Don't Touch The White Tile

3.7 (487)
12.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Don't Touch The White Tile

3.67 out of 5
487 Ratings
8 years ago, [email protected]
I think this game is ok but the thing is the ads pop up during the game and makes you lose instantly otherwise I really like this game but please don't make ads pop up especially when the game starts its really annoying.
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5 years ago, Kkvkjfjvjfjfhdhfhrgjr
A Top Notch Horror Show
The amount of ads is an issue in itself, but once you manage to get through the ads the game is too basic. You’re pretty much slowly clicking black tiles, that’s it. No music or anything, just alarming beeps. There no smoothness, the game is very choppy. And coming back to the ads, I could be trying to play and an add pops up. The game either just stops and I lose, or it just keeps going before I can stop the ads and well, I lose. Sometimes I finally gets past the plethora of ads try to play and it glitches out on me. This game is just a waste of storage space. This game is a game I would never recommend to anyone. Unless you like to play horrible games, of course.
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5 years ago, Shadowolf97
Was fun
This game was a good time waster and fun at times but the ads just got overwhelming. I can’t even play now because as soon as I open the app I get an ad for another game made by the same devs and it won’t go away and it won’t let me close it out . Any time I try to close it out it takes me to the App Store to download it. Obviously they are doing this because there isn’t any in app purchases in the this game so they want you to go play a game that does have them. Don’t even bother playing this anymore it’s not worth it.
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8 years ago, AquaticHiddenStinger
You have to wait before they game starts and then I accidentally start clicking the black square. My other complaint is that ads go crazy. But otherwise the app is great.
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6 years ago, something about harry potter
Frustrating because of too many adds
It’s a very fun game that is very addictive but whenever I try to play it right as the game starts it shows an add and I instantly lose! It frustrates me because I want to play it not start to play it and an add pops up and the game keeps going but I can’t!
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5 years ago, Courtney Henning
If you can manage to get to the home screen without the app crashing then you’re lucky. If you advance to trying to play either an add will pop up right as you are supposed to start playing, an add will pop up in the middle of your game, the game won’t register you tapped a tile or the app will crash in the middle of your game. All in All don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, Krayzeeeee2001
I love this game but the thing is that the ads always pop when it starts and then I lose but mostly love this game!!
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8 years ago, Deawex
This game is not great
I re-down loaded this game to replace the old version but the adds are blocking the gameplay. Every time I loose it brings me to the App Store and then kicks me out. It's a fast pace game and constantly putting adds to be click bated on from the beginning to end has made it irritating for me. Not happy
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8 years ago, PAWPATROLFAN
Can't Play.
Whenever you go to play a game, there will be an ad. Even when I click to exit, it will take me to the App Store. Then the app crashes. Or, it will either accept that you exited out of the ad, and then say "game over". I understand that ads need to be added so you can keep the game free, but why do they need to be at the starting point? Please fix this!
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5 years ago, :.!:.!:.!:.!:.!:.!
ads mess it all up
right when your getting ready to play an ad pops up. the first couple of times it happens it doesn’t really bother you, but eventually it’s really gets you aggravated. This game could be fun if the ads didn’t pop up right when it’s your turn, which causes you to loose instantly.
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5 years ago, dr jizzjazz
Honestly this makes for a really addicting and neat game, it’s just that it crashes and closes out of the game right as you’re about to finish and pop up ads come mid game, without that it would be great but it’s just not
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8 years ago, BeastBurrito64
The games take too long to start in my opinion. You should be able to press the first square and then the game starts. I would love this change.
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6 years ago, Jkisawsome
Too many adds 😡
This game has to many adds so when your about to start it pulls up an add and then you lose and that dose not make it a fun game and it glitches and so it stop you when your playing so it can load and that also makes you lose so that’s why I don’t like the game
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6 years ago, Ethgamer04
When I will be playing there will be adds right in the middle of the game and it has messed my score up
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8 years ago, Sunseil
No Way
There are plenty of versions out there which do not pop up ads right at the green GO which then forces a click and imitates the ad sequence, reading multiple clicks to return the game. This is predatory and ridiculous. Deleted. Recommend a pass on this one.
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7 years ago, Mrs.VR
Annoying adds
The adds are so bad on this game. Before you start an add pops up and makes you lose the game. Then there is a add bar at the bottom of the screen so if you push too low you can make another add pop up. Don't like it at all.
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6 years ago, hdjcndjc
Too many adds!
White tile is the worst game ever. I couldn’t even play anything because of all the pop up ads and by the time I clicked all them away more popped up and it was so annoying. I would not recommend anybody to get this app.
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7 years ago, Japan for live
It's good but.......
The game is good and I play it but it really needs more levels or modes. If u want to get the game it's ok because it's a good game just remember that it would be better if it had mor modes
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8 years ago, Popcorn666666
You tap it and it doesn't turn green. FIX IT!!!😡😡😡
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5 years ago, Kuhny87
Not worth being free
The game can challenge you and fun to challenge friends but non stop ads and constant crashing. I don’t think the developers exist anymore or there’s a newer version and they’ve scrapped this version
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7 years ago, Love u one direction
Whenever you play, ads pop up, and basically make you lose, which just triggers your brain to try again and again. White Tiles is one big copy cat mind game that I do not enjoy playing. Do not download.
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6 years ago, Hannah2893
Okay..... I guess.
This game is just plan weird. Every time you tap a black tile it makes what sounds like I farting noise. Could we please change this to music, it would be a whole lot AGONIZING!
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4 years ago, AC in CR
Good game bad ads
This game can be fun most of the time, I can play this game for 1h and feel like ten minutes have past. But there are way to many ads.
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10 months ago, Ebb guy hcjvz
It’s perfect I guess
It’s good for my reaction time
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5 years ago, SerenaMaSogni
Game developers should be ashamed. The amount of ads are horrific, and make the game virtually unplayable. The app crashes unexpectedly and often. I wasted my time on this, don’t even bother downloading this piece of crap game.
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3 years ago, Mars Doesnt Approve
No option for a Pro mode without the consecutive keys.. games better when the keys aren’t repetitively on the same row back to back..
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5 years ago, ndighwjfjrfjbehs
It’s cool but ads pop up at random times and the game is really laggy, with random hitches and crashes for seemingly no reason.
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6 years ago, Kaylie Niehaus
So many Ads
Couldn’t even play 5mins of the game because there were ads that would pop up seconds into the game
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4 years ago, bzstk
Ads Interrupt Everything
This app used to be cool. I would enjoy my time playing it. Now it won’t even work because of all the dumb apps they lay over the game.
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4 years ago, yey or nay
Way to many ads to make this game fun. I had ads pop up in the middle of me playing. I only kept the app for 10 minutes.
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7 years ago, thefangirls
Amazing app; it is so much fun and is very addicting. 10/10
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8 years ago, Pickles and love
If I could give this negative stars I would app keeps crashing and ads do not stop popping up that you can't X out
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7 years ago, Raviolibreath
Can't play!
I cannot play this game because the ads pop up and there is no way to get out of them!
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8 years ago, Swampystompy
Won't run due to ads
Ads crash the app every time I tried starting a game. Disappointing to say the least
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8 years ago, TheLovelyBlue
Ads pop up in the middle of a game making me lose!
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4 years ago, azoriaharris378
It not so bad but I don’t like it!!!!
I was playing at a high score and it went a add and I lost all my points
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5 years ago, matt231094
There are ads that pop up while you are playing the game. Awful.
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5 years ago, destiñy
Big fat fail
Glitches and ads is the only thing on this game. Big thumbs down.
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5 years ago, OG_Kristoff
Dead app
No longer works. Devs at Ketchapp don’t seem to care about this app. Seeing as the last update was 3 yrs ago
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7 years ago, Victoria@5678
Hate it ads pop up during the game and it makes you loose
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8 years ago, WillisDaniel
Download Piano Tiles instead
This is just a ripoff of Piano Tiles 1 and 2. Plus there are way to many ads to enjoy the game.
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6 years ago, lacrossejxn49
Unbelievable how many ads there are I don’t win and an ad
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6 years ago, The Backmarker
Every time you start playing a pop-up add blocks the game. Also the app crashes a ton. DO NOT GET THIS GAME!
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6 years ago, Trrrerrr
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5 years ago, jimmy4 secrest
Not a good game
In the middle of the game when I’m playing and about to win does an add and wastes my time up
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7 years ago, Gfdghfdhb
1 2
Adds mess me up all the time
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6 years ago, hendy1202
How the hell do you take it off your phone
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6 years ago, Mr. Fees
Ads make game nearly unplayable
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6 years ago, Hbomb6579
His is driving me nuts
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8 years ago, KAIASJSDOSJ
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