Dope Wallpapers for iPhone 4K

4.6 (40.9K)
186.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Uniqo Lab.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dope Wallpapers for iPhone 4K

4.64 out of 5
40.9K Ratings
6 months ago, Only the best with dope.
Why you should get this app.
Omg I love this app it is so cool and I never thought I could find so many good wallpapers on it all to my liking. The best part is that I can always change it I’m never stuck with one and it always has something new for me and there is so much more. I recommend dope to anyone with a bad wallpaper so go in your phone and get dope now no charges at all. Remember to have a good day.
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2 years ago, jshdndhv
This app button
OK so I think this app is really good because it has a Lotta good like pictures and stuff and I really like the pictures I especially like the ocean astronaut in the world for anything in space any what I know I said that didn’t mean to say what but yeah I think it’s really good
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3 years ago, kellyrules1985@
Yes they have some pretty good wallpapers and make it extremely easy for you to download. But they need to fix the false advertising. It says secret wallpaper if you watch a video. Literally every time I watch a video 99% of the time it’s a TickTock advertisement and when it says reward ready you click on it and nothing comes up which means I just wasted 30 seconds for nothing. If they fix that feature this would actually be a really good app but until then I’m giving it only two stars
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3 years ago, a Customer with an opinion
It’s pretty good
I got the app after seeing a cool picture looking for a new wallpaper so I downloaded it and it had a premium like a lot of these wallpaper apps do I skipped it and went to the photo found it and when I clicked on save it popped a bar up with watch an ad or buy premium so that’s pretty cool normally you have to buy premium to save and this app is deferent that’s why I like it
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12 months ago, Beatiful_Cardnal7288
Just need one more thing!
I love this app! There is something’s that need to be added. In in the sports section in the search Not all sports are added I love softball but you guys don’t have any. I just want some softball ones and the rest of the sports! But anyway this app is a good “Hey World, look at me” ya know. Also a good app to show yourself. Don’t forget to use it like you would love it! Bye love softballLuv
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2 years ago, leapingdancer
Very good
This app is amazing!!! You can get cool wallpapers and this time it works. All you need to do is watch a short add and bam you got yourself a wallpaper. The one thing that could use some adjustments are adding new wallpapers I keep seeing the same ones over and over. Other than that it’s amazing you don’t even have to pay for anything.
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1 week ago, DamUsMiami
I do not recommend it, I took the trial week and everything is fine, I decided to pay for it and then it turns out that even if you pay for the application there are several wallpapers that are not included that you have to pay a subscription again to have them and remove the ads that come out every time you open any wallpaper even if they are already paid with the first subscription you pay for, it is a total scam.
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1 year ago, Random words for nickname
Great app overall, love how there’s something for everyone. However it would be better if you could search for specific things and or topics as it can be tiring scrolling through to find something specific that you want. But other than that love it good pics great graphics.
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3 years ago, theman20210
Good but needs some things to add
So once I got this app I was kinda happy getting it but only thing is I wasn’t really into any of the wallpapers because I was lots of smoking plus I’m a kid so I don’t smoke anyways I wish there was a search bar and new wallpapers so that basically it :///
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1 year ago, cjphillip44
Best wallpaper app ever
These are better than my wallpapers. They’re so good they make me blind and they’re so cool. I can’t even stop get it on it because it’s so good. It’s so good to have this app I would never delete it up to have it for the rest of my life the dope wallpapers
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4 years ago, Dope Indeed
No too bad.
I would say for a free wallpaper app. This is pretty legit, there is a healthy selection to choose from and a lot of them are in fact pretty dope. My only set back is that I am not a fan of the people portraits, I am not interested in having a wallpaper with individual I don’t know on my smart device. I definitely loved the rest though!
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3 years ago, DAplyer
Why can’t I get in?
Yes it’s a good app from the reviews so I’m not gonna doubt it but am I the only one having trouble getting in because as soon as I get in it kicks me out but I guess that’s how the world is it’s freaking 2021🥶
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2 years ago, The_Man114277
Not That Good
I haven’t downloaded one wallpaper because all see is cityscapes and not much of anything else. It took me a little bit to download the app and the wait was for nothing. I don’t know why I didn’t rate it a zero stars but I had to cut them some slack. So in my opinion I think it is so bad but it is my opinion you can have your own opinion about it but that’s my opinion.
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2 years ago, HUABITZEN
Amazing but the adds are a tad bit annoying
So every time you click on a wallpaper it serves you with an add that you can skip. However every time you download a wallpaper it forces you to watch a add that is not skip able
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7 months ago, DarkMagician720_
Not for me
I happen to be a metal head and I was really disappointed with the music wallpapers. This was actually the whole reason I downloaded this app, it seemed like something that would have my “rock on” style. The wallpapers are actually really great it’s just not my style. Would recommend to people though.
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9 months ago, my frickin review!
My review
It’s pretty good but literally tell me why we have to watch dumb adds to download the pic😒 like it’s already bad enough that we even have adds , so pls, don’t be that person
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3 years ago, DOG LOVER$$$
Good app
This is a good app it’s really dope and cool wallpapers and I’m the search bar u can search cool wallpapers and tricks and stuff and it still needs more wallpapers cause some are boring and there are not a lot of wallpapers. So creators can u pls make more wallpapers and to search more things and not boring wallpapers From-…..
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4 months ago, xX-Lilbro-Xx
Cool wallpapers but can't fit
The wallpapers are sick but most of them can't fit like today I tried to install a polo G wallpaper but his face was smashed on the screen when it supposed to be his face was small and the g was bigger but no I tried to get a xxxtentacion wallpaper but his head was cut out also. Cool wallpapers but it can't fit
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3 years ago, archsaw music
Awesome wallpapers
Honestly first off I try wallcraft for a couple weeks however this is better first off you can make your own wall paper and then the wall papers are super awesome and trendy
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6 months ago, DoeBoy15137
Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, I DO NOT adoreeeee! Bruh you have to watch an ad to watch an ad… I can’t even see the wallpaper without pausing for an ad, want to download? Pay a lot or watch an ad! (I understand believe me) but I have to watch an ad just to VIEW the wallpaper? No one has time for that
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7 months ago, Truly amazing and awesome
I love this app
Really all you have to do is watch ads and it can give you the coolest wallpapers mostly for teens and I fell like every-time I look at it gives me a boost of confidence
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9 months ago, TheKidSims010300
Your app
Amazing quality however wish downloads didn’t need to have a ad for the process but cool thx!
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9 months ago, Sapphire huh gf cxg
It’s good in some parts
I just got this app and I love all of the categories it has but you have to watch an ad to get 2 coins but the wallpapers aren’t that expensive so it’s a little more convenient
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4 years ago, nikou poop
Bruh. This is SO DOPPEE. I tried about 3 other ones and they were TRASH. One thing I’d like for this is a search bar so we could search like tricks or stuff. Bruh you are awesome! Keep up the good work people who made this.
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7 months ago, Liam the goat3
The best
This is so worth it because you get to show off but I sultill do not understand why it has money in it but otherwise it is worth it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩
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2 months ago, LilT-NoLimitDavie9
Dear the owner
I had the worst wallpapers and then when u found this I can’t believe my eyes I had to download this and get a dope wallpaper and ty! For making this
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2 years ago, Hsusoakwbekoeudhdhehehrhrjrj
Needs to be fixed
I’ve tried downloading like 7 wallpapers and watched every ad to get nothing in my camera roll. I’ve re downloaded the same wallpapers over and over and still nothing. Well except for the ads… Unless they fix the downloading it’s not worth wasting your time watching ad videos to get nothing.
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2 years ago, Shortcake592
Would recommend
Awesome wallpapers, everything’s free. You can even just watch ads to unlock extra wallpapers. Awesome app all around☺️
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4 years ago, Ash cookie
Me love it
I normally don’t say I love things unless it’s true.. and.. I love these wallpapers! They are really nice like 8 can spend about 2 hours looking at them none stop.
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4 years ago, carson yee
To make it better
I wish you could have more wallpapers and you could look up what you want and it would be better but other than that I love the app it’s cool and a lot of options
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3 days ago, michael garcia 10
You have the greatest wallpaper
You have the greatest wallpapers when I saw the one I like I felt in love with the app
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2 years ago, wobblyfox
Ma review
I haven’t had to pay for anything that isn’t worth it and it actually has really cool wallpapers
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1 year ago, 1phat14u
Waste of time
This app may be a decent app if you ever get to it but I didn’t. I got stuck in a constant loop of ads to get coins to even see a wallpaper! I could have developed my own software, wrote an app myself, submitted it to Apple for approval, and drew my own wallpaper in the time it was taking me to look at or try out one of their wallpapers —> D-E-L-E-T-E❕
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3 years ago, jaedyn gaines
Great definitely recomend. You save the pics to your camera roll then go to setting then set them up or go to Widgetsmith and add them as a widget
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11 months ago, Gist 1
I like it because I don’t have to pay just watch ad I’m fine with it
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1 year ago, Snozey_cat
I love this it is my favorite thing for cool old car wallpapers bc I am big into old cars right now mine is the 1969 dodge charger rt it is black
Show more
11 months ago, Rosie O'Donnell;ffff
You should not have to pay
Show more
2 years ago, Diead$
I love the dope section out of all the others but I wish you can download without watching an ad
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3 years ago, fjghbhgggg6t
This is one of the coolest wallpaper apps I have ever use + ITS FREE! Great app keep up all of this wonderful work developer’s I would rate 6 stars if I could
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1 year ago, Avery’s reviews
Review for dope wallpapers
Y’all’s wallpapers are so cool and so relaxing so can y’all make a new wallpaper that has girl Fortnite characters pls I’m begging u
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4 years ago, Ceekay Mars
Nice selection of wallpapers
The only issue is that there are not enough, people change wallpaper like they change their minds, often, not enough selection to keep the app installed.
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7 months ago, lxxRIOTxxl
Great App! But one problem.
The downloading didn’t work for me, but I just took a screenshot. Amazing and beautiful wallpapers, definitely suggest!
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1 year ago, ki medication
I think it is a good app but it has some bad things like you can not search for the one you want you just have to look for a good one and usually you don’t and I don’t find them so I think it is okay but not the app I’m looking for. :)
Show more
3 years ago, Mrs brainiac
Please fix this.
I un downloaded this app and I re downloaded it tonight and it keeps crashing and not letting me even open the app. I would have given this a 5 star review because I did like it previously until this happened. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, fghjghfdf
This app has been great but the only problem with it is you can’t Tip what you want.
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4 months ago, Dope wallpaper
Luke’s review
Only one add to make a wallpaper and they have so options
Show more
3 years ago, agfreenick
Dope wallpapers
Having just bought my first I phone I was wondering how to spice things up a lil bit. Dope wallpaper is it!!!
Show more
3 years ago, lfnndkkd
Dope wallpapers
I gave DW a five star rating because I love the fact that you can customize the wallpapers.
Show more
4 years ago, markieboi412
Not a like of wallpapers
It’s good and all but there’s not a lot of wallpapers they need it to were u can refresh it and u can get more wallpapers
Show more
3 years ago, blkbjj
Not what I expected
Ok well I downloaded this app hoping to get some cool wallpapers. However I saw a lot of the same wallpapers I’ve seen on other apps. Also too many ads. Sorry not trying to be a jerk.
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