and i found this app and i thought maybe it won’t work but (kind of) work it said my dog was something percent receiver and also something percent other dog breed (I don’t remember the breed name) so I googled it and it looked so much like my dog! Thx so much! I have a question can this also identify cat breeds? If it can pls answer me otherwise thank u SO much!
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6 years ago, Darkloud-sxm
Not entirely accurate but good
This app isn’t entirely accurate but it works fine for guessing breeds. I tried it on my purebred King’s charles and it guessed it was a 70% spaniel breed. I also tried it on a mixed breed and it gave me one answer of a Staffordshire bull terrier and one picture gave me a Appenzeller Mountain Dog. She’s mixed so maybe a part could be Appenzeller as her hair is short unlike her brothers. Maybe she’s a bull terrier and Appenzeller mix. Great app for fun but nothing would beat a DNA test for a mix.
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4 years ago, Winter and Grace
Could be better
I definitely think that the accuracy on the app could be better. Anywho, when I scanned my dog the first time, it was accurate and said “Puppy”. But I want to know the real breed of my dog. Also, many times, it said “No dog found.” I do not like this at all, please change this to make it more accurate. But instead of the bad, let’s talk about the good things. I think the logo on the app is very cute! It also tells you what it thinks the breed is, and tells you what percent match the breed it guessed is compared to your dog, which is very professional in my opinion.
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2 years ago, dog app Reviewer
My experience
So I was looking at dog apps and I came across this app. Note I already knew what type of dog my dogs are really I just wanted to see if this would actually work. It did not so one of my dogs is an English mastiff for the first try it said she was of hound she’s not hound, The second try it said she was a great Dane, and the third try it said she was a boxer. And my other dog is an English Springer spaniel Australian Shepherd mix and she is a smaller dog right. On the first try it said she was a American Shepherd and that is also what it said on the Second try. So I think I can confirm that this app does NOT work.
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6 years ago, stratinphx
It’s ok
The app doesn’t always recognize a picture of a dog when you upload it. I took several pictures of my dogs from different angles and the app would sometimes give a totally different answer than pictures from a another angle. With all the pictures I uploaded, I was able to come to consensus of a possible breed due to the amount of times it listed a certain breed. Not convinced the app is accurate so I will check with other apps to see if I get consistent results
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6 years ago, Half DNA
Accurate but needs good photo
It is accurate when you get a staged photo, like my dog sitting in even lighting and staring mostly at the camera, but I can’t get it to see a dog when I show a slightly dimmer version of the same photo. Darker colored dogs also seem to cause an error. Just raise your camera brightness and then take the picture.
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7 years ago, Arezhik
Worked pretty well
Obviously, it’s not perfect. I know my dog is a mutt (terrier, chihuahua, corgi mix). The first estimate was WAY off, but I didn’t have anything in the picture to help determine her size. Next I took a picture of her with her ball and it said 57% terrier. A bunch of following pictures said she was a corgi, and then back to terrier. Considering it’s figuring out the breed of your dog off a simple picture, I’d say that’s pretty good.
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12 months ago, 52515993
Rebeccas Paws & Claws
We get many displaced dogs. Dogs that have been dumped or thrown away like common trash. We vet and work with them to find new loving homes. Because we know almost nothing about them, their breed is often hard to identify. This app has really made it easy to do so. Just a wonderful tool for anyone in the rescue arena. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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5 years ago, No Sprint
Best Dog App Ever
Dog Identifier is too much fun and accurate to be free. I tried it on all my dogs as well as my relative’s dogs. I even got a bunch of dog pictures online to test how well it guessed the breed. It’s right 95% of the time, and when it’s not, it has something funny to say like “Not Dog, 87.7%.” Highly recommended for kids and grownups that love dogs and families looking for a dog. Get this app and you’ll be so happy you did!
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5 years ago, rosie.good.sweet.
Great and not so great
So when I put a pic of my dog it showed a breed then I showed another pic and it said something different so I was confused of witch to believe, then I showed it my other dog and it said a breed then I did the same dog different pic and it was the same breed and know I do not know is it great or not so great?
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3 years ago, myloveelli
Not good at all plz read
Ok, I downloaded this to help my friend because she found a stray dog, and she sent me some pics and it said that there was no dog! Than I tried a pic of my guinea pig, and it said it was a watch dog! Not accurate at all. Don’t waste your time with this app. It is not good at all. Than I tried it on my cat for fun and it said that is was a boxer! Which isn’t even accurate. Just don’t waste your time. Thanks for reading I hope it helped
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6 years ago, Pink love 34
My friend’s dog just had puppies and I was wondering if this app really works so I took a pic of one of the puppies (Pembroke Welsh corgi) and it showed up as, bet you wouldn’t have guessed, bulldog and a bunch of different terriers. So it doesn’t work on pretty young dogs, you have to wait until it grows more to use it. Giving it one more star than I would have because I’m sure it’s a good app for other dogs.
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4 years ago, Mendozachris
Not very functional
I put in about five or six different clear pictures and the application was not able to give me any type of breed suggestion. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and even when the picture is clear and shows the body clearly the algorithm can’t figure out what the dog is.
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3 years ago, Blondie@13
No stars
This app is a joke. First you have to take the absolute perfect picture for it to even register and I’ve gotten 4 different answers for what my dog is, all very different. Good thing I know she is a boxer or I would be horribly confused on how a French bulldog could get to be her size. What a waste of time and energy trying to get her to stay still long enough to get the “perfect “ picture. Don’t waste your time on this joke.
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3 years ago, cocovocivdfjbg
This is ok
The reason it is ok is because there was a stray dog at my friends house and I am crazy about dogs and know a lot she asked me what kind it was. I told her it was for sure a beagle mix. I looked up a beagle mix and it showed the exact one. I used this app to make sure and it said it was a sennenhounde I looked it up no matches so this app is ok.
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4 years ago, 625;),is
Great App!
Love this app. We got a dog from a shelter and didn’t know what he was. I tried another dog app and it came up with dogs I didn’t even look like my dog this was the only app that actually seem to work. They labeled my dog a bird dog and that is exactly what he looks like.
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4 years ago, iMThatWerk
I wanted to test to see how accurate your app is so I tested it on my dog whose breed is known already. Your app said that my American pit bull terrier was a Great Dane! Sorry this is not an accurate app! To top that off to get the app to give you the wrong answer you have to take a million tries at the picture even if my dog is sitting still and I’m not moving the camera it either does not see a dog at all which is just funny or it says this pic isn’t good enough!
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2 months ago, scrub bu lubbz
It’s a fun toy
But unfortunately that’s all. I ran like 15 pictures through of dogs I had relationships with(don’t judge) and about 4 were spot on. There were some I was really surprised it didn’t get also, it’s “breed” categories include “puppy” and “white dog”. Not breeds but often not even accurate.
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5 years ago, Mariposasilver
Impressed with this app!
Did in seconds what we have been trying to figure out for months and was spot on with what our dog looks like. Will definitely recommend.
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5 years ago, Animal Lover #29
This app is great! Read description 👇
This app has been really helpful in discovering more about my dog! She was a stray that someone picked up and gave to me. We never really knew what breed she was and decided she was a blue heeler mix, but now I know more and I’m excited!
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6 years ago, godsappointed1
Pretty accurate breed identifier no problem telling me what breed my dog is even though I already knew. But it also gave a percentage of a ancient breed of dog mixed in her blood line my Great Pyrenees has Kuvasz dog breed even though my dog is AKC registered the dogs are similar
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1 week ago, ch@-(
Cool but...
I took a picture of my 9yr old dog and she is obviously a Dauchsaund and I was wanting to know if she was anything else and the app told me that she was puppy, Chihuahua and hound which annoyed me. Also every time I changed the angle even the slightest, it changed a whole bunch of different breeds which made it hard for me to believe that it was the truth.
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12 months ago, HayDbby
This app is actually very accurate
It’s very accurate and if not it’s somewhat true bc I did it to be sure and it was right!
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4 years ago, CloverThePup
Kind of eh
Overall, I think it was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say it was exceptional. I downloaded another dog identification app, and both apps said that my dog was a different breed. I also tried it out on my friend’s dog, and it said he was something else, even though they already knew what he was. Yeah, I guess it was ok.
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5 years ago, Allisonheinen5
It’s pretty good
The app is fairly easy to use. The only down side is that it tells you to try a different photo or no dog detected way too much. You have to get your dog to sit still and look right at the camera. And unless your dog is trained really well, that’s almost impossible to do.
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3 years ago, century18
It was actually nice to know
I got a resue dog and I used this and I agree with what they said was her breeds. I thought maybe she was what they said when I got her.
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1 year ago, Miranda Lorraine YALL
Not worth the $$!!
I initially got this app for my one year old pitbull. I plan on doing a DNA test now because this app told me she was a bulldog with boxer. I also have two little dogs who came from the same litter, I did a DNA test on them, they have Papillon, Pekingese, corgi and Labrador retriever, those are the 4 brings that came back on the DNA test. This app said they were both Chihuahuas.🤪
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3 years ago, cristiareneecastle
Better Photo Always needed and Inaccurate
I took dozens of photos of my dog before finally giving up. She was standing perfectly still (she knows the Pose command for pics) and I tried several different angles but it always said “dog detected, better photo needed”. Waste of time. Just tried a photo of a different dog and it said our 30 pound curly tailed mountain cur is mostly Great Dane... has this app ever seen a Great Dane?
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6 years ago, Lola Crayola
Pet identification
I’m not sure if this app is accurate and it’s too costly to do lab work to confirm the dog breed but it is fun and it does match the picture of your dog with a breed that has similarities in its features and behavior.
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2 months ago, Mr. Doggy doo hopper
Doesn’t show type of human and is not accurate
Doesn’t show type of human and is not accurate dogs including my friends seat. I regret my decision to buy this app because it’s not worth it with the information it provides you.
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3 years ago, hump a leg
Dog id
Worked for me. Must have a clear picture and it was accurate. I’m impressed
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11 months ago, Kristine Hatton
These people don’t know anything
I used the same picture three times, and each time they said he was a completely different breed. And none were even close to what I know he is. He’s a Pitbull. I was just testing the app to see how accurate it is. It clearly isn’t even close.
Show more
6 years ago, InuRara
Isn't completely right but easy to use
It can tell some of the popular breeds but it can't tell a english bulldog from a french bulldog of from a mastiff so some glitches need fixed but it is easy to use so please fix it
Show more
7 years ago, Legoman12357
Very Helpful
I adopted a stray dog in 2011 and I always wanted to know what breed he was. I looked everywhere for some help, I then found it within this app. I recommend this app to any dog lover alike. 👍
Show more
5 years ago, MaxMysyk
Thank You!
My dad always told me that our dog was a mongrel but thanks to this app I finally get to prove my dad wrong! My dog is actually a Schipperke. Thank you for letting me know my dogs breed Dog Identifier!
Show more
3 years ago, dkskdmske
Wrong Dog Breed
I gave this app a simple test subject, my German shepherd which I know is 100% purebred and it said he was 50% German shepherd and 50% malinois. That’s not even close to what it should be. This is a simple dog breed and they couldn’t identify him. There must be flaws that are still in their coding, I love the concept but please fix the simple issues you still need to work out.
Show more
6 years ago, Rookat
Love it!
What a great little app. I didn’t believe my dog was what I was told when I adopted her. They said German Shepherd and Lab. This app came up with Manchester Terrier and I think that was the missing piece. Great app!
Show more
5 years ago, Caliblu66
Isn't this a dog? Please explain if it not. 🤨
I took several photos of my three small dogs. Every single one was very clear. The app would come back every time with the message " this is not a dog" so if it isn't, please explain to me what I have. Your app clearly needs a lot of work. Yes, I have submitted feedback with a photo clearly showing my Chihuahua.
Show more
4 years ago, DerickL
Very picky about which photos you can use
I tried at least a dozen different photos of my dogs, but the app was only able to analyze one. The breed prediction was mostly correct.
Show more
5 years ago, AwesomeKatie123110
Not sure
I had perfectly good photos of a dog and it said it needed a better photo each time I would try a different photo it would come up different then I would look up the dog and it wouldn’t be right it would be totally different
Show more
5 years ago, pipdogo
Not that great
I was trying to figure out what my dog was, I knew that she was part chihuahua and I thought maybe a basenji, but when I did it it said that she was a golden retriever, a corgi, and some type of terrier.😐 a few times it sad chihuahua dog but I need it to be more specific. Not very accurate
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