Domino - Dominoes online game

4.8 (39K)
219.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Domino - Dominoes online game

4.85 out of 5
39K Ratings
7 months ago, RyRater
I enjoy this game a ton. However, while in a joyful competitive spirit I’d love to have a rematch or best out of three feature! The one who got the best of me in one game shouldn’t always have to vanish forever! Maybe during the game or before (I like during though). Maybe in-game play we can submit a rematch icon that can be turned down or accepted by your opponent(able to be used up to best out of 3 or first to 3 wins max(only in 1v1). I often want to get my get back to some of these players who smoke my boots 82 to 0 lol but they are lost to the abyss after the game. Also, I’d like to give to opportunity to those I’ve smoked to get there get back as well. Please insert this feature maybe for a certain amount of coins within each game. This should boost sales available for subscription and no subscription users alike. Thank you!
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1 year ago, B Santistevan
One domino away from deleting this app
I like playing dominoes, nice pass time…but waiting for an opponent takes forever. Most games seem rigged for my opponent to win, for instance, when I have to draw a domino, it usually takes multi draws ( like 10+) before I get one I can play; my opponent dominoes shortly after and gets all my points. A few times while playing, I get a bad connection, within seconds it reconnects and a display shows ‘game is over, you took to long to play’. Hoping for improvement, because I'm one domino away from deleting this app. I would rate this game a 1/4 star if I could.
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2 years ago, CV3GA
Can’t play multiplayer with friends
The game seems to work well when playing single online, but when you invite friends for multiplayer it has many glitches, like for example: you have to wait for the countdown for getting more dominoes, sometimes the cpu will play for you, you cannot send emojis, and cannot send messages. I’ve noticed that in best cases, only one of the playing friends can play without issues, all others have the same glitch. We used to play everyday but since this has been happening we hardly play. We constantly check for game updates but nothing has changed. If this does not get fixed we would have to look elsewhere, and we even paid for the app! Please fix asap.
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1 month ago, Taskoner
This game is a cheat and test you like a sucker if you know how to play
They will give you a losing hand if you don’t downs money 4 doubles regularly I’ve had this Dave fir 2 year because I love dominoes and to play with real people is amazing I’ll give it to this app but they won’t give you a fair game if you’re good at the game you have to spend $$ to even be relevant in this game so honestly I don’t care about the ranks because I’m real life I play domino torments and I’m great at dominoes but here ther make sure they keep you at a certain level with the hands they give you .. why do I get 4 doubles every hand ?? Is my question
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2 years ago, ZZ80808
My favorite domino site
You get to play with real people. You dont have to put up with juvenile remarks. There arent many connection problems. There will always be some due to your own connection. This game seems fairer than the others. The only problem I have is when I plat “fives only”, If I gonto the boneyard and have to pick up a lot of bones, when I go to play them. They wont move, and it either freezes or automatically picks a bone to play that I would not of picked. So I avoid playing a game I like most. I play on IPab and small Iphone.
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6 months ago, Marshall4444
Best domino game out there now
I’ve downloaded multiple different domino games that way I can play with friends and all and I have to say that this is one of the. Best one out there yet. However I would just love to see the features of you being able to add friend that you’ve meant while playing, just so that your able to play against them again or maybe see when their online and actively playing that way you don’t just play them once and then their lost for every after
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1 month ago, Diz-Junkie
I quickly became addicted….
I love it! I like competing online with other people. Yes, there are rather long ads between each game (you can become a VIP if you want $), but the actual game play and graphics are great. If you invest in the “gold reserve”, especially if it’s full, you won’t need to worry about money again for quite a while (I think it’s usually around $4.99). The ONE reason I gave it a 4 and not a five, is because I am still a level one; so why does it keep pitting me against level 4’s and 5’s? The competition on my level is enough for now. Otherwise, it might get frustrating.
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4 years ago, zeus/bridget
App won’t work, shows 0 player no matter what I press, this has been so for the last two days
Love the app when it is working but for the past two days I have not been able to play, I press the buttons but it shows zero players. What is going on, this is the second time this has happened with this app. It happened about a month ago as well, but it came back up the following day. This time nothing
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2 years ago, Suzyqmoffatt
Love the latest changes!
I am enjoying the new changes to this game! Thank you, Developers! The graphics are bigger, and now we can see our opponents stats and win percentage as well as own! Before the changes, I was opting for another domino game with better graphics, but now I just can't stop playing...trying to up my stats!😂 My only wish would be the ability to replay an opponent if you have a hot game!
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2 years ago, vivibean
Cut out
I like the game itself it moves very quickly and it works well. The only problem I have is after the game is over one of the advertisement stops the game from working again I wanna play another hand it freezes all the time. I don’t know if it’s because there is a glitch in that Domino advertisement it’s just frustrating when you wanna continue to play.
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11 months ago, The Old Mole
Great game…but
This is far and away the best dominoes game out there, but if there was another one that was even almost as good, I’d switch. Why? The ads are so intrusive. Some of them never end — you have to just close the app down and hope the same ad isn’t there when you come back. Also…what is Kozel? If you’re going to have games that don’t seem to be listed anywhere else, at least you could explain the rules.
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3 years ago, Can't believe this crap
Can’t play with friends
I can see my friend is ready to play a game with me but when we both try it just keeps going in a circle with the time wasting away to connect. Zero connection when you tap on a friends name that is ready to play with you! How can you fix this?
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1 year ago, Thonk02
Algorithm will cheat you!
Unless you are willing to spend money buying coins, these guys will cheat you until you’re down to zero. I made it as high as a level 5 player, and then inexplicable losing started happening... I had 5 games in a row where the opponent beat me when I didn’t even break 10 points. The algorithm will give your opponent every tile needed to block you until you draw the entire boneyard with no way to win. But of course, once you’ve lost it all and buy coins... the winning starts again, until you win too much. Then the losing cycle starts up again. DONT GIVE THEM YOUR $$$.
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1 year ago, Lhexx
Awful, Don't Do It
Tons of ads that are so looking. Even after you pay to get rid of ads they still try to get you to watch them by offering coins. But that's not the worse. You are tiered which would be great if you played opponents close to your level. But they don't. You are consistently matched with players far above you. And you could almost swear there's an algorithm that lets them win as you suddenly lose when you're ahead. Guess it keeps their whales happy. The tiers are meaningless. Don't bother downloading.
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4 years ago, itsmeshawn12
The worst
This game is the most unrealistic domino game in apps. First of all, there’s not actually a lot of players playing, it’s mostly players made up. You can tell how it plays. Every opponent is Arabic, how is that possible? You can also tell about the game speed, some obvious moves, it’ll take more time before it plays and then plays that exact domino. Every start of the game someone has 5-5, or 6-4 to star the round. Impossible. Then you’ll pull a domino and if the other needs it, you get a double or you’ll get you’ll keep pulling til you get something they need and score. I could go on and on and on. If I could give a negative 10 star I would .
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2 months ago, 6 lovers
Faster turnarounds
I enjoy playing and would like for the matching of players to be a bit faster. A lot of times you have to cancel and go back in aga8n before you get all players and also if you want to play again after losing one game, it would be nice to continue playing with either the same players or a faster turn around for other opponents to play.
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2 months ago, JanetLee586
Another online game that seems out of sorts. To many games are the same. To many inconsistencies to mention. One side of course not mine can make points on every play and my side is constantly picking tiles. If I do get to start no way can I make any points. Game after game I do nothing but pick all the tiles. How is this possible? Wish someone could explain how this keeps happening. Am I just that unlucky? Doubt it. What’s the point of playing if games are run like this? Surprised it can’t be stopped or the games removed after so many of the same complaints. Good luck.
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7 months ago, RyanAce42
So, I have an iphone 15 pro and I constantly get the message, you are too late and ends the match when it shows that the opponent lost connection. It happens when I have a good connection all the time. I have been playing this game for a few years but it has become to glitchy to have fun anymore. Plus it seems like I always play someone from the other side of the world and rarely someone locally. Makes me wonder if this game as alternative motivation for hackers.
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3 weeks ago, GameAddict Chrissy
A few improvements needed
Hello, I really love me some dominoes so thank you for the game. However, the game Mode that’s titled ‘Draw Game’ needs to be adjusted. Whoever wins the round needs to be the loser for the game right after, as that’s how it’s played in real life and not double-six each time. In addition the amount of time alotted to each player is too much; it needs to be reduced. Thank you!
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1 year ago, DivaMomOfTwo
Fix the Connection Bugs
Whereas I love this game, the periodic loss of connection is slightly irritating. There are games, in which I’m winning, when the connection is lost…coincidentally losing enough time to lose the game. NOT COOL! Please fix this bug. Other than that, the game is awesome and quite addicting.
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1 month ago, sstdneyy
This game is so corrupted it stops being fun. The distribution of bones frequently makes it impossible to win. I guess that’s done to entice people to buy whatever zimad is selling. I understand profits are necessary but do it a bit more discreetly. need to Now almost every time I play my opponent loses the internet connection. Often I have to wait for a minute or two and then the opponent quits. I wonder why I never lose my internet connection. Do you have any idea?
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8 months ago, Pack J
I find that once you reach the Gold level your opponent; no matter what league they’re in find it easier to dispatch you as if the game was giving them an advantage. Frustratingly, you find yourself drawing a whole lot more from the pack while they themselves seem to be able to locate the needed domino in just a few moves. This I find is repetitive.
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1 week ago, Benefit Sir
Restore my coins
I play this game everyday I’m on the leader board for EVERYTHING why hasn’t my status changed my wins are at %64 but I’m more like %90 I’ll even take %89 I’m the best player on here and I still get low stats. I really feel like some games I’m getting cheated or playing against AI bc ain’t no way! I’m the BEST!
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3 years ago, JoanJamGirl
Friends List
This game is one of the best domino games but it has some bugs and often freezes. I would love to be able to know when friends are online even if they are playing a game with someone else. Also, to be able to alert friends that I’m on and available to play with them.
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1 year ago, COMMAgee
Won’t load
I use to love to play this game and try to move up the leagues, but for quite some time now it has been impossible to load a game. They apologized that they are doing some work with IOS, then they’ll say all better, but it’s not.
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5 months ago, Love the game could be better
Rematch And better Profile
Can you pleas make it that if I play a game with opponent I could have a rematch you play and never see the players again ? Can you pleas make a better profile view where we could see the oponent wins how much he or she has won on money Can you make bigger betting challenge 25 k 50 k tórnement
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4 years ago, afedupcustomer
Something is going on!!!!!
It's crazy how I've been up over 50 points and somehow the person comes back to win, or if I need 5 or 10 to win I never get what I need when the hand is dealt. It's clearly something fishy going on. I like the game, but the amount of cheating going on doesn't make it fun anymore.
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2 years ago, avawesc
Issue when you pull dominoes when you can’t play
The provided space when you have to pull a lot of dominoes, it’s hard to view all the dominoes to manage your dominoes to reduce your numbers at the end.
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1 year ago, Mohammedin55
Playing with the computer does not help improving skills
The only downside about the game is that when you play with the computer, the computer players play so fast that you can’t think of their moves and their techniques. I guess the developers have to slow the moves of the computer down. I like when playing games to think deeply and to try to understand the secret of the success to winning so better that would be with a slow movement. Please do me a favor trying to fix this and thanks in advance. It’s a good game, reminding me of billiards table like the old days.
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3 months ago, djana-hassani
Connection problem
Hi Why it’s stuck sometimes in middle of the game and every game I lost my coins and there is a problem with the connection I can’t get back to the game when disconnects the internet and gets back!!!’
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1 year ago, Delly619
This game is so off. It chooses who it wants to win. If you’re not dishing any money out to it and don’t purchase anything just get prepared to lose five times in a row. It picks yours and your opponent dominoes and decides who it wants to win. Horrible and unrealistic game. The odds are not in your favor.
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4 years ago, Gogislav
All Fives
I love this game and play everyday. The maximum score in All Fives when you play online is 100 and not more. I wish it could be more than hundred so I could much longer. Thank you anyway and be safe in these crazy days!
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3 years ago, FOS2021
Can’t play with friends:(
Been playing Dominoes Classic for years and once year I lose the ability to play with my friends. Why? There is a friends list for a reason. I love this game, but this is frustrating!!!:(
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5 months ago, Torishemo
Best Dominoes Game out!
The online multiplayer function makes this game unique because I have not found one that has 4 player online challenges and with friends!
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1 year ago, maghrabi2
Disconnected while in the middle of the game
Many times the game, while in progress, disconnects from your server and stand still with no way to continue playing.
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6 months ago, Penigegolyz
Needs improvement
The fame is not bad but keeps disconnecting. The coins that it takes at the beginning are not returned when the board keeps buffering looking for a partner to play. Have sent messages, but they are either done for the day, or request proof of what I am complaining about. When the other player is losing all they have to do is disconnect and the game us over…no penalties for abandoning the game…
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2 years ago, Fghkijdv
The game is good but fix small things,
Anytime you go off the app for a minute or even check a notification you go into a loading screen
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4 years ago, Hiba Altai
Play with friends
I really love this game. I can play anytime and anywhere but, I really like to play with my Facebook friends and I don’t know how . I tried everything but still don’t know how to do it.
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2 years ago, prophet_margin
Very misleading and steals from users
My problem starts from the major money grab and cheat this game is. I buy coins to play on the game. Enter a game for say 1000 coins with 4 players before the game is says winner takes 3600 but after you win you only get 1800. So essentially you guys are stealing from users those who watch ads for coins and those who buy them like me. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to sue you guys, hey it might be me.
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3 years ago, jaycet11
Good game
Overall good game. I have a suggestion with the ads. Why don’t you just give longer ads to the losers of the games and have the winners continue ad free. You still recoup ad income & if you got skills, you save time.
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4 months ago, Junior BRPO
Spend money or see millions of adds
Some how if we spend money we will star a winner and after fewer games it will become horrible 😤 the argoridom is set to make the app at any cost 💲$$ and for everyone spend money 💴 zero star if I could,,also developers don’t hit me with same lamé answer for everyone,, I work in programming app at least be honest to some clients ,, don’t have them playing with outbot…
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4 years ago, Kevinberry22
Your payout is not right!!!😡
Why is it if I bet 1000 and win I only win 800? What is the point of that??? It seems I I bet 1000 and win I should get 1000. Are you trying to get us to buy in???? Otherwise no complaints. I should be awarded the same amount. Would easily be 5 stars if it was a fair payout!
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3 years ago, la stog
Needs improvements
Good app, but needs improvements. When playing with 4 people on all fives everybody should pull 7 dominoes and the person who starts with big 6 should have to play that or the next big double to start the game. If that happens then this deserves 5 stars
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4 years ago, kos1tk@hr
Inappropriate Sexual Ads
I would give this game a higher rating but 2 days ago sexual ads started to be shown after every game played. I typically have my young son play games with me, however, I don’t want him exposed to such provocative images, and personally, I’d rather not see them myself. So sad that we can’t even play a simple game without trash being flashed before our eyes. Needless to say, this game will be uninstalled. Smh.
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3 years ago, ali99monster
gives me network error
as the title says it keep giving me network errors on both my iPhone and iPad and I have internet connection and everything is fine that happens after the last update so can you fix it please?
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6 months ago, Mixed_baby99_
This is my first time playing a platform that puts an AD in the middle of a timed game ! By the time the ad is done , I have 6 seconds left. I haven’t been able to count my hand and have to play impulsively. I’ve never had this happen before! I’ve never complained about ads before you start a game or even after. But DURING the game while you’re losing time is a bit MUCH !
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3 years ago, Os3Os
Friend list games
How do I get friends list games, it goes as far as lettting me select the friends and start the game but they can’t join or won’t let them know it started even though they are in the app and waiting.
Show more
4 years ago, Angela Matthew
Can’t play with friends
Just downloaded game and so did my daughter and when we try to play with each other it just keeps loading and then goes back to home screen. Can play with random people fine just not my Facebook friends Yes we play with the WiFi on? Should we not?
Show more
4 years ago, Salsa1030
The game is not working
When do you think it is going to be fix? This is very aggravating it should be a simple fix
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3 years ago, KJTGKJTG
terrible, it is a game that they even hack when you are winning, it freezes and suddenly you appear losing
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