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User Reviews for DoorBird

4.43 out of 5
17.4K Ratings
1 year ago, SFer744788445
Apple Watch Complication?
Happy with our new Doorbird system, and it’s nice that there’s some basic Apple Watch integration, but I wish the app would work as a “Complication” (Apple’s way of enabling access on the watch face) for easier access. The two use cases I have in mind: 1) Letting yourself in quickly as you approach the door, and more importantly, 2) letting in a friend or delivery person who’s at the door but called you on the phone rather than buzzing you via the intercom. You can do this now by finding the app in the app directory, but it would be ideal to have a Complication directly available on the watch face.
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3 years ago, PeterC2
Great products and good app to match
I’ve had a DoorBird at my house for almost two years and I’m very pleased with it. I haven’t had any trouble with it. The app’s interface is simple and straightforward. It has everything you need and nothing more. You open the app and see the door right away, then one tap to answer. Snapshots and history are just as easy to access. The settings menus are a bit complicated, but as a technical person I prefer having more options than less. Once it’s all set up, you never need to mess with the settings anyway. I had a Ring doorbell before this and it was okay, but not great (both device and app). At my new house, the contractor installed a Control4 doorphone and I had him replace it with another DoorBird because the C4 intercom app was not nearly as good.
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1 year ago, Colorado_Chris
Slow to load, not user friendly
The DoorBird app is not well designed for a range of reasons: - By and large, there are too many clicks required to take action, whether that is view and talk to someone at the gate, or open the gate - The app is also incredibly slow to load, especially given it requires loading a live video before enabling the ability to speak to someone at the gate or open the gate - The app would be much better it a picture snapshot where taken any time someone presses the call button, and then when the app opens on a device it first loads the snapshot photo and has buttons that easily allow for opening the gate or talking to the person at the gate. The live video feed, which is data intensive, especially over cellular signal, could be an option to load vs. the default
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1 year ago, goodhardwarebadsoftware
Integrate Critical Alerts feature please!
Ring doorbell’s app can bypass silent/DND mode on the phone and audibly notify of any rings. This was implemented in 2020. Doorbird needs to sign up/register with Apple to get this implemented in the app so we can get notified properly. Otherwise, we will never know when someone is buzzing in unless our phones are off silent/DND. I’m betting a vast majority of users keep their phone on silent! Update: The review responder didn’t understand what I’m saying. I’ve reached directly out to Doorbird and they’ve acknowledged the shortcoming of the app not audibly notifying while phone is in silent. Who knows when they’ll actually update the app, but the rating can’t be higher than 1 star until they update. I’ve already missed so many rings because I keep my phone on silent throughout the day like any normal sane person.
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2 years ago, Swingfire
Frustrating, slow, easy to miss notifications
We were excited when our landlord upgraded our entry system at first. However it’s been a huge disappointment for the following major reasons: 1) The app doesn’t bypass your phone’s silent mode. So if you leave your phone on vibrate and you don’t have it right in front of you at all times, you miss deliveries constantly. 2) The app is EXTREMELY slow. Even if I’m staring at the phone and immediately click the notification when the doorbell rings, it still takes 5-10 seconds for it to load video footage. If you want to try to talk to the person, it takes even longer. We basically never try talking to delivery people anymore because by the time it actually gets your audio to them, 9 times out of 10 they’ve already left. I wanted to like this system, but those two absolutely killer flaws completely ruin it. 2 stars because it’s nice to have video footage (when it loads) and it’s nice to be able to buzz people in when you’re not home (if you don’t miss the notification and it doesn’t take so long to open they don’t leave first).
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2 years ago, Guy 3490
Slow to load and weak notifications
When standing in front of the door, the app takes 30 seconds to load and then another 30 to trigger the open door. This is of course when it succeeds in actually opening the door, which is flakey at times. When allowing others in, the same delay exists. However it is quite frequent to miss the alert that someone is at the door in the first place if your phone is on vibrate, as the notification draws less attention than a tweet or some other unimportant message. An sms or phone call when someone is waiting at the door would be much more effective. One plus is the camera, it is nice to see who has arrived if you are willing to wait 30 seconds for the app to load and the person at the door is still there.
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3 years ago, KFB04
A major notifications bug and poor UX
There are a number of issues with the app: - There is a bug in its push notifications on iOS. The doorbell and motion alarms become permanently silent after switching the phone to Silent Mode and then back to Ringer mode from the side toggle. The only way to have the push notifications have sound again is to go into the DoorBird app settings and toggle the Activate button for each notification. This needs to be done each time after the phone is switched back to Ringer. I have now missed so many doorbells as a result that the whole point of having the DoorBird in order to open our gate on demand, has substantially diminished in utility for us. - The camera view doesn’t load when the app is opened by tapping on a push notification - which is the typical user experience when trying to respond to the doorbell. You actually need to tap on the camera view button in the app (bottom left corner) to get the camera view to refresh and display. - The app UI and UX look like they haven’t been updated for about 10 years - the app is in a desperate need for a refresh to a more modern interface.
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1 year ago, Jomo22
Great app - could use upgrade
Love the app for my car gate. However it needs easier access to turn on/off triggers (sensor and doorbell). It’s very cumbersome to make changes. For critical safety reasons I need to often turn on/off the various triggers for a wide range of reasons. Also, If I have an urgent situation it takes many steps and time to make a change or take action.
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1 year ago, Brokerjdjjjjj
Hard wired still terrible
Someone rings the bell. I answer via cell phone app. And answer ,,,, and answer ,,,, and answer ,,, watch the visitors walk away about the time the voice feature begins to transmit from my phone to the DoorBird speaker,,, visitor gone, no communication. Mine is hard wired in I have high speed internet. My friends who have Ring Equipment report much different results. Camera is pretty good but we still can not recognize people due to lighting, the doorbell is in shade. ie. porch shooting into daylight ( NOT DIRECT SUNLIGHT) and the camera does it adjust so the faces are dark, I wish there was a way to do better with out going to ring wireless
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2 years ago, DJ Pol$ka
Good idea, poor execution, I’d never install this service on my own property
The app is an example of a good idea with poor execution. 1) If somebody rings the door, it takes approx 30-45 seconds to pull up the video in app if you click the notification ASAP. It then takes a little while longer to trigger the lock. In total it can easily be a minute which often times leads to the delivery driver leaving. 2) The UI on the door doesn’t say ANYTHING to the person buzzing the door. It basically just goes to the main screen. The person is clueless as to what is happening, so they sometimes leave. 3) Because the notifications are just app based, it only shows as a banner in your phone and if you don’t have vibrate/volume up you very often miss the notification. So the deliver driver leaves. 4) The app has a lot of bugs. It often glitches, crashes and overall is very slow to operate. I’ve missed a lot of packages because of this app, and I’ve got to say I rather just have the usual phone call when somebody’s at the door to let them in. It’s much more practical and instant.
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2 years ago, BrianLorrie2019
We have had our DoorBird security system installed over a year ago by an electrician in our area. They did not know how to set it up so we have never been shown the features of our system. All of the literature that they left with us only shows how to install and not how to operate. I have tried to call Door Bird several times to find someone in our area to go through and set up correctly, but I have been unsuccessful. The system that we had installed was very expensive and with the install cost we could of gotten a local security company to install and received the service to hookup correctly. I am very discouraged by the service of this company!
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1 year ago, BenFromQueens
Sometimes the app works well, by loading quickly and letting me open the door. Sometimes (like today), the app loads but the video doesn’t load and I get an error message when I try to open the door. The app frequently loads very slowly or not at all. I don’t know if the app needs to be updated for the latest iOS or if it doesn’t work well on certain WiFi networks but it shouldn’t matter - the app needs to work at all times given the importance of being able to open the door promptly to receive a package or let a guest in.
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1 year ago, hate doorbird
Terrible sound and response
This was a very expensive supposedly high end video doorbell model 2101KV at over $1,800 and it is worse than a Ring doorbell! It’s interface on the app is awful, the response of opening the app to answer a door ring is so slow people leave before we can open the app to respond, and when we can actually answer via the app in time because the person ringing the doorbell was inordinately patient, the sound is terrible both in terms of our communication to them ( lots of dropped voice, scratchy sound, the first words being dropped and inaudiable) and we can’t hear them. Stay away from this expensive piece of junk,
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1 year ago, Ryan Shafer
Simple app that needs modernization
Pro’s - Simple, intuitive interface once set up - Loads of really power features like making http calls on doorbell press or motion for home automation - open api for integration with other platforms Con’s The overall User experience of the app needs some work, especially considering the price point of the product. - The main interface is simple, but could be much better aesthetically speaking - the interface for managing the powerful features is clunky and adds confusion to a complicated task - The iOS app needs to include some more modern features that have be available for quite some time on the platform: a Home Screen widget of live feed and relay control would be super powerful; supporting splitview in the IPad app to allow for side by side of your preferred home automation platform and the doorbird app should be a basic offering at this point
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4 years ago, real name 123
Below average
I had this for a few months and this is my second one . The first one I had to send back due to the lens forming a permanent glare in its center. I was glad that it was still covered by warranty . I am hoping that will not have the same problem again . The second thing is the app and it’s speed . Even though this camera is hardwired to my internet it will take forever to load the app in order to see a live view . The chime that I bought with it will take a delay of 10 to 20 seconds to ring . Too expensive for such a product . Stay away
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4 months ago, PacificNW1
Terrible system, huge waste of $$$
Professionally recommended and installed. Repeated visits as doorbell function never works! Shorts out over and over and over. So, get alert on our phone and nothing in our vertical home. Terrible camera quality, worse than any Ring doorbell. Horrible. The infrared doesn’t work either. Slow, cumbersome connection too despite state of the art wifi. By the time it connects, the event is over. We hate it and need to find a replacement with better security than Ring as it is also how our door opens. We have deluxe version with locks. But it’s terrible. Don’t waste your money or believe their reps.
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5 months ago, Snoozlebuz
Too Slow
The app is super slow (starting video feed when someone rings the bell, being able to open the door, etc). You risk either the person leaving because it takes too long for you to see who they are and then open the door or you have to open the door without being able to see the video of who’s there which is dangerous. I just moved into this building that has this system, if I was here when they were deciding which company to use I definitely would not have supported the decision.
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4 years ago, andrew_staal
Needs better notification.
Our building just installed a DoorBird system. We love the ability to answer the door and let someone in regardless of where we are. The problem is the notification needs to be significantly better. They are a little delayed and it’s just a simple banner. If only it alerted you like a call, so it’s impossible to ignore. By the time we see the notification, they are already gone. Since getting this system, we are routinely missing deliveries. Hopefully they can improve this. I’m shocked there’s not a way to set your own notification settings.
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2 years ago, My turn to make dinner
Keeps uninstalling the device
The app worked well for a year. But just this month, it keeps asking me to add the DoorBird device. It doesn’t stay in the app. I have saved it every time. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. The problem keeps happening. I keep missing deliveries because of this. This is so frustrating. I have an iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 14.5.1.
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3 years ago, Marksolo523
Hardly works!
Everyone in the community is having trouble connecting and people at the gate are waiting for a long time. The app just keeps buffering for minutes until finally you close it out and open it only to find it does the same thing. It works 30% of the time for me.
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7 months ago, tcindc1
Does the job, but misses the mark
I am glad to have an internet-based call box, but I have 2 primary gripes with Door bird: 1. It’s very slow. From the time I get a notification to when I can engage the intercom and buzz the door, it takes about 15-20 seconds. Delivery people and guests routinely think I’m not home 2. Notification driven, not phone call driven. When somebody buzzed, DoorBird triggers a notification. It’s easy to miss. I wish it would be more of a “takeover” experience like. Phone call, so I don’t miss my guests ringing me.
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2 years ago, Gatso7
Great hardware but
The installed hardware is really nice. Fit and finish is up to the standard you pay for. The problem stems from the delay in signal transmission. The function of the entire package is to be able to view would be visitors and even be able to converse briefly with them. The speaker in the unit is lacking as well as the very large delay between the button being pressed and the software alerting you of the event happening. LAN MODE with a system such as ELAN makes the hardware function like it should
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4 years ago, ChgoLaw67
No matter what I do I can’t login
I have tried many times to provide an email address and set up the pro part of the app, to no avail. It won’t confirm the email address and you can’t even pay $ to authorize it to keep recordings. These people are leaving money on the table because the app does not work.
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2 years ago, njstraub
Notifications Don’t Work, Should Call Phone Instead
My wife and I both have this installed but only she gets the notifications, even though I have notifications enabled and Focus disabled. Even when the notifications did work, you can barely hear them even at full volume. Absolutely terrible system - my friends have one that just dials their phone which is preferable. I would never install this in my own building and recommend landlords get one that dials the tenants phones rather than being app based.
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3 years ago, m0ch11
Awesome, but still room for improvements!
We mainly got Doorbird as a replacement to our building's analog intercom system to add remote unlcoking of the front gate. Living in an Apple ecosystem, I do wish for Homekit support (which they are working on!) and more speedier response time, in terms of opening the app and the keyfobs. Our system is on a wired connection and still can take up to 10 seconds to get the live feed.
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2 months ago, alsyli
No visible push notifications
I live in a condo with controlled access. There can sometimes be a long lag time between being able to load a live feed and from someone calling from the intercom and getting an audio alert. And I get no visible notification banners from the app at all. Everyone else in the building seems to get a push notification, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
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3 years ago, Kmg-RVP
Expected more from device
The app is very easy to use and it was easy to setup but the performance of the connection between device & phone app is slow sometimes. The phone app displays the image but it lags or is choppy. With the recent updates it seems to be working better.
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3 years ago, meninopobre
Great intercom!!
This is by far the best intercom / front door bell I have had. It works with basically anything. The only issue I have is the wire connectors come loose and disrupt connection. If somehow these connectors were improved the DoorBird is your one stop intercom or door bell solution. Looks modern, works like a champion. German made quality
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1 year ago, jimjim971
Slow notifications
Thé latency is not ideal. It takes 4-5s to get the visual from the camera and, add an extra 2-3s to unlock the door. But the worse part is the notifications. My phone does not vibrate when someone rings! If my phone is on silent (which is most of the time), I will miss the notification… I started to take the habit of leaving it on ring to lake sure I don’t miss it :/ quite annoying. The UI is straightforward though, that’s the nice part
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5 months ago, Starfish002
Late notifications
DoorBird seems helpful in theory, but they often notify me 15 minutes after someone has come to the door, which is not helpful, as no one is going to wait that long to be let in. Please enable real time notifications that come through even if the app is not in the foreground (and maybe even if the app is not open on my phone). Text apps are able to do this. Why can’t DoorBird?
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2 years ago, djfmilton
Not a consumer product
I have had this for 2 years at my home. I originally purchased as it would integrate with Control4. I have tried to be positive and make it work but it is simply not a consumer product. The App is not intuitive and is buggy/laggy. I really needed it to work the other day (prowler) and it did not pick anything up. All the app documentation is about configuration versus using the system (ie common use cases). I installed the Ring in my old house. I will be going back to it.
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5 years ago, Poopoppooo
Has been reliable but make sure you install properly
I have two units setup on our system. Both work perfectly. I would highly recommend hardwiring these devices to your network. Using a wireless connection add additional chances of the unit not operating as intended.
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2 years ago, Meditator light
Nothing but trouble!
App is so so. Equipment which should be excellent is full of troubles. Speaker is horrible on our busy urban street, after it rains a certain way the system goes haywire and we have to manually reboot, camera is not good when the sun is behind the person - person looks very dark and cannot see their features, Doorbird says that many issues from system constantly doing firmware updates. So many reasons to Stay away!
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3 years ago, //??'m
The instructions on the unit are too small and vendors complained about it. The instructions should be easy to read. I gave it 1 star and you reject any nick name This is a sub standard product do not buy it With 5 stars you accept my nickname, you are a fraud
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2 years ago, danniLew
Connection Time a little long
The performance is decent. 3 stars because it takes at least a minute to show the video which could be the internet service and not necessarily DoorBird. But anyway, good app.
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3 years ago, jameyfrank
Poor sound, latency
The sound coming out of the intercom is very crackly and poor. Also, there is at least two second delay between when someone speaks and it actually comes out the intercom. Five second delay in being able to speak to anybody after answering. Five second delay after pressing door open, to when it actually unlocks. Also, the phone does not vibrate when there is an incoming intercom call. 😑
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3 years ago, Misterwarner
Not for a business.
Just not reliable enough to open the door remotely for our visiting clients. Works most of the time, fails or lags so often however that overall I consider this system unreliable. And an occasional lag would be acceptable but what we’re experiencing is about 35% of the time there’s a huge lag or it just doesn’t work. Also, too many steps to just unlock the door, I have to open the app, select something, confirm that...
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2 years ago, Robert E G
Actually got it to work!!!
What doorbird does not tell you: If you get a new Phone and restore the doorbird app from a backup or transfer from your old phone, the app will transfer just fine - but push notifications won’t! I tried for over 6 months to figure out why none of my doorbell button would push through to my phone - because the push notification is tied to the phone hardware not the software! If you get a new phone, delete the doorbird app and re-install - that will bring push notifications back!
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3 months ago, Jch1933
Horrible system
If you want to see, who’s at the gate, there’s a long delay before you see anything on the video. By the time you can see the video, the person may have already gone. I’m very sorry I purchased a system. There are plenty of alternatives that use HomeKit and you immediately see who is at your gate. I don’t know why the system has this delay, but it’s bad enough for me to tell you: “don’t buy the DoorBird system”.
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5 years ago, Ted from Florida
Apple Watch Video Support
This app would be even better if video would show on the Apple Watch when some is at the door. Currently, it only shows a Talk & Open (door lock) buttons. These guys are pretty sharp and I am surprised that they have not figured this out yet.
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2 months ago, bakerteam
Terrible app
The app is the worst app I’ve ever used. The interface is 100% not intuitive and the on line manual is just as bad. I can’t figure out simple things like adding a user, changing the bell ring etc…and the manual, on line email and app itself don’t help. There is little support. No tel to call. Email support is spotty and incomplete so impossible to get answers. Congrats if you get the app to work let alone able to add users- you deserve to teach at MIT
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2 years ago, dearydaisy
Takes too long to respond; by the time I get to either talk to or view who’s there they have left. I hardly ever use it other than to see which door is being used as the ring is the same for both doors so I have to wait for the app to open to see which door to go to. There should be an option for different rings at different doors.
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11 months ago, joe steinbrenner
Occasionally fails to notify
The app and system is good, with a latency similar to other intercom apps, but occasionally, I get no notification when someone rings. Ring history is there, but zero notification. I am trying to sell my apartment and occasionally have buyers not being able to alert me - not good.
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2 months ago, SDN9
No indicator on whether the gate is open or closed
When using app to hold gate open, there is no indicator on app telling whether the gate is open or not. This becomes problematic because clicking the hold open button can also close gate. Very problematic with multiple users. Please fix this!!!!
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8 months ago, DebbieB09
Takes too long
When I’m not at home and someone rings- it beeps on my cell phone that there is someone at the door. I click on the app and it takes FOREVER to connect even though I have Wi-Fi. When it finally shows me the person, and I try to talk, there is a long delay and by now I see the person walking away. We are going to remove this system and get something that works
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1 year ago, SJ Weho
Slow but gets the job done.
This app makes me crazy. The response time to pick up a call and buzz people in can take so long sometimes that delivery people actually start to leave. Isn’t there any way to improve the speed of answering a call and hitting the door relay? I’ve actually had the app open waiting to buzz someone in and there’s still what feels like a 20-30 second delay.
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2 years ago, CHer027
Transmission stopped
In the past and most frequently in the last 2 weeks, on devices we have the app up and running during office hours, every 3 minutes, we get the message: Transmission stopped Hang-up is applied automatically after three minutes when connected via Internet Restart live stream Cancel This is extremely frustrating because it really prevents use of the app at all since we have to restart the live stream consistently throughout the day, which takes unreasonably long in most instances. We will get a doorbell notification and can’t see who is at the door to let them in because the app has to load or won’t load.
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2 years ago, Brody's Girl
It’s very frustrating that you miss so many notifications. If this app could actually call your phone like every other security system or apps. Just sending a simple notification is just silly in this day and age. Hope that they can find a fix for this. It’s only getting 2 stars for this.
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1 year ago, MxDxVx
Slow, Very Slow
This was supposed to be an improvement to the security of my apartment building. It is so slow that the delivery people often leave before the app loads up. Also, I can’t see how it provides more security, criminals and marauders usually don’t stand in front of the door camera patiently waiting to be let in.
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2 years ago, luciannavv
Not good
The app takes too long to” load” when someone rings (not a matter of bad wifi connection). Also why can we open from the app without having to actually press the bottom? For exemple every time I get home I need to stop really close to the bottom to be able to press it, then wait for the app to load and then actually open it
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