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User Reviews for Dollar Bank Mobile App

4.7 out of 5
23.4K Ratings
4 years ago, DoreenizzyT
Frustrating and Confusing
This change is confusing and frustrating. When trying to make a payment under “pay bills” the steps are easy however above it in blue above it, it says transfer money. That is not the same as paying a bill. It also took the money out of my checking account but did not reflect the deduction in the loan I was making a payment on. I had know idea where that money went nor did it tell me.I tried to call customer service 2 times to clarify and was on hold for 50 minutes each time. I hung up. If your going to have such a confusing and frustrating website and mobile app you should have put many more people in customer service to answer your confusing changes. I checked every day several times over almost 2 days for any changes in deduction in that loan. This morning it finally reflected the change or I was going to the bank branch to try and get some simple questions answered. You need to address these issues and make it less confusing and frustrating. **highly dissatisfied customer**
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4 years ago, Gino Guacamoolie
Somewhat Improved..
Edit to Dollar Bank’s response: Thank you for the response! I can finally see check images. The 800 number provided for people to call *and* the regular 800 number for account services both told me viewing check images was no longer available on the new app, which that is obviously not the case. Those people need to be trained better so they’re not giving out bad information. Thanks again.. love the new app now that I can still see check images! Original Review: So Dollar Bank finally adds Touch/Face ID login to their app (thanks - it was about 5 years overdue), but they take away the ability to see who you wrote a cashed check to using the mobile app. I have accounts at other banks and that’s a very basic function they all have, including Dollar previously until they REMOVED it from their new “upgraded and improved” mobile app. You really wonder who is making these decisions for the bank and if any thought is put into it........
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4 years ago, user cyz
This version is less useable
This bersion removed functions that were easier to use. Such as guaranteed date vs trying to figure out when to send. And if the wrong daye was selected have to do over and over Additionally entering the amounts for mo ile deposit should not ‘fill’ from tihht and then mush it left. A better ui would be to simply automatically have the field on the dollar amount and simply having the person enter a period for the delineator. And bring ip the number pad. Similar to when entering an amount to pay But there the period should also look like a pushable balue
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4 years ago, KyleKelly
Disappointing app - extremely long on-hold time
Was excited to switch from Chase to a smaller bank (my mortgage was sold to this bank) so that I could have a “small town” feel as opposed to a large conglomerate and none of this has been the case. On hold times are extremely long to contact someone on the phone (regularly 30+ minutes, 50 minute to get someone on the phone), and agents are brief, uninterested, and not really trained. Comparing the app to what Chase (and much smaller local banks offer) the app is underwhelming and cantankerous at best. Can’t enroll to biometrics (easy to do with two other apps I’ve used), and shared very little to no information related to previous payments, payment history, future payments, comparisons of principal/interest. Overall, between the not really useful app and the long hold times for not that helpful customer service - I REALLY wish my loan could be sold back to Chase as this has been a poor experience.
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4 years ago, dealssuck
New version app
So far it’s the most unfriendly app I use. This has to be the worst upgrade I’ve seen yet. Now if I pay bills on Friday they won’t get paid till Tuesday when they use to post on Monday. Today I tried to pay an addition amount in my cable bill as the price when up and I paid it yesterday so I tried to pay the difference it paid the bill in whole. When I called to stop it they said it was since it was processing they could stop it. So now I’ve paid twice with no way of canceling the transaction. Stupid app! There so many problems I can’t even list them all. The old version was much better. I’m not the only one in my family that has issues either. Get it fixed or I will switch banks. You already lost one member of my family.
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4 years ago, michaelmalonekevin
Dollar Bank always two steps behind the industry
This app is actually worse than the older version. You click on your credit card balance, and it take you to money transfer. Half the stuff you click on doesn’t take you to the appropriate link. Not to mention, their separate website for the credit card seems like it never updates so it’s impossible to get an accurate read on your statement balance and current balance. Funny how it tells you you owe $0 as a minimum payment, then click make a payment, and there is a $12 minimum payment due. Be prepared to do the accounting on your own. Overall, I’ve been with dollar for 10 years, and I’m totally dissatisfied with all their services. They just seem to be lagging way behind the competition.
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4 years ago, Customer since 1981
Beta version roll out
This is some of the sloppiest written online software I have ever had the opportunity to use. Dollar bank should be ashamed of themselves for paying somebody for such bumbling ineptitude. You click on links and instead of them taking you to where you want to go they take you somewhere else and then the app locks up where you have to go somewhere else in order to get back to where you want to be and you still may not be there. This is really bad. I doubt if it’s ever going to happen but you folks need to give us back the old software because it worked and it worked well.
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4 years ago, radiogh0st_
People need to read their emails
The app works fine. Dollar bank sent an email to everyone saying that their login information has changed with the new system and how to log in. I went online to the website and did it first before downloading the app and logging into the app. The app itself is working fine on my phone. I was able to view accounts and transfer money between accounts with no issues!! Thanks for the updates!!
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4 years ago, bananacat999
This new app is so horrible. If I could give it zero stars I would. The only good feature is the touch ID when you log in. Other than that it’s slow, laggy, too confusing, and not at all an improvement from the last version. Why am I now getting charged for making over 6 transfers a month?? I didn't realize that dollar bank is now my parents that need to control what I do with my money. What happens when I get paid through direct deposit into my checking and I need to transfer that into my savings twice a month? That’s two checks out of six already. This almost makes me wanna switch banks. It’s just money hungry behavior. It’s also super annoying that I have to set up my transfers AGAIN after already having them. I literally never write bad reviews for anything but this horrible app is deserving of it.
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4 years ago, P&M Spelman
Mobile app
There was not adequate communication about this change/new app. Some features we had in the old app, particularly, where I could stop a payment is no longer available. Also payment history and past activity was not brought forward and the old app is not available so I cannot see and prior payments or check to see if checks were cashed and when. Additional training and communication about changes and additional change management needs to be done on this project. Not impressed. We have been Dollar Bank customers for 10 years and most likely will be changing banks.
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2 years ago, KRKapple
Complete FAILURE
I run a small nonprofit and we moved our account to Dollar Bank for their business checking but their online access is a complete FAILURE. 👎🏻 I can't even login to the app! 📱On the website it asks for a business ID, user ID, and password but there's no such designation here. ❓So what do I use? The business ID or user ID? I've tried both but keep getting locked out from the app. 😡 Aggravating. So I go the website and get in fine except you can't use a password app to automatically fill your login. 🙄 No... you have to tap a space and then backspace after each entry for it to work! Ridiculous. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Has Dollar Bank not heard of password helpers? They need to join the rest of us in the current century & make this app more functional. Quickly.
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4 years ago, DAJ TM
Pretty good
The new app released 1/22 is good. Better look and feel. Seems more stable than the prior app. I like the biometrics- all my other financial apps have it so its good to see Dollar catch up. Still missing some key features that others like First National have - like the ability to see a check image. Dollar is still substantially behind the market regarding that feature, and charges you to see old checks. To be fair, that enhancement is probably pretty big. No charting. Also, still oddly keeps the credit card information separate and with a different look and feel. Overall its pretty good, but comparable to its old app with the exception of biometrics.
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4 years ago, Kyle29487472
How did it get worse
The new Dollar Bank app is worse than the old one. It’s slow and takes longer to move in between screens, accounts and transactions. Dollar Bank employees are not trained in how to help you navigate the app. I have accounts at other banking institutions and their apps are faster and easier to navigate. It wasn’t worth the three days we were without the app.
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11 months ago, Ncpmg
For the love of all things $$, FIX mobile deposit!
Second time I’m writing about this issue: mobile deposit DOES NOT WORK. It used to be flawless until somewhere in January, February after an ‘update’. For a few months it had been finicky, sometimes working, but mostly not. Now it’s 100% not. Every time all the time. It keeps telling me the amount I’ve indicated is not the amount on the check. IT IS! How hard is it to use some decent image recognition software?? Other banks seem to have no issue with that. Add this endless frustration to me just yesterday finding out about their extortion fees to stop payment on a check ($39!!!) and I’m ready to walk. FIX👏IT👏PLEASE👏
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4 years ago, Keon100
I’m really considering closing my account all together cause the app is even worse should’ve kept the previous version. Customer service is THE WORST. I had to wait an hour to talk to a Rep which they prompt you that there’s 50 calls ahead of you. What time crap is that? I’m done completely with Dollar Bank as a whole do better.
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4 years ago, lortew
Can’t see scheduled payments in one pkace
In the old app, you could see all scheduled payments in one place, and online you could see subtotals for each day, so it was easy to make sure you kept enough money in the account to cover payments. Now the app shows the day payments will arrive, but you have to go to a different screen for each payment individually to see when it will leave your account. Also, bill payments and transfers and credit card payments aren’t all in the same place, so you have to keep subtotals in your head and switch screens multiple times to figure out how much money is leaving your account on any given date.
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3 years ago, panzer598
Long time customer , but...
I am a customer correct? Don’t feel any customer service at all. I’ve decided to close my accounts , this app leaves much to be desired. Then again considering how small ball this bank is, I guess it’s great. Jus tried 7 times to remote deposit a check, and it’s saying all kinds of things to act as if I have done something amiss. Can’t this high priced app jus say. Hey we aren’t not accepting this kind of transaction, at this time. It’s not 24 hours, I see, jus say that. Stop misrepresenting your services. Waste of my time, I won’t be doing that again, plenty of professional banks looking for my business.
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4 months ago, cbatt66
I have been a Dollar Bank customer for many years. The Dollar Bank has become almost a daily check in for me. Up until about 3 weeks ago that is. For some crazy reason the app will simply completely stop working and block me from checking my account activity. I cannot even log in. I have tried deleting and re-downloading which allows it to work for a day or two then stops working again. I have tried calling Dollar Bank and trouble shooting but when I try to log in from a computer the online banking works fine. Why did it just stop working?
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2 years ago, amh92;
Multiple issues
Since originally getting the app it has SLIGHTLY improved. But I used to have Face ID to login and now after an update I can’t seem to get it to work any longer. This is a mere inconvenience. There are frequent downtimes and freezes where the app shuts down. There’s no way to report these problems so an app team and rectify problems incurred by their customers. The application itself feels very outdated. It’s 2022 and this is a banking app. Certainly they don’t fall short of financial resources to have a proper app developer aid in bettering it. Two stars at best.
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4 years ago, gystyvg
Balance NOT displayed under every Transaction!
I am very displeased with this update. Before you were enable to see your account balance under every transaction on your history to see the difference with every amount deposited or withdrawn. Now you have to log into the desktop site to see that. Bring that feature back please.
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3 years ago, judy fee
New software is a down grade
Too many steps to complete a simple task. not as intuitive as it could be. Dollar bank is not my primary payment for me even though you want it to. You buried the “other bill payment” when on a mobile platform. Makes me think about changing banks after 27 years A.B. Fiorillo
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6 months ago, Custer Fudge
Can’t access my credit account
For over a year after setting up my credit card account with their app, I’m still not able to access it. Contacted the help desk and costumer service by both phone and email and was told that a rep would be contacting me soon. As of this review I have yet to receive any assistance with my complaint. I have had my credit card with Dollar Bank for over ten years and have never had any issues with the bank until I started using their online banking app…however, customer service failed me on this.
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4 years ago, Swami6996
Old user + New app = more problems
This new version is a step back. The terminology changes are confusingly inconsistent and not only do I have to go through the process of re-establishing the ability to pay an account, I’m already at 2 business days waiting for two mini-deposits to post to my account with no word. Quite frankly, I’m afraid to try depositing a check directly like I did with the old app since I’m so leery of what’s happened so far.
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2 years ago, TREE-TREE-TREE
iOS app finally has it’s program name fixed
For years, I have been frustrated by how difficult it was to find the Dollar Bank app by searching my phone. “D O L L A R” typed into the search field gave no results. Continuing to enter “B A N K” still gave no results. I thought it was a problem with my iPhone operating system. I raised the complaint to Apple many times. But AHA! It was not Apple’s fault. The developers that wrote the iOS program had named the app “mobile”. That’s it. Just “mobile”. Searching “M O B I L E” immediately found the Dollar Bank app. I notified persons at the Cranberry Township branch, and nothing happened. They didn’t believe nor understand me. I notified the online assistance center. Disbelief again. It’s good to see the app now has facial recognition only years behind competing banks.
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2 years ago, Ptkart5t
Very good bank, app is easy to work with and the folks at the Elyria Ohio branch deserve a raise and more paid time off! Only thing I’m concerned with is the extremely low interest rate that is being paid on my savings acct. a 6 figure savings acct should be able to earn some interest each month that is worth talking about
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4 years ago, Chunkycoats
Refresh Looses Some Functions
After their major overhaul of the mobile banking app, I was expecting a big leap ahead. Not as big a leap as I expected. So far I’m still getting used to it, but one function that’s gone is scheduling the guaranteed delivery date for bill pay. Instead you choose a withdrawal date, and see when the guarantee date is. If it’s too soon or too late, you adjust the withdrawal date. Maybe I’m in the minority on how I like to schedule the delivery day of bills.
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1 year ago, Zimmyzz
Much easier than my last bank.
Dollar bank purchased the bank I’ve been with for years. I’ve been using the app and online bill pay. I was concerned when they switched over. Everything’s going great. This. App is much easier to use.
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4 years ago, Dollar Bank 12
Closed Account Defaults to first viewable
I am going through a divorce. I closed my joint account over a year ago. With the old system I did not see this account unless I searched for it. Now every time I log in, straight away I see these closed accounts and have to select my active account. Surely the system should automatically default to the active account. It is frustrating to be reminded of my situation when performing my banking. I also do not like that I can not print out history screens as easily as I previously could.
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2 years ago, klhricik
Doesn’t work on iPads
The app seems to have the functionality you’d want, and I used to be able to use it for all of my banking, but it stopped working on my iPad for paying bills about a month or so ago. I now have to go to my laptop and their website to pay bills. Dollar Bank is aware of this problem, but why would you release something that doesn’t work on one of the most popular devices? Very poor quality control if you ask me.
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4 years ago, arv83
Outdated App
Dollar Bank’s app had always been significantly behind in terms of technology. Now that there is finally Facial Recognition, other features are taken away. In the old app, I could at least view my credit card transactions that posted. In this app, I get an error message that says “we cannot currently display transactions.” I also have to use the Dollar Bank card control app for my credit card, which shows pending transactions, but they then disappear once the transactions post. There is still a lot of work to be done is this app!
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4 years ago, ljshgeyhdbbebshhd
Terrible, awful update
The last update to the mobile app and online site makes it basically unusable. Bill pay is terrible, mobile deposit is flaky- It is so bad that I am considering switching banks.
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4 years ago, casie1230
I love your online banking. I am a senior citizen and today I messed up my online banking and ended up restricting myself because I tried so many times to get in. Well you know seniors and computers are not exactly our thing. So I called the banking center and an angel named Terri answered my call. I have to tell you that she is a valuable asset to your bank. She was so helpful and patient and I am so grateful to her for getting me up and running again. Please give her the kudos she deserves. I also love Dollar Bank, they have always served me well.
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2 years ago, MAJ186
Check deposit feature is sporadic
The last two times I have tried to deposit a check online I have had issues. I have had to power off my phone, remove the app, reinstall the app then I can deposit the check (this was the resolution that the Customer Service Team recommended when I called to mention the app kicks me out when I try to deposit a check). Just the last two months but very frustrating. Please fix this application within the app.
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4 years ago, Zen kai
Has not improved, more complicated to use. IRA account not seen ,bill pay more complicated
Why do you make things more complicated? I can not find my IRA. Bill pay - there is no way to cancel if one changes mind. I am thinking of moving my accounts because of your app and your online banking is pretty much the same, hard to navigate. See how PNC or Citizens do it. It is simple.
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3 years ago, KellyKMA71
Absolutely terrible. The app hasn’t worked right in months! I’ve had the Face ID set up, so all I had to do was click it, hold to my face and I was in. Now it tells me I have to set up Face ID in the Biometric Settings when I already have. If I log in the normal way with my user and password, the cursor just spins for eternity, never gaining access to my info. After several minutes, a pop up says “an error has occurred.” You think? Again, it’s been like this for months! I tried deleting the app and redownloading-no luck.
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2 years ago, DevilDogSoldier
No Access to Credit Card Account Information
Dollar Bank has almost intentionally broken access to all information pertaining to credit cards accept payment. Their actions are so egregious I am going to filing complaints with both federal consumer protection and my state attorney general because the balance is changing upward or not decreasing and they’ve stonewalled my ability to see what is going on. It’s almost criminal. I’d recommend not to do business with them. I won’t in the future.
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3 years ago, whoagonz
Remote Deposit Impossible
Every month, I try to deposit a check with this app. It takes me an average of 75 times (I wish I was exaggerating…) and different lighting and angles to have it finally work. I have helped family members deposit checks remotely via other banking apps and they capture the check automatically and in under 5 seconds. It’s like playing the slot machine simply trying to deposit one single check remotely. Please improve this feature!
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2 years ago, Old Lady2
Can no longer use other bill pay
I updated on my iPad but thankfully not on my iPhone as I can no longer use the updated app to pay my other bills. And, yes, I made the adjustments suggested. After calling for assistance, I was told this was a problem and was being worked on. It’s inconvenient to have to go to my laptop every time I want to check if bills have been paid timely or to pay a bill. Needless to say I will not be updating the app on my iPhone.
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2 years ago, im ready to change banks
Online banking
What has happened? My banking used to be so easy. Now I have to pay my bills on the banking site, but I have to transfer money between my accounts on the D O app. This is not an improvement! And now I have to search for a nickname that is unique???what is this, a bank or a secret club?
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4 years ago, Gr8ladypgh
The old site was much more user friendly. And the site screwed up my mortgage payment! And they’re still screwing it up. May be time for a change.
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4 years ago, Please improve check cashing
Mobile Deposit
The mobile deposit takes what should be very easy and convenient and makes it difficult. A suggestion would be having the photo automatically taken on the front and back of the check once everything needed has been displayed. Otherwise the result is multiple failed attempts and a thirty minute photo shoot with a check... I would look into spending more on the software before people decide to bank elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Octal Coder
Ho-hum at best
I feel the app isn’t as smooth as it could be. Honestly it seems as there were a lot of afterthoughts and they rushed to push it out on time and left it buggy. I may be expecting too much from thing but in this day and age of technology when a simple childrens site runs more intuitive than this app I am taken a back at the lack of professionalism in creating the app.
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2 years ago, HMB - SR
Check deposits
Can’t always make it to the bank within the banking hours. Checks deposited by taking the pictures are easy and no complications
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4 years ago, atrart
Check deposit
It took me 5 tries to deposit a check today. I thought the new system would correct these glitches. Frustrated!
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3 years ago, shagrined
I have been a Dollar Bank customer for several years. The online banking app, in my opinion isn’t intuitive and is hard to navigate. I was expecting improvements with this last rendition, but sadly, that didn’t happen. ;(
Show more
4 years ago, sjb music
Online banking
I love the fact that you can deposit checks remotely. Also, to pay bills, move money from one account to another.
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4 years ago, CrystalVybes
No Credit Card Balance
My credit card activity and balance are not available on this app or on the Card Control app. I have to call the phone number on the back of my credit card to find out how much to pay. Have been charged interest the past two months when I never had interest before - simply because the balance info is not available. Stopped using Dollar Bank credit card.
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3 years ago, gugguvfd764(
Primitive and outdated
This app is horrible. It’s really the most primitive app I’ve ever used. On top of having none of the features that other banks have, it provides incorrect information. When I’ve complained to customer service, they say to get accurate information. I’ll need to wait for paper statements to come in the mail. Unheard of in 2021. If it weren’t for my mortgage loan I would have nothing to do with this.
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4 years ago, LoveMentor
New system
Some of it is easier. But numbers are way too small and thin. Wells Fargo online (in North Carolina) was fabulous. All payments/withdrawals were in red. All deposits in green. The new Apple Card is SO user friendly too. I definitely rate those much higher.
Show more
3 years ago, NDMHTB
I just love Dollar Bank!!!!
Every branch I go to treats me with great respect. Your mobile app makes my life easier. Thank you so much for the way you treat your customers and go the extra mile to help everyone. 😀
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