Doge Miner - Doge Coin Clicker

4.6 (11.9K)
84.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Albert Kornas
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doge Miner - Doge Coin Clicker

4.64 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
1 year ago, loljudejame
Very doge
WOW such good mmmmm it tastes good minasan kon’nichiwa it’s me tofu chan you know it’s important to try and do things to make yourself feel comfortable and feel at home there are lots of ways to do this! putting on a warm sweater listening to your favourite music or even eating a crunchy roll! ooh ooh ooh yeah ooh ooh yeah yeah crunchy roll take me home to a place i belong in that town i feel like i’m eating a crunchy roll don’t be afraid to be alone i dream to live hold tight let’s protect our strong self crunchy roll take me home to a place i belong in that town i feel like i’m eating a crunchy roll i’m tired of being hungry when i’m standing i dream of floating to my home town this long winding road is making me hungry crunchy roll take me home to a place i belong in that town i feel like i’m eating a crunchy roll even though times are tough i’m going to be brave i’m strong enough to set myself free and become a better me crunchy roll take me home i really want to go to that place that has crunchy roll crunchy roll tomorrow is another day it’s not a goodbye crunchy roll
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1 year ago, 3m0b1tch._
a good game, but has issues
this app is a truly amazing time killer, but there are two things that need to be fixed. ( in my opinion ). The first thing that I believe should be fixed is the cropped screen or whatever it is. When I opened the app after I downloaded it, the game fit on my screen as it should. But the second & third time, it was only on half of my screen. The next thing that I think should be fixed ( or added ) in this app is the ability to see how much money you have. I’m not sure if this is already available, but I spent a decent 20 mins trying to find this and failed find it. Overall, I give this game 3 stars. Edit: I forgot to add how many ads this game has. If your the developer of this application reading this, it would be very helpful if you would present less ads. thanks for reading :)
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2 years ago, LCG-hero
Awesome game!
I initially found a different version of this game on my cromebook (which I recommend checking out) and thought it was amazing. I then decided to see if I could get a mobile version about two days ago. Turns out you can! I like this game because you get to buy and upgrade people (or dogs?) to work for you, as well as get doge coins for yourself. I also love dogs sooo… One thing I was kind of upset about was there not being any slave kittens. When I played the other version you could buy them, and it gave me a good laugh. I couldn’t find any on this version, but maybe I just haven’t progressed far enough. Over all, I really like this game though, it can be a bit boring at times. Worth a download!
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5 months ago, hdgdheydhd
Doge miner (opinion)
The first time you have a chance at the first game is in a month and you can get the game on your own if you’re interested and then the first time it is in the first week you have a free trial so I would recommend that if you’re not sure about it you could just wait and wait and then see what you find and if it is a problem with your end of game then I can give it a shot to you if it doesn’t come out to your face or not and then I will let them out.
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2 years ago, yoshy king
I love it 😍
It is a really great game you try to mine stuff and well I guess over the time and if you like not really good at it it can get pretty boring really fast but other than that it’s awesome I love the game so much I cannot stop playing it I love when that dog speaks so when in the beginning when they don’t speak to you about they want to go to the moon and you need to go hi to the moon I would really pay attention because I think it’s really cute and yeah
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1 year ago, please fix these🙏🏻🦮🐕🦄🦋
Wow, much dogecoin
I love this game. But the reason that i gave it 4/5 is that you need 277 BILLION doge coins to get the rocket. It’s too much. I’ve been playing for at least 2 months, and i’m not even close. It takes forever and the pickaxes are so expensive. It goes 0, 100, 2k, 60k, to 1.5M. I currently have the 60k pickaxe, and it only gives 169 per hit. I’m not trying to give a hate comment, but it will take up a lot of your time. I think if you are really motivated then you can get it. Me personally, I don’t want to have spent most of my time on a game.
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5 months ago, cooper jerry larson
The best game I played
This is really the best game I played because like it’s easy to get better pickaxes, spam click the doge to earn money like sonic, and the best thing, YOU CAN DISABLE ADS. BECAUSE EVERY GAME I PLAY, IT ALWAYS SAYS THERES NO ADS, THERES ALWAYS ADS. THEY ARE ALL LIARS. And especially for the fake robux games. But I’m on one of the fake robux games side, because it gives you free items for free as you play. But back to the reason I love this game, ITS JUST AO GOOD.
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2 years ago, George Rybakov
Some problems…
Ok so this game is really fun but there is 2 things that bug me a lot. Number 1 being the amount of adds I know you need money but cmon. Number 2 is this that bothers me more than adds practically for no reason my screen is move my shop and everything else are in the same place but the doge and background are moved to the corner and it is really annoying thats it other than that its fine.
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4 years ago, Th3 iPad G4m3r
Great, but dial down the ads
I downloaded this game and liked it, it’s your average clicker game, but better. My one complaint is that there is ad after ad every time you do anything, I get why there are ads, it’s a free game after all, so an ad every now and then is ok, but there is a line that is not to be crossed, and this game crosses it so many times, there’s not even a line anymore, the line is gone. If this game had less ads, this would be bumped up to 5 stars immediately, so please, stop putting so many ads in your game.
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2 years ago, a sandbox player
Great game
I found this while I was getting my computer fixed and the complaints about adds are bull crap because you can just turn off your internet also people complaining because it isn’t a “real”dogecoin miner? What did you expect the game to give you free money? So over all don’t listen to haters this is a great game. Such good much fun
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2 years ago, ur mother hahaha
This Game change my life
I’ll started when I got this game on 31 March I loved it so much I spent $1000 on it the first five minutes I got it it is so much fun and I am sis that you get your son or and or daughter this game do you learn about cryptocurrency and the Dodgers game oh my gosh you’re a more and more and more I gotta go to work now love
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4 months ago, Damariobros
Great game, a few issues tho
Doge Miner is one of my go-to clicker games, so I'm glad to see it on the App Store for iOS so I can play it on my iPad. Problem is, there are WAY too many ads (there are times when I get three or more ads in less than 15 seconds) and there are issues with it fitting the screen. When the app is opened it doesn't fit the screen. These issues need to be fixed before I can give it a higher rating.
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1 year ago, 😑😐😶😠😡
I love playing this game but when everything is so on like I need more things to be able to be bought at the Moon so I can actually farm easier and it says that it will be coming soon I’ve had this game for two months and it said that every single day it still hasn’t changed or added anything new please either move something new coming soon from the moon battling things or whatever and or add new things
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1 year ago, Xanman 123
4 star 🙂
Great Game! 4+, Only 80 megabytes, Incredeble Inspiration, 👁♥️Doge, but it’s not ALL Good… Sadly, the screen got off-centered, I was trapped in the pickaxe menu, and I couldn’t get into one menu at the bottom of the screen. And worst of all, I was very far into the game. I deleted and downloaded the game again. And then the game’s glitch and progress reset. 😁for losing the glitch, but🫤 for losing my progress. “!” And make a rebirth plz.
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10 months ago, jchjcbsdbsdhsduhcbdsgucbusd
This game is good but so much ads and the screen is broken..
Each time you upgrade I calculated but if you spam upgrade there an ad EVERY 10 SECONDS! And if your not doing anything every 30 secs there’s an ad. Also there is a glitch when you play the first time the screen is in place but the third time you play the screen is out and half the screen is gone making the game insanely annoying. PLEASE FIX THIS! Also don’t buy the 1600 it only gives you 10 secs of it
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2 years ago, Dogeminer 101
Yesss 10/10
Great game love it there are some adds but honestly if people are going to complain just delete it you pessimists. Also I saw a review where the writer thought it gave you real dogecoin like the idiots people can be nowadays but overall great game although the moon is difficult get over it
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4 months ago, Epic_wowdoge
Epic Wow
This game is gives me nostalgia, I loved the doge meme in the past and I still do because of this game. When an ad shows, you can skip it in like two seconds! And getting some to the moon sounds pretty fun so I found this game and I downloaded it and it seemed fun as soon as I got it. Cool game gives me a lot of nostalgia
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1 year ago, batmanzelda
Ok idea, but…
Ok this game hasn’t been updated in 4 years or whatever so I don’t think they’re adding this but what if you could invest is stuff like buying “RoboDoge” when it’s cheap and selling it high, so you may lose money or gain, and possibly a BIG gain
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3 years ago, PotatoThing
Pretty good, but a few bugs.
First of all, I wont be complaining about ads like everyone else, mainly because I bought double earnings so ads are gone, anyway, this game is really fun, I love clickers and i'm even making my own, but theres a few bugs, for instance for some reason the games screen is weird and so I cant see some things like stats, anyway, its pretty fun.
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6 years ago, DawgLuva
Great, but too many ads
Fun experience and smooth animation with funny additions to make it original and entertaining. I would remove the sheer amount of ads that arrive when upgrading and buying enhancements. It makes sense to have them, but considering how much you have to upgrade and buy things, ads relative to that make the game slightly annoying.
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5 months ago, GOOD VERE GOOD
I feel like it could be better
It’s really good and I like that but I don’t like how like every 5U by there’s an ad you should also make a pickax is a tad bit cheaper I don’t like how I bought one for like 10,000 not no money but in the dogs, coin money, and the new one is like 1.5 million and I don’t like that besides that it’s really good I like it
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6 years ago, Smoitty
The game ain't bad, but my friend and I have had much different experiences. When he got to the moon he couldn't earn any money. He followed the Instagram page to get money, went to Earth, and it was stuck at zero. He deleted the app, re downloaded it to see if that would fix the glitch, and now some dude by the name of Judge Greed keeps popping up. Dunno who that is, but it's worth a smile from me, I guess. Can't say the same for him.
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2 years ago, thisgameisstilltrash
Absolutely terrible.
I have in so many years of playing, seen more of a terrible game. The format is just like any other money game, while somehow being worse. Me and my friend were timing how long it took between an ad, and it was 1.72 seconds. Absolutely horrendous. I am basically playing ads. Anything you touched resulted in watching an ad. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game itself was an ad. I will never touch this game again and I will not recommend it to anyone unless you like add.
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2 months ago, Lazyllama1234
Offline Production and Ads
This is a good game but it should definitely have offline production. It also has way to many ads. Please have it go whenever the tab is open. Thanks. Good game other than that.
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2 years ago, lightning and shadow olf
Great Game
The game is better than most clicker games because you have somewhere to be. You don’t just endlessly click for nothing at the end, you actually have a goal. You can buy upgrades for upgrades.
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2 years ago, sjdjidkekskskkekekek
This game is amazing
I have no idea why people are saying there are so many ads the most I’ve gotten are like two in a row it’s fun and feels so good when you buy something expensive this game is good if I could I would give this game a 10
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2 years ago, Letsdoplay
I found a bug that completely destroyed my game
So I was just mining on the moon. Then I decided to go play something else. Note that I have just got a ancient dogecoin and I don’t know what it does. Anyway, I went back to earth, An I had NO money. I still had my doge miners, but they did nothing. I basically have to go back to square 1 but all the prices are ridiculous.
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2 years ago, bayneowen12yeet
This game is great
Idk about the ads, it’s a great game. And the people saying: EvEry 3 sEconDs ThEreS aN Ad AnD I HaTe thIs GaMe. SHUT UP! Ads don’t really matter, you can just not watch the ads and look Outside or somewhere. I have no complaints about this game. It’s a great game. AND YOUR NOT GETTING MONEY YOU 5 YEAR OLDS!
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3 years ago, Hammy_The_Hamster
many good. much ads.
I think that this was a pretty fun and interesting game, definitely a way to pass time, but the one thing I disliked about it was the number of ads. They popped up constantly and it was very annoying. Please change that, overall it’s a pretty weird but fun game haha.
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5 years ago, Mikeplayer544
Awesome- but read!
Awesome game, much review. But it needs more updates! (Like new thing introduced in the game.) It gets boring after awhile when you discover all the funny things about the game. Apart from that, great game, I strongly suggest it to any meme people out there! -strongly suggest adding new things to the app.
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3 years ago, Kmdonavalli
Just game not real doge coin mining app.
This is really interesting game. You can keep earning coins and upgrade the flow of coins. This makes you feel better. But this is not a real doge coin miner and you can not own or use even a single coin.
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2 years ago, The1jazzybabe
Not saving progress
I have complained before and yet no fixes. My investments on the moon phase are not saving or staying after I shut the game down. What a waste of time and frustrating. I gave it 3 weeks to change it. I will not play again until this is fixed. If not fixed in another month I will delete the game. Nobody likes to gain in a game and turn the game off then you end up starting over again. Very frustrating!!!!
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6 years ago, keyubcat
My money is gone
So I found a way to listen to Eminem well playing but whenever there was a advertisement it would cut it off so I bought something really expensive because it said by anything get ads removed so I did and 1/2 a minute later a ad pops up so I try to get my money back by hitting restore purchases and it wouldn't give my money back that I was going to buy more eminem music with good luck with ad remover
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2 years ago, Blackjack212121
When I went to the moon and went back to earth my whole game rested and I still had the final pickaxe but it was 132 every swing so I would never be able to change it because I had the final pickaxe and there’s literally no way to reverse it now so pls fix that glitch
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2 years ago, noobzydayz1
Has a major bug
When I logged in to play the screen wasn’t in the right place. It was basically stuffed into the bottom right corner so I can’t see the whole screen. If the creator sees this, please listen to me and fix this. Other than that, great game.
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3 years ago, Pupluck5
Wow much good
I don’t care what people are saying about ads. Half the time they are skippable in a second, and the playtime you get out of it is good. Even without in-app purchases this game isn’t Grindr, and your sure to have fun the whole way. In short, much good
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3 years ago, Dragon Queen :3
Worst. Game. Ever.
First of all waaaaaaaaaay to many adds. There is literally 1 add every three seconds. I got this game like 10 minutes ago and deleted it right away. When I looked at the game I thought that it looked like the most awesome game ever. When I looked at the ratings I saw everyone talking about the adds and I thought it was nonsense but when I downloaded it I realized it was true. The game itself is really fun, but like I said, waaaaay to maney adds.
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2 years ago, Lokibee
Amazing but 1 tiny problem
My screen is glitched and can’t touch specific tabs if this problem has fixed it self by then thank you
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4 years ago, adsplsno
Good but the ads
I just got this game and I’m a boss at it but one problem ADS!!! Whenever I try getting the gifts it says loading then I few minutes later it show an ad this has happened for quite awhile so just please slow your roll with the ads thanks!
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3 years ago, fdreewwwwety
Hi doge
This is doge hmm cool I think this could work I really don’t know but it could be a real currency and that’s all that matters how many words did I need to write in their review. I love office and will waxy my legs today but yeah doge is cool thank you doge America is good moon is good love everything about the doge yes we can anyways really doge
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4 years ago, TAKEONMATT
Dumb game
Too many adds, would be 2 stars but the game is interesting. Also, my screen is wacko because something happened and all images are way far down farther to the down right corner. There is an empty black space for a full inch on the top and left. Plz fix. I would give four stars if not for this glitch.
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4 years ago, Allyatlanta
Great game, but read this though!
I think this is a really fun game and it’s really all I can say though, but, every once in a while there is a glitch where my screen is shifted, but all the buttons stay in the right place. Also, please bump down the ads, it gets in the way. It would be WAY more enjoyable if you fixed this.
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1 year ago, doug.quaid
It’s a really fun game
Very doge 11/10 wow! I’ve gotta give it to the creators- love the game! Much click such wow ( but heck there are a CR*P TON of ads! I mean, I’ll buy like three doges, and then the game is like-“hey buy this lottery game and lose all your money to some weird jerk on the internet! No thanks! So please less ads!)
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3 years ago, Adeclara
Amazing game
It’s a amazing game because it’s fun and it’s easy to learn and your just tap and buy stuff but one thing that bothers me is the ads because it’s like they come every minute but everything’s else is good also try out roblox it’s fun to
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I played this game when it looked a bit different than when I remembered it, but I downloaded it again cause I was bored and it's still amazing as ever, would recommend if you want to kill some free time
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4 years ago, FrozenGamer999
Really good, but...
The game is really addicting but after basically every other in-game purchase there's an ad, which is annoying, otherwise I hope they would update it because it's super fun!
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2 years ago, D4rk G4m3r 46
Good but it’s bugged and too many adds
This game is amazing but the second time I went back on, my screen was not in place. Also, why are there so many adds that repeat over and over again. Developer, please fix both of these things I said, please.
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8 months ago, GhostlygamerYTuber
Used to play on computer
O used to only be able to play on my school computer but I downloaded the app so now I can play anywhere.
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2 years ago, TMFCHEF420
Fun game but
The only reason I gave 4 stars is because once you hit 1q coins you can’t see what you have just says a lot but there are upgrades that cost multiply quadrillion coins so yeah that’s a number otherwise very fun and addicting game
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4 years ago, vagina eater 204
Good game, medium sized problems
Good game overall, interactive, fun, and a good time killer, now to the negatives. 1. Ads I don’t really have a problem with this as it’s the main source of income but to have a ad every 5 upgrades is a bit excessive, my main problem with this is that if you exit the app during an ad, it completely messes up your game, everything is randomly across the screen and in different areas, I have no idea how this error even happens 2. Updates Not much to say, needs more updates and a lot more upgrades so you can play for longer periods, it seems short paced.
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