Donut Maker

4.6 (114)
71.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sunstorm Interactive
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Donut Maker

4.56 out of 5
114 Ratings
5 years ago, AnotherBlockheadsFan
My childhood fav!
Growing up, I had this app on my old iPad. I had all the food games that were owned by this sunstorm company! It was litterly the best baking and cooking games. Unfortunately it broke. I came across this yesterday in the App Store, and all my memories of this thrilling cooking game came back to me. Now, I’m spending hours on end playing these! Thank you so much for bringing me joy with this. Thanks
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3 years ago, TheWildDrunkerd
I look for old games from my childhood all the time, usually I don’t find any because they were taken off the App Store or broken or I just couldn’t find them, this was one of them! And I loved it so much! The nostalgia! Thank you for the childhood memories game, I will always remember you for that!
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5 years ago, gam7056
Best Childhood Game🙌
Everyone who gave it less than 4 stars obv never played it as a child. Me and my dad would have challenges to see who could make the best donuts. He would play on his iPad and I would play on my little iPod touch🥺 I miss that
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4 years ago, ctyfygfyi
OG gang where y’all at?
This game is one of my childhood games, I would spend hours on my iPod touch playing this and it brings back so many memories to have seen this. This is underrated and it needs more love 👍🔥
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4 years ago, puppy lover 💖💖💖🐶🐶🐶
I love it but I found a glitch
I love your game it looks so yummy! But I found a glitch when I was making my jelly filled donut It threw me off the app pls fix that. If u don’t fix it it’s ok I will still love your game me and my sis love it :)
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5 years ago, Fluffy bunny5566
This was my whole childhood 😂
I remember playing this game from when I was just a smol child. Idk why this doesn’t have many ratings because to me, it was pretty fun.
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4 years ago, AnimalCrossing😳
I remember going to work with my mom when I was like 4 and I had this on her phone and I would spend hours playing it. I just now remembered it, I’m twelve now
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4 years ago, SWA all the Way
Childhood. Nostlagia! 🥺 💕
This brings back so many amazing memories that i’ll never forget. playing on my family’s ipad with all these food games. omg the memories 🥺
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4 years ago, a raloo
everyone is writing how they miss this, and so do I! I used to have all of the apps, thanks for helping create my childhood. :)
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6 years ago, Vbj456
Idk how there could be so few ratings on this game. This was literally my entire childhood, 10/10!!
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5 years ago, Kelelyn
Amazing game!!
Love it. I remember playing it when my mom and dad would fight it made me so happy. Happy I found it again. :)
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5 years ago, Bethy0126
I played this as a child! I randomly remembered it and downloaded it again. Love it ☺️
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4 years ago, bugihcraxman
Well a bit good
My kid plays it and when he does jelly filled doughnut it crashes. And he wants you too fix please if you do thank you
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4 years ago, Jeremy_Gabriel
This was my childhood!
I remember playing this with my iPod touch, omgggg it brings me back so much memoriesss
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4 years ago, follow zodiac..qween on tiktok
I loved this game🥺🥺
I played this game so much when so was 5 or 6 and I loved it
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2 years ago, Sheftdrian
The best
Number one on the leaderboards.
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5 years ago, JimmyPlayer12
This game is cute
I like it, there isn’t much more to say.
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2 months ago, retdino
thann you
i love this game so much so much, gives me unlimited nostalgia never take it down pls
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4 years ago, MK 101
My little sister loves this app!
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6 years ago, Foxsdenn
Disappointing, ugly, good when bored
Ugly graphics, limited choices, basically the definition of a free game. Just don’t bother.
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2 years ago, Lizzie not my real name
Peak game from childhood i loe vemit so much
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4 years ago, queen_avocado
i had all these cooking games as a child! i ran into this yesterday and everything cane flooding back. best game ever
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4 years ago, serenity :))
This is literally MY CHILDHOOD GAME I remember playing on a tiny lil phone 🥺 then I FORGOT ALL ABT this game till recently love it
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4 years ago, flyinggorillacuredcancer
i used to play this game everyday on my ipod it brings back such good memories
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6 years ago, kingpattie
This app love
Its fun
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3 years ago, Miya101234
The memories I haveee
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4 years ago, jio._.O
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13 years ago, Babykays101
Want better reviews? Fix it then!
Well personally since I've never made it pass the dough roller I can't tell you if this game is good or not. You should make this game accessiable to EVERYONE! not just people who have a new iPhone/iPod. That isn't fair for the people with older iPhone/iPod. Please fix this. If you do you will have better reviews and more downloads.
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12 years ago, Em2562@$
This game is a good time waster but not a game i would chose as my favorite app. This app has a series of different mini games you can play. It has a game that is just like Fruit Ninja™ but has donuts instead. It also has a game where u make and design your very own donut and one where you can try to "eat" as many donuts as possible. -you touch the donut to "take a bite" until its "all gone"- If you like the donut you designed you can touch the button with the fridge on it and it will be saved so you can view it later. But there is some very bad parts about this app 1. Every time you go chose a kind of donut you want or if you go play a mini game an ad pops up:( 2. Whenever you go to design a donut two thirds of the different designs you can chose are locked and you have to pay to use them. 3. When you get a high score in a mini game the scores are not connected with the internet and so you can't share them or try to beat other people. You only have the scores of who ever has played that game on your phone which is usually just you. So i would not recommend this game but if you want a stupid, silly game get this. I would give some advice to the people that made this game-connect this to the internet, make better mini games, and unlock more designs. Upgrade!
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13 years ago, Isabelholga
Doughnut Maker In My Opinion
Doughnut Maker is a game that I find a way to pass time. Basically, you decide on the shape you want your virtual doughnut to be, you cook it in the regular greasy mixture they use to make REAL sweet treats, and then you decorate it however you want. The game is decent, but you have to pay real money for new items such as sprinkles. It will be at LEAST two dollars for a few locked items. If you aren't smart when it comes to spending money, I recommend you stay away from this kind of virtual material. And if you ARE smart with $, you may want to try out the game, but steer clear of the traps this company sets that will swipe your money and trade it for a few useless sprinkles. Also, the company randomly pulls up ads for apps you may not want to try. So if you want to see if my opinion matches yours, check out the game, but you have my full support if you think this game deserves a tap on the delete button!
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12 years ago, Adorable :)
Everything was unlocked and then when i updated it again it was all locked back up!!!!!! Not cool! Sunstorm interactive should not cheat people like that!!!! I am maddddddd!!!!! I purchase the icings, and with that i was given the icing decals. I also purchased the toppings, but didn't get the sour gummies and all the cool toppings that are at the bottom of the topping list!!!!!!!!!! But i did get plates!!!!! And it is stupid cuz u have 2 pay 2.99 extra for like 10 more gummies!!!!!!!! I didn't get all the icings either!!!!! Like the ones for the jelly and twisty donut!!!! Just the ones for the circle!!!! Uggghhh i hate it!!!! None of the valentines things are unlocked in the new update!!!! Not even for the things I purchased, like the icings, toppings, and the plates that came with the toppings!!!! Fix this, or i'm deleting this app!!!
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13 years ago, PeterHaight
This review is based off personal experiences as well as my younger sister's opinion (since I did get this for her not myself). The app is kinda crappy, but hey. It's free. The ads in the beginning are extremely annoying, because I already HAVE all the other "maker" games. I have not played this or the other games in the series very much but I do recall myself as well as when my sister brought it up many times, it was very buggy and crashed more often than not (and I'm running an iPod 4G.) I guess for the price and everything, free, it's okay; decent even but this game and the others could use some nice polishing to make them solid.
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13 years ago, Sami DeSocio
The "Store"
Whenever you buy one of the add-ons, it does not show up in the categories it's supposed to, and leaves you with the same basic package. Therefore, spending the $4.99 per installment of additional items is just throwing money away. I don't know if this is a glitch or something like that, but this is the problem with all of these maker games-they offer you better options if you pay for them, so you do, and the things you've paid for never come through.
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11 years ago, Sophia Webb
Sophia Webb
I love you all and the ones who made this game and I like it when I make my very own I love them,but there should be more things on it like the icings and the other stuff I wish I wish i wish :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" except I want you to do something for me please like put more apps on this ok? ________.
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13 years ago, Momo20000
I shouldn't give it any stars but I'm feeling generous today. This app has 5 problems. First, the orange color of the dough before you add the other mixes to it really nauseates me. Second, I can't buy donut maker full version cuz it doesn't exist. Third, the app crashes most of the time when I'm done frying the donuts. 4th, I would like more selection in the free version. You have to buy everything. Last, the app is packed with ads! I can't even eat my donut when it doesn't crash without an ad popping up. Don't waste the memory of your iPhone or iPod touch.
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13 years ago, Little pretty
More stuff please.
I was about to fill my jelly filled donut. When I saw I had to "buy" the fillings and I was not pleased with that. And it costs us $9.99 to buy master donut maker! Add fillings like chocolate syrup. And I will give it five stars. And FYI I'd like a dark pink plate im sick and tired of just white plates. It's a good app still it's addicting. On my free time I like to play it. And I also love cupcake maker, cake maker, and pumpkin maker. Thumbs up if you agree with me.
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13 years ago, japape
OMG!!!!! Won't let me fill it with jelly!!!!!!
I for one am a fan of jelly and donuts. When I found out donut maker let's you fill them with jelly, I downloaded it. But when I played it, there was my average donut, and a jelly one. I clicked the jelly one, and mixed fried, etc. And i was sure I bought the jelly, but it wouldn't let me fill it!!!!!!! I was sooooooo mad. I don't usually write reviews, but I thought you'd like know. Thanks!!!! P.S. A burrito maker would be pretty awesome.
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13 years ago, Ali Kade
Fun and entertaining if you have nothing better to do. My only complaint would be that when I am in the middle of making my donut, ads will just randomly pop up. Please get rid of the ads. Same for the beginning of the game. I mean seriously, I'm pretty sure everybody knows about or has just about all the maker games. Overall though, fun and worth the download. 
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12 years ago,
I love how u can make ur own donuts and decorate them the way u want. Very fun and a great way to waste time. I also like how u can play two games (top chop and the eating one) within the donut making game. Clever! And bravo. I just think that u shud unlock more stuff for us. Or have us earn coins for playing the two games and let us save up and buy the other decorating stuff.
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13 years ago, Daisy29
Good but ...
This app is good but while I am trying to decorate a donut these ads for their other games pop up like nacho maker and cookie maker 2 . It gets annoying because I have to click the x all the time and I don't like it . I would have rated it 5 stars but because of that and it is annoying 4 .
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13 years ago, BrownieGal374
This app is Okay-ish
The only problem with this app is that it has the most annoying ads on it. My little brother really like this game, though, and plays it a LOT! The trick to getting rid of the ads for free WITHOUT paying is to turn of your WiFi before you play so the signal can't get through, and the ads don't come. It really works for me. In all, though, the game is OK.
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13 years ago, Roy1215
Good but ........
There is to many ads and when you have you buy new things for the donuts and I bought the one that you get everything and no ads but I got everything which I wanted but the ads where still there for that package it was $10 Buy if you want a lot of ads and like nothing for the donut then get it.
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13 years ago, My niceness
I love this app, but I have tried the free version and it's pretty boring. It's very worth the 6.99 to get the master donut maker. Awesome app, but get the full version. All in all, if you're unsure whether to get it: get the free version, and if you like that, you'll love the full.
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13 years ago, jaytee6623
Its OK 
What I think of it is that it's really fun, but what really annoys me is that you have all these cool decorations and stuff when it's locked! When I first got this app and saw the lock sign on it, I thought that you have to unlock it by playing some kinda game, but noo... Anyway, if you are obsessed with donuts I suggest you should really play this game, I hope you guys find this review a little helpful all you viewers!
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13 years ago, Hgvybt
Donut maker!!!!
Γψγγφγψφγηδ  lol jk but this app is great! It us a lot of fun trying to see how delicious you can make a donut look. The sad part is that after I had this app for a while it started messing up. It would just go out of itself and back to my home page. It's really wierd but I think it might straighten itself out. So have fun everyone!!!
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13 years ago, CeCe1212
This app is okay. There's nothing special about it. I don't play it very much. It isn't one of those games that is awesome, it's just okay. The game works fine, it doesn't crash but it has way, way to many pop up ads. I think you should get it, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't live up to your full expectations.
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11 years ago, Blurble McSquirble
I like that it shows the ingredients you use, and that in case you get bored of the game it has the "Top Chop" and food challenge. :) And even though you have to pay to get a lot of things, I still find myself entertained with what's free! 🍩
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13 years ago, TehKevinator
Soooooo stupid
I am waiting for the day another company does something similar, because I know it would be ten times better than this horrible company. The ads mostly have a tiny skip button that you have to wait a million hours for before it pops up in a hidden location. It crashes half the time and every thing is locked with ridiculous prices. My BABY COUSIN couldn't stop making fun of this for a week!
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12 years ago, 46802515
I would love this game if there weren't as many ads. I try too click a button but I end up clicking and ad. Please change that. And I think we should get to choose out of everything, because it cost alot of money just too unlock one pack. Thats all!
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13 years ago, E-love-ropes
Well... Not horrible.
I agree with the others this is super cool and all but, well.... Should we really have to pay that much money for a little jelly gun thingy? I mean I know if it was free you would be hobo's but at least lower it to half the price. So $1.50. Deal? I hope so cuz I garentee if u do that a lot of people will by this game! Good luck! And thanks for reading this! :-)
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