Doofus Drop

4.7 (3.8K)
305.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Curious Labs
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doofus Drop

4.73 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Manager of uplay
This game is extremely fun, unlike every other game on the App Store the gets boring or frustrating.. this game is great I love all the funny animations the character does while falling and all the cool interactions you have with random items while falling also. It’s the weird wacky but awesome games that deserve the most. I really hope y’all continue with this game and work hard on improving it or making it better I have some thoughts. I don’t really like the fact that you could be stopped by the forks or needles, it’s very entertaining to watch droop drop lol. Also more items to interact with while falling, and if course keep it unexpected and awesome. I love the color of choice for the whole game the gray colors fit very well. But anyways Maybe for holidays change the looks of the game. Like if it’s Christmas make lights and maybe a sled instead of a bike. Or do special fall events to win cool items such as a sled. Maybe a different terrain every fall like snow,mountains,grass ETC. That’s all really the game is fantastic for me, this game has every reason to be a 5 star ⭐️ and I enjoyed writing a review for it too 👏KEEP IT UP DEVELOPERS GREAT GAME 👏
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2 years ago, Jaedendak
Great fun, but needs a bit more...
First of all, there’s something wonky going on with the tutorial mode. Once it gets to the upgrades section you can’t do anything. You have to turn the tutorial mode off and then the upgrades section will work. This happened on both my phone and my wife’s. The game is great fun though. Very addictive, but I have to applaud the developers for making this app such that you don’t have to purchase anything else. Given enough time playing you can “buy” most of all the upgrades with the in-game stars. My only gripe is that there needs to be additional hills. There’s only 2, and they both get old after some time. There’s also nothing past the asteroid belt which was a huge disappointment! I saved up so many stars to be able to skip past the belt... for what? Nothing. Maybe add a moon level you can glide into up there. Or something! Anything please. Also, need a way to turn the upgrades off if they become annoying, which some of them actually do. Great job overall! Hoping to see additional apps from this developer.
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6 years ago, A7XDrummer
Fun and pretty unique
So first off, great game. Mindless entertainment with minimal interaction can be a lot of fun. The sound effects are funny and the music is alright. A few of the main issues I have: (1) I feel the game is too dumbed down on information. For example I had to find out on my own that once you get your max amount of beans, the stars you collect won’t count towards your next can. Or how long your bike lasts, or other numbers. Not a huge deal, but good to know. (2) It’s super frustrating when you use all three cans before 1000 feet because every can sends you straight into another fork or spike. (3)the emergency shark that says “100% Saftey” does not go over the decapitating bear. I tried. And (4) when I’m listening to my own music, I have this apps music down, but the app forces my music volume way down, leaving the sound effects horribly loud. It’s a great game, but still has some flaws
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2 years ago, Honest_Man:)
Actually fun? AND GOOD?!
It brings me such joy, such happiness, to see a game like this. One to stand out among the sea of repeated garbage, comes doofus drop. The art is amazing, the animations smooth, the gameplay, dare I say it, fun? The stupidity of launching a little bean man down a cliff and rooting for him to tumble farther than last time is a very enjoyable experience to me at least. Games that wish to be simple things that you play to pass the time on your phone should use this game as an example. Be original, be fun, and look amazing while doing it. I’m so happy to see something this enjoyable on the AppStore! And this isn’t a bot, I actually genuinely enjoy this game, cause it’s straight stupidity and I love it.
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6 years ago, Formoka
Silly Fast Paced Fun
I never tend to keep games on my phone for long. They tend to be either too boring or too frustrating with the constant reminders of their micro transactions. This game defies all of that. The game play is fun, fast, and any frustrations are easily soothed by the ability to jump right back into the action. The ads are slipped into this in a fairly unobtrusive way; I never mind their appearance. Since the game moves fast, it's good for short waits or long playing sessions. And while a game about farting your way down a hill chafes at my personal image of an intelligent person... it's just too much fun to care. I love the little animations, I love the rewards system, and I love this game.
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5 years ago, Hamperedism
The odds are stacked
And not in your favor. At all. A lot of work has gone into the art work and creativity/music in the game. Physics are not so great and you will spend most of your time watching ads to obtain in-game currency for upgrades well past the beginning. It is a micro-transaction trap and not a very satisfying one at that. You will find your character on spikes and forks or trapped and using most of your “bean” booster before you even reach 500 feet. I recently dumped more time into the game to see if the upgrades they provide make any significant difference. It does increase your chances of having one good run but in the end I still have found myself endlessly using my boost to get unstuck which is the common theme here. There are other games out there I recommend any other one of those.
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2 years ago, Elmer gloom
This game is…
…a love letter to all the stupid things unsupervised 10 year olds come up with after eating 12 bows of sugar. And I mean that in the best way possible. Sure, you don’t have much control over what a gassy mutant hillbilly catfish does, but you also don’t have control over what happens when you taped a GI Joe to a bottle rocket either, and that’s part of the fun. Big shout out to the designers and developers, who managed to either make the terrain generation incredibly random, or included enough variables and possibilities that you never noticed that it was the same terrain. I
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6 years ago, Future-man9009
Unique but Flawed
First off this game is funny, has a great art style and the attention to detail of naming all of the little creatures and the great SFX make for a really unique game. The biggest problem is that its physics system is bonkers. For a completely pointless, random game it can become easily and unnecessary frustrating because of the complete random nature of it. Things like endless waves of trash rolling down the hill that pile up in front of you and you get stuck to the far worse getting stuck on a single bone on the side of a hill. Vary rarely if you manage to ovoid that nonsense you get bounced or fart yourself high enough into the air where creatures can help you fly or bounce along further. But usually a meteor smacks you straight down to earth on a spike pile. Fart indeed.
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6 years ago, 1EYE1
Amazing game
I absolutely love this game. The only thing that would make it more fun would be including the hats somehow. I have fun wearing them already they should come with perks. For example a hat that makes you more bouncy or gives you an extra bean can slot or one that starts you with a gold ticket or a one free shark. I think that would make the game even more fun trying to make the best score possible. There would be an endless supply of things to try to try for the best score. Again great game thanks.
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6 years ago, Tyzart
Solid Stupid Fun
I love a game that comes into its own element with a smile on its face. Doofus Drop gives fun incentives in the way of animated shorts though there's only two (with promises to add more in the future) and upgrades. These help you go father and higher, but there isn't really a goal out there that you're shooting for unless you care about leaderboards. Each round is just a quest for more stars and it can start to drag after a few hours of play. This is a great game for a few minutes of downtime (maybe on the dunny) but I don't recommend grinding it for achievements or completion just for the sake of it. Enjoy the jaunt and take this for what it is, good silly solid stupid fun.
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6 years ago, cory landry
Getting better
Now do get me wrong I do like this game. And it's a great time killer, but seriously give me the option to turn the sound off without having to mute my phone. Maybe I would like to listen to music while I play this, or something like that but I can't cause the constant farting and screaming drowns out everything else. I'll give 5 stars if this simple feature is added otherwise 3 Edit- went up a star cause I see improvements. They added the ability to turn off the music. Rare to see developers listen to the reviews but these guys do!
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2 years ago, Flanaganj6
one of my favorites
found this game and fell in love immediately. 3 weeks in and still enjoy this brilliant game. i NEVER spend money on games but did buy the 4x4 truck! 5 stars hands down but please keep making more hills. we need more than 2 hills. maybe if new hills are added, then new items for that hill are added to be unlocked. keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, jimmytheekiddd
I’ve played doofus drop for a while now and I can tell you this I never get tired of playing! One thing I would like to mention though, this past Sunday I used my money to purchase more stars and was able to max out most of my power ups amongst other things in the store. I started playing this morning and noticed that most of the things I bought weren’t maxed out. Is this a saving issue and can what I bought be restored
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6 years ago, Barenonoko
7 out of 10 times, you quickly lose speed and hit a ditch the wrong way and are stopped. Two times, you get buried under a pile of garbage and are trapped. On the last turn, you fart your way off of a fork to land on every other fork all the way to your end. For all of the crazy crap you have flying around in this game, most turns are slow and disappointing. You keep hoping to hit a bomb or boot or meteorite in just the right way, but mostly, you fly off of the bike, hit the ground wrong, and struggle to keep going. Make this easier, it is not supposed to be a challenge.
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6 years ago, Chef Hollywood
Fun when I'm bored!
Nothing beats a simple, gratifying, and fun way to pass away the boredom in between sales st work! Plus hilarious with the sound on at home, download if you want a game where you don't have to spend zero dollars to enjoy this every time you play even awesome upgrades just from playing!
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11 months ago, 🍦🍒🍒🍒
Fun but very glitchy😢
This game is amazing and so funny but what I really don’t like is that I get this fun looking game but when I start playing it I’m so confused because none of the objects are showing up it just looks like the garbage blocks from wall-E but with out all the colors I mean they still have the shape of the object but I want to actually see the real object not a exploding wall-e block flying at me so plz fix PLEASE 🙏 otherwise fun game tho
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1 month ago, Ildude78
Can’t even play for the adds
Ok I get a add between every game. But about ever 3 games you have to watch a add just to get your point after a game then right back in to a add. Then you can earn a cartoon to watch. Guess what a add to watch the cartoon you earn the right to watch. And after it they try to get you to watch another. Then watch more adds to earn more stars. And if all that was not bad enough it glitches all the time and you will have to rest and lose your point. It’s not just me it on my kids phone to. Not worth it at all.
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6 years ago, ExcitedTower
Reminds me of kittie cannon
I like this game because it reminds of of a similar game that I also love.. I do agree with several of the previous comments.. It is frustrating to get stopped on a stupid bone or sailing through the sky only to land on spikes.. I think you should get some stars for height and also distance.. Collecting stars is difficult when when you spend most of your time in the air.
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6 years ago, Jerbear1972
Farts sounds sell games
I really gave this game a try. Played about 12-24 hours over a period of 3 weeks. It needs levels not distance. Gets very monotonous. Same bike same ramp same hill same dumb fart sounds. Very annoying backward bounce. I don't get how you can come screaming down from high above just to slow down to a backwards roll. Upgrade aren't that great and you get more stars from. Watching the ad than playing. 5 seconds of ad after every run. Thanks but no thanks. It's not even a fun time killer. Reading the past review have got to be fake.
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2 years ago, Muffy251373
Was Great Until it Glitched
I played for 10 hours, it was an amazing mindless game that reminded me of Kitty Cannon which was an online PC game I played as a teen. I had a score of 557,000+ ft on hill 1. I tried to watch an ad to spin the wheel after having a coupon and spinning the skull...and then it glitched. I had literally no choice but to close the app and lose my high score and the 25,000+ stars I collected along the way. I see no point in playing again after this since now all hope and fun has been lost.
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2 weeks ago, Kaynoes
Crazy Fun!
I’ve been playing this a for a few days and it’s pretty addictive. The physics seem pretty solid and it’s got a great sense of humor about it. Works great for a quick time-killer or longer sessions ✌️
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2 years ago, Hahsgahahanavvanavdvxd
Its a great game but I can’t get passes the tutorial and it gets stuck at the upgrades part. I don’t know how to turn tutorial mode off and I can’t go through the sections of the shop cause it doesnt let you go through the sections of the shop. Other than that its a very addictive game
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2 years ago, six stars
Just lost my personal best (over 400k ft. and 28k stars) because I paused the game to skip a song and within seconds I couldn’t continue playing. The app reloaded and everything was gone. This is the second time this has happened in about eight plays over three weeks and I definitely don’t want to invest that amount of time again and again in order to lose it all. It takes a LONG time to go that far. Grrrrrr
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1 month ago, Pastorjeff48
Crazy, Whacky, and Quirky
It is a strange assortment of odds and ends with the heart of an early teenager at heart. The intrepid doofus takes the hits but keeps on giving. Adults and Kids alike will like this game for it doesn’t take itself to seriously.
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6 years ago, MoBear1340
This can’t be all
I played the game for a short time and completed every challenge. Every part about the game was addictive, mindless, and a good way to kill the time. But once I completed all there was... that’s it. You accumulate stars for no purpose anymore. There’s nothing else to unlock. This can’t be all there is to this game. It needs a serious update.
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6 years ago, Jmacrosoft
Fun with issues
Love the stylized nature of the game. Highly addictive and entertaining. The issue I'm having is when the character is falling from the sky. It gets "shaky". Think of a frame rate drop. It stutters. If they can get this fixed, it'll be a fantastic app/game. Just makes me want to not play with the stuttering.
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4 days ago, rhhrhrhrh
Devs read
There's an audio bug on the bike when you launch. The sound kept going until I closed the app. Not that big of a problem but the sound is very annoying
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3 years ago, tynghacc
Honestly, great toss game, I have always played this type of game on and off and they never fail to put a smile on my face, but this one is just so gloriously stupid, the launching is fun and between the puns and wackiness of it all it’s just a gas to play
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2 years ago, gig xbk
Fun game until it glitches
I love how goofy and odd this game is. But there are times it glitches out and I lose all my progress throughout the game. I’ve had to force close the game and start all over multiple times.
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6 years ago, Hashiriya180
Made me write a review!
I never write reviews, but this game was worth it! Reminds me of the old Nanaca Crash flash game for those olde enough to remember when those were a thing. 4 stars because it's a blast, but I'm near maxed out and losing motivation, so minus one star. Definitely addictive, definitely fun!
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6 years ago, Sketti11
Fun but the Ads
Seriously. Screw Game of War ads. They literally make this game unplayable. I am forced to play the mini game just to get rid of the ad. What if I already have the Game of War app? I see advertisements so much they are getting deleted.
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1 year ago, Bazrik
Brilliantly creative
I can safely say I’ve never played a game like this. The design and illustration are so good, and the gameplay is amazingly funny. Truly unique and totally worth the download and try.
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3 years ago, Tati263
I love this game it’s really basic and random
I play this game a lot , it’s fun and it’s addictive .. this game is really random and fun .. you see little random things everywhere rolling down the hill .. it’s fun I like this game a lot
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2 months ago, Military Coyote
Store is buggy
Game is fine but be careful in the store. I clicked to pay to remove ads and it charged me 20 for some power up I did not want. Did not tell me I was paying for the power up until after it charged me.
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2 years ago, Hatenot
I love this game!!!
This is what I’ve been looking for. Simple yet fun. And the character cracks me up. Especially when it’s falling from outer space! The voice is hilarious!!! Kudos to the devs
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4 weeks ago, Scribble Soothe
Farts farts farts
Lots of fun especially with friends. Wish if the game knew if your phone was on silent and then saved up the farts you didn’t get hear…
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3 years ago, Kickock
Addictive af
This looked like garbage. Then you download and realize you’re launching this poor sap through the air towards his inevitable demise. It’s pure joy at your fingertips. Also only .99¢ to drop the ads. Awesome game.
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2 years ago, loki1441
This game is awesome! I love it!I also like the videos you unlock and the monster truck, and the flying garbage cans on hill two,but I think there should be a hill three.
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3 years ago, B_Jennings
The best
One of the best games I’ve ever played. Extremely limited adds. That’s always my biggest issue. I may have one add every 20 minutes. HUGE PLUS great job. Simple yet addictive.
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12 months ago, RayRamirez 7982793739718928
I love it
Doofus drop is my favorites game when I see this add I downloaded but can you add the third episode please then I will be happy thank you. 😊
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2 years ago, Mr. 2%
p solid game app
so i downloaded this game months ago and forgot about it. then about a week ago i found it on my phone and started playing it. it’s very fun and silly! it kind of gives me a doodle jump feel, the art is very neat, and ideas are a fresh spin on old ideas. i like how an ad isn’t thrown i your face every time you die. overall fun game and it doesn’t feel cash grabby. (:
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6 years ago, Bitteinbit
Fun and addicting
Downloaded it because it looked silly and the kids love stuff like that. But now I find myself playing it all the time, great game for passing the time.
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11 months ago, miaaa1232
I love the video game
It’s one of my favorite things to play on my phone it’s the best when I get home I play the game I love it
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6 years ago, tony almeida
Needs a sound fx option
I'd like to play while listening to music. Would give a higher rating if you were able to turn the sound effects off.
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6 years ago, Epirocker
I love games like this but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I can barely pick up speed and tap the screen like a madman.
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6 years ago, Malevion
Surprisingly fun
Easy to play, frustrating at times, but addicting enough to keep trying. Amusing, fun, simple. Excellent mobile game.
Show more
3 years ago, hugh fokk
Ned’s head no happen
Did all achievements but land in ned’s head thrice. Tried it SO many times seems like it’s never going to happen
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2 years ago, Joubin Lee
I love the game but
The game is amazing but please make a way you can remove ads for everything it is so annoying.
Show more
6 years ago, MichaelDanova
Very addicting
Very addicting plus you don't have to buy anything to get upgrades
Show more
3 years ago, Fattpill
I am deleting this game because of the physics. There are small ledges that the character could easily roll over but they responds like they are much steeper. It’s frustrating because Visually the dude should just bounce past. Im giving two stars because it frustrates me too much.
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