Dominoes - Classic Edition

4.8 (30.3K)
121 MB
Age rating
Current version
Loop Games
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dominoes - Classic Edition

4.76 out of 5
30.3K Ratings
3 years ago, L1nda Joy
Great game
I love this game! I win very often, as opposed to other games where computer wins almost always. My one complain is: why do they have to light up the available tiles that are playable for each and every hand? Why can’t we look for ourselves, and then play our own game? Takes a lot out of the overall fun of an otherwise truly great game. I love the graphics and the speed, but again, can’t it be set up to where the computer doesn’t instantly show you every playable domino for that play? Like an option the player can choose not utilize? Detracts so much from fun of the challenge.
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3 years ago, T C in Oklahoma
I’ve got to find a domino game that’s true reality!
I have been playing your game now for however many months it’s been! I win somewhere around 90% of my games. First of all both players should get 9 dominoes, not 7. Then when you’re playing the computer, it will cut off it’s own double and a lot of times I’m able to score and domino at the same time. Definitely let’s me domino more often than not! Beginners will get a kick out of it, but for me, it’s not challenging. So, my thoughts are, when someone wants to put in the time and make just an all 5’s, moon and 42 games possible with three and four player option, then you’ll have a winner. If you have to look up any of those games I just mentioned, you shouldn’t be trying to invent a domino game! Some may say that I’m being harsh, but your’s is not the first game I’ve played on my iPad. I’ve played several and deleted them. Some may say what gives me the right to be this judge-mental, because I’ve been playing all 5’s for 40 plus years with some moon and 42 through out those years. That’s my take on your game. Thanks for trying!!! TLC in Oklahoma
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3 months ago, bigdogs5
I like it but
There is one advertiser that is more than annoying. It will not let me go past unless I download the game. First I tried a complete shut down but it was still then is when I gave up and downloaded the game. When I went back to dominos I would just get a brownish gray screen. I true just turning off my iPad but that did not work so I had to do a complete shutdown again. Then I deleted the game it made me download. Finally I could go back to dominos but after all that and knowing that more ads were coming I just quit. I probably will delete Dominos also. I would rather. Up a game than go through all the in app purchases and adverts. I never buy the game purchases because I found out if you do that so you can progress you have to keep buying. Games are so annoying Why can’t we have the option of purchasing the game.
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3 years ago, Skinnybaker
Very frustrating
Ok. I downloaded this because reviews said it had a fair proportion of wins vs losses. Ha! I don’t know what game they are playing; I have won about three rounds and lost eight or nine. I also find it extremely annoying that if I don’t instantly make a move, up pops the words “It’s your turn!”. Which stays on the screen until I move. Also, the game assumes I am so stupid that I can’t see whether or not I have tiles I can play; it lights up the possible choices. Really? And finally, several times when the dominoes already played are close to the border of where my tiles are displayed, I find I can’t play the tile I want on that bottom row of tiles. If I get my tile all the way out of my “holding pen”, I can’t put the matching pips together; if I touch the matching pips, the game seems to think my tile is still in my holding area, and when I release my tile trying to play it, it pops right back into my lineup of tiles. It won’t stay on the playing area. On the up side, there do not appear to be any ads at all, and there are three different types of domino games to choose from. But the fact that I rarely win a round, never mind a while game, coupled with the game’s refusal to let me make a valid play, plus the aspects that insult my intelligence as mentioned above, mean that I will be deleting this app. Very disappointed.
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3 weeks ago, 2YZ2 Play
wierd Ad
the game is fine though some ads kill it. I took a picture of one of them and I can’t seem to attach it anywhere. That makes this review useless. Times Change. it’s the best Dominos I have ever played on a cellphone. if they cannot tell me how much they want just one time to get rid of all the ads I might pay it. My second choice would be how much I could give them just to get rid of those ugly four part Experian ads about how many subscriptions I want removed.. I have an Experian app it was free and they were going to boost my credit score by adding more stuff, but they didn’t know about what I pay on my card. But I found out it was $24 a month to keep that going. I still use them just to find out my credit score and that is free. I’m 76 years old and I’m tired of banging on the screen for all those ads most of Witcher for things for women. I don’t happen to have any.
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1 year ago, StyleSeat app
Getting Familiar with Dominoes
I definitely loving this game as today is my first day playing it and I’m already hooked. Lol. I use to play Dominoes back a young adult with friends and families at any type of gatherings and loved how much it was back then. So I want to play Dominoes again by downloading this game to get me familiar with the game again. It’s definitely great for beginners and trying to learn the game again 😊. Oh the only thing I wish it did is that when you download it on other devices you have it connect with each other so the score is the same score you last left off at on your other device and you don’t have to start over again on your other devices.2/9/23 I put the date in so you will see when I post this comment lol.
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2 years ago, Johneapolis
Game is great but constant ads are very annoying
The game is great and really cool to be able to chat with other players. The main problem is there are constant ads while you play and you have to tap multiple times on each ad to skip them. They’ll be an option to skip the ad, then the ad will go to another screen that continues the ad. Then they’ll be another option to skip the ad and it will either send you to where you can download the game in the ad or it will send you to another screen for the ad which you will have to close. Sometimes the option to skip the ad is extremely small and if you don’t tap exactly in the right spot it sends you to a website for something related to the ad. This is very annoying and is only getting worse.
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4 years ago, atonyrodriguez
Free and a few ads
I must have downloaded over 10 domino iPhone app games and finally narrowed it down to three. I played all three until I found the one that was the best: 1) fast pace / computer move, 2) how short the ads were, 3) good graphics, and 4) did not show me the point displayed (I like to figure out the point on my own) it’s the point of dominoes, in my opinion. Simple and fun, keeps my mind sharp and engaged.
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2 years ago, ILRC for Bvi
Gets stuck after almost every round
I’ve been playing app for a few months, now. I enjoy this game with one exception. I don’t mind ads between each round but I hate it when the ad is a blank screen. You can’t move beyond the blank screen. This is happening after 90% of the rounds. The only way to move on is to close the app and reopen it. After reopening it, you have to wait for it to upload and then choose the version that you’re playing and wait for it to upload again. It’s very irritating. If it doesn’t get fixed I’ll have to find a new dominos app to play.
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1 year ago, tulahvalentine
Love this game
I win more than I lose but there are way to many ads but the worse thing is a lot of the time I can’t get out of the ads I actually have to delete the ad then turn off my iPhone then turn my phone back on and go to the Apple iPhone App Store and download tha app again it is super irritating
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6 years ago, Luv_doze_apps
After a Few Days
I am feeling much better...A few years ago I learned Dominoes but there was a lapse of time and I thought I would forget...but now after a few days I am getting my winning edge once again..Realistically I know there might be an actual superior person beyond cyberspace who will beat the tar out of me...It is ok with me beating "Bot"
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2 years ago, Rafaella Aguayo
Love this game!
I love this game, is easy to win and if you are a domino fan like me it may help u practice and get better at the actual game so it is a really good game but I think they should add the double nine closed domino which is almost the same as normal domino but the bigger domino is not double six, is double nine, u can play it alone and with a partner but in conclusion is a really good game and I think u should download it and please add the double nine.
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3 years ago, DH 1234
I like this game. Easy to use
It is one of the best games of dominos to play. My only complaint is the ads. Too often and often the x when the ad finally ends is not there. I often have 2 full minutes trying to get back to the game. I like this version of the game so much I stay with it. But I would gladly pay to have an ad free version.
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3 years ago, Wags909
Clean and simple
I like how the file size is smaller than most other versions. Some of these games are so bloated. I can’t find a way to pay to disable ads. It also needs an option to turn off the computer assistance which shows you your moves and points. Otherwise it’s a nice simple version of the game.
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3 years ago, MikeS1957
Enjoyable, but Frustrating
I find the ads between hands very frustrating. And I am surprised that there is not an option to remove the ads for a small fee as there is in other apps. If I can make a suggestion, if a fee to remove ads is not possible, having 2-3 ads between games instead of ads between hands, would be less frustrating and “in your face.”
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2 months ago, christophers nene
Beverly R
Love the game, only problem is as your playing the ads take over. Why can’t it wait until the game is over. I’ve only just learned to play my husband & grandson taught me, so I thought by playing this I would get much better and beat one of them once in a while. So I’m practicing and loving it. If only the ads would stop, I may look at other games and see if they have less ads.
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3 years ago, fatcityfan
Almost perfect
I like the game and it’s one of my favorite apps but the biggest reason I don’t give it five stars is because when you accidentally play the wrong bone you can’t undo it. Also the game has placed my bone in the wrong position on the board which ruins my strategy. Anyway for these reasons and because of all the repetitive ads between hands I can’t give it top rating!
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3 years ago, Brilggl
Having a Fun
I like playing your dominoes. But, I win too often. Is the game set up for me to win all the time? Thanks for fun. Don’t let me win so often. I can’t tell if I am playing well or if you are letting me win. Thanks. It’s not fun anymore because I know you let me win!
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2 years ago, RAAD385
Bad game
Why you don’t show the real review about your poor game It very poor dominos game and The points that are given to the player when he wins the game, according to the desire of the owner of the program, contrary to what is authorized by him on the basis of 5 points. Once he gives a point and another 2 and sometimes 3 or 4. The contestant rarely gets the five points, this is in addition to many points in the weakness of this program and I do not know any player Domino gave a rating to get this program a rating of 4.8.
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3 years ago, OldGamerRob
Major Problems
Not a bad game, but it has some major problems that are very annoying. First, this business of forcing me onto a team is more than annoying and needs to STOP! If I don’t want to join a team that is MY choice, so stop overriding my choice and respect my choice. Second, FIX the game so it allows me to play my domino where I want to play it! I am really tired of having this game yank the domino away from where I want to play it and playing it somewhere else — ALWAYS somewhere that results in No score when I would have made a good score if allowed to play where I wanted to play. The arbitrary and obnoxious behavior of the game is the reason I gave it such a low rating. Make the game work like it should and my rating will go up.
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3 years ago, Target and Shoot
Riddled with Ads
I recently gave this game a 5 star rating. It had seem to fix the issue with constant Ads. That was the case for a moment. Now it’s back to being a place for the annoying promotion of other games. You can’t play this game continuously without having to spend 11 seconds watching some Ad after each game. It’s like forcing you to sit through some annoying commercials when your purpose for playing was to just have some fun. It’s ridiculous!
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1 year ago, abbyy k
I was looking for domino games saying I could not find something to play IRL. and I found this, I normally get games with out looking at the reviews unless it’s important. So I got this app and I played one round and I was irritated again. It lights up the thing I can play like I’m dumb. And you can’t freely play a move with it puts it for you. And there are two moves and you can’t pick with one to go to. It does it for you, Don’t get this game.
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4 weeks ago, Cha Cha bless
My happy place game
I am more at peace and mellow when I’m playing this game I’m excited to always win. I’m so competitive even if I am playing by myself and if I’m playing with others it’s on I enjoy every minute of it. It’s relaxation for me. on my phone.
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1 year ago, LadeeThemis
How it cheats. Example. If in one end there is a five and the other end a four, And you opponent does not have a five…but you have a chance to play another dominoe with the five So that both ends are five’s And that would make you opponent pass and have to pick up dominoes until the opponent picks up a five to play. It does not allow you to place your domino where you want to place it to force the opponent to pass and pick up dominoes until they get the number on their domino to continue game. Instead it will place your domino where it wants and this cause you to have to pick up dominoes until you get a domino with a number giving the opponent (guessing computer) the chance to beat you. Sorry, but if it cheats cannot be rated very well.
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2 years ago, WMS92
Too Many Lockup’s and Difficult Ads to Exit
The game locks up and requires me to reboot my iPad frequently. Also, some of the “News” type ads are next to impossible to exit. After try to close the ad at least 20 times I had to shutdown my iPad to close it. I understand that the game is free but it shouldn't be so difficult to close the ads.
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2 years ago, Legolvr
Very fun just need ads disabled
This is the best Domino’s game I’ve played, I just can’t seem to figure out how to pay to have all the ads removed, and that would make this much better! If I’m missing something I hope someone can help me out, because then it’s an easy 5-star.
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5 years ago, joeyjoey g
I usually run up and down to find different app’s. I played your game a few times keep it inside my phone. I win and I lose. It’s a fair game and I like the way it really reacts to my playing. It’s safe easy and fun way to learn how to ply dominoes. I gave it five stars. Thanks
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3 years ago, BB1253
Fun but …
I like the game but I would prefer the tiles not be lit up or tell me how many pints I would make on a play. I want to figure that out on my own. Can you make a setting that we can choose not to be given hints or use coins to get hints. The game would be perfect with these changes.
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1 year ago, Mplsuptown
Locks up
You have a game advertisement that pops up on occasion and it freezes the dominoes game when it tries to load after the advertisement. I have to turn off my brand new iPhone to jump start it. Wry frustrating. I have to do this a dozen times a day. I’ll probably just delete the application
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5 years ago, mlmsan
I am fascinated with this game. It moves fast and taxes my mind. At 72 years old it makes me think and is great for working my brain. I recommend it for all ages but most especially for those who need to exercise their skills with mind games. This is excellent for a daily test. Love it. Larry
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1 year ago, stopsgame
Ads stop game
App is great but Lending Tree and Quicken ads stay on and stops the game. Royal match ads freeze up my game. Are you going to fix this???? Every time a royal match ad comes up I know my game is going to freeze up.
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3 years ago, Lene1348
I have been playing for a long time! Love the game. One day not long ago try to play and the game was empty, no groups no players. Every time I check is the same thing!! WHY!! Can someone tell me where they went?
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1 year ago, yob angel
Ricky nyc
I really love this game its really fun to play because computer not winning all the time that’s a good thing it makes me feel like playing more everyday even when I’m at work
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5 years ago, joef1956
Only one suggestion
This game works fine, doesn’t enable you to take back your last move. Too many times my piece has the option for both ends of the dominoes line and it will sometimes go to the opposite end I was picking. Which can be highly frustrating.
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1 year ago, Montgomery Astird III
Advertisement overload
I don’t mind the ads so much but after each hand is ridiculous, the gameplay isn’t good enough to make it worth it and there doesn’t seem to be an option to remove ads for a payment even if the game was good enough for all that. Iike every single other dominos game on the App Store it’s just bad, for the life of me I don’t understand why no one can put out a decent version of such a well known game.
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3 years ago, Babalugatz
Gimme my coins
I’m dropping this because when I win coins, more often than not they don’t get added to my account. This game has potential though overall it’s fun if you like a game that’s stacked in your favor definitely not realistic dominos. You gotta remember they make money off adds the more you play and people play more when they’re winning 🥳🤨
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3 years ago, Spundletop
The best dominoes on the Internet
I love this game especially that the pieces brighten up which causes the game to move faster. I thought I bought some thing for no ads but I can can you getting them.
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2 years ago, Linclnlady
What happened???
I have been playing this game for 3 years. Have never had problems before...but all of a sudden the game won’t load. It kicks out immediately after clicking on the icon. Unloaded it & reloaded twice thinking that would fix it.....but it didn’t. What’s going on???
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3 years ago, Jackson5kids
Finally a fun game
This is a fast paced game with short adds. I looked at a bunch of domino’s games and all they did was frustrate me. I would be playing more games if they were more like this one. Thanks for considering what the average player likes and wants in a game.
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3 years ago, gfdrake
Ads Annoying
Although the ads are a nuisance, another problem happens when you select a domino to be placed at a certain position and the game moves it somewhere else. Not only can that prevent a score, but it can also affect your next play by rotating the end. Latest version removed all my history of wins!
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1 year ago, X1y2x3
Dominoes classic
I do not like the Royal Match ads, you can’t get out of them easily, I do not like the game and will never play it, aggravates me enough that I might just stop playing the game it is advertising on. 😤
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4 years ago, HANSOLO3000
Started Playing Right Now!
Love it, being that I am Dominican and I love playing dominoes because this game is a huge part of my culture. I love it and I hope to play this online with others and I’m hoping online play comes soon!Enjoy it guys!
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3 months ago, Silver-Screen Buff
Good to go
I’ve played a few different versions of this game on various apps, but this one is straightforward & not a bunch of extra stuff. I’m totally satisfied with this product!!
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2 weeks ago, mamivet
Love playing.
The only problem is there are to many ads that interrupt the game and won’t let you continue.
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5 years ago, Sushmanjb
Sound doesn’t stay off
This game is fun, but even though the settings is set to have the sound muted, it automatically turns the sound back on with each new game. Kind of annoying to have to turn it off every time.
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6 months ago, Really Retta
Like the game but it’s has too many interruptions while playing and sometimes get stuck in the advertisements
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3 years ago, klamathCharles
Mind exercise
I played different players many years ago, but gave up the game when I reached the top level and no one would challenge me. I enjoy dominoes and adding and subtracting I your head is good mental stimulation. Charles in Oregon
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2 years ago, rc_54
Increase the limit.
The game ends at 100 pts. That’s too quick. Would rather play for 200 or 250. Would be nice to select the number myself. Otherwise, good game except for some of the long presentation of other apps.
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8 months ago, M.L.Sipin
New to this game.
I am learning with each game but I wish we were able to pick out our own next move.
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1 year ago, Haircut happy
Too bad
At first glance this game appeared to be a great way to relax and take up time, but I have NEVER seen a game with so many ads. They pop up every few minutes. Not only that, but the ads are always very long and require jumping through many hoops and stages to get them to close. Just not worth the effort anymore.
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