Dog Translator: Game For Dogs

4.5 (36.2K)
91.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dima Komar
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dog Translator: Game For Dogs

4.51 out of 5
36.2K Ratings
2 years ago, #LovesGoldenRetrievers
A great app a.k.a. a great way to annoy your parents
So this app is so great I use it on my pants all the time and I use it on my uncle Moosie so technically, you can use it to talk to your dog and it is great to annoy your parents with with constant barking, is important so the people that you’re trying to annoy sees the picture so they know what you’re saying your dog doesn’t need to know the picture it should understand what the app is saying because it is such a good app it is 100% accurate, there’s a bunch of different dog breeds that you can use this on especially the husky the golden retriever the Shih Tzu the Rottweiler the Bernese Mountain dog and the corgi that’s a great way to translate what you were trying to say to your dog, and can help you if you’re trying to train a dog but you don’t need this app if you have a very good dog but this app is still very helpful to train your dog and to help your dog understand what you were saying because I’m guessing you know dogs are great creatures but they’re not that smart just saying so this is a great app to help you if you have a stubborn dog or a smart dog even or you want to be a trainer or are you just want to train your dog so that’s a great way to help this app is so great just saying that said in my review,
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2 years ago, Jmoney.nova.stars
The dog translator
This app is amazing it’s so cool but so simple all you have to do is just press the little mic and say what you have to say and then once you do that it will talk and dog talk and allow your dogs to understand what you’re saying. it allowed me to communicate with my dogs better and he listens to me better I love it so much and I really think you guys should try it out. The only cons is that it will be hard for your dog for the first couple of days getting used to it but once you do it over and over no they should be get used to it so basically what you Gotta do is just keep showing them and keep showing them and eventually they’ll get the hang of it. The process don’t understand what you’re saying they’ll listen to you better without you having to give them treats and trying them regularly at home and the allies you say things that you can’t normally say to the dogs so yeah.
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2 years ago, kddjddjfvf
OK my dog has a problem with attacking people and I thought that this would help but it doesn’t so I don’t think he understands the language like is there anyway that you guys can put it in a great Dane or like in any other language for dogs because it’s not coming out clear to him and when I told him to say he jumped up and yeah so that’s a big problem and I thought it would help him and it’s not just like the app there’s a problem is sometimes 10 but yeah if you guys could just like fix that and make it loud enough I have my volume up all the way and it still sounds like nothing is coming out and my phone is not broken I just got a new phone so yeah so his name is Apollo he is almost 6 months he has a problem with biting and I said that this Apple help you know but Internet so could you please make it louder and leave us be able to switch the language other than that it’s perfectly fine the app is great I love it so yeah that’s the only problem that I’m having with it as of right now so maybe that could help you in the future I have no idea just please improve your app because I would really love to use it because it’s the only one that does not cost money
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4 years ago, Dancing Pants2089
Best Dog translator app ever!
I personally love this app and all the others because I have a dog and a cat and they seem to respond when I use this app, when I say hello using this app they look at me and meow or bark. If you are reading this then thank you for putting time aside to read my review and you should definitely get this app. By the way when I say something once, and then I do it again they sound almost the same just in a different tone of voice. The developers of this app did a really great job on making this! I have tried many other ways to communicate with my pets with their language but they never seem to understand or take it the wrong way, this app helped me to have a closer bond with my pets by being able to talk to them and let them understand what I’m saying. P.S. You should get this app as I said briefly before, this app helps me talk to my pets and become closer with them.
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4 years ago, CatShoon
I’m confused. So... I see different drawings of a beagle or whatever it’s supposed to be.. then I push them in front of my dog... and he perks his ears up. That’s all. Some communication...😑Anyways, I see a microphone button, I push it, and it says speak. I said “Hello Benny!” (My dogs name) to see what happens. Um. Now what? Nothing happens. “hello Benny!” I say again. Nothing. I’m not even sure what this app does. Wow, great, it made a dog noise. . . that not even my dog understands. But I push the button again, the “mad” one. (It looked like it was ready to play, but with a mad face... what?) my dog looks at me like I’m crazy. Ha! Overall, this doesn’t do anything for me. I recommend you don’t download this unless you get a thrill out of hearing a “dog” bark. No need to download this. Move on to another game people! P.S. I’m only doing five stars to get all sounds (a review gave me this advice. FINAL EDIT: okay that doesn’t even work.
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2 years ago, dyamanty
This is a cool app
My dog is treating me like a dog now with this app and I feel like he understands my feeling now and I understand his feelings he’s not really a big talker and he barely even talks but he understands what’s going on with these barking words and I’m just really upset that he can’t bar ‘cause then I won’t know what he saying or his feelings but then I’m gonna have to tell when he’s growling so let’s test that maybe so I hope that you guys get this app Cu this app is actually a really cool app for your animals and it does not work on any other animal but I think it’ll work on Huskies any dog that barks duh and I all hope that you guys Cheetos animals right so make sure that your dog has fair enough water food treats love shelter warmth coolness and everything a dog needs in its life
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8 months ago, snellie808
Game or No Game
I understand this app is a "GAME" but being a first time user it's not very clear on what to do. After you download the app and open it up it brings up the main page with all the dog emojis and a microphone picture center on the top. But it doesn't give you any instructions on what to do or even tell you what each picture are left on your own to guess and figure out what the dog with the thumbs up means or the dog laying on his back. Are you giving the command to lay on your back or stop laying on your back....I don't know because this app gives you NO EXPLANATION!! The other Lame thing is when you use the microphone to have it translate what you want to tell your dog there is no option to repeat it. So I translated the exact same verbiage to have it translate it again and the dog translation that came out was not the same thing that I got the first time. It was totally different!! And it was so different it was laughable on how stupid this app really is. What a waste of 15minutes of my life.
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4 years ago, Doodlebug🤪
My dog’s reaction
I tried this app on my dog, on most of the emotions she didn’t even look at me. Some of them she would point up her ears or come to me running. The best emotion would probably be the confused emotion. Over all, it is a good app and I’m glad it doesn’t glitch like the other apps that I got, and the other apps were packed full of ads and it made me so so frustrated so I just had to delete them all. When I looked at the advertisement I did not think it would be a good app but it really impressed me so that’s why I gave it a 5 star rating, the only thing that I would change is the locks because I think there should be more a variety. So if someone who helps with editing the app it is reading this please make a few changes because I’m sure other users of this app would agree with me!
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4 years ago, game writer11274
Fake app
When I bought this app and read the reviews some said it worked a little nope! If your taking By the time to read this l DON’T take the time to try this! It’s just a big fake! They probably take random barking and activate it to go over and over different barks in the speaker if that makes since... who ever developed this yeah nice try other people going to buy and is reading the reviews which you should in this stuff don’t buy it! And if you do the dog tilts there head because it’s a sort of barking but then they just go back to what ever there doing I’m not impressed at any chance of this app sorry but please don’t make apps that clearly wasted people’s times and is not really like workable.
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12 months ago, Molly’s #1 dog lover
I just can’t get my dog to talk back so my dog is 18 and she seems to understand it. It is an amazing app but if you can get your dog to talk back it’s kind of hard. But still it’s crazy and it’s free you have to pay for the other things but if you wanna say something, you can just record it on the microphone button. It is so fun to use. But the dogs reactions are so funny, you can say hilarious things your dogs and the really understand it, for example, hey cookie do you want to meet my new dog friend Lily? They really understand it. It is absolutely crazy. I only gave it a four-star is because my dog won’t talk back but that’s because she’s very old so that’s my fault but you really should get this if you are wanting to talk to a dog! I might actually get a membership. Just got this app and it is awesome 👏
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2 years ago, funky boyyyy
…I guess it’s ok if u fix it but if not then u get 1 star…sorry
It didn’t work with my German Shepard he is 14 in dog years and a male and he is 2 in human years he wouldn’t react at all to any of these I presses the mad one he was just eating his food and didn’t even care about it it didn’t work on my corgi she is toast and she is just 1 in human years and 4 in dog years she heard it and looked at me and didn’t do anything else I realy want u to update this because I was realy disappointed when it didnt work on any of my dogs I tried it on my neighbors husky it didnt work either so please fix this app because it realy let me down and I was super mad and sad that it didn’t work so yeah if u could tell me why and fix it that would be great creator! Thanks so I’m just hopeful u fix it so rn I’m just gonna give it a three -from yours truly 👍 -oh and please right me back if u can thanks👍-
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8 months ago, Leilani_arellano
Everything so great about the dog translator
Loving this app ❤️, when you press the mic button you could say anything and it will turn into dog voice and your dog could understand everything your saying. This app is generally so great and awesome, you could put some buttons that says, hungry,mad,sad,cry, esc. And the most important part is you don’t even need to pay for anything, this app is TOTALLY worth it and free!. But some buttons you do need to pay but it’s just a few. My dog gets every word that I’m saying. With this app my dog now knows what to do and how to act, with the buttons the app has your dog can absolutely understand. This app is very worth it and I hope you like it to!. Get this app it’s free, great, and, AWSOME!.
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7 months ago, corgis and dounuts
Dark magic
I translated my dog’s words and he cussed at me I don’t if that happens to others but it was out of nowhere. One day after that he was in the kitchen and I was in the living room and out of nowhere a apple was thrown at my head it was so adorable. I looked at him and he was on the counter he is such a cat ☺️. And this other time when I had pizza I came back to the table to see him cutting up pineapples and putting it on my pizza! I ate it anyway because pizza but I have no idea where he got the pineapples I don’t even buy pineapples! Please I beg you release my sweet puppy from this dark magic let him go back to the sweet good boy who would destroy my shoes and couch 🙏 thank you and namaste!
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3 years ago, star stable horses
This game rocks it totally works and my dog whenever I say come back sir usually runs away he actually came I was so excited when I downloaded this game I thought it wouldn’t work though I was hesitant to download it but I still dead and I’m glad I did because now my dog listens to me and my mom it’s super helpful this game is amazing whoever is reading this you guys should download it it’s amazing it’s perfect and your dog will listen to you if you have a good dog my dog is the best now he listens so well. I think that everyone should have this app and I really hope that the designer people give me a little report at the bottom because I really would like them to do that
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3 years ago, ⭐️SuperstarLR⭐️
OK. So I got this app like yesterday, and I enjoyed it. We have a 12 year Old puppy, and I thought it would still work. It’s working, but he’s not really doing what I’m saying. Someone told me, it depends on the pitch. High pitch for example, means happy! In low pitch for example, means mad. And all those emotions are mad. They’re all low. And I don’t know how to fix it the recording works but… I really like you to Add something like, hi or low and you just click on it while you click on the emotion at the same time. I’m not like any other review person, who is like please read, or respond please, I’m really calm person, though I’d like you to respond. Thanks for listening! Bye!
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4 years ago, ewe208
I know I already wrote down but I don’t care
Well I learned that there is a cat translator and I buy it at any time this is not about the dog translator to the cat translator yeah I don’t know the song I am not getting it because I cannot get any cats I’m not getting any cash so I can’t write about it so always get the cat translator even if you don’t have account you can you can get Katie to you that that’s a smart thinking brain OK yeah that’s how you how are you OK this is about cats not about dogs so you got a buy it’s free you don’t even have to pay I think I need to go check it out so yeah I guess I’ll see you guys on the Dog Translator yeah I did amazing too so I would get it
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2 years ago, oof is what they say in roblox
Didn’t really get my dog’s attention 😕
When I first tried it my dog was lying down in his bed. I said, “Hi, Pidge!” (My dog’s name) and it didn’t get his attention. I tried again and he just perked his head up and looked at my mom, even though I was sitting right next to him using the game on my iPad. When I tried again I said, “Oh, you’re a good boy! Yes you are!” He perked his ears up a bit continuing to look at my mom. I also said “Go find mom! Go find mama!” he went to mom but he was a bit confused. He was wagging his tail a lot and started playing with his bed, and he looked very confused. My parents started to get annoyed so I just deleted the game because I knew I would never use it. It was pretty fun for the time being though.
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2 years ago, Crossword junkie
The best app
This game is amazing it’s completely free and you can talk to your dog! I love how it gives you suggestions and you can make your own! The only thing I don’t like about it is it say you could do dog to human and human to dog and it actually only does human to dog! But otherwise this is the best app as well I will definitely recommend it for anyone that wants to get to know their pet better! And I also love how does a mini game but it’s really hard even for the first level. This is a really good game and I love it and I hope you guys will enjoy it too! When I told my dog I’d loved her, she started wagging her tail and looking at me! That’s why I recommend this game to anyone that has a dog! Peace out!🐶🐕🐕‍🦺🐩🦮🦴🎾🥇🎖🏆👩🏼‍🦱📲🐶❌🐶📲👩🏼‍🦱
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2 years ago, AuggieGurl
I got my dog when I was 9 years old. He will be 3 this April. Anyways, I saw a TikTok where a chick used this app to tell her dog to give her his paw and he did. I never really thought my dog could understand much more than “treat” and his own name, so I thought “why not?” I download it. I wanted to tell him that I loved him, so I clicked on the mic button and said that. I then turned ye phone towards him and it started barking. I was skeptical, but he started smiling and licking my hand. 🥺 I almost cried. I also told him to come to me, and he did! I honestly don’t care if this is fake, it makes me happy. With this app, I can finally tell my little corg happy birthday this April!! 💗❤️🥰 (P.S. Sorry this is so long, I always do this. I like writing 😅)
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4 years ago, () )ckd98)
Eh okay
I got this app because I thought it looked cool for my puppy. I tried using them and none of them worked. So when her water bowl came I thought I might as well try the microphone and say “Go to your water bowl” and translate it in dog. When I had my puppy listen to it she was already going to her water but once she heard it she started going faster. I am going to say one thing though, a squeaky toy that she loves was near her water bowl. So I’m not sure if she went faster because she just realized that her squeaky toy was there or because of the app. Even though this app is not very good I gave it a 4 because of the different choices, especially the part where you can say what you want to translate into dog.
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2 years ago, iOutlast
Funniest Waste of 99 Cents Ever! Would Buy Again!
This app didn’t do anything to help me communicate with my dog. His ears did perk up when I played the translations for him. So he heard them but was puzzled by them and unsure of what to do with the sounds that he was hearing. Maybe I needed to upgrade for $1.50 to premium which offers even more translations to get my dog to respond. It’s a really funny app though and I had a good time confusing my dog with it but it didn’t really do much in the way of training my dog. Would buy again though just because it was so funny to play with not to mention entertaining for a good 5 minutes. Maybe others have had better luck with it when training their dogs. Recommend but not highly!
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2 years ago, READDDDDsdddd
Not good
OK so in my opinion it wasn’t really good because each time I would say sit down it would give me a different reaction on the app it would do some different stuff and I just don’t believe that it’s real and plus on top of that it didn’t even work on my dog and all he did was look and he didn’t do anything else and I feel like that is completely a scam so if you’re wondering if you want to download this app please look at my review because I think it would help you the most nothing other peoples reviews aren’t good but in my personal opinion like I said, I don’t think it’s really a good option because of course it scam me because it will totally give me a different bark each time and my dog is like he didn’t listen to none of them and yeah so that’s just my opinion, if you download it and you like it, feel free to keep it.
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2 years ago, Daisy and me
Dog helper
I think that it was really good. It worked like a champ and it is very fun for family members or just kids and maybe even fun for the dog so I definitely recommend getting it because it works perfectly. It is completely free and helpful. It works really well. Whenever I tell my dog to come here she or he will come here. When I tell my dog to sit she or he will sit. And it’s very fun for children to mess around with and play with and my dog or dogs are not trained at all so whenever I use this app it works like a champ I think it is very helpful and very perfect it works really well I recommend getting it and it’s completely free all you have to do to unlock all of them is just watch an add.
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1 month ago, janaya567820
How good this app is
My dog friend and her boyfriend were just there and I had to get out and go get a new one and they had a bunch more people coming and they had the best experience and I had a really nice experience and they had to be very nice to each others business but they had a great experience so they had a really great experience with me so they could get in and get out of my room so they were really friendly to me so they had to have me come and talk with them about my experience and how I feel about it so they could help me with my dogs/4/“ selling them
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2 years ago, me-.444love
Best app ever
I love this app because I can talk to my dog but how can I know that these barks actually mean what the picture is? Like for example I use the microphone to say thing to my dog that I don’t think she understand what I’m trying to say to her so how can I know if it’s safe to speak to her the first time I tried to speak to her she got all weird and followed my everywhere as she was slime and I was like the table so I hit the picture with the dog saying yes but then after that I was still walking and she just froze in her path as if Elsa had done it it made no sense I feel as if you are messing with my dog she also did this with my sister last night I want to know that I am saying what I wanted to say to my dog Love Marlowe.Z
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2 years ago, Color Coordinate
It is a pretty good app
So I got this app to see if my two beagles would respond to me, and believe it or not I think it worked well to my male dog Hank, so I hit one of the buttons and he walked over to me and started to lick me, it was so cute 🥰, but then my female dog Hazel was scared of it, lol 😂, she ran away and she well not come back, so I don’t know what I said to here but what ever a said I hope I didn’t say like ( you are a bad dog. ) But then my male dog Hank seemed to like it so, I say you should try this app out. But I am just giving it 4 stars because my baby girl Hazel was scared of it but, over all it is a good app.
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6 years ago, AWESOMEINATOR 6000
It's Okay
This app has some great reviews that say it works great, and it has some bad reviews that say it makes their dog cry, I tried it, and my results were, absolutely no response whatsoever. No crying, no whining, no confusion, he just looked at me for 2 seconds and then kept doing what he was doing, then after that first try, every other try he wouldn't even pay attention. Update: Thank you for the response developers, I appreciate it. I can definitely say it surprised me, I wasn't expecting it, I haven't got a response from a developer before. I apologize for the rude comment. I guess it wasn't really my place to call it completely useless. If I can at least give a suggestion, you may want to put out a warning because of all the people who say that their dogs were upset by it. Thank You!
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4 years ago, Senpaibuns89🎵
It worked a little bit!
Hi, cookiekawaii here! So, I searched in the App Store for a dog translator app and this was the app that showed up. So I downloaded it for my new puppy Cocoa, and when I saw the Hello emotion or whatever it was, I clicked it near Cocoa, she was just lying down sadly but then jumped for joy when she heard the dog noise. But when I clicked the button that had the picture of a Beagle lying down she just tilted her head and looked at me if she was confused. But then, I think this app is fine. It’s not really a dog translator but use it to cheer my puppy up when she’s bored or sad. So she can think there’s another dog in the house. So if you only have one dog and he feels lonely, use this!
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10 months ago, My Dog Is Now Happy Like Me 🐾
My dog is getting older and I’m trying my best to have more fun with Him. When I downloaded this app it was my third attempt on trying to find a app that did not charge money and that worked. When I downloaded this app I ran to my dog and pressed a button. Immediately my dog’s tail started wagging. He started to bark and I had so much fun with him. This app is definitely a keeper. And I’m really happy that I found this app. Thank you so much for this app. It was a blessing. Now I can keep my dog happy and always happy before he gets too old.
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4 years ago, Lilyspad1011
I mean it’s not BAD.....
I downloaded this game with literally no expectations, and I’m glad because there isn’t anything outstanding about it. My dogs just looked completely and utterly unamused and annoyed. They really didn’t have a reaction other than dissatisfaction. It’s not like there is a bad glitch or anything it just doesn’t really have a point to it. I kept reading the comments and like any other game it had good and bad reviews, but I noticed that most of the good reviews talked about the hidden game. That’s a cute idea and all but personally I found the game quite boring. So I guess what I’m trying to say is there isn’t really a point to getting this, but if you do just don’t go in having a lot of huge expectations.
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3 months ago, Asa1971:-)
Translation function doesn’t work
Just for fun, tried recording my dog to see what the app would tell me that my dog is “saying”. Got a message saying “can’t recognize your speech, talk louder” (or something to that effect). So I tried several more times, same message popped up. Got to thinking maybe I miss understood how it works and tried recoding MY voice to see what it would “translate” to my dog. Got the same message saying “can’t recognize your speech, talk louder”. No matter what I tried or how loudly or clearly I talked, or my dog’s sounds were, nothing ever worked for the recording “translation” function. So that was a bummer. I played the app’s pre-recorded dog sounds for my dog and got some funny reactions from him. So that gave me a chuckle. But, in a nutshell, just not much in the app to enjoy.
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4 years ago, XxxRobloxHotboixxX
The worst
I tried this to my dog and all he did is stare at the screen and how would you know what your dog is saying because I press the microphone and it just didn’t work it showed a red circle and it didn’t have the stop button and didn’t show what your dog is saying and when you press the microphone will your dog is barking and then when you dog is stop barking it still recording and when you press your screen will it’s stops and doesn’t show what your dog said when you were recording and when your dog is barking it doesn’t work guys I want the owner of this app to delete this because that’s is impossible to know what your dog is saying so I don’t give it 10 stars I give it 0 stars I’m not rude but just want to be honest so yeah don’t buy the thing because it’s just stealing your money will that’s is my opinion will bye
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2 years ago, ffhgfkvfhcctxc
Nope 👎🏼 not good please read
Not at all would I give this game 5 stars u know why because there’s only 6 dogs voices u can do and the rest u have to pay for. Secondly it does not work for my dog I put on the love dog face one and he just sits there like he hates me. And the voice one is terrible 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼I click on the it and I speak loudly because it said it could not here me and I say come here and what does my dog do he just looks at me. Then I say I love you and the dog speaker makes it like a big mean dog bark really loud. My mom said it would not work and i didn’t believe here and I tried it and I should have listened to her sorry mom. Main thing is this game is trash lame get a different game please I’m saving your live here. This is the end I hoped u liked it so not get this game. Silly Dog out
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3 years ago, jakstraw
Perfect not a scam
It works perfectly. Especially with premium!!! I love it!! Make and app that translates dog into human language please!!! I highly recommend this app. Works so well my dogs are learning tricks now, very efficiently. This app unlike many others actually works many dog translator apps we have used haven’t worked. We quickly saw great improvements great improvements when we would make when we would use the sit noise they would sit it works great. Love this app so so much!!!!! If you are having trouble with dog training get this app! If you just want to talk to them use it to!!!!!
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2 years ago, yourenotgod
My doggies likey
I feel like my dog so smart and intelligent with this app they respond to every single sound, for the peoples who dogs don’t understand go get their brains checked at the vet, I don’t know if my dogs just a genius but they love this app. They know happy they know angry. She’s literally learning the alfalfabet and learning to drive. She better at spelling than me now. Is insane how mind opening this is for dogs. She’s starting collage next week. Scientists are baffled how my dog is smarter then these conservative worm brains who think you can’t send a dog through college.
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2 weeks ago, dragon gem club
Ok so this is a dog translation app but I been running into some little problems here. So how do I get my dog to talk back to me with this app? It's getting frustrating. Cuz all the buttons say like so you can talk to your dog but your dog can't talk back!!! What's the point anyway, good app but please answer this question. And BTW (THE MAKER OF THIS GAME DOESN'T ACTUALLY RESPOND TO THE REVIEWS, LIKE WHAT THE HECK?) also if you download this "game" so you can understand what ur dog is saying to you , definitely delete this "game" if you downloaded this so you can talk to your dog it only works on some dogs so no guarante it's going to work.
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3 months ago, peninnahh
This app is so good
I was trying to train my new puppy and I was having a hard time with him so I thought what if I download an app to help me communicate with my dog and now we’re still training but he is doing way better he’s able to shake he’s able to stand up he’s able to understand what I want him to do and I have a oldie English bulldog, and it was hard for me to understand and he was being bossy. Now he listens to me, and he’s just an amazing dog, because I was able to communicate with him with this app, so get it
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2 years ago, coolman2567949
Amazing 🤩
I do this on my uncle every day. he instantly responds. when I have walking my belly, he instantly responds. he says he's hungry. this app is amazing if you need your mom to wake up to. she'll get out of her bed and jump out the window. and whenever I use it, it always works example. My carpet always gets up and leaves my room when I tell him to on the app. sometimes I tell them that they need to grow up so they do. in total five stars instantly never regretting.😀😆😀😁😆😀😆😃😆😆😆😀😆😀😆😆😀😀😁😃😂😄😆😃😃😃😄😁😀😁😄😂🥲😀🥲🥲😂🌫️🤣😁🤣🤣🤣😃😂😄😂😂😃🤣🤣😀😀🧋
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2 years ago, Appdiction82
Great so far.
I’m trying to make my puppy understand that when he bites me he hurts me and all of the rest of the apps seem to have whistles that could damage the dogs hearing so I liked this solution because it more so translates how he’s making me feel and The second I download it (as I was being bitten) he instantly stopped once I translated “ouch”. He also responded to the different barks. I only downloaded it a few minutes ago but if this is what’s going to stop him from biting me I’m happy to subscribe to it.
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4 years ago, Renming-/@!
Don’t really recommend this app-
So my dog can only understand the growing one and that's it. I got this because my mom told me to make sure my dog does not bark. So I got this one because the reviews were good. When I spoke into the microphone, my dog did not understand at all. When I said "do you want a treat?" Nothing happens. My dog knows treats so she did react, but when I tried, " did you dig this hole?" And I brought her to the hole and she just looked at me then thought she was playing with me, so we played for a little bit. After a bit I tried it one last time, I said, “ do you want to go to Petco?” She really dint know this one. Again, she thought I said for her to go to bed and stay there. As you can see, I wouldn't really recommend this app. Also-is that Kira from gone to the snow dogs on the front?
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2 years ago, KrizKross
To the person with the Great Dane
To the person with the Great Dane: If your Dane is attacking ppl; it’s not the dogs fault it’s yours. Danes are the most loving and most docile dogs you will find. There is something you have taught them (intentionally or not) that is making them act that way. No app can help your dogs aggressiveness; this is a game, not a magic wand. I would suggest giving your dog to a Dane owner that knows what they are doing and start again….with a smaller breed. Also devs, the game is fun to play with our dogs, the reactions are the best. Cheers!
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2 years ago, Sterzy34
I just downloaded the app today. I am having fun with the app trying to find another way to communicate with him. He occasionally responds, and other times looks confused, or doesn’t respond at all. I have been trying to find other ways to communicate with him, and have watched videos and read books about how to show him how much I love him. I know he knows, but now trying to do it in his language is interesting. I hope it works.
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2 years ago, Milo the #1 funniesy doggo!
Love it! 🐶🥰 Please read, I have something to add.
Although it’s just a game for fun, I kinda hoped my dog would do a little more than role on his back when I tried to talk to him 🤦‍♀️🤪 But, that’s all he did. It was really cute though 😍 And, I would LOVE 💕 if you would add a thing where it would translate what the DOG 🐕 is saying, not just translating to the dog what I’m 🏃‍♀️saying. Even if it means it’s a random generator that makes him say anything 🗣🌎 It would still be so much fun 🤩 Thank you SO much for reading this! 📚😊😁 I hope you add what I requested! 🤞🤞 Have such a wonderful day! 🌈
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6 years ago, 123abcDOGGIE
Great but...
This is great! If you don’t have it you should get it. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE REVIEW!!!! I LOVE HOW THEY ADDED A GAME! If you don’t know, you can press and hold on the symbol for the dog wanting to go play, and it will take you to a place where you have to move your device around to get the dog into the hole. The only thing is that you have to pay $0.99 for all of the words. It seems stupid, really, because you can just say whatever you want into the microphone and it will translate it into dog language. I really like it, it is cute and the text stickers are awesome, I just wish all of the sounds could be free.
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3 years ago, audio28
My dog didn’t even look at me once and she didn’t tilter head this app is fake. I do not recommend this app because it waste your time and tries to get it for the views. And make sure to check out all the features on your dog even the 1st cup or even if it’s a look at it if they don’t look at you every single time it’s a sign that they’re fake. So make sure to try the same ones on your dog multiple times and see if they look at you every single time on every thing. Things like this are likely scams. I am glad this was not an app that I had to pay for it because it would’ve took my money and it would’ve been a waste however you can buy certain stuff and just do that.
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1 month ago, 123456 hi i an Taryn!
You Make It Too Obvious…
So I started trying to use it with my dogs and I decided to test if this actually worked. And it didn’t. I spoke in the mic and said whats up, i did it multiple times. The barking changed every time! It is way too obvious. But… also it may help you read what your dog is feeling… you can listen to the sounds and it plays a sound like if your dog is angry, sad, anxious, nervous, sick, hungry, etc. I have three dogs so being able to tell what they are feeling is crucial to me. But this was labeled as a dog translator, not a “teaching how ur dog feels” thing. I would higher rate but maybe don't say its a translator… cause it ain’t. -t🦩❤️hx 4 reading 🫶🏻🦩
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5 years ago, I luv my dog Buddy
I really think this is a pointless app because dogs don’t know any words they just hear noises. So say you said “Good dog” into the microphone and it would translate it into a bunch of yips and barks the dog won’t know your saying “Good dog” they just hear weird noises coming from the phone. I mean even with tricks if you were to say “sit” they wouldn’t know the word “sit” means to sit they just recognize the noises coming from your mouth and they know when those noises come from our mouths they know they have to sit. Dogs don’t know words. I think this app will just confuse dogs and any other animal.
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5 years ago, Qqq44221
You have to be dumb as a tree stump to give 5 Star Reviews
I literally told my husband I was going to download this app for fun because it looked comical… I soon realized after I read the description that they were actually serious. So I let the download continue, and I open the app and the first thing I noticed was that a puppy was sitting in play position with angry eyebrows. Ummm....there’s no such thing. Deleting now. Though this would’ve been a great idea as something fun to play with. Instead I can see how it would drive dogs crazy and really there is no communication going on since the designer of this app can’t even get the true emotions of how a truly angry dog would look. I would say this app is more dangerous than good and should be removed from the store.
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4 years ago, coocoocat1012
So I’ve been trying for about a month to find a dog or cat translator my mind says I’m gonna find won today I say ILL NEVER FIND ONE so I try downloading this and I hit the microphone it says speak and I say “hi Clyde who’s a good boy you are”(btw Clyde is my dogs name)and nothing happens so I try for about 30 mins nothing so I try it on my dog and he barked NOTHINGG then I got pretty mad AND LITERALLY TRIED IT ON MY CATS DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT ITS FAKE TRUST ME I TOOK HALF MY TIME WRITING THIS SO YOU DONT WAIST YOUR TIME just a FYI the five stars is so I could possibly try out the other barks and see if they work.
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3 years ago, BorderCollieBoy
Sooo I saw some of these and I saw people don’t know how to use it well I want to help people know how to use it 1 this app only allows you to talk to your dog 2 press the mic and talk, when done press the red button 3 I can’t really help you with The emoji’s they’re generally hard to read 4 shake your phone if it’s in a shakable environment it won’t work if it’s charging, in order to play a mini game. That’s all, I really enjoy this app if you could make it so your dog can talk to you I would bump this up to 5 stars not 4 Thanks for this!
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