Dominoes - Best Dominos Game

4.6 (133.2K)
166.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Dominoes - Best Dominos Game

4.57 out of 5
133.2K Ratings
5 years ago, LeMuzick
Too many ads and glitches to get to the ad
I really enjoy this version of dominos. What I don’t enjoy is an ad after every hand. Should be after every game. Then more than 5 times in one game I have to close the game out and reopen due to the black screen when an ad doesn’t load. It’s bothersome. I just downloaded the game the other day and so I may download a different dominos game to avoid this... but I really like this one otherwise. I’ll give it a few more days.
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5 months ago, WillowJed
You still have not fixed the Ad situation, even though there have been other complaints in four/five years, and yet no action on your part to correct the situation. Ads are necessary for business, but it is ‘ridiculous’ after every hand. Previous complaints have not corrected the situation. Therefore I don’t understand why you even have reviews if you’re not going to make some corrections. Its been 4-6 years of the same complaints. I got to the point when it kept stopping also and I couldn’t get back in play, having to reload numerous times. Furthermore, I don’t like being tracked online for simply playing a free game. I love dominoes but it’s become ad nausea with the numerous interruptions. Maybe I can find one that doesn’t do this constantly. I doubt it but I’ll try. The games should be fun, not a headache. WillowJed
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2 years ago, Sir Morgan B
The good and the bad
I really enjoy the game play, layout, look and feel of this app. I think it plays well and fairly. I have two issues. 1) it cheats with turn mechanics. The player must win outright to earn or maintain control of going first the next hand. If the player wins a locked board, control passes to the app to go first the next hand. Illogical, and an unfair advantage to ‘the house.’ Second, this app is prone to death. By that I mean after an iOS update, the app will die. No amount of reboot will bring it to life. It has to be uninstalled and reinstalled, losing all historical data. I’m on a brand new iPad Pro, amd it’s the only app that does it. Fix those two things and this is a 5 star app.
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5 years ago, pepercorn LaPew
You get seven pre- selected dominoes chose by the app. Then you are not playing against an opponent with seven bones. You are playing against the other 21 bones. The app chooses your hand and manipulates the outcome by having access to all the other bones as well as full control of what you pick out of the make believe boneyard. When you win, it is controlled. When you lose it is controlled. It is impossible to win when everything is controlled and pre determined when you’ll lose and when you’ll win. Too obvious to tolerate for a skilled dominoes player. If a skilled player had the same control, the app would never win a game. Compiled with the interrupting apps in between every hand, which requires a $4.99 fee to remove, this dominoes game is a waste of time. Too controlled!!!!!
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2 years ago, Harry O.
Freezes on iPad.
I love this game and play it constantly. However, since I upgraded to iOS 15.4 the app freezes at the opening screen. I have tried everything for a workaround including restarting my iPad. I can’t be the only one having this problem, I hope you will issue an upgrade because I am addicted to your app.
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1 year ago, TexExpat
Pretty good game with a couple of flaws
This gives you a pretty good game most of the time, but it does have a couple of flaws. One really should be corrected in an update at some point. First, when the hand is blocked, the game correctly calculates the score. However, the bot ALWAYS starts the next hand, regardless of anything else. Second, there are games when the bot plays really stupidly and you easily win by 100 or 150 points. That being said, overall the game is enjoyable and worth the price to get rid of the ads.
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Just making sure I remember how to play just in case I ever get set back to jail or up the river because of some set up or black mail u never no something can always go wrong could happen to me because I’m the one that is targeted to fail ....he’ll it’s all good I don’t have much to lose or leave behind anyways I’m not scared of nothing in life being the war on
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3 years ago, eddiecharlie79
I always play this game and it sharpens my skills. I’m really good one on one so I win most of the time. My only gripe is when the board is locked the computer gets to play whatever it wants to. The way I play is big six to the board after it’s locked or the nearest double. Other than that it’s a solid game.
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4 years ago, Chef_Dawn
New Update Added Useless PopUp
One of the recent updates to the game added a challenge screen at the conclusion of each game. It’s annoying and creates additional steps just to play another game. It also blocks the final score so you have to either accept the challenge and click through a couple times, or close the pop up to see the scores. It’s just unnecessary. I’ve enjoyed the play so far, but would really like that screen to go away.
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5 years ago, ButterCreamVette
Best Domino Game- 1 Flaw
Best domino game available hands down. Glitch on the Play 5 option however. If on the last play, the Bot has counted, and the next play, you will count and win, the star registers the win to the Bot if you play too fast. That’s annoying.
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3 years ago, SeedManJones
Great game (without ads)
Good game, a lot of ads on the free version, would be nice if there was an option to add bots and have a double 9s option to make the games more interesting. In my opinion one bot just moves to quickly through the games. Reasoning for not giving 5 stars is because Ads and room for improvement otherwise it’s a good app.
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3 years ago, Daddy's Clouds
An app that can’t add
So I’m playing the dominoes game that I recently downloaded, enjoying a boring but zen-like exchange with the AI, when the AI won a hand that put its total score at 49. The next screen that I see, though, tells me that the bot just won the game with a total of 50. I could still see the actual score of 49 on the screen, but I guess the bot didn’t want to risk another hand. Very weird. Uninstalled.
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2 years ago, nickname_t@ken
Not 4+ due to ads
As a parent I am tired of companies targeting our children with garbage content to make a buck. How is undress me domino ad appropriate for a 4 year old? The game itself is decent the content of the ads is garbage. Please change your ads or change your target audience!! Apple needs to do a better job approving the applications which at first was one of the great benefit to owning Apple!
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1 year ago, DesjaBoo0402
Game is fun until…
I surely love playing dominoes you win some you lose some, but when the game is obviously cheating it is frustrating. I play Blocked and Fives more than Draw because in Draw the computer is forever winning I just finished playing and lost 7 to 200. It needs to be more balanced with the game play.
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4 years ago, .lkijm.mb76
Ad Issues
Great game, but hard to play because the ads cause the screen to go black and I have to keep shutting the app down and reopen it to continue. Makes for a terrible experience. Also, the dominoes are very slow to move, sometimes not at all. The only remedy is to shut it down and reopen the game. This happens frequently, like every hand of dominoes. If this issue is not resolved soon, I will delete the game and find a different game of dominoes to play.
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5 days ago, bigflare
Your ads
Your ads that I forced to view while playing another game make me so angry. They are what your world describes as “annoying ads”. Because after seeing it several times, all I want to do is get out of it as fast as I can. Why make me keep tapping so many times to escape? I usually watch the ads to see if I might want to play but when they make me mad work so hard to get out of their ads there is no way I am going to download your app.😡
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4 weeks ago, MrMemo2k9
Games are pre-determined
unless you are really bad at dominoes you will notice that all the games are already pre-selected to win or lose even before you start. it’s not a fair game at all, when the computer decides to win it doesn’t matter how good you are, you will lose, and when it decides it’s time for you to win, you will win, it’s that simple, and you know that because it will make the stupidest moves just so you will win, not random or fair at all!
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4 years ago, GrannyRhoda
Hate the ads
While I like the game itself, the fact that there’s ads between every reshuffle of hands is irritating. I’m not paying an additional 5 bucks to get the ads taken off. I end up going to play another game when the loud annoying ads come on. Next up is to uninstall the game altogether. Greed turns my stomach & that’s all it is to bombard us with ads to offer us a payment option to get rid of them.
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6 years ago, sgtsm09
Don’t waste your time
Do not waste your time. Been playing for a while and the computer seems to always know what’s in your hand. Computer constantly scores almost on ever turn you play or makes plays that you can’t play so you have to draw insane amount of dominions and as soon as you can play the computer scores almost every time as soon as you lay down a domino. Seriously very frustrating because you can not use strategy in this game. Ads are a waste to.
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7 years ago, AP_1906
Game Review
Overall, not bad. I wish they provided the option of playing to 100, 150, or 250 for the all fives game. Also, when the board is locked (neither player can make anymore moves) the double six is supposed to lead the next hand.
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4 years ago, Basskillertwo
What a great game keeps you on a sharp mind, challenging, luck, but very fun I enjoy it and there’s no problems with the app and it doesn’t cost anything or you don’t have to spend money to buy coins or anything like that it’s just a very good game
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1 year ago, Roganzinski
Way too many ads and interruption! Plus, time consuming when you just want to get back to the board but have to deal with these annoying commercials.
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11 months ago, Good Hearted Lion
It seems that the more you play that the app gets use to your style. So you have to switch up your plan every now and then to beat the Bot.
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2 years ago, Udell69
Fun to play anytime!
5 minutes or 15 minutes, it’s a quick and easy way to pass time while waiting on something else.
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5 years ago, cah boogah
I am just starting this game today. However, when I must read through directions that have grammatical errors prior to beginning play, it erodes my confidence in the quality of the app.
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5 years ago, 4355901515
Stop the ads all the time can you at least loan down
That’s just way too many ants the same ones over and over and over again
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2 years ago, rab06bit
B player
It’a B player because it always takes a point instead of clothes off numbers, but a lot of fun.
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5 years ago, TigerButterfly60
Your game doesn’t fallow dominos rules
Your game doesn’t allow you most of the time to play on a double even know you have a matching tile. It will only allow you to play the lit up ties or draw. I have played dominos for over 30 years. I know the basic rules.
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11 months ago, Dooozie123
What happened?
I’ve played this game for several years. I’ve always enjoyed it. Then all of a sudden it says that I have to sign in again. When I tried to do that, I got locked out now I can’t play. I keep trying to delete it and reinstall it but to no avail come on game, do something to fix this.
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5 years ago, tms57
There are too many ads. But most of all I don’t like the adult content of the ads especially the paranormal ads! I would like to play double nines too. All in all I like the game and reminds me of time with my mom.
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3 years ago, longhorn k
No ability to stop ad tracking
Game play Is fine. When i try to stop the ad tracking, I’m taken to another page. The only way to exit that page is to accept ad tracking. So I won’t be playing this game again until the developers fix what I can only assume is a bug.
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4 years ago, JPowell51
Not like ads on app
I have paid $4.99 to remove ads downloaded adchoice app followed every suggestion, and I still see ads. Not a good app I rate it Zero stars.
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4 years ago, Nascarserge12
Too many adds and glitches
I just deleted this app, it’s unfortunate because the game itself is wonderful but the amount of adds are causing a glitch after glitch and you have to close and reopen the game constantly.
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5 years ago, jartist1111
Game doesn’t allow correct spinner play
I was enjoying this game and paid to remove ads and then realized that in many situations it doesn’t allow playing on spinners. I continued to play until a few times I was blocked from making winning moves and it really killed the fun. Free play is ok for a day or two but definitely not worth paying for it, and definitely a waste of time for anyone with experience.
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2 months ago, Alf369xxx
Way too many commercials, can’t barely play the game, shame, because the game is attractive but having to wait a minute after every play is unbearable
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3 years ago, Whatever@Joey
Good graphics and all but...
Play it long enough and it clear who is going to win (computer or you) from the first draw. So because of that the game got very boring very quickly. Many games are like this but this is one is a little worse than average. One could easily bet money and win on who was going to win. I am glad I did not spend money on it... It has very nice graphics though.
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5 years ago, Oldielocks
Always wanted to learn
I have always wanted to learn to play dominoes but they always turned into roads for Barbie and GI Joe or some other game. Then half the tiles got lost. Now I can learn how to play and can carry the game with me in my pocket
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4 years ago, juanyceci
Political ads
The app is terrific and I’ve enjoyed playing. The ads mostly political. I don’t mind ads about products but when I’m being bombarded by political ads that is very unpleasant. I do know that I can pay yo remove all ads but I refuse to do that. I will remove the application and no longer use it.
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1 year ago, A Lil Hung Lo
Killin Big 6
This is one of the daily challenges I play every day & night, one of the best games I play, my game for the last 3 plus years, 5 Stars
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2 years ago, jdgs23
App stop working after 1.1.21 updates.
After last update app tries to load and then just cuts off. Was grate before new update.
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1 year ago, miss ann sunshine
I don’t know why people wanted the newer version of this game I have it installed on my Apple iPad and my Samsung Galaxy 10 phone I love it the way it is this app is fine with me !
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5 years ago, 3/3/98
So I’m not a mom or dad to get it and then to come home day was a time of year
Bible school day is the best is your only time day and I love cannot Christmas is that day I ryteet was is the time to be the best app is that the r really useful apps to be a good
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4 years ago, Skyviper20
Decent but...
It would be a great game but the adds lock up the game play at times. Alerting the company doesn’t get results only diversion. Rather than review the testing they prefer to deny there is a problem. Also the game play is distracting when the board won’t rotate to fit the ipad screen. Stop treating your customers like they don’t matter.
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6 years ago, dont wabt to play anymore
Dislike it because it plays on what end they wants but when it comes to individual play it’s doesn’t work
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4 years ago, GRHikel
Too many ads. After almost game, there is an advertisement.
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7 months ago, Now not not now
The AI bought or whatever you want to call, it should not. I repeat, should not be better than the player who is actually a human because remember if you ain’t first your last and apparently humans are last because they make the AI better and no one‘s gonna change my mind about thattime to delete
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2 years ago, AppleUser6986
Decent except popups
I like this app but it always pops up messages telling me that I have a challenge after every game which I find annoying. I wish there was a setting to turn them off.
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5 years ago, Alphonzo21
Advertising app which lets you occasionally play dominoes
This is the most annoying game I’ve ever played. It is truly an Advertising app which lets you occasionally play dominoes. For $4.95 you can remove the ads! REALLY!!! Warning, be prepared to purchase.
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4 years ago, Mr. Tizzy
Very Satisfied Player
I have been looking for a dominos game for a long time and tonight I finally got my wish. Are their any online dominos games out to play live people?
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2 years ago, Bcity82
Good but not great
This is one of the better domino games I’ve played, but there are some issues. First. Ads after every hand get real old, real fast. At least make it every third hand or something. Second. Every time I get a hand, it has 3-5 doubles. Like every hand!!!
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