Doodle Jump - Insanely Good!

4.2 (2.9K)
93 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lima Sky
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doodle Jump - Insanely Good!

4.21 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
9 months ago, the game guy 1114
Great! But…
Don’t get me wrong: this game IS insanely good and addictive! Just one thing: ads. Yes it’s the ads that make me rate it 4 stars. You’re probably like: but lots of games have ads! Well, you get ads EVERY TIME YOU DIE.ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙Yes I know. But! it’s not like I absolutely hate the game. I just hate the ads. Plus, if you are going to get the game (which you should!), I just want to tell you you have to tilt your device. Please read this and reduce the ads to every couple of deaths. Thank you and have a good day!
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3 years ago, This game is cheeting
A childhood favorite
Holy gods thank you! This game is incredible. You get a simple platform game with a 1 tap feature whilst still being equally intense. You have to shoot, and stomp on monster while not falling and getting power ups. There’s different levels, like ninja level, where you can get a invincibility bush to sneak up on your enemy, and use characters such as the sumo so when you jump you slam down. Easter events, endless runner, fast to learn gameplay! I have picked up the game 4-ish days ago and OMG, amazing game. Even though I haven’t played For 7 years it feels right like I’m picking it up again after countless tries. Criteria, would 100% recommend, it’s a classic, easy to learn, multitasker, hard but not too hard, and has sponsors?!? Also not blown up with 30 second ads, meant to be played on the go, after all.
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2 years ago, guardiano8325
When I was a kid.. I always liked to play this game at Chuck E Cheese. I was so addicted to it. I always get a lot of tickets because I was so skilled at this game. It’s a very fun game to play when your bored and luckily it doesn’t need any WiFi. But… there is only one problem; Ads. They appear every single run I attempt and when I die they always appear instead of the wheel which gives you fun prizes. I was so annoyed at this because I attempted the game 3 times when I first downloaded it and so far I’ve seen WAYY too many ads. I know that advertisement is important but like minimize the ads because it doesn’t make the game fun than it used to be. Maybe advertise every once in a while such as maybe 7 or 8 attempts.. maybe less but just try to minimize the ads so the game will become 10x addicting.
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4 years ago, donford mc.dumsy
This game is supper fun and addictive (in a good way). I can not play this game without wanting to make my own doodle monsters! I see no reason to change this classic game, but I would like to recommend a new game: doodle jump Adventure. The game would be just like the original doodle jump accept it would be like a Mario but with a little green guy that never stops jumping, and you would be on a landscape fighting little germ-like monsters. It might have a landscape like that of doodle sprint, but with a more interesting shape on each one. Also there should be bosses. Bosses are what makes games so interesting because they have higher health, a wider variety of attacks, and they are harder to defeat than any other opponent. I feel like this would be a fun (free) game that many people would play. I know I would. PS. remember, doodle jump adventure should be a FREE GAME.
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4 years ago, Summer meh
Get it
My dad and I have been playing this since the iPhone 3g came out and 10 years later it’s still the same fun as it once was. It’s been a while since I played it again but this is just one of those go-to games to pass time and it can get very competitive if you play with other people (it’s not multiplayer but it’s just fun trying to get the higher score when playing with others.) the only thing I don’t like about it is the ads since i started playing it long before ads within apps became a thing, but I know it’s to help keep the game free so I can deal with it. Even though it’s a bit of an older game it’s still mostly the same as it once was.
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5 years ago, redpandas💕
Super addicting
This game is awesome. You NEED to get it. The main character is SOO adorable. I love all the characters you can buy. Although I admit they are a bit expensive. I also like that you can do multiplayer, but I do wish that instead of playing with just one other person you can play with more than one. The adds don’t bother me at all they don’t pop up ALL the time. Unlike some games, so that makes it less annoying. I also have another recommendation, I wish there was a store for space. That would be great. The game is also super addictive. I like that the missions aren’t too hard. DoodleJump is a great and simple game. You should definitely download it. I 💕 DoodleJump!
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5 years ago, CreativeMango123
Awesome Game, a couple ideas
I LOVE DOODLE JUMP!!! I think it is insanely fun. If I could, I would give 4 1/2 stars though, because there is the rather annoying ads. I think that instead of ads when you die ( adding insult to injury!) you could have platforms that are pause- the-game-for-ads platforms. Basically, these are a last ditch effort to save your life and watch an ad. Also, you should maybe have a version that is “arrow key” style, witch would make it easier to play in placed like the car (not driving, of course!!!!!) and other places as well. Thanks for reading, now get DoodleJump NOW! I promise it is an incredible game, and I love it!!
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6 years ago, Phopha179
Some of you my care about competing with other people (The multiplayer thing takes a few minutes to load.) but I prefer to just play by myself. It’s really fun, and for people of all ages. My little cousins play this game too. But please developers, can you put the revival thing for the space world? It’s my favorite world, and once I got to 130,776 and I really wanted to revive my self, but alas I could not in the space world. Please change. ;)There are some adds, but they are never more then the 30 second adds you watch if you want to revive yourself. I recommend this game to EVERY person in the world with sense. :) 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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5 years ago, SugarRushGirl16
I love Doodle Jump, and I know a lot of people enjoy it too!!!! It’s an amazing game and even the crazy amount of ads doesn’t bother me if I have CHANCE to play this AMAZE game!!! I have been playing Doodle Jump since I was 4 years old (I’m 10) and I STILL love it!!! It has been my favorite game for 6 years and I am so glad it’s so popular now-a-days!! I love it and I INSIST that you download it!!!! Parents, it’s a perfect 👌 game and I have NEVER had a single problem!!!! The Doodle is SO cute and so are it’s outfits AND it’s stickers for texting are just TOO MUCH 😊😘♥️!!!!! I insist (again :) ) that you download and have ad much fun as me!!!! ♥️ Love you Doodle Jump!!!!!! Kennedy♥️
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2 years ago, 🦙🦙🦙❤️❤️❤️
FINALLY!! A game that didn’t change!!!
I loved this game when I was younger and when I downloaded it again recently, I was so happy to find it didn’t change like so many other great games have over the years, like Minecraft and Fruit Ninja, to name a few. This and Tiny Wings are two awesome games that I loved years ago and still do! Not to mention it’s pretty addictive as well. I practically have no problems whatsoever. There’s an ad probably every 3-4 rounds which is really good when you consider most games and how many ads they have. Thank you so much for keeping this classic a classic!!! 🥳🥳🥳
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4 months ago, Kate65764
I’ve read many reviews on this game positive and negative. In the negative comments I’ve been seeing the same problem come up and I don’t like seeing this game get hate when there’s a simple fix. People have been saying there are too many ads in the game and, I couldn’t agree more. If you want to enjoy the game ad free plus, not spend any money you can just turn off Wi-Fi. This game is very fun. You are a little alien. You tilt your phone to make sure he lands on the blocks. There are disappearing blocks, moving blocks, breaking blocks, etc. 100% download 😀
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3 years ago, hiimanavacadooo
If you don’t have this, I’m sorry for you 😶
This game is SO fun! I had this a couple years ago and then forgot completely about it. I saw an ad for it the other day and said “OMG I FORGOT ABOUT THAT GAME BUT I NEED IT AGAIN!” So I did my research... and found the game! And ever since I re-downloaded it, I can’t stop playing! It’s SO addicting and I LOVE the Easter map! Plus! You can get TONS of skins for almost EVERY map! So as the title says, if you don’t have this, I’m sorry for you l! Because is you DONT have this (for some reason?) you NEED to download it! It’s an ORDER from ME!
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3 years ago, Mamadoo2
Gots lots of glitches
This game is addictive and I love playing it but it has a lot of glitches with the missions. Multiple times it would not give me credit for the progress I have made with a mission when I had completed the mission and I had to complete it several times before it was finally picked it up. I also noticed that some of the missions are near impossible to complete which while it should be hard it shouldn’t be that impossible. A great example is jump on three UFOs and then only gives you the opportunity to see a UFO about every 10 or 15 games no matter how high I go in the game.
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4 years ago, princessi pink104
Tips! ( for everyone complaining about the ads)
Okay, so when I got this game it was really fun, the ads didn’t really bother me but bothers a lot of other people. So here’s a tip to stop the ads: go to “settings “ and turn off your WiFi, the if you have “ Cellular data” turn it off ( If it wasn’t already off) the you have no ads! So please stop complaining I agree there are a lot of ads but they don’t really bother me. Signed-someone lol P.S don’t forget to turn it back on 😉
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2 years ago, philly jump
This game is very engaging and addicting. You come to grow attached to the little character and being to enjoy his journey throughout the different levels. I have even given him a name. I call him Philly. I beat all the levels but unfortunately it reset to the beginning out of nowhere. No problems here though! I enjoy this game so much that I don’t mind going through all the levels again. Definitely give this game a play!!!
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6 years ago, Ahsidi575sja
Liked it but...
I do enjoy playing but my issue is connectivity. It takes WAY too long to connect a match (5-10 mins, if even) to the point where it’s not even worth playing anymore. I don’t ever play this game anymore solely due to that. It would be great if there were an update to fix this “bug” and I could enjoy playing once again. Thank you. It baffles me that so many are able to play the game and even give it 5 stars. It has been a year since I first posted this complaint, and nothing has changed. It’s actually taking even longer to load matches, IF they even load. Why is no one fixing this issue? Why is my complaint being dismissed?
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6 years ago, KraftKing21
Amazing, too many ads
Please read this before buying I hate ads. They are annoying. So, could you just make there be less ads? Like, only if you want to resurrect yourself? But if you don’t want a resurrection, it doesn’t make sense that you still watch an add. Because, in other games, that’s how it is, and usually it makes me want to not resurrect. So, this game would be more fun if you did that. But I can’t buy the other kind of this because it costs money. So please, after reading this, you might regret buying this because of all the ads.
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5 years ago, Oofy Shoes101
I personally love this game it is so fun and it is totally appropriate for little kids the adds aren’t inappropriate there all kid friendly. If I could change one thing about it it’s when you die you should get a second chance because when I got my high score I thought you jump on monsters so I did and fell and there was no option to do a second chance. Another thing is there is an add every time you die it’s kind of annoying. But overall I love this app.
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4 years ago, guide for games113456
Fabulous app😍😍😍😍💐💐💐💐
So basically this app seems that is for kids and it is stupid but no this app is great and as others said this app is flawless. It is a pretty great game that you can play it and don’t be interrupted by stupid ads. I used to get lots of costumes and other things that could make me like an actual player, sadly my phone had lots of games and i deleted it but i will download it again. There is no need for change in this great app.
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6 years ago, 😁🤣😂😅
Some things that need fixing
This game is the best game I’ve ever had. My favorite version is space. But I agree with some of the other reviews, my little brothers play this game, and some of the ads are way to inappropriate. Regarding, I rate this game four stars because the only thing that is wrong with the app, (except for the scary ads), is that sometimes when I’m in the middle of playing, it takes me out of the app, and it isn’t just me. So producers, I would try to fix that.
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2 years ago, Kaylynn 7898
Amazing game
I use to play this all the time on my little nabi thing I think that’s what it’s called when I was younger like when I was 5 and I loved this game played it all day and all night best game and when my nabi broke I couldn’t play it anymore until I found out that it’s also on phones so I searched it and found it this beings back so many memories and it’s still really fun!!
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4 years ago, Family gamet
Good but I have a problem
So I was playing this game and I wanted to play on multiplayer mode and it said I had to be signed into the Game Center, so I signed in and all of a sudden it kept kicking me from the app! Pls tell me what the heck is going on, I shut down my phone and it still didn’t work, I swiped out of the app completely and went back in it still didn’t work, imma try deleting and reinstalling the app and I will tell u if it worked Thx for reading!
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1 year ago, KittySlicker
I love Doodle Jump, it's so awesome and swag. The little green jumping alien is very joyous and funny! The Alien is crazy fun for the whole family! Joyous day! I have spent over 5,000 USD to dress up silly fun jump creature, lots of fun and trials and tribulation. Overcome the force of nature as funny creature takes on the world. Dress up little creature with many fun attire. Green is the color of good fortune! Alien brings good fortune and luck, very satisfied! Crazy wild creature jump jump jump!
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4 years ago, TIJ2VU85
Relaxing and cool
You can do anything if you want in this game but it’s silent that’s why it’s relaxing and a few years ago (6) I’m 11 years old I played it since I was 6 or 4 since I played it I continue into years and it’s never discontinued thank you whoever the developer is I played this during the night when it’s relaxing but I still have the game the graphics are cool.
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2 years ago, hdbxhchsjjdjjsjxjjxmdjxnd
Lets start off on a positive note: THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! However... the ads are errrrr....well....not so amazing. Its the same dumb ads over and over again, AFTER EVERY MATCH! To make matters worse, i cant remove ads in the game or on the app store! It only takes me to the version you have to pay for. Usually I would buy it but I read the reviews. WHY ARE YOU MAKING PEOPLE PAY FOR IT IF IT STILL HAS ADS?!? Please fix this problem!!
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4 years ago, bad apps like this
Idea for new platform
My idea is that the platform looks like a faded red color. U shoot it with your guy and the platform turns into a blinking red platform. Shoot the next faded red platform while jumping on the blinking red platform. They stay blinking red for 5 seconds and fade again then u can’t jump on them. U have to shoot em again. Make the red platform blink the same way the blinking white one does.
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4 years ago, American Typwriter
It’s a good game but the ads...
I love the game. It is so fun because it is simple, but difficult, and there lots of different ways to play. The only bad thing is after every time you die, it has an ad. I don’t know if this is just me or if I could do something to change that, but I don’t want to pay money. If you don’t care about that kind of thing, then great! This game is for you. Other than the ads, this game is really fun.
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6 years ago, kennedy.kiss
Great and Fun, But too many Ads
I absolutely love this game but there are so many ads. Sometimes the ads can be very scary for kids who can read them. They are also usually about depression or things like that that kids don’t need to read about quite yet. Some of these ads give kids nightmares and such. So please, developers, don’t put in scary and depressing ads, put in ads for other games and such (that aren’t scary games)!
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3 weeks ago, Mjberm
I love Doodle Jump BUT
This game is so fun and my girlfriend loves playing it on my phone like constantly. However this game has way too many ads. When you die and it says watch video to get resurrected you might as well just do that because there’s going to be and ad anyways. That actually is the only bad part of this game but truly the ads are too much.
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10 months ago, Lunarstring5662
Good nostalgic game, but ruined by corporate greed
I used to play this all the time in 2013 it was incredible and creative, however, they made the classic version 0.99 cents and uploaded a near exact replica with one catch, you get an add nearly every time you fail. You can watch an add and then fail within three seconds of starting and get another add. It is aggravating to another level because I recently reinstalled this because I was feeling nostalgic only to find it a mess of adds and corporate greed.
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1 year ago, sue sue sammy
i played this game when i was younger. it hasn't changed much since last time i played it and it's still as amazing as i remember it being. it's so much fun to hop around on platforms and shoot the monsters. there are different game modes and this game is just perfect in my eyes. not to mention not an ad every 30 seconds
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5 years ago, merry thanksgiving
Amazing app just a few problems
For starters I absolutely love this game! It is so addicting and so so much fun! There are some problems though. There are so many adds. That’s why I turn on airplane mode because you don’t get adds just remember to turn it off when you are done. And that is the only problem. Overall I absolutely love this game so so so much!
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2 years ago, Skittle👑💅
The game is really fun and entertaining, it’s not just jumping, you can blast monsters, get boosters, and you even have goals! But the reason why I gave it a 3 is because of the stupid amount of ads. Like seriously 😑 every time I die (which is a lot) I get an ad and I’ve gotten really annoyed by it. So if you would just lessen the amount of ads I would give it a five star. ⭐️ But overall I think you should download the app
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6 years ago, needlesandpins411
So this game is so cute I love how you can dress up your little character and at the beginning I thought it was horrible because there was an ad after every game🤯 but then I kept on playing it and I was addictive and now I love it 😍 I don’t really care about the adds anymore so I boosted my 1 star review to a 4 star so the only thing wrong Is that sometimes it will lag and take me of the app
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6 years ago, Haileyyy28
Way too many ads
As a kid, this was probably the most fun game I would play on my moms phone. There were a list of fun and classic games I would play: Doodle Jump, Geometry Dash, Cut the Rope, etc. This was back in 2010, so the game didn’t have ads. However, now the ads just ruin the point of it. Now, there’s an ad every time you die/ resurrect, and some of the ads are inappropriate. Please rethink your ads, then me, and many other players, will enjoy the game more.
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2 years ago, comet_999
“Blast 10 monsters in a game”
The game is good and fun but the quests are broken. One of the quests tells us to blast 10 monsters in a game. The thing is it stops counting the monsters 90% of the way during completion. So I can’t do any of my quests if it has that challenge and I get stuck on it. Please fix the bug to make the game playable again.
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4 months ago, tanvivbec
Multiple player possible updates?
This game was my childhood and recently I took inspiration from this game to create my project in college and because of this, I re-downloaded the game. I really love the multiplayer option, but I wish I am able to play with more than one person.
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3 years ago, mikey gregg is cool
FUN but ads
I know I know it’s the free version so there’s going to be ads but not a ad every time I die it’s kinda annoying pls make the ads every once in a while maybe like after dying 5 times? Sounds fair also I LOVE the pirate version so fun and the Easter one too Pls add costumes and stuff to some levels they don’t have costumes to unlock thanks
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5 years ago, person 12.4
Multiplayer needs fixed
I was playing a game of multiplayer, and my opponent jumped on the same spring as me and we both used it, but later on they used one and it wouldn’t work for me. After I won it kicked me out of the game. This is not just been happening to me, another person wrote a review about the multiplayer too, but nothing was fixed, that tells me that it’s either the developers way or no way, and that is not what someone should do, your going to lose players if you do that, so please actually do something for once.
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6 years ago, niya❤️❤️😘😘😍😍
One thing needs to be fixed
This game is amazing but their is one thing that need to be fixed, the thing that need to be fixed is....ok so when you’re about to face on a monster you jump to a platform that has a shield on it , but that shield should also give you another life once you die😬
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5 months ago, 🫥🫡😭
Oh My Goodness This Game
This is by far the most addicting amazing game ever. I love playing it, and it is so stress relieving. This is truly a five star game. If there is one game I could recommend to this world it would be this one. Everyone I know that plays this game absolutely loves it and so do I. Thank you so much for reading. Have a blessed day!
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1 year ago, DJdemonGaming
W game
Ahh yes, the classic. The goats. Everyone has probably seen doodle jump before, whether when it was in its prime on the app store or in an arcade. Very fun yet simple game that you can play offline. Ads exist, but you can counter them by going offline. Honestly there’s really no complaints about the game.
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2 years ago, Deylan Santa
Soooooo, addictive for meh. (Sorry for all the memes, I’ll stop… for a little) One near complaint is having to tilt your device to move. Why couldn’t there be settings for controls (or literally anything)? Then, themes. freaking hella banger omg. Ninja, 8-bit, and space themes are the best (in my opinion). So good game, but tilt controls.
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6 years ago, viviana67a
The add problem
There are these little adds popping up all over the game and their quite annoying, there little games and they take you to a website, I get the game needs ads to pay but when they load can they not take me to a useless game site?
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5 years ago, kayy0489
Too many ads!
I love the game but... there are way to many adds! I mean I don’t really mind with ads but there’s an ad every single time u loose or win. AND it is the same ad the the whole time!! Just something to take into consideration and maybe put ads every 3 games or do different ads! Anyway I do love the game fun and entertaining and I love the different themes!
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6 months ago, Pera y
Good but needs work
I like this game a lot like I play it a lot but when I had to blast 5 monsters in one shot it was so stressing because I could have already done 4 but died with one and it would start the whole thing again. So I think that should be fixed.
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4 years ago, PuppydoXYZ0112
Makes me very angry.
Doodle Jump is a very pleasant game, but there is something that makes me almost pee my pants out of anger. Its the quests. I’ve been stuck on a quest for a few MONTHS!!! So I’m asking this, make it so the quests switch to different quests every week, and make there be small rewards for the quests, please.
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2 years ago, Sam ;-;
Amazing game!!!
This game is super fun to play with friends and have fun. I love playing this game when i am on road-trips I never get bored and me and my brother always compete. I would defend recommend this to anyone looking for a game to play when bored or just anytime!!
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I remember playing this game on my nabi about 7 or 8 years ago. I recently (like 30m ago) downloaded it again and when I saw that it’s 10th birthday happened I was near tears. I love this game so much, like I’m sure a lot of 2000’s kids do, and I’m so happy to have grown up with it.
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10 months ago, hannaelizabethh
OMG i used to play this game so much when i was a little lad and i totally forgot about it until recently and nothing has changed about it which really makes me so happy!!! i love love love the nostalgia! it was the only thing keeping me sane through my parent’s s divorce
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