Doodoo Pad: casual paint draw

4 (219)
12.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bejoy Mobile
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doodoo Pad: casual paint draw

4.04 out of 5
219 Ratings
2 years ago, Blaster209
It’s okay but.
I have had this game most of my life but it needs to let you choose what texture and color you use and I hope that it doesn’t keep like this 😒! So I hope someone fixes it for childrens sake’s and this is coming from a 10 year old!!!
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7 years ago, Hrryptter13
Well, being that I am a 13 year old, you should probably not be taking advice from me on a child's game. I have to say that this game has entertained me in the past, and I have to say that this is a fun game to draw with. Although, it doesn't have the best colors, but it has a wide range of styles of writing. One of the best parts is that you'll can insert a photo to draw on and share to your friends the funny picture you made by drawing mustaches on them. The only reason I am doing this is because I have time to waste and am very bored. Over all, this is a good app, very good app indeed. 👍🏻
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5 years ago, jwazelle
Lots of uses
I love this app. I take a picture of my grocery list with my phone camera. Then I can use the picture in Doodle Light to shop and mark items off my list as I get them. Using it now to help my granddaughter study her music notes. I made five lines which form a staff. I saved it to photos then I can use it to write notes on and she had to name them. We can clear the screen but the lines remain to be used over and over. Just examples of what the app can do to help.
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2 years ago, no BOdy YoU KnoW ❤️❤️
Good game
I love this game same with the Joy doodle I have had this game since I was 4 when I had my kindle and it was my favorite for sure I just came across it and it brought back so many old old memories. Why is the name doodoo Is it supposed to be doodle?? I would rather the name be doodle. but anyway great game I would definitely recommend for everyone but especially youngsters if they are to get a game (coming from a 12 year old) That’s all byeeeeeeeee
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7 years ago, RSLOVEURGAMES
I'm sorry,I'm being rude but,COME ON. The ads are horrible. My daughter has been playing this for about 3 years. It has made her addicted to her tablet. I was guessing all the bright colors and stuff and well, drawing made her really like this game. So I wanted to make sure she was playing a safe game. So I doodled on it for a bit and looked at her drawings. Normal drawings. Then I looked at the ads coming in every second. Then I saw this ad that said "Cream for your v"(If you don't know what I mean,Vagina) I was surprised it would say that. I reported the ad and deleted the app from her tablet. She was pretty mad but, it was for her best because there was like Disney princess sex stuff. She would only care about Disney princess....
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1 year ago, mcplds
Misleading, no way to rotate, and ads.
I used to have this app, years ago when it was able to be paid for to remove the ads, which I gladly did. Then (a few years ago), it was discontinued and this "free" version is the only one which exists. On the ipad, the orientation is forced to portrait, which is contrary to what the app pictures suggest. I have a keyboard case, and my iPad is ALWAYS in the landscape position. I suppose it can be used that way, but it would be nice if the app were able to officially rotate (how hard can that be to implement). More frustratingly, there is no way to remove the ads. I can tell you that the ads are distracting, and not worth using this app. There are other choices out there, and this app has not been updated in years. Sorry, but goodbye forever.
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8 years ago, Math teacher Jason
Ugh the ads
This was a cute drawing app when we first go it but over the years the ads on top have gotten worse. They are either big moving ads with Disney character to entice the kids to click or they are ads like "is he cheating on you?" What?! My kids don't need to see that. No thank you. I know it's free, but come on. There are better things they can do to try to get you to spend money on the full version.
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6 years ago, Clearcase
Good, but needs different creative things🖌
It is fun, but sometimes you have to use the pen they give you, no matter you like it or not! Also, I wish they had more colors and pens because ten is really not much for both! If they fixed it, I would LOVE it!❤️👌✍🏻
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1 month ago, Melee777k
The best freestyle doodler ever
I love this app. It relaxes me.. it’s fun, plus it needs no data to use it. I’ve had it on all my phones! Makes a great artistic screensaver from the art you make. Also great for unruly children who only want to get onto you tube.
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6 years ago, Joyful Medicine
I Love it✨
This app could be boring to some, but if you learn to use each type of textures to bring them together like an artist and with an imagination, you can create some very Beautiful pictures, I totally enjoy this app, I do agree for more variety of colors thou🤗...
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8 years ago, Bella6158
Love this app
I've been using this app for a long time. I actually use it to write quick notes. I only wish I could stop the ads after saving. I would even purchase of it would stop them.
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3 years ago, DeDe Wang
Mindless entertainment
You don’t have to think about what color to pick as it picks for you. It’s fun just to draw abstract pictures and then watch the replay of your drawing. A good way to unwind and pass time.
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7 years ago, Use hoverboard to keep going
Why the name
I like this app but isn't the name supposed to be "Doodle Pad"? Because I'm pretty sure it says "Doodoo Pad" please change to "Doodle Pad" because that is the correct spelling for it
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6 years ago, skinny but strong
Never deleting this!
When I first got the app, I said to myself:” eh, it could use some work. But 2 hours passed, and my whole family was enthralled.
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7 years ago, Sammy 10205
It's a really nice app and I love how you can upload Images the only bad thing is I wish you could just pick what color you want to use.
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5 years ago, B CANDYLOVER
It is fantastic I love it you can change the colors and the pictures on it so cool you can even make it from your on pictures so amazing!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Mystery Mask 317
This is amazing
I haven't used this app for a while but I love it. What I hate is the people saying mean things about the app. Good things rule and haters drool.
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6 years ago, Kkutner
Great but...
I would be willing to pay for an ad free version, since my kid keeps clicking the ads.
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5 years ago, pabaksa
So it honestly won’t let me chose which brush I want I just tap on the button and it changes. I would like if we could chose the brush that we want. Thanks
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7 years ago, malwertopia
Stress relieving fun
I am not a toddler or even a teen, but I love this and all. Like how it picks color for u, so there is no need to think...just draw freely.
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8 years ago, SYS THE KID11
It's super fun and I always send them to my friends. Thank you Doodoo Art.
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7 years ago, Anyay13
Sweet game
Like, this game is sweet, but it could have less ads and I would love for kids to be able to write in different styles.
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10 years ago, AshtonVibe
Love the app.
I love to use this app when I'm bored and I can pick the brush I want, if I just sort through the brush button and back button. Anyhow, I was going to say I have never had the app crash, until I tried to write this review a second It does crash every so often now that I think about it, but I'm using the iPad Air. So having a faster processor works better than not, judging by. Mormon sense and the other reviews about crashing a lot. It's only happened to me maybe twice, but overall it's a creative app, and I like it.
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6 years ago, ms puppy
Plz make changes
First of all let people choose colors Secondly remove inappropriate adds Next make it easier to change drawing styles Then make more backgrounds AND THEN MAYBE I WILL GIVE THE APP 5 stars but for now it’s getting a 2
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6 years ago, Saksamophone
Horrible ads
If you’re installing this for your children. Beware some ads are very crude. Can we please get a clean drawing app? I will pay for something free from ads.
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5 years ago, Low Voltage24
Disappointed One
I just downloaded this app and it seems pretty cool until I wasn’t able to save my drawing or share it. 😕
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8 years ago, Pzzls99
Won't load
since the update, the will not load. please fix
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8 months ago, me loves. Wars
i enjoyed this game since i was little
the best. nothing else
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8 years ago, ATTATUDE
Horrible App
No choices of colors or tools. No way to close add on top bar. My toddler was frustrated, and I agree.
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7 years ago, Pandacorn emoji
Color games
It is a very great 💩game it made me 🤢💩
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7 years ago, Brooklyn Dawn Laughlin
Sorry but this is lame. + boring. +too babyish. +name. And why called Doodoo lite?
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4 years ago, kawaii_cat カワイイ
call of doodoo
modern poopoo
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7 years ago, Yolo Nerd
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6 years ago, microcontroller
heyshehdhhdhd love it
this is really cool
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6 years ago, jackthecreeperking
Ok then
It says doo doo light 💩💩💩💩
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12 years ago, Wolfie1975
Guys just use their other apps for FREE!
Everyone, there app "kids doodle" works WAYYYYY better, no bugs there's a 99€ version and a free version. It doesn't have any problems, and it's the same exact thing, the same brushes, the same modes, and the same backgrounds and stuff. Also their "Kaleidoscope" is really fun, different settings, duplication it's fun for making flowers, fishes, and whatever you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously recommend those apps, maybe in the future they'll fix this app but for now, you all should use this one!!!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Cmdub1233456
Read ppl!!
For those of you whining that you don't like it because you can't choose the tip and don't know what comes next.... Read the description! It specifically states it's am app designed with KIDS in mind to dazzle them with the RANDOM brushes. Not knowing is the fun and helps create unique drawings! My only issue is the app kept crashing after I got to the multi-circled brush tip... Three times in a row! All of the kiddos in my life will LOVE this app... But fix the crashing problem please!
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8 years ago, Stella P. R.
Good App
This app is a cool and fun experience. Especially for the smaller kids. The app helps you explore your creativity in so many different ways. I also like the mystery choose for your drawing font. You never no what your going to get next. You can make cool and wacky pictures when ever. It can also be a learning experience for young children too. Help them in school or just at home. This is a great app for the whole family.
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12 years ago, Ominoustomato
Little glitch
Very fun and entertaining, but when you circle through all the different brush types, it deletes your work and takes you back to the home screen. I also wish you could have a pop up screen indicating all the different brushes and colors so you can pick and choose with out having it come randomly. Otherwise great work and keep this in mind for the next update :)
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9 years ago, Zebra are awesome
A lot of recommendations
If u like an app where u can express yourself through art and u don't have any paper, this is the app for u!! There r some things that bring negativity😪! Wants u tap the screen with the color that u want the color changes. But there is an awesome part! The patterns change if u hit the crayons at the bottom! I think that the idea of playing what u drew is fantastic!! Sometimes this app gets on ur nerves if u r a perfectionist with color but the app is amazing and fantastic that can kill time if ur bored!!!😋
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10 years ago, ThAg2009
Love it!
This app is so cool. You can create logos and much more. My three complaints are: 1. I wish you could see in advance which type of coloring mode you're on. 2. How come every time you lift up your finger it switches into another color? 3. I wish that the movies could be more like animations and that you can save them to your videos. And sound would be cool too! Overall, I highly recommend this app.
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9 years ago, Fjbdmgkvccg
This app is great for time wasting and just plain fun! I love this app because you can create whatever you want and it has cool different styles. It is also good because you can use it without wifi so it would be great for long trips! I would say the only down side is that you don't get to pick the colors but that is it. You should get this app.
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10 years ago, JackieOoh
I got this app so I could study w/ my 5 y/o for her picture bee competition. I draw and she says whats on the picture ( learning english as a second language). It worked great. However, it would be awesome if we could see the different fonts it has so we can choose and choose if we want multi-color or one color at a time. Other than that, its great.
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12 years ago, Robneckflordia
Best Texture Feeling App in the app store
I absolutely love this app. It has great potential. And it needs advertised more if it isn't already because it's that glow I mean good. It impresses me and the people geniuses that mad this app impress me more. I would recommend this perfect free app to anyone young or old. You have a thumbs up from me and hopefully a lot more people. Good Job :)
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10 years ago, Mojoe0414
My son loves it!!!
So I have a 3 year who loves to color and this app is perfect for him. Both my wife and I have the app for my son to play with. The best thing is I can save the pictures he's doodles and use them as my background on my phone and post them to Facebook. Best kiddie app ever!!!!!
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11 years ago, Adohr_15
It's not as bad as these other people say
It really fun and many people are like"it's for babies, it's stupid" blah blah blah, it's what you would think it would be. It's just a drawing app literally I typed in the search bar drawing app and it popped up so.... It's just a drawing app don't listen to the other reviews its a good app. 😊
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12 years ago, drawing draw
get Kids Doodle
for those who Are mad that they cant pick the Brushes, get the app Kids Doodle, which is the same exact thing and by the same maker of this app! The only difference is that you can pick the brushes! and its also free!
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12 years ago, Malafisto
Fun but buggy
It seems like a fun, neat coloring app, however an ability to choose your brush would be nice, I mean more than just clicking the one button and testing to see what you have. Crashes Sometimes. Good for a first version though. At this point I wouldn't pay for it but I like playing around with it when it's not crashing.
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12 years ago, cwxusked-g
Awesome, but
The game is awesome, but whenever you use the circle paintbrush, it automatically goes to the title screen. Whenever that happens and my picture isn't finished, it disappears. Just be careful of that brush. Hopefully the fix that glitch.
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10 years ago, CupcakeGirl9
<3 This App!!!
This is best drawing app there is. I really like to watch the playback of the drawing. There are adds, but not that many of them. Please have there be a feature where you can have the adds removed! Thx!!!!
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