Dog Sim Online: Build A Family

4.5 (10K)
94 MB
Age rating
Current version
Turbo Rocket Games
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dog Sim Online: Build A Family

4.51 out of 5
10K Ratings
4 years ago, NegativeWolf
I can’t say much it’s a great game, but I do have some suggestions. Now like in WildCraft you have the option to put accessories on your animals it would be interesting to see stuff like, collars, harnesses, muzzles and stuff a real dog would have. Also I think different houses or maps would be cool. Like for houses you would have to buy them with coins, the more expensive the house the bigger it is. For the maps I think there should be different seasons and each map (or season) there should be different bosses because for like winter the bear could be replaced with a wolf or something because Bears hibernate. Also here’s some stuff I’m to lazy to write about how it would be because it’s pretty self-explanatory, chests (like in WildCraft) an option to claim your Territory and for there to be this one mode where you would have missions to help police, army, firefighters, medics and you would need a certain dog like firefighters would have a Dalmatian or cops would have German Shepherds same thing as army so on or you could have missions to cause trouble or escape the pound or destroy the house. Btw can you add more dog breeds or have the option to choose a breed then choose the colors of the fur tongue eyes pads claws inside of ears just so people can be more creative overall the game is awesome I love it definitely download it and if you play with your friends it’s even better. Thanks for taking the time to read this have a great day/night ~NegativeWolf
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4 years ago, Hawkfall
Changes, updates, whatever you call them.
Ok, so i started playing WildCraft and was really happy about it, then I see this game, it’s by the same people as WildCraft and I like dogs, so I got it. But... you don’t have the clothes, or a changeable den, and I’ve noticed that most of the prey I kill isn’t edible, it just runs off and vanishes, plus I only get one meat out of anything. And my mate never eats, plus there’s prey in the racecourse thing, but it is very annoying that I can’t get inside, I needed to kill a rat, but the only rats were inside the racecourse! Also the skins are very expensive, make like elixir or something like that for getting skills, coins for getting skins but lower priced, customizable dens, make dens be like the WildCraft dens, a portal thing and a empty house. And also what’s at the top of the stairs?. No one knows because we CANT GO UPSTAIRS, so if your going to make the house like that make it one story or let us up upstairs. Also could you make a pet thing, but there may be that already, so correct me if I’m wrong. Also can you make it so that instead of different areas on one map have different worlds, each with a map. And this is the same on WildCraft, I cannot play multiplayer now. But I like the game, these improvements I think would make it better so i give 5 stars.
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5 months ago, D3MMAPL3S_101
Greatest Game I’ve ever seen ever in my entire life ever
When i begun playing this game, i was but a wee lad, barely potty trained. I was still temporarily in diapers. But that all changed on one beautiful day when i stole my mee maws cell phone and downloaded this amazing game. I was immediately hooked, putting in over 50,000 hours in just 2 weeks. I couldn’t put the game down. It turned into an addiction, i started only being able to eat and drink water while playing dog simulator. Now I can’t even take a shower in the morning without playing dog simulator through my waterproof case. I started acting like the dogs in the game and when I found out that dogs are actually real animals I was ecstatic. I bought 16 of them and split them into groups of 4. The dogs took turns bumping lines and fighting to the death. I was eventually arrested for dog fighting and animal cruelty, my last wish before I am executed on death row is to play this amazing. game 1 more time. Words truly can’t describe how much this game means to me, thank you guys for making such an amazing incredible totally radical cool awesome epic legendary game. I can finally mark down the last question on the rice purity test. 🍆🐶💦
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4 years ago, AlinaAlphaWolf
My opinion and request
So my problem is getting into multiplayer, every time I goto join or create an game it will load until the ding in loading the it will bring me back to my home screen of my tablet. And a nother thing I will like is to be Able to play as a puppy in multiplayer because every time I goto put pick a character it only shows the adults not the babies so I would like that fixed I don't know if that's a problem for anyone else but it is for me, And a nother request is to add clothes,collars,hats,and actions for the characters just like wildcraft and also and more dens and maps because then their can be new bosses in the different world just like wild craft and add stuff for us to buy for our den like beds and stuff like Wildcraft. And the reason I'm asking is for you guys to make this similar to Wildcraft because due to my update on my tablet is currently I cannot get the newest update because I cannot afford it so I want to make it similar to Wildcraft and I also thought it will be really cool for others .and finally my opinion on this game is 100% a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️star game I really like it and I like it,and I would wrecommend it to my friends and family
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2 years ago, Turttldove
Great but idea
What if there are challenges such as: dog pounds can find you and you can either run away attack or accept the prison, if you go to the dog prison humans will look at you and if one adopts you, they will take you to their home! Oh! And! If you come home or find your owner on the streets with a bad health condition, he/she will take you to the vet where depending on how low the health is the vet will either try to help you or put you down. If you get put down it will be just like normal dying accept you have to go through the pound and stuff again but you will still have same level mate and babies! Also, if you tap on your owner there can be options like: food bowl (puts food in your bowl.) water bowl (puts water in your bowl) pets (makes owner pet you) treat (owner throws a treat at you) play (owner will toss a toy) and lastly hold (owner will hold you and you can control the owner until you press put down (it only appears when the owner is holding you) and owner will put you down (not as in killing way they are just putting you down)
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4 years ago, Fun but fix it
This game is fun overall and I like the whole idea of the game, so I recommended to my friend so we could FaceTime and play at the same time and defeat other animals together it was fun until the problems started happening. One was that every time I was in the middle of playing the game with my friend it would exit me out and say connection timed out even though I had WIFI the entire time. This would happen every time I played in multiplayer mode. Another problem was that half the time it change my location without me changing it. Another major issue was that half the time I would have to reload the app over 10 times for it to even let me choose a multiplayer game. One major problem that I also ran into was I was moving my character but on my friends screen it wasn’t moving and also when she couldn’t see me I could attack other animals but they didn’t even notice me. The last major issue I had was that it often got rid of my friend from my friend list and often changed her name in the game later I had asked her and she said she never changed it. Over all I really like this game but these aspects kind of make it hard to play and enjoy. If these issues are fixed the game will be perfect.
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2 years ago, cool swag sky
Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your games! Me and my sister play dog sim all the time, but we would also like just a few changes! 1. I know you have worked really hard on the dog breeds but the Golden Retriever literally looks like a walking yellow ball of fur! There are NO DETAILS TO THE DOGS! Please Please Please make the dogs look more like wildcraft animals! 2. Could WE PLEASE BE ABLE TO HAVE MORE THAN 2 PUPS in real life dogs can have up to 20 pups but we can only have 2!!!! That is not acceptable for me 3. Could there be a dog catcher please? It would be so so so so FUN and we would have to run away and hide! 4. Please make worlds like in wildcraft, So there could be like maybe a winter world or like a world with like a bunch of bosses that we can defeat! 5. Please make another den like we could have a den in the neighborhood and then we could have one in the forest or beach and we could decide which one we want to sleep in! Thank you for reading Turbo Rocket Games I LOVE your games and hope you like some of my ideas 😀👋
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1 year ago, The queen rater🦊🐶🐩🐕🌈😍✅😀
The reason for four star review.
The reason I did a four instead of a five, is because I really really love the game, But if I could change the game I would just a little bit, first of all I wish there could be like kind of like what wild craft had like we could go to different parts in the world like maybe it would be fun if we had a jungle too or winter the snow lands or things like that. The second reason, is that any time I tap on like my tag her to find out things it always takes me into an ad I’m just glad that it’s safe because it says it’s safe ads. I wish it didn’t have ads at all. and third, it’s kind of blurry so you can’t really like tell some of the faces of the character just some of them like the humans the hunters. And last, when I go around the house my family gets stuck in the houses on the wall and then it freezes and then it takes a while and then you have to go either to bed or you have to run fast and get away from it and then they will eventually get out. and that’s why I gave this a four-star review.
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6 years ago, mommieshauna
Dog shelters or dog catcher? Vet? My dog,
Make an update that their are dog catchers and if u get hit 3 times the dog catcher gets u in a net and puts u in a truck he drives u to a pound that u can only get to by being caught and u have to try to escape also make u can be a human in the game and u can adopt dogs breed and other stuff make a vet place too it be easier for role play and make u can a dog shelter where humans with out a net witch is how u can tell if dog catcher or shelter\ he or she will give u 2 or 3 burgers then he or she will have lead then they will lead u into the lead with the burgers when u try to eat them they will catch u then u will be put in the back of their care they will give u food and water and u get taken to the vet then a shelter soon or later u can escape or get adopted. Plz add this this would make the game more fun more choices and bigger make more dogs too plz make hybrids make and make that u can choose the fur marking, colors of the breed u picked, also I have a dog a dog I have had since i was 6, it would be an honor if you would add a Great Pyrenees and a Anatolian Shepherd,
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6 years ago, kikithepitbu
Dog Sim Improvements
Hello, I’m really sorry to bother you but, I have a few request that I hope you could make happen! Please ad owners that can take us on walks, ad more dens, make the humans be able to interact with us to, ad animals in the water, like a shark could be a boss, and fish! And also can you PLEASE fix the chat bar, please make sure that you make us stop swearing and saying rude comments, or any personal questions to, I also think you should ad a Great Dane, wolf, and white German Sheppard and black German Shepard and a pit bull that’s all white with a pink nose and black or pink paws and you should ad clothes to! Like yellow or pink flower crowns dresses, shirts, black spiked collars, or pink, I love this game a lot, but I would love this improvements, it would mean so much, and if you would do this on cat sim to, that would be awesome! Thanks so so so much for all you have done to make this game, I gave it a 5star, this is one of my favorite games, Love all the work you have done thaaaaankssss sooo sooooo much, good job, keep the good work up!
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2 years ago, nooby duddey
Terrible in a Good Way?
I have problems with this game sometimes. And I know tons of people agree with me. I have heard people complaining about their friends freezing in place but that’s the least of my concerns. First of all the skins are HIDEOUS. Can’t you make them more like wildcraft rather then printing a dog picture on a dirpy 3D body? Come on! Stop being so lazy, man. Also the hunters are a problem. What monster would shoot a dog?! Also make the deer unagressive because I don’t think a deer would chase down a dog to kill it for fun :( also you guys should really update the game once in a while, it hasn’t been updated in years. But despite all the cons, there are some pros to this game. I love how it is a free world with language options and you have the ability to play with your friends from school or family at home. ♥️ Dont listen to the people giving one star because of hunters having guns. Please consider at least making the dogs look less like demented wolves 🐺 🐑. With all do respect, update. Thank you for reading ♥️
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6 years ago, 💟Cool Girl 22
Dev, if you have the time, please read this!
I certainly love this game, but it's got some flaws. Let me start with hackers. There are hackers in the game and I'm well-aware that they like to hack their level and their stats and even become immo if they have the scripts and if they wanted to. You said you didn't want script changes and hacking or profanity allowed, right? So I need you to fix this problem. Also there are times that I freeze in the game, when I randomly attack bosses and enemies and kids or adults still get away with vulgar language in the game. They use slang words or terms to describe what they do or what they're planning to do. I could talk on and on about all the flaws in this game and bugs but I didn't wanna make a long paragraph for you to read, and fix EVERY single bug and ban or warn players not to use additional scripts or apps against your beloved game. I sincerely give you the news about what most players do and what they act in the game as like. From, a player named oOMystiqueRoxyOo in Dog Sim Online who also has paid for double experience points and double gold kills~
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6 years ago, DoggoWolf
Needs a couple of stuff done to it.
I love this game!!! Although I do wish I was able to do more stuff. Like I want to be a dog I want to get in the trash, go upstairs, see cars, and knock down bowls on the counter!!! So I wish that you let us go upstairs, see cars, and eat inside!! For the customizing thing I wish we could change our eye colors. I also want to have a color on my dog and scars but we can’t do that like we can on wildcraft. So that is all I wish to do. Here is my list for the next updates to go upstairs in the house, see cars, eat inside, have more houses to go to, knock down stuff, eat trash, choose eye color, put scars on, and have collars on. Oh and if you do add the eye thing can you please let us choose the color we want?? Like add two color circles (Just in case someone wants two different colored eyes) and we be able to choose our colors. That also apples for the color thing if y’all add it. Anyways overall it’s a really good game that I would suggest if you are a dog lover!
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Dog pound, dog catchers and other things.
Hello! I really hope you read this! I have a suggestion. Please make an update where there is a dog catcher and if you get hit 3 times, you get caught in a net, and get put in a truck that drives you to a vet, and when you’re done getting you’re check up, you get bathed. Then you go to the pound. And PLEASE do this! Put people that can adopt dogs, that would be so cool!!!! Then they would take you home, feed you and do lots of other fun things, like play ball, catch the frisbee and stuff like that. When it’s night you would get put into a cage, and go to bed. In the morning you would go on walks, and the owner would give you a collar that you loved, and a leash you loved. Please update this! This would be so fun! Please do this! I’m asking nicely. This would be really cool and really fun! I’ve seen another request about this! She was really hopeful. And I thought a little, then I just thought that would be a total change and so fun! Please do this! I’m BEGGING 🥺
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4 years ago, Kittykins kitty
I love this game, you get to get a mate, have puppies, have a family tree, but, when you play multiplayer, that all goes down the drain. People are calling eachother names, spam killing, not being nice, being inappropriate, it’s bad. If you could make some system that bans or makes players have time outs for doing those, that would be awesome. There’s also a glitch that happens with player movement in multiplayer, for some reason, the players stay in place, they would be on the other side of the map killing a rooster or something, and you and a lot of other players would think they were sitting there near a house, and that confuses many people, and that also gives an advantage to dueling and spam killing, you can still be targeted and hit when you are glitched in place, and during duels it isn’t very fair... and it makes it so you can’t run away when spam killed... The only thing we can do about it is switch our skins back and forth and that kinda gets rid of the glitch, so please help us with the glitch it would make a huge difference. :3 ~Morphis
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7 years ago, Ljk. Eja.
Alright hear me out
I love this game I have been playing it for almost a year but there are some issues 1. Hackers-this group of people make lower rankings or even level 200’s miserable plz fix the hack issue 2.Glitching-some players have been saying that there friends have been glitching in place and not moving. This is huge for considering I have a lot of friends and sometimes I might glitch out too 3.Spam Killing-ok I know about the clan war things but this is getting out of hand// higher levels are killing smaller ones for no reason! And I have gotten spammed kill several times 4.BULLIES-ugh I can’t say this enough! There are major bullies and it’s annoying the flip out of me at least you guys made it simpler to ignore the player but they are still there and I have been really hurt by the words they say and so many others. Thank you for taking your time into my review and plz try and fix these problems Thanks~~~xXSolarTSHAXx of Dog Sim 🐺👍🏼🐕🐶
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4 years ago, Umm34567
Update ideas and 2 things I need to say.
Don’t get me wrong about the title, I love this game! But I have update ideas and 2 things I need to say. One thing I need to say, is about the people on multiplayer. I play all your other games and people usually don’t curse or anything, but on THIS ONE people curse a lot. And I hate it! I mean, this game is probably where kids learn curse words. 😡 The 2nd thing I wanted to say, there’s a problem about getting coins from an ad. I keep trying to watch an ad for 1,000 coins...But it just says: Video Not Available, Please Try Again. It frustrates me a lot. I’m only level one and it’s hard to kill things/chase them off, so I hate having to try to kill things when I’m so weak. My update ideas are; like WildCraft can you please add actions? And make it so you can pick up food, please? 🥺 And maybe mystic dogs? One light and one dark mystic. Like the cheetah in WildCraft. (I got the dark cheetah mystic today. 😁) And maybe trails as well. Like; fire, ice, stars, leaves, etc. Anyway that’s it. Please fix/add these! 🥺 🙃
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7 years ago, High Elf of Huge Meat
Fighting, Family, and a fairly sized map
This game goes a bit further than other simulators, sure your average dog may not fight bears, stags, hunters, or even rats but this game is well designed for a free game that has 30 opponents of different strengths and aggression types, 26 player designs (dog breeds) to choose from for each playable character, and countless ways to accomplish missions and achievements. It can be a little buggy (grass textures jumping all over the place, your partner or pup might get stuck in a fence if you fight something in a yard) but sometimes these bugs help you, like when you’re fighting a boss and a tree separates you from them so you can hit them without damage. In-App purchases are literally just for coins, which are easy to make if you’re willing to fight everything which builds your stats anyways. It’s a good way to pass time and it’s easier to use than most other simulators that are far more buggy.
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1 year ago, Mandacattt
To dogsim
I was wondering why is the people in wild craft and catsim not sassy but in dogsim everyone is sassy and I want to report them but if I say I reported them they get really sassy- well some of them. And I don’t like that. And they like to make people jealous about their levels and speed and also make people that are at lest level 30 and under, jealous about how fast their speed is and how high their level is and I have gotten very jealous many times and that was a wile ago and on my old phone. And they kept bullying me and saying “ haha you are a noob you are a low level haha” and I did not like that so I meant to report them then they kept killing me and I tried to get away but I could not cause they kept killing me and I got frustrated and tried to leave so I didn’t so I left the whole entire game into my home screen. And I love your game I hope you can fix the broblem and if you can’t it’s no biggy I won’t report your game some how. 😋
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7 years ago, #Taco_Lover🌮
Help! 😰
I love this game in all, but it gets boring after like 10 minutes of playing. There is not much to do. All you can really do is kill stuff. I know you can't make anything else to do really, well, cause they are dogs. But can you please add more dens? There is only one den that eight players have to share. How about making a barn as a house? Or a cave? Or even a beach house! And can you plz make a corgi breed? They are one of my favorite breeds! And there are so many bullies. All the players that are at a higher lvl bully the lower lvls. Or they just kill 'em over, and over and over again. I really wanna help. But I can't be everywhere at once. So I think it would really to put in a report button. Plz? It would make me and so many other players feel safer. I don't get bullied, but my little brother does all the time. Thank you for reading. Plz help with the bullying, and I hope you have a AMAZING day! 😊😊😊😊 #Taco_Lover🌮
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7 years ago, Goodlygirl
Awesome but no 5 stars...
I LOVE this game. It just needs more stuff. Here are some things I would like you guys at rocket to add before this game gets boring like heck. 1:separate maps. The original map was nice but, cat sim online (tm) has more and all the games you made should have separate maps. BUT, you need different character levels to enter them. So please add that. 2:better dog stats. Different breeds, eh? What about different stats in those breeds? Example: the sheepdog will lower the price on stats, but the German Shepherd increases the power of all stats. What about that? 3:better graphics and looks. Right now, the game looks 2010 style. What about cranking that up to 2017? Better trees better grass, and better dogs. (I mean, seriously. The eyes look sank.) also, the attack and charge look is basically the same jump attack. What about increasing the amount of a normal attack and adding new animations? That’s all I got and I hope you guys at rocket games enjoy all the views, and I give all credit to you.
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3 years ago, CoffeeFor1
Just wrote a review but I forgot some things...
I don’t know what it is but parents beware. There is so much violence in this game. There are people with guns shooting the dogs which I found to be pretty disturbing especially since this is supposed to be a game for kids. To level up you need to kill or hurt humans and animals. I don’t know what it is with turbo rockets games but it seems like the goal is “kill/harm as many living things as possible to reach a high level.” This is a DOG simulator, their den is a house so they seem to be domesticated and dogs ARE domesticated so why, why, why are you making the dog’s only food source animals? Can’t the dogs also chew on bones or eat dog food!? I just don’t understand why there has to be so much violence. Most of the people downloading this game are kids! Even me as a teenager thought this game was too much. The thought of just killing everything constantly and that being one of the only this you can do is just messed up. Parents, I highly recommend you be cautious when letting your kids download this game. ⚠️ This IS NOT a little kids game or a fun animal simulator.
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4 years ago, ... PLEASE!!!
There’s a few changes I wish you could make...
I was thinking you could add a few new dogs like a King Charles Spaniel. Because I have a King Charles Spaniel Puppy and I want to be able to play like her. Also like in cat sim you should also be able to buy costumes for your dog. I have a lot of coins and I don’t really know what to use them on. And I think the family tree should be extended because it is to short and I can’t make more dogs. Lastly people have been hacking the game bye killing people when they are enter one of the multiplayer games in dog sim. Also move to wood pile in front of the cow boss. You can go behind it and kill the cow boss without it hurting you and that makes it less fun. Please make these few changes to improve this game. Also sometimes other players freeze in your screen but they are actually following you. But Seriously I love this game please try changing these things
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4 years ago, LunaGhostGurl
I think dog sim is a great game, but there’s room to have a little complaints (not trying to be rude, trying to say what I think) if you compare WildCraft to dog sim, WildCraft is more updated and has stuff that I feel like is really cool and, again, more updated than dog sim is. Here are a few reasons: 1. WildCraft gets an update about every 1-5 months, and dog sim obviously has fewer updates (not saying it needs to be updated that often, just an update every 5-7 months would be a nice change) 2. WildCraft has pets, and its easier to attack an enemy with them, and its also overall hard to attack a enemy in dog sim, much less get around. 3. I feel like there should be customization options for dog sim like clothes, hats, collars, and more. 4. Chests!!! Most sims are completely LOST without them! One last thing I have one concern about the game. Concern: My little brother loves dog sim with all his heart, but people have been hacking and bullying him. My brother and I am very sensitive people, so you can’t IMAGINE how much it hurts him 😞 also, I had to delete the game after people repetitively asked personal info about me and my family. These are most if my ideas for updates (and a concern) and I’m sorry that I had to compare dog sim to WildCraft so many times 😅😂. Dog sim is a Beautiful game and should not be treated wrongly or shamed. (Also, I’m so, so, SO sorry if I offended anyone!)
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5 years ago, Julieparks
I love this game, but there are some flaws.
Dog sim is a great game, but one of it’s biggest problems are hackers. I have met many hackers who have unlimited health, speed and power. (If you are a hacker, I want to say that it makes the experience a lot less fun for the other players. Even though it’s better for you, it’s mean to everyone else, even if you are nice the whole time.) Another thing is that reporting does not work. This lets a bully or Anyone else who doesn’t follow the rules just do whatever they want to. Please fix this. But there are a lot of good things, to. like the skins of the dogs, and how you get to choose your skin. And your family’s skin. A lot of games don’t allow this. Also, the easy boss (a animal who is harder then all the others) gives a lot of coins and makes leveling up easy. I also like being able to choose your clan, but also being able to stay without a clan. I would like a level update, adding 50 more levels. Level 250.
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4 years ago, yayamemetoto4432
Best game but suggestions👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
I’m your biggest fan of your games. There are lots of fun games but yours is the best. I’m here to talk about some suggestions so here they are. #1 when you play online please make it that you can’t die from other players it’s so sad and I’m on level 55 and people still kill me so yeah. #2 the home is like a real house and your a stray right, my family can’t get in the house because they get stuck so please fix that. #3 if you are a stray dog then there should be a dog catcher I mean if you loose all your heath then your in a cage in a dog shelter and you can escape or people would pick you to be a pet that would be fun right. #4 this ones short privet chat like if you had a long lost friend you could ask them stuff or be a video camera that’s cool. So I really want that and some people might want it two so please please please make that happen I sill love this game bye
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1 year ago, CottonTheGoldenRetriver
I love this game so much nothing much to change. There are no bugs or glitches. (Not that I know of) otherwise, I made my friend install the game and we had so much fun playing multiplayer! Great game even if you’re playing single player. you can grind for levels or defeat bosses. in multiplayer, you can defeat bosses with friends, but it’s a little bit more difficult gaining levels because if you were level 22 there could be a raccoon that’s level 157. if there is cussing in the server and you’re young, leave the server and find some other game, most likely it’s 18 and up server. I have no problems with the cussing, but if you’re young, just leave the server and find some other friendly server. otherwise great game. Thank you so much for creating this game. it kept me entertained for six hours! enjoy the game, everyone! ☺️
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4 years ago, Feaowna
It’s a good game.. but needs more, because it kinda gets boring it’s a really good game, but needs more features! I don’t remember any adds. So I really like that, and that you have a choice to see what games you have instead of just popping up in your face, I really enjoy this game! But maybe add more animals, and Breeds? Cause that would be good. But I loveee Dogs so it should satisfy me. Not so addicting... but though it’s fun, I want you to like add a owner that can own you at your house, and like get treats for getting the animals, and use the treats for accessories and maybe add events! That would make the game great, and all this game is awesome ! And you should get more games. Cause I’ve like downloaded them all! I love sims, but 1 question, did you make Wild Craft? Cause if you did I love that game!!!!! It’s great because there is basically no adds, so please use some of those suggestions. It will make the game the best ever. Thanks for your patience to read this, and for people to love it
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6 years ago, toothless. lover
Ideas breeds and more!
Okay I have some ideas but first let’s talk about bully’s and dog abusing that may not be appropriate for kids so the hunters are a simple of dog abusing which may not be the best thing for kids to see sure it gives out a lot of experience points but I don’t think guns and hunters trying to kill dogs is the best idea for kids and now bully’s kids play the games and some how you let bad words get through the chat filter so you need to fix that please so here are my ideas for breeds I’m asking you to please. Add a white German sheperd there real and please add a boxer pit a mix between a boxer and a pit bull now my ideas add a dog Cather if he gets you with the net you get sent do the pound then a human can adopt you I’d like you to add plants you don’t know if there deadly or not and in certain season you could catch a illness and may die all right that’s all my ideas please add them have a nice day
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6 years ago, Kauaicat17
Love the game but.....
Please please please add more dogs like a tan French bulldog I love them and I really really want to be one also a Chihuahua And add more places like a junkyard and stores you can go into Also a water park that you can like clime on and play on would be sooooooo cool also add a button where you can sit and more things to attack like children and more dens and when you breed dogs instead of that dog being a diffrent dog have the 2 diffrent dogs male female have blend there differences to make a cool breed of dog for example say you have a Chihuahua and a Corgi when you breed them you would get a chorgi and it would look like a chorgi also that would be pretty cool thing to do!!! And people can adopt you but you have to try to break free and if you do in a certain way in a certain time you get like 50,000 coins that would be super cool I look forward to seeing thease things in this game thank you 😊
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2 years ago, to much mony on it.
A sweet memory. ★
I remember, my first simulator game. Every sound affect is now nostalgic to me. This game will always hold a place in my heart, alongside with the cat simulator game. No matter how bad the graphics are, whether or not you have free models in your game, or not; this game will still, and will always be special to me. Every sound; the wind, barks, and whines; will still be very nostalgic to me. My favorite online game to play, back when i was young, and still new to the world; this game still brings back memories, even year's later. Every friend I made, will hold a special place in my heart, and still hope to meet them again one day; to think they may be older now; fills me with absolute joy. I'm extremely greatful for everything this app has given to me; perhaps, my first online friends. —Thank you, for the sweet memories. ★
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7 years ago, Im a random pug
Your kidding, right?
Okay, yes, it's a very fun game, but it needs some stuff to be fixed, when I get a friend request, it says duel on top of the request, some people know how to get through the filters, for example: using a 3 instead of an e to create unipropriate names, also when chatting, we should also be able to report people, in case they're doing something wrong, you should also do something about spawn killing, maybe you can be invincible in a certain place, or for a certain time, we should be able to also carry dead prey, in case you accedently delete a friend, we should be able to search up their names and find them and request their friendship agian, if your afk and you lose a friend request, there should be this button next to friends to access all of your missed friend request to accept them or decline them, More dogs please!! overall it's amazing and I won't hesitate to download it.
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4 years ago, Collins T C
Love ❤️ it but have some suggestions
I Love ❤️ this game but here are some things that could make it so much better. #1. Make your own skins! Like choosing the color and density the amount of fur #2. Costumes. #3. Den costomisations. Like different houses 🏠 and different furniture and stuff like that. #4. Letting your puppies 🐶 mate and have puppies themselves and asking for a sertain number of puppies because I wanted twins Thanks for listening and I hope 🤞 you add the things 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️this is how many stars I would give you guys ❤️❤️
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5 years ago, DragonLurker
The main thing I dislike about this game are the fricken GLITCHES! There are so many! My friend and I were playing, and we got a glitch where we couldn’t see where each other was, and the other players were stuck in place on your screen when they really weren’t. One more glitch that I just encountered, first, I decided to exit out of the server my friend and I were playing on and come back to fix the stuck-in-place glitch when I saw when I was going back to the server that my friend’s name had ‘changed’ and when I connected to that name where my friend’s was, I got located to a completely different server, and there was the person named ‘macs’ and they did not talk at all, it was just confusing, then when I went to make a new server so my friend could join themselves, the loading took FOREVER so, I had to ask my friend to make their own server so that I could join, and guess what? That repeated itself, and I’m already tired of it, if you read this and you could find a way to fix these glitches, PLEASE DO.
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6 years ago, Dogs 🐶 are amazing
Awesome but could be better
I absolutely love this game! There is more you can add though, for example you can have the option to be a pet, but then the wild dogs will be your enemy. I was also thinking instead of just one puppy at a time you would have a litter of six or under but no less than one, just like in real life. I was also hoping that you could add jumping so the dog can go up things like stairs. You should also have so that when you play multiplayer you will have a separate house for you and your family. You should also add so that you will be able to customize and upgrade your house using coins. I think it would also be nice to have mixed breeds, and maybe you could add a bar so that you had to eat and drink or you would die. Maybe you could also add the ability to bond with other dogs (not as mates, but they would join your pack) and they would follow you and no longer attack you. Thank you for reading and please take my thoughts into consideration.
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5 years ago, By eeveegamertv
Bad words need to be blocked and stop the cyber bullying now
I don't like it when people put bad words into their names and in the chat area too. It's not appropriate for my age and my other sister and brother too. And another thing to ask you is something that most people are talking to you about the bullies (cyber bullyies) are making fun of me and my brother and sister too. The cyber bullying should stop now and make a difference in life so your fellow people who are playing can't get bullied and who's people playing are little so that they don't learn from other people who say bad words that the little ones learn from them they think they can say that too so they will say that and that is a bad influence for them so can you block off the bad words and can you make an access to report those people who say bad words and can you make a ignore button to at the bottom of the report button in the chat. The way you can do that is click on their name in the chat area and their is an option to pick report or ignore but no hacking. - from a second oldest girl
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6 years ago, 5672309/321
Ideas for making it better
Many people love new breeds of all sorts of sizes and colors, and patterns, but can you make this so you can choose your color, and pattern. Example: a collie is black with a white stripe on the back but you can change it to brown with a strip off black on the face. You added a jungle with a panther, a forest with a bear and hunter, a farm with a cow, and a robot dog in the factory, but there is one region without a boss, the beach, perhaps you can add a dolphin or a turtle (although the dolphin would make it hard to get to the jungle) the turtle could be on the beach off to the side but it could also swim into the shallows for a harder battle. Also can you add a portal to go to some sort of land dogs can’t normally reach, (sky,fantasy,mountain, etc.) and put a boss there. I feel this is one of the BEST games EVER there is lots to add to make it the GREATEST game. Thank you
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1 year ago, Animal lover111
Very addictive!!!
Hey i love this game i’ve been playing it for a few years already. I do have a few suggestions for you though. First thing, i love how there is a den and you can walk in and out but i really do want access to the upstairs and more rooms up there that you can go into like a brothers room, sisters room, baby room, and maybe a balcony. Second idea(s), I think that it would be a little more helpful if on the map it would say which boss is wear instead of just a skull. Another idea i had was that maybe we could actually have access to the stores so that we can go in them. Also in wild craft you can put on accessories on your wolf or any animal and i thought that maybe it would be cute to have collars and stuff for the dogs as well. That’s all i have to say thank you for taking the time to read this. -Animal Lover
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4 years ago, #SpottedFireForever
Amazing Game!!... but some improvement?
I absolutely love this game. I play it with my friends and it almost always never has any problems. There are so many dog choices and you can level up quicker in multiple with your friends. I guess they’re aren’t as many options as WildCraft or Cat Sim like costumes or actions- buuuut it’s still an amazing game. There are some moments where you get frozen in multiplayer, but (tip) all you have to do is change your dog, play as that dog for a couple seconds, then go back to the dog you started with. It’s really that simple! I did notice that you can’t jump into the place by the city... the prey can go in but you can’t 😂. I feel like that’s another one of the only things I would change. I do so love this game and I hope that you will too!
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6 years ago, Sugar_Cookiesx3
This really needs to be fixed
When I started playing dog simulator, I joined a server and then a random dog started killing me. I looked in the menu of the dog but there was no picture of it. I thought it was an unknown player. And also once I just joined a server, it isn’t loading. Then I heard a dog killing another dog. I think the dog is killing ‘me’ so I wont load in the game. I wish there were bans to ban a player who is breaking the rules (if you ban a player it can be banned for 1 week). Plus, if you say this game is for children, you better fix it. I play this game, and I see all players usernames that means something inappropriate. Like sexy girl and the sex queen. Some servers says, “The sexing server” which disgusted me. My sister that is 8 years old plays this game (I do too). Now I don’t feel comfortable about her playing this game with other dirty people. I don’t want her growing up dirty like others. If you fix this, I wouldn’t be that scared of my sister playing this game. Thank you for reading this! By a concerned older sister
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5 years ago, fdjjusgduwhwhdhdihs
OMG!!! I love 💕 this game it’s so fun and the map 🗺 is huge! What I love about it is that u can can breed and have puppies really quick and the entire family can be a different breed! Another thing is that ur mate can level up by its self! -for the creators Theres a couple things I would change for it to be the best simulator ever would be to be able to go into every building and for there to be-cars, pick ur own owner, for the owner to send u to the pound if u destroy their house or do something bad, for the owners to put us on leashes to go for walks,(or to the pet store for toys treats etc) for us to create what We want them to look like, be able to beg for food or for someone to take us home when in the pound, to be able to dig longer lasting energy, to chew, to go up stairs, do the same stuff we can do out side todo inside, make the humans take us to where the go if they desire like work or to the store, to go on vacation with, to choose to obey the humans or not, to have bad guys so that we can be Guard dogs and protect out humans, and lastly for our humans to call us home. I am so sorry this was so long but if it had all these attachments then It would be the greatest game in the world. Doglover🐶
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4 years ago, Zera😊
AMAZING 😉!! Mia’s idea
Dog sim is a great game but there are a few things to be improved. First, I would LOVE if you would let us go upstairs!!!!! That would be SO COOL 😎!!!!! Plus, I would like if we would decorate the dogs 🐶.... it would be SO AWESOME!!!!! Also, could you add more dogs? Like toy poodles and more. Plus, it would be nice if we could be a fox 🦊 because it’s in the dog family. Maybe add wolves 🐺!!!! Thanks!!! 🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🦊 Also add coyotes because they are cool and could you let us be a fox, wolf and add it and coyotes? Because they are in the dog family... even if they are wild 😜!!! Also, can you add another boss like German Shepherd? (Even when it’s one of the bosses in cat sim) BTW, I also love all of your games and the newest one WildCraft I’m lvl 200 and I played for years it’s still awesome 😎! This is a great game for dog lovers! Thx! Zera😊
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5 years ago, karmabear2056
Flawless and sleek
I love this game there is no issue except when people turn up in multiplayer and start a clan war with you when I was playing in a server , a level 44 player entered the game and started a clan war with ME. I was so mad 😡 that I left the game. Other than that this game is flawless . No bad issues, or problems with this game. I have already defended angry cow 🐄 boss I am now level 30 in the game I have almost finished the family tree 🌲 and tried to fight Boss robots 🤖 dog 🐕 I love 💗 cat, dragon, and dog sim . Thank you for making these animal simulators! Here is one flaw in the game. The only ad is KiddiZoom Smart watch DX2 it’s an annoying baby ad I don’t want it in heather game please fix it. There are no other things I need fixed so, yeah this game is flawless. Goodbye 👋 ❤️ #cute loving kitten 🐱
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3 months ago, qiaoyuHAN
Nice Game! Suggestions.
As you can tell, if I have downloaded this game, I must have played WildCraft! And yes, I have, I absolutely adore that game. This game is probably not as good as WildCraft, in my opinion. 1. I think you should add more skins. I can’t remember whether or not this game has pets like in WildCraft, but if it does, great! If it doesn’t, I think you should add some pets, it could help with fighting predators. 2. I haven’t played this game in a long time, mainly because I’ve switched my focus to WildCraft, so I really can’t remember if it has clothes! If it doesn’t, you should be able to add clothes and different accessories. 3. I think the skins cost too much, you should probably lower the prices. I’ve only bought a few new skins, so I’m trying to save up my money. By the way, I deleted this game (Not because I dislike it!) because it was a waste of storage (No offense!) since I only play Roblox and WildCraft now. 4. There should be wild passes in this game, or if not, you could add tints to make the skins more interesting, more people would buy the skin if there was a tint, I’m positive! Otherwise, great game, I love it! I’m currently redownloading it, because I am SO BORED.
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5 years ago, awesome toco lover
Not that good
Hello, I’ve been playing for a looooooong time then I deleted it because it got boooring I got level 250 I had every skin. Then all I had to do was level up and gloat about my high level heh... don’t ask or even question that.... so I got it back today when my sister got it. We tried joining worlds like 50 times and it never let me on NEVER glitches soooo much way to many ads!!!! And I couldn’t find a comfy place when I was stressed about trying to kill the STUPID HUNTER BOSS waaaaay to hard!! WAY TO HARD I SAY WAY TO HARD!!! I love challenging things but that really no offense got on my nerves. Also you can’t kill ANY BOSS without help. If you like hard games I advise try killing the hunter boss. Another thing compared to how good of a success WildCraft was this game is kinda rubbish No offense but in my mind it’s true... Thanks for listening and reading this long review have a good day and create more amazing games just like WildCraft!!
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7 years ago, Sadist Lion
Excellent dog sim
I love this game I used to play dog simulator by gluten free games but they haven't updated it in 3 years and I paid for it once the iOS 11 comes out I won't be able to play it any longer, Then I came along to this gem. This game has a variety of breeds an they seem to be adding more which I love there are hundreds of breeds of dogs. The mechanics of the game are great but could use some work: Increasing my speed should also increase my speed of walking in my opinion to a cap speed at least and use the rest for my sprint. Walking though fences is interesting lol I would like to be able to do more with my mate such as having them attack ahead of me or attack something in a quest. I would like to be able to do more such as mark my territory, change my home hunt things, sniff out bones perhaps? The possibilities are endless I've already contributed some funds and I would love to see this game to continue to update and grow! The developers seem to keep up on upstaging this game frequently though I know there is so much potential in many mobile games I just hope developers are listening to their audience. Keep up the great work people you guys beat gluten free by a landslide! :)
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2 years ago, loves wildlife
I love it!
I love the game, I have WildCraft, to, and this game is fun! But, WildCraft is. . . A little bit more fun, you can play as many animals, theres’ story’s about a little wolf male, a lion, and a lynx, you can see there story, but, I’m not here to tell you about WildCraft. The clans in this game. . . Why can’t there be clan, leaders? And elders? And co-leaders? And. . . I think the rest, is O.K. ‘Cause I like animal games, and this one’s fun!!! I’ve played a game; dog life sim, and it was lying. It looked WAY more fun in the adds and everything, but when you played it, it was NOTHING like it, you can’t mate in that game, only get bf’s and gf’s, and you can’t have pups, and you can’t die and start a new story, so I think this game Is REALLY good, so that’s why I rate it full stars. (It’s the same in the add’s and stuff.)
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4 years ago, Craig.Watkins.210
Game just needs work
Hey! I love Dog Sim Online: Build a Family, but although it is so amazing and fun to play. Maybe we could have an ocean with a boss shark or whale swimming in it. Maybe add fish to the game so we could catch a tasty fish. Maybe add in a boss crocodile and more animals like snakes, squirrels, spiders, and a boss crab🦀 on the beach and a savannah with a boss 🐊 in it. Now for the things I would like to see. 1. Add in human housefolks to take care of you in the houses you live in. 2. Maybe add in a boss lion and a lot of lions and lionesses in the savannah. 3. Add in bruises/scabs/frog worts/bloody worts. 4. Add in an ocean with a boss shark, whale, porpoise, and dolphin in it. 5. Add in a boss gorilla in the jungle. 6. Maybe add in a boss bulldog inside of the house. 7. Add more enemies including eagles, seagulls, crows, storks, ducks, skunks, snakes, and chameleon. 8. Add in more information about sounds they use when they are angry. 9. Add in a snow biome with a boss polar bear in it. 10. Make caves houses and I am doing just so that way we cannot live in houses. 11. Add in the abandoned city and make the German Shepard have 6000 hp instead of 150 hp and make it go much quicker than normal. Those are all suggestions so thank you for responding to my review
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3 years ago, • Freedom •
Just some more details and opinions over all a GREAT game!
U didn’t give it 5 stars because I like the realistic style but I do edit of WildCraft animals and if I add my Dog/Cat sim character it pops out because if the realism so I’d like to have it be in the same style of WildCraft same with cat sim! Also I’d like so see cloths and hats it would be cool if along with the style change you could add cloths and hats because it would be cool to have my wolf have a bone mask or my cat and with the style change more people would probably play because it’s like WildCraft! And also I’d like rarities like Common and Uncommon(or you could use the same Rarity’s as WildCraft) I’d also like new worlds because the same one is kinda boring... and I’d also like to see new dens like wolf dens? So we don’t have to be “tamed” dogs because we have a wolf skin!
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3 months ago, Nowella bella
Love it, but
I just download this game and I love it. My only complaint is there’s really no use for the house you can’t go on any of the beds or chairs and you can’t go up the stairs. I was able to move around and get a view of upstairs, and there’s a bunch of rooms up there, but there’s no way up, I also don’t like that you can’t friend people in WildCraft you can friend people and talk to them in the friend chat I don’t really have a lot of other complaints. I don’t have a soulmate yet, so I don’t how it works but if you don’t already have this I think it would be a great idea to be able to bree I think it would be a great idea if you could have a soulmate that is a different breed than you and make a new breed overall love the game, but there is some things that could change
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