Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

4.5 (3.1K)
960.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

4.52 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
1 year ago, dont not starve
Love it. Also a few suggestions
This game is great for passing time and I just dig survival games I could spend the whole day writing abt what I like about it but for times sake and also me wanting to see the game improve I have a few suggestions: 1. A lot have noticed the UI has a few bugs like I was trying to eat roasted berries and when I touched the icon they just disappeared 2. Rotating the screen for one you cant rotate or zoom in or out while you’re moving you have to take youre hand off the joystick to adjust your pov, also many times the game crashes whenever I rotate the screen I have an iPhone 13 so I know its not a processing issue on my end. That’s all I’ve got again I love this game please dont give up on it❤️
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2 years ago, avexual
Pretty Decent but Glitchy
It’s not as good as Don’t Starve Together (especially Wendy and Abigail) but it’s still pretty good. Except when you almost die to an invisible ewecus. And when pigs walk off the earth and onto the water and never come back. Yes, I said onto the water. Like Jesus. There also seems to be a rare glitch where making food turns straight into rot. Oh, and placing walls/fences is absolutely terrible. Also, my game crashed when I made frogs attack a lure plant. Probably a bad idea on my part but it was funny. There’s also a weird glitch when you die and respawn at the statue, your character just starts taking off in one direction. I also had a fire hound spawn in my first winter. Kinda strange. Also, when your weapon breaks, it doesn’t replace the weapon even if you have the same kind in your inventory but it’ll do so good shovels/pickaxes/etc. Also, Abigail gets stuck offscreen all the time and there’s no way to pull her aggro off of anything. I let her die if she’s accidentally summoned and just throw the flowers at the spawn statue; that’s how useless she is to me here. Also, my world had no “totally normal trees” and I had to spawn a tree guard for living logs. It utterly destroyed me. But great game :D love DST so this is good way to play when I’m not home.
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5 years ago, Bri_.xoxo
Excellent game, but just one thing
I’m just going to keep this very brief. I’m writing this in the hopes that a developer somehow finds it. Although this game is amazing in every sense of the word And exactly my style...the thing that all of the internet and mostly reddit is complaining about is the fact that, if you were to try to play a song or a podcast of any kind while in the app it will stop your music and will not allow you to resume. It seems like a very small problem but to some it’s a rather big deal. The game is great and interesting, but once you know everything there is to know about the game, seen everything there is to see, and slain every beast possible, it gets boring. That’s just how all games are and there’s nothing can change it. But if you can listen to a podcast or entertainment of any kind, then the game once again becomes very useful. It will function as something for the eyes and hands to do while the ears are otherwise occupied. This not to say that the ambience, FX, and in-game music aren’t enough, it’s just that it gets repetitive and mind numbing after a while. So on behalf of me and the group of fans who love to play a relaxing game with entertaining audio media I ask that you change it. btw wasn’t as brief as I thought
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1 year ago, wifivnrhdyska
Why does it keep auto attacking?
I love this game. I love it to bits. I have over 160 hours on steam and I finally had the common sense to get the mobile version. The game is fun and works like the PC version, but I am incredibly frustrated because of one particular glitch. I like to make camp by the beefalo for protection and easy manure production, but for some reason, my player will randomly auto-attack the beefalo. Without my hand being anywhere near the three general control buttons, the character will all of a sudden decide to attack the beefalo. There was even a solid minute of gameplay where I had to keep moving the character away from the beefalo because it kept running toward them to attack! I’ve tried multiple things, but nothing works and it only seems to be the beefalos. I’ve had three games end because I haven’t found a respawn and my character auto attacked them only for them to kill me in two hits. It’s incredibly discouraging and disappointing :/
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2 years ago, hujgefjhghjujddf
Good Game! 👍👍
i downloaded this game about a year ago and i totally forgot i bought it, i just realized i had it so i redownloaded it and 1 thing i noticed was that the inventory on iPhone SE was off by 2 slots so you couldn't see the first 2 inventory slots but other than that the game is pretty good i know that this game came out a while ago but i still enjoy it! a couple years ago i really liked dst i used to play it for hours a day, and i bought the mobile version bc i had to take turns playing with my older brother so when it was his turn i would play on my ipad. but once i can play i would immediately get on dont starve together and host a public server hoping someone would join and help me bc i sucked alone and i would only be able to survive the first 10 days so if someone did join i would ask for alot of food and stuff but yeah thats my story. Lepose < 3
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11 months ago, 🍀Little Chunk of Hope🧧
Needs Optimization
After playing for 3 in-game days eventually after taking 2-3 steps the game will lag so badly it freezes for 3-5 seconds. Saving and quitting is the only method I’ve found of fixing it, but it only lasts another day or two before the lag starts up again. Also, the interact buttons need to be spaced out a bit more. When trying to click the green gather button, if I’m near something that can be attacked my character will attack instead of gather. And when trying to click the red attack button, if I’m near anything that can be gathered my character will gather instead of attack. Sometimes if I click the gather button my character will go on autopilot and won’t stop gathering items until I click somewhere else on the screen or there’s nothing left to gather near me. This issues are *slightly* annoying, but I’ll only have to tolerate them until I can get Don’t Starve for the Switch! ^-^
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5 years ago, Tattooed Fay
Love the game but mobile has issues
I love this game. I have it on my computer and I love it. But the pocket version has some issues. I can’t keep my own music playing in the background even with this app’s music turned off. Don’t get me wrong the music is good, but the looping gets to me after a while. Also some of the functions are twitchy. I’ll go pick a pile of items from chopping down a tree, and the character will just twitch in circles. This morning I was trying to arrange items and put some in a chest, and it would swap items rather than just put the items in the chest, despite how accurate I was dragging the item to an empty slot. It also didn’t let me stack the niter together in side the box. I had to take both piles out of the chest and combine them in my inventory. And while this seems trivial, it’s frustrating. I was trying to make room in my inventory so I could cook some food but I spent a good chunk of the night to get the inventory sorted.
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2 years ago, Wellfullofmaxes
UI Needs Work
Died countless, and I mean countless times just trying to juggle my inventory using the given UI layout and behaviors. Please update the UI a bit. Will happily change to 5 stars. Edit 2/ Also when you have a torch out and try to use the joystick while something like a tree is directly underneath the joystick, you can’t move because it’ll keep bringing up the light/examine dialogue box. Only workaround is to rotate screen and hope you’re not in the middle of a forest. This has killed me even more. Edit 3/ I know for a fact that there have been at least 30 player planted Saplings and Grass Tufts that have just simply disappeared from my base. This is crippling. I won’t make it through winter now. It’s day 18 and I’m meant to be at base collecting all the twigs and grass I want while I cook up whatever I can pump out through my farms with fertilizer. Please fix these sorts of harsh game altering bugs. I went and got more once already so technically this happened twice this save.
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4 years ago, 🐶🦊🐯🦄🐴🦋🐛🐬🐋🦈🦍
LOVE LOVE LOVE THE GAME IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER! I play this while I wait for other games to finish on things and I love this game so much! the one thing I can’t figure out is why can’t I place the floorboards! is that a bug? do I need to do anything to place them? I looked it up and I couldn’t figure out. please help me! I sent this review quite a few years ago I just played this game again on a new world I’m still having the same problem please please please help me this is really annoying and I really want to place the floorboards but for anyone who reads this this is one of the best game I have ever played I have played this game for so long and I still think it’s amazing! Other than that one glitch there’s nothing wrong with it that I know of. 😘😘😘😘🥰🥰Don’t starve🥰🥰😍😍😍😍
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7 years ago, Golgi App
Plays surprisingly well for mobile
Bug: Full moon only works if you re-enter in the game. I'm playing a perpetual night world where getting s full moon is a saving grace. And if you re-enter in the game to get the full moon effect, it doesn't go away after the full moon has past. So if wear pigs are chasing you, they never change back. I'm listing all the negatives here but I've played this game for many hours and enjoying it. Some cons I found: - Cooking and eating is tedious where it takes 5 actions to cook and eat something. And you must have an empty slot. - Hard to attack specific targets. I was attacking some hounds when they were attacking lightning goats. The attack button locked on the goat so both agroed on me. I had to book it out of there. - The build menu is a bit fiddly. Sometimes you can't collapse one section and expand another without exiting first. The game pauses when you open it so it's not a big deal. - Can't really multi task. While I was using the virtual joy stick, I wasn't able to open the map without stopping first. Not a big deal until you are being chaste by a wear pig and trying to find where the beefalo are on the map. The pig killed me because of it.
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4 years ago, D*BO
Can’t listen to other audio while playing
I am such a Don’t Starve fiend! I love this game so much that I play on console while home and try to play the pocket version while out and about. The pocket version is surprisingly playable but the controls aren’t perfect. After much practice, I’m not scared of dying because I’m not clicking in the right places. But the main reason I give it 3 stars as opposed to 5 is that the app doesn’t allow you to listen to music while playing. Most apps will interrupt your music but you can resume the music once the app has launched. This app will not let you listen to anything. I always open the game excited to play, remember I can’t listen to music or podcasts, and then I close the game and do something else. I have read other people commenting about this so I hope it’s fixed in the future!
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2 years ago, jgchjhchjjhchhjjhhgv
Wendy is the best character in my opinion because:
Well Wendy I think is the best because you can summon her twin sister named Abigail she died and she protects you same for don’t starve together. Abigail is ghost if you watch what happened to Abigail but I don’t know what happened to Abigail. So when you see Abigail red in ghost she is attacking something if you see Abigail’s eyes look mad 😡 she is going to attack something. Wendy by the way is the ghost guy’s daughter so is Abigail Wendy was haunted by her twin sister Abigail. I also think that the Libarian Is the best too one reason is because she know many stuff cause she reads a lot. She is just like a science machine. That is why those two characters they are my favorites.
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5 years ago, Rueski The III
New Bug on iOS, but best game ever
First, seriously one of my all time favorite games and it plays so well on mobile; so insanely refreshing from all the regurgitated remakes of the same strategy games out there. Just wanted to put in a note though that currently there is a bug (at least on my phone) where you’ll be playing and in either the crafting menus or your storage and when they minimize back to gameplay the game doesn’t respond anymore. It is t fully frozen because graphics and sounds are still going on, time still passes, but you can’t do anything (including save your game, which is the only thing that motivates me enough to write the review haha). If that could be patched soon it’d be great and I’d change to a 6 star review if possible. Thanks for an awesome game you guys!
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2 years ago, Dantheman0101
Ruined by bug
I love this game. I played the original beta for it on my old laptop many many years ago. I love that it’s on mobile. However every time I try to place gates or fences, I’m given an error message and my game immediately crashes. When I’m using a controller, the game gives me to option to “plant” the fences like the game thinks they’re pinecones or something. So there’s something weird with it. Other people are experiencing this bug as well. I wanted to build walls around my base, but when I tried, it crashed and I lost a days worth of progress. I’m not sure I want to play if I can’t access some features due to crashing. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, AsaParker
A really good game
Don’t starve is an amazing survival game. When playing, you often feel hopeless and lost. Almost every enemy is scary in it’s own way, even small things like spiders can be unsettling. It’s extremely hard to find some materials and forces you to explore way more and go into different places. Even if you’ve played the game for a while, you can still find more and more interesting things in the world. Don’t starve is a way more brutal and realistic game compared to a game like minecraft. It has seasons with different monsters appearing in each one, and weather that can actually affect you. If you want a good challenge, you should play this game.
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3 years ago, disaprovingclient
Best Game
I’ve been playing this for years. Played the entire game through on computer years ago when people were modding it, great fun!! Bought every edition at different times. Played it on steam. Play it on my phone. One low price to! Unlike phone apps with constant ads and pay to play. Nothing bad in it. Created my own world for more of an Alone type feel. Camping, breeding pigs, gardening, cooking, fires. It’s like my own little world. I go on and check on my Buffalo and feed my pigs berries, sometimes we kill frogs (there’s to many!) and I took out the monsters. No monsters! I’ll never get tired of it!! Never!! You can’t make me stop playing it!!!
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4 years ago, Rayten
Love this game
I really like this game. I really want to try it on a different platform though because sometimes the controls don’t do what I want them to do. I accidentally attack other creatures a lot, so I’ve mostly been avoiding any that fight back because I don’t want to die. I have died trying to pick up manure because I accidentally clicked on the beefalo. Sometimes I have to try like 5x to pull a trap out of inventory and set it up. Sometimes I cannot seem to click on items because something else (like a stump) is at basically at the same location. I love the game, but I haven’t made it 3 weeks without dying yet, because of issues interacting with other creatures. :/
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3 years ago, gutie69
Love this game you shod download it one issue.....
The game is amazing but... when you die in the game it restarts you all over. It’s fine you could invite your friends. I just wish that it would save your progress yes I know that you could find something in the game and if you die I’ll save your progress I just wish that even though if you didn’t find it it’s still save your progress... it’s a amazing game you should download it!!!! For some reason I’m not unlocking new characters it only says retry which is kind of sad because I wanted to unlock a lot of characters say that you survived 100 days it’s like if you got a certain point you wouldn’t get characters anymore that really made me sad but it’s an amazing game.
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4 years ago, the wild sans
Amazing game but kinda OP
So I will say the game is great both mobile and pc and stuff but it can be kinda op examples are like wortox for pc and WX-78 for anything WX can be op bc if you do spam for robots you basically only need axe to murder them and can easily get the gears to upgrade why not make it so robots when spammed drop around a gear or none I have like 29 gears already cause of this then there’s wortox spamming enemy’s makes it so your souls will flood not needing to go hunting for souls I know that there’s soul limit 20 but he can be tanky and with that heal ability it gets OP so you can then do anything like Jevil lol and that’s how they can get OP there could be more OP character ideas but they are just examples so yeah that’s how it is OP.
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4 months ago, Santi_Porky
Great Game but.. ❌
I think Don’t Starve as a Pc Game is a stand alone amazing game where you can sink thousands of hours into.. but with the pocket edition it’s not quite the same, sure it has the base game at heart with Reign Of Giants, but it’s not updated at all, back then phones couldn’t quite handle Don’t starve currently, but phones have evolved so much then, they can have triple AAA games now granted it does take tons of storage, anyways though the old pocket editor. game the game doesn’t feel or play the same as in right now new DST, Klei could make major profit off updating the game and making a even making a don’t stave together mobile game. The mobile game could be so much better with actually having the option of adding mods and other assortments. Anyways that’s really it the game needs a update it’s quite outdated and I’ll to see it have some love thrown towards it And also give some love to console players please at least have them geometric placement Anyways great game, I would get this game only if you can’t get the console or PC game since both of those at updated regularly. 🖤🤍
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6 years ago, Someguywithareveiw
Solid game, worth the price
I must say, having played this on console before, I didn’t expect this game to port so well! If your a fan of games like terraria and Minecraft but want more of a challenge, then this is a must have. Something to note, this game is HARD. If you don’t prepare for winter ( or sometimes summer) you WILL die. This game is not for casual players and unless and really like a challenge then I recommend at least looking a few things up. My only complaint is that the multiplayer edition isn’t here. But don’t starve is a massive enough game to not need that for years and years to come. Overall, if you like a good challenge and got the time to spend, try this game
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6 years ago, koploopla99
Fun, but...
This games fun. Seriously. But it gets kind of redundant, and honestly, this game would be way better if it had multiplayer. Even if you had to pay for it. You guys could probably even triple your money if you added that. Even if it only supported two people! Because hey, almost any game is fun to play with other people, and that includes this. I got this over a year ago or so, and i deleted it eventually. (And i don’t like deleting apps i paid for/got in app purchase(s)) But if I found out they added multiplayer, even if it was like five dollars for it, I would immediately re-download this and get it. Three stars, lost one for the game being really repetitive, and another for no multiplayer. If you fix those issues, then I’m sure my ratings will change.
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5 years ago, DungeonsAndDragonsFan
Fantastic Game! I did find some bugs though
First of all, I love this game! I have always loved the console version, and the phone version is very well done! This is definitely my favorite phone game. However, I have found a few bugs that can be very frustrating at times. I’d say the worst bug I have come across is a bug where if you get a phone call while playing, the music and all sound effects get very choppy and almost creepy. The only way to fix this is to quit the game and go back in. Another bug I have found is that on random occasions, the sound effect for when you’re able to craft a new item cuts off as soon as it starts. It’s not a big glitch, but it can get pretty annoying when you’re just starting out. Those are the bugs that I’ve found, I hope this helps! And to anyone reading this review, please don’t let this discourage you from getting this game! I have not seen anyone else report these problems so far, so it could possibly be my device. I love this game, and I hope that it continues to do well!
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5 years ago, uslgrad
2nd Favorite game!!! But somethings missing...
Dear, Klei Entertainment, Don’t starve has been a favorite since I started playing it, and that hopefully won’t change in the future. However, I’m kinda bummed out about the absence of Don’t Starve Together in the App Store! My only source that I’m able to play this outstanding game on is my IPhone. I’m fairly new to the fandom and the game, but I already know enough to survive at least until day 23 (And counting) and I wanna play with some friends. This app already gets some serious kudos from yours truly for being an awesome game, so let’s make this even better! Reagan E. Moore.
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4 years ago, RemoteGardener
LOVE IT But.....
I do indeed love the game. It’s definitely fun and a good use of time especially due to circumstances but.. the only real problem I see is that I understand the title of the game isn’t Don’t starve together pocket edition and it’s just don’t starve. But the thing is that it gets kinda lonely and even kinda boring without having to look out for someone. I think that if the game added multiplayer it may be much more fun. It may even be a nice way to connect with friends or just other people when you can’t see them in real life. I understand that it may be difficult because the chat feature would have to be added and some other items but I believe that if multiplayer was added more people would get the game and it would be much more fun to play.
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4 years ago, courtneyellynn
I love this game
I just want more 🥴 I wish there was a way to build a fence gate - beefalo taming - pets - volt goats? Maybe I just haven’t found them yet but I realllly want a gate in the mobile game my base is awesome but everything else just walks into it. I can’t quite afford the pc version and I don’t own any other systems that will run it and seeing as how I’ve already purchased this game, why have you left my hanging? I can master this version but at a loss. I can’t get all of it worked through because you guys *the developers and I love you humans* left me without fencessss ☹️☹️☹️ and dang pets they’re so cute but where are they?? And I have a 250+ day base with marble floors and bird cages and a beautiful garden BuT I DoNt hAvE a FeNcE mAn
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5 years ago, Co chibi
I LOVE the game, BUT
I’ve been playing the game for a few years now, and is great. A great survival and craft game with more story elements than most game alike it, even if sparse. The skill variety in different characters is also very fun and interesting, it makes you adapt to different play styles which most other games don’t do. However, the game is due an update. Not a very major one though. I’d just like for don’t starve together to be added, even if you needed to make an in game purchase. I’m confident a good handful of people would buy it. The game is fun, but without a major and or interesting update the popularity of the game will continue to decline. And I think the addition of multiplayer is just the thing needed.
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7 years ago, SpiritedTreasure
I really wanted to like this game
I’ve had to start over multiple times. There are zero customization options for ios. During winter you can’t move more than an inch from the fire or you die. Day 21-35. So 13 in game days of just standing next to the fire. Seriously!?!? Are you freaking SERIOUS???!!! That is BORING!!! My guy went from happy, sane , surviving well to completely loony-tunes insane in one day of winter. Insanity in this game makes no sense. Instead of gaining sanity from eating, you loose it. I really wanted to like this game. The whole winter thing has really put me off it. Don’t bother unless you like your tune to die. There is no tutorial, no help at all. I really hate games that force me to cheat and look up stuff such as HOW to play their game. Would not buy again. Will not deal with this company again. Spirited Treasure
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3 years ago, Drizzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
Great Game but Terrible Interface
I play this game on my smart phone and it has the most annoying user interface. The attack button and the interact button and tiny and RIGHT next to each other on the screen. In addition, they cannot be moved nor can their sizes be altered, which is typical in other IOS games. Meanwhile, clicking on things on screen consistently clicks on the wrong asset. I tried to open a chest but instead Wilson goes to chop down a tree! What?! My most recent character death happened when I was trying to cook in the crockpot but Wilson instead attacked my domesticated beefalo who then killed me. Don’t starve is a great game on other systems but this port just isn’t playable. You can’t reliably kite enemies, interact/attack mix-ups make the game incredibly frustrating, trying to pick up certain items in tight spaces is next to impossible since the grab button will seemingly grab things randomly while touching the screen isn’t reliable either. It really saddens me to see the game like this. I really do enjoy Don’t Starve on other systems, but I just can’t bring myself to play it on mobile any more.
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5 years ago, Rpjhkid
If you are looking for something that is realistic and educational this probably isn’t it
My favorite pc game is the newest version of Oregon Trail. The one that goes someways towards teaching edible plant recognition and a few other things. When I asked a friend who was aware that Oregon Trail is my favorite game on windows, if he knew of any educational survival games on IOS, he recommended Don’t Starve. I now wonder if he was just assuming that it would be of similar educational level to Oregon Trail. I gave it 3 stars because it is probably great for the intended purpose of game. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something could potentially be used in the beginning of a class or to get young kids interested in realistic camping skills, you should probably look elsewhere
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6 years ago, Fealce the Dragon.
Addictive, But...
The variety of items and resources combined with interactions with mobs and the map gives Don’t Starve endless gameplay hours. I love being able to personalize the map to adjust the difficulty in different aspects of the game. For the most part the controls are smooth and functional. I do have one complaint however; you can’t listen to anything while playing this game! I appreciate the effort put into the sound effects and music but the app should not decide what I can and can’t listen to. Though I enjoy this app and have spent WAY to much time playing it, I am quickly deterred when it turns off my podcast or music!
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5 years ago, AdamAzad
This game is a master piece ! Been playing it since the day it was released. To explain how much I even bought it again on this new account (lost the old one 😑). Anyways despite the fact that it's almost impossible for me to get bored of this game I've been wondering. What's the plan now ? Are you guys going to just keep fixing bugs ? Or will there be a DST update or dlc or something? If we're not getting that then I hope you guys add the more stuff update. This classic version is starting to get boring despite the fact that I myself find it difficult to get bored of it.
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6 years ago, Mrssword
Best game ever
Now well you might say “There is no tutorial” that’s what makes the learning process fun. And you can say “Winter is too hard) Well that’s because you didn’t invest time in preparing for it. On the first autumn it’s all about preparation. Yes you should set up temporary base camps here and there. But a unwritten should listen to rule is: Don’t set up a permanent base camp. Don’t even start. While you’re setting up your permanent base camp, You’re losing time to prep. Temporary base camps are easy to make. And lastly when you eat you lose sanity, complain all you want. That is what a sanity cap is for. (Flower crown, etc.
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6 years ago, Naheck
Good game but a couple bugs
Great game. I love Don't Starve, it’s an amazing survival rogue-like. However, there is a bug that I’ve come across several times that is quite annoying. Sometimes a bug occurs in which the game won’t let you preform any actions except for using the joystick. It most recently occurred after I crafted a hammer. When I tried to craft, the craft menus won’t open. Similarly, the player’s inventory wouldn’t open either. The map and pause button won’t work as well when that happens. The only way to be able to do anything again is to restart the app, but that causes me to lose some progress in the current game. If that bug was fixed, it’d easily be a 5 star rating.
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6 years ago, Scooby💩
Most addicting survival game
This game is the most addicting game I’ve played and is one of the best games I’ve played. At first it will be challenging but you will get the hang of it and it gets addicting. But it does get frustrating sometimes when dying or can’t find the food or resources you need. For Beginners don’t have the reign of giants on and if you want you can just explore the world with the No sweat mode. If you think that most of the games on the AppStore get old this game won’t to me it is worth the money and I highly recommend getting this game.
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3 years ago, Kassyhead
Really fun game
I love this game so much I go through periods where I don’t pick it up for a while but when I do I play for hours on end. Recently however the app has been freezing while I try to play, it happens randomly and eventually makes the app crash. Once it does crash it stops lagging but it still a bit annoying that it kicks you out of the game, I also saw other people mention it but listening to music or podcasts while playing is not possible and it doesn’t always bother me unless I want to play while I need to be DJ in the car
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3 years ago, sksbtnalc
Wish it would fix the bugs.
I absolutely love this game, but I’ve notice that on some characters the game will begin to glitch usually when I’m close to 10-20 days in and all of a sudden no matter how many time I strike a monster/enemy they won’t die. No matter the weapon. Ultimately causing me to lose the game as I become swarmed and they can’t be defeated. Other then that everything is perfect, if I could make any other request it would be maybe having a setting that allows hints and clue to upgrade things/go places. Have the same glitches/problems in both game, Don’t starve, and Don’t Starve:Shipwrecked.
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4 years ago, cubbybubby
There are so many things you can do with this game the possibilities r endless. This isn’t a game you will just give up on after a week. I have been playing this for a year and I still have fun playing it. There are basically no glitches and it won’t crash your phone. I have a really old iPhone 6+ and it still runs extremely smooth. Though it can get hard it is a good challenge. Overall this game is very entertaining and never ending. It even lets you unlock a multitude of characters,
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6 years ago, Faeamae
Gets a bit Boring and Lonely at Times
Out of all of the survival games I’ve played, Don’t Starve is probably my favorite. But after playing all four seasons and then some, it gets a bit boring and lonely, like I stated in the title. Sure, you have tag along pets, but it’s not the same as having an actual person playing with you. It’d be a great idea to add Multiplayer mode to the game! Like servers so you could interact with other people, or play with friends, like in Don’t Starve Together. Otherwise the game’s great, no huge issues to fuss about.
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5 years ago, Kardy G
There’s some bugs...
There’s probably plenty of bugs to name off but I just want to name off an annoying one, No contact. What I mean by no contact is that sometimes (not often) the screen won’t let me tap on anything but the joystick to move, the first time it happened to me was when night was about to come. I needed to make a torch and I couldn’t do it on time because I couldn’t interact with the crafting menu, this lead to Charlie killing me. I hope Klei pays more attention to iOS seeming I wouldn’t want $5 going to waste. Other than the bugs I’m sure it’d be great to play on iOS.
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1 year ago, kimシ
great game but could have a couple of fixes
i usually am exploring & hardly ever stop in one single spot so sometimes i light trees on fire when i play on my pc to put charcoal in the campfire since i save my logs to make other things, but on mobile i can’t light them on fire, i don’t know if this is an issue for anybody else but i can’t do that sadly. that’s honestly the only issue i’ve had other than hitting beefalo randomly when i go to them for protection & i plant trees but the big tree man will still attack me (??) other than that GREAT GAME!!! :DDD
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4 years ago, ssgegebge
Needs multiplayer
I would like to play don’t starve with multiplayer because I can’t play with my friends so this is trash I hate this mistake from god I love multiplayer games more than anything it needs more modes also like this is just boring now it get to like dry after a while of play it just becomes boring and tasteless and just trash please please please add multiplayer so I can play with my mom and dad in game like please I love multiplayer it could be better with multi player
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6 years ago, Winddragon777
As good as on Steam. Worth every penny!
I originally bought this game on Steam, and after an hour of playing, got used to the controls for the iPad. Game is still ridicuously addictive, I love the added storyline. 10/10. My only complaint is that sometimes I accidentally attack something or set it on fire... kiting an enemy is also nearly impossible now. Can’t kite the tree guardians anymore, for instance. Still, considering this version of the game is built for a touchscreen, still awesome. The replayability of Don’t Starve is ludicrous.
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4 years ago, Lucario47Ish
Truly survival!
So first of all, this game is amazing. I have never played a survival game this that was this hard, yet made me want to play more. I personally haven’t play it on PC, but so far, it doesn’t seem much different from the original game, at least as far as I know. The only thing I ask is that you PLEASE, PLEASE add multiplayer. One of the greatest things about video games is that you can always play with your friends, bond with them, get to know them and over all make MORE friends. I truly hope a co-op feature is added, simply because I love playing with other people.
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2 years ago, Emory-Alanna The Mermaid
LOVE the game BUT there is a bug!
I love this game so much, so much advancement and longevity in this game. So much to do, so many characters to play and unlock! AND there’s so much lore. The only issue is that the game freezes or bugs out whenever I play for more than 30 min - an hour, and if my sanity levels drop alot and the graphics become more on the “horror” side, the game begins to freeze before I can save anything and then the app dies and I have to reopen everything just to see I have to start a lot of days over. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Meemster_Rules
Better optimization for iPhone X, for the love of God
Are used to love this game on my iPhone 8. iPhone X has been out for how long now, and now we’re on iPhone XS? This developer has had plenty of time to optimize for the larger screen ratio, and yet the controls, even set at maximum size are super small. I can barely see anything on the HUD, and the action buttons are so close together, I press the wrong one by accident all the time which makes combat near impossible. part of the action buttons are cut off by the iPhone X notch, and then if you turn the following other way, the entire craft menu is cut out. Having a bigger screen is supposed to making play better, and yet the opposite is happening. Klei, people still want to play this game! Fix it!
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3 years ago, Abc.klm
Controls are bad
I bought this pocket edition probably 4 or maybe even 5 years ago and I’m a big fan. I took like a year break and after updating the game I noticed that controls on the bottom left corner were switched to 4-sided controls.. which is not very comfortable in combat. I used to run and chose direction with my left hand and combat/collect with right, now I need to just run with both hands moving all over the screen..if it makes sense. I’m a big oldie fan of don’t starve, I always come back to this game. I still enjoy the mobile version but this inconvenience makes me rather irritated :(
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6 years ago, blooberplayz
Don't starve together pocket edition
I think there should be a don't starve together pocket edition because a lot of players who don't understand the game could use help like your friend could help you survive longer and better and you improve as you start to get basically your friends help you until the point were you understand it and get better and better by each minute you play hopefully you understand and make don't starve together pocket edition bye.
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1 year ago, ToniC_writes
I keep coming back, so many things to try
I don’t even want to know how many hours I have on this game! I’ve been playing for years and I always come back. There are enough different ways to play that keep it interesting. I learn something new in every game. It is quirky and funny and I love it! I’m a little old lady by most of your standards, and I will probably always come back to this game.
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7 years ago, Marshgrimm
Opening map with a controller is annoying
Using a controller is almost necessary, especially when fighting, but to open the map you have to click the shoulder buttons simultaneously. The problem is that it turns the camera either left or right and again when closing it. This makes it extremely difficult and frustrating to navigate and I end up running in circles. The easiest solution is to just make the map turn on button release, instead of button press. That or let us change the button mapping.
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