Double Win Slots Casino Game

4.9 (426.4K)
266.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Double Win Slots Casino Game

4.9 out of 5
426.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Jbear1025
Seems to have changed for the worse
The very first day I had this game I was able to watch videos for coins when I ran out. The second day, no videos and that hasn’t been an option since. They have a link to their “fan page” that used to take you to their Facebook page and now it doesn’t take you anywhere. You have to wait 3 hours between going bankrupt and getting more coins then only get like 200,000 and those run out in less than 60 seconds even betting the minimum. I like the games and the concept but they are super stingy with their free coins to play their free game...of course you can buy all they coins you want with real money. They ask for your email and say they will send bonuses etc. but I have yet to receive anything at all including a verification email. I have contacted customer service about this but no response so far. They don’t seem to have much of a customer service department but they want you to pay real money to play their “free” slots. I really do enjoy the Alice in wonderland slot game as the bonus game is a board game followed by free spins and that is unique when you actually get to play it. This game has some great features if they could just come off their free coins enough to actually get to play for a reasonable amount of time. Update: I still don’t get to play for long periods at a time but every once in a while I do get a big payout and get to play for a while before I lose it all. The ads are a little annoying but all in all it’s an ok game.
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1 year ago, ruth808
No money no win no bonuses
Definitely reduces win after you make any purchase. I have my guest account that I never bought anything while on and I hit more and play longer on that one opposed to my signed in account that I've spent way more money than 'm willing to admit and literally struggle to get just my bet back on each spin over half the time. It's like they throttle you knowing you'll form over money to play longer when bored and without any coins. Also, if you have any issues with free bonus coins or earned coins which you receive for spending money and moving up tiers/status level their customer service will not be of much help at all and have gone as far as to lie and blame the customer (me) for their system errors. Use to thoroughly enjoy but in recent times this app has gone down hill fast. Hopefully they will realize how important every player is especially those who do buy many many packages and in app purchases, beware the highest payout is only a mini you will never get the full bonus never it’s always mini that’s it mini mini mini mini. I am ashamed to say that I spent so much money thinking that I would win big money but nope it doesn’t work. So beware players it’s not about luck.
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2 years ago, kb102378
Great/not so Great
The Thing I love about this game and have not experienced in any other casino game is it offers consistent and generous wins. I have won Jackpots, Respins, big wins, and so much more. It is hard to believe. Most games let you win when you first play them then it seems the goal is to take all your coins so you spend, spend, spend. Not this game. If you lose a lot of your coins the game offers bonuses and other avenues for regaining coins to continue playing. You get the sense that the creator of the game is equally interested in giving enjoyment to the player as well as making money. They are not greedy. Having said all that...the thing I hate about this App is that it continuously crashes. Every time you restart the game they make you go through all the ads and promotions to get you to buy coin. It is understandable the ads are necessary, but to have to do that over and over again with multiple crashes is very irritating and almost made me quit the game. I have informed the creators of this technical issue, but see no change. I would accept it may be my device, but it doesn’t happen with other casino games. If this issue was resolved I would definitely give it 5 stars. Until then it will remain at 4 stars. As long as I’m getting the pleasure of winning I’ll put up with the irritation until I can’t stand one more crash.
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4 years ago, jessicatongtong
love this game
I have been playing this game for about two months, and it’s still the top 1 slot game in my list. Maybe I am a lucky guy, most machines I played pay out great, and I have zero bankrupt so far. Though this is not a real casino game, it offers me stunning features and a great experience. As long as I get time, I will open it and spin my worries and troubles away. Just enjoy the game, that’s what it is designed for, some people may get too serious about each spin and outcome, and they cannot relax and enjoy the progress. Life is just like the game, isn’t it? You lose sometimes, you win sometimes, but tenacity conquers all in the end. I also played in a real casino in Canada before, I must say those real machines are much crueler about their payouts. While with this little game on my phone, I am the boss, I spent little but won huge, I even hit one or two jackpots before! I will recommend doublewin to everyone, I have never been disappointed by its payouts, graphics and quests. One suggestion, hope they can add more albums and machines in the future. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas my friends!
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5 months ago, Morbius
Last two updates completely broke ad functionality
When I first installed this a couple of months ago, it worked pretty well. Most games have pretty fair payouts to keep you playing, and if not you could usually watch enough ads (either from a link inside the individual games, or from a menu option) to keep going. Now though, the ads have stopped working properly almost altogether. Some of them open up to a completely black screen, no controls ever appear, leaving you stuck on that black screen. With the latest update today, attempting to use the in-game link to watch adds (the little slide out tab from the right of a game screen) seems to bring up ads, but they are all horizontal, and when they finish playing, clicking on the X to close them does nothing. So you are once again stuck with no way to return to the game, other than closing and restarting the app, which means you never get coins for completing an ad. These ad issues have made the game unplayable, and certainly unwinnable, as it only takes a day or two of issues like this to cause you to miss a needed goal or achievement. There are tons of other slots games to try, so probably no need to keep putting up with this frustration. I’ll never understand why developers always feel the need to mess up a good app with unnecessary updates.
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4 years ago, Texas big boy
Bonus picks always end up with mini bonus
Las Vegas has better odds . When you get a bonus where you choose tiles that will give you either a mini win up to the grand win you will always get mini win. Your chance are 12 tiles pick until 3 match. Grand,major,minor and mini. Luck has nothing to do with your choose. Seems no matter what you choose time and time again you end up with mini. If odds are truly equal even a blind dog would stumble on a tree. Not this game always mini win. Developers are going to reply: same crappy statements they all use. It’s all luck someday you win and some days you loose. Bla bla bla. Ok I’m still waiting on the minor,major or grand win. There is no way possible you can pick 3 out of 12 options equal amount of all 4 and ALWAYS pick the 3 mini win bonus tile. Not a sore loser . I enjoyed the various games and play did however go from win win on smaller bets and loose on bigger ones. I guess everyone bets more just as their luck runs out. Everytime. So play the game hit the bonus and see if you don’t end up with mini win everytime. Developers people are smarter than you give credit . It is not hard to see the patterns. All you have to do is pay attention and of course pay you.
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2 years ago, Keezee123
Ive spent over $180 on this game and i win More often in a real casino than i do here. Ot should cost $1.99 for 1 billion coins if this was to even be worth it whatsoever. With todays technology and lnowing that people will play slots until they run out of coins why not just give way better deals than $99 for 4 billion coins? I had over 74 billion coins and betting only 200 mil a spin and lost it all in a matter of hours. The prices are ridiculous therfor my friend and team are looking into developing a high tech classy slots game with extremely fair pricing better graphics and fun bonuses. Every single slot game on the iphone so far is pure GREED! I asked this company to refund my 200 billion coins i lost when the game froze and they gave me 2 million. Maybe they will fix this, if they do i will report back to my many fans in gaming reviews and give them better news than i am about to write about in a day or so. My team has tried out soo many games and having worked for the lottery we know what gets people hooked makes money and they have fun! I will report back in 2 days before writing about this game!
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1 year ago, Livesfornascarracing
Much much fun
Okay so I do understand this is a free game to play and ads are necessary...but...there are at least 10 or more pop ups in the beginning and if you change games there are another 8 to 12 pop ups. It gets to the point all I do is hit the X button. Don’t even read them. Then in the middle of your play the yummy ad comes up and you are forced to watch a 30 second ad. I do t mind watching a 30 second ad, but after 15 pop ups you finally get to play and here you have to then watch yet another ad. That is usually when I quit and go play another slot game. If it wasn’t for the pop ups and ads I would play this for hours at a time. Unfortunately I can barely give it 30 minutes. I would give it 5 stars but because of the pop ups I have to give it 3. Great selection of games, one of the best I’ve played along with the daily challengers make me love it. Updated May 2023…looks like they listened…pop ups have been limited. Don’t win too much, hardly ever get bonus, but still fun.
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1 year ago, fan of buttonbox
Best Slots to Play
I gave these slots a rating of 5 stars because you never run out of $$$. If one game isn’t winning, another one will be. It’s fun! Linda The slots are fun, but - lately, I’ve been having a problem on Wolf Invaders, my favorite game. After a big win, you guys change my bet to 60 million, and I was only betting $900. This happens a lot when you first start a game, so you have to look, but to changed your bet right after a win, is kind of tacky - for a nice word. So, You have to make sure after a relatively big win, that your bet isn’t changed. That happened at least 3 times once while playing Wolf Invaders. You can lose 180 mil fast! Other than that, it’s fun. Like someone else said, if your slot starts losing, try another one or two and see which one is winning. Always tap the normal bet, because sometimes it defaults to the bet listed on it, i.e., $6 mil. If you lose that much, not too bad.
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2 years ago, Auntieang71
Does NOT give large payout when earned and will lie and say they did.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. THEY’RE FRAUD I have been playing this game for a long time and loved it. I have reached black diamond status, which is almost the highest you can get. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars to get coins and to be where I’m at. There have been several times when I didn’t get rewards I should have gotten, because of the game freezing up or it just doesn’t give it to me. I never said anything to them. This time I completed all the slot cards and was supposed to get $32,000,000,000,000 (you read that right 37 trillion) and I never received it. So, I took a screenshot of every page of the slots showing it was completed and how much money I had in my account after I completed it. I sent the proof to them and they still say I received it. I had my family sitting right next to me when I won this money and they saw I didn’t get it. I told them that I was going to get a response back from the support team saying I got it, because other people have posted about that on here. But, I’ve spent way too much money on this game to let it go. Especially, when I have the proof. I spent over $100 to finish that pack, so I could receive the $32,000,000,000,000 I never got.
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4 years ago, Gibail
Double win slots
This is my favorite slot app and I have enjoyed playing it. I don’t mind watching ads to play a free game , I understand that you need to make money some where. However what I do mind is that lately you have started showing ads that have no way to close them! You have to exit the game to get rid of them, if I have to keep exiting the game I might as well play on a app that respects me enough to let me close the ads without having to exit the game. There are a couple of other slot app using these ads and some i had to completely shutdown my iPad to get rid of , naturally losing the bonus I was promised to watch them. After appealing to them to stop using these ads out of respect for these customers , to no avail. Please don’t make me delete your app , like I said , it’s been my favorite and I’d hate to lose it. It’s a 5 star app but if this isn’t fixed it will be a 1 star in my book .
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3 years ago, MsBuBLz
It's pretty cool
The ONLY thing I don't like is some of the apps far as the advertisements are so glitches up that you actually have to completely leave out and come back in right in the middle of your game and they will also be in the middle of your spin so you can't even see what's going on 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤬🎰 if they fixed that I'd love this game.. I know you could simply just pay and do away with the apps all together however with there being so many game options I personally like to play a game for exactly one month and if I'm still into it I have no issues with making a buy into it.. and things like that honestly are the reason I will end up leaving and going to another app because I am concerned if u have a glitch like that before I pay what could the glitches be once I pay an I refuse to pay for a app that doesn't alway give the options to click out of the advertisement after you waited patiently for it to end.. AND hearing your game playing while you are stuck there doesn't make it any better
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2 years ago, Not worth the free download
Warning to those just starting out
Update: I’ve found the best strategy is too play each slot only up until you win big the first few times. After you’ve won big 2 to 3 times you need to switch to a new slot. Also, the larger you bet the less probability you have of winning big or hitting any bonuses trust me. Like you, I started winning big early in the game. I had a win streak on a single slot that brought me from around 30 mil to 1.3 billion in maybe an hour so to the slots really lucrative bonus. After that big windfall I decided to play some more and bet higher. Guess what happened… from that point on I didn’t get a single big win, mega win, or super win for about 2 hours playing on that same slot that I was previously winning on. Once you start winning big the game SEVERELY reduces your chances of landing bonuses and big wins until you lose all of your money. Then they try to get you to pay real money after swindling you. It’s another scam slots game preying on your endorphins.
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2 months ago, keupercoop
No constant crazy-making freaking ADS
Title says it all! And if you do want to upgrade or buy stuff it’s allot more reasonable than other spin games. Prices that is. I find I’m playing more often and coins actually lasting awhile lol. Luv the fact they have colorful games with bonuses. And totally love that they also have popular known slots too Update; still playing, however once you go through the bonus coins given when you first sign up/log-on, etc, then you have to buy or play lower amounts for while until you build it back up. That’s the rub, you not only don’t get the same hits as when you first began and you run out of coins earlier. Just my opinion for now. Update, the bonuses when you get them, are quite higher than other slot games on average so it’s starting to give me back what I had and almost doubled that amount again.
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3 weeks ago, Ron from Plymouth
Better Payouts
Can’t prove this, but my sense so far is that the “ enjoyable quotient “ is consistently higher than the other two casino games I play. This is, admittedly, a very subjective rating system, but will trust it until data changes. Thanks Made a modest purchase and continue to enjoy Double Win Slots a lot. The screen changing regularly as new games or promotions are being hyped might become irritating, but for now it’s more like a carnival atmosphere. Later addition: Still believe this site has been more generous than other sites. Actually made it to 5B before losing most of it as my C8H11NO2 level soared. All above still accurate. Still my favorite. Interrupting with old or new offers still annoying, but continue enjoying the payouts and game atmosphere .Another addition. Still wouldn’t change anything said so far.
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10 months ago, Rooster 1950
Charlie Cawthon
I’m going to get some of my friends that I have as fellow workers at Walmart to get this game downloaded on their phones! I’m gonna tell them how excited they will be when they play this game! The people that designed this game are very talented individuals who should be proud of themselves and I’m sure they’ll be pleased to know that they’ll be put in to the Hall of Fame of Games If there is not one for the games and the people that created them it should be made available for them!! I’m not saying all of this just to be saying it. I’m a man who means everything that I say and do what I say !! I’m having so much fun playing this game today !! The only thing missing is playing it on a casino game machine!!! Okay I’m gonna Shut up now and get back into my game!!! Thanks to everyone who made this happen today,!! Charlie/ Rooster Cawthon!!!
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4 months ago, S2a3r5
Never Play this Game!!!!
This game has zeroed me out from 900+ BILLION more than 10 times. I refuse to make purchases in the game so anytime that I finally work my way back to having coins, it immediately takes all my money at low bets across multiple games. I have had to spin 752, 432, 289, etc times REGULARLY on at least 15 different games to get the features to win and once they win they don’t pay out anything. This morning I had 584 B and now I am at 97M and my highest bet value was 1B. In two games specifically the feature has not shown up in WEEKS! (Panther Stacks and Jungle Prince)I have spun thousands of times across several weeks and you can no longer win free games. It’s like they disabled the feature that gives you the wins and you can no longer spin them either so all it does it drain your money. This is the most frustrating game ever! I only play to continue the side games which I do like but the game has taken away all bet values so I lose all my money and then can either bet 10M or 700M and nothing in between. It’s ridiculous! Don’t ever waste your time!
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4 years ago, vcrandon
Stopped playing game completely
I quite enjoyed playing, and made it to VIP Platinum level with over 1 trillion coins through a combination of buying and winning coins. One day after a software upgrade, my coin balance mysteriously went down by 700 billion coins, a gem purchase I had made the day prior vanished, and all progress I made the day prior also vanished. Upon realization, I immediately ceased any further play and sent the company an email explaining what happened. I also included screen shots to prove what I was claiming. It took the company over two weeks to reply, and all they said was according to *their* records, the gem purchase I made was credited (even though I provided a screen shot showing it hadn’t been). The company never addressed my loss of progress and coins. I replied that I was going to cease playing until they resolved the matter, and if not resolved, I would contact Apple and seek a refund. After 2 months, there still has been no resolution or further response from the company. Terrible customer service, the software has bugs, and I’m still waiting for a resolution months later.
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2 years ago, Joshua Dunkin
Hit or miss
If you want to make a lot of money, start each new slot you start and try to max out as fast as you can and as much as you can because that is when the slots will hit the most or hit the free spins or hit the most games now it won’t be the maximum but it’ll get you a good chunk of money right off the bat and then leave the game and try to go to another game because overtime. Each one of these games will start consuming all your coins as fast as possible. Also try not to get into any of the quest, because they will also consume most of your money, some slots will generate the most money and then you get into them and then you’ll hit dead spots but during those quest stay away from specific slots because they’re designed to just take all your coins in that one specific part of the quest. That way you have to buy more coins so I gave it three stars to see what it was like and then it gets boring over time.
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3 years ago, FFFletch
Daily bonuses, fun machines
This game make some recent changes that to me make it a little less appealing, but it is still one of the best slot games around. The VIP room is excellent, with 4 high paying games. Today has been my best winning day ever, with jackpots of 788 billion and 2.4 trillion coins. There are several collect & win elements beyond the slot play, featuring quests, bingo, daily challenges, and more. Each day you can collect enough coins to play for a while. You certainly can buy coins, which I have done from time to time, but purchases are not a requirement to have solid fun. All of the slot machines are bright and cheerful (some of the competitor games out there are dark and/or scary). I have dowloaded and tried dozens of slot-based games, and this remains one of my favorites. If you are looking for a slot game to try, then definitely give this one a shot.
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1 year ago, mod desi
Not worth spending real cash for wins
I like playing these games but when I put real money into a game to win fake money you would think the pay out would be better I got 1 good win on the major jackpot I was new to the game and believe it was just a win to make me play more I was betting very low and now I can’t get a grand or major and go threw way to many coins for very little pay out I will go back to my other games but the couple games I did play are fun just not worth dumping real money into win it’s not paying enough I do enjoy this game but wish I would win bigger jackpots and not have to spend as much real money to win I still have to spend a good chunk of real cash just to play longer when I bet up I lose right away seems like the wins should be bigger but I do like the game it’s self
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11 months ago, 0011307
Wasted potential
I really do not write reviews at all, but I felt the need to say something about this game. I somehow managed to win 600 Billion on a risky bet. Then proceeded to lose it all within two days. I went from level 100 to 800 and not once in between that I get back to those original 600 billion this game does not pay out often and everyone should be aware before they download and spend actual money on it. I did buy the option to remove ads and that helped keep things fluid I guess. But it doesn’t work when there are pop-ups after pop-ups after pop-ups after pop-ups after pop-ups of the developers, wanting you to spend money on more coins. Go ahead and spend all the in game coins then proceed to buy more coins to keep going is what this game is going for. It’s very frustrating. Wasting time on the game with horrible odds. time to move onto the next slots game. 3/5 stars
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3 years ago, Mein_Fuhrer
I’ve played a lot of these
I love this one, this is of course just my experience, but I was down to my last 100k and bet 50k of of and won about 8m that got me back in the game Played some more today got up to 300m lost almost all of it, got back to 250m again before going broke again. I haven’t invested in the game and it treats me so well Been playing this app for years and it’s untouched by the other slot apps. Bigger more frequent wins than all of them. I now have over 15billion Reviewing it again because it’s just that good. I win a lot and while buying coins is an option I never have to. I played my 15billion down to the last 200m. I bet the 200m in one go as a max bet and won 7billion. Needless to say I’m still playing and having a blast on this app
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4 years ago, Sailorgoon420
One of the Best but the Pop ups
This is one of the best slot apps I’ve ever used. It gives frequent payouts and has a nice variety of slots. I appreciate that I can enjoy the app for free and don’t have to keep buying more coins. The one major thing that to me takes what should be a 5 star app down to a 3 star app are the pop ups. I completely understand that you need to make a living but it’s at the point where it’s completely obnoxious. I sometimes even close the app and decide to not play bc of the amount of pop up ads that’s how bad it is. I could understand having 1-3 ads max but having 6-10 pop up adds and offers in the inbox is just rude. I’ve seen the developer comment that if you purchase something that the ads will go away - this is completely not true! I bought $.99 worth of coins just to make them go away and they haven’t. Please seriously consider 1. Putting in less ads. 2. Eliminating ads entirely for paying customers.
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5 years ago, NabToPlay
Pretty good app for casual play
I’ve tried several other slot apps and this one is my favorite. There’s variety in the games and there are ads to supplement your coins. My major likes: —Starting coin amount and hourly/daily bonuses are actually enough to play a decent amount so you don’t get frustrated. —I’ve been able to accrue coins and play for long stretches of time without ever needing to purchase (probably not considered a positive by the app developer :-)) —Games are interesting and have nice bonus features —Daily challenges are mostly fun (not a fan of the bingo) —Spin can be triggered by touching anywhere on the game area and not just the Spin button (makes it easier on the fingers) My major dislikes are: —the pop-ups to get you to purchase coins, which often pop up just as you’re pressing to get something else so you inadvertently open the purchase (which can be easily cancelled); —the ease with which you can accidentally bump up to the max bet and eat up all your coins without realizing; and —the double bonus” for leveling up button is right above the “claim” button so you end up not getting the extra coins. This one makes me sad because I’ve lost out on tens of millions of coins when I carefully press the double button but instead it just credits me with the initial amount of coins.
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2 months ago, Mai$nix
It was fun while it lasted!
I was ahead after hitting bonuses in a few days but the frequent offers of sale in coins or gems are quite annoying! And not cool to be required to watch an ad to get the free daily bonus of coins & gems. And before even getting into a game or while playing a game you're constantly interrupted with offers & discounts on coin purchases, etc. This slot app is just the same as others, greedy and couldn't wait for players to get hooked and buy chips or gems for the game, they trick you into losing so you'll buy more chips... I was playing a game this evening when I kept getting interrupted by offers of new games,etc. had to click it off but I didn't realize that my bet was automatically raised every time I returned to the game so I quickly ran out of coins, just a few days of playing this app & I'm already being pressured to buy more coins! 😫 Sorry but you'll never get a dollar from me😠😡
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5 years ago, jhayded
Very generous with coins and decent win ratio!
Edit: Honeymoon is over. After update reels REALLY tight. 246B lost within a few days. Bonuses are a rare thing now. Time to delete, This game is a rarity! There are sooo many ways to stumble upon free coins (and we’re talking substantial amounts that get you back to spinning), from bonus coins in the store, coins that pop up in your mailbox, tournaments running you aren’t aware you’re playing in...etc). A lot of these slot games (especially Game of Thrones Slots) offer measly level up bonuses, low and rare payouts and seem to do everything they can to get you to spend money or delete the app. If your going to spend money, you get more bang for your buck here! There are long periods when the slots get ridiculously tight (like losing 8B over the course of a few hours), but then there are some times when the bonuses just keep rolling. I’m taking a break from spinning for a couple of days until things loosen up. The prizes for the quests are disproportionate to the amount of coins you’ll lose trying to complete them, so I ignore them. The daily tasks are great though. My only pet peeve is the disappearing games! My favorite games, Day of the Muerta and Pumpkins disappeared tonight and that was disappointing to say the least! Please bring them back! I haven’t played GOT slots in a while thanks to this app! Thanks fork keeping things fun and the man6 opportunities to keep spinning!.
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11 months ago, @&@&@&@&&@&&
My thesis on the slots, by Dillon Shaw
My dear friends, my automatons, are we not slaves to the system if we do not spend a few dollars from time to time? I raise you this, what makes a man whole, is not the people he encounters, but the slots in which he spins. If my family were replaced by dollar signs and big numbers (like 1 bajillion) I would almost certainly be 20x happier with my life. Gambling is the pure essence of my life, and each second I go without it, I gamble my life away. I would rather win a million bajillion dollars, than watch my first born child be born. If I can leave one final thought with you, I poke the question, when you die, what will you be remembered for. Some stupid college degree, or the man who hit the ultimate jackpot on Hot Mermaid slots. Love, BigD (gambler of the century)
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2 years ago, kugbjf
Changes in rewards is disappointing
I love playing Double Win games and have for several years. I am at level 3300, still winning but not getting the rewards I once got. Examples: Bingo now only pays thousands where it was paying billions. Redeeming slotocards has been slashed to hardly worth it and it use to bring my balance back after a losing streak. Also you only receive 2-3 slotocards now where you did receive a pack of 5. All of this is very disappointing and does not entice you to play. I am thinking of just deleting the entire game. My points were 30B and now less than 10B and see no way of getting it back. If I do not see improvement in the next few weeks, I no longer need this game taking space on my iPad.
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4 years ago, Lucky 7 Bucks
Fan 4 life
I’ve only been playing for a week and I haven’t missed one day of enjoyment. Ive hit the jackpot at least 4 time already and on other machine which I’ve played for almost a year and only hit a jackpot twice. I’ve played other slot games and none of them gives you more opportunities to keep playing with free coins day in and day out. Other games only give you one or two start up bonuses from 250k - 1m coins or the opportunity to spend a wheel and barely get enough coins to play for a matter of mins or you will have to wait several days and build up coins to play or spend so much of your own money to purchase coins to keep playing. I am hooked for now and will continue to enjoy playing. I give you more than a 5 star rating. Thanks.
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4 years ago, maxx madd
Money thief
I feel that the game cheats, it appears to give but it takes much more and goes to long without giving as much as it takes, it makes no sense that it takes a billon points or more to burst one or two squares and still it doesn’t give the jackpots. I feel that the game has some excitement and I would like to experience that a little more than continuing to lose right now I could not recommend it unless frustration is your game. I’m having a great time today with the game as it is giving points to play with which is unusual because it takes far more than it gives, I still have not it the mega jackpot although it has grown into billions without a hit in all these weeks, but as I have said I’m having a great time today although I feel it will turn and start eating up my points Right now the game is allowing me to play everyday, it giving me good bonus rounds and I’m really enjoying myself although there are days that I can’t play because it won’t stay up I try to play and it cuts itself off as soon as I spin it once, but for the most part I am finally enjoying the game and others that watch now want to play
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4 years ago, samuri tso li
Everyday fun
Absolutely the number 1 casino with the most pop up ads. I enjoy this game everyday. It has an average of at least 3-7 pop-up ads promoting this game, it’s many options, and several duplicate pop-ups just Incase you missed it when it first popped up. I have not been able to play it in over 2 years but I do finally get through all the pop-ups to at least collect my free coins. Someday I would love to be able to play all the exciting looking games. But so far the pop-ups and collecting the free coins is all I have had time to do. But the designers have put together a great show with all the moving images, bells, and music. Try it. I’m sure you will agree, collecting free coins and clicking on pop-up “x’s” is so much fun.
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2 months ago, TipsyBards
0 incentive to buy
I usually never review games. Was fun till level 100 since I had 3 billion coins. After an hour of 5 million rapid bets I went down to 4 million coins. How can you expect anyone to spend $99 if there is 0 guarantee to win. I understand it’s gambling but how does it hurt you to give us higher odds for “fake coins”. You developers think I will spend that amount of money just for an hour of play time? Quests give you nothing. The suitcases that give you up to 300 million give you less than 10 million each time. All these slot games are the same. Fun for a short period of time and then you never hit anything. Also love the mini games where you pick coins to get either a mini, major, maxi or a grand. How can I do it 100 times and always get a Mini. I have more chances of winning real money at a casino at this rate. Here’s an idea! Guarantee a win once and a while and maybe people will buy coins once and a while.
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11 months ago, Taverec
Better than other casino games
Some days I can’t believe my lack of luck after 100+ spins and no wins above 1.5x my bet. Other days I can’t believe my luck in getting multiple features in a row. Overall better than the other casino apps. It offers a variety of side quests to keep you playing different machines. The quests give decent rewards and some can be done completely free to play while others lean towards micro transactions. The micro transactions are pretty fair on this game. Each buy increases the next ones amount. Coin packs give items for the active side quests as well which over time I imagine would lead to even more passive coin gains.
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8 months ago, Mr Smoogle
Supreme PAY to PLAY
I have been playing this game for close to a month and it is non stop ad after ad. And i purchase plenty, for whomever may read this in 3 weeks i have spent over $500 just to play FAKE money slots. You're better off going to a casino and playing real money slots. The over harassment of ad’s is insane, i try to play 100 rolls straight on auto while working and 13 rolls in boom another quest ad and it stops my continuous play. I am fed up with these slots being worse odds than a casino. I was betting 100m a roll lost almost 10b to finally hit the bonus that paid out 195m. Not even DOUBLE! Give me a break, i can’t continue dumping money into this app. The real scam is the 5 star reviews they have, you get more coins if you give them 5 stars! Look up my play and money spent Double Win, this is a real review and i’ll still continue to play because i broke my behind leveling up. But you wont see another red cent out of me!
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1 year ago, Iimariine
Defective Game, They Stole $299,170 USD from me
I have played this game for years and I’ve spent real money on this game for small purchases. On May 1, 2023 I played the Carmen slot machine and I met all the requirements for the 72 Trillion grand jackpot, but I didn’t receive it. I don’t have a picture of this event, because I was really excited that I had just won, but it wasn’t until after the screen had went away that I realized that I didn’t receive my reward. I contacted their customer service and haven’t gotten a response. On May 2nd, 2023 I played the Carmen slot again and I won, again! This time I had won 165 trillion coins on the grand jackpot. This time I took multiple screenshots. Unfortunately I still wasn’t awarded the grand jackpot. I contacted customer service again with pictures this time and I still haven’t heard anything from them. This app developer has stolen 237 Trillion coins from me that has a real cash value of over $299,170 USD.
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4 years ago, jws3948573945
I finally had won a major jackpot in the vegas cash slot. Once you win big the betting game totally changes. Of course you can bet 1 million a spin but when you got 15 Billion you want to bet more. This app much like many others uses a ranking system. You start at level 1 and the higher rank you get, you can bet more per spin and you get some free chips. The only way to rank up is to spin in the slot games. Biggest problem with this is that upon ranking up there are pop up ads for buying chips and forced videos up to 30 sec. long you must close. 75% of the time my device crashed when this happened. I use an apple tablet from 2019 im sure its not me. Now keep in mind im in the middle of spinning in a slot when this happens. So if ive lost 2 billion chips betting and then forced paywalls and ads crash the game how do I know that I didnt miss a jackpot. Not to mention the dozens of ads and pop ups when first opening the game. DELETED NOT TO BE REPEATED.
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4 years ago, Wanting stars
My Opinion has LOWERED
I actually thought that you might be worth 4.5 stars, almost 5, not any more. This app is the same as all the rest. After the initial honeymoon period of winning is over the game just takes it all away and expects the player to pay and pay everyday. I don’t mind buying special packages once in a while but that’s not how this app works, IS IT! After a certain level you just tighten the game play so tight that the only way to play this “so called free game”, is to pay real money for virtual crap. This is an update from last month, I can say that you have raised my opinion from two stars to four stars. I hope this continues to be fun and entertaining because that will get you star #5. I am enjoying the game and hope it will keep earning its stars. Thanks.
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6 months ago, har t
Game was good
This was the top casino game to play at one point . I have noticed that sometimes the prize that is said to be awarded is not the correct amount. What brought me to this review is that a couple of days ago I was playing Gold Miner Bonanza and had opened up all four of the boxes. The top prize box contained a Major, and two minor along with four 12 billion coins. That’s not including all the other coin prizes from the other three boxes opened before I got to the fourth box. I never received any prizes for the major or the two minor prizes. I only received 138 billion in prizes when it should have been 318 total. Meaning I was shorted 180 billion in prize winning. I contacted the game to let them know and of course they couldn’t care less about it. In closing my suggestion is to pay attention to what is happening and screen shot it. Customer service is not expected and more than likely won’t respond to you.
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4 years ago, Lmnop.123
My story
Here’s my story. I’ve been playing these slots for about a week now I was getting lots of bonuses and free games! I had lots of money too. I enjoyed playing but I couldn’t take the ads! Especially the over 18 one that is so vulgar to watch for a second let alone 30 seconds. So I decided to make a purchase so I didn’t have to see all the ads! That was yesterday and since then I’ve lost all my money and I never got a bonus or any more free games! I’m out of money and you want me to buy more! Not going to happen. It was fun well it lasted,but I’ll be deleting it and moving on to something else! I knew I shouldn’t have made the purchase! Sad and disappointed! 🙁
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4 years ago, Gabby689
Very frustrated
I initially rated this site as 5 stars. I have played for several months and become a VIP player. I would guess I have spent over 1,000 dollars just to play, which I realize now was stupid. Being stuck in quarantine makes you do dumb things. I have noted recently, the more I spend the less I win. I am unable to even play minimum bets on the games without running out of coins very quickly. Very stingy bonuses and wins. I played, after spending quite a bit of money today, without hitting one bonus feature. I have actually deleted the app at this point because it is just ridiculous to keep spending money, even though it is something that has kept me occupied.
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5 months ago, Lane Galbb
Not rating you 5 stars for coins
This game is absolutely NOT 5 stars and not even close. I love how they give me a collecting reward to be able to rate them 5 stars. This will ABSOLUTELY NOT be happening. The overall bet will never even be close to what you will win. It is quite literally impossible to even break 1/2 of even. This game is a lose..lose.. I’ve put $300 into this game and lose everything instantly. I’ve gotten the “Jackpit” spin multiple times and only gotten a little more than what I’ve bet. Maybe.. just maybe… if I was to hit a grand or a epic jackpit out of the 10 time I’ve got it.. I would give it 5 stars.. you have a 100x better chance of actually winning at the casino and that is absolutely insane. This game is an absolute scam and I don’t know how they can get away with this. Highly recommend not downloading. Until I win an actual crazy jackpot I am sold this game is a scam.
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2 years ago, Not User Friendly Any More
App rewards you to give it 5 stars
App rewards you to give it 5 stars. App lets you play longer, but lots of issues. When you finally get the bonus, it disrupts it with annoying pop up after annoying pop up. You hardly get to participate in the bonus, much less participate. If & when you do, then the pop ups come again, after they’re gone, it somehow disables the app. You can’t close the pop up or tap anything on the screen. You have to close the app to restart it. So guess what happens when you reopen it? You notice it didn’t reward you the credits that you won in the bonus, prior to the pop up.
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2 years ago, Mz SoPrecious
Nice Game
I’ve been playing this game for a while now, over a year or more. Its really relaxing. I enjoy the different slots and challenges. The only downfall for me is that you guys got rid of one of the slots I like. It was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory slot. Hopefully you guys bring it back and make it a permanent one. What if the bonus games within each slot was more than just more spinning slots or board game theme. I like but add more, maybe the bonus game is that we have to pop balloons or jalapeños peppers that have amounts behind them that increase on each level until your out. Other than that I actually like the game. I downloaded it onto my moms phone for her to play. She likes it as well. So keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, rjc244
Same as all the others
This game is as cash-grabby as it gets. Can’t say I expected much more, but it’s taken to another level in this game. They make you feel good when you first get on the game. Some free coins here, a free prize there. And then you go into slots and it feels great. Starting out with smaller bets you feel like you hit almost every time, making good profit. So it makes you want to bump your bets way up or even max bet. That’s when you start losing. This game will make you feel good by winning “kind of” big here and there. But if you want to win big big, you have better odds at Vegas than on this game. And once they trick you to max bet and lose all your coins, they sure don’t forget to hit you with 3-4 pop-ups with “special” coin deals for real world money. I get they have to make money and they have to do that through micro transactions, but they milk it dry in this game. 1/5.
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3 years ago, boss tweed856
Sad sack gaming
Only gave star because the games mimic exactly how the real life slots are. HOWEVER!!!!! These games have a built in preset limit on how many free spins and large pays you’ll hit. After that it’s sad sack city. With this particular slot game they will ad you TO DEATH!!!! When you 1st sign in…pop up ad, X out all the ads and tap on a game….you’re met with an ad, going into the settings to change something…..nope watch this ad first. Also they don’t give the option to turn the music off but keep the sounds on. You’re just stuck with the mind numbing cheesy music or cut off all sounds. Also this game will freeze and force you to log out out once you’ve finally caught a spin and have big wins causing you to loose it. This has happened to me several times a day. DO NOT WASTE PAYING REAL LIVE MONEY ON THIS APP OR THEIR SUBSIDIARIES. DOWNLOAD, DO NOT LINK ANY ACCOUNTS, AND AFTER THEY STOP BEING GENEROUS AND CUT YOUR WATER OFF, DELETE THE APP AND RE-DOWNLOAD.
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9 months ago, RSP09
Very Fun On The First Day
I loved this game on the first day I installed it. I got 62 million from playing slots and bonuses it just wouldn’t stop giving coins. The task was easy and fun. However, when I came back on the 2nd day, the task is just impossible to win. Like I said I got 62 million worth of coins, I played the slots but I just could not win it’s deliberately making me lose everything. I get it they want you to buy coins and I’ve played several games and I buy credits but it took me at least a few days to do it because the game itself was fair. I feel like this game does not want me to win at all just on the 2nd day it’s not making it fun anymore at all so I uninstalled. I would not mind buying credits but just give me at least a few days to have fun first. That’s just me. I rated 2 stars because I had fun on the first day.
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4 months ago, BHolifieldcc
Fun but also frustrating
So I honestly do want to start out by saying that I do think the game is a lot of fun and it is addicting. I have noticed though that the game SEEMS to really nerf your winnings if you win a sizable jackpot and don’t want to spend your own money in the game. While I do understand that this is obviously a business and they need to make money somehow, it can be incredibly frustrating. It’s almost like no matter what you do, once you win a certain amount, you can’t win anymore and your “bank account” will inevitably be drained. So I would just say keep this in mind when downloading the game and playing. But other than that, it is fun and the side quests/games are fun to go through and the game also does have very good graphics.
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2 months ago, T.Y.16
Disappointing game
I enjoy playing this game and it’s very addicting but when you are on a mission, I’ve noticed that they a pre-calculate your bonus win before you even spin. Currently playing Gladiators Glory and my mission is to win $76B, won a bonus so I looked at my mission bubble and it jumped up a little before I even span the bonus win so you could tell it was pre-calculating how much you would win before the bonus spin. Makes the game feel like a total fraud because they’re clearly displaying it’s not just a game of chance or luck. And I have never won Geand on this game no matter how many times I’ve come close and playing other games, I have won it on occasion. Feels like they have it set-up to entice you by coming so close but it never happens. Still a fun game but because of feeling of the game having rules that are set-up & controlled, it’s very disappointing.
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2 months ago, LadyV58
Lady V
Love it! Love the games but too expensive for me and the pay outs are too small and it takes too long to hit a bonus. That’s why my coins run out so fast. Lady V It’s fun when you can win a little sometimes. Love these games, now I wish I could win bigger bonuses Having fun, bring on the big bonuses please! Having a good time on these games when they let you win some points. These are exciting games, just tried a new one and the pay outs are high. I love these games. They pay out a lot! Having a ball, let’s keep it up! Very impressive! It was fun while it lasted but the money has ran out. Low bonus payout, long time to get a bonus.
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