Double Dragon Trilogy

3.1 (260)
126.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Double Dragon Trilogy

3.08 out of 5
260 Ratings
4 years ago, David de la torre
Great game but please please update
The game is great and I’ve been playing it for years but the developer needs to update the controls. Ever since iOS 13.3 the controls are broken, all the buttons are mashed together and this makes the game unplayable, same goes w R-Type and R Type 2. Please do not buy until it is updated. Dotemu please please please update the controls, does NOT work on iPhone XS, XS pro, 11pro, 11pro max but it does with the XR and the iPhone 11?? I pay premium but games don’t work with my Pro
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6 years ago, Comedian138
Much better...just needs a few more tweaks until perfection...
The developers added continues (thank you!) and made some other tweaks, which are a BIG improvement over the previous version. However, having a (or at least have the option to have) "add credits" button would be ideal for the games, Especially for Double Dragon 3 where having additional credits is mandatory to purchase items at the shops. And where's the level map for Double Dragon 3? Other than that, everything else is Double Dragon nostalgia awesomeness, a top notch port of all the games I played in the arcades as a kid. For those who were wanting the NES versions: These are the ARCADE versions of the games, which came out BEFORE the NES versions. Keep up the good work development team!! Here's my five stars for Double Dragon trilogy!!!
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3 years ago, my_review
Awesome beat’em up classic
Definitely one of the best arcade classic on today’s new devices. Unlike like others which bombard you with ads and convoluted menu which is completely unnecessary. This is exactly what it is and was from the 80s. The remix to the original music is a greatly appreciated touch and done right, with the option to switch to the original. Thank you for making the controls adjustable. And thank you for thinking it through with the video option as well as the game’s difficulty. If you’re into old school video games or Arcade1up classics then this game absolutely deserves to be in your collection. Get the original beat’em up godfather of them all. Yes - this came out before Final Fight.
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4 years ago, Meatbagicus
Unplayable on iPhone X
All the games in this pack, double dragon, rtype etc are unplayable on “modern” iPhones. It is astounding that apple would feature this. I love rtype. I love double dragon. BUT The default control scheme squashes all the controls in the bottom right corner of the screen. It’s supposed to be a dynamic system where you can move the controls wherever you want on screen. It probably worked great 4 years ago - but it hasn’t been updated in so long that it’s impossibly broken. I was so excited to play this. Then so disappointed in apple for featuring and dotemu for not updating. This can’t possibly be a hard fix for the devs - I am one - I know, it’s easy. BUT the publisher has to pay them to do the update. And that’s never going to happen. Apple - why would you feature a game that doesn’t work on your latest devices? A stunning failure to retro gaming fans. I’m sure it it was on Apple Arcade it would be getting an update.
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5 years ago, 55Bunch
Key configuration all messed up
I played this game many atimes without any problems but now the key settings are all messed up the default key configuration makes the buttons overlap against each other and they are huge in size. I tried moving them around but I can’t do anything because the smallest I can get them is no small enough so I can’t move the punc and kick to the right side because the d pad is overlapping and taking up all the space. I tried support on the web site but there is none. And they don’t even mention DD anymore. I don’t know what else to do. I even deleted the game and re downloaded it but it stays the same arrrrrrgh! Some one please help me!!
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2 years ago, Eric from B.K.
This game is unplayable
It’s very unfortunate I wish the bugs could be fixed I should’ve realized with the last message that was sent not to purchase this game, but I did anyway hoping that I could play it on my platform iPhone 11. I spent three dollars for nothing. I hope the developers could get this game fixed the control nob and attack buttons fill the entire screen. Everything is enlarged and the game is unplayable. If I can give zero stars I would. It’s a shame because double dragon was awesome. DOTEMU please fix this bug so I could write about what an awesome job you guys did. I know it’s only three dollars but I don’t like wasting money.
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7 years ago, rmwolfe79
Controls aren't the greatest
It took some getting used to because of the controls(trying to execute moves, walking off ledges, etc.). It's still entertaining and frustrating at times. The controls do make it more of a challenge.
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8 years ago, BitingChaos
It's Double Dragon!
I think it's funny that one of the reviews for this says that it's a loose comparison to the original Double Dragon. Uh, this is the original Double Dragon. The controls aren't perfect, but this is a direct port of the original arcade games (for better or worse). If you played anything else called "Double Dragon", then THAT was the different version.
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7 years ago, Big daddy bubba 1235
I like the music. I love how it looks just like the arcade with the sounds and all but the controls are HIDEOUS. They're so stiff and unresponsive. There are times when I'm trying to just press punch and my thumb is clearly only over the punch button but either nothing happens and the bad guys proceed to pound my character as he just stands there OR I throw and elbow (not touching the jump key at all) and then proceed to get pounded. Hard to move diagonally too or even move at all. 1 star for the arcade portable nostalgia and music but the best classic Arcade fix of DD is on emulator still.
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7 years ago, Kim M. Hoang
Not worth it.
This is a waste of $2.99. The only thing good about it is that it stays true to the game like it was years ago. The problem is the control of the joystick is not calibrated so it doesn't move like the real joystick did in the arcade, the buttons do not work like it should (I.E. when you press the punch button, it kicks instead) and sometimes there is a delay in action when you move or press the buttons. If you want to waste your money on this, then it's fine. I don't think it was worth the investment..
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4 years ago, TheRealFlawless1
Configuration Issue
The joystick display is to big and when I go to configurations to set it down to a smaller size, it sits on top of the other buttons, which prevents me from moving them to the left or right; I never had this problem in the past. How do I fix this?
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2 years ago, only if you could choos
Much better if you could choose the characters
Nobody can argue with double dragon it’s just that you can’t choose between the red dragon and the blue dragon another thing please add Back The multiplayer mode I’ve been dying without it
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7 years ago, Jacob20016
It's freaken Double Dragon 1, 2, and 3
Is all 3 classic Double Dragon arcade games in 1. Love the music. Thanks for this game. I haven't found any lag at any parts. In the arcade, if there are 4 enemies on the screen at ones, it will lag. In this version, when there are 4 enemies at ones, IT NEVER LAGS AT ALL! Thanks for fixing the lag.
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8 years ago, Abelinx
Just like original
Brings me back to playing this with my Dad on the original Sega system. The game is just as I remembered. Love it... Only complaint is the ability to jump kick in I and II it should be more fluid. If that gets fixed it would be 5 stars. Great game and great job bringing it to the mobile platform overall.
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4 years ago, machew2019
Rip off
Wow! What a ripoff by the developer! Purchase price for this game shows $2.99. Why the hell did I get charge for $13. On top of that, the game doesn’t even work. The kick, punch, jump, pause buttons don’t work. The only thing that worked was the joystick. Even after trying to change the control settings, it still does not work. Don’t waste your time and money! This game hasn’t been updated for 4 years. No wonder its only got a rating of 3 stars.
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7 years ago, Admiralbison
Perfect port of the actual Arcades!!
For those (who are most likely trolling) who give this a 1 star and say it's not the original don't know what they are talking about. THIS IS THE ARCADE VERSION. Not the nes,genesis,amiga,commodore etc.. So it comes with all the controls for better or worse of the arcades. It also has MFI controller support AND Bluetooth multiplayer. So for those who want and know about arcade games and want a classic beat 'em up without all the nonsense expensive to play "Free"-2-Play this is good example.
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7 years ago, Lover of foreign literature
Impossible to play
Controls are terrible. I find my character continually changing direction when I press punch or kick or just doing nothing and getting killed. The hit detection is brutal in this game. Enemies have a far greater range of motion and almost always get the first hit. Anything less than perfection won't cut it in this game, and that's a terrible situation to be in with controls that lend themselves to imprecision and mistakes...
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6 years ago, kLiNe1cs
Please update for iPhone X🙏🏽
I love this game, i really hope you update for iPhone X, and also Apple TV support, it would be awesome to play this on the big screen. So many memories when i play this game, thanx guys👍🏽.
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4 years ago, joeldagr8one
Terrible controls
Love the graphics & Music cause it’s just like the original but the controls are horrible you could either punch or kick cause the moving control over takes either one plus the controls are right in the middle of the screen please fix then it would be great
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1 year ago, Jz333333
I played this game since I was little kid. It brings me amazing memories. I used to stop in this arcade before school and I could pass the whole game with one quarter.
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4 years ago, Pete TERMINATOR
I Love it!
The price is not bad at all. The only thing I don’t like is the music is not original from the arcade. It is similar. I hope they change that.
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2 years ago, PC guy who likes Final Fantasy
Game was unplayable for years.
Nice of you to patch it after years of not being able to use it on iphoneX due to the controls being blown up and covering the entire screen. You guys are terrible I assume you only updated it because no one was buying it after years of you selling a broken app.
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4 years ago, MJ Styles
Perfect Phone Game
As a retro gamer this is a fun addition to have on my phone. Love the remixed music and multiple difficulty settings. Must buy if your a fan of the series.
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3 years ago, action2280
Your customers need help
Please give us an update to fix the problems with the latest iOS updates. I purchased the Double Dragon 🐲 bundle along with other games that are not working properly because of the iOS update.
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4 years ago, i'm_dead
please update for current iOS. default size of the buttons are huge and impossible to move around when configuring, even after setting the buttons to smallest size. please update games regularly, especially when they require a purchase. game is unplayable in its current state and i was basically just ripped off for $3.
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7 years ago, Oandrade81
Double dragon
Good game but needs to fix the audio. It goes then it comes. Doesn't stay on. Please fix asap.
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4 years ago, Arbatix
WHY??? 😭
The late 80s, we had everything, Guns N’ Roses, arcades, and Double Dragon. It was the favorire arcade for many of us who were kids in the 80s, I waited for a version for iPhone and... and... why did you do this? It is simply impossible to play it on iPhoneX, no sound at all, I see half screen (!!!!!!!) and only two buttons. Please update it, you killed one of the best arcades ever
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7 years ago, PitSoulja
First I'll give you two stars for nostalgia. The controls while they are greatly improved in double dragon 2 there are times where I can't hit anyone. Double dragon 3 tho what the heck is this. The character and animation are so insanely jittery and I'm playin on iPad Air and iPhone 6 Plus. Just wow. Please let me refrain from vomiting
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3 months ago, SuetFab
Tried to use on my iPad and the experience wasn’t good
I bought this since it’s a classic that reminds me my childhood but the experience was poor. Sounds and soundtrack does not work as expected and the game runs super fast which makes impossible to play.
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11 months ago, 989###
2 players
I love the game is awesome but what happened to the 2 players option.
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4 years ago, YooperGamer
Would love to play but can’t
On screen controller is unusable. Controller configuration option is even more useless. I cannot move the buttons to anywhere on the screen where they are able to be pressed. Perhaps the on screen controller would work on an iPad, but on my phone it’s garbage.
Show more
5 years ago, Chriss29
Great game
Brings back memories thank you for the port developers, please keep updating for latest devices
Show more
8 years ago, Tonygonzo777
Thank you
So glad the sound is back! Brings me back to the old days!
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2 years ago, iAmCamFace
Thanks for stealing
If you’re not going to continue to update the app then it needs to be free. The joystick gets stuck and you find yourself only able to move in one direction. You have to keep pausing the game to unstick it. Fix it or give me my $3 back.
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4 years ago, jde2436
Issues need to be fix
The app as an issues with the control buttons which when playing the game the icons buttons to fight are in the middle of the screen can not really play the game
Show more
4 years ago, Villieqwert
Awful control configuration
Can’t adjust the controls. The joystick box overlaps the other controls and it can’t be fixed on an iPhone X. The compatibility section should be updated and new iPhone models should be removed from the section. Refunds should be given for this.
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4 years ago, ntfisher78
Terrible Controls
What a terrible app the controls are hard to use and take up so much space on the screen I wish I could get my $2.99 back what a waste of money. I played these games as a kid and got really excited when I saw this trilogy what a let down.
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3 years ago, Standing Dead
No Sound, broken controls
Love this game but the sound no longer plays and the controller configuration is busted, please update the game so we can get that classic double dragon sound back and fix the button configuration...
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8 years ago, Crazybassist86
Waste of money
This game is a complete waste of money. The controls are garbage and the games aren't even the same as the originals. The levels are different and the story is completely absent. I wish I had listened to the reviews and not purchased this. Save your money and DON'T BUY THIS APP!!!
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3 years ago, iruejdndue
Just bought and controls are broken
How is this still for sale when it is unplayable? Doesn’t Apple test these games before allowing them in the store? This is more broken than Cyberpunk. I feel very ripped off...
Show more
3 years ago, JSUNBurns
Game is great but broken
Controls are broken. Doesn’t support entire screen. Can’t move controls off to the side and they cover the game so you can’t see. Also, the buttons are too large! Game is unplayable as is because of this!
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8 years ago, Alex Squa
Controls, graphics, difficulty not at all matching expectations. I was very excited at the possibility to play this classic. Hopefully some updates will be made to improve this game to a considerable level.
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8 years ago, David Ebron
Brings back memories!
Real easy controls true arcade port! Worth every penny!
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4 years ago, Tronix379
I cant configure the buttons and the controller stick. It’s all jacked up!
Show more
5 years ago, dexterbean765
Not the game I played as a kid
Like some of the up grades to Graphics but the punches and kicks are different and how am I suppose to hit the a and b button at same time to jump kick should be at least close to the original with buttons
Show more
4 years ago, Alexzulupan
Doesn’t work on IOS 13
Doesn’t work on IOS 13
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4 years ago, NorCal82
Button Configuration
The game runs really smooth, but the button configuration makes zero sense. The joystick takes up literally half of the screen and you can’t move the buttons to the other side.
Show more
3 years ago, MO222324
Broken game
Just bought the game for my IPhone 12 Pro and can’t play it. The buttons won’t work. The only thing that works is the analog. You can’t jump, punch or kick. Very disappointed I paid 2.99 for a classic game that doesn’t work.
Show more
5 years ago, KTurkay
thanks after 30 years
thanks SNK developers. it was my 1st game of childhood. feeling thankful for oldyears
Show more
3 years ago, Vue4Real
Controls are broken
The game is good, but the controls are broken and it is not playable right now. Do not buy this game until they fix the controls. Please developers, fix the controls please.
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