Domino! - Multiplayer Dominoes

4.5 (25.5K)
212.1 MB
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Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Domino! - Multiplayer Dominoes

4.51 out of 5
25.5K Ratings
1 year ago, boludo01
The best game ever
Keeps me entertained and in touch with my friends and family!! We all enjoy the game and we challenge each other also is good for your mind. We all play it in my house. The kids love it because they can actually beat me and the brag about it with their friends is a good source of learning how to stay focused and they learn how to add at a very early age!!! I know is only adding but when we’re playing all four sides is challenging for everyone, I’m 65 and I mess up sometimes and makes me realize that I also need to stay focused along with everyone!! Is a safe learning experience for all of us,,, to bad there isn’t a regular dominoes game, that would be awesome!!! Thank you for such a great game!!!!!
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1 year ago, Rheeo the Don
Nice Try!
Can be fun win playing other players head to head but the algorithm tends to take the surprise out of the game. Let’s just say that It’s not very difficult to determine if it’s going to your game or your opponent’s game after just the first hand. Making the game seem a bit scripted. I know when it’s going to be MY game because my beginning draw and all of my follow up draws are consistently strong throughout each hand, and after I domino I routinely receive Big Five or Six Four to extend my lead in each opening play. In situations where it is not MY game, the hands are consistently awful throughout. No back and forth. Even if you send your opponent to the the Boneyard they will generally pull once and that pull will be a scoring bone, over and over again. Which doesn’t make for a credible simulation. Don’t get me started on how there is always points scored on the play right before someone dominoes. When playing the computer someone should also notify the developers that the Highest Difficulty, (Dominologist) should mean that the Computer doesn’t make many mistakes with the dominoes in it’s hand. NOT that the Computer arbitrarily has access to any “unrenegable” domino that we can’t physically see on the table or in our own hand. 🤣. Even when it’s obvious that the computer couldn’t have a particular Bone without reneging it will simply one pull it out a boneyard of 14 dominoes and score 15 or 20. 😂. I enjoy playing, but let’s do better, guys…
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12 months ago, D-Fletch
Taking out authenticity of the game.
I have a win percentage in the 60% tile range across the board. I use to be able to look at other people individual skills to determine if wanted to play certain people more than others. They have changed that if my record is better than yours then all my stats pop up when I go to their page. That’s not cool or fun. Some people only go to nascar races hoping to see a crash. You can not water down the dominos and take fun and desire away from me. People having good records should not be punished by not being able to see their opponents record when they check the stats. If felons might not get a job because they have something to correct. The same goes for if the person record is in the 30%,40%,50%,80% everybody should have they stats shown. Don’t change the game because some people want to cry that they percent is low or stuff like that. If you just play dominos and put a bone down because it looks cool. Your going to lose most times to a numbers counting good domino player. We should be able to view everybody stats/records when we go check out there stats so we can make a conservative and informed decision if I even want to play against this individual. Make this change immediately and this world is too sensitive. Make everybody stats public.
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6 months ago, Cloudcastmusic
Bad Changes
I will start by saying I am not into just winning all the time. If I feel the game is “tilted” in my favor or the person I’m playing I get frustrated. I want a realistic and competitive game. That is what makes you a better player. I feel that this game has made some bad changes recently. It used to seem more realistic and random when it comes to which dominoes you get on your original 7 and even your pulls. Now it seems that everything is preplanned. If you’re going to win its dictated from the start. Also it comes down to what you pull from the boneyard instead of strategy. Case in point; I routinely see all 7 dominoes of one set (say all the blanks for example) on the board and no one has pulled from the bone yard yet. Or, I’ll have 4 of one set in my hand and the other person has one or 2 of the same set in there’s. The odds of this happening are pretty low but this happens way too often to be by chance with this game. Also, if you are “designated” to win, you often get points or just get a play off of the 1st pull from the bone yard no matter what’s on the board. Real dominoes don’t play like that. It used to be one of the best games out there but the recent change that was made seems like the makers want the game to be fun for more people, especially people who dont know how to play dominoes, instead of a real competition. I unfortunately will be shopping for a new dominoe game and I “HATE” shopping…
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3 years ago, BooBooBaBaBee
Not the correct rules
Not to be a stickler but there are a few rules you guys have that are NOT the actual rules and it makes me miserable. First, whoever locks the board wins the dominoes in EVERYONE’S hand. (I.e. if I lock the board and the two people I am playing have 10 points and 15 points in their hand, I get all 25 points.) Knowing how to lock the board is a skill thing and you guys average out the dominoes left in each person’s hand and award the person with the least amount of points the average of the points. It really drives me crazy to be slick and lock the board and I get penalized if I have more points in my hand. Also, when someone locks the board, this game makes the other player keep drawing from the boneyard until they’ve picked up all the bones and THEN they figure out who has more points in their hand. That’s a totally made up rule, NOBODY plays dominoes that way. Second, I wish you had an option to play tens and not fives. Again, no hardcore dominoes player plays fives. You ONLY score with 10 points or more. I’ve had fun playing online with friends but these two rules (I call them non-rules) causes so many arguments. I just wish you’d give us the traditional options.
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10 months ago, Westcoasthabitation
Terrible updates
This used to be a great app. It’s still okay, but the updates have made it so much worse. It is now much slower in every respect but the updates have not improved anything at all. No positives. Just slower. Everything works so much slower…flipping dominos from the boneyard, seeing the other players move, finding opponents for blitz games. And, for some stupid reason, when you open the app, it does not open to the main page or to the list of your open games. It automatically opens on the last game you played, regardless of whether it is your turn. It used to always open on the list of your ongoing games. So, when you opened it you could then select one of the games where it was your turn. Now, if I have a badge notification saying it is my turn in one or more of my games and I open the app, Nate as of taking me to the main screen or to the game where it is my turn, it opens to the last game I played even when it isn’t my turn. Please undo some of the updates you’ve made that have done nothing to improve the game and have only slowed it down.
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9 months ago, Shabba Cutty Ranks
Cool game except for abusers- update
I love the game and would definitely give it 5 stars except for one thing. Every 4-5 matches that I play of blitz results in me running into a time clock abuser. These are the individuals who will wait till the last second each turn to play so that their opponent either surrenders or loses focus (due to the game lasting 45 minutes to an hour). The only option is to mute them but still spend an hour playing (then still playing them again as a muted opponent who does the same thing all over). If there was a way to report them and avoid them I definitely would give it 5 stars. P.S. Please ignore the last review. I’d definitely like My money back because it definitely isn’t random like other domino games. It should be impossible for me to have 7 2s one game then play someone with 6 5s the next….. it’s as if the game chooses who wins and loses to prevent a win streak. Months later and the game is still broken. Even more buggy than before as now my opponents only draw one time (regardless of how impossible it should be) and always seem to have 4-5 of one domino. It is impossible to win once you go on a streak of 5…….
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2 years ago, rawdogg88
I first want to start out by saying I’m a big fan of this app and enjoy it just as much as any bonehead would but once you play the game often or if you play friend repetitively you can start to guess the sequence of how the game is going to be roll out ie double six’s thrown opponent for sure has the six three or six two and worse then they’ll start off in an uncompromising game or if your opponent throws the six three more than likely you’ll win unless you make mistakes and the game “punishes” you with bad bones on upcoming rounds. I just would like the request of the coding of the game to be revamped and also add badges to the game like comeback badge being down 30 on a h2h random game and you win or streak badges things like that to show players skill levels and pride 🤷🏾‍♂️ just my suggestion it can make sense or not or maybe I’m wrong but from my perspective these ideas and/or topics I felt could be reasonably resolved for us beginners to us avid players to push the game to new heights
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3 years ago, App Addic
Terrible algorithm
Whatever algorithm was put in place to control game outcomes need to be scrapped. I know it makes it easier and cheaper to design it that way and gives those who aren’t really that good at the game an enjoyable experience while maintaining a 50% w/l average (which will keep their hopes up like a casino) however, you’re loosing your customers who actually know the game... which are the one who are the reason your app became popular! It’s not realistic to acquire 4-5 of the same suit every hand, for your opponent to have the exact needed scoring bone 5-7 plays, nor is it realistic to send them to the yard when you have one bone left and they pull the block bone 80-90% of the time (just to keep your customers engaged on the app! I’ve enjoyed this app in the past (even through the hacker phase) however, if this algorithm is left in place, it won’t be long before a competitor replaces this app as a better option... don’t become blockbuster videos flyclops. Adapt and reform before you’re replaced.
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6 years ago, Jaypeeez
Updates updates...
The game play has gone to trash. But you probably have millions of users so it doesn’t matter. The game used to be bearable. Now I’m going to finish up my tournaments and delete it. I’m done. It’s obvious whatever your goal is by changing the game play isn’t conducive to a realistic, enjoyable game. I love to play dominoes but I am beginning to hate playing this app. And it’s not just the game play itself which isn’t realistic, 4-5 of a suit every hand, the opponent having the counter every play in those scenarios, if you send the opponent to the yard when you have one bone left they will pull the block bone 99% of the time to stop domino and continue the game, thereby sending you to the yard(it doesn’t matter the odds there could be one bone to stop you and 14 bones in the yard they will keep pulling until they find it, all while not pulling another option to play. But it is also the bugs, getting 8 bones from the start, having to pull when you have a play, etc. I’m done.
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9 months ago, puregame25
Trash.. frustrating..
I don't normally write reviews but this game is awful now.. If your good at dominoes get a different app.. The randomized hands are trash .. If you know how to play ..your opponent or the computer will have every off domino needed to score .. You are forced to one choice often and the opponent always has the right domino or they will pull it in one pull.. There is no way as a player you can guess what domino your opponent has and the bone yard is still full of dominoes .. If you have over a 60% win rate be prepared to lose almost every other game while also getting bombed with more ad breaks then new players to the game .. I had an 83% win ratio now its at 60% because you are playing against the person and a weak algorithm helping them stay in the game.. I stopped playing games to 250 because it’s comical to be winning by 100 points and lose by 50 like all of a sudden you forgot how to count .. Fix this problem
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3 years ago, Ladynaj
Great interactive dominoes app
I really enjoy being able to play with friends and family as well as other people. The only thing that I dislike about the. App is how they calculate score when the game is locked. Normally, the way I've been taught is that you receive everything in tour opponent's hand and its rounded to the nearest five. I believe the method here first subtracts what's in your hand from theirs and then rounds it. Other than that, you can have a number of games going at once and I love it. And, it automatically keeps a record of the stats. It’s still a really fun game. I play pretty much daily, making moves between work and rest periods to achieve optimum relaxation.
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1 year ago, Smartyplants5
Good game until the newest update
My best friend and I have been using this game for a few years because we live in different states now. I love how this app keeps us connected and has been a fun and competitive way of keeping in touch, but the newest update is extremely glitchy and making it far more frustrating than necessary to keep playing. It constantly either crashes or glitches and won’t bring up the most current game. It will randomly take us back to old games and then start new games which we don’t want. And sends double notifications for every time one of us plays which is just really annoying. We like using this game but this new update is almost more frustrating than it’s worth.
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4 years ago, bishop&
I love playing dominoes first and foremost....but my previous past experience with app has been somewhat a typical disappointment....for example I’ve experienced when you play against most players with a better record than yours it appears that they have a slight advantage in the overall gameplay...for example a better hand or when going to the boneyard it seems as though they pull the right bone or a money bone most of the time...and I myself have experienced it when I play against someone with a poor record than be totally honest I truly think that the app is programmed that way as well...if I’m wrong please prove that I’m wrong
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6 years ago, Slowflight
Great fun being able to play with family and friends now that we live so far apart but I would like to see some different versions of the game. The version I really enjoy is more of an offensive game. It’s fast and fun: To see who plays first just draw one bone...highest bone goes first. Mix them up again then draw seven bones each. Play as usual but if you play a double and/or score you play again. (If you can’t play again after a double or a score it’s off to the bone pile!) Try it out. I have not seen this version in any book but my family has played it for many years. It was started at a duck club in the 1950’s. Ps. Mine has never issue. I play on an iphone 6...?
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3 months ago, Bri0129
Super fun and I have a suggestion!
I’ve been playing this game for YEARS. It’s super fun and I like the updates. I also have the no ad version so I can play game after game without interruption. However, I would like to suggest if the developers could possibly add tournaments to the game that could be really fun. I love that this game is your standard domino game but just to spice things up a bit and add a little more variety for players, I think tournaments could be a welcome addition for some of us who truly enjoy this app! Hope to see it see it at some point and thanks for keeping the game fun and straightforward all of these years!
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1 year ago, R8ers4lyf
Too Predictable!!
Like so many others have said, if you win a few games in a row, you’ll be sure to lose a few in a row. Not by a player who is actually skilled at dominoes but the algorithms of the app that has a large lead disappear especially when you send your opponent to the boneyard then they all of a sudden domino or have the bone that scores the winning points. Almost every other game, I’ll have a 40-50 point advantage. Then I get a crap hand full of doubles and opponent has bunch of fives or 4of the same set. I’m goin to the boneyard but opponent started with 4 or 5 so I’m pulling again & again and what’s the point when I finally pull the right bone and they down to 1 or 2 bones? Obviously they domino and get all the points from the bones I pulled! Look every now & then ain’t a problem but come on now!
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4 days ago, akaregine
New update
Thumbs down after the update. The game has been much slower, kicks you out of the game at times, and the worst part I’ve noticed is that the game will state that its the opponent’s turn and nothing happens during their turn then you receive a message saying that you lost because you let the game expire. How is this when it wasn’t even your turn to play? It’s not my WiFi because I have excellent service and I’ve played this game for years. Regarding Ads, I’m pleased to say that you can restore your original purchase. There is an option to do so under settings.
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4 years ago, Wormflash
This is only the second ever review I have written. I say that to emphasize my review. I love playing dominoes, been pretty good at it for a while too. This game though... Beware! If you play the computer on hard it will and does cheat. They always seem to have the perfect domino no matter what you play. You could have 6 of 7 of one kind and still not be able to get the board as you see fit. When the computer draws, one and it's a score. You draw, half the boneyard and the computer score no matter what you play. If you're winning big, that's when the real fun starts: you will get every high double in the boneyard and you will get, and be stuck, with the double six every time. Computer doesn't add up your bones right either when you go out or they go out. The points are skimmed from what they should be.
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5 years ago, Shurrrl
Too robotic
I downloaded this app because I wanted to understand the rules of dominoes. I don’t like this game because it’s scores the game for you without explaining how it came to that score and it forces you to draw instead of letting you realize you need to draw on your own it lets you know that you have a move available by taking away the bone pile to draw from without letting you figure that out on your own. I could be a robot playing this game. I’m not learning anything from it and I don’t find it challenging and I don’t understand the rules of the game anymore than I did before I started playing on this app. Also there are way too many ads to keep me interested. If there was an option to buy this game I might be more interested but the constant advertisements have driven me away from wanting to continue to play. I will likely delete this app today.
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4 years ago, Kenny-Mo!
Not understanding!!
I have been playing this gameFaithfully for the last three years.. I’m NOT UNDERSTANDING How 8out of 10 hands I have two or three doubles and something I can’t play on .. now you have to remember that you only get seven dominoes this is waaay too often. I don’t know if there’s a glitch in my app or what but that is just too many same type of things happening over and over and over again.. I have over 300 screenshots over the last week and a half of these hands I’m telling you guys about I have deleted the app reinstated it and I’m just not understanding what’s going on..
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6 months ago, cedcal
Rigged Game
All the reviews are consistently the same with saying the hand play is rigged and have a unrealistic feel to them but yet the developers have yet to change anything. I only play the game when I’m absolutely bored and I still don’t play long because it just makes me come to write another review on the trash game they have in place. After playing almost 800 games I can see that the games are rigged the computer gives the opp the bones he needs to stop you or score. You almost have to let them play or score.. if not they will pull all the bones and score 100 and win. I’ll finish a hand and start the next one off with 3 doubles smh. It can be 6-4-2 on the board and I need to lay 2/2 the computer will give my opp a 2 so I can’t play .. I’ve seen it almost 500 times this game is rigged . Makes it not enjoyable at all
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3 years ago, Caden Lyons
Horrible algorithm/ randomizer
Ive played dominoes my whole life. I have never seen situations where the other player ALWAYS has the exact domino they need every turn. At first you chalk it up to the game. But I’m this app, it happens way too often. Over the last 30 or so games, I’ve only won 2 or 3 times. Almost every hand I get dealt has 4 (or more) doubles. Over half the time my opponent is able to run the board because they have 5 or more of a set. The frequency in which this type of stuff happens is not statistically possible. I keep coming back thinking it might just be a run of bad luck and maybe I’m just making excuses. But the same thing keeps happening. I like the format and everything else about the app. But the program that controls the game play needs a lot of improvement!
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4 years ago, Alalalakalskskshsh
Latest update ruined it
Return to your older version before around April 1st or so. I’ve been trying to get used to the new one but it really is inferior. It is really difficult to see how many tiles/dominoes your opponent has in their hand. Also, it is difficult to see the board score - really confusing being so close to the number of bones left. Those are mutually exclusive pieces of information that don’t deserve equal billing. Finally, when you finish all your games and it says “all turns taken” - and you exit out, it still as one number in the circle suggesting you still have a game left. You actually have to press the back button on top left before exiting out so the number indicator goes away. Not a good update. Will look for another dominoes app if these things aren’t fixed.
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4 years ago, mb squirrel
A quarantine godsend
Me, my husband and my grandpa have all played against each other on this app for about 1.5 years. But right now it’s making a huge positive difference in my life. My grandpa has been admitted to the icu and they’re not allowing visitors because of covid 19. Playing dominoes with my grandpa all day makes it feel like he’s not so far away and gives us something to talk about other than all the tests they’re running on him. I’ve always enjoyed this app but it currently is way more important to me than I ever could’ve ever guessed. Thank you for creating something that’s become so special to my family!
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4 years ago, A11NicknamesTaken
Love the game, but please add this feature(s)
Please add a feature to prevent game forfeits. I mostly play with family and friends and occasionally one of us will get busy to the point we don’t prioritize the game. It’s really unfortunate when a good game is ended by a forfeit due to the time lapse. I personally don’t care if it takes someone 3 days to play back. Both players should be able to agree to some basic rules including no time limit. Second idea: For many - I imagine the game isn’t always played live all the way through to the end. If you have 10 or more games going, you may start to forget certain elements of each game - like if your opponent drew on 3s previously or if you planned to play a certain domino on your next turn. It would be nice to have a history button to see the previous couple of moves or a little notepad to keep some quick notes per hand. Overall I have enjoyed the game and it has become a staple. Thank you for developing this app.
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4 years ago, Tserenity11
Really enjoy playing this Domino game!
I go way back to playing dominoes on Yahoo Dominoes! I grew up playing dominoes. I have played other domino apps but so far I really like this one. Yes, there are ads before each game but they are quick and most of them are skippable (I think I just made that word up) which is not bad at all! Sometimes 5 seconds later you can skip the ads! I just enjoy playing the computer on hard level ALL 5s. Thanks for the game developers! I wonder if you have any brain tests type of games?
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1 year ago, Brooklandish
Great except for the Garbage algorithm
This app should really switch to having you pull your hand yourself with every potential hand having a percentage of it’s likely hood associated with it. I play dominoes a lot and I play Caribbean no spinner / no score winner takes the hand and Points dominoes. I rarely lose to people who can’t count the board or recognize what’s played and what’s available…… except on this app. Yes streaks of magical draws happen but pulling 5 or 6 of a number and or 4+ doubles happens far to often when you have beat the same opponent on repeat. I don’t mind losing to luck I just hate they take the skill out of the game with programmed outcomes due to loaded hands.
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5 years ago, //(*.*)\\
Fix the broken dead ads so we can play!!!
Update: I’m lowering my star choice. It just took me 10 tries to get an ad that works and get into the game. My 10th time closing and reopening the game an older ad came up, played, and let me in. This is ridiculous. Blitz used to be fun. Now all I get is an ad that won’t play and be done with it. It just sits there and I have to kill it. And when I restart I keep getting it sitting there. You can’t even play most of the time now. You just keep getting dead ads sitting there. The Twitch ad won’t play. The penny doubled daily ad won’t play. An ad with a blurry something, maybe a cup of coffee I’m guessing, just sits there. And I used to be able to send them a message about something like that in the game. Now it ships you out to a website that I’M REFUSING TO USE SO NOW I’LL COMPLAIN PUBLICLY HERE.
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2 years ago, alcruzzz
The game is rigged
You win one, you lose one; when the game notices that you’re in a streak, it will make you lose. While playing this game, you will notice that sometimes you will be given 3-4 doubles making it impossible to win. Why can’t you pick your own tiles at the beginning of the game rather than being given out to you? Makes no sense. The amount of ads is ridiculous in this game; I understand that they have to make some sort of money, but the game consists more of ads than it does of domino. Also forgot to mention, it will randomly crash. If you can’t pick your own tiles at the beginning of a match and every game pertaining to that match, you are playing against another user and against the entire system. Pathetic algorithm, pathetic creators.
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2 months ago, mcpheeze!
Bad hands
This game is fun but can ruin your chances of winning when the hand the computer gives you favors the opponent. I mean I had 3 hands with 3 huge doubles. I wish this game would let us pick our bones instead of the computer picking your hand and having the opponent come back regardless of being down by 100 to win. Kind of boring at this point and I’m considering deleting this app. In real life we draw our own dominoes. I can’t seem to win lately it’s like it’s almost deliberate to bring down my win percentage. Had to recreate a new account so the algorithms don’t predict my moves and then give me an impossible hand to work with.
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6 months ago, Love Our Paws
App redirecting players to a web page AGAIN
This is my 2nd time leaving a review about this. I received a message that a developer responded but I can’t find my first review or the message. I saw in the message preview that the developer said to email them, I DID! It stopped for a few days now it’s back with a vengeance. I’m being sent to safari. I don’t give it time to open up I close it instantly and I am redirected TWO more times to apple play. Which I didn’t ask to be sent there either. A trusted site does not redirect you to other sites or apps without consent. That’s kind of sketchy. Being taken off the app to a web browser isn’t cool. Why are the developers allowing this? I NEVER authorized this app to redirect me to a totally different web site.
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6 years ago, jgreer72
Could be so much better
There is a fundamental flaw with the algorithm used that allows for very long win or loss streaks that would never in a million years happen in a real game of bones. It is fun to play, but when you are forced to draw from the bone pile 5 out of 7 times off your first play in a round, it doesn’t feel like it’s based in reality whatsoever. You want the computer to act like a neutral player but instead it plays an active role in the game and when it’s your time to win you can run a win streak of like 12 in a row but you can also go on very long losing streak when the computer decides its your turn to lose. I like playing this game but would like it a whole lot more if they’d fix the ridiculous algorithm.
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12 months ago, Kaigster (:
Update 👎🏽
I loved everything about dominos before the new update. I hate everything about the new update, how it shows our winning percentage, the new order of “their turn games.” If I just played back, why is that match and the bottom and someone I played with 3 days ago at the top? I hate that when I go to match history, the order is A-Z or most recent when it used to be who you had the most matches with. just 0/10 overall, thinking about deleting the app. Another update: dominoes fixed a lot of the glitching and complaints but now I can’t see people’s winning percentage. It just always shows mine instead. 2 stars ⭐️⭐️ I still play everyday though😂
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11 months ago, dreww0721
Please update
Me and my friends have been playing this game for decades to where we all even bought the game to avoid the many ads that would pop up. And though it has served as a great pass time and for us to be able to continue to play each other it needs to be more personal. I would love to be able to play more then just one person at a time, i would love to have custom rule changes such as “you need 10 points first to get on the board” and the whole minus the points off when its locked as an option. Basically house rules style with true multiplayer options.
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2 years ago, B Jaime Teteblanc
Great way to play
Excellent way to play dominos with friends and families. Very simple platform, which I love. Only reason I gave 4 stars is because there seems to be a glitch with the profile picture not uploading, not being visible to others when you actually can upload it, and when you try to change the profile picture, it freezes the app. Also, it would be nice if they had an option where it takes 10 points to get on the board (start scoring points). Otherwise, excellent app.
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3 years ago, Delandria_
Nice Game but..
I would have given a 5 star. However, I gave a 3 star for two reasons. When playing CASUAL "taking turns when ever you have a moment" can literally take DAYS. This is a huge inconvenience to the opponent because, the opponent who's waiting on the person to play will lose if they don't HAVE TIME TO COME BACK AND CHECK THE GAME EVERY 2,4, 5, 6,7, 8+ hours; causing them to lose. PLAYERS HAVE ABUSED THIS FEATURE AND IT IS NOT FARE TO THE OTHER PLAYER. SECOND reason I have a 3 star. When playing CASUAL there is no set time noted in the rules for an opponent to make his/her play. This allows for the other player to win the game, taking advantage of his/her opponent time.
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2 weeks ago, Soastute
Could be way better
This game won’t allow you to exceed a 60 percent win percentage. You’ll start to see their algorithms kick in and it’s so obvious. Wins rely heavily on the luck of the boneyard. That’s why you can’t pull your own dominoes at random. Your dealt them. Your competition will always pull the exact domino they need at the end of the game to win. Once you or your comp reach 70 the big 5 is being dealt to one of you. 90 percent of the time when your dealt the big six to start the game, your competitor always has the 6/3. Your competitor will always pull the exact domino they need when they’re In trouble and about to get locked up.. this game would be much better if it were a lot more random and less algorithms
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2 years ago, Simon Sparks
Mostly works well, but needs some tweaks
My family and I really enjoy playing on this app and like that it calculates the stats for us and whatnot. However, a few issues (some of which are echoes of points made in other reviews): 1) There should be some way to control the default for where a Domino goes when there are multiple places it can be played on a board. It’s important part of the strategy and scoring of the game, and it’s so frustrating when you intend for a domino to go one place and the app decides it’s going to another. 2) As lots of people have said, the way points are tabulated when the game is blocked is incorrect. Rather than subtracting the lower hand from the higher hand, the winner should get all of the points in the loser’s hand (rounded to the nearest five). There should at least be an option for the scoring to work this way. If these issues were fixed, I would happily pay for an upgrade to ad-free service.
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3 years ago, Deepanastrowk
Definitely unrealistic
This game is trash. I am very good at dominoes and have been playing for years. Here recently they switched the algorithms to where if you are well over 50% for your wins, you WILL lose consecutive games at a time until you score is around 50%. This is to mKe EVERYONE the same playing level in this app regardless of your true skill. This is definitely a disadvantage to those of us who are true players and really love the game. This game is highly unrealistic in many different measure such as having to pull the entire boneyard as often as you do, being stuck at 95 of 100 in the score, while your opponent goes on like a 70 point winning streak, and this app MAKING everyone have the same playing skill
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7 months ago, kingGlive
First off it gets a 5 STAR ⭐️ HANDS DOWN (AS IT IS)…But please add the ability for Us (The Player’s) to be able to pick/both agree on how many points it takes to get on the board and also the ability to Have or Not have 5 points as the minimum, Basically what I’m saying is if we choose to play 15 to “get on” then we wouldn’t count 5 points as the minimum, the minimum would be 10 points to count as a score. That would add the TRUE ESSENCE OF “DOMINOLOGIST” I believe 🤞🏾🙏🏾
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2 weeks ago, *NetMax*
Still TRASH with fake five star reviews.
For over 10 years I’ve played and defended this app, no way it’s rigged. Now I sadly agree. This app is trash now. The games are so predictable and it’s almost frustrating to play. Either you’ll win like crazy or get smashed depending on the day. The algorithms need to be fixed. I know the developers won’t ever admit they screwed this up and it appears to be getting worse since they are now requiring you to update. I HAD a chance of keeping my stats up because I was able to play on a device that had the older version. No one wants to read “sorry” as a developer response just DEVELOP an update that will redeem the FLYCLOPS name before all your loyal players are gone.
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1 year ago, GPsix
I downloaded this app roughly a year ago, paid for ad-free because I figured I was paying for a competent product. However, at least 1/3 of the games started crash/glitch and won't let you play, forcing you or your opponent to forfeit instead. The shuffles are absolutely ridiculous — over a year and some how I've never had a shuffle where neither party has a big, along with absolutely terrible shuffles in general. I've drawn a domino and had it change from a 1:6 to a 5:4 forcing me to keep drawing instead of being able to play. The app is a poorly managed, uninventive, waste of time; a rigged carnival game that the creators care too little about to fix. I want my money back.
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4 days ago, WHIZPA~G
This app, as a lifelong dominoes player, has been a godsend; I grew up playing dominoes with all of my family…Several generations of men and a few women; albeit, it’s a staple of my heritage and when I discovered this app… It not only has been a number one game hands down, it also gives me a sense of reminiscence; of all the times, games, memories I’ve missed from playing with my family…It’s unequivocally special to ME and I’m forever grateful‼️🙏🏿✊🏿
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1 year ago, KayKay8337
Game Suddenly Cheating!!!!
All of a sudden it seems as if the game is cheating!! I’m losing more games than I’m winning lately and I’m not a rookie player. The way the bones are dealt I’m set up to lose. Opposing player will have all of one number for example all the 6s, then I’m picking from the boneyard when they already have all the available options in their hand. So now I have the entire boneyard, have to pass, they play all available bones get those points then of course they domino out and get the points from all the bones in my hand!! So I’m losing if I’m good 5 points to 120 points. And I mean this is happening back to back to back games!! I’ve been playing this game for years but about to delete
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1 year ago, Etb015
Awesome game with the right rules!
I love this game! I rarely pay for an app but I actually bought the premium version of this game since I play it so much. These are the same rules we played by at bbqs, on park picnic tables, etc. I only have one complaint: Since the last update, I’ve noticed that anytime I open the app my phone starts to get warm and my battery drains faster. I have tested it and it is definitely this app. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next update. Otherwise, the rating would be five stars.
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4 years ago, BoonBANGpow
Overall it’s a good game
If I could I’d give it 3 1/ 2 stars bc overall it’s good but definitely not great. I went with the ads bc I needed to try the game before I spend money on it, but if you don’t want to go crazy with waiting for ads to finish you may want to just pay. My main gripe is the first hand is just dealt to you and that’s never been how I play dominoes. This is annoying bc when you don’t have any of the first played number and your opponent is running the table. My second gripe is where’s the 4 player option at and he’ll while you’re at it an option for teams would be nice
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3 years ago, cavila618
Sound notification
Please fix the sound notification.. I never know anyone is playing this game, unless I keep opening THE APP to check. This changed when you updated the app.. a year or so ago. Now it is very frustrating. I quit Words with friends because of their changes and they refused to rectify the situation even though many people complained. I love this game, but others are frustrated with me. Yes all my sounds are are on. This is happening on all my Apple products. It plays the sound if the app is open, but not if it’s closed. Every time my screensaver comes on, that’s it. ‘NO SOUND.’
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2 years ago, excessivereason
Issues after last update.
Love the game but this last update has been rough. Some issues: Notification issue. When I get a notification that it is my move, I go into the app and my opponent hasn’t moved yet. I have to exit to the main menu and go back into the game before it shows my opponent has moved. Chat issues. The first letters of sentences no longer auto corrects to sentence case. Very annoying they I have to constantly shift to write proper sentences. Minor issue: Took away the sound effect at the opening of the word domino slamming down. I loved that sound. Enhancement requests: An option to have tile placement confirmation. So easy to drag and misfire on a tile. There should be an option to confirm before playing. Persistent chat. I like in game chats but for my good pals I’d like to have a persistent chat so I can easily scroll back through the full history. More stats. Keeping track of highest scores, biggest win, longest streaks, etc.
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3 years ago, Sensei9580
Good enough to kill time but don’t take it serious
I’ve been playing this app for awhile now and it is what it is. I wouldn’t use it to play tournaments for money (learned that lesson) or anything other than just killing time. The app usually favors a player more than the other more than likely to speed up the game play no matter what your skill level is. So don’t take it serious. I would like to see a feature where you can select and play by certain rules ei. You don’t get points unless you’re on the board, if possible.
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