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User Reviews for Double Good

4.92 out of 5
25K Ratings
1 year ago, hunt8812
Popcorn Fundraiser
I am on a local PTA in my community and two years ago. We discovered double good popcorn. It was the beginning of the year and we needed a quick fundraiser to jump start the year and someone at the school told us about your services I will have to say. This was the easiest fundraiser we have ever done as a PTA delivery straight to the house is so much of a game changer. No spreadsheets are consuming hours of making sure everyone gets their popcorn. We raised $5000 in four days in our little school. It took everyone a minute to understand what we were doing, however, the next time we did it, it was even better. This year as a veteran baseball mom, I suggested doing a DG popcorn cell and everyone loves it. With the hustle and bustle of the end of the year this is a awesome opportunity to make some money to pay for our equipment that we have to have and just a couple of weeks. My only concern is some of the flavors are not quite as good as some of the other popcorn that I have tasted that are gourmet. If you could work on some of your flavors, it did become a little stale last time after just a few days, even unopened. Yes, I know you guys doing most of the legwork. But it would be nice to maybe get an 8020 split instead of 50-50 because I have started to hear some parents say they would rather give their kids money instead of buying the popcorn once they realized we only got 50%. But overall I will give this system an A-.
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1 year ago, Mrs. VBC
Easy Peasy, Carmel Cheesy
This is was the easiest fundraiser. It was something we decided to do at the last minute to supplement donations for our group and being able to offer a product vs. asking for donations marked a difference and who doesn’t like popcorn? The fact all the team had to do was send a link, post it on social media or email it to friends and family was so convenient. The leaderboard added an extra level of fun and competition with team members fighting to be the leading seller. Our fundraiser was a huge success. My team members and I enjoyed the fact that no money had to be collected or product collected for coordination of deliveries which was a game changer and made all the difference in those who chose to be part of the fundraising team. I would definitely recommend this fundraiser to anyone looking for a chance to raise funds.
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3 years ago, Deejsh
Best fundraiser ever!
If you want to raise a lot of money in a quick, easy, young and old friendly way, Double Goof is the way to go. First, who doesn’t love popcorn or at least know someone who does?!?! Second, who doesn’t want to do a fundraiser that literally only requires downloading an app, sending text messages with a link and sitting back and letting your family and friends do the rest. This effort build a level of sisterly competition for us and made reaching a tremendous goal so much fun. The leaderboard is a game changer. People want to be seen as a contribution, regardless of how much they help raise, and the leaderboard makes that possible with fun transparency and competition. We plan to do this annually as it is such a great opportunity to raise funds for scholarships and have delicious fun at the same time.
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1 year ago, Uniwendy
Third year in a row
This app and company are top notch. The app is easy to use for our fundraising. Everything we do can be completed on the app. They make it easy to use for the administration of the fundraiser and the people raising the money. We found this company from a referral and have used them 3 times now for our summer camp. This company is very trustworthy and they give more money back to the fundraiser than any we have used. I recommend them any time I have an opportunity. I never have a problem with the technology. Our students love the flexibility of the app and the way they can use their phone to raise money for camp.
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3 months ago, WI8K
Needs accessibility improvements with Voiceover screen reader
Most of the app works well with Voiceover screen reader. I am especially happy with the shopping screen. But when I tried to set up my pop-up store and how to receive payment, many of the edit boxes did not work. If I double tapped an edit box, the letters did not speak as they usually do when I have keys set to announce when I type them. On the screen where I was supposed to enter the details about the organization, the only field that worked properly at all was the pop-up with the state names. These issues make it less likely that I would recommend your fundraiser to other screen reader users. I hope you will fix these issues in the future. You have my information if you want to contact me about this matter. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Camalla30
This app is brilliant. During Covid times, I think innovators are creating apps that will help make life simple & convenient (Virtually). Our daughter was able to raise money for her cheer team by people simply clicking on a link. I didn’t have to customize the shop by creating what they offer (to buy). I only needed to add a picture, type her name & a brief message to her family & friends. They even put a limit of characters to type. I think that’s smart. Short & sweet. I’m going to look into using this app when I am ready to receive donations for my Children’s foundation. Asé (thank you) for the great experience.
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1 year ago, Clo2621
Easy peasy
The easiest fundraiser I’ve ever done. The platform is easy to use. Ordering was also super easy. Loved that there was an option to donate to essential workers instead of buying popcorn. That feature was really popular with our supporters. If you want to raise money quickly and easily, this is the fundraiser to choose. My daughter’s goal was 500$ and she smashed it. Just share the crap out of the pop up shop link and remind people how easy and delicious the popcorn is. Give them the option to donate instead. We raised 4000$ in four days. Seriously the best way to fundraise. Ever.
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2 years ago, Callmefamos
Super Easy to Use! Some recommendations
Love this fundraiser! Super easy, let’s you just focus on selling without the hassle of handling and delivering product. 4 days and that’s it! One recommendation - if you are involving students in selling online, have them set up their pop-up stores digitally the week before. That way, they can immediately share their link as soon as the fundraiser starts. I waited until the first day to have them set up the stores and basically wasted the first day - BUT this fundraiser was so good and easy that we still beat our goal!
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3 years ago, HisLadyDee
Email Responses
How do you get responses to your emails to this company? I placed two separate orders for the same fundraiser on June 5th in support of ladies who were selling popcorn for the same organization. I placed one order for my house and the other as a gift to my daughter. I received one confirmation but my account was billed twice so I thought it was okay. However, I received my order on yesterday and sent an email twice regarding the order I gifted to my daughter who lives in a different City. Please check your emails or respond via this app. If I don’t hear from you then I will request a refund through my credit card and they can contact your company for their funds. All I want to know is that you are sending the popcorn. Thank you!
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4 years ago, johnny g 4u
This is by far the best fundraiser I ever participated with. Our expectations were exceeded in 4 days. The popcorn is well known and the best tasting popcorn out there. You are able to track the progress of the sales at any time and you can visually see who is selling and how much and everything is hands off, just send the link out to all of your contacts and sit back and watch it works. They pay for the popcorn online and it’s shipped directly to them, with no handling from you or your team members. You will receive half of what you sell as a team, you have nothing to loose, no upfront fees , nothing!
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12 months ago, LividGorgeous
Amazing Fundraiser Company
This app was always updated to the T with sale numbers, it gave a great countdown, you can see well the team is doing overall. It lets supporters leave a message and you can thank them right then when they make a donation on the site, not having to leave the site to text or reach out to them and it shows what your supporters purchased. On top of all of that, it caters to the ones who don’t eat popcorn and allows the essential worker plan to have popcorn donated to an essential worker, which is amazing!
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1 year ago, TamaRHO1
Quick & Easy
This was the easiest fundraiser ever! Once I was able to setup my daughters account she was able to send a link to friends/family through text. It was super easy for her to get involved and run it herself. I was also able to share on social media getting an even bigger reach. No managing orders. Everything was done in the app. And let me tell you this popcorn is delicious with fast shipping. I love that my daughter was able to thank each supporter in the app. Donating ti essential workers was a great touch!
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2 years ago, Azaria's Mom
Hands Down, Best Virtual Fundraiser!!
My daughter participated in this fundraiser for her cheer team, at first I was a little hesitant to participate being that you just received 50% of what you sell, then I thought what the heck anything helps. I’m so glad I did it! This is the easiest fundraiser ever…. You don’t have collect any money or distribute out any product! Set up your shop, add a picture or video, and the day your shop opens share the link w/ family and friends then they can share. My daughter exceeded her goal!
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4 years ago, Mizzcaballero
I recently had a fundraiser, the process was easy enough. There’s only one way to verify your identity to receive they Pay Out of this fundraiser. Yet this process has been unable to do that with me! I’ve tried several times, there’s no phone number to speak to an actual person (RED FLAG) only email. Then when I finally got a response there was no other resolution other that to “try again”. So there’s not way they can verify my ID? (RED FLAG) I wonder how many people have lost out on their money because they had a hard time with their faulty system. I’m email them once more & after that I’m writing a complaint to BBB. Your choice, try it out & risk not being able to access your funds while customer service gives you the runaround or go through a trusted company. THIS ONE IS NOT IT!
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2 years ago, jay-boog
Great for fundraising!
I used this for fundraising for my schools cheer team and it was so easy. You just set up your event and share your link and people can click on it and buy. If you don’t want to do things digitally you can get their booklet. Another great thing about this app is that half of the proceeds you make go to you. The popcorn is a little pricey but it’s worth it for the size of the bag, the flavors you can choose, and the amount you get. Definitely will be using in the future!
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3 years ago, Erica66
Great fundraiser but don’t like the change!
One of the best fundraisers out. You don’t have to deal with person to person contact. The popcorn is delivered directly to the customer address but I have one problem. My people who purchased the popcorn as well as I complained about the change in size!!😩! The popcorn is delicious and fresh but $10 for a bag of small popcorn that would be $2.49 in store is not okay! Compared to the year before the bag size was on point. I think you should give different sizes to choose from! This time we was not happy with the size!
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3 years ago, Just Jill
Easiest fundraising EVER
I hate fundraising. I hate asking people for money for anything. I was terrible in sales, and I am now the fundraising chair of my kid’s preschool. I only want to do DoubleGood fundraisers from now on. I hope they expand into some low-carb options. The app is amazing and so easy to use, setting up an event takes no time at all. The engagement level, the ease of sharing content, and the clear tracking of sales and funds raised makes this the best fundraising portal I’ve ever had the opportunity to use.
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6 months ago, Andy 41
Great fundraising option
Highly recommend. Easy option. Set up is a breeze, leaderboard promotes competition, and it’s great not having to handle collecting funds. Nice feature being able to thank people for their purchase through the app. I’ve also had the popcorn previously and it’s great. Our fundraiser just ended, and we haven’t received our funds yet, but communication has been great, and we have been notified the money raised will be deposited soon.
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4 years ago, I'd rather not 😂
Most effective way to fundraiser
Last year, it took my cheer team about 2 months to fundraise money to pay for our uniforms. Even then, the cost wasn’t completely covered. My family had to pay about $400 out of pocket. This year, within the span of FOUR days, I was able to almost completely pay for my uniform, with a balance of just $14 left to pay out of pocket. This is a very effective, very quick, very easy way to fundraise money for whatever you need, and I would definitely recommend.
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5 months ago, StacyNichole
Super easy and Fun Fundraiser 🍿 🤩
This was my first Double Good fundraiser, and I loved the daily tips and images they provided to help my store become a SUCCESS!! It was super simple to setup and navigate every day! Double Good has left a great impression and I can’t wait to fundraise with them again!! And plus the popcorn is amazing because once potential customers realized it was them— they couldn’t pass up buying 🤩 (still waiting on my shipment but I know it won’t fail my tastebuds!)
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6 months ago, Altrusa Fun
Fundraiser Event
This was our 2nd year to use your company as our fundraising activity. Our nonprofit club has many older members who simply cannot physically do the work we did previously to raise money for our community projects. This project offered us the opportunity to continue to grow our community volunteering projects without injury to anyone. The popcorn you provide is fresh and tasty. There is a wide variety available. Most of all; it can all be done online which makes it very convenient for the buyer and the seller. I was delighted that our popcorn arrived before Christmas. That was an unexpected “bonus” for us! Thank you! I look forward to using your services again in the future for our fundraising activities. Thank you! Sylvia Barrett Treasurer of Arlington Altrusa International Club of Arlington, TX
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1 year ago, Crochet richest
Too easy!!!
Easiest fundraiser ever! Have made purchases from others in the past. When challenged with my own group's scholarship fundraising, I suggested DoubleGood. The hardest part was setting everything up and that wasn't hard at all. We surpassed our goal without lifting a finger.......well we DID lift a finger to send out the link! Lol! There is no other fundraiser out there for me. DoubleGood it is!!! Pricey maybe, but it's for a good cause and the popcorn is delish!! Worth every penny.
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3 years ago, Jbcandy48
Fantastic fundraiser
This was a win win for all involved. It took seconds to set up my pop up shop and seconds for supporters to jump onboard to help. The app is super easy to use, provides awesome notifications of what’s going on and let’s you know how everyone is doing along the quick and easy process. Would recommend this fundraiser to everyone. Plus the popcorn is amazingly tasty so even easier to sell to family and friends.
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3 months ago, Annjoy55
Field Day Pop Corn Fundraiser
This was the easiest fundraiser I have ever participated in, all you had to do was click the link and shared it with family and friends, they placed their order and my job was done. Another part that is so sweet I didn’t have to deliver or collect money. And the popcorn was delivered to my friends and family within two weeks of ordering, my supporters are very satisfied with their purchase saying the popcorn is good and I agree!!!
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1 year ago, Money-momma
I don’t know why you wouldn’t do this fundraiser!
I’ve organized two fundraisers through Double Good for two different groups and both were very successful! It is so easy to organize and operate, the return on investment is unbelievable! Highly motivated, large groups can raise thousands of dollars with ease and only in a few days! Sweetie, you’ll be real salty if you miss out on the tremendous opportunity to raise money for your organization with Double Good!
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2 months ago, Jennyoliva24
Mind Blowing Potential
I teach at a Title I school, meaning a majority of our families are low income households. I started fundraising now, at the end of Junior year, for next year’s Senior Activities. We thought we were maybe going to get a couple of hundred bucks and got OVER $9,000!!! The fundraising couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is encourage participants to share the link. We are so thrilled and the students already want to plan another one.
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3 years ago, Jj80Jp77
A Covid friendly, easy App to keep somewhat normal!!
This was our first experience with this app and we are hooked! It’s user friendly- meaning it’s simple to use - share - and make fundraising profits happen!! We have 5 children (all girls) we have participated in many fundraisers over the years and well this fundraiser on this App is by far the best we have ever been a part of. Hands down we would recommend this app to anyone who is looking to raise money for a cause they believe in!
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1 year ago, Starr D
Easiest Fundraiser EVER!
I have been in charge of Fundraising from the time my daughter was in 3rd grade all the way through high school. There was always work involved. With this one, all we did was send out the link, and the Popcorn sold itself. There were only 3 of us selling for our high school 50th reunion. We sold over $2,500 in 4 days. So we will collect $1,250, and all we did was copy the link to people. They ship direct to the customers , and it ships quickly. I don’t care if you are fundraising for a church, school, sports team or what…. I highly recommend Double Good. I had never heard of it, nor have I tasted it…yet. But so many people told me how yummy this popcorn is. I can’t wait until my popcorn gets here. Cheryl D Inglewood, CA George Washington High School Class of 1976 Go Generals!
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5 years ago, juicimimi
Good Service
Within 4 days my daughter had accomplished her goal and some. We closed our shop with $1590!! $90 more than we anticipated. The best part is that this was so easy to use and share with friends and family to simply hit the link that brought them to our pop up store to purchase! Thanks to this fundraiser my daughter is able to go to competition in Florida, all travel and expenses paid for! Definitely would use again.
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1 year ago, Jbccbaker
A bit hard to use
The individualize stores was good visual appeal and the team page is easy to use. Setting up the individual pop up store is easy, but it’s hard to navigate once you go back in. It’s difficult to find how to send thank you messages to your supporters, so there’s a lot of clicks and wasted time. I’m not super comfortable asking children to put their faces on the site, so it would have been nice having some stock photos more easily accessible.
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3 years ago, mommyx307
So easy and effortless!
In all of my years of fundraising with my children, this was a delight. It was so easy, effortless and well organized by Double Good. The product was delicious as well. They had all the popcorn labeled with common allergens so it was incredibly easy for people to order with peace of mind. I especially LOVED that friends and family from out of state could order without the hassle of me having to ship it to them. All in all, it was a FANTASTIC experience.
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5 months ago, silvara12
Accessibility Issues for Sellers using Voice Over
This was one of the best fundraisers we’ve done! I am giving 3 stars because of lack of accessibility! The sellers struggled to create their stores because the app is not accessible with Voice Over. DG is aware of the issues but they have not made uploading a picture accessible! No pic, no store! Please take that requirement away! Or make it accessible. As the organizer the pay out section is accessible. The app does not allow Voice Over type in information. Voice Over is a screen reader blind people use to access their Phones.
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3 years ago, Shinto02
Easiest Fundraiser and the total skyrocketed!
Being a Girl Scout my whole life, I thought all fundraisers had to be painful. This one was such a breeze!!! No returning to the homes, nobody had any questions on product, and the the total $ raised was four times what I had imagined. Thankful for a fundraiser that allowed a single student to raise money instead of giant minimums to start, as though we were apart of a team. So grateful I heard of this! -Sarah from ND
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4 years ago, Gilden Butterfly
Double Good popcorn fundraiser
This is the most successful fundraiser the club has ever done. Not only did the club raise a great deal of money, but it was so easy and very convenient. The sale and delivery transactions were all online. The people bought their popcorn online, and their popcorn will be delivered directly to their homes. That was fantastic. No hands on involvement other than texting people. Hopefully DoubleGood will continue using online selling and delivery of the popcorn.
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8 months ago, Sl1amgo0dy
Queens of Glory
This fundraising event was fun and exciting. The contact free invite to others to support the fundraiser allow me to send many invites with no expectation for anyone to make a purchase. Some people purchased anonymously while others included their name. We have decided to make this fundraising for the ministry and annual fundraiser. Thank you so much double good for making this fundraising easy to purchase this delicious popcorn.
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2 years ago, Big Daddy Gugs
Head coach New Dorp Girls Basketball
This was the best and most lucrative fundraising activity I have ever done and I’ve been coaching for over 30 years. It’s quick, simple, easy and most importantly I don’t have to handle money during the process. Direct from the company to your address is the best thing ever! Definitely will do it again and have already recommended it to all my friends and coaches.
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2 months ago, kingkong5298
Exceeds all expectations. Easy sign up. Easy to set up team. No guarantee minimums. 50% of proceeds go to the organization or cause. So far everything has been easy. The only questions i have are: Why is the fundraiser only limited to 4 days? Why does it take so long for pay out when you put in direct deposit? Still the easiest an best fundraiser I’ve ever done.
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3 years ago, Watson 2021
Charlotte Alumni Chapter Livingstone College
This fundraiser was a great ideal to use since we are still dealing with a pandemic. We were able to contact as many people as we wanted during a four day period and raise funds for our scholarship program. The process was easy, convenient and manageable for our group. At the end of the day, we are able to help students stay in college.
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2 years ago, Kyglover
Best fundraiser ever!
This was the first time I’d done this fundraiser and it was SO MUCH fun!! It was a friendly competition and kept the momentum going by seeing all the other participants info so it made the competition FUN! We were able to raise GREAT money for the organization and had a blast while doing it! The plus was those who gave were able to order something for themselves too!
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3 months ago, oboegiirl
So easy
I’ve hosted so many school fundraisers and this one was so easy. Students were excited to participate and really did well! Products go directly to the customer and profit gets sent to our school. I didn’t have to count any money or worry about customer checks clearing. I will definitely be doing this fundraiser again next school year!
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5 months ago, FAME Design
Good popcorn for a great cause
I did this fundraiser 5 years ago and we had more time to sell but then we had to distribute everything . I think the new pop up method of selling in 4 days works well and puts pressure under people to order right away and it also gets shipped to their house which makes it easy for the organization selling !!!
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2 years ago, Kelgeorgie
Very easy fundraiser
Very easy to use. Haven’t tried their products yet, but I’ve heard good feedback. Would love to see them allow people to donate money and take a small percentage of money donated. I had four people who wanted to give but didn’t like popcorn and didn’t want to do the first responder thing because the organization would only get 50% of the proceeds.
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3 months ago, 411Fyw
There is NO better WAY to Raise Money!
I cannot express enough how happy we are with our decision to go with the Double Good fundraiser. We raised money for our 40th Class Reunion and to donate money to the Alexandria High School for students pursuing their college and careers goals. We exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful for our supporters! We highly recommend using Double Good if you need to raise money.
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2 years ago, Loves2Ebay
I love that you can customize your store so it takes away the apprehension from your supporters. The set up is so user-friendly and easy to do, it makes fundraising less of a burden and more enjoyable! And to put the icing on the cake, you don’t have to wait for delivery and distribute to your supporters! It ships directly to the supporter. I have been on both ends of this fundraiser and I love it!
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4 years ago, Team Morris Phitness
The Easiest Fundraiser Ever!
First of all the popcorn is delicious! The online platform is easy to setup and use. During a time when we are social distancing, this fundraiser is a create way raise money without having to collect money, pickup and drop off items to friends and family. I highly recommend it to all needing to do a fundraiser. You can reach people across the US and not just your local community.
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4 years ago, lovelylynj
Good but one problem
I really support this app and think that it’s a wonderful way to raise money for people. But now and again it will kick me out and I have to go through such a hassle just to login because every time it says I put in my email it says email already taken and when I go online it does the same thing. I wish you could put a button on the app that says login instead of just sign up. I hope you find this useful.
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1 year ago, Queen Kre
Link message
The popcorn is amazing. However, I think the message I the link to the store should be changed. It should not say I thought you would support. Rather it should say, Hello I’m having a fundraiser and I need your support please check out the link and thank you for taking a look. The present message is rude to be. It is totally making an assumption. Ijs
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4 years ago, Colum OB
Excellent fundraiser
This is our third fundraiser with double good. Although the popcorn has a price tag that is a little higher than folks are used to, the way that this is done and how fast they received the product and the fact that they know that 50% will go back to the Organization makes this a win-win and folks are happy to purchase! The app makes this so easy
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7 months ago, Mr. DXO
Great was to fundraise!
This was our first time using Double Good as a fundraiser. We started with zero expectations and we were blown away by the results. Families love the product so we had no problem selling to our community, family and friends! And the best part is - we did not have up front costs or have to handle product!
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1 year ago, MzDai93
This fundraiser is super easy! Set up shop, have everyone create their own message and send the link out! The popcorn shops directly to the buyer so need to deal with pre- purchasing or collecting money and then distributing a product out. Super easy and quick way to make money for a team or cause. The popcorn is super DELICIOUS!! Hands down one of the best fundraisers out there.
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