Doodle Art -

4.4 (7.6K)
51.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zobayed Ullah
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doodle Art -

4.38 out of 5
7.6K Ratings
6 years ago, philomena o
I love this app!
I just downloaded this app a few hours ago and initially I wasn’t thinking of using it (but another app) for my kindle book I am going to publish soon but now I am so impressed due to what I saw and will use this app! The photos it let me create are so beautiful!!! Thank you so much! A few things I would like you to do for me is, please make your app to stop freezing or hanging (for it does sometimes when you click undo or redo) and secondly, please add more stickers especially humans and babies, and more please and thank you once again for I love your app!!!
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4 years ago, msmrc
It’s a ‘like’, but annoyed!!!
I was given the opportunity to draw even a three inch straight line before the app was for a rating and re rev. I ignored the first three that popped up, seemingly every 60 seconds (Yep, sounds about right); but I finally chose to o longer ignore the pestering and rate/review this app. Maybe you developers feel if I rat this app before I’ve had the chance to truly delve into the functionality and possibly user friendliness of it, my review may be a little less harsh. I’ve not had a chance to know if I like the app; I just know I don’t like being pestered. That’s the reason I’ve given the two-star rating.
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10 months ago, DO 52769
Billy has been trend an to a eevl jiyet Jiyet
Once a little girl named Billy was in her 20s she grew up she was very nice but one day she found a crystal underground but she squeezed it and it broke and then she said ha! But she knew it was edible but again but she did it and then she grew and she grew and she grew until she was an evil giant but her parents saw her and then she saw a little girl in Nora but Nora was so such a fan of her that she touched her shoe and then I turned her good again and they lived happily ever after but before have we have to after Billie Eilish became friends with Nora because Nora‘s friend Nora was such a big fan of Billie Eilish but they did live happily ever after the end.
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4 years ago, JessThePandaLover
It’s okay
I like how you can express your artistic ability on a electronic and all but there are many things needed to be fixed. For example, when ever I go to remove things I press the undo button. But it takes like 3 minutes for the undo button to do its job (to undo). Another example is, ever time I want to make a clean page, I would press the clear button. But every time I pressed that button, there would always be and ad. I don’t have the money to stop playing ads so it gets annoying sometimes. These are the only reasons the game is okay. Besides those, the game is a fun and saves a lot of space for when I go on vacations. ~It’s okay
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3 years ago, Rubberpony
Fix Banner on color palette. Please
I love the fact that we have options for the margins. Press press the arrow and it shifts so that we have a clean space and can see what we are doing. Fix: it would be nice if the margin on the sides retracting and returning were manual. Giving us more control and options. Fix: I would love to see that scene manual button on the very bottom horizontal banner that displays the little dots/color palette. Again, allowing us to see what we are doing and have more control of the end results.
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3 years ago, Snowy_*2 star fox
I love it, but I have a big tip
Hi!! I really like this app and I use it for digital dragon art, but what would make it amazing is if you could add layers. Like in really nice art apps, layers are where for example, you put on layer one and then you switch to layer two which is below it then you could color it in behind the lines instead of in front. See what I mean?
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5 years ago, LillianaD
Needs to be fixed
I have this problem on my iPad when. If I click out it will not save. And I was wondering if you could make the undo button faster. And maybe put in a bucket feature so instead of having to color the entire thing you can just fill it. I gave it a two star rating because it is still a good app but when I lose my progress I get really really sad cause I have been working on it for more than an hour. And then poof its all gone. So also could you make a automatic save button so you won’t lose your progress. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Ericaluster
I like the app, but I wish that there would be less ads, and we could share unlimited amounts without rating because I hade to rate it after sharing 2 items. Also, I think that they should make a bigger piece of paper. I also think they should put in a color choice wheel to make colors instead of having the ones that are electronically put in. Somehow, the app continues to lag when you are in a no-network zone, and I think that someone should somehow reduce the lag.
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4 years ago, ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️
Great app
This is a really good app for art especially if you’re a beginner or average artist it’s calming and relaxing and you can just draw whatever I also enjoy being able to color over my photos and past those stickers it helps give me a idea of what to draw. I highly recommend getting this app
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5 years ago, Bob Maze
Great App
I’ve been using this app for a few months and have had no problems with it. This isn’t for a professional artist but is great for the average drawer. I enjoy sitting at my desk and seeing what I can draw and have seen some improvement over the past few months. Great app for relaxing and being creative. Would recommend.
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1 month ago, Fritz rules
Unlike like other apps
It’s amazing unlike other apps that you have to pay for this app offers you everything you need and it’s simple to use unlike apps that are so confusing to use it’s amazing i will definitely use this for as long as I’m into art
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2 years ago, redichulous!
Shape mess
Just trying out some shapes with different colors for first time. It’s a lot of fun and. As you get comfortable with shapes, one can start to form adequate designs. Looking forward to doing really good shapes and designs as I continue to practice more and more, that’s the secret. Thanks for this fun app!
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2 years ago, jt13141947
And athe Winner Is!
This is a wonderful tool. After trying at least 20 other sketch/doodle programs I settled on Doodle. It offers paint brush like options to layer and shade; simple buttons to adjust brush functuons and opacity and just theright amount of resillance so the process is enjoyBle rather than childish or indistinguishable. Its awonder and integrates seamlessly with my ipad anf logi pen.
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7 years ago, Juan Karlos 1980
Its a great app, needs some different tips for the brush
I love it, i am learning, its some how easy, when you select the brush a little menu comes up with the option of thickness and opacity, but there is not option to close once you customized your brush, you have to touch somewhere on the canvas so the menu goes away, and it will ink, so i select the eraser to remove that ink, and the menu stays, you still have to touch the screen so the customization menus go away. Other than that i love it because i am learning.
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7 months ago, Emma G. Rhodes
It’s amazing
This is a good game because you can basically draw whatever you want. The only prob for me though is that when you try to get another color it does not work. But other than that it is perfect.
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4 years ago, Bluemacawgirl11
This is ok but sketch book is better this is just lil eh no
Ok so tbh I just started this app just now and it was not so great just to many adds and it needs more like seriously more but on the other hand sketch book is way better than this bc it has more and better stuff I think I’m just gonna give it one star just make this lil better ok it’s just.... you know..... eh and nty it’s just I like sketch book better I’m gonna delete this app not sketch book but this app ok bye forever until this is a way better app than it is rn 😒😕😐😐🥱😴
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7 years ago, BundleButtons49
Great Little Big App for Doodling
Keeps the kids quiet as well as passing the time when waiting in line at doctors office or wherever. Not as many annoying ads as would be expected so a pleasure to use free version just need to rate it, to which I'm glad to offer.
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5 years ago, zzz97
Hidden gem
I want around looking for an app to do art, and at first I wasn’t finding any then I found this one and I did everything I needed. Specifically to be able to draw on top of other photos that were in my photo stream.
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5 years ago, Gymnastmaster126
It’s ok
I personally didn’t really enjoy this app. It is very VERY hard to make things like it showed on display for the app. If you wanted to just doodle for fun, then I guess this might be ok, but if you are trying to make an actual piece of artwork, then maybe you should go to one of the easier and more advanced art apps. I feel like you might be better off not getting this app, but like I said, it’s ok.
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2 years ago, KB chic
It’s ok but it could be better
I do really like the app but there are a few minor problems like it doesn’t let me get off the stamps or stocker unless I erase my memory of my iPad so please try to fix that
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7 years ago, ThePonyArt
Really helpful
My time with this app was a delight, but it still had it's downsides. ᴅᴏᴏᴅʟᴇ ᴀʀᴛ was a fun time and it made me feel more creative! But, on the contrary, I couldn't send all of my creations to my friends. If I would have the chance to pay for this app, I would definitly do so! Thanks! |°з°|
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2 years ago, lgluhg4;ij;b;jkwrftwlriss./pp
Doodle art is awesome and you should definitely try it it has shapes and different colors and you can save the photo you drew to your photos app. I really recommend it.
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3 years ago, anoymnous viewer
Needs more photos
When I got this game I was happy it is fun and has stickers and other drawing tools but I wanted to put 2 images and it did not let me overall the game is good but please add an ability so we people can add more than 1 image
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3 years ago, GreeneGaming
Absolutely amazing
I normally don’t do these things but this app is amazing. It helps me draw unlike any other game it’s so hard to thanks for making this have a nice day
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6 years ago, Roseatsume
Lacking Features
This is actually pretty good and pleasingly simple, but at times it’s feeling lack luster. For example, there is no tool for color sampling, so colors can’t be used more than once which is very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Eliel Cortina
I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁
This app is the best because I put a photo in the back round and I show it to my dad and he gives me a thumbs up which I like also I put the back round to wat I want to draw and I tease it and draw it.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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6 years ago, Sum sum yum
Few annoying bugs needed fixing
Gave it a bad rating because it keeps erasing my project once I click out of the app or if my iPad goes into sleep mode. Also the bottom color’s bar gets in the way all the time and the bottom part of the painting is all messed up. They are easy fixes for the developers and I’d love to change my rating once those are fixed.
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6 years ago, EnzoD2008
Kids love it
The kids love this and I like it better than other games for them but there effects are few and a few too many adds. I like that they can send the pics.
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3 years ago, wolf alpha girl
It’s great
I love this app you get to put pictures on it but there is some stuff that you need to change THERE IS SO MANY ADDS and it freezes some time so you need to change that to but still I love this app🥰♥️
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4 years ago, Skynet88
Love it
Very good quality and NO SUBSCRIPTION! I wanted to design something for me and I needed a sketch app. While searching and downloading many app, they all had subscriptions. Then I came across this one. #Itslit💯 #NOFEE🚫💵 #10/10
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5 years ago, CopperTurtle74
Good basic drawing app
This is a good drawing app for making quick sketches or adding markup to photos. I haven’t tried all of the features, but it gets things done.
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8 months ago, Cutiepie77444
I accidentally did four stars😂 it it so fun because whenever I want to realax I like to draw
This is like so fun because I love drawing stuff and so I’m a creative.
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5 years ago, Lefty The Gamer
Great app but...
This app is great it’s a free app that acts like an official app with studio the only thing you can fix no ads when u clear u get an add it’s not a long add but still some people don’t like getting interrupted when drawing
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4 years ago, nobodyYoushouldputyourbuisnes
Awesome 🤩
It is awesome you should totally get this game no glitches or freezes all over the game and I can’t stop playing this game is the most awesome thing I have ever played ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️stars
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7 years ago, Really2022
I want to give it 5 Stars
Great app. The only problem I have is I paid to remove ads. They are still showing. I tried to contact the developer. It takes me to a Facebook page. I do not have or want a Facebook account. There should be an e-mail address at least for support.
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4 years ago, alkdjkemddke
Love the game
I just downloaded the app today and I tried it and loved it so much I couldn’t stop playing this app.
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7 years ago, Meg_HanSolo
Like it
My kid loves the stickers and simple interface. As an artist, this is far from what I would choose... plus it seems to erase the drawing when you switch away from it to a different task. But my kid loves it.
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6 years ago, darla goodrich
Everything I wanted to do with the iPencil
This app helps me to design Quilt’s by using photos on my iPad. Also love the ability to choose additional color hues. Thanks
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7 years ago, Rcpgal
Good App
Our 10 year old loves using this app. He can doodle and draw wherever he is. His favorite is to take photos of his current surroundings and draw on the photo.
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6 years ago, Normabates666
I do like this app a lot
It’s the perfect way to do art on the go, & I’m glad they’ve improved it so you can color on the pictures from your photo library.
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2 years ago, Lexi675
Love it!
This app is really fun! doesn't glitch and has no ads! I recomend it but not for advanced drawers (works in plane and car!)
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3 years ago, Boop🦖
It’s a little slow but good(?)
It great! Well good. It doesn’t have any brush options, and honestly, it looks like a kids game. Like the type of game that takes up a lotta space for it to be slow.
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5 years ago, samcracc7
Love the game Awesomely
This game is really addictive and fun. The game is basically a painting game and it is really fun. There are stickers and albums an more. I do wish that you can paint in the lines of like a car or tree. Plz play this game!
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5 years ago, Munchkin8707
Love it!
So easy to use! I love to doodle and sketch so it’s easy to grab my tablet and draw while watching tv. Looking forward to future updates! Thanks!
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7 years ago, 9174936491
I use it frequently and would recommend over other drawing apps
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4 years ago, Shanoonaboo
How DoodleArt is really good
You can add stickers and much more you will love coloring on this app the only downside is that you have to buy some of the stickers ok.
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6 years ago, W pokemon
First drawing on the iPad Pro that turned out awesome
This really helped me out with a drawing I just made thank you for making this app
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6 years ago, JoeBam900
This time I ran across an app that’s perfect! I’ve made it a habit to draw in my mini sketchbook then take the time to draw random curiosity’s on this app!
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2 years ago, Bentlee akin
We so much for all the editing this is my dream by the way it is so cool:)
Just thank you so much
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5 years ago, suzeliker
Doodle Art
This is the best app for coloring .there are so many more than 5 colors to choose from ,and once i had the best time coloring a lizard.
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