Doodle: Easy Scheduling

4.7 (5.4K)
39.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Doodle AG
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doodle: Easy Scheduling

4.65 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
7 years ago, playwelltogether
I recently updated doodle and now it doesnt work
I used doodle weekly for the last year it was great for organizing 60-70 ppl and letting them know about a weekly practice group. It helped me keep in touch about time, location and dates. Everyone participated when and if they could by signing up or declining each week. I am very dependent on the app to bring ease to organizing my practice group. Recently though about the same time I updated the app It has become inaccessible due to an “SSL error and no secure connection to the server” and I am no longer able to connect to doodle. I am not even able to contact their support link. I was surprised when this review let me express my situation. I am at a loss as to how to contact them or repair the situation and restore this great tool to my daily toolbox.
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2 years ago, iPad 1 legacy user
Loss of functionality
I’ve not used Doodle for at least a few months, so the new app icon was unfamiliar. Unfortunately, the new (absence of) functionality was, too. I could not create a poll in the iOS app but accepted its suggestion to open the webpage (so it knows it can’t). There, I could create a poll but could not resize the time slots. Awkwardly, I could grab them and make the fixed duration earlier or later, or even move the day. But I needed a longer time slot. Undaunted, I kept practicing with short taps, long pushes, touching just the = at the bottom, and deleting with the X corner of the event. Frustrated, I booted my laptop and completely recreated the event, since I did not save it with the wrong time slots on my iPhone. Finally, that worked! However, checking status of who has favored which days does NOT work on my iPhone. Only the first 3 of 6 days offered shows on my screen and scrolling right does not work. The iOS app seems a placeholder, which is odd in 2022. I get it in the first year of iPhones that app developers were still figuring out how to port to smartphones. But that ship has sailed. If Doodle comes clean and says, “We do not support iOS, please use a laptop” that would be efficient and I’d find an alternative scheduler. Please, Doodle, tell me if you’re returning to the iPhone!
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7 years ago, thegreatdefender
Great App Platform
Easy to use. I run a school and am a project manager for a nonprofit so coordinating times for team meetings all can agree to is particularly essential to getting things done in our line of work. The text option is fantastic to help facilitate quicker responses rather than waiting for people to check their email and complete the poll from the link provided there. I enjoy it!!
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2 years ago, 2lane road
Credit for trying: it’s not you it’s me
I was assuming that you knew you sucked, but then I read your reviews and I was like, what?! Oh. I get it. I’m just the dummy that can’t make heads or tails of your app. I mean, I booked a date, shared the deets with my fam and um… couldn’t even click on which dates were best for me? Couldn’t edit the deets on the invite? Couldn’t even *see* the responses? Um hallo? This is an app for people who don’t care if anything gets scheduled, they just want credit for trying. Update: not a single date that I had identified is represented on my link. It’s random and completely unassigned to my requests. Update: my people have been responding to ghost dates that I never requested, this app has actually put me back a decade or two. Paper would have been better. My parents could have arranged this more efficiently. Maybe even my parents’ parents and theirs beforehand. Sheesh. Update: every time I access I have to login one more time than the last? Red flag.
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2 years ago, T9876
Major glitches in this release
With this latest release, none of my polls are showing up. It just says create your first pole. When I search for the name it pops up but when I open it up, the calendar information is all incorrect. Everything is off by a day if you selected an all day pole or if you have a time slot available, it’s off by a couple hours. When I created a poll on the mobile app and then checked on the website, it looked like it was using Zulu time instead of EST. maybe this glitch has something to do with the daylight savings time change? also the mobile website formatting is off and you can’t see your entire pole and have no ability to scroll over even. until these things are fixed, the app is unusable. it was a very useful and great app before, hopefully these are quick fixes but it looks like I’m not the only one having problems.
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2 years ago, RoBu21
Please give us the old Doodle
I have used this app for several years for scheduling Pickleball. The chart was easy to see the full schedule and people could look at it and determine how many players we had for specific days. As the administrator, when I schedule the dates it automatically counts me as available for all the dates. That is just ridiculous. Just because I’m scheduling it does not always mean that I am available. Plus it now hides my response. It is also requiring people to put an email addresses before being able to connect to the poll. We didn’t have to do this before. No one in my group of 20 is happy with the changes. It has become much more cumbersome. Seems to have gone backwards rather than improved. Please give us the old doodle back. Or maybe give an option to choose which one to use.
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2 years ago, LeeSota
No longer functional
I’ve been a big fan of using Doodle for group scheduling for years. With the changes over the last several months, I’m ready to find a new scheduling solution. The app feels like a regression to 10 years ago in functionality and interface. My biggest reason to quit and never come back is the default assumption that if I’m the organizer than I will be available for every date/time I set up in a poll. That’s a narrow minded, business only lens and I know many people use Doodle for non-business purposes where they would like to be able to accurately reflect their availability when trying to find a time that works for a group. Just because I’m the organizer of the group doesn’t mean that the group couldn’t meet without me. If my group polls can’t even be accurate then what’s the point?
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2 years ago, MrSteveee
From Great to Garbage
This app used to be my go-to for scheduling on the iPad, iPhone or Mac. Over the years they have gradually made it less fun and more sterile/corporate, and recently Doodle pushed out an update that totally destroyed the UI and made Doodle an exercise is frustration. Problems: (1) The app doesn’t allow you to schedule group meetings in it anymore!(???). This was the main feature before… but now it just opens a webpage in Safari. What!?!? If it’s just going to do that then why even bother with the app at all? (2) Formerly freemium features are now behind an invisible paywall that keep prompting you to upgrade to pay every time you click. Ironically, I *used* to pay for Doodle, but given this really irritating new interface I wouldn’t recommend paying them. (3) It won’t connect or login over VPNs meaning there are times you can’t get on it at all (coffee shops, etc). (4) If you have a content blocker enabled you will have to disable it for this site, but the issue is that the web UI without content blocking is a nightmare of flashing ads and pop up’s. Overall, I hate Doodle now. Hopefully your mileage will vary.
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5 years ago, avlmahjongg
Trouble with e-mail
Problem: after I set up the poll information (using a previous poll with attendees included), Doodle gives me the message that it is unable to complete the task and to “come back later” or some such. However, if I go immediately to my e-mail, there is the notification. The first time this happened, I kept trying to set up new polls, getting the same message every time. Imagine the consternation among 12 avid Mah Jongg players to find several of the same message in their inbox. Please help keep the tiles clicking, and me as facilitator! (Oh, wait, maybe I should just get fired and let someone else handle this....)
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2 years ago, Theknoxtree
I used to really like it
I have used the Doodle app for a while and loved how easy it made it to schedule time slots with friends. It was optimized for mobile, allowed me to see my calendar, and schedule with friends through text. Simple, clean, easy. Unfortunately, I logged in today and everything is updated. I have to go to a web browser to do the time poll and it’s really hard to see the days and times and my calendar. I can barely click to create a time slot and I can’t drag it around to update the times, etc. it is now difficult to use for the one task it was really good at before. Just sharing my frustration so you know how great it was and why I deleted the app.
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2 years ago, MelvinAntoine
Used to be good
This app used to be very great. The interface was simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate for both the poll creator and invited participants. Recently, however, the app has become less functional for both (e.g., it is currently impossible to delete or archive group polls you’re invited to). this app has also become less intuitive and more confusing to use. For example, I tried adding multiple times for a particular day to a group poll. Only two of the times showed up, the additional slots I kept trying to add kept disappearing after hitting “save” or “add more.” I’m usually good at figuring out how to use confusing and difficult apps, but I’m convinced this is just poor design and functionality.
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2 years ago, Fitcakes
Concept is great, new updates are garbage
I used to be able to create amazing polls for my team that were easy to understand and read. Never failed. However I just made a poll with available 1-1 meetings from Tuesday through Thursday of next week.. but now when I click on it it is showing Monday as a day?? And then I accidentally clicked on a day thinking I could change it and it, turned it into a vote for me which means no one else can have that day and I don't know how to take it off… it used to be so easy and now it’s strangely user-UNfriendly. So I am unfortunately going to have to wait until Doodle steps it back up again. :(
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2 years ago, Dory_Nina
They got rid of features making it less user friendly
I’ve used Doodle Polls for about 5 years, here and there. They’ve made a major update with the app and now it’s hard to navigate, I can’t even find my poll by logging into the app, I have to go to the email I sent the link on originally and click that to get it to open the poll in my app. It doesn’t allow me to see all respondents without clicking on all the day/time options individually and checking for responses. It automatically puts me available on every time slot selected for the poll, I don’t get to vote like everyone else. To be honest, it’s completely useless and I’ll no longer be using it. I’m going to try Calendly next time.
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2 years ago, clifster
Ingenious. Buggy. Necessary.
The core concept of what Doodle does: allowing simple and easy time coordination is wonderful and needed. Unfortunately the modern implementation of this needs in a mobile app who’s text fields obscure UI buttons or that doesn’t show existing group polls even after logging into one’s account is is disappointing. Many functions also appear to continue requiring access to the mobile website, which at a certain point just becomes easier to use than what should be the most direct path to service usage (mobile app).
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2 years ago, JosephE
This app has gone downhill
Doodle used to be a nice program/app for scheduling. Unfortunately the changes they have made have really made this much less user friendly. You cannot schedule off a monthly calendar now for example; only weekly. And you can’t actually type times in; you have to click and drag the times on the weekly calendar and hope that your mouse isn’t too finicky. Who thought of that? In addition, there is now some quirk with the app where all the available days I offered are shifted ahead in the app by the day. The developers really have some work to do.
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3 years ago, Manati354
Amazing but...
Synchronization is key. The Desktop and mobile are not connecting, it feels like I’m working in two different accounts. My mobile app does not let me view the booking calendar. IOS does not sync with the desktop. However, the mobile syncs with many calendars. It would make sense for at least the calendars to sync with the desktop. That way if I book on the desktop it will have all my events. Doodle has been my go to app for all scheduling and it seems like I will have to look for an alternative.
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2 years ago, 13467853113457889865422467
Returned after 3 years and it’s now unusable
Tried using it on the website with constant functionality struggles. Downloaded the app to see if it worked better and it actually was worse! You used to be able to select a time and then copy it to all dates. Even copy all times to all dates. Now you have to individually select each time on every single day—incredibly tedious if you’re scheduling something between 9am-9pm in half hour increments! This website used to be a lifesaver when I was in college and managing 20 people back in 2018—I gave up on using this within 20 minutes right now.
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2 years ago, Striner22
New Update is way less user friendly
I absolutely loved Doodle. I use it for scheduling date nights, weekend getaways, board meetings, and play dates. Unfortunately, the new update has made it very frustrating. It’s not nearly as user friendly and more complex to understand. It was seamless before so I really hope you’ll convert back to the old way. If you did, I’d be giving you a 5 star review. I have always shared how great this app is with family and friends but I don’t feel good about doing that at this time.
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2 years ago, Windowwiz
Premium version not working and ZERO support
I upgraded to premium for myself and a colleague thinking it would be better than the free version. It’s not. I can’t see my current polls on laptop or iPhone app and can’t get rid of one from 2 months ago. Contacted support and all they could say was to clear the cache, which I did 10 times and it did nothing. So zero for doodle. I’ll still use it for responding to polls but I am forced to let the 1 year subscription run out because you guessed it no live support and I’m not going down the messaging hole to be more frustrated. Save your money don’t get premium.
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3 years ago, DMPgirls
Beware: Since they updated the website the app no longer works
I no longer see any of my recent polls in the apps. When I try and submit help or feedback it says it can’t reach the server. As far as I can tell the app is no longer working since they updated their website. Which by the way they act like it’s an improvement but it’s definitely not an improvement. Limited functionality on polls when compared to the previous website. They added some new features but I have yet to get any of them to work. Disappointing this was a great service. I may not renew.
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6 years ago, JaceFromMars
Completely Unusable As of Now
I used Doodle a number of years back as a way to build schedules out of peoples’ availability. I recently decided to begin using it again for a different job, but upon downloading the app, it is COMPLETELY unusable. When you open it, it just sits on the open/loading screen, and doesn’t enter the app. I have tried this multiple times, as well as having others try it, and they all have the same issue. To my understanding, the website is functioning fine, but the main appeal is that people can access it quickly on their phones. One star until this problem is fixed.
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5 months ago, papa95472
Newest version is super buggy
I’ve used Doodle dozens of times over the years and the latest version is completely useless. First off, the first thing you see when you click on a link is an advertisement that looks like the doodle poll link and so any of your recipients are going to be super confused by clicking on this ad! Not to mention the user interface for filling out poll information is complete garbage. I had to enter available dates no less than six times before it finally stopped resetting my options. I guess I just have to find some other app. Good luck!
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6 years ago, quazybuzy
New favorite app!
Imma busy mom of two kids with a large community of friends. This app has helped us organize dates for a dinner party, play dates, a mother daughter book club meeting date, and allowed me to create a voting poll on the more than thirty books my Mom’s book club was choosing from! It’s easy to use. The only thing that would improve it, is a graph overview (for voting polls that don’t include dates), to make the view narrower when there are many items listed on the poll.
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2 years ago, Dude36843389
Updated system is SUPER buggy
I used doodle regularly for the last 7 years. Always easy, and very dependable. The app functioned well, as did the website. The recent update to both is unreliable, and change dates that I input to another date. It shifted my dates a day earlier no matter what I did. The app no longer works well within the iOS interface and pushes you to the website. I’m moving to google forms and deleting my app after this experience. A little clunkier, but at least it’s dependable.
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7 years ago, Mousey2232
Pretty cool
Tried this App for the first time to do field visits for the fall semester. Normally I would send a bunch of emails back-and-forth trying to coordinate visit dates with multiple people. But this time I used the Doodle app and it took all of I think about five minutes to set up and send out and it was easy as pushing a button! Participants even said how easy it was! All they had to do was check the dates they were available! Highly recommend.
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6 years ago, Gavin Sully
Absolutely Amazing!
This app is just what I was looking for when trying to get meetings planned for group projects in college or just getting friends together for lunch. With people all having different schedules these days, doodle makes it so much easier to see when everyone can meet up.
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3 years ago, LJG-SD
New design issues?
I’ve used Doodle for several years now (browser version as well as iPad and iPhone apps). There were no issues… loved the app and browser version!… until the most recent design updates (July-August 2021). 1. New polls created in browser no longer show up in app versions. 2. One group I schedule meets every quarter… in Doodle, I submit 15-20 date/time options over 3 months (e.g., Sept-Oct-Nov). The previous design allowed you to expand the dates and see all at once. The new design requires that you horizontal scroll through the dates. The 20 people I am coordinating do not know about the scroll… the scroll bar is hidden… so they only mark the dates on the screen. I am having to do a lot of follow-up to make sure people aren’t missing dates. The new design is not intuitive! Requires more handholding.
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2 years ago, ssalllladd
The new update is less than desired
I had downloaded to app to be able to create doodle polls on my phone without needing to use a browser because of how difficult it can be in mobile. Now with the new update, it opens my browser to create the polls. Why even have an app if it just opens a browser? The program itself is very useful and makes planning easier, but the new update is not the move.
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1 year ago, Tlbcaset10163
Dates imported incorrectly
I set up a poll on the website and thought it would be easier to use the app so I downloaded. When I signed in the dates that I polled were different than how I set up on the website. I was also unable to view the individual responses to the poll. Weird and very disappointing for me. Went back to the website and called it a day. The website is pretty awful too on mobile version at least. And I should say I was using free version so I don’t know if that is relevant. Better luck to anyone else I guess!
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2 years ago, Radz_Is_Awesome
The updated app is the worst!
This has now become the worst app I have ever used! I definitely preferred the original over this where I could update other people's responses and add responses as well! Now after I respond, I can't see who else has responded, at app keeps glitching so I can't see half the time what is going on - it just shows me just a black screen, and half the time it tried to open a browser instead of doing things through the app! Like I said....its TERRIBLE! I wish they would just go back to the old version!!!
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2 years ago, KAL82TTT
Update is terrible
Buttons are out of reach off screen and the app now has to open to browser to do it’s most basic function. They made the app worse, didn’t test it with actual competent users, AND now they want you to pay for it. Zero stars. Edit: it gets worse! If you select Monday, it comes up as Sunday in the poll and so on for every day of the week. On the search for a new app with this function because what used to work perfectly was ruined by people that don’t test their end-user product.
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2 years ago, iPhone mom & data geek
Big bug in trying to select responses
1) If you’re trying to respond to several choices and you accidentally touch a part of the screen that isn’t answering the poll, it ERASES ALL YOUR ANSWERS! I can’t believe people would put up with this. Please fix. 2) it showed me meeting requests from months and months ago. There’s no clear way to filter them out without going into the poll. You can’t tell what’s old/outdated and what’s current. Please fix. Other than these 2 major app issues, I am a fan of the Doodle service.
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1 year ago, Tanyeahhh
Used to love
I use this to coordinate schedules for a night out once a month with friends. Lately if I suggest Sat/Sun dates it will change on my end to look like Fri/Sat. Apparently everyone else sees Sat/Sun dates but then I see their votes as Fri/Sat. It also assumes I am fully available for all the dates I suggest now. I used to be able to vote and select if need be or not available. I don’t know what changed but it’s incredibly frustrating that it doesn’t work like it used to!
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2 years ago, theresamiktus
app keeps crashing
downloaded today to use for work, but the app keeps crashing when trying to do anything remotely complicated with the poll i’m creating, like adding multiple date options. i haven’t used doodle poll for over a year and am extremely disappointed with what it has turned into. i literally work in marketing and app development - why on earth would you launch a major platform UI switch without actual testing to see whether or not it works
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8 months ago, Flexinib
Leaves something to be desired
this app turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. I used it to try try to get a few old men together for drinks. Not everyone could figure it out. I would’ve liked to have known the names of the individuals who were voting for various dates and the app does not give you that information. I found the app not-that-intuitive for navigating or maybe I’m just an old man.
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2 years ago, SSmith-MV2
What happened…
App used to work quite nicely, looked good on a phone and was simple to use, now there are ads, everything is premium and it seems you have to ‘go to the website’ to even creat a poll? And when you go to the website that is pretty terrible with seemingly no ‘mobile version’ I might be doing something wrong, likely am, but so far, this is NOT user friendly/intuitive at all.
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7 years ago, Neighborhood Divah
Doodle and Done!
Saves time and saves my Doodle, pick your availability, confirm and done!!! It can be quite confusing and annoying with folks sending a gazillion emails, filling up my inbox back and forth and forth and back, trying to “decide” on the best date and time to meet!!!
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2 years ago, btareasa3
Update is Worthless!
I am a long time user of this app and loved it… UNTIL the new version! The new version doesn’t work the way the old one did. So disappointing! Working from an iPad/iPhone, the app shows the dates and times you selected and then when it is sent to the invitees, it shows different dates and times!!! What the heck!?!? Can’t schedule a meeting if this information does NOT show correctly! Such a shame! Please fix or go back to the old version!
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2 years ago, JesstheWarriorPrincess
The app does nothing
Doodle is a great concept and I’ve used it to organize a great many events. The recent updates to the program have made creating an event online bulky and borderline impossible, so I decided to look for an app. Unfortunately, the app does nothing. It just redirects you to the website, which is what I was trying to get away from. None of it is mobile-friendly. Super frustrating.
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2 years ago, A_L3D
New Update Ruins App
The latest update has completely removed the functionality of the app. Nothing actually happens in the app now, it all takes place on your browser, and even then it is far less streamlined. The new app design may look sleeker, but “easier to use” is a flat lie. I haven’t tried the $7 a month premium version, but having all your free functionality disappear overnight is a bummer. I’m looking elsewhere to schedule my events.
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2 years ago, Happy Yoga Girl
They Broke It
This used to be an intuitive, time-saving app. I loved this app, but they broke it. All the 1-star reviews are true. How can you say you have been “fixing” glitches for almost an entire year, and it still be this awful? The prior version was great. Abandon this horrible new design, that you apparently can’t fix, and go back to the old. I can’t imagine how quickly you are losing users, the app (and website) are no longer useful.
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2 years ago, smsjpssjs22
What happened? Horrible and unusable now
I never write reviews but this is just crazy how they ruined both the app and the website. New logo maybe new owners that ruined it? I used doodle for years to schedule meetings and singing rehearsal. It was great! Now when I try to schedule a meeting I can’t edit my own responses and the formatting is horrible. I just deleted the app after being a user since it came out. I had to revert to a google sheet for my polls for rehearsal.
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2 years ago, Ryanizer
Who thought this update was a good idea?
This app was the greatest for quick scheduling with my friend groups. With the new update, they’ve managed to remove features from the app, forcing you to go to safari to do anything. The page is horribly optimized for iOS browsers, so viewing and creating a schedule is clunky and awful. I don’t know why you changed it, but I can’t be the only one having an awful time with it.
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7 years ago, djgirish
Doodle is one of the best time saving apps!
I continue to share this app with so many different people. It is quick and accurate! Scheduling is not always a job that any one person looks forward to managing; but Doodle makes it easy.
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6 years ago, Holly Kat
Needs One More Function to Be GREAT!
This is solid app, easy to set up polls and send to my group of friends. Only thing that would make it PERFECT would be if I could have multiple questions to one poll. Often I have to send multiple polls cause I have 2-3 questions! 😢 Otherwise super easy to use and send polls and review what everyone voted!
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2 years ago, thieveid6389264
Latest Version Ruined App
New changes have ruined the experience of a once fantastic app. I’ve been using doodle since 2015 for scheduling and it has always been a reliable tool. However, recent changes to the app have driven me to find a new service. The new design is bloated and not user friendly, and latest update removes several features that were necessary for my purposes. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!
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2 years ago, Kromslor
App Now Worthless
This used to be a good app, sometime in the last week it updated, and now literally all it does is direct you to it’s stupid crappy site (which is full of ads, btw) unless you’re willing to shell up for a prohibitively expensive account. Why does everything have to be an account these days? Just let us buy a thing and be done with it! Absolutely worthless app. Will be switching to a different one asap.
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7 years ago, Jeb11289
Great app but current difficulties
Absolutely love this app! It’s great for scheduling get together with group of people. But currently my app keeps freezing when I get to the date selection page. It lets me choose one date and then freezes up. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Necrophore
Sadly worse than earlier versions
I was previously a paid doodle subscriber but the changes to their mobile app made it counter intuitive to use, difficult to visualize who had selected dates for meetings, and caused it to forget meeting selections when switching between Doodle and a calendar app to choose an option since the app itself no longer supports this. Consequently, I can no longer support this app
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2 years ago, Lomoh
Dates incorrect
I’ve had difficulty reading a doodle poll using the app. And looking at responses isn’t user friendly. Poor interface. So in the past two days I created two polls using the web version on my computer. Worked fine. When I went to check responses using the app on my iPad, it had completely wrong dates as options. And, I can no longer edit a participant’s input if they ask me to.
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