Dolly: Moving & Delivery Help

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Dolly, Inc.
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7 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dolly: Moving & Delivery Help

4.7 out of 5
35K Ratings
6 years ago, AirronR
So convenient!
I was at Costco and had no clue how I was going to get a huge sectional that was perfect for our den home. One of the employees suggested Dolly. I called the number to get a little more information. It was about 1:30pm on Friday. It would be $77 to take it up a flight of stairs. That was a great price for me to save the hassle of going to U-Haul to get a truck, hiring a day worker (who has no background check and may go by only a nickname) to help me move. Then there’s the joy of refueling the truck and taking it back. The next available time was at 3:30p. I thought it would be the next day because I called so last minute. The “helper” arrived early which was great. I had no idea how quickly all of this would unfold. I needed to go back home to empty the room a little. Costco allowed me to leave a receipt there so I didn’t need to be present for the helper to take the furniture out. I was home for only about 30 min cleaning frantically and got a call that they were outside with our stuff. It was a husband and wife team who were professional and friendly. She was petite and I was a little skeptical because the furniture was heavy. The two of them knocked it out in impressive fashion. I would definitely recommend this service to a friend and use them again!
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7 years ago, Pooperscoopersarah
Amazing customer service
Dolly is the 3rd party company that the store we purchased furniture from advertises. We looked into the app, and costs. For a last minute, prompt service, the prices are almost unbelievable. We purchased 2 couches, both heavy recliners. The app was extremely easy to navigate - you just select your pick up location and drop off. Unfortunately, the company we bought the furniture from had a pretty big mix up. They sent us 2 different colored couches. This meant that the Dolly helpers had to drive all the way back, get the issue sorted out, to just drive all the way back to us for the correct delivery. Not once did the helpers complain or become irritated. They were so helpful explaining that this has happened before and Dolly is great with making sure we as the customer are satisfied and that the ones at fault (the store in which they picked up the furniture) would have to cover the inconvenience and extra costs for the multiple trips. The Dolly helpers were professional, friendly, and prompt. I am so happy that something like this exists in the fast-paced world we live in today! Thank you
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5 years ago, Don912
Caution..! Do Not Use for Big Moves!!!
I used dolly last year to Move a mattress and it was the perfect experience.. So since I was already impressed, I chose them for my apartment move this year. I booked a month ahead of schedule with 2 helpers and put my mind to rest. However, on the moving day, dolly was unable to find me helpers so I had to keep calling them.. And the most important thing for you to know is, it doesn't matter if you book ahead of schedule.. How their system works is, they find helpers for you on the day of your move and they have no control over the helpers since the helpers decide whether they accept your dolly or not. So in my case, I was completely helpless and stressed out on my moving day and dolly customer services kept asking me to push the time of my dolly further away so someone could accept my dolly. I was already a day late and had to be out of my apartment by the end of that day.. I eventually had to pay another professional moving company at the last minute and all the trust and the effort I put into reserving the dolly was completely tarnished. I do not take time to write reviews for apps but since this was a nightmare of a moving day for me, I wanted others to know... Dolly is NOT AT ALL a viable solution for something like an apartment move. And if you want your moving day to be a smooth experience and not a stressful Freudian nightmare, go with another professional moving company. Dolly has a long way to go in that department...
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2 months ago, LexyP1027
Paid Reviews on App Store - check Yelp
I scheduled my move a month in advance and “helpers” kept getting assigned to my move and then dropping. 3 days before my move there still wasn’t a helper assigned so I called customer service (which is based outside of the US). I asked the customer service woman if a mover would be assigned before my scheduled move and she just kept repeating herself “yes, no worries someone will be assigned before the scheduled time. Don’t worry”. After she said that multiple times, I asked her if it was a guarantee and she switched up and said “oh unfortunately it’s not a guarantee. But if that happens you can call us that day for a refund.” So - there was a reason to worry and a refund wasn’t going to help me move in time. My move out day comes, and still no one was assigned. I ended up having to come out of pocket and rent a moving truck and pay random people I found online to help me move. It wasn’t until the end of the day on my scheduled move that a customer service agent called me to tell me “unfortunately we weren’t able to find anyone to move you today” ….obviously. I looked up Dolly on Yelp and they have multiple accounts on Yelp for different cities - all under 2-star reviews. Thank god I found a last minute alternative solution or I would of been charged by my leasing company for staying past my move out date. If I haven’t made it clear - I DO NOT recommend this company.
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2 years ago, never use dolly
Terrible experience
I had a terrible experience using Dolly. Before I scheduled it, I called their customer service to ensure that I would be able to ride with the mover in the truck. I am a college student and I was moving just a few things from one apartment to another. I was told by Dolly customer service on 2 separate phone calls that I would be able to do so. I then was told once a helper was scheduled that he was not allowed to have any passengers in the vehicle during the move. I called him and he was very rude and dismissive, which made me feel very unsafe to have him load my belongings into his car. I tried to gain some further clarification from customer service, but they were changing their story and beginning to sound fraudulent and scam like. I told them to cancel my moving trip immediately (which they did) and to refund me for any canceling fees that may be applied. Dolly seems to be a very poorly ran moving service, with very little resources for customer inquiries, and set up to get money out of people once signing up for the app in any way they can. I have been charged a cancelling fee and I have not received a phone call to confirm that they are refunding me, which they told me they would. Very poor service and unreliable helpers. I would never recommend Dolly and I am considering some serious actions to get my refund.
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2 years ago, rainysoggycouch
Customer service failing to reverse wrongful charges
I requested a dolly with 2 helpers and a cargo van to help moving a sectional. The base line choice is pick up truck with 1 helper. Due to the size of the couch and weather I selected options that would’ve been suitable for the move. The night before, at 1 am, the mover told me that he would not be able to do the move the next morning at 8. I didn’t see it until the following morning and had already arranged with a military family to pick up their couch. I contacted the helper and he came through… but only 1 helper, and no cargo van. They moved the $1500 sectional in the rain with straps in an open pickup truck. I’ve been asking Dolly Customer service to refund me for the extra add ons. We are now about 20 emails deep and nothing has happened besides for charging me twice (around $540) and then negating the erroneous charge. The dolly is now past their 14 day policy to submit a claim.. (no one told me until too late.. just kept stringing me along and I thought I was doing the right thing contacting the agents directly) and I have spoken to probably 8 (if not, more) different customer service agents. It would be really nice to get refunded for the services I did not receive, and the same for the damages. Dolly May be great in some cities but I so not think they have it together in New England yet.
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2 years ago, MiaWallac93
Dolly takes advantage of workers and sells your data (even if they can’t help you)
Dolly irresponsibly brokers mutually non beneficial arrangements for their own financial benefit between people who depend on their service and workers who depend on fair, stable income. In other words, after I provided all the information Dolly asked for a within building move, upon arrival it was clear to my movers I had a MUCH bigger job that they could not complete. There is no chance I am the first to experience this communication failure. Through no fault of the movers (who also felt terrible they couldn’t help me), I was then put in a horrible position of doing the entire move by myself (!!) up several flights of stairs and too late to find alternative. Then, after Dolly failed to help me completely, they sold my data anyway and I am being spammed by endless companies selling things to “help with my recent move.” I used this service before and it went… fine enough. But, now I see how harmful platform this is for workers and would not recommending relying on this app if you truly need help with a move. Or care about workers rights or your private data. And because I can’t resist being helpful, how about a bargaining/bidding system? And/or a focus group with movers to understand what THEY need to know to appropriately/fairly price and complete a move.
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5 years ago, Tade M
Unreliable App and Unresponsive Service
I am extremely disappointed in Dolly’s moving services but I am even more frustrated with their lack of responsive and proactive customer service. After my 1 experience with them, I can tell you I will not even be looking at Dolly for my next move. I scheduled 2 helpers to help with my move to Boston more than a week before my move. I only received 1 text message 24 hours beforehand telling me they’re working to schedule the helpers. I received no other communications until I reached out to customer service asking for the status of my helpers. That’s when they said they couldn’t find anyone for my move - this was 35 minutes prior to when my move was suppose to be scheduled. I called customer service again and they said they would increase the payout but I’m not sure they ever did. I should not have to be begging customer service to let me know what the status of my helpers are - that should be provided regularly ahead of time. With only 30 minutes left, I wasn’t able to find another company so I had to move myself in an apt building with no elevator. More so, I emailed customer service to let them know my experience and I received an unhelpful and irrelevant message back that showed they really didn’t read my email. It was a frustrating experience that I really hope others don’t have to go through.
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4 years ago, musicalmaddi
Rude, Late, Abandoned
DO NOT USE. Unlike others, my helper reached out almost immediately after hiring. Made inappropriate remarks that made me uncomfortable. I brushed it off. He messaged that he was running one hour late. Later I get a call he’s running 2 more hours late. He gets there 3.5 hours after the schedule time and did not have an assistant. I hired 2 helpers but only 1 showed up saying he couldn’t get a hold of anyone so I’d have to help him. Yeah right, a 93” couch down a flight of outdoor stairs? Not gonna happen. I would have died. Even though he was late and alone, had I tried to cancel I still would have been charged $100 for a 1 helper job as the Dolly was already in progress. I was going to hire my OWN ADDITIONAL helper to come help us out because what I had set up was not what I got and we needed more help to get the sofa out as we had already waited close to 4 hours to move it. At this point I call customer service and they instruct the Helper to just LEAVE (and he did rudely) without doing anything. Abandoning me and the couch at Point A. Luckily the seller of the couch was amazing and went above and beyond to help us get it home. I understand stuff happens but I should have been refunded immediately and just given the chance to reschedule for when the job could be completed properly. Will never use again just stick with local guys to get the job done.
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5 years ago, Mensakaren
Safely moved glass china cabinet and glass hutch!
Our first experience with Dolly -which was recommended to us by a local real estate agent -was quite the test since we needed a China glass cabinet and a hutch & buffet also with glass -moved for us... it was recommended we request a box truck versus a pickup-which was amazingly no additional cost. our job wasn’t booked until early in the morning on a holiday but it was only posted around 5 PM the night before- The price to move on the holiday was the second cheapest day available over the next two weeks. We had an another quote from a different company recommended from the store where we bought the items but it was over $100 more and couldn’t happen until maybe two days later. The guys were very professional and courteous, detail oriented, experienced, careful and both spoke perfect English. Highly recommend the service after today’s experience!
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2 years ago, CK Recent Move
The movers were amazing! My grief is that if you quote a certain price in my case a 2 br 1300 sf (which my unit was 950) you should accommodate a truck size that would accommodate that size space! A small van was used multiple trips and the job wasn’t even finished! I had to move the rest myself thanks to a good friend with a pickup truck Over the course of 2 more days (Sat & Sun)! This should’ve been a very easy move and completed on Friday as scheduled! When I moved into my prior unit that I was in currently in the movers were in and out within 2 hours! With Dolly service it took 4 hours and half wasn’t even done! Again this is NO FAULT to the movers they were amazing it’s Dolly and your estimated truck type and size based off the sq your preparing to move! I will not use this service again! I don’t typically leave negative reviews but this experience was horrible and I can’t afford someone else having the same experience! Moving is stressful enough as it is and when you can’t depend on a moving service to help ease that stress that’s disappointing! AGAIN this is not the movers fault it’s the service “DOLLY”! Total waste of money and time. After this experience with your service I wish I knew the movers directly because I would’ve paid them directly and avoid your service all together!
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2 years ago, lyd2223
Cancelled on last minute two times in a row
I used Dolly about a year ago when I moved and it worked out great. I suggested it to friends and everything. This time around, I cannot say the same. I booked a Dolly about a week before my move to give them a lot of time to find me movers. Someone accepted within a day and then cancelled the day before. So, I rescheduled for the next day and another dolly picked it up. This time they cancelled 15 minutes before they were supposed to arrive. He even called me to tell me they would be there on time an hour before it was scheduled. When a mover cancels on you you have no way of contacting them since you’re using the app to communicate. I think it’s absurd that Dolly allows their movers to cancel on people 15 minutes before they’re supposed to be there and then proceed to be unable to find a replacement. I used my sick hours to take the afternoon off from work to accommodate my Dolly just to be cancelled on 15 minutes before. Sick leave wasted. We had to be out of our apartment the next day and luckily were able to get family friends to help us since Dolly was unable to find a replacement. I will not be using Dolly again and will be telling my friends I recommended it to use someone else.
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2 years ago, BklynBorn92
Inefficient and unprofessional
Initially this sounded like a great cheaper, no frills loving service, and maybe it can be, but my guess is that it’s highly dependent on the movers you end up getting. The two guys I got started by guaranteeing (based off my Dolly form and the pics I uploaded) that everything could fit in a van rather than a box truck and assured me this wouldn’t be an issue. Well it was, only the biggest pieces of furniture fit and I was left to move about half of my apartment by myself in the following days. They complained the entire time about how many stairs there were since the app does not define the number of stairs that constitutes one flight. They moved very slowly to the point I almost missed my loading dock window at my new apt. They did not ask where furniture should go, but just left everything wherever they wanted. To top it all off, one of the movers drove off with my mirror because he forgot he had it in his car and they rushed off before I had a chance to look through everything. After all this it has taken two months for Dolly to even respond to my claim about the mirror when it could have been a quick fix of the guy turning his car around and returning it. No apologies from anyone. And I still don’t have my mirror yet. Tl;dr NEVER using Dolly again.
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3 years ago, MCM_Power_House
Awful experience
To be clear, I did not have an awful experience with the workers. I had an awful experience with the management of my appointment. The workers were dispatched several days early and again one day early. I asked for a refund but heard nothing in response. I got a notice that I needed to pay the workers after the first attempt and couldn’t move any further into the Dolly app so I could contact support until after I paid the bill. I did so thinking that certainly this would get straightened out. I asked for a refund twice. Instead I received a call this morning, finally on the correct day, that my workers were trying to contact me. I explained that there had been a great deal of confusion and no communication and I needed to cancel. In response I was told that the cancellation policy was to require payment of half the cost. I was tired of dealing with all of this, in the middle of moving out due to a divorce, so I agreed thinking at least I’d get half of my money back. Now I see that not only was I charged half of the original price, I was ALSO charged for the full rate I’d already paid when I received zero help. I was so hoping to get the help I needed and was excited about this service, but it looks like the business requires further development.
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2 years ago, killacam711
They don’t care
Basically if you want an unemployeeable person to show up to your house and to trust with your belongings hire a dolly because you’ll get a dude that don’t know what he’s doing to show up. I’ve had 10 different people complete work for my company because we used dolly when we got in a pinch and needed help to complete work for our customers earlier this year. I’ve since stopped using them. I’d pay $100 for 2 hours of labor Each time. Out of the 10 guys, only 3 we’re good workers. The other 7 were a lot of things but none good. The other 7 i hired, I don’t believe could hold down anytype of real job for long, probably the reason for being on dolly. One guy didn’t work for 1/4 of the time, another guy broke several things costing me about $500 in repair work to complete for the customers house we were at plus he kept shouting at any passerbys asking for work. We do landscaping so everyone of those people he cost me an opportunity at landing work. A 2 man crew I used worked only half the time and talked the rest. One guy cancelled and I didn’t want to wait for a new one so I cancelled the dolly. Another guy told me these stories about how he basically was screwing people he did dollys for by damaging their stuff or it flying off his truck during moves.
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3 years ago, 55alexis247
An absolute mess DO NOT USE
I booked a Dolly today for a small studio at 12:30. I had a bed and a few boxes. It is now 4:30 and my bed has yet to be set up. I moved 10 minutes down the street and it took them an hour to load my stuff into a truck. The problem comes in when it took them 30 minutes to show up to the next location. I had told them my elevator reservation was only an hour. They were late, they showed up at the wrong dock when I sent them the address, they complained the loading dock was locked (it wasn’t), I had to get the front desk to take me to the dock to show me it wasn’t locked (other people were moving there stuff). They tore some of my bags. They left my bed off of the platform and didn’t fix any of the pieces (due to not having “any time”). When I called the help desk they said they would have someone reach out to me in 1-2 hours. When asked if they could give me an estimate of when the job would be finished; they said they couldn’t give me a time. I fly out tomorrow.I was on hold for 23 minutes with the help support. When I asked for a name from support they only gave me their initials R.M. So now I’m here almost 5 hours after a studio move 10 minutes down the street. With ripped bags and a bed that’s not put together.
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2 years ago, jennwheels08
Would be 5 stars, but…
First time using Dolly and was really pleased throughout the entire experience. Until after my Dolly was complete and it was time to rate and tip the helpers. The app would not let me submit the rating because it kept telling me that I needed to rate the second helper. However, there was nowhere to rate the second helper. I felt the helpers did such a great job, that I really wanted them to have 5 stars, so I emailed customer service. After a few days, someone responded and said they could add it for me and to just give them the following information: 1) star rating 1-5; 2) tip amount and payment method: 3) any additional comments. I responded 5 stars and that I tipped each helper $20 in cash the day of service. The next thing I know, I have a $40 charge on my credit card! The customer service person CLEARLY didn’t read, or care, and went ahead and charged me for the cash tip I already gave the helpers. And now I am waiting for customer service to respond back and credit the erroneous $40 charge to my credit card. What a complete HASSLE.
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7 months ago, HRERR
Poor App Design Poor Customer Service
I used the app today to schedule a delivery of a refrigerator. The order seemed to go through. However, I came to find out that it was canceled. However, the app did not tell me it was canceled. So I waited all day until I decided to call customer service. When I called customer service, they told me that there was a fraud alert on my account. Therefore the order was canceled, but as I stated earlier, that cancellation was not noted in the app. when I asked to clear up the fraud situation, they said they could open a ticket and that the team responsible for clearing that up would be in contact with me. When I asked if that would be done today, they could not tell me or confirm that my order would be fulfilled in time. So I tried to cancel the order via the app and oddly enough, the app told me that it was in a “incorrect state”. I suspect that means that the system was flagging it is canceled, but the app wasn’t showing it as such. Overall, this was a bad user interface experience and an even worse customer service experience. I wasted four hours waiting on my order to be fulfilled. I used Lugg instead and got a response within minutes. It was my first time using Lugg also.
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3 years ago, Anne32812
Last Resort
I purchased a nice entertainment center from someone and didn’t have means to transport or lift myself. I called other companies but price was double. Someone recommended Dolly and it was half the price at $247. I scheduled pick up for Friday with a Cargo Van and no one picked up the job. After calling 2x and being told they would call back, I never heard a word. Rescheduled for Monday and the job was picked up. Driver and worker were very nice, however my entertainment center was broke in 2 different pieces. 1 area was told to me, the other was not. I saw the piece in person so I know it wasn’t there. Shortly after I called the Dolly contact number and reported the damage and was told they will file a claim and call me back the next day. I have yet to hear anything and now I’m left with a damaged entertainment center and no communication from the Dolly Contact Center. Hoping they will make this right as I can’t replace what I purchased. May give them a chance again I’m the future if they follow through to fix the damage. If not, don’t think I will be using them again. Communication is important.
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3 years ago, WritelySo365
What they don’t tell you is that when you schedule a move it’s not a concrete time and more of guesstimation window (think the cable company). I scheduled a move for three hours and never received a call nor text to say that they were on their way or delayed. I called customer service fivr times and despite my being polite and professional, two of those times I was hung up on in the middle of the call. The last representative that I spoke to rescheduled the move for later that day and informed me that if I didn’t hear from the movers at the time of the move that I was to call. So I called since I hadn’t heard from the movers and was on indefinite hold only to be told by a recording to leave a message and someone will get back to me. I sent a text to customer support letting them know that I never received any notification and that I wanted a refund. About thirty minutes or so later I received a text stating that the service was canceled and a refund was being issued. I’ll be checking my bank account to see if they follow through. If not I’ll be taking legal action. Worst customer service and company to deal with ever. Look for a more legitimate company.
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7 months ago, Atl GG
I have used this service 4 times without issue, 3 times for moves and once for a clinch delivery. The last time I used the app the worker showed up late, didn’t move anything said he had to step out to make a call and left. The second worker I booked never showed. If you have issues during the service you cannot get anyone on their support line, you can only leave messages. You have to email. I emailed the company and was told the service and charges would be cancelled. When the charges posted to my account, I contacted the company again and was told it was cancelled on their end and I would need to contact my bank if it’s showing a card. They then sent in fraudulent information to make bank saying the service was complete and that I never contacted customer service. They only sent part of the text conversation I had with the helper and cut off the part where I told him I was cancelling the service. When I went back to the app the whole thread was deleted. Like I said, I used them in the past without issue but the one time I had an issue they resorted to bad business practices and fraud. I would avoid using this app ever again.
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2 years ago, aelders
Terrible. Save yourself and get a local company
During a stressful move, I thought I was doing myself a favor by using this convenient service that was offered through Updater. Wrong. My movers were FIVE. HOURS. LATE. They confirmed the arrival for 11-11:30am, and at 1pm after hearing nothing, I started texting my mover through the app. No response. So then I tried calling, and he acts like he has no idea who I am or what I’m talking about. He asks to call me back, and when he does, he tells me he’ll be there in an hour and a half. WHAT?! Also he blamed “another person with my name” who called and said the move was cancelled. I highly doubt it. The only positive thing I can say is that they got all my stuff into one cube at the UPack storage (hence 2 stars). Because I couldn’t start deep cleaning my apartment until all my stuff was out, I ended up leaving my apartment at 2am and having to get a hotel to stay the night instead of starting the 12 hour drive I planned to make earlier that day. I missed a work event because I was a day behind. I can’t tell you how much I regret using this service. Save yourself, and Yelp a good local company.
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3 years ago, the free trial is a scam
Never Count On Dolly
By a mile the worst experience I’ve ever had with any company for anything. After 48 hours had to go on Twitter to get a response from support to confirm “helpers” for a 2 bedroom apartment move. The initial assigned helper canceled at 10pm the night before the move. The second assigned helpers cancelled in the morning at the time they were scheduled to arrive. The third helpers were told by Dolly support that it was a much smaller move and only had 2.5 hours before their next scheduled Dolly. The helpers were able to move maybe 25% of my apartment and then had to leave. Dolly initially gave a full refund when they could not find anyone to finish the move. However, then recharged the full amount an hour later. After hours on the phone they promised to refund half of what I paid for them to put me in a terrible position in an apartment full of furniture desperately trying to find anyone else to assist with completing the move. Still haven’t received the 50% refund. Funny how easy it was to recharge and reverse and recharge before. DO NOT COUNT ON THEM TO SHOW UP OR COMPLETE THE WORK. Easily, the worst of the worst of the gig economy app grifters. Just ask your helper if they show up.
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2 years ago, BenjaminWobbles
Not reliable and confusing
This application was confusing from the start considering I was not able to have a dolly booked for days. Multiple movers reached out to me with more information which required me to answer the same questions over and over again. It was unclear if I was supposed to be vetting the movers myself and choosing one? Or if Dolly was going to do that for me — which I assumed based on their pitch. The site had no helpful information in regards to what to do and I ended up having to set a time with a customer success team member to get clarification on the situation. He was great by the way but still required a lot of effort to get information that should be much more visible to the customer. They were finally able to book me a mover however my mover bailed on me the day before the move. Leaving me to scramble last minute, pay much more than I anticipated due to the timing, and having to go with whatever mover was available vs being allowed the time to vet and compare prices. It was a total waste of my time and money. I would never recommend this process to anyone.
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2 weeks ago, Cameron the kid
I was excited that there was a company that could pick up items from stores that don’t offer that service. I sadly received such poor service that I can’t recommend this company based on my experience. The helper stated that he would arrive at the store at 4:30. We had to call him after he was an over a hour late. He arrived not dressed to move furniture in a dinner jacket and dress shoes. The additional helper that we paid for was not with him. The store employees had to load the item which was very heavy. Which I had provided a picture and stated that it was very heavy when I scheduled the pick up. He also arrived with no equipment to move or secure anything. He did not secure the item in his truck and once he arrived was unable to get it into the house. Overall, a horrible experience and he charged extra to take the item off of his truck. Long and short of my story, after paying almost paying $200 the item did not end up in the house and could have been damaged. I would have been better renting a truck and having the workers load the item, which they did anyway.
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6 months ago, Maggie is San Diego
Worst experience EVER! Do not use them unless you want to be very disappointed and unhappy!!
I bought furniture from a girlfriend to move into my pool house so I would have a fully furnished rental. The building my girlfriend lived in, had very narrow hallways, so we were having to have her sofa craned off her balcony onto my moving truck. I use the Dolly app three days prior to my move and scheduled my move for 8 AM the morning of the move. I got confirmations via email and text so felt confident all would go well. Instead, I got a phone call at 7:15 that they were canceling my move because they had been unsuccessful unsecuring a crew! They did nothing to help and didn’t even apologize for the inconvenience. The gentleman I spoke with who barely spoke. English told me I could reschedule my move or they would give me a full refund. A full refund for them doing nothing and putting me in a horribly awkward position… I would certainly hope so! I will never use Dolly again. I have used Lugg successfullyand will continue to do so. Good luck to anyone who uses Dolly. Trust me, based on my experience, you’re going to need it!
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3 years ago, See07001
Never using again.
I’ve given Dolly two chances. The first time they were 3 hours late and offered me a $10 credit. Unacceptable. I was able to negotiate a $100 credit but no money back to my original form of payment. I was unhappy with this because I didn’t want to use them again. The second time I logged in and started a job to use the credit. I was quoted at $64 labor. When I logged back in it said $165. It was the same day and I was looking for help a week later. I felt like the app was tracking my usage and each time i logged back in to complete the booking the price increased. The final Price to move a small coffee table and small couch was $200. (The helpers were great , moved everything timely and quickly- in 40 mins from Lakeview to Logan sq in Chicago). Dolly then charged me $200 and my credit of $100 suddenly disappeared from my account. I’ve reached out twice with no response from the customer service. I should have been charged only $100 due to my Credit. They do not have their act together. Movers are great- nothing against them. It’s the app and lack of customer service.
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1 year ago, SS08642
Would give 0 stars if I could
I booked my dolly a couple weeks in advance for two moving helpers to help me move my furniture and boxes from my apartment to pack my Uhaul. They were scheduled to arrive at my apartment between 8:30 and 9:00 am. I received a message at 8:45 that they cancelled on me. I was so angry. I was moving out of state that day and had scheduled the movers for the morning so that we could be out of there in a couple of hours so that my house cleaner could come for my move out clean. Not to mention I had a long drive ahead of me and did not want to start that drive being exhausted from moving all my own stuff. After the cancellation, a couple of other people messaged me from the app saying they could be there in a few hours, this obviously was not going to work for me as I was on a tight schedule. So I gave up on Dolly and carried and packed everything on my own. Thankfully my neighbor was home to help, but it was awful. I will never use Dolly again and do not recommend it to anyone. How can they let their people cancel last minute like that?? Completely unacceptable.
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3 years ago, gabbyrec
It did the job
I needed help moving a big piece of furniture that I had purchased. Dolly was great because I was able to book a driver 30 minutes before I needed it, which was a life saver. I wouldn’t say the service was amazing because my helper wasn’t the best. I guess I was expecting someone who could help me carry big boxes but he was old and struggled to help me (I am a small girl, 5’2 and 108 pounds and I’m really really not strong, and we were doing the same amount of work, I would even say that I was doing more than he was...) I believe my expectations made sense because the app told me that I would get a pick up truck and “muscle,” indicating that the helpers would be strong (?). But I’m still giving 4 stars because it did the job when I desperately needed it, and it was easy to book 30 mins prior. But watch out because your helpers may not be great
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1 month ago, Sushi-the-fish
Terrible experience
I regret using Dolly and will NEVER use it again and tell everyone I know looking to move to avoid it. I had a last minute move to a new apartment and someone recommended this app. Going through the process to schedule someone was quick and easy. However, I had a terrible experience with the two helpers. They were poorly equipped with moving furniture. I was watching them the whole time and they were not careful with my items. One dropped a box of dishes. Same one had stacked way too many boxes on the trolley that were about to fall off when he went up a ramp, so I had to run over to tell him to stop and unload some of them. When I politely asked them to be more careful, they escalated it into an argument. They were constantly complaining and unprofessional. I paid and tipped them and tried to call it a day. However, it’s been two years and to this day I still feel upset over the experience. If you value your personal items, some of which are irreplaceable, hire an actual professional moving company than go through this app
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4 years ago, JMFtwin
I’m sure this review won’t get posted but here goes. I bought a bedroom set from a well known furniture company that was scheduled for delivery on Saturday and needed to have my old bedroom furniture removed and out at the curb for trash day. The furniture salesman gave me Dollys business card so I called Dolly and they told me they would have someone at my house by 3:00 or 3:30. It was 1:30 do this was perfect. Well I never got an email or text to confirm so I called back. I was told they were having some difficulty scheduling someone but they could have someone there between 4-6pm. I said fine and waited. The time came and went and again no call or text. The next day I emailed them again and they told me they were still working on my delivery. They have a home office in Washington state so by now I’m very skeptical. I decided to google a moving company (only needed a dresser and nightstand moved) in the area and found one 15 minutes away. They were there in an hour and moved everything quickly and efficiently and called me when they were on their way. I will never call Dolly again or recommend them to my friends.
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5 years ago, Jess (Unhappy Dolly Customer)
Do not use! Worst moving/ delivery company!
We bought 2 recliners from big lots and their delivery service is through Dolly. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had with a moving/ delivery company! I had set up a delivery between 4 and 6 pm. I did not receive any notification from Dolly until 5:45pm saying that they do not have anyone to deliver our recliners. We sat around for 2 hours thinking our recliners were going to come! Once we called to reschedule/see what was happening with our delivery they said they only had one person available to help and they did not have a truck. Which was fine because we do and we’re willing to help with that. At 6:30 I get a notification saying that a Dolly was on its way to help us. Then not even a minute later that was cancelled and said that it was marked prematurely and they would reset it. We decided to just go pick up the recliners ourselves at that point and requested a refund because clearly Dolly did not have the truck or the muscle as advertised and their customer service representatives were all incompetent. You will get a refund quicker than they can deliver.
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10 months ago, WILL NOT USE AGAIN!!
I paid for 2 helpers only to load my truck (not unload), which is a minimum of 2 hours, $200. One of them showed up on time ready to work, the other one was about 45 minutes to an hour late and it just took an hour and a half total. My truck looked like they just threw my things in it, my leather chair was ripped, my new desk had black marks on the top that won’t come off, my relatively new couch, which was in excellent condition, is now torn in several spots and has black stains. I’m going to have to make another trip (5 hours away) to get the rest of my things because they didn’t load it properly and make it fit right. I used Dolly once before and the head helper was very good, made everything fit perfectly. I got the same size truck so it should’ve definitely fit! Since the assistant helper was so late, the head helper could only do so much, which I think played a big role in why my stuff was simply tossed in wherever. I’m beyond upset about this and I firmly believe I deserve at least a partial refund. I will NOT be using Dolly again!
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2 years ago, Dave K5
Our drivers delivered half our items because they brought a small van instead of a truck. They never mentioned that they did not have a truck until I went down to the loading dock to see the van. Of the half items they took, the couch and our bed did not fit inside, so they poorly strapped our couch and mattress to the top fully exposed and it of course rained on the trip from the city to the suburbs and both the couch and bed are soaking wet now. They then said they would head back to deliver the rest of our items they had to leave behind and never came back and just ended our job. They also tried to adjust the task to just the items they did move. Dolly then offered us a refund for half the amount because they delivered half the items tasked to move and to reschedule another Dolly…we live in downtown chicago in a apartment building, it is Memorial Day weekend, we needed to book the loading dock weeks in advance. We now are stuck at our apartment and will somehow need to get out of our apartment by the end of the month.
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7 months ago, 14231412345538457
3 Strikes
The first time I used this service I requested 2 people to help move, and only one person showed up, luckily they refunded me for the person that didn’t show but I had to scramble to find someone else. The second time I ordered this service for a friend and 2 people showed up, but they took off without warning and the excuse they gave was that I needed to be there with them. despite my bad experiences, I thought that they might be unrelated so I tried them a third time which was by far the worst. I paid over $300 to move a one bedroom apartment for a neighbor who is down on her luck. when they arrived about a half hour before I got there my neighbor asked them to also move things out of another bedroom. And rather than telling her that they were only paid for one bedroom and moving just a one bedroom as a normal person would’ve done. They canceled the entire job and left without moving anything before I arrived and charged me a 100% cancellation fee. That’s right I paid over $300 for nothing, and had to scramble to get help.
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3 years ago, lawstudent 21
Horrible experience
I requested help moving two items from 8.5 miles away and it took them 3 hours. My service window was 6-8pm. They started my service at 6pm. The helpers They didn’t finish until 9pm. When the helpers showed up at the location to get my items the lady forewarned me that one of the movers had on flip flops and they carried the items out unprotected. They arrived at my place at 8:29pm. Once in my unit I explained I wanted the wardrobe closet to go in first. The helper lost his footing and fell on my bed . He split my bed frame and never said sorry or offered anything for breaking my bed. He as well as his assistant and I heard the wood split. I instantly filed a claim. I received an email this morning that says it will take a minimum of 3/4 weeks before my claim was resolved. My items were already delivered late but your helper also broke my bed. Now I have to wait 3/4 weeks to get a refund is very ridiculous. I will never use this company again. If I knew that this was the type of service I would receive after paying $240 I would’ve kept my money.
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1 year ago, DocOswin
1st time user. Never again. Unreliable.
I scheduled a time slot hours in advance for 3pm - 4:30pm to pick up and deliver a couch that was 10 minutes from my home. At 2:30 I saw there was still no “ helper” assigned so I called and they told me to wait 30 minutes. An hour passes and I call again and they told me to wait another 30 minutes. 4:15 and there was still no helper and they told me to move my slot to 5:30 and that I “ shouldn’t worry there will definitely be helpers”. I moved the time slot and requested the people I was buying the couch from to please extend their time. 5:30 came around there was no helpers. I called the customer service line 4 times and each time they promised it would get done and to wait and it never got done. They “escalated” the case at 5:50pm when customer service hours end at 6pm and promised (again) that someone would call me back. No one ever did. All of customer service is outsourced and just continued to fill empty promises. The time slots don’t solidify anything and if they don’t make your slot they just suggest to do it another day. If you don’t they cancel the order. I ended up losing the couch to another buyer because of them. They have yet to refund me or actually do anything helpful or provide any rhym or reason as to why they would present time slots where no one was available, make me and other people wait HOURS from their empty promises and refuse to transfer me to anyone that could actually help me or give me an answer.
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2 years ago, Doubt Amazon will read this
Single piece furniture move
Helpers (Ruffino L & his partner)who moved a twin bed from an assisted living facility to my home were efficient, courteous and kind 5* service! Found Dolly app and customer support to be less helpful 2*, as this type of move didn’t fit the square peg of their app & when I put specific info where I could into their app form, it was ignored & I was told to enter it elsewhere. Reaching out to CS was a waste of time. Luckily, Ruffino had already texted me so I just communicated directly with him what needed to happen & he was great. So, if you have a cookie cutter move, the system probably is great. Otherwise prepare for a bump or two. Dolly was also very aggressive in post contact texts about tipping the helpers (I paid Dolly $148 to move a twin bed less than 1 mile & it took less than 30 minutes). I did tip each helper in cash to make sure the money went directly to them, which I finally told Dolly to stop the messaging.
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2 years ago, Helen60L
Poor Communication
The Dolly driver and his assistant was set to arrive between 2-2:30pm. On the app it states "in progress". I called the driver at 3 o'clock and asked where he was and I got a lame excuse about the weather, and if you call drizzling rain "weather" then you are living in the wrong state. I almost wondered if I had woken him up. I asked him where he was and he just said that he would be there in 20 minutes, but that he had to drop off other things. Where is the courtesy? Where is the communication? There are four people waiting, quite a lot of money has been spent, and the driver is just lackadaisical, making excuses, and extremely unprofessional. This is my first and my last time using this company, and Facebook should not be advertising it with the low ratings that many of the drivers have. What a shame, this could be a really cool company, they could be very competitive, but it seems they don't give a darn! 3:40pm and still they havent even picked up the item!
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4 years ago, FooFighterchic
First Dolly did not go well
I really wish I didn’t have to write this. I bought a NEW REFRIGERATOR after 18 years I found one that I really liked and would work for my kitchen. It was in PERFECT CONDITION from the seller. It was moved into my home by (2) dolly movers Who had some difficulty getting it through my small doorway’s due to the fact I have a very old house. After all was said and done and the refridgerator was in, one of the helpers who really didn’t talk to me was standing in front of the fridge as I asked questions. I figured it out after they left that he was standing in front of the giant dents that were made in the bottom portion of my new fridge. I had tipped them on the way out $50, only to realize this a few minutes later. I reached out to make a claim but it looks like it’s going to come down to their word against mine. I mean how do you prove it? I bought it secondhand although it was only a year old. I am so disappointed you cannot imagine. $2500 refrigerator dented & looks terrible ! There’s no one to talk to and there is no further information to find out what to do.
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2 years ago, LindsayT930
Be Flexible
I’ve been using Dolly since 2018 in Philly. It’s super easy and convenient when it works but can really fall apart sometimes. It’s great for 1) short distance moves within the dense parts of a city - like picking up furniture from Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, 2) moves within your house - like taking the AC units up and down from the basement when the seasons change. It’s less than ideal for longer distance moves from the suburbs into the city and/or when your move has to happen at a specific time. Also, don’t rely on Dolly for the weekends as they cannot guarantee they will have helpers available, I think they need to work through some issues with customer support, as well as transparency around booking statuses. On a Wednesday, I booked a move for the following Sunday. On Sunday, I waited for 3 hours and called every hour to find out if there were helpers available. The customer support was based in India and continued to tell me a Helper Team was searching. There was no data on how many helpers (if any) were working. Eventually, I had to postpone the move to Monday and since the starting point was in the suburbs, they couldn’t get me a Helper at 8:30 am as I requested. I waited until 2pm before the Helper came. Really wasted my whole day. Not giving up on Dolly, but will be smarter about the types of jobs they can handle well.
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7 years ago, Alterodent
Dolly Helper wasn't.
My Dolly "Helper" shows up 20 minutes late (he made sure to start the clock before he arrived), just in time to help me with the things that would require 2 people. He was unhappy about helping me move my sleeper sofa in, so I told him to take the lead and I would just follow his instructions. We got the sofa jammed in the door, and he told me to try to jam it through from my side. What I could not see, was that his side was pushing straight into the drywall of my new front hall, making a huge divot I now have to pay $150 for. Once the sofa got stuck, he looked at his watch and said the hour I had paid for was over, and he had to go to work, leaving me with a sofa stuck in my door and a fine I will have to pay. I had to get my girlfriend to come over, and we got the sofa through by removing the door, with no damage done to anything. Next time I'm getting professional movers. Edit: my Dolly has since been refunded, so I'll bump the review up by 2 stars.
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3 years ago, knecht3
No movers guaranteed
I had had success other times using dolly but I had booked them to move me a few weeks out from my move. The day before the move I was waiting waiting for helpers to be assigned. Around 24 hours I reached out to customer service and inquired if there is risk of not getting helpers assigned. They said if I switched to a smaller truck they would find me helpers. Closer to 12 hours still no helpers assigned so I sent another message asking if someone could call me since dolly does not offer a phone number to contact customer service. It’s either a text or email. I got no response and so I message again. No response. Day of my move I still had no helpers and no response. I had to bribe friends to help me out of my apartment so I wasn’t completely screwed. Will never use dolly again. It’s a complete risk that you’ll even get movers and their customer service is abysmal. For something as important as a move, book through a local, reliable service it’s not with getting screwed by dolly like I did.
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4 months ago, TanglewoodSue
Worst customer service ever
If I could give a negative review I would. I booked a dolly, paid and got a confirmation of a driver. At my scheduled opening I waited and no one arrived. I went to check the app to message my driver, and it was grayed out. At some point today my Dolly had been canceled. There was nothing in the app to alert me to this. No text to alert me or email. I waited for half an hour on hold to find out what was going on and was told there was nothing they could do. They offered me nothing to make up for the afternoon I took off work to wait no discount. No free delivery. Not even an explanation of what went wrong that I received. Absolutely no notification. I asked for a refund and now I have to wait 48 hours to get the money back in order to schedule with another company. I used to use Dolly all the time and their customer service was excellent. I asked to speak with a manager, and I was told that that was not possible. Ever! It was the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with a company. Never again.
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5 years ago, stournour
Glitchy to the point of being unusable
The service that the app provides is great. However, my Helper had to adjust the price of one of my dollys after the job had been completed because the item was heavier than I had originally expected and this caused the app to glitch out to the point of being unusable. Every time I open the app or login online, the same message asking me to approve the price adjustment pops up. I try to accept it but every single time I receive an error message saying “data not found.” At the suggestion of Dolly’s customer support team, I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app at least three times and keep having the same issue. I cannot do anything in the app until this issue is cleared up and I have another dolly scheduled within the next hour. I like the service but there are serious glitches that need to be worked out and the customer support team does not seem to know what they are doing in terms of tech support.
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1 year ago, Lmmendo
Low budget, low standards
If you don’t care who moves your home, or what time they show up or how they behave and just want some kind physical help for a decent price, Dolly isn’t a bad option. If you care about how your items are handled, expect the movers to be coordinated/in communication with each other and professional, this is not the service for you. My movers showed up 40 mins apart - one asked me to call the other one twice to see where he was. I’m the customer and he asked ME to call the other mover… my boxes were thrown and dropped by one of the men. He asked me a million times what needed to be moved, to the point where it was concerning, and then haphazardly stacked items randomly in the middle of the room while the other guy neatly stacked them against the way. I felt creeped out by one of the gentlemen, but the other was very friendly and helpful. Would not recommend Dolly unless you just want “meh” movers for a decent price.
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5 years ago, iamonig
NOT RELIABLE for important moves
It was our first time using the app, and it was a huge disappointing experience! We needed 2 helpers to help us load a moving truck for moving out of state. We booked Dolly as it was reasonable and convenient like that of Uber. Everything all set up and we even got confirmation from Dolly the night before the move. We felt good. Then on the morning of our moving day, Dolly contacted us 10 mins before starting time to tell us the schedule has been canceled due to NO HELPERS! It was our moving because our house was sold. We did not have much flexibility on timing to delay the move. Luckily, we ended up able to find two helpers at the end, but the sudden cancellation caused us so much stress and inconvenience!!! If you planned to use this app for little moving of furniture here and there, that’s probably ok. THINK TWICE THOUGH about booking Dolly with helping you with something major that’s time sensitive! If NO SHOW, you will be left to deal with the problems last minute. I have learned They DO NOT HAVE CONTROL on the helpers schedules.
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3 years ago, jeremymang
Charged for Nothing
I booked Dolly for a simple move up three flights that only required them to carry five large items upstairs. The cost was $113, which I paid in advance. On the day of the move, the movers started a half hour early and when I arrived at the apartment, the keys weren’t ready. I tried to reschedule, but because they started early, that wasn’t possible. Frantically, I did all I could including talking to the movers and Dolly and was told I could adjust the time with the movers. When I called to do that they hung up on me each time with no answer and marked the move as complete before I could even inform them that I was able to get into the apartment at the scheduled time. Then, I was charged $56 for canceling even though I didn’t cancel…they marked it as complete without doing the work. This was my first time using them and I would suggest using someone else if I were anyone looking for movers. Dolly is affordable, but not if you don’t get the job completed and end up charged anyway.
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4 years ago, Dramcm
Movers are NOT guaranteed. Don't book for a big move.
I never give bad reviews. However, I got really screwed when I booked my 2BR apartment move with Dolly. I had booked it for 11am on a Friday and that day around 11:15 I called customer support to find out an update on when they would be arriving. The lady said that no one had 'picked up' my move. Which meant that no one was coming. What?!?! I was so angry. I had booked the move several days in advance and now she was telling me that there was no guarantee that anyone would pick up my move. I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. Moving house is hard enough. At the very least, there should be some kind of notification on the app saying that you are not guaranteed movers on the day you request. I've used Lugg before and it was so much better and they do guarantee their moves. This was ridiculous. I had to call about 15 moving companies that day to find someone who could move me. Maybe this app would work for small moves but definitely not a house move since the timing is so vital.
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3 years ago, Fizaisrad
I had to move a single item from point A to point B so I hired two guys with a truck through this service. First of all, they arrive 1.5 hours late to the pickup spot out of their 2 hr delivery window. Not only that but one of the guys doesn’t even show up so that’s money totally gone down the drain. They then transport the item to my apartment building and in the process of unlocking the complexes security system for the residents they just leave my stuff in the parking lot and go? Like hello the reason why I even hired movers was because I was incapable of moving this item myself. The movers gave me such lip over the fact that my housing complex had so much security and seriously just dumped the item. I would’ve appreciated if they had neatly placed them even but no, it look like just chucked the item. I am so disappointed at this service as well as the damage I have on my furniture item now. Honestly save yourself the stress and money by using a different company. Ruined my whole week.
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