Double Da Vinci Diamonds: FREE Vegas Slot Game

3.7 (227)
106.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
High 5 Casino LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Double Da Vinci Diamonds: FREE Vegas Slot Game

3.68 out of 5
227 Ratings
6 years ago, Col.lingus
I went through 80 spins and never hit free games. When I buy more coins sometimes I never get the credit but am billed for it. Three times last week coins showed up later but got billed for 4 X 9.99. Not fair.
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4 years ago, mttrailguy
A Very Clever Trap for Gamblers
This is a very authentic feeling casino app. In fact, it has all the features of gambling EXCEPT the possibility of winning a single red cent. The developers were very clever in setting the trap by providing you with a token bank that you burn through in a matter of minutes. Then the fun begins by purchasing token coins with YOUR REAL MONEY. For problem gamblers, this app could get quite expensive. I've spent in excess of $200 (real money) to get to bonus level 130. Which awards a one time bonus of about 900,000 token coins, which can be bet in a single spin. The return bonus increases by a ridiculously low amount less than 20,000 token coins, although you have to bet hundreds of millions to move to the next bonus level!!! You can play this "game" using only the return bonus and betting the minimum, but you'll only be playing about five minutes per day, if that. Do yourself a favor and avoid it.
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4 years ago, Peggy Sue 56
Waste of time
This game is a waste of time. Even the real DaVinci machines in casinos pay more often than this game does. Even the bonus games are paltry, even on substantial bets. It's a trick for you to lose the free money quickly so that you have to buy from the app if you want to keep playing. I fell for it....once. The app charged me twice but I only received one of the packages I purchased. And no way to give notice about the double charge. You can trust me or not. Play at your own risk. It also won't let you post a one star review. It won't go through after many tries. Run! -Peggie
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8 years ago, 1snappy1
Can only play for 5 minutes a day.
You won't waste your day playing on this app. Coins replenished once a day. Too long to wait and only get to play for 5 minutes a day. Love this game BUT Graphics are jumping and not smooth and it rarely gives you bonus games (just like the real slot machine - LOL). Also takes too long to get a replenishment of coins. I'd go broke if I always had to buy coins as payouts aren't that great. Fix these issues and the app would be awesome.
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6 years ago, Westies Mom x 2
I love da Vinci diamonds, But this game is a waste of time
I love da Vinci diamonds at the casinos. The problem with this game is your credits only replenished once a day. And after a few minutes they’re all gone. I’ve been playing this game now for two weeks, and have yet to get the bonus. Just a waste of time. There’s so many more fun games to play. Most games Replenish your credits after 1 to 2 hours.
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5 years ago, jljnr
The only way to “win” in this app is to NOT play on a daily basis but visit to collect the daily bonus and let it build up to a place where you can play for more than 5 minutes. Otherwise your pouring money into it to buy tokens. Gotten free games 1 x since I started playing. Very disappointing to say the least.
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8 years ago, Yeatsbaby
DaVini Diamonds
I love this game....the colors & graphics are outstanding! Tried other app versions & they were terrible...very cheap! This one has great payouts with bonus spins FINALLY I can enjoy my addiction while having fun. Great job!
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4 years ago, RitaMeda
My favorite casino game.
So glad there is an app. But I can’t figure out what my playing balance is on game. Generous payouts.
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5 years ago, Cybris
Dysfunctional at Best
Numerous problems with app seizing up and not starting. Numerous problems with paying and not receiving credits. Played many hours and only received two bonus rounds. App consistently acts like it doesn’t have enough bandwidth. Basically it’s horrible
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3 months ago, Sick of Buffering
Game Play
I was really enjoying this game for about 15 minutes. I had several small wins, 1 large and then a LOT of losses! Took the whole amount of 20 minutes, I was busted. If you want someone to play your game, you give incentives to continue, but not this game. Deleted!
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5 years ago, gfaithg
What the HELL ! !
Why do you keep moving me back to the beginning, I’ve been playing for years, I built this up to where I was collecting over 3 million free coins per day, you started me back to the beginning, built it up slightly and the you do it to me again, I’m quitting the rip off game.......thanks for ruining this for me
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7 years ago, Gaylajo
Da Vinci Diamonds
They have improved this game you can actually win big! I love this new improved Da Vinci diamonds and all the High 5 casino games! Don't miss this app if you love Da Vinci Diamonds.
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3 years ago, katolady
Not as fun as it use to be.
I have not won the bonus in months. It would be nice to win once in awhile🙁 It seems that when I first started plying this game I was able to play for quite awhile on the free points. Now the bonus win never comes up. Too bad, it use to be so fun to play.
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5 years ago, Suefessi
Just like Vegas
First day I downloaded the app, it allowed me to win 6M coins. Over the following two days it took every one of them back. With very little by way of exciting bonuses or big wins... obviously. Unless you want to pay for coins, don’t bother downloading the app. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, marteeee!
Pretty Kool!
Win or lose it’s just like going to the casino and not leaving your house! 5 stars! 👏
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6 years ago, RABNrider
I look forward to playing it every morning. I especially like the FREE SPIN music. Makes me feel like I’m at a REN Faire for the moment. Brava...
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3 years ago, Happy Slotting
Technical problem
It’s been over a week I’d close it out re download and again it says technical problems it’s been a week and I’m going to lose my high currency earned
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5 years ago, amyknj
Had 10 million all the sudden it’s stoped working it restarted by itself all the money was gone!! Try to find out the issue it’s says that I’m new to the game lol been playing this game years ago! Ok
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3 days ago, frankenslut
Game reset?
My go to game.. been actively playing for months..this morning opened game and it reset putting me back to day one lost my 571.00 daily points now I’m at 1?? daily points.. went to buy.. and even that was lowered.. not right
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5 years ago, babekitty
I can’t find out how you get free credits
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4 years ago, LJP30
DaVinci Diamonds
I have gone thru 3 levels and not one single free games bonus. Very poor. And from other reviews I am not the only one. I love this game in casinos, but this one is way too tight with bonuses.
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2 years ago, Tooker111
Waste of time
Gambling apps should let you win a little to keep you interested. I love this game in the casinos, but this app won’t let you have any enjoyment unless you spend money.
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6 years ago, Davinci Downer
This is my favorite casino game in Vegas. However this app has almost no bonus games and payouts are extremely low. It’s not fun because you can’t play long with the money they give.... very unfortunate
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2 months ago, Monterey Jackrabbit
Question !
Do bonus games exist on this slot app ? I had over 30 million coins without getting a bonus game . I guess it’s Easter Weekend so you tighten up this slot app to collect money .
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8 years ago, jessicasloan7699
Want money back
I had 26 million in coins. The game did an update and took it all. I spend a lot of money buying coins so this is not ok. Please give me my coins or some money back
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7 years ago, Kimb1122
Awesome ! Better than others👍
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1 year ago, turtel lover
Playing every day . No bonus at all
Soo hard to get any bonus. Not fun
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3 years ago, Komakila
Wiped Out
A day or two ago you zeroed out my progress, went from 143 mil to zero..ZERO. This is the second time this has happened...really unfair.
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3 months ago, Kobefromkobe
Fun, but…
I like this game, but the pay is too low for the amount of bet.
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7 years ago, Bacavigil
Love the game but not enough bonus coins! Won't buy coins, can't win!
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6 years ago, Lady Janee
Won’t download
Da Vinci won’t download. Tried rebooting still not working. Liked this game a lot until it stopped working.
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5 years ago, tracup
Used to be fun!
This app is a complete disappointment. Would like to play more but it never let’s you win. Why don’t you reset the game so it is pleasurable?
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4 years ago, 45@8888
Free play not much fun
Very few wins and extremely short play time with daily points. Would not spend money on credits.
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6 years ago, Chrysler 300C
Crashes and Loses Credits - and no tech support
Lost over 989 million in credits when app crashed. Tech support unresponsive
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3 years ago, rkbnpg
Davinci Diamonds
This game is terrible. It rarely gives bonuses no matter how much you play.
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4 years ago, patrick1012
Great game
Like this game love to play
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3 months ago, Drifter 345)8
Davinci diamond
Awesome thanks
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5 years ago, Taylor258
Not a good game to play
Not a good game to play I play it once didn’t like it don’t like it now
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7 years ago, The. JP
Mona Lisa
Great game. One of my favorites.
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2 years ago, kika2899
Worst game ever
Brought coins and never got it.
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6 years ago, Apparelrecruiter
Davinci diamonds
It stop working help!!!
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6 years ago, Asdefhjl
DaVinci Diamonds
This app is very unstable/glitchy.
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8 years ago, Nathanlee2388
Great game
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7 years ago, Eeedddgggaaarrr
My favorite game in Vegas oooo bad here dropped 900.000 one bonus for 85.000 . Not buying chip with those odds . !!!
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6 years ago, pffffty
Halfway through level 5. Have yet to hit free games.BS game designed to get you to buy coins, just like all the others. Don’t waste your time...
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