Dog Monitor

4.8 (2.5K)
35 MB
Age rating
Current version
TappyTaps s.r.o.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dog Monitor

4.75 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
3 years ago, rikuuyu
Great for Anxious Dogs!
My dog used to go to daycare, but he managed to get kennel cough and had to stay home. I wasn’t able to crate train him due to neighbors who kept complaining about the noise, so I let him free roam, but his anxiety made him tear my carpet. I was originally going to spend $100+ on a baby monitor or Furbo camera but decided to give this a shot instead. I use my iPad as the at-home camera (since my iPad and iPhone use the same Apple ID, I only had to pay for the app once!) and can check on my dog anytime while I’m away. It’s helping me crate train him and make sure he’s not hurting himself or destroying anything while I’m gone. I can talk to him when he cries and tell him to stop when he starts anxiously chewing on something. It also alerts me to any sounds he makes and you can adjust the microphone sensitivity; I recommend setting it a bit lower if you’re crating your dog because on “high sensitivity” I got notifications if he moved and bumped the side of the crate (which is very often). I also love that you can close the app on your phone and come back to monitor later instead of having to constantly have it open on both devices. For $5, if you already have two devices, I think it’s a great app!
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5 years ago, TGNY2012
Thank you! Thank you!!!
This is an update: This app eventually helped me better get along with my neighbors!!! My dog used to “cry” when I was away and my neighbor kinda complained. I bought this app to use for both my iPhone and my mac (priced separately), I literally corrected my dog’s “problem” by talking to him whenever I heard him “crying”. Took me some effort but eventually he stopped crying and I was so thankful that this was even possible! I definitely recommend every dog owner to have some kind of monitors like this app so you can help change your dog’s behaviors when he/she is home alone. That way your dog will become more likable and welcome not only to your neighbors but also to you and your family. Original 1 star review (YEARS AGO while the app was pretty new): I like this app, great concept and I purchased it for both my iPhone and my mac, I'm giving it 1 star for 2reasons: 1) because it keeps showing a message / envelope icon with a number badge on it on the app's initial screen and doesn't let user dismiss or let it go away! You don't force users to read what you want us to read, that's annoying! 2) no matter how hard I try, I can't video stream on my LTE network. Video only works on Wifi, despite I've already enabled it in settings.
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3 years ago, SKMK2030
Get this app
I cannot believe how much this works for separation anxiety. I have recorded my dog on my iPad while I’m away and she would cry and wait by the door the whole time. With the app’s voice feature I can call out my dog’s name while I’m away and comfort her with my words. As soon as I left and said her name and words of assurance she went to her bed and slept. Every 30 minutes I called out her name and comforted her and it was clear she knew it was me because she would look toward the camera, and then go back to bed. Of all the expensive crap I buy to make my dog happy, this $5 app is one of the most effective and best things for my dog. Thank you to the developers who clearly work ahead and listen to the reviews. I can see that they listen to past complaints and continue to improve their app. That is all you can ask of an app developer and they clearly go above and beyond.
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5 years ago, jeeenah
Not sure what I’d have done without this...I have
An injured mini dachshund, named Sugar💝. She has spinal issues in her neck. I almost thought I was going to have to make the worst decision of my life. But, She is finally pulling out of it...albeit slowly. But I was able to watch her from work, and see that, when she was starting to feel better, she was trying to crawl over the fence in her little pen that I secured her in. I was able to call family in to go to the house and take care of things. I never would have known this was going on, nor would I have been able to monitor her pain threshold. I’ve also been able to see my other dachshund, pepper -as well, and how she reacts when my sugar is in confinement. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without this app. I’m happy to say she is on the mend and I hope it stays that way! This app is a LIFESAVER⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, Cardellamj
Would give 5 stars if...
This app is absolutely incredible for the price! If you already have a second device, like an iPad that stays at home during the day, then this is way better than buying those other expensive products! I can see my dog all day, and even talk to him to tell him to stop chewing his bed if I need to! It also alerts me if he is being noisy (can be turned off). I only have one issue with this app...if you want to keep the camera running and monitor your dog all day it lowers the sound on all your other apps drastically. The only way to raise the volume is to stop monitoring your dog. So unfortunately I have to start and stop the monitor all day while I am using my phone and hopefully remember to put it on again when I’m done. That being said for $5 this is a great way to check on your pets throughout the day! It would be perfect if it did not effect the volume of all other apps while running.
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5 years ago, mdswans
Great App!
I never review apps. But I can’t help but rave about this app and how much it has helped! We recently moved into a new condo. My 7 year old Yorkie Mix was having troubles adjusting, and barking at all hours of the day and night. I went out and bought everything I could think of to curb this new behavior, while realizing it was just the environment change she was adjusting to. I’m taking all of that back after downloading this app. It’s so easy to use and has been 100% effective. When she starts to bark, I open the app and tell her to stop and she stops. It also gives me piece of mind seeing that she isn’t sitting there barking all night, just on occasion when she hears a strange noise. I am much happier knowing and my neighbors seem much happier that she isn’t barking uncontrollably.
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6 years ago, Only smart person here
Great concept but needs a lot of work
I get the purpose and I understand why a lot of people like this app. Don’t get me wrong, I like the app and its intent. However, my biggest gripe is it’s notification feature. As mentioned by others, it’s really annoying to have actual noise coming from the Dog Station go through your phone. I get that there is a solution for that by muting it in the settings and still get normal device notification sounds. But here’s the thing, that is not the reason why I’m not giving this 5 stars. This app is required to be running in the background in order to get notifications. For most, our batteries can’t afford to have apps like this running all day. I want to love this app and continue to use it. But until you guys figure out a way to still get notifications without the app running in the background, I’ll have to stick with Alfred. Maybe you guys should ask them how they figured it out.
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3 years ago, pixelbased
Great app for keeping tabs on my puppy who has separation anxiety
Really love the features here as it lets me listen and watch my puppy. Wondering if a few features could be implemented? 1. A sound only mode - I’ve been covering his crate lately and just use the app for listening in on him. And could it run with the screen off? I feel like screen on is a security concern. 2. Fix the Bluetooth problem. It seems Bluetooth runs over phone call versus Bluetooth. Example being, when I’m in my Tesla, the incoming sound goes through the phone and then makes my music very low. 3. When the puppy barks or cries, can the app automatically send out a series of sound clips? I have some recordings that say “it’s ok, go sleepy” and “you’re a good boy, time for nappy!” And it would be great if the app could proactively play those commands in some random order. He calms down when I click play on the sounds but an intuitive way of doing it would mean less of my anxiety when trying to fumble a sound to play him in the event I do catch him making noise. For some reason I don’t get all the alerts all the time. Only some of the time. These would make this an absolute 5 star app for me. Thanks for the hard work and great app!
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10 months ago, gabbi1999lol
5 stars well worth the money
I love this app I was trying so hard to find something I could monitor my cats on, I tried zoom first because I have an iPad I could use for the second hand device- but zoom only does 1 hr meetings w/out subscription. this is a one time payment and you can watch your pets live with a good connection, you can talk to your pets and comfort them which was really nice for me because two of my cats are very anxious and will wait at the door for me while I’m at work. It makes me so upset knowing they miss me and I’m so happy because I just tried saying” I’ll be right back” this morning and they were fine for hours , like they thought I was still in the home somewhere. love this app thank you !
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5 years ago, marandalee
Great App for checking in...
If you are a working dog mommy or dad, this is perfect... Its easy to setup. I use my iPad & Mac Pro as dog stations & my iPhone as a person station. Be sure to have all devices plugged in, this app drains the battery fast..if you plan on connecting your Mac as a station, you'll have to pay again. However you only pay once for iOS systems.. My yorkie is a constant paw licker & this is great for monitoring & telling him to stop... funny how he looks around wondering where my voice came from... You can also record your voice & give voice commands. I use the recorder to sing He loves it... really wish the camera was two way, so he could see me as well. But for the price, I can't really complain!!
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2 years ago, Pierre Lourens
Overall great
For the most part, this app provides exactly what I need. I use it to monitor my dog, who has separation anxiety. The one issue I have is that when I mute the sound, I’d like to be able to listen to sound from other apps. For example, when I’m at the gym and can’t come home anyway, I’d like to listen to music but maintain the log of noises from my dog. When I mute the dog monitor app and try to play music, it comes through garbled. An alternative would be able to have two streams of audio simultaneously, but I don’t know if iOS supports that. Update — thanks for the developer response. I’ll just add in case it is useful to anyone who happens to have an Apple Watch, I figured that I can use my Apple Watch for music streaming while dog monitor is on my phone.
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5 years ago, kennieruth
Great for the price
This app gives me so much peace of mind. Our Havanese puppy isn’t loud or rambunctious, so I don’t normally use continuous monitoring, just check in through the day. It doesn’t drain my battery, and I’m able to see that she’s just as boring during the day as I want her to be. I have also been able to use continuous monitoring when she was sick, and I could tell if and when I needed to send someone over to check on her. The video quality isn’t the greatest, especially when she’s moving around - sometimes there’s two of her on the screen, which looks a little paranormal. But for the price of this app, which is a tiny fraction of what a high quality pet cam would cost, I am delighted.
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6 years ago, gStarNY
It works, and it works well!
This app is perfect. It works, which is obviously great, but it works really well for the price. I put it on my windowsill, facing my living room, and it catches every bark and movement my dog makes. You can put the alerts on silent and your phone will vibrate when he barks (if you want this setting on). It was great because while at a wedding, he began barking because we were running a bit late getting back to him, I speaking to him through the microphone and he stopped! The microphone worked perfectly. So if you have an additional wi-fi ready device that you can leave home then your in business. Get this, it really really works!
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1 year ago, Chrisabi
Peace of mind
I figured I’d try out this app to see if it would be worth the investment of buying an actual dog monitoring camera. I figured since I already had my iPad at home while I went to work, I could try that out first. Turns out, I don’t even need the fancy, expensive dog camera. This app is awesome and exactly what I needed!! I can monitor my dog while at work and even give her some commands, if needed. Mostly I just use it to pop in on her randomly throughout the day and watch her sleep for a few seconds. Highly recommend this app! No issues or bugs.. works incredibly for price point!!
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2 years ago, ki ki mom
Works great! Easy to use
Now I can leave and see what is happening w extra phone docked at house while away. We have it taped on a tall lamp looking at kitty condo. So even though away she wont feel totally alone. Dog is at boarding but thought she would be calmer at house w someone checking in a few days. Our signal is not greatest at house so it took a bit f fidgeting w location to get best signal for on demand live feed. It will go into photo mode if signal is low. Best to set up Before vaca so you can test and get settings right. Don't forget to plug in phone when you leave.
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3 years ago, Abbbsterrr
This app saved my life
My dog is 11 then when he was about eight or so we finally found this app. Before this app existed I couldn't leave him alone in a new place for about a year despite trying my best with training, And using every recommended practice possible. With this app I've been able to travel with my dog and it has made moves possible as well. It has literally changed my life, 57 thumbs up. My dog is so comforted when I’m able to talk to him if he is freaking out, and this app makes it possible and doesn’t charge 200 bucks for it.
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3 years ago, 1derlands
So far it’s been a game changer
My dog as a Covid puppy has had a lot of issues with separation anxiety now that I have to go into work. This app has been a game changer on her experience. It works well on my old iPhone and I am able to speak, watch, and listen to her while I’m away. She is receptive to my voice and will calm down and stop barking when I jump on and talk to her. I looked up dog monitors from places like petco and Chewy and all seemed to be quite expensive with mixed reviews. A 5 dollar app and some resourcefulness on my part has gone a long way.
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3 years ago, rivernews
Does it’s work, love it!
No issue pairing devices, checking live video, no app crash. Also the power saving measures are really awesome, because initially I use my iPad camera plus airplay to do the monitor work, but the battery drain so fast such that even a power adapter can’t catch up the power consumption, then the battery just died out. The only thing I complain is the iPad camera is not enough to cover the entire room I want to monitor. So I’ll probably settle for another device that has a camera to provide more angles. Not a problem with the app. The price was worth it!
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7 years ago, New dog mom
Works well and helps with my separation anxiety
At first I didn't like that you have to pay $5 for each device you download this on but after doing so and using this App I think $10 is an absolute steal. I just adopted a puppy and work 30 mins from my apartment 8:30-5 so it's been hard being away from him. I set up my computer to face his crate and check in on him every couple of hours. He's usually just snoozing. I have not figured out how to talk to him through my computer yet but I think that would freak him out anyway. Get this app it's awesome!!
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5 years ago, former barky-pants
Wonderful and easy to use!!
I have a pup with separation anxiety issues and, according to upstairs neighbors, he used to bark like crazy when I left him. I got the app to use while training (I’d leave and come back over and over starting with just leaving for a minute and working my way up) I used the app to watch and make sure I came back before he got too stressed. He’s doing great! Now I use it for peace of mind so I know that he is resting quietly while I’m out. And if he wasnt I would know and could help him! Using iPhone 6 as dog station and iPhone SE as person station.
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5 years ago, La Vita Bella
What Is With ALL THE Interruptions?!!
This App has twenty different interruption’s in ONE DAY?! Alerts that tell you something is terribly wrong with a big RED SCREEN-CAUTION 🚫and then say it’s “Shutting Down” ❓❗️AND Video Is too SLOW⚠️ and RESTARTING VIDEO ⁉️ BUT THEN you push a button or two and EVERYTHING is FINE ⁉️⁉️Another SIGN says OVER and OVER ❌That there’s a problem with the PET STATION sign so you go check (Lunch Break, Night Time Etc...and AFTER ALL THAT, It starts working just fine?! AND-You have to BUY THIS APP for EVERY SINGLE DEVICE‼️It’s more expensive than the usual apps and I bought two but my husband and I would like them on our other devices‼️We PAID ENOUGH for THEM‼️I don’t like writing these reviews, but this one is driving us crazy, and now we have to find one THAT WORKS‼️Yeah, Not Happy esp. when my animals are scared or if they get hurt‼️
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2 years ago, OkieInCO
Worth every penny!
This is such a great app for monitoring a dog. We use it to help our neighbor watch his old guy. We use an old i-Pad as the “dog station,” and more than one of us is able to access it to see how the old pup is doing. If he’s distressed, then we can run next door to help. It has given us and our next door neighbor friend new-found peace of mind, being able to check in, or keep the app running to be alerted if the dog is barking or moving around. Six thumbs up from me, my wife and our neighbor!
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6 years ago, lms88308
Worth every penny!
I downloaded this app when we first adopted our senior rescue dog because he didn’t react well to being crated and I wanted to keep an eye on him. Since then I have used it when I go to work to make sure not only my dog is safe, but my house, too! I have never had a problem with this app and am so grateful that I found it. I’m not one to rate apps- but I believe this is one of the most useful tools I have found for my iPhone/iPad and saved me from having to spend a ton on a camera. So happy with this app and the peace of mind it gives me!
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6 years ago, straeg
10/10 for this app!!!
I don’t like to pay for an app, but this was the best $4.99 I’ve spent on an app. I work during the day and I got an informal complaint from a neighbor in my apartment complex that my dog barks all day. I only had to use this app for one day to know that it’s not my dog because using this app I can tell my dog sleeps all day. I use my iPhone at work and use my iPad as as “dog station.” I’m going to set up an older iPhone that just uses WiFi for another view because I just like checking up on her now. 10/10 for this app!!
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4 years ago, kathyy.lee
First there are a lot of features that this dog monitor has that other apps do not have. However, it is very inconsistent, even with strong wifi. It disconnects VERY often and there are many times where you can’t see your dog. You can only listen. I also noticed that you can listen to your dog through “Every Noise” but you can’t listen to your dog while watching your dog. Maybe it’s a glitch... The app lags pretty often as well. I have a elderly dog so when I want to check up on them often. The first couple hours works perfectly fine and then it stops working. Sometimes it states that it does not work but if you keep crossing the app out, you can see your dog. It’s just frustrating because I want to see them the first time..
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3 years ago, DuchessVictoria77
Works awesome!!!!
We used this to keep an eye on our fur baby while traveling. We left our MacBook Air in the hotel room using hotel WiFi. And could check in our our pup using 5G on the iPhone 12. It worked effortlessly. No connection issues. We were able to watch him and listen in at any time. It allowed us to relax and enjoy our time away from the hotel room. It was well worth purchasing the app for both devices. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Lydy09
A big help with our new puppy!
I have been contemplating buying a monitor for a while for our puppy (Mochi) since I will have to start leaving her at home when I go back to work. This is the best $5 I’ve spent. I have an iPad and an old iPhone that I’ve linked up with this app so I now have a full view of the space we let her play. It’s been really helpful watching her on my phone when I’m cooking or when she’s trying to get into things I don’t want her to. It’s easy to set up and saved me lots of money, I’m sure. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Markeyymarc
Good but has a few bugs
This a good app for the price. You can’t beat $5 dollars to watch your animal. With that being said mine has an issue where it will show a picture at times rather than a video or it will say “Unable to start video on Dog Station - it seems as if the Dog Station is in sleep mode or running in background mode. This is a restriction of IOS - it is not possible to use the camera when the device is in sleep mode.” I have a brand new ipad pro that is set up to not auto lock. I have no clue why this says that. Hopefully I can get some guidance on how to fix this issue. It happens every so often.
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4 years ago, dogmom29
love it!
love the app. one thing that would set it to five stars... it would be fantastic to be able to get a daily report emailed. i live in a multi-unit building and am always nervous that folks will accuse my pups of being too loud (from past experiences before i found this app) and it would be great to have a record of the activity log which shares the times of noise and length. then i could be like “it was only two seconds!” Update: You can already do this and the developer was kind and taught me how! Five stars!
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6 years ago, Ahumaydan
Like the app but notifications are unbearable!
I just go the app a few days ago. The app is so great for watching my dog while I’m away. However, the notifications won’t stop! Every peep he makes my phone vibrates and the sound plays through my headphones. I have notifications turned off and i still vibrates. Can’t it just keep the log and I can check in as needed? UPDATE: To stop the phone from vibrating, there is a setting under advanced settings in the app. Now this is definitely a 5 Star app!!!
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6 years ago, NicBoo12
I want to love it.
The concept is good the app is ok. I find all of the features useful and helpful in dealing with my dog’s separation anxiety, but all of the features don’t work all of the time. I’m only able to connect to the video 50-70% of the time. How does one of the main features of your app only work half of the time?? It’s pretty frustrating when I’m trying to see if talking to my dog through the app is helpful or not. Also, I went through about a week when the recordings in the activity log were blank. Also annoying. I’ve tried to contact customer support, but have yet to hear back from anyone.
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4 years ago, AmandaaJoyy
Love it!
Only just started using this app, and I love it! Seriously gives me so much peace of mind being away from my babies while out of town. I have checked it a couple times now and it works fantastically. I can see them, I can play prerecorded messages, and I can even just touch a button and talk to them. I paired my iPad and my old phone, so I can switch between both screens from my phone. I recommend this to anyone wanting to see what their babes are up to while away. Best $5 spent!
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4 years ago, chriscita
I like this app, but would love a feature tweak
This app is great for keeping an eye on your dog without the outlay for a Furbo camera. I would like to see a small tweak to the “hear all sounds feature” so I could hear and see the live video at the same time. Currently, to hear all sounds, you need to go to a screen without video. Otherwise, it’s been really helpful with keeping an eye on my dog while I’m not at home. Update: still loving this app and would love to be able to hear all sounds while seeing video, but otherwise keep up the good work, DogMonitor team!
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5 years ago, tedcomp
Great app!
I like this app so much that this is the first time I am writing a review! Easy to use and set up. Wife is away and can can check in with pups from 1000 miles away, while I can make sure they are not getting into trouble from work. I set up one angle with my Mac and another with an old iPhone. Really easy! Only “complaint” (not really) is that I had to purchase 2 versions, one for the MacOS and one for iOS. But, still, less than $10?!?! And, so far, it has been very reliable. Thanks!
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6 years ago, OrganizedEffect
Great App!!
This app is great for monitoring our handsome Doggo. The main reason we downloaded this is to use in an upcoming hotel stay. We’re leaving or dog in the hotel room in the evening for dinner, or an afternoon museum run. He’ll be in the room very little by himself, but we need to know if he’s making noise or anxious so we can come home early. This is literally the perfect app for this purpose as I can just set my iPad up to monitor and check in while we are out. Chances are we will become lifetime users at home too!
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4 years ago, jenni & merle
This app is a game changer. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pet web cam, this app does all that for a fraction of the cost. You can gave multiple log-ins, so the whole family can watch Fido while he is home alone. We recently got a new puppy who is crate training and Dog Monitor has relieved all my anxiety about leaving him home alone. I can check in on him at any time and know he is doing well and not driving my neighbors crazy!
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3 years ago, marleerusl
Helps me monitor my pup, needs a change
I enjoy this app overall. I have a puppy with separation anxiety, so this helps me monitor her while I’m gone. However, my biggest complaint is how the “noisy / resting” feature. If my dog barks for 10 minutes, it won’t say “Dog was noisy for 10 minutes.” Instead, I will have separate times for each bark. If she stops or takes a breath, it stops timing. Then when she starts, it says she was noisy. This would be a much nicer if it said the total time noisy, rather than 50 different, 5-60 second entries.
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2 years ago, lakat18
Traveler’s Dream
We almost always bring our dog when we travel and have used this app for years for easy monitoring when we need to leave the dog in the room to go somewhere that dogs are not allowed. It has saved us from receiving any calls or complaints that we left a noisy dog in a hotel room. The dog appreciates hearing our voices and seeing our faces when we check in.
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3 years ago, Alina Michelle
This app is a lifesaver
I use my iPad as the dog monitor station and my phone to view the camera. I love that I don’t need to buy a camera or extra hardware to monitor my dog when we step out. I watch dogs often and having the extra piece of mind that guest dogs are ok when we go out to lunch or run an errand helps with my anxiety a lot. I’ve been using this app for years and love recommending it to my clients.
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6 years ago, Nursie12
Perfect for rv
Use this in our class a motorhome to watch our three dogs. Leave one phone there (as dog monitor” and use another as the “people” monitor when we are out and about. Can talk to the dogs, watch there actions and notified when the dogs are “noisy”. Can move screen up down and around to see all areas. Even able to send prerecorded messages with touch of a button. Works perfectly!!
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5 years ago, emb dog mom
Great but volume control very inconvenient
I love the app to get notifications when my dog is being noisy and see what she’s doing, but I don’t appreciate that it has started to seemingly disregard my iPhone’s volume setting. I shouldn’t have to worry that I’ll have a noise pop up if my phone is on silent and my volume all the way on mute. This seems to be a result of recent updates as it was not this way originally. Now there appears to be a mute feature but why can’t it use my phone’s volume.
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7 years ago, puff_daddy61
Great product, great value!
I've been using Dog Monitor consistently, every day for over a year now, to keep tabs on my rescue dog who arrived with anxiety issues. Being able to check in on him when I'm out of the house has helped abate MY anxiety! The camera view is relatively high quality, given that I'm using my laptop's camera, and using my phone to watch the dog couldn't be easier. And all for one low payment!
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6 years ago, Inertias
As someone with a dog with separation anxiety, this was a great purchase. Definitely better than the two hundred I had planned to spend on a camera. There is some connectivity issues but I can usually get a picture of her if not the livestream. I do wish it saved the mute option between opening and closing the app tho, I don’t think the whole office needs to hear the radio I leave on for my dog.
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3 years ago, sfrunz
Great idea, but needs a little work
This is the app I have been looking for. Being able to be notified whenever my dog howls is extremely helpful and love that I can interact with her in real time. The only downfall (which is honestly a major one for me) is that you cannot use any other apps that play music while using it. I have a long commute to work so not being able to listen to music or podcast in order to keep this one going is super inconvenient and hopefully something that gets updated in time.
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2 years ago, Mikayla K
Helped so much getting dog used to being home alone
This is such a game changer to getting my dog adjusted to her new place after a move, and getting adjusted to being left alone. She now relaxes almost entire time I’m at work, and it’s so comforting for me to see that. This app is exactly what I needed, using old iphone SE as the camera station to leave at home.
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6 years ago, TEVAC
It’s a good app...
I’m giving it 5 stars because I feel like it deserves it. It works. Now I wish they had other features. My mom would love to see her grand pups, but because we don’t leave close to each other, she can’t see them. I’ve been using it for over a year so it would be nice for them to update the FAQ’s Still think it deserves 5 stars because it does exactly what they described.
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1 year ago, albelnun
A great app for puppies
I work full time and my puppy has to stay in a crate for a few hours every morning. This app gives me peace of mind and allows me to check in on her. I can talk to her when she is crying and she settles down right away. I also love the flashlight feature in case it’s cloudy one day and it’s super dark in the room. Definitely worth $5!
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7 years ago, omskivar
This app is a lifesaver.
We use this all the time. We set up our iPad at home and can check on our dog from our iPhones. Both my wife and I bought the app, but it's totally worth it. Our dog has some separation anxiety issues so it's amazing to be able to watch him. The pre-recorded commands, which we can play with the push of a button, always help our guy calm down. Love this app!
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5 years ago, JOSENARIE
I’ve used other dog apps but this is far the best one !!! I can see clearly and even has an HD option, my dog can clearly hear me too and knows where to find me when I call him on the dog app! Absolutely love it ! I would recommend adding other things to the app like it being able to keep the recording and than automatically deletes on itself after two days so I can go back and watch what my dog did but overall it is a good app!
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6 years ago, Edwardluvr222
Puts my mind at ease!
I just got a new puppy and although my partner and I take turns who goes home to take care of him every couple of hours, I wondered what he was up to during those times he is alone. The quality is great and for only 4.99 I’m able to spy on my puppy! Turns out he just sleeps most of the time 😂 I am definitely going to recommend this app to other dog parents!!!!
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